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Subtitles for ER 03x03 - Dont Ask Dont Tell.

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ER 03x03 - Dont Ask Dont Tell

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- Previously on ER... - Repossessed.
No! Come on!
You know my schedule. It's hard to...
It would be nice if you could call the day before.
We'll see my neck.
Donald Anspaugh wi// become County's new chief of staff.
- The guy's completely lumpy. - I rather like him.
Sit there and look.
You can't smoke around this oxygen tank either. Even at home.
- It's coming up. - All right.
So you would've quit?
In a minute.
- Good morning. - Yes, it is.
I'd even say it's a glorious morning.
Didn't your mother teach you not to gloat?
What good's a vacation if you can't gloat?
Just think, in eight days, you'll be back here...
...slogging miserably through life like the rest of us.
But tomorrow, I will be in Maui with the sun in my face...
...drinking a Sea Breeze.
I hope you burn.
Thanks for housesitting. My cat owes you.
I'll try to remember to feed her. I hope you recognize the hospital...
...when you get back. Anspaugh's planning changes.
Like what?
I don't know, but I'm philosophically opposed.
That's my new motto: Change is not good.
Well, we're getting more Residents.
We'll work twice as hard.
- What? - They're from Southside.
Their program is less than discriminating.
We'll spend half our time trying to keep them from killing the patients.
Okay, I'm coming!
Good morning, Dr. Carter. I saw your car in the garage.
I didn't want you to oversleep again.
I'm not on for another two hours, but thanks.
I brought you some borscht.
Here, here.
They eat this for breakfast in Russia.
Thank you for helping me fix my tank the other day.
I hate this damn thing! It's like dragging an anchor.
Just don't light that cigarette around it.
By the way, I've been feeling this little waxy buildup in my ear.
- Would you take a look at it? - Ears really aren't my specialty.
But there is a family practitioner who lives on the second floor.
He is so much more qualified than I am.
Thank you, Dr. Carter! I'll be back for that bowl.
Okay, then.
- Isn't this exciting? - Like a junior-high assembly.
Here comes the assistant principal.
Susan, meet Margaret Doyle, one of our new interns from Southside.
Wonder what med school she went to.
Guys, come on. I saved you a seat.
You look like hell. You pull an all nighter?
Price is sick, so they called me in. Interrupted a very promising date.
Good morning. Thanks for coming.
I'm due in surgery in 10 minutes, so I'll make this snappy.
We're in trouble.
With the closing of Southside Hospital, we can expect an increase...
...of at least 30 percent in our normal patient load here at County.
To meet these demands, we'll institute the efficiency standards...
...that made the Southside ER, no offense, the best in the city.
All Residents and Attendings...
...will see an average of 2.5 patients per hour.
Your patient quotient will be checked on a daily basis.
The highest PQ wins a gumdrop.
The lowest has to wax my car.
- What about the dead? - I'm sorry?
DOAs, train wrecks who croak on the way in. Do we get points for them?
Yes, you do.
But try not to kill all your patients at once, Dr. Greene.
We wouldn't want to draw suspicion.
Who handles scheduling?
- I do. - Will you make sure that I'm cc'd?
Chart review?
That's me too.
I want a daily summary. And budget?
It's me.
Greene, aren't you an Attending here?
I'm patient ombudsman, I run the mentoring program...
...and I'm in charge of staff morale.
Let's even out the duties a bit.
You take chart review. Get me a report by noon.
Change is like a freight train:
You're either onboard or grit in the gears.
Same time Tuesday.
I think he likes you.
It was ugly. It was the ugliest thing I ever saw.
It was big like a bear and fearsome. Well, look what he done to me.
What's this?
Dante says a kangaroo attacked him in Humboldt Park.
That's a nasty cut.
He had a claw like a razor! Smelled like an elephant's ass.
Exam 6.
Jerry, who was Attending last night?
Get him on the phone because I can't read his handwriting.
Stuck in chart review hell?
I've been here an hour, and I haven't seen a patient.
Better pick it up, or you'll be waxing Anspaugh's car.
