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Dying td CD2

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You got to decide whether you're a wolf...
...or a sheep.
Get your ink...
...or go give him a hand.
What are we doing here? We'll get killed.
- You know about this place? - It's the Jungle, right?
They say don't come with anything less than a platoon.
This is the heart of it.
Jungle. Damu headquarters.
A lot of murder investigations lead here.
One way in, one way out.
Thought we were going to eat.
Don't ever come here without me. I'm serious. For your safety.
- How'd you get a golden pass? - I treat them fair.
They know if they cross the line, I tax that ass.
What's that, up there?
They flipping pigeons to signal I'm here.
- What's up, Bone? - What's up?
- What's up? - It's all good.
I appreciate what you did for my nephew.
For sure. For sure.
You better call me.
I'm sick of it. I can't stand him!
- Who are they? - Nobody. I got them under my thumb.
- What's up, Alonzo? - All right, Spider. What's happening?
Hey, what's up, girl? Look at you. Go ahead.
All that jelly and no toast.
- Who lives here? - Just one of my lovelies.
A loving touch, you know? Don't worry.
New guy, Jake.
Nice to meet you. Welcome to my house.
- Give him some food. Take care of him. - Of course.
- Of course. How are you? - Good, good.
I have cable. You watch whatever you want, okay?
- Thanks. - This is your house.
I'll be right back.
- How you doing? - Fine.
Now, this is all El Salvadorian food.
Thank you. It looks great.
I have to go.
Yeah, all right.
Let's go. We got a meeting in 15 minutes.
- I just need to... - Forget it. Let's go.
I'll see you, buddy.
You okay?
Here, use this.
- Who's here? - L.A.P.D.'s finest.
Don't speak till you're spoken to.
Come on.
Good to see you.
That's my new guy. Jake Hoyt. Captain Lou Jacobs.
Need to talk to the feds, go to him first.
He'll take your back for you.
Stan Gursky, he runs the D.A. shooting team.
Think about him before you shoot someone.
If you're wrong, he'll use your nuts for dice.
Right here, Detective Doug Rosselli...
...handles theft cases for the French-poodle crowd.
He's a good man.
- Pleased to meet you. - Good man.
- Should I...? - Shoo.
Get yourself a steak or something.
All right, gents.
I don't know why I'm meeting you. I don't talk to dead men.
I ain't dead yet.
Fucking prick. Excuse me.
Why the long face, Doug?
- Feds seize your house or something? - Fuck yourself.
Tell him the story.
Come on, tell the story.
- lf it's so funny, you tell him. - It's your story.
All right. There's a serial burglar.
Chased him for a year. A real slickster.
Captain's riding my ass the whole time.
- Sentencing was today. - Judge is female.
That's right. Landers.
I know Landers. She's a sharp lady.
Guy gets ahold of some peanut butter, packs his ass-crack with it.
He's standing before the bench, waiting to give his statement.
Shoves his hand down his pants, comes out with extra-chunky Jif.
Bailiffs won't come near him.
Now he looks the judge right in the eyes...
...and licks his fingers clean.
Holy shit.
So the judge says:
"This man's insane. He can't go to prison."
- Sends him to Psychiatric. - She fell for it.
Yeah! She's so fucking smart.
By the time she found out, the guy's already been transferred.
- Proceedings closed. - Yeah, closed.
He'll do six months in the puzzle factory...
...and they'll let him go.
Never, ever do a day in prison.
Give him credit. He worked the system, deserves his freedom.
Yeah? Think so?
Or not.
I'll tell you what.
I'll find this guy on the street...
...and I'll do him.
Better take his bullets away, Stan.
Heard you had an expensive weekend in Vegas.
How did you ever screw up so bad?
It's nothing. I didn't know. It's not my town.
The Russians don't care if you're a cop.
They'll whack you. You ought to get on a plane.
- It's an easy fix. - How?
I'll just cash in an account.
- Whose? - One of my old ones. My first one.
The guy's a high-security risk.
If I'm not around, who will keep him off the radar?
I'm just taxing him, that's all. Okay?
It's your call.
Don't dick this up.
