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Subtitles for ER 01x01-02 - 24 Hours.

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ER 01x01-02 - 24 Hours

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Dr. Greene?
Dr. Greene!
What is it?
Patient for you, Dr. Greene.
Can't the intern take it?
No, it's for you.
- What time is it? - Five o'clock.
All right.
- Can't the intern take it? - It's Dr. Ross.
Dr. Ross.
I'll be right there.
Come on, Doug.
Markie-boy! Did I wake you up?
Yes, you did.
I want you to know you're a real friend
- That's all right. - Real friend.
- Do we have a room? - Room 3 is free.
Room three is free!
Three is free. Free for three.
- Come on, Doug. - All right, I gotcha.
But come ye back
When summer's in the meadow
I can't tell you... much I appreciate this, Mark.
I'm a little under the weather.
D5, NS. I need the dextrose.
- Give him 600 of ASA. - Aspirin.
I almost forgot aspirin.
So anyway...
...she says to me, she says...
..."I didn't know that pediatricians could be so sexy."
And I said, "Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet."
All right. Give me the fast drip. I need the hydration.
Don't worry, Doug. Just lie back.
How's your beautiful wife, Jennifer?
She's fine, really.
You two settle your problems?
Everything's okay.
Hate to lose you in the ER, you know.
- Lie back. - I am.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.
Really do.
Here's your aspirin.
Give him 2000cc's in a fast drip.
Don't let it run dry.
Does he always do this?
Only on his nights off.
I'm going to bed. Wake me at 6:30.
Doctor Greene?
Doctor Greene? Mark!
What is it?
Can I give Mrs. Williston more Demerol?
50 milligrams, I.M.
Thanks, Mark.
- Dr. Greene! - What is it?
6:30, Dr. Greene.
- Hey, Timmy. - Morning, Dr. Lewis.
Oh, Dr. Lewis!
Thank you.
- Good morning, Dr. Benton. - Hey, Jerry.
This was the scene at 6: 15 this morning...
...where a building collapsed during construction.
Any estimate on the injuries?
How long before they arrive?
-- 12 people injured and 2 dead.
Oh, yeah? That soon?
- What's up, Timmy? - Hey, Dr. Benton.
Notify trauma. An accident in the Loop.
Twelve injuries, seven critical.
Good day for us surgeons.
Mrs. Willis in 4 needs a CBC.
The man in 5 is a rule-out Ml waiting for cardiac enzymes and 12 units.
Dr. Ross is in 3, sleeping it off. Wake him and get him out of there.
I need a uric acid--
What's this is all about?
Building collapsed. They're sending us a dozen.
- Yeah, well, who's on? - Just us.
Forget all that. Call Susan Lewis. Call the 7th and 8th floor.
Tell them we need anybody they can spare. Do that now.
Take him to Trauma Room 2.
What's your name, sir? Can you tell me your name?
- Next to 3. That way. - Which way?
That way!
Take him to 1. Down to the end, on the right.
- What's your name, sir? - It's Wilson.
What is your address?
Mr. Wilson?
Get it later.
Let's go. Let's bring him in.
And on my count. On three. One, two...
How you doing, sir?
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Sorry about the suit. So is it just your hand?
Let's see. Light?
Light! Let's move.
Have nice, pleasant thoughts.
Let's have a CBC...
...type and cross-match. We got a pre- op here.
Notify the O.R., get us a room.
Call Vascular and call Orthopedic. Tell them to come down now.
This is their lucky day.
Mr. Wilson, your hand is barely attached, but it's gonna be okay.
Give me an EKG and X-ray of his wrist and hand.
- Can you feel anything in your hand? - No.
We'll save your hand, don't worry.
Mr. Jackson, where does it hurt?
Where does it hurt, Mr. Jackson?
Does it hurt when you breathe in?
Have you been coughing up any blood?
Okay, let me take a listen.
Dr. Lewis!
Okay. Where are we taking him?
Do you have any pain in your head?
How about your neck? Any pain here?
What I want you to do now--
I want you to tell me if it hurts you when you breathe.
I don't get a BP.
Start two large bore lVs. Saline, wide open.
Type and cross for 10 units, get me 4 units of O-negative, stat.
Drop an NG tube and get Dr. Benton in here.
This is no place for a pediatrician.
No sensation: radial, median or ulnar.
No pulses. Color and temperature as you see.
He's gotten 500cc's saline.
Crit's 32-5, type and cross-match sent.
X-ray's waiting. O.R. will have a room in 10 minutes.
Let's get him out of here.
You think you can save the hand?
It looks good. I think so.
I told him you could. He's counting on you.
Peter, you're a smart-ass.
You'd love to do this case, wouldn't you?
I'm ready. I could do it.
You're a resident, Peter.
You're years from a case like this.
- How many fingers? - Three.
- What's your name? - Jeff Barr.
- Where are you? - Cook County General.
- What's today? - St. Patrick's Day.
You're fine. Get a set of facial bones.
You're gonna be just fine, Mr. Barr.
- You're beautiful, doc. - Thank you.
- You married? - No, I'm a doctor.
- Then, listen-- - Take it easy, Mr. Barr.
You don't want to fall on your face twice in one day.
How much did she vomit?
A couple hundred cc's.
Would you please take a deep breath?
Good. Now another. Any pain there?
Okay, how about here?
Call O.R., get a room.
- What is her crit? - 23.
Wait a minute. Here we go!
No pulse. Code blue.
- Call the time. - 8:37.
Paddles! That's a shockable rhythm.
Let's move! Here we go.
Nice and easy.
- No response. - Get me an amp of epi...
...and a hundred lidocaine. Let's move it.
Okay, what've we got here? Where are the paramedics?
Get his clothes off him.
