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ER 03x04 - Last Call

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Previously on ER...
- Carol Hathaway is head nurse. - And heads the Welcoming Committee.
- You want to do pediatric surgery? - Yes, very much.
- A fire? The whole building? - Yes.
- My floor too? - Yes.
It must be tough to be sick and alone.
- I hear you are a doctor. - I'm a nurse actually.
Guys who want to have sex with you aren't necessarily interested in you.
Any chance that we might get into the O.R. Today?
- I'm sorry, lover. Did I wake you? - I didn't know you were still here.
- I can't figure out these locks. - Don't do that. Let me.
Hey, hey, hey... You're not driving, are you?
- Is that an invitation to stay? - No. I'll call you a cab.
Leave my car all the way over here?
No, I swear, officer. I can walk the line, and I can touch my nose.
- You can pick up your car whenever. - I can drink a pot of coffee.
I'll drive you. Hang on.
Gee, they say chivalry's dead.
- Good morning, boys. - It's not good.
I brought doughnuts. You guys catch the game last night?
Conway went 70 yards for the touchdown. It was mayhem.
Somebody remind me why I picked surgery?
For a scut zombie, you're looking very crisp.
Part of the joy of moving back home. Rena insists on using extra starch.
- Rena? - The maid?
My place burned down. I've been living out of a suitcase.
A Louis Vuitton suitcase.
Dress down for the plumbing accident in 2. He's very stinky.
- Thanks for the carbs. - Yo.
- Your parents live on Oak Brook? - Oh, don't start.
I'm just saying, I've got an extra bed in my place.
It's two minutes away. Got all the Cup o' Ramen you can eat.
And you don't have to worry about the help over-starching your shirts.
- Are you serious? - It's time to leave the nest.
- That's great. Thanks. - I'll see you at the firm conference.
Firm conference? That's not next week?
Pancreatectomy lecture by Dr. Benton, assisted by John Carter.
Oh, my God! Benton's slides were in the fire. They're toast.
Why couldn't I have been home?
I could've had smoke inhalation and be sucking air through a nice ET tube.
Where's the fire?
- I'm just trying to get back to bed. - Me too.
Oh, damn it!
I forgot my watch and stuff at your place. Can we go back, please?
You know, I'll send it to you. Okay?
Oh! Do you mind? I have a headache.
I'm not surprised.
Oh, come on! I'm not in the mood.
Don't, don't. Just don't mess around with me right now.
If you're gonna throw up, just lean out of the window.
You all right? Hey!
Hey, hey, hey! Are you...?
Hang on! Hang on!
- Have a doughnut if you want one. - No, thanks. Weaver's looking for you.
Yeah. It takes a while to get in from the D-Iot.
- Did you get your car back? - I will.
I need some help here! She's in status!
I don't know if she's an epileptic or if it's what she drank.
Give me 4 mgs of Ativan and an amp of D50.
Doyle, clear Trauma 2.
- Tonic-clonic seizure. - Any history?
Give me a CBC, Chem-20, blood glucose, tox screen and a blood alcohol.
- Where did you find her, Doug? - My house.
- What's her name? - I don't know.
- 70 over 40. Pressure's still dropping. - Temp's up to 105.
Seizing's burning her up. Get cooling blankets before her brain fries.
- Morning, folks. What's the word? - We've got a Jane Doe in status.
- Load her up with Dilantin? - She's maxed out on the benzos.
Came in 30 minutes ago. Seizure history and meds unknown.
- Meningitis? - Doug thinks she's been drinking.
- I thought you weren't on until noon. - I'm not. She's with me.
- Temp's 106.2. - She's hyperthermic.
Alert Neuro and Anesthesiology. And bring in a two-channel EEG.
We need pentobarbital, 100 mgs over two minutes.
- And an intubation tray. - Aren't you jumping the gun?
She's been seizing for a half-hour. You have a better suggestion?
- Her blood gas is back. PH is 7.1. - She's acidotic.
Let's put her in a coma. Kerry, you want to help me intubate?
A 7.5 ET tube.
I'll go to the car and look for a registration or I.D. Or something.
Another modification to the system will be a return to professionalism.
We're surgeons. Let's look like it.