I do not want to see you on the front page like the others.
Yeah, I understand.
Who's driving?
Me. Gray Mercedes.
Get the car.
Black Monte Carlo there, back windows shot out.
It's me. Listen, we got the green light.
Fax a copy of the warrant to the clerk.
Get it signed by the judge, and I want you and Paul to bring it to me.
Tell Jeff to pick up some tools. Picks and shovels.
Make sure he signs them out from maintenance. Copy?
That's right. Hurry up! Later.
So how much cash was in that jacket?
Forty G's.
What's that for?
- Really want to know? - Yes, I do.
Nothing's free in this world. Not even arrest warrants.
Shit, man, I didn't want to know.
Check this out. Nice suit, Mark.
- Beautiful suit. - Yeah, fuck you guys!
All right. Nice, nice.
What's up, Alonzo?
- The picks and shovels? - In the trunk.
Digging a ditch?
No, you are. Nice suit you got on there.
That's what I said.
- What up, killer? - What's up with you?
- Heard you ran into trouble. - It's all good.
Don't worry, everything's fine.
Shit, if we can get away with it, I'm with you.
- Who the fuck is this? - Jake Hoyt. It's my first day.
You're a long way from Starbucks.
- Why the fuck is he here? - Gotta get his cherry popped.
Stay the fuck out of my way.
This is for the big dogs. Feel me?
Here it is, all legit, signed by the judge, okay?
Thanks to the Sandman. Now listen.
Safety is first.
He gives us shit, we give him lead.
Let's do this right so we can all go home.
Time to punch in, ladies.
Freeze! On the floor!
- Down! - What are you clowns doing?
Hey, new guy, watch him!
- I'm on him. - You know what you're doing?
Drop your gun!
Five. Four. Three.
Give me a reason.
Alonzo's gonna have your ass.
What's up, Roger?
- What's going down, brother? - Oh, it's all good, baby.
It's all good.
That's for you.
What am I supposed to do with this? Wipe my ass?
Bad news, dog.
Gimme some of that $300-a-glass shit.
Had lunch with the wise men.
You gotta render unto Caesar.
- Those vampires want my pension. - No, no.
Just a tax.
They got their boats and mistresses, house payments.
Nothing I can do. I'm just a lowly civil servant.
You're their bitch.
- What about me? - I got your back.
Don't worry, we won't take anything you'll miss.
I'm sorry. Orders, dog.
No you ain't, cop.
In the kitchen, fellas.
Give me the bitch.
You guys hold him down.
- Who'll pay for my floor? - The city.
Right here.
That's what I'm talking about.
What's in here? Coke?
You'll see.
Grab that hammer and knock this lock off.
One, two...
That's $250,000 you're holding.
Over four million in here.
A $3 million bust on day one.
- You said four. - Minus tax, brother!
Nothing's free in this world.
Buy your wife a car. Put the kids through college.
The only checks I cash say "L.A.P.D."
Somebody didn't sleep through Ethics.
You don't want a piece of this?
No, right?
Not like this.
First time, you're not comfortable. I'll hold it for you.
- What about you? - Oh, I'm comfortable.
- How about you? - I'm very comfortable.
Let's wrap this up.
Don't touch a thing! Evidence.
Alonzo, what are those pricks thinking?
That I'm gonna stand still and let them horsefuck me?
Could put you out of your misery.
Hey, Jake, here.
Sit down.
Here's a secret:
When you kill someone on duty...
...they have to be your slave in the afterlife.
There you go.
Start an entourage.
- Shoot him? - Yeah.
Come on, kid. Do me a favor.
Come on.
Do yourself a favor. Hit him.
Are you serious?
Hey, close the blinds.
- All right, I'll shoot him. - Go.
- Pow! - Boom!
Shoot him.
No, man.
Kids these days. Not gonna do it?
All right, give it to me.
You want shit done, you gotta do it yourself.
Holy shit!
Come on, breathe.
Breathe, there you go.
Just let it go.
Breathe, dog!
He's finished.
- Where's the stinger? - Right here.
All right, Jeff.
You took fire coming in.
I need some time off, but...
- Watch the shades. - All right.