Give me something. I can't stand it!
I'll give you something for the pain.
Notify the orthopods we have an open fracture.
Give him tetanus and 5 of morphine right away.
- Does it hurt anywhere else? - My knee.
- Need help? - Check his knee.
Here we go.
We got patients on surgical 2 and 3. One of them looks bad.
Fine, but this woman's heart stopped...
- ...and she needs it. Call the AR. - They're in surgery.
Get them. Can't you see I'm busy?
- Time? - Two minutes.
Come on, sweetheart. You make us a little nervous here.
Paddles. Let's go.
Is that a blip?
There it is.
Come on.
Come on back to us.
Keep it pumping. I think she's coming back.
Bring her back for me, baby.
Come on back to us. Come on, baby. Yes!
That one to Trauma 3.
That's down the hall and to the left.
Call Pathology. We got one...
...who won't be charged. The name's Canelli.
Canelli? Relatives of Robert Canelli.
Right here.
- I'm his son. - Hi, I'm Mark Greene.
My father, he's...
Your father was in an accident, you know that?
Come with me, please.
No, just tell me. He's here, right? Just tell me.
Mr. Canelli, your father had a heart attack...
...and we were unable to revive him. I'm sorry.
You bastard! You bastards!
You're sorry?
Come over here.
That will make you feel better.
And we'll have you in the O.R. in no time, okay?
- Any others? - No, that's it.
- That's it? - Yeah. Last two were DO A.
That's it.
Yeah, for now.
Orderly, please bring a wheelchair to Admitting.
Orderly, please bring a wheelchair to Admitting.
- Where's Ross? - He went to change.
Somebody threw up on him.
- That lady. - The lady who arrested?
- She make it? - We got her going again.
She's got a junctional rhythm, but she's going.
What about that guy's hand?
They're still in surgery.
They're gonna be working all day on that one.
- Anybody want coffee? - I do.
How do you take it?
Same as yesterday and the day before.
And they call me a smart-ass.
You get any sleep last night?
About an hour.
The nurses raided the coffee. Why don't they make their own?
I'm gonna tell them.
Never mind.
Okay. Never mind.
Aren't we getting some new students today?
Yeah, I think so.
I hope they're good. The last two were hopeless.
- Something wrong? - Oh, you bet there is.
We're out of coffee again because the nurses have been taking it.
- Make some more. - Make some more?
We work 36 hours on, 18 off...
...which is 90 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.
For that we are paid $23,739 before taxes.
And we also have to make the coffee?
My heart is breaking.
- Where are the filters? - In the refrigerator.
Dr. Greene, your wife is waiting in the cafeteria. Dr. Greene.
Damn it!
Everything's fine.
Morning, Dr. Greene.
Hey, Mom! Look!
Two more bites, baby. Please?
Then you're done.
- Hi, Rachel. - Hey, Dad, look!
Oh, look!
Grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast.
I gave in. What can I say?
You're late.
Sorry, we had a big one. A building collapsed.
Mommy's reading about tarts.
Are you getting any sleep?
Yeah, yeah. I'm okay.
- You look tired. - Yeah, Dad. You look tired.
Oh, I do, do I?
Are you gonna finish that?
You mind if I eat it?
Dr. Harris' office called to confirm your meeting.
Oh, jeez! That was today.
You can still go, right?
Yeah, yeah. I guess.
You're not gonna forget or get too busy?
I'll go.
What's so funny?
- You know you're gonna hate it. - Maybe not.
At least the patients don't throw up on you.
Who threw up?
Who threw up?
Nobody threw up.
It's just that between your hours and my studying...
...I feel like we never see each other.
I'll go meet Harris today, okay?
I just hope you like it.
Look at this.
It's the first tailored white coat I've seen.
- Isn't he lovely? - Lovely.
Think he knows anything?
He knows how to dress.
He's my student. I'll find out.
- John Carter? - Yes, sir.
Peter Benton.
- You the surgical student? - Third year.
We'll spend a lot of time together, so let me show you around.
The Admitting desk is where you page someone or get a chart.
Don't shake his hand. He's afraid of disease.
In the lab we do crits, counts, spin-downs.
Mark chemistries "stat" whether you want it fast or not.
The chem lab is 7022. The heme lab is 6944. Memorize it.
lVs are given to everybody.
Use an angiocath and 16 needle.
You need a large bore to transfuse them.
- Can you start an lV? - Actually, no.
Aren't you third year?
All I've done are dermatology and psychiatry.
The well-dressed specialties, huh?
You'll find surgeons try to help people, not just bill them.
Pull the skin tight so the veins don't roll, and go in low.
Once in, pull this out and hook it here.
This is Carol Hathaway, the head nurse. John Carter.
Terrific, isn't she?
She dates an orthopod who used to be a Big Ten tackle.
You want to tape it.
Moderate flow, two or three drips per second.
That's it. That's all there is to it.
All along here you have the medical examining rooms.
It's where the pill-pushers kill their victims.
But this...
...this is the surgical room.
This is where the real action is.
We use this phone to call the O.R., 6440.
X-ray is around the corner. They're idiots.
They scare the patients.
Whenever you can, go with the patients to X-ray.
Don't let them get scared. Don't let them get hurt.
Here's Dr. Morgenstern. He's the head of ER.
Watch out, he eats students for lunch.
David Morgenstern.
- When did that severed hand go up? - A vascular took it up an hour ago.
Dr. Benton is one of our best residents.
Learn everything you can from him.
Except attitude.
- He didn't mean that. - Yes, he did!
You'll sew people up here. Do you know how to suture?
Okay, I'll teach you.
- Is there anyone to sew? - How would I know?
I love this great spirit of camaraderie. Everyone wants to help.
Here's the suture room.