One down. Anyone got the broken tib-fib in 2?
Actually, I'd rather you stayed supervised.
- Doug, did you meet...? - Maggie Doyle.
Maggie, I'm Doug. How are you?
I was handling my own cases at Southside.
It's your first day. I'd like you to stick with Doug.
Get on the P.A. And tell the idiot with the BMW to get out of my spot.
Space 37?
Security told me to park there.
Space 37 is mine. It's been my space for the past three years.
- Meet Carol Hathaway, our head nurse. - And head of the welcoming committee.
I'll move.
Who's that?
Intern from Southside.
- An intern with a BMW? - I thought your car was repossessed.
It's still my spot.
Before I do the stitches, I'll give you medicine so they won't hurt.
I'll even let you choose the color of thread.
We've got blue, purple, black.
Jeanie, can I talk to you for a minute outside?
I'll be right back.
You should call an intern to do those sutures.
They have other things to do.
Have you told the mother or the patient you're HIV-positive?
None of your damn business.
All right.
It's gonna hurt for a second.
Get these charts out of my face, and get me a sick person to fix.
Actually, the board is covered right now.
Kleinman's been turfed in Neuro. Figueroa has been discharged.
And Noyne signed out AMA.
Your labs on Otis and Fenning came up.
Okay. Thank you.
- You're cooking. - Heal them and deal them.
Besides, in...
...46 hours and 18 minutes, I will be in...
Don't say it.
...Maui, Maui, Maui.
You're cruel. I haven't had a day off since Christmas.
Why don't you come with me?
Yeah, right.
You're kidding, right?
I don't know. You have the time coming...
...and there's plenty of people to cover for you.
- What about your cat? - I can ask a neighbor.
- This guy's crashing. - I'm coming.
We'll talk later.
Morning. How are you?
- I've been better. - Me too.
So did you see if the triage nurse brought your chart back?
I don't know.
What seems to be the problem?
Kidney stones. I've had them in the past.
Woke up with the same pain this morning.
It starts back here, and it works its way around front and then down.
It sounds like a stone. We'll wanna do a CAT scan.
Let's get you in a gown first.
Do you eat a lot of ice cream?
Yes, actually.
- Drink tea? - Almost every day.
Why do you ask?
The calcium from the ice cream combined with the oxalate in the tea...
...forms calcium oxalate stones.
A simple ionic bond.
It makes sense.
Mr. Sidowski?
That's right.
I was in your chemistry class at St. Monica's. Carol.
Second row, right near the window.
God! I can't believe you remember.
I remember the good ones.
I always knew you'd do well.
Here you are, a doctor.
You specialize in emergency medicine or surgery or...?
No. I'm a nurse, actually.
In the ER.
A nurse?
That's wonderful.
What's the story?
They found him obtunded at his board-and-care.
BP's 50 over 30. Pulse weak at 130.
No tendon reflexes.
No response to pain.
This IV's blown. Vein's too weak to hold. What's his name?
- Johnson. - Mr. Johnson! Mr. Johnson?
Seems plenty gorked to me.
- How old? - 89.
- What was his quality of life like? - I'm calling his board-and-care.
See if he's got a living will. I'll avoid heroic measures if he's DNR.
- I don't get a pulse. - He's bradying down.
- Are you getting through? - They put me on hold.
Let's bag him. Break out the atropine.
- This is ridiculous. - It's a crime.
Every surgical intern is in the O.R. Today.
Everyone but us.
Benton let me spend more time in the O.R. As a med student.
Man, the man is a sadist!
Look at this!
Edson's double bypass?
No, but jeez! No, Keaton. That's Abby Keaton.
Pediatric surgeon. She used to be at Southside.
- Oh, man! - What?
Benton will try for an elective with her.
No way. He signed up for Thoracic with the new chief.
Then why did I see him reading Essentials of Pediatric Surgery?
Benton and kids?
It's the most difficult specialty. It is impossible to get into.
It is exactly what he'd go for.
I don't buy it. Benton's no Mr. Rogers.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, boys and girls.
Gant, cover Med-surge today.