From here on out, I'm instituting a jacket-and-tie policy...
...for all surgeons outside the O.R.
Except for the ladies on staff, who I trust will dress appropriately.
As I was saying...
Well, so much for the do's and don'ts.
We're still woefully short on surgical volunteers for the Healthmobile.
If we don't see some names on that list ASAP...
Carter, you're late. I had to set up the projector...
You can run a projector, can't you? Damn, it's starting.
- A paper on total pancreatectomy versus the Whipple procedure... the palliative treatment of pancreatic carcinoma. Dr. Benton.
Thank you, Dr. Anspaugh.
I'm gonna be talking today about the use of the Whipple procedure... lieu of total pancreatectomy...
...which is, I guess, what Dr. Anspaugh just said.
Lights, please.
Pancreatectomy removes the potential for recurrence...
...due to multifocal disease...
...and avoids pancreatojejunostomy.
Now, slide, please.
If you observe here, the attendant risk of leakage is the...
Path slide one, please!
That's what I was trying to tell you.
- What were you trying to tell me? - Can I speak to you alone?
- Is there a problem, Dr. Benton? - No, not at all, Dr. Anspaugh.
- Carter, put in the damn slide. - I can't.
My apartment burned down. I lost the pathology slides.
The tables?
- The operative photographs? - Those too.
- Looks like she's stabilizing. - No spikes.
- I'm gonna see what's keeping Neuro. - Could I have a minute?
In all the commotion, you may not remember our new pilot study.
The medical/surgical division of duty.
One Attending gets real emergencies, the other hands out aspirin?
One takes medical cases, one takes surgical. You wanted surgical?
I wanted neither, because I think it's a bad idea.
Dr. Anspaugh approved it. Since you took over the seizure patient...
- Okay, why don't you take surgical... - She's seizing!
She's all yours. Report to him.
All right. Looks like you and I are handling all the medical cases today.
- Only medical? - That's the grand plan.
- We thought she was stabilized. - Okay. Six of Pavulon.
- We're gonna paralyze her? - Yes. Do you know why?
- Because it's her only chance? - That's right.
Hey, girl. You missed all the drama.
- Dr. Ross brought in a lady in status. - Oh, yeah?
- Are you okay? - Just autumn. My allergies go crazy.
Dr. Benton, I just want to apologize again for the slides.
- Did you replace them? - Not yet.
Dr. Anspaugh was kind enough to reschedule for tomorrow morning.
- Is there a chance...? - Bye, Carter.
Oh, the infamous Dr. Carter.
We haven't been introduced. I'm Abby Keaton.
Pleased to meet you. This morning was totally my fault.
- It was a godsend. May I join you? - Oh, yeah, please.
No offense, Peter... Oh, thank you.
No offense, I love a nice, juicy gut lecture...
...but your intern bought me an extra half-hour for my dictations.
- What did you think of Laura-Lee? - Who?
Are you so busy running the projector that you can't follow up on cases?
The film showed a dilated cecum, and she's at risk of perfing.
She's in 203. Why don't you two go down and meet her?
Answer her mother's questions, and then bring her to the O.R.
- I can do it myself. - Bring Dr. Carter along.
I guarantee it'll be a real learning experience.
Excuse me. Ambulance zone.
Oh, good morning, Dr. Ross. Would you mind moving the car, please?
- Sir? - Yep.
- How's Dr. Ross' friend? - "Friend" may be overstating it.
You know, I don't think it's any of our business.
- Her name's Nadine Wilkes. - Doug, Doug...
...she's dead.
- I thought you'd gone home. - My shift starts in five minutes.
I just thought you wouldn't be up for working today.
I feel bad for what happened to her.
But if you're suggesting I'm responsible...
No, I just thought you were upset. I guess not.
I'm confused, Mark.
Is it a big shock that I was intimate with someone less than a soul mate?
Doug, you didn't even know her name.
Tox screen came back. Did you know she'd test positive for cocaine?
- No. Do you think I'd withhold that? - I hope not.
That's right. No.
You were together all night. She tested positive.
- Are you asking if I did cocaine? - Should I ask?
You want me to piss in that mug? Would that satisfy you?
- Use a specimen cup. - You want to watch?
Just send it to the lab.