- Ready? - Kiss me.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I gotta give you one more, though.
Do it.
It's not what you know, it's what you prove.
Here it is. Mark and Paul kick the door.
Jeff's in first. Roger fires twice.
What, one go through?
- You shot him! - You fucking shot me, man!
- Don't worry. - Call an ambulance!
Go to jail, or go home?
All right, here's the scenario.
Mark and Paul kick the door. Jeff runs in.
Roger opens fire, hits Jeff.
Hoyt is in second, drops Roger with the shotgun.
- Who shot Roger? - New guy.
- New guy. - You two?
- Hoyt. - Fuck Hoyt. Ambulance time!
Done. Paul, call them up.
11-49. 998. Shots fired.
Officer down. Repeat, officer down.
5951 Baxter Street.
Congratulations. You're gonna get a medal of valor for this.
- I didn't shoot him. - Four cops saw it.
But I didn't. You did.
"An L.A.P.D. narcotics officer was killed today...
...serving a warrant in Echo Park."
Give me the bitch.
"A spokesperson said the officer is survived... a wife and child."
There's more. You get the picture?
Yeah, I get it.
That's the second time you pointed a gun at me!
Goddamn, boy! That's it, Jake!
Y'all see this? That's it!
- I'll put a bullet in that melon. - Wait, wait.
I'm gonna be cool. Drop the gun!
Shoot me. He's coming with me.
- I'll shoot! - He's a fed.
No, he ain't. He's just a kid that got the drop on y'all.
Let's take a deep breath and just diffuse this. Jake?
I didn't sign up for this!
I know you're angry. Everybody, put the guns down.
- Hell, no. - Choirboy first.
Listen! That's an order!
Put them down!
Use your ears, Jake.
Sometimes we take this shit all the way.
It's the nature of the business.
You'll never have to pull the trigger again, all right?
- Mark, where are you transferring? - S.I.S.
You give me 18 months, I give you a career.
We make the big seizures, Jake.
But if you're in my unit, you gotta be in it all the way.
I thought you were man enough to handle this shit.
Five decorated officers say that you shot Roger.
They will check your blood for intoxicants.
What are they gonna find?
You've been smoking PCP all day.
- You've been planning this all day. - All week, son.
You talk, your blood gets to the lab.
You wanna take a walk? You won't make it out of here.
If you're cool, you're a hero.
You're above suspicion.
Alonzo, there's two shots left.
We need to kill him now and say Roger got him.
No, we ain't killing nobody.
This is a good man. I can feel it.
Just had a little freak-out, that's all.
I say he's cool.
Nobody's gonna hurt him.
You do have a decision to make.
Because this place is gonna be overrun with blue suits.
So why don't you please go outside, clear your head.
Or shoot me.
Hey, Paul?
You're dead, motherfucker! You hear me?! Dead!
Well, lay off the device.
All right.
Make sure that tub is clean.
All right?
All right, later.
You all right?
It behooves you not to dick around on this one.
Justifiable homicide in the line of duty.
- Now, what happened... - What happened was murder.
And armed robbery.
We had badges, so it's different?
Son, open your eyes! Can't you see?
That man was your friend, and you killed him like a fly.
My friend? Tell me why?
Because he knows my first name?
This is the game. I played his ass.
That's our job.
Roger sold dope to kids. The world's better off without him.
This man was the biggest major violator in Los Angeles.
I watched that cocksucker for years and now I got him.
This is chess, not checkers!
What'd you think? We'd roll up in a black and white?
Slap the cuffs on him?
He's a high roller, dog.
- Take the money. - I'm not taking it.
- Just take it. - No!
Look, I don't give a fuck, but the boys'll feel better.
Fuck their feelings!
Jake, we're a team.
A team?
You guys are fucking insane.
I'll go back to the Valley, I'll cut parking tickets.
- It can't be like this. - It is.
I'm sorry, but it is.
It's ugly, but it's necessary.
I became a cop to put away dealers and criminals, not to be one.
You sound just like me.
I know what you're going through and feeling.
- You're scared. - I'm not.
Yes, you are. Everyone goes through that the first time. I did.