I heard you signed up for a Thoracic elective with Anspaugh.
Carter, Pre-ops and Transfers for you.
Any chance we'll get into the O.R.?
Maybe? Possibly?
Call Surgery! Tell them we've got a major chest impalement!
- What happened? - Motorcyclist hit a glass truck.
Start an IV. Set up the rapid infuser.
Okay, let's move him.
...and go.
Watch out.
- BP's 70. - He's getting dusky.
Try for a 16-gauge. He needs more volume.
He's seizing. Someone hold his arm.
Ativan 2. Use both hands.
- Get the needle in. - He's moving.
Wait, wait.
- Do it. - Now. Now!
- Rapid infuse O-neg. - No breath sounds.
Tension pneumo.
Damn! Connie, hold his head.
Grab hold of this glass. Watch your hands.
Pulse ox is down to 70.
Get over here now.
I'll get someone.
- They need you. - I'm going to the lab.
I'll take them. Go.
Do you pluck your eyebrows?
They look good. You do it yourself?
No, I found this great place on Dearborn.
Twelve minutes.
- More epi? - I guess.
What's going on in there?
They found medical records but no DNR.
- Let's hear it. - He's got...
...COPD, renal failure, congestive heart failure...
...prostate cancer, diabetes...
- Any family? - A son. They're trying to reach him.
If I ever get this old, I want "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on my forehead.
Get this. His pH is 6.97.
All right. He's been down long enough.
Time of death: 10:06.
Get a strip.
I'm going next door.
Mark, he's got a rhythm.
It won't last.
BP's 50 palp.
Guess we better put him back on the mask.
Tough old geezer, ain't he?
So she asked you to come to Hawaii?
- But I don't know what she meant. - It seems unambiguous.
If she meant it as a friend, that means separate hotel rooms, right?
- Or you could be sharing a bed. - Right.
Get adjoining rooms with a broken lock and see what happens.
- You're not helping. - What do you think she meant?
Something a little more than friendship.
How do you feel about that? Are you interested?
- Maybe. - Get on a plane, Humphrey.
What if that's not what she meant?
Three hours divided by seven patients is 2.33. How's it going, Mark?
Three hours, one patient. I'm on a roll.
- I'll take that plantar wart in 5. - You got it.
The neuro come down for Mr. Johnson?
- Who? - That gomer that came back to life.
They wouldn't take him. They said he's a renal case.
Try Renal. We gotta get him out of here.
- Jawoh/. Hey, your wart! - Oh, right. Thank you.
Can I have some more soup?
- Whose patient is Johnson? - Why?
He stopped breathing. They need you in 2.
I'll take it. Anyone see Jeanie?
She went on break.
- More soup? - Quiet.
- Sighting of a kangaroo in Humboldt Park.
Come here.
The mystery marsupia/ was sighted hopping along the Kennedy Expressway.
The Department of Anima/ Contro/ is warning that kangaroos...
... can be dangerous and can attack when threatened.
So you asked him to go with you?
It just popped out.
Have you guys ever...?
But you asked him to go to Hawaii. That's pretty bold.
It's stupid. I mean, Mark and I are friends. We work together.
And I basically invited him into my bed!
What did he say?
He was appalled. He couldn't wait to get away from me.
I'm such a fool.
How long is Anspaugh gonna be?
One never knows.
Dr. Benton?
What are you doing here?
I admitted a woman with a lipoma. She needs surgery.
- A fat tumor? It can wait. - She wants it out today.
All right. Well, then go ahead and book an O.R.
Can I assist, please?
Yeah, whatever. Just get out of here.
This guy in the picture with Dr. Anspaugh, is that...?
General Schwarzkopf.
They were roommates at West Point.
Judith, I'll be in Neonatal.
Dr. Anspaugh, I chose Cardiothoracic as my eight-week elective.
Congratulations! That puts you on my team.
But I just found out Dr. Keaton's coming here.
Yes. Very, very happy to have her.
Yes, I know. I follow her work.
Do I sense a wind shift, Doctor...?
Benton. Dr. Keaton is one of the finest pediatric surgeons.