Good morning, I'm Dr. Benton. This is Dr. Carter.
Let's have a look.
- How'd you do this? - Broke one of the breakfast dishes.
Don't worry. We'll have you fixed up right away.
- Now, can you feel this? - Yes!
- Can you move your finger? - It's just a cut!
We have a policeman coming in with a gunshot wound.
Put him in Room 2, notify X-ray. I'll be right there.
Now, here's all your stuff.
Ask if she's allergic to locals or any drugs.
This is lidocaine, but call it Novocaine. They've heard of that.
Any allergy to Novocaine?
My teeth are okay.
- No reactions, rashes, anything? - No, of course not.
You inject both sides of the wound.
You have to put on surgical gloves. You know how to do that?
Great. Here we go.
Here you go, Dr. Ross.
Thank you, Nance.
Dr. Ross.
Tracy Young. I'm your third- year student.
Hello, Tracy Young. Nice to meet you.
We'll be working very closely together--
Not that closely, but I'll do my best to help you.
- I'd like to get started. - Just being friendly.
I've got all the friends I need, thanks.
Shall we get started?
Evert the edges and space them...
...because the tissues will be swelling.
Space them this way.
The policeman's here.
Okay, I'm coming. Here, you finish.
Okay, this isn't going to hurt at all.
Now, what happened, Billy?
The school sent him home. They said he vomited blood.
Can you tell me what happened?
He's a very high-strung child. Always very tense, very nervous.
Maybe you better wait outside while I examine your son.
It's procedure.
I should be here! I'm worried about Billy. He needs me.
Please wait outside.
Look, doctor, this is my son...
...and I want to be here. He's very high- strung!
You're absolutely right. You love your son.
You want him treated immediately.
So it's best...
...if you have a seat outside here. And we'll be right with you.
Hey, kiddo. All right.
Did you vomit blood?
Do you have any pain?
Okay, can you point to the pain?
Right in here.
Have you vomited blood before?
Many times?
First eight-year-old ulcer patient I've seen.
You still here? You doing a Sistine Chapel?
Finish her up, start an lV in Room 2. Bye, ma'am.
Nurse, could you bandage this?
- Thank you, doctor. - You're very welcome.
When do I get my stitches out?
Three weeks.
When my son had stitches they said ten days.
Really? Ten days, three weeks. Any time in there.
We need an anesthesiologist to ICU.
Please report to the ICU, stat.
250 mg Rocephin I.M. for the man in Room 4...
...and remind him to come back in two days.
Carol, are we out of oral ampicillin?
We ordered some yesterday.
- Dr. Greene wants more Lasix. - We were out an hour ago.
Dr. Ross wants some PKU cards.
No. He'll have to get a blue-top from the baby.
He says he can't.
Are you sure that you don't have a PKU card tucked away in...
...that special stash of yours?
Like this?
I can always count on you. Even if you do prefer football players.
You had your chance.
I was young. I was a fool!
You're still a fool.
What's the worst paying medical specialty?
- Pediatrics? - You were right the first time.
Carol, did that Lasix come up yet? Because we need it now!
Good morning. I'm Dr. Carter. What seems to be the problem?
What's it look like? I shot myself in the freaking leg.
- We'll fix you up. - You guys keep saying that.
But first, we have to start a little lV.
Just hurry it up, okay?
Yes, sir.
Oh, excuse me. Sorry.
I wanted to belt her in the mouth. I really did.
Then I go and shoot myself in the leg.
These things happen.
I bet you see a lot working in a place like this.
Oh, yeah. All the time.
You don't mind my asking, have you done this before?
I'd hate to tell you how often I've done this.
You'll feel a needle.
Come on, it wasn't that bad.
But we missed the vein.
We have to try this one more time.
My wife's not that bad. We don't argue that much.
Once in a while. In this case it's lucky I didn't kill her.
Oh, man!
I'm afraid we missed again.
We'll try one more time.
You have very tough veins.
My wife... a very beautiful woman.
I'm not proud of beating up any woman. Even when she's asking for it.
I mean in this case, it's lucky I didn't break her neck!
I got it. Don't move.
Don't move!
It's in the vein. Do not move at all.
There you go, officer. You got yourself an lV!
Everything's gonna be fine now.
Can I move?
Sure, move around. You're fine.
That's all I can do for the moment.
They'll take you to X-ray, then to surgery.
- Surgery? - But believe me...
...the worst is over.
This happened when you woke up?
Yes, when I got out of bed.
- Are you still seeing double now? - No.
- How many fingers? - Three.
- Have you had eye trouble before? - No, never.
Did you have pain while seeing double?
Headache? Trouble with your balance?
Funny taste in your mouth? Flashing spots?
- Weakness in limbs? - No, none of those things. Never.
I can call a neurologist to go over you...
...but that'll cost you $200.
If you don't have any symptoms now, I'd leave it alone.
Come back if you have more trouble.
- Who's next? - You're just saying that because I'm black.
Trying to save you money, I know you don't have insurance.
You wouldn't say this if I wasn't black.
You're Jewish, right?
Call a neuro consult for Mr. Ervin, cc transient diplopia, and bill him.
Hello, somebody! Hello!
- What is it? - I got a lady pregnant in my cab outside.
Why'd you do that?
We don't deliver here.
You have to take her up to OB.
She's having a baby whether you deliver it or not.
Hey, you busy? Why don't you come with me?
Get us an OB nurse.
Okay, okay, ma'am. Come on. Let's go. Let's get out.
- You'll be fine. - When did it start snowing?
Come on, doctor, give me a hand!
Up on the gurney, there you go.
Is this your first child?
Okay, let's go.
It's starting, it's coming!
Hold the head in. We don't want her to deliver here.