We've got a 3-year-old who drank shampoo.
- You want me to wait for Doug? - No, I'll handle it.
- Doug lives his own life. - That's the problem.
I'm just saying we can't live it for him.
I think Dr. Keaton was inviting me to do the colostomy with you.
She doesn't know how busy you're gonna be at the photo lab.
Screw you! You can't make me.
- Get out of my way, Mom! - I'm Dr. Benton.
- I'm out of here! - You're having a major operation.
The hell I am! I'm gone!
Look, hold on. What is this? Do you want to die? Is that it?
- I'd make a good-Iooking corpse. - I'd want to die too.
You're gonna, if you don't get out of my way!
If I went to Proviso West...
...I'd rather be 6 feet under before a championship game.
We're semifinalists this year, lame-o.
Last time I checked, you had a semi-backfield.
You should start some of your cheerleaders. They look tough enough.
Okay. Mom, okay. Doc Magoo's at 5:00.
No disrespect, E-Ray, but I'm looking for a welding class.
I can't see myself in genie pants.
It's a simple means to stress reduction and serenity.
Whatever it is, sign me up.
- You couldn't cancel? - No, something's on her mind.
Are you interested in my yoga class?
Is there a mantra that'll get me through dinner with my mother?
You'd have to take my intro class in preparation.
Thursday nights at Malcolm X Community College.
- What's my old alma mater coming to? - You went to Malcolm X?
My first year. They got a very prestigious pre-med night school!
- Wait a minute. - What?
See there? Bio I, organic chemistry, physics. All your basics.
You got a problem with that?
- Jerry? - A 12-year-old GSW is coming in.
Put this in Mark's box. Make sure he sees it.
Has anybody run a search for Nadine Wilkes' medical records?
- She's never been a patient here. - We ought to try countywide.
Won't the autopsy reveal any preexisting conditions?
- Probably, but it's worth a shot. - Sure. E-Ray can help you.
Dr. Ross, that gunshot wound is in.
12-year-old GSW to the chest, BP 50 palp, pulse 140, thready, weak.
- Any I.D.? - Street name's Shamrock.
Usually he's on the other side of the piece, but the owner drew faster.
- He looks like a baby. - Wait till you talk to the cops.
It's either the protease inhibitor or the AZT that's making me nauseous.
No, I understand. I haven't missed any doses.
Thanks, Dr. D'Angelo, I'd appreciate it. Bye.
- What's up? - Take the ankle fracture. I'm buried.
You won't have any trouble finding a nurse to assist.
You okay?
- Short stick gets it. - Who can help with an ankle splint?
- We'll tell you in a second. - Damn!
- I thought you were engaged. - But I ain't dead.
A behind like that could bring me back from the dead.
- Oh, yes! I'll send you a post card. - What's so great about Exam 2?
Put Dennis Quaid, Robert Redford and James Dean in a blender... got Exam 2.
Mr. MclKenna? Hi, I'm Jeanie Boulet. I hear you have an ankle fracture.
I was welding a girder up on the ninth floor of a new office building.
Wendy. Wendy, splint.
I lost my footing, my ankle went snap.
If it hadn't been for Mickey's fast catch, I would've been a goner.
- Are you up for one more good deed? - Sure.
Hold his foot steady at a 90-degree angle, and we're gonna splint it.
- How's that? - Perfect.
- Didn't I see the food poisoning? - That was the giardia diarrhea.
You take the food poisoning. Compazine, clear liquids, et cetera.
Let me know as soon as he's back.
- Mark, can we talk? - Sure.
I heard Nadine Wilkes' tox screen was positive for coke.
And Doug Ross is working today?
It's been taken care of.
I know Doug is your friend, but I'm Attending on this shift as well.
- His tox screen came back negative. - How about his blood alcohol?
He's fine.
Good. He's putting a chest tube in a 12-year-old right now.
- He may need some help. - Good idea.
Tension pneumo. Decompress, 14-gauge.
- He's cyanotic. - Any I.D.?
No, but his prints are on file. The cops were right behind me.
- Vitals are improving. - Twenty-eight French.
- Thought you might need an assist. - Nope. We've got it under control.
I'll just stay and watch.
O-silk. I'm in. Hook it up.