An opportunity to work with her...
- She may not have a slot for you. - Well, I'd like to see.
I'll give you until 6:00.
If I don't get the Pedes, I'm still on for Thoracic?
If I don't hear from you by 6:00, you get neither.
Jane, I'm Dr. Ross. This is Dr. Doyle.
I understand you've been having pain when you urinate?
I think it's a bladder infection. I had one before.
- When was that? - Last year.
Any soreness or tenderness?
Just when I go to the bathroom.
Are you sexually active?
- Have you ever had intercourse? - Oh, no.
We'll do some tests. When we get those back, we'll talk some more.
All right.
- What do you think? - Either an STD, or she's pregnant.
- Based on? - Her sweater.
Cashmere, probably Neiman Marcus. A rich girl at a county ER?
She doesn't want her family to know.
So what do you do?
Dip a urine and do a pregnancy test.
Sounds good.
Sorry, the O.R. S are booked.
- Dr. Benton sends his apologies... - He can send flowers for all I care.
You've got a breast reconstruction and a thyroidectomy ahead of you.
- This is important. - What is it?
It's a pheochromocytoma.
- A pheo. - Her BP is through the roof.
If we don't go in soon, she'll stroke out.
Tell Dr. Benton he has his O.R. And tell him I like tulips.
If you have an explanation, I'm listening.
I'm sorry. I haven't been feeling well. I got nauseous.
If it interferes with your work, you should let me know.
It won't happen again.
Everything else okay?
Yeah. Everything's fine.
How's Al?
He's holding his own. It's difficult.
I'm sure it is.
Can I help you?
- I need to see Dr. Keaton. - You're too late.
- The patient's still conscious. - Come back in three hours.
- I need to talk to her. - You don't know Dr. Keaton very well.
Just by reputation. Why?
If you go in there now, the only words she'll have for you are, "Get out."
If I write a note, will you see she gets it?
I am not a secretary. Leave it in her box.
Mr. Johnson, your father was found unconscious this morning.
He has what we call multisystem failure.
Heart, lungs, kidneys. And he may have suffered a stroke as well.
- That's like Alzheimer's. - No. But it's very serious.
Did you ever talk with your father...
...about whether he wanted to use machines to keep him alive...
...if his body were failing?
Not a lot, no.
Were you and he close?
About a hundred miles.
I live in Boone County.
I smoke hams.
Your father is very ill.
In all likelihood...
...he may never regain consciousness.
Now, we can use a machine to keep his body alive...
...or we can give him medication to take care of his pain...
...and let nature take its course.
As next of kin, it's your decision.
What do you think?
If it were my father...
...I would try to make him comfortable... his final moments.
So I'll get somebody to bring you the papers?
You'll help him, right?
- I'm sorry? - You'll make him better.
I'm not sure that we can.
Just don't let him die, okay?
Make the incision below the costal margin.
Straight across, 6 cm.
Now, just like carpentry, measure twice, cut once.
Benton, you should've told me you were doing a pheo.
Trying to keep all the exotic ones to yourself?
What? I'm doing a lipoma removal.
It's on the board. "Pheochromocytoma" in big red letters.
Who the hell put it up there?
That one.
Hey, Carter! Simon's letting me do an appy. I'm going in!
No. It's called gonorrhea. It's sexually transmitted.
It is treatable. But we have to do it right away.
Are you gonna tell my parents?
Whether you tell your parents or not is up to you.
I would tell the boy, or boys, that you've had sex with.
I only did it once.
Well, you need to tell him.
I can't.
Why is that?
Because he won't talk to me.
When I see him in the halls, he won't even look at me.
I feel really disgusting.
That's all right.
I wanted it to be special.
And it was like I wasn't even there.
He didn't even drive me home.
Guys who are interested in having sex with you...
...aren't necessarily interested in you, you know?
If you want it to be special, you'll have to wait for the right guy.
I would suggest waiting a long time.
Like until you can vote.
So Mr. Johnson's in V-tach.
Why not?
You pick.
Two hundred?
Two hundred, it is.
- Clear! - Clear.