Put your hand between her legs and hold the head in.
Breathe, ma'am. Blow through the pain.
Get me Anesthesia, call the pediatrician. Hook up those stirrups.
You doing an episiotomy?
I don't have time. She's already crowning.
Blow through the pain, ma'am. Blow through the pain.
Blow through the pain. That's right.
- What should I do? - Just what you're doing.
Is it snowing out there?
When I'm done scrubbing, I'll take over while you scrub.
- Where's the OB resident? - They're on call.
You want a gown?
I don't think I have time.
I'm gonna have to catch this one anyway I can.
No kidding? All right, dear. You'll be just fine.
You just have to blow, okay? Blow.
- Is it snowing? - Yeah, it's snowing.
Snowing on March 17th. This is unbelievable.
It's okay, ma'am. You're going to be just fine.
Let me take over. There we go.
Ma'am, we're gonna push on the next one, okay?
One, two, three...
One more. This is the one.
And, push, push, push...
One more push.
We're gonna get him out.
One, two, three, push. Good!
Shoulders are clear.
You have a beautiful little boy.
There you go.
He's a cutie-pie.
You did a good job there.
Dr. Carter. You have 3 sutures waiting for you.
You're not on medical services. They don't need your help.
Come on, let's get cracking.
Patient: Martin, Jonathan.
Anterior and lateral right lower extremity.
Femur articulation...
...patella, tibia, fibula all appear normal.
There's a radiolucent density in the soft tissue...
...superficial to the fibula.
A bullet is what it's called, Steve.
There is no apparent fragmentation of the foreign body.
Distal tibia and fibula all appear...
- Come on, Steve! - ...within normal limits.
Impression: Foreign body in the right lower extremity...
...consistent with possible bullet.
Is that it? Thank you.
I'll take these.
There's a guy with a bullet in his leg who'd like to have it out.
Sure you're not feeling any pain? No pain here in your back?
You know what?
All you've got is a fracture to your ankle.
Everything else is fine.
Now, what's the story, doc? Do I get worker's comp?
The story?
The story is, you're still alive.
Great, but I got a few bills and--
There it is, nice and red.
He has Otitis media. He'll be fine.
250 milligrams of oral amoxicillan.
If he's not better tomorrow, call me.
All right? It was nice to see you.
Bye, tiger.
- He's very handsome. - He knows it.
We got a UA and a sed rate for patient Rebecca Morton.
What do you mean? We sent this an hour ago!
It's 1:40 and it was a stat determination.
What're you doing, picking your noses?
Chest pains two hours, question AMl.
I will talk to you any damn way I want to.
If I sent for a stat chem...
...I want it in an hour, not sometime next month.
Well, we're a little busy here too.
When they start going to lunch things will really slow down.
- What do you want me to do? - Go to lunch.
I'm okay, if there's something to do.
Excuse me a minute.
Don't be a hero.
If I tell you to go to lunch, go.
It's a long time before dinner, and you may be too busy to eat.
You never know how long till your next meal, so eat when you can.
Get the hell out of here. And don't take more than half an hour.
I'm Dr. Greene. What's the trouble, Mrs. O'Rourke?
I'm not Mrs. O'Rourke.
Mrs. O'Rourke!
Is there a Mrs. O'Rourke here?
- Tyrone! - What is it?
Crack dealer. Took 5 shots.
We need muscle in here!
- He's just a kid. - Thirteen.
- Call security! - Why?
The other gang members may come and finish him off.
Let's keep it calm. Here we go.
This is Tracy Young in ER. I need someone in Trauma Room 1.
Surgical 2. Turn right and down.
We have a motorcycle accident coming.
- Wasn't wearing a helmet. - Those are stat labs.
I'll be across the street. Told my wife I'd keep this appointment.
Can Susan cover for me?
No, not there!
Surgical 2!
I'm Dr. Greene to see Dr. Harris.
Everyone has a family, Mark.
My wife wants to shop. Kids grow up.
You want private school, college. You gotta think about that.
Now, the office for our next associate is here.
As a junior man, you'll do all calls and weekends for a year or so.
Compensation...'ll start out at 120,000 per year, plus bonuses.
The group has a condo in Jamaica and one in Aspen. Do you ski?
Haven't had the opportunity.
You should. It's a great sport.
Morgenstern tells me that you're the sharpest guy ER ever had.
But I'll tell you, the ER is a young man's game.
You think you're doing good, but there's a lot to life...
...especially this one.
We find the practice intellectually challenging... we send our physicians to major conferences.
Last year: Maui, Paris, Rome.
We're proud to practice the best possible medicine we can here.
- Seems great. - You like this?
We had Prescott redesign it.
We redesign every couple of years. Keeps us looking fresh.
Do we have time for lunch?
We'll go to the Crown Club. They have a great porcini pasta.
- I gotta get back. - No oil!
Melissa would you bring Dr. Greene's coat?
Maybe next week?
- We'd love to have you. - Thank you.
Mrs. McCormick, how are you?
I thought the Field Museum Ball was wonderful!
Margo loved the flower arrangements.
Cheer up, doctor, it's only 3:00.
Three o'clock. I must be crazy, huh?
That's a very good insight.
When did it start raining?
It's raining!
It has been for an hour.
- How's your new student? - Very capable.
So I hear you went up to Harris' today.
Did he offer you a job?
Yeah. I think I have to go to a lot of charity balls.
There are worse things.
I guess.
Must be.
What's this I hear about you and that tech up on Surgical 4?
- I'm a married man. - So?
- So whatever you heard is not true. - All right.
I heard that she was seriously cute.
But you are faithful to your wife. Is that what you're telling me?
Why would you do something like that?
Because I'm too tired to do anything else.
We'll know more when we have the x-rays. How much do you smoke?