The sooner you match what's in your head...
...with what's in the real world...
...the better you'll feel.
In this business... gotta have dirt on you to be trusted.
When all this is behind you, a whole other world will open up for you.
I walk a higher path, son.
I have the keys to all the doors.
What do you mean?
My guys aren't leaders, they're clowns. You're a leader.
You want my job? You got it.
You want to lock up poisoners? This is the place to do it.
But you gotta take your time.
You'll make detective, you'll grow wise.
And then you can change things.
But it's gotta be from the inside.
Let's go downtown to the station. Talk to my guy, Stan.
He'll go through what you gotta say to the D.A.
What are we doing now?
I told an informant I'd take care of his family for him.
Bring them food, stuff like that.
Gotta help out the family.
Believe it or not, I do try to do some good.
You know where you're at, dog?
The fuck you looking at?
Hey, we got some things for the family.
Kitchen's this way.
Put it on the counter.
- Where's the head? - Right through.
I'm gonna go to the head. Two seconds, we're gone.
Hey, let me get the CD player.
No, the CD player's mine.
Dreamer! Come here!
Count that shit, all right?
Thanks a lot, I was busy.
Learn how to count, fucking math whiz.
- You looked! - I didn't.
You calling me a cheater, ése?
Deal again, Sniper.
You play cards, cop?
No, not really.
Want a beer?
Have a cold one.
No, thanks, I'm good.
Come on, sit down. Play a card game with us.
Don't be rude, ése. You're a guest.
Why don't you play one hand?
Don't worry, we ain't betting money.
We gotta roll in a second.
Alonzo's taking a shit.
All right, I'll play one hand.
Is this five-card draw?
Yeah, jokers are wild.
Why don't you tell us something?
How long you been a pig?
My bad. My bad.
I meant a police officer.
I've been a pig for 19 months.
Is that right? You like it?
I should've been a fireman. One more.
- What you got, dog? - Three of a kind.
I didn't get shit.
Boo-ya, baby!
Two pair!
What the fuck?
He won.
I got two pair!
Three of a kind beats two pair, you fucking dumb truck.
You're fucking stupid. Take your medication.
Seriously. I know I'm number one.
See why we don't play for money? Because of this vato.
- Show me your cohete. - What?
Your gun, homes. Underneath your shirt.
What is it, .380 stainless?
- 9mm Beretta. - Like that?
- Just like it. - Yeah?
Here's the problem.
I seen this one. I want to see yours.
Come on, ése, I ain't gonna shoot nobody.
Let me check it out.
Learn that in the Academy?
Neat trick. This is nice.
Nice. You could fuck a vato up with this.
What you do is, you aim like that.
I'm just playing.
Yeah, I gotta go. Alonzo!
Kick back and party.
Ain't nothing out there for you.
What are you talking about?
Hey, white boy.
If you ask me homes, that's just, of course, if you ask...
...AIonzo played you, ése.
Big time.
Wait, where you going?
It's your deal.
It's all there.
- Sure? - You can count it yourself.
Alonzo pulled off a miracle.
Times are tight. Scared up a lot of cash.
Who'd he jack, homes?
I don't know.
He jacked Roger.
Blasted that fool.
Alonzo's a low-down, ruthless vato.
But I like that.
That's why I never shake his hand.
He don't respect nada.
Know what the money's for?
Alonzo, he's a hothead.
Last week in Vegas, some Russian starts talking shit.
Alonzo, he just snapped.
Beat his ass to death.
Turns out, that Russian, he's a somebody.
Now, Alonzo's into the Russians for a million.
How do you know that?
Alonzo has until tonight to pay up.
But he's still on their list.
Nobody thought he could get the cash.
Good thing he did. They're looking for him.
If he don't turn up downtown with the cash by midnight...
Your vato...
...he's dead.
Hey, pig.
Ever had your shit pushed in?
Simple question.
- No? - No.
- Had my shit pushed in. - Yeah, man.
I had my shit pushed in, bro!
Big time!
Sure, I always get love from the homeys.
You guys fucked him up!
Go next door.
Get the fuck out of here!