- Next contestant. Do I hear 300? - Sure.
Three hundred from the woman in the floral scrubs.
- Clear. - Clear.
I'll see your 300 and raise you 360.
What a joke.
- 360. - Clear!
And he's back. What a trouper!
Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of a brand-new ventilator... a cost of $5000 a day...
...and as a bonus, your very own chest x-ray...
...perfect for decorating the small, sterile hospital room...
...where you'll spend the rest of your brief, unconscious life.
She's still in there? It's 4:00.
She went back in. She's got a 4-year-old with a Wilms' tumor.
- Excuse me. What are you doing? - I'm just seeing if she got my note.
Look, when Dr. Keaton comes out, please...
...please make sure that she gets this.
I'm Peter Benton. I'm interested in a Pediatric Surgery elective.
I need to talk to her by 6:00. My pager is...
- 3376. I can read!
Look, just make sure she gets it, okay?
You always vomit when you screw up?
Only when I get written up by the chief of staff.
Ten mgs of Compazine should get your stomach back on its feet.
- You missed a great appendectomy. - I could lose my Residency.
Retracted the internal oblique, clamped that sucker.
My career is over.
Sorry. Sorry.
You assisted on a surgery behind my back?
- Simon needed an intern. - I'm your Resident.
You don't blink without asking me. You're on bedsore duty.
If there's a boil, you lance it.
If there's a weeping decubitus, you d Ábride it. And if...
Anspaugh's leading chief rounds in 20 minutes. Don't be late.
Especially you, Carter. He asked for you by name.
I can't believe I spent four years in med school... take orders from a guy who smokes hams.
- Other than that, how's your day? - Just got worse.
- Who does this belong to? - That's mine.
Wear it. We lose 20 or 30 a year.
Who invented the stethoscope?
I have no idea.
Ren Á La Çnnec, 1819.
You can see I taught her well.
Keep hustling, boys. You don't wanna end up with the Turtle Wax.
- I haven't seen you much today. - It's been a pretty busy one.
So you've been...
Yeah. Pretty much.
So about Hawaii.
How much are the hotel rooms?
Or a room.
For me.
I'll have to check on that.
You let me know.
Here! Turn on Channel 5 quickly. They spotted him again.
He was at the rail yard an hour ago. I hope he made it through.
That kangaroo watch continues.
The kangaroo that mysteriously appeared on Chicago streets...
... entered this abandoned building at the corner of Kensey and Maplewood.
That's six blocks from my house!
Armed Fish and Wildlife officers have surrounded the building... an attempt to apprehend him. - They won't shoot him?
I hope so. That thing looks like a giant rat.
You paged me?
Where's the patient?
There is no patient. We need to talk.
- About what? - About my working here.
Are you planning to tell anyone that I'm positive?
No, I'm not.
I don't agree with what you're doing...
...but how you handle your patients, that's your responsibility.
Thank you.
But stay away from my patients.
And I don't wanna be in a trauma room with you.
That girl had her ceftriaxone. Should I write a scrip?
Ten days of doxycycline. And tell her to stay away from insincere suitors.
You were good with her.
Listen, why don't you grab some lunch?
I was on all night. I'm gonna sack out for about an hour.
- I'll round you up when I get back. - That's not necessary.
Susan, can you push some ketorolac?
Actually, I'm suturing a thumb.
- Do you know where Mark is? - Try the desk.
Have you seen Doug?
Haven't seen him.
Where are all the doctors?
Are you available?
Exam 1.
In a minute.
Next, we have a 73-year-old...
...postthyroidectomy, exhibiting both Chvostek's...
...and Trousseau's signs.
Dr. Carter?
Saline diuresis...
...three to six liters per day, plus pamidronate.
Textbook treatment for hypercalcemia.
Unfortunately, this patient has hypocalcemia...
...and you've just stopped his heart.
Rest in peace, Mr. Edmonson.
Next we have a...
Man, he's gunning for you.
Are you okay?
I can't control the muscles in my neck.
You're having a reaction to the Compazine.
- I am? - Muscle spasms are a side effect.
- So is lip-smacking. - Help me!