Two, three packs a day sometimes.
And how long have you been doing this?
Since I was about 14, I guess.
- You really should stop that. - I know.
Excuse me. You can put your clothes back on.
Listen, I can't talk at work unless it's-- It is?
Well, what--?
No, I'm on all night.
I get off tomorrow night at six.
Paul, I thought we broke up.
Oh, Paul, come on.
What? No, not you. It's just, I have to tell a patient something.
Listen, is everything all right? I'm sorry, but I just--
Yeah. Okay, bye.
We have your x-rays, Mr. Parker.
You can see there's a density in the right middle lobe.
What does that mean?
Something abnormal within the structure of your lung.
- In my lung? - That's right.
- What is it? - It could be... infiltrate, a dense area of tissue from an old infection.
Perhaps an inhaled foreign body.
It could be a granuloma. It could be a lot of things.
- What do you think it is? - There's no way to know.
You'll need a bronchoscopy and possibly...
...exploratory surgery.
I understand, but what do you think in the meantime?
You should consider it potentially serious.
So I got cancer.
I'm not saying that. We don't know anything for sure.
Let me explain something to you.
I'm 40. I have a wife and 3 children...
...a house not paid for...
...and a mother whose house isn't paid for.
I have responsibilities.
So I need to know. I need to know what you think.
You should regard your condition as very serious...
...but await a final determination.
I don't understand the problem.
Are you afraid to tell me the truth?
Your history of coughing blood, weight loss...
...and this x-ray is suggestive of cancer.
But the diagnosis is not confirmed, and it may be something else.
And we shouldn't jump to any conclusions until we know.
That's what I think.
How long do I have?
Six months to a year.
Do I have six months for sure?
No, not for sure.
I was wondering because I always wanted to take my wife to Nassau.
We talked about it, but we never did it.
I just figured, spring's coming, it's getting too late to go to Nassau.
She always wanted a suntan in the winter to show off to the neighbors.
I understand.
So I guess I'd better go.
Summer will be here before you know it, so I better go soon, huh?
Doctor, I want to thank you.
I want to thank you for your help and for being straight with me.
I guess I don't have to quit smoking.
Mr. Parker, if there's one thing you learn in my job...'s that nothing is certain.
Nothing that seems very bad and nothing that seems very good.
Nothing is certain.
I'm sorry.
Good evening.
How's it going tonight, Mrs. Raskin?
Timmy, I have a problem that requires medical attention.
See Dr. Greene. He's on duty tonight.
Dr. Greene!
How nice!
- Good evening. - How you doing?
He says he doesn't drink. Then--
I require medical attention, Dr. Greene.
Give me a minute, Chris.
Yes, Mrs. Raskin?
I have this troublesome...
- Mrs. Raskin. - I'm afraid it may be infected.
If we treat you, it's gonna cost you $ 180. You do know that?
I wish you'd do it for me.
You're such a nice young doctor...
...and I do appreciate your taking the time.
We'll handle this in the lab.
The lab? Oh, gracious!
I had no idea how complicated it was!
I'll be excising Mrs. Raskin's hangnail.
I'll stand back.
Well, at my age, you can't be too careful.
Please have a seat, Mrs. Raskin.
Thank you.
Dr. Greene, you look tired. How have you been?
Fine, thanks.
And your wife? Is she still studying for her bar exam?
Next month. We won't see much of each other.
This alcohol may feel cold.
- Mark, you got time for coffee? - In half an hour.
She's very cute. She work here at the hospital?
She's a resident.
Did I tell you my sister got remarried?
How long has it been since I've seen you?
Just a week or so.
- Here we go. - Oh, don't make such a fuss!
Thank you, Dr. Greene.
Now, you be a good boy...
...and go home to your wife.
- Another day, another dollar. - Good night, Timmy.
- See you. - Good night.
Hey, Red.
- Hey, Tim. - How you doing?
- I'm good. - Yeah? Good.
Ready to work.
- Can you get some-- - Sorry, I'm off.
- I forgot. See you. - Good night.
In 3, the lady with pulmonary edema gets Lasix and a nitroglycerin drip.
In 4, there's some kid. Dr. Ross is looking after him.
Five, there's a question pulmonary embolism. Labs are coming.
I need 2 grams chloramphenicol.
You're gonna have to get it from the next shift.
- See you tomorrow. - Good night.
Malik needs chloramphenicol.
- Coming right up. - All right.
- Good night. - See you.
See you guys tomorrow.
Come on, it's not that bad. It's a very minor cut.
- Three stitches. - It's not the cut!
It's the car.
I smashed the car.
I wasn't supposed to drive it, and I took the keys...
...and I smashed it up.
And it was brand-new!
My father loves that car.
Well, it might not be as bad as you think.
It was a brand-new Cadillac...
...with power steering...
...and air conditioning.
Oh, God! He'll kill me.
It was the first new car he ever had!
- Oh, my God! - Oh, Daddy.
Could we not move, please?
- Is she gonna be all right? - She's gonna be fine.
Oh, honey.
...I trashed the car.
It's all right.
The important thing is that you're okay.
What car?
The Caddy?
Daddy, I'm so sorry.
You totaled my new Seville?
My new Cadillac!
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
You have 6 in backup. That's not good.
The worst is yet to come. Let's move, huh?
Who was that idiot?
Why'd he do it?
I don't know. He just swallowed it.
- Jimmy, why'd you do it? - Because.
You see? He's impossible!
Here's the KUB.
There it is, all right.
You mean it's in his stomach?
- You said he swallowed it. - What do I do?
Check his stools. He'll probably pass it.
I mean, how do I get into my house? I'm locked out.
You don't have another key?
- It's not funny. - I'm sorry.
It's possible to become pregnant without actual penetration.