You fucked up.
You're under arrest!
For being a cop, dogging me in the mouth in my own pad.
You got the right to be bitch-slapped!
Drag him to the tub.
Punk motherfucker!
Raid his ass!
Do it!
It's gonna be loud.
Let me get his money.
- Wait. - Hurry up.
Smiley, check it out.
Is that your little cousin?
- What's this? - I found it!
- Who had it? - I found it!
I found it in MacArthur Park! MacArthur Park!
Wait up, I can't even see.
Shut the fuck up!
Get in your last prayer.
Listen to me, man.
She was being raped.
Two crackheads were attacking her...
...and I stopped them! I swear to God!
- You're lying to me! - I am not lying!
She was being raped!
I stopped them!
Please! I got a kid.
- Shut up, fag! - Blast his ass.
I have a little girl!
Do it!
I'm gonna get to the bottom of your bullshit. She's my cousin, homes.
Ain't right involving her.
You fucked up.
If you're lying to me...
...I blow your balls off.
- Hello. - Hey, Letty.
- What's up? - Hey, Smiley.
Just doing homework. You want Tony?
No, I want you.
- You go to school today? - Yeah.
- You didn't ditch? - Nope.
I went to every class. Why?
I heard different.
Cops talk to you today?
- No, no. - All right, Letty...
...don't bullshit me.
I got jumped by two crackheads.
- You got jumped? - I think they wanted to rape me.
But nothing happened, okay?
Because this cop came.
They almost killed him...
... but he kicked their ass.
Describe him.
He was a white boy. He looked real young.
- You're okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Hey, Letty. - Yeah?
We're not done.
What's up?
You gonna blast him?
Vato was telling the truth.
Life's a trip, qué no?
This is some trippy shit.
That's for getting my cousin's back.
Cover your head. You'll mess up my floor.
You know this was just business, right?
What you doing here? You know you don't belong here.
- What's up? - Must be lost, motherfucker!
Gonna need more than that up in here, boy!
You got business here, rookie?
I'm here for Alonzo.
Hey. Is your dad home?
- In the bedroom. - He's in the bedroom?
All right, you wanna open up the door?
Okay. Thanks. You watching TV?
Yeah, anything good on?
- Do you want me to call my mom? - No, I don't.
I'll tell you what I want.
Find a good hiding spot.
Do you have a favorite place to hide?
- The closet. - In the closet? That's perfect.
Okay, open up the closet. All right. Good, good.
Can you sit down in there?
All right. Now stay in here and be very quiet.
I'll be right back. All right?
It's all good, baby.
You, against the wall.
Move real slow. Put the money in that bag...
...take your weapons and place them inside that pillowcase.
Congratulations, son. You made it.
You passed the test. You're a narc.
Put the gun down before you give her a heart attack.
I said put the money in that bag.
Place your weapons inside that pillowcase.
Fuck your appointment with the Russians.
Oh, okay.
Okay. Hand me the pillowcase, baby.
Baby! Hand me the pillowcase.
You're gonna book me?
You smoked the dust.
You ran out, and you're the one that shot Roger.
- Here you go. - And the one on your ankle?
Want the one in my back pocket too?
One problem: You got no witnesses.
Who are your witnesses, huh? Roger? Smiley?
You think they'll help you?
It's not what you know. It's what you can prove.
What can you prove, huh? Nothing.
- Where's your evidence? - There.
Oh, shit!
It's on now, Jake.
Don't move.
Where you at, Jake?
Come on out, dog!
- Ah! I see you. - Shit!
I'm surgical with this bitch. How you want it?
That fool in the wheelchair? How you think he got there?
- Mommy. - Alonzito!
You see what I see?
Officer Hoyt, job number one: Preserve life.
There's my son. Don't hurt him.
We're walking out together.
Alonzito! Alonzito!
- You all right? - I want my mommy.
I know, I know, I know.
Just sit tight, all right?
It's gonna be all right. I know.
Shut the fuck up!
All right, let me see your hands! Where is he?
- The window. - Come on!
- Get your kid, stay down. - Alonzito!
Hey, man, you tripping?
It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun, is it?