The aortography on this patient revealed a small...
...type A dissection of the thoracic aorta.
Dr. Carter...
...differentiate between type A...
...and type B aortic dissection.
Type A involves the ascending aorta and type B the descending.
Next, a traumatic amputation.
The patient is a 35-year-old female in good health, presented in our...
How much longer do I have to wait?
They're prepping an O.R. For you now.
In two hours you will be stone-free.
I have some questions for the doctor.
The surgeon will be down to answer your questions.
I'll be right back.
I'd give him saline instead of painkiller.
- Why? - He flunked me in chemistry.
- You went to St. Mona's? - Yeah. You?
I think you were in my history class. Mrs. Hester.
Never had her. You might be thinking of my sister.
- What year were you? - '88.
Oh. See, I was '85.
Mary's three years older than me.
Check Sidowski's urine output. The last entry was two hours ago.
Animal Control cop got shot with a tranquilizer. Where do you want him?
Exam 4.
Excuse me, officer. How did this happen?
I was trying to hit that kangaroo that's running around.
- My partner got in the way. - And the kangaroo?
Hopped a wall. He's still out there.
- Recognize this? - What?
This was found at your father's nursing home.
It's a living will.
It says your father didn't want heroic measures used to prolong his life.
A will? What did I get?
It means we never should've put him on the ventilator.
We've kept him alive against his expressed wishes.
See this?
Right here? Does that signature look familiar?
Yeah, that's mine.
Yes, it is.
I gotta go put the hams to bed.
Except this one.
This one's for you.
So you'll call me when he wakes up, right?
My work number.
Bye, Pop!
- What happened? - 30-foot fall off a beam.
Head trauma. Near amputation of the left leg.
- I'll get some O-neg. - Eight units.
And call the reimplantation team.
Let's go! Trauma 2!
Let's go!
Jane wanted to say goodbye.
Thanks for helping me. You've both been really nice.
Well, okay. Be careful out there.
You need to get that?
Excuse me.
Faint dorsalis pulse.
Decreased breath sounds on the right. Set up for a chest tube.
All right.
What's going on?
Thirty-foot high dive, facial trauma, open fractures, tension pneumo.
- He's not breathing. - Laryngoscope, now!
Lacerated femoral artery.
A vascular clamp for suction.
Can't visualize the cord. Too much blood.
- From where? - I don't know.
Looks like the nasopharynx.
Jeanie can pack the nose.
Get a 16 Foley and an umbilical clamp. Peter can talk you through it.
- You were gonna stay out of my traumas. - I was here first.
- Pulse ox is dropping, 78. - Come on. Let's go.
Try the catheters through the nose. Let's move.
Can you visualize the balloon?
- It's down there. - Inflate and retract.
Artery's clamped.
- Can you take over for Jeanie? - She's got it.
- I think I've got it sealed. - Clamp it to keep it in place.
- It's clamped. - Peter?
Bleeding's stopped.
He's tubed. Bag him.
Nice job, guys.
- Good breath sounds. - Let's get him upstairs. Move!
Good work.
What kind of greens?
Romaine, spinach, alfalfa.
- Right. - Who's he talking to?
Australian Embassy.
There was some confusion.
We intubated him first, and then we found the DNR.
Yes, I know. But...
He never should've been put on the ventilator.
I just need the legal okay to take him off.
His pulse ox barely registers.
There's not a single functioning organ left in his body.
He's got one foot in the grave. This man...
Is awake.
I'll call you right back.
Mr. Johnson, do you know where you are?
You're very sick.
You were found unconscious at your home. Do you understand?
You want me to take that tube out of your mouth?
There is a risk of respiratory failure if we take you off the ventilator.
Are you sure that that's what you want?
All right.
What I want you to do is to blow real hard on the count of three.
One, two...
...three. Blow.
Good. Good.
Are you okay, Mr. Johnson?
Call me Jack.
The Compazine wore off. Now I'm sick to my stomach again.
- What a day. - I just wanna go home and go to bed.
How much longer do we put up with this?
- With what? - With Benton.