- Just by fooling around. - I'm not pregnant.
It's important you tell me why you think you may be.
No reason.
If you are, you might have an ectopic pregnancy...
...and you'd need surgery right away.
It's serious. It could be a matter of life and death.
I'm not pregnant.
Excuse me for one second.
- How old? - She's 13.
She's got pain in her lower left side and she's not pregnant?
Okay, let's see.
Hello, Miss Murphy. I'm Dr. Benton.
How long has it been since your last period?
- I don't know. - Just think back. Tell me roughly.
It was after Christmas.
So it's been a few months.
I guess so. I haven't paid attention.
You've had sexual intercourse?
Dr. Carter...'s an ectopic pregnancy...
...and she needs to be scheduled for ultrasound and surgery right away.
How'd it go?
You know what Harris' office is like. It's like a nightclub or something.
- He offered you a job? - Yeah.
- But I don't know. - You don't wanna do it.
It doesn't seem like real medicine to me.
- So what's the problem? - You know what the problem is.
You can't live your life for someone else.
- I know. - Especially a lawyer.
- She's not a lawyer yet. - It's gotta be your life.
It is. It's just...
She keeps talking about how she doesn't see me anymore.
Well, she probably never does. I never see Paul.
I thought you guys broke up.
Well, we did. But... know.
Yeah, yeah. Right away.
Come on, we gotta go.
We gotta go.
Mark, what?
Did you hear?
Yeah. She's on her way.
It's incredible.
I don't know how this happened... her, of all people.
I don't know.
Okay, people. Let's break it up.
There's lots to do. Let's get back to work.
Come on. What do you expect to see?
Hey, let's get back to work!
Go in here. Head first.
My God, it is Hathaway!
All right, move her on three. One, two, three.
Let's get her clothes off. Let's go, let's go!
Let's go.
Call Respiratory.
What'd she take?
I don't know. She went into the medicine cabinet.
You have no idea what she took?
I want a drug screen, two milligrams of Narcan and an amp of D50.
- You wanna pump her? - Yep.
Marie, call Neuro. Call the nursing supervisor.
Did you call her family?
I don't know her family.
- Why'd she do it? - It doesn't matter why.
We don't ask that about other ODs and we don't ask it about this one.
I want blood gas and electrolytes.
- How hypotensive is she? - 80 over 60.
- Did she have anything to drink? - A Scotch.
- More than one? - I don't know. Maybe.
What are you people standing around for?
Do the arterial stick. She got a Babinski?
Yeah, positive.
- How's the oxygen? - Fifteen liters and running.
Morgenstern's on his way. Her serum barb is 45.
- Is that a mistake? - Repeated twice.
Close the curtain. This isn't a show here, people.
And what's the nature of the--
I see.
Call Dr. Benton. We got a shotgun wound to the chest coming in.
What a night!
Gas distention, distal to the duodenum is...
Call the O.R.
Impression: Acute small bowel obstruction.
This is a surgical candidate.
Oh, you guys are incredible. What would we do without you?
It's nice to see you, Peter. Man of many talents, all unproven.
We get a new barbiturate level yet?
It just came back.
It's still 45.
Pupils: Mid-range and sluggish. BP: 90 over 70.
We just got her barbiturate level. It's 45 micrograms per milliliter.
She's intubated and we're getting her ready for hemoperfusion.
But if she's decerebrating... You know the question.
Should we be trying any of this at all?
It doesn't look hopeful.
But for the morale of the unit, we gotta do everything.
I mean, she was...
...very popular.
The unit's looking to you, Mark. You set the tone.
She was one of us. We loved her. We worked with her.
Now something's happened to her.
It makes us feel guilty and angry and scares the hell out of us.
But we take care of her, and then we go on with our jobs.
You set the tone, Mark.
You get the unit through this.
I'm fine.
Call me if anything happens.
Anything at all.
- She really did it, didn't she? - Yeah, she did.
- She seemed okay today. - Yeah, she seemed fine.
She was making jokes.
Everything was great. She was funny. She was joking like always.
She was great.
Go get some coffee, Doug.
Come on. Let's get him up.
Alrighty. Good, good.
A knife wound. I thought it was a gunshot wound.
Excuse me. I feel a little...
I didn't need you anyway. Notify the O.R. Let's get a room.
Move him out. Here we go, buddy.
Jerry, hold that?
Feeling better?
I'll be okay in a minute. It just got to me all of a sudden.
Keep your head down.
There's no rush. Just relax.
It stopped raining.
I thought I was going to be sick.
I'm sorry.
Don't ever say you're sorry.
There's two kinds of doctors.
Those who get rid of their feelings...
...and those who keep them.
If you're gonna keep your feelings, you'll get sick sometimes.
That's just how it works.
Keep your head down.
People come in here...
...and they're sick, dying and bleeding...
...and they need our help.
Helping them is more important than how we feel.
But it's still a pain in the ass sometimes.
Sometimes I just want to quit and do something else.
Why don't you take a few more minutes.
By the way...
...I was in medical school with Benton.
He used to get sick all the time.
So don't let him give you any crap.
You'll be fine.
Steven Howard has played behind Damon.
He'll have to come out and take that ball away from him...
What's the score?
De Paul is down.
You okay?
Don't worry about what happened out there.
Just don't make a habit of it.
She's been on dialysis for three hours. She's still comatose.
She took short-acting agents. She knew what she was doing.
- Has the family been notified? - I think so.
- Is she covered on the hospital policy? - As far as I know.
Has anyone talked to the press office?
This is bad publicity.
Some damn TV network will try to make a sentimental movie about her.
I'll get on it. Anybody know why she did it?
No one knows. Her fiancÚ didn't know anything.
They're supposed to get married in June.