My nigga.
Hey, first Damu puts one in his head...
...I'll make you a rich man!
Come on now.
Who wanna get paid?
Who wanna get paid?
They're not like you.
You know what I learned today?
- I'm not like you. - That's good. I'm glad to hear that.
Good. So, what now? Huh?
What you gonna do, shoot me?
You gonna bust your cherry killing a cop?
There it is, Jake.
Hit me.
You never killed nobody before. It ain't like stepping on ants.
Takes a man to kill.
Are you man enough to kill?
Hit me right there.
Get me, Jake. Get me. Hit me. Hit me.
You can't do it. Somebody drop this fool for me.
You got us twisted. You got to put your own work in.
- All right. It's like that, Bone? - It's like that.
Player to player, pimp to pimp.
- I don't believe you'd shoot me. - Don't do it.
- Don't. - I don't believe you got it in you.
I'm gonna get that gun and that money.
You ain't gonna do a thing.
You ain't gonna shoot no cop in the back.
- Don't do it. - You know what you'd get?
The gas chamber. You know what it smells like?
Pine oil. That's where you headed, to pine oil heaven.
I'm gonna get that gun and that money.
I don't think you got it in you. I'm gonna go get it.
Shit! Ah, you motherfucker!
The next one will kill you.
Son of a bitch! You shot me in the ass!
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, okay.
All right. Come on, I need the money. Give me the money.
- Give me that money! - It's not gonna happen.
You gonna take my own money from me?
That's my evidence. You wanna go to jail or go home?
I wanna go home, Jake.
Give me the money, and let me go home.
- You wanna go home? - Yeah, let me go home, Jake.
Give me the money, and let me go.
Give me the money, and let me go home, Jake.
That's right, come on.
You don't deserve this.
Okay, motherfucker.
Jake, go and bounce, homey.
Get up out of here. We got your back.
- It's like that. - Oh, no, you didn't!
Wait a minute! No, you... Hey, hey, Jake!
Hey! Jake! Jake!
Jake, come back here!
You disloyal, fool-ass, bitch-made punk.
I need my money!
Oh, you motherfuckers! Okay.
All right! I'm putting cases on all you bitches!
Huh? You think you can do this shit? Jake!
You think you can do this to me?!
You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay...
...when I get finished with you!
Shoe program, nigga!
Twenty-three hour lock-down!
I'm the man up in this piece!
Who you think you fucking with?!
I'm the police! I run shit here! You just live here!
That's right, you better walk away.
I'm gonna burn this motherfucker down!
King Kong ain't got shit on me!
That's all right. That's all right.
Shit, I don't fuck...
I'm winning anyway. I'm winning.
I'm winning anyway. I can't lose.
Shit, you can shoot me, but you can't kill me.
Oh, what a day.
What a motherfucking day!
An L.A. police officer was killed today...
... serving a warrant near LAX.
An L.A.P.D. spokesperson said Officer Harris...
... was survived by his wife and four sons.
The highly decorated officer, a 13-year L.A.P.D. veteran...
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Dangerous Beauty
Dangerous Minds
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Dark Angel 1x15 Haven
Dark Angel 1x16 Shorties In Love
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Dark Angel 1x18 I Am I Am A Camera
Dark Angel 1x19 Hit A Sista Back
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Dark Blue World (2001)
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De LAmour
De Vierde Man (23976)
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Dead again (1991) Commentary
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Debut The
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Deep Space 9 1x07 Q-Less
Deep Space 9 1x08 Dax
Deep Space 9 1x09 The Passenger
Deep Space 9 1x10 Move Along Home
Deep Space 9 1x11 The Nagus
Deep Space 9 1x12 Vortex
Deep Space 9 1x13 Battle Lines
Deep Space 9 1x14 The Storyteller
Deep Space 9 1x15 Progress
Deep Space 9 1x16 If Wishes Were Horses
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Discovery Air Jaws Sharks of South Africa
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Distant Thunder
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Dont Bother to Knock
Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Door in the Floor The 2004
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Double Jeopardy
Double Team
Double Vision (Shuang Tong)
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr No
Dr Strangelove
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