- What else are we gonna do? - I can't take this abuse for a year.
What happened?
Smoke inhalation.
There was a fire?
Was anybody hurt?
- Just me. - What about your apartment?
It's gone.
- Everything. - Everything.
The whole building.
The whole building?
My floor too?
She's not here.
I think she went home.
So there he was, naked as a jaybird.
I mean, not a stitch.
So I said:
"Son, what the hell are you doing?"
He turns, looks straight at me and says:
"Fishing, Pop.
He's a sweet boy.
You want me to call him?
I don't like him driving at night.
We'll transfer you to Intensive Care. They'll make sure you're comfortable.
Is there anything else I can do?
I had a good spin.
Saw two wars...
...10 Chevys.
...San Francisco...
...Paris, France.
Married a woman...
...who put up with me...
...and died as beautiful as the day we met.
You can't ask for more.
- Is Dr. Anspaugh here? - He's not here.
- He was supposed to be here at 6:00. - He left about five minutes ago.
Listen, do you have his pager number?
Sorry. I'm new here.
Yeah, beautiful. Thank you.
You're Benton, aren't you?
Abby Keaton.
I'd shake your hand, but I've got pepperoni on mine.
Don's letting me use his computer till I move over.
Well, it's...
I'm sorry.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Actually, I've been trying to get in touch with you all day.
I got your note.
So you're interested in Pediatric Surgery.
Yes, I am. Very much.
How do you feel about deep-dish pepperoni and anchovies?
Well, I don't eat meat but, hey...
You could scrape it off.
Sit down.
Let's talk.
Gee, it's cold out tonight.
Yeah. It feels like fall.
You off?
Waiting for a break in the rain.
How long have you and Al been separated?
Almost a year.
No chance of a reconciliation?
Must be tough to be sick and alone.
Good friend of mine tested positive last year.
I think I'm one of the two people he's told.
He's a lawyer.
Didn't wanna tell his coworkers.
He's afraid he might lose clients.
It's gotta be hard to carry that around all day.
It is.
I'm glad you decided to keep working.
It'd be a real loss to the patients if you quit.
Is there anything you need?
No. I'm okay.
It's freezing out here.
Well, good night.
Are you serious?
I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided to be spontaneous.
- What the hell? I'm going to Maui. - Good for you.
I'm not misreading her?
You don't invite somebody to Maui to play Scrabble by the pool.
How's that new intern?
Doyle? She's fine. Competent, does her job.
Keep her?
Sure, keep her. Why not?
I need your signature.
More paperwork. Mr. Johnson, surprise, surprise.
- Transfer orders? - Death certificate.
- What? - He arrested in the elevator.
ICU never admitted him. So technically, he's still your patient.
Hey, that's my locker!
Got you!
Get back to the neighborhood much?
Every night. I still live with my parents.
Same room I shared with my sisters. I'm saving money.
You could sell the Beemer.
That was a gift. My dad bought it at a police auction.
- Oh, he's a cop. - Third generation.
He wanted me to be the first female commissioner, but I took after my mom.
- Oh, she's a doctor. - Nurse.
What I was gonna be until I got kicked out of nursing school.
I never was good at taking orders.
See you.
I don't want that thing eating out of my mixing bowl.
Ma, I'll clean it when I'm done!
You work today?
This it?
You worked a 12-hour shift, and you saw only one patient?
It was unusually time-consuming.
What was the outcome?
He died.
On the other end of the scale, looks like we have a tie...
...between Dr. Lewis and Dr. Weaver.
Last patient out the door.
Congratulations, doctor.
You win the gumdrops.
It's the... Cadillac Seville.
Front row, burgundy interior.
Don't forget the sidewalls.
Is he serious?
I wanna talk to you about that invitation.
I'm sorry about that.
I hope you didn't misunderstand me.
I mean, we can still get you a room if you still wanna come.
But you can't. That's okay.
I wasn't really serious about it myself.
So I'll see you in 10 days.
Don't worry about the cat.
Thank you.
Have a great trip.
Call me.
Yeah! From the pool.
- Bye. - Bye.
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