Who's next?
I am, doctor.
Now lean forward. You feeling any pain?
It's better when I lean forward.
Lydia, could I borrow your pen?
Mr. Larkowsky, I'm going to admit you to the hospital...
...and start you on a medical regimen.
There's some question in my mind whether that's necessary...
...but it's better to be safe than sorry.
What is it?
What's the matter?
- You don't have to hide the truth from me. - The truth?
I know you're being nice, but you can tell me.
It's okay. I want to know the truth.
You have a duodenal ulcer with complicating pancreatitis.
Rather mild pancreatitis, judging from the lab figures. That's all.
Come on. You can tell me.
You don't have cancer, Mr. Larkowsky.
I knew it, I knew it! It's cancer.
You were hiding it.
Every person that comes into this hospital...
...whether they have a heart attack or a skin rash...
...everybody worries about cancer.
You don't have cancer.
I swear to you. You do not have cancer.
It's not cancer?
You have an ulcer which flared up today...
...because you went to a party and drank and smoked.
Both of which you're gonna have to quit.
- Quit smoking and drinking? - Yeah, that's right.
Quit smoking and drinking? What, are you kidding me?
- We'll have to get x-rays on him. - Right away, doctor.
How did this happen?
He fell out of his crib.
He fell out of his crib?
He was crying all night, so I came here.
I bet he was. When did he fall?
I don't know. I don't want to get into trouble.
- Your son has multiple contusions. - He's not my son.
- Whatever your relationship is-- - I'm his babysitter!
This child has been beaten.
- I'm gonna call Children Services. - Please! I'll get into trouble.
Stay here.
Yes, doctor.
I don't believe this.
You want to make a guess on the diagnosis of this one?
I burnt my legs.
I see.
It's not funny.
If you'll just come with me, I'll take your name.
College student?
Sacred Heart.
And how'd this happen?
I was pouring hot water into the sink and it splashed.
It's not bad. First- degree burns.
There's no blistering, and there won't be any scarring.
It's very sensitive skin.
Your touch is nice.
This medication will make you feel a lot better.
Your fingers are very long.
Long and strong.
I wanted to change first and put on some new underpants.
I knew you'd be seeing my underpants.
And touching them.
You'll want to keep these bandages very dry for a day or so.
Don't take any showers or baths. Just a sponge bath.
Why is that nurse here?
Hospital policy.
She's not assisting. She doesn't have to be here.
Are you afraid of me?
You're gonna be just fine in a few days.
Thanks, Lydia.
After dinner?
Yeah, right after dinner...
...I felt this little aching, this burning, you know?
And you have an aneurysm?
Yeah, they're gonna operate on me next month.
Mr. Harvey, we're just waiting for your old film, so just rest easy.
We'll fix you up right away. We'll take care of it.
Thank you, doctor.
Okay, thank you.
He's bleeding into his belly. He can go anytime. Who's on?
Ashley and Jimmy have the appendectomy.
Gill and Levine are with the knife wound.
They pulled Ed to do the lady with the small bowel.
Vascular team?
- In Minneapolis. - Where's Baker?
Baker's in the Bahamas.
This guy could die any minute.
I know, but there's no one to do him.
Okay, call Morgenstern. Tell him to get over here.
I'm starting a ruptured aneurysm.
You can't. You're just a resident.
What do you want to do? This guy could die.
- I know that, but-- - Look!
I'm just trying to keep him alive until Morgenstern shows up.
Now call the O.R. and tell them to set up for a laparotomy.
This is Dr. Lewis. Get me Morgenstern.
Find him! We have an aortic aneurysm, and Dr. Benton's starting.
He'd like some help. That's right. Dr. Benton's starting.
- What's on? - Ruptured abdominal aneurysm.
- Who's doing it? - Dr. Benton.
Dr. Benton?
I'm doing anesthesia for you.
Great. Get down to the blood bank, make sure they send us 20 units.
And get the nurses jumping. The patient's on his way.
You sure you're okay about this?
I'm scared as hell. The guy's already ruptured his belly.
He's bleeding to death internally.
I gotta do him. I'm his only chance.
Evening. I wanted you to know...
...I'll be starting a ruptured aortic aneurysm in Room 2.
I'd appreciate a hand when you have a minute.
- What did he say? - He said he's doing an aneurysm.
That's a joke, isn't it?
Cheryl? Go make sure he's joking.
Dr. Ashley, he's doing it.
You're kidding! Jim, break and help him.
I'll finish here and get there as soon as I can.
Okay, boys and girls, let's go. This isn't a picnic.
Prep, please.
Prep, please! Come on, quit staring at me.
I'm just trying to keep the poor guy alive.
All right, plastic.
- Jimmy's coming in to help. - Oh, great!
The only guy that knows less about vascular surgery than I do.
- Okay, is Mr. Harvey happy? - He isn't complaining.
Then let's do this. Knife, please.
Thank you.
We're starting at 2:13 a.m.
Let's see how long the chief takes to get off of his girl and into work.
Nice and slow.
Started without you, Jimmy.
There you go, sir.
Listen up. We're going straight down the linea alba.
Nothing fancy. The guy's got a 50% mortality anyway.
Suction. Thank you, for all the good it'll do.
Pick up. Come on, Jimmy, work with me.
Pick up.
Lot of blood in there.
It's precisely his problem.
Okay, here we go.
Wish me luck. Knife.
Systolic's holding at 100.
Can't find it.
Damn it!
There! No, no.
Get your hand in there and push away the small intestine.
Where are you, little leak? How bad is his pressure?
- You won't like it. - I won't like it? Think about him.
...hang 6 more units packed cells and a unit of plasma and platelets.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
It's too much to hope, huh?
I got it.
Yeah, I got it. Time down.
Call it out in minutes.
Let's suck this field clean so we can see what we're doing.
Dr. Benton, the chief resident is in the hospital and on his way.
Well, suck that field clean, we got the chief coming!
We don't want him to think we don't know what we're doing.
- Pressure? - 100 over 70 and falling.
I won't sweat that. Let's just keep that blood going in.
Jimmy, your hands are trembling.
- I can't imagine why. - Yeah, well, me neither.
But everything's cool here. All we have to do is sit and wait.
Dr. Ashley will be with you as soon as he can.
All of a sudden, I got all the help I want, huh?
Start a nitroglycerine drip.
50 and 250 D5W, 80 of Lasix. lV push.
Get a CBC, lytes, cardiac enzyme...
...chest X-ray and a 12-reading EKG.
You take digitalis, dear?
Have you taken any today? This morning?
Add a dig. level.
Meanwhile, 3 milligrams of morphine. lV push.
I can't give this up.
No, no, no. Not you, you're fine.
- Your wife on 2204. - I'll have to call her back.
Sure taking a long time getting in here, huh?
They've been out there scrubbing for the last month.
You know, it's times like these when I get into a reflective mood...
...and I pause and think of how--
Good morning, Peter. Give it to me quick.
57-year-old male, in good health, seen here 8 weeks ago...
...where he was found to have a pulsatile abdominal mass...
...with aortic calcification on X-ray.
Surgery was scheduled for next month.
But this evening, he had intermittent pain in the mid-back.
When he got here, he had...
...a distended abdomen, peritoneal irritation and reduced hematocrit.
So you decided to open him up.
This is the worst incision I've seen in a while.
A good veterinarian would do a better skin cut than that.
All right, hold on.
Got it.
What's his pressure?
90 over 65, and he's gotten 12 units.
We'll take over from here, try to make something out of it.
Hey, humor me. Have some dopamine standing by.
Hoover that, will you?
Sounds like a plan. Good.
Give me a little more room in there.
Thank you.
Look at that.
You did a good job.
You were lucky, but you were right to open him up.
Good work.
Yeah, clear it out.
Let me see if I can...
Pull it out for a second.
That's what we want, right there. That's right.
Why is he still crying? Why haven't you given him something?
Look! He's still crying. Why aren't you giving him something?
I can't until I know the extent of his injuries.
He's been to X-ray. We saw a skull fracture.
A skull fracture? The babysitter!
I never trusted her.
Your child has contusions that are 12 hours old.
He has a skull fracture. He also has several old healed fractures.
This is a battered child.
I'm not even gonna respond to that. You think I'd harm my child?
It happens all the time.
I'm taking him home.
- No! You have anything to say? - He's my date.
I can assure you, whoever you are--
Dr. Ross.
Dr. Ross, let me tell you your concerns are unfounded, okay?
How'd he burn his legs?
These marks right here. On his legs.
Those are healed burn scars. How did that happen?
I don't know anything about burns. I think you're making this up.
- You might call an attorney. - I am an attorney!
Then you know what Child Services will do.
How dare you?
How dare you treat your child like this? He's a little kid!
I try to be understanding in my job. But, lady, this just stinks.
- You find that chart? - I can't find it.
- Well, find it! - I don't--
Do you think I am deaf? I heard you.
- Now find me the chart! - I told you, I don't know where it is!
Is it okay?
You can go now. You did the right thing.
I mean, is the baby okay?
He will be.
Oh, man!
So how's Hathaway?
It doesn't look good.
They contact her family?
Yeah, they found them.
So how'd your aortic aneurysm go?
Morgenstern showed.
Dr. Benton to Trauma 1. Dr. Benton to Trauma 1.
No rest for the wicked.
Jerry, Perez. Let's go.
- What's the problem? - We picked him up in Old Town.
He was standing, blocking traffic.
But he's got that smell, so I thought I'd check.
You did the right thing.
We got a diabetic ketoacidosis. Let's go.
You probably saved his life.
What do you want, a medal?
Give him 10 units regular insulin, lV push.
Start a drip, 10 units per hour.
I want him hydrated as soon as possible with normal saline.
And you want KCl?
Not on your life. Get a CBC and lytes.
Call me with the potassium, and get a blood gas.
Did you get the message your wife called?
I'll call her in the morning.
Hello, Mrs. Harvey.
Okay, let's have a look here.
He seems to be doing fine.
Oh, I'm so grateful.
Dr. Morgenstern came so quickly. He saved his life.
Yes, well, Dr. Morgenstern's a wonderful surgeon.
He said you did a lot too.
Actually, I just helped out a little bit. That's all.
I'll check on you later, okay?
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
You want some coffee?
I wouldn't kid you about that. I had a few.
Maybe more than a few.
Hell of a party, though!
Okay, Mr. Murphy, you are done.
I didn't feel a thing.
No, I didn't.
I still don't.
And he was in, I guess, ten days. And you know what it cost?
$ 24,000. More than $ 24,000!
That's what it cost.
And I want to know where doctors get off charging money like that?
Medical costs certainly are on the rise.
That's why we need national health insurance.
It's a scandal! Those doctors should be ashamed of themselves.
Many of them are, I'm sure. Let's hear what folks out there think.
Call Carl Barker on Nightline. We'll be back in just a minute.
That's it? Anybody else?
Well, I got a little problem. My throat's acting up.
You need to see a doctor.
- Which room? - Five and six are open.
Is that it?
Well, my throat. I've got some soreness.
I'll be in Room 8.
You got a pen? Wake me at 6:30.
That gives you an hour and a half. You're lucky.
6:30, Dr. Greene.
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Enterprise - 3x12 - Chosen Realm
Enterprise - 3x13 - Proving Ground
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