Hey, Carol, what's the hourly rate for babysitting these days?
I am amazed, Peter. I thought you'd need backup.
- It wasn't easy. - I've gone a few rounds with Laura.
But you didn't have to call in the cavalry. I am impressed.
You know, actually Carter was very helpful in breaking the ice.
She's got a couple more questions for you.
How would you like to scrub in with us?
Unless Dr. Benton needs you elsewhere?
When I was a kid, we boosted bags of chips. Now they want the whole store.
- Grab a cup of coffee? - I should probably stay close.
Pardon me? Are you Dr. Ross?
That kid, he's out. He's not gonna be up for a couple of hours, so...
Actually, doctor, we wanted to speak to you about Nadine Wilkes.
Okay, fine.
There's a room back here. Excuse us.
When did her medical condition first come on?
She started seizing around 6 a.m.
- And she died at 7:34? - That sounds right.
I didn't mean to interrupt. You wanted to see me?
- We'll be out in a minute, Mark. - Are you the Attending Physician?
- Pronounced Nadine Wilkes? - I did.
Why don't you stick around? We've got a couple of questions for you too.
- So no idea about next of kin? - No. I told you we'd just met.
- Last call, Roarke's Bar. I got that. - That's right.
- What? - Roarke's Bar. Kind of a kinky crowd.
At this joint, or later at your place, you never saw her take any drugs?
No. I mean, she went to the bathroom a couple of times.
- In between? - Mm-hm.
- She didn't ask for a prescription? - No.
You didn't give her a little something to keep her going?
- You're not that kind of guy? - No.
Can we speak to you outside, please?
In a 16-year-old, the organs are identical to those of an adult.
In a neonate, on the other hand, the liver is as big as Kansas.
Needle holder.
Boy, you could do this with your eyes closed.
John, how did you get Laura in here without hired muscle or sedatives?
- Gym pass. - Gym pass?
Yeah. Locker rooms can be tough enough without an ostomy bag.
- Kids are vicious. And I am a doctor. - So you wrote her a pass out of gym?
And told her she probably wouldn't have the bag by championship game.
- And that's in...? - Late November.
She's in the band. I hope I didn't...
No, with any luck she should make it.
Ortho could be backed up for a couple more hours.
Mr. MclKenna said he'll take a cab. He doesn't want you to miss your class.
- Thanks, Miss Boulet, but I can wait. - Anyone hungry?
More pudding. They said that County's unfriendly.
You're being taken care of.
So what kind of class are you taking?
I sort of moonlight as a dance instructor.
- What type of dancing? - All types, but country mostly.
- Like line dancing. - There's more to country than that.
- Show us a few moves, cowboy. - Here?
- Why not? - No music.
We can fix that.
The good news is, you're not pregnant.
- Can you understand me? - Yes. It's good.
Now we have to do a pelvic exam to find out why you're in pain.
- You do the exam? - No.
A doctor will do the exam, but he's very good.
No, I don't need. I'm fine, not pregnant.
Miss Jung Koo Baek, what seems to be the problem?
- No problem. I could go home now. - Doug, can I talk to you outside?
- Just sit tight. I'll be right back. - We'll be right back.
She's 15 years old. One sexual experience two months ago.
Abdominal pain, fever's 101.
She complains of vaginal discharge. She's not pregnant.
- Sounds like PID. I'll do a pelvic. - She's a little jumpy.
- She's never had a pelvic. - I think I can handle that.
I'm afraid she's gonna bolt. But she'd probably let me take the cultures.
- You're second-guessing me too? - I don't give a damn about you.
- I'm trying to take care of a patient. - What's up?
Carol thinks she's better suited to perform a pelvic without me.
- Carol, you know that you... - I just want to take the swabs.
- She's really afraid of men. - Doyle, are you free?
- That's my patient. - Come help Carol do a pelvic.
You're overreacting, Doug.
What is it with you? Kerry Weaver's breathing down my neck.
People part like the Red Sea when I walk down the hallway.
- The tox screen came back negative. - You didn't get a blood alcohol.
How many times have you and I had margaritas into the wee hours?
Did you check your blood alcohol every morning?
Let me tell you something as a friend.
You can't be my friend and my boss. You chose to be my boss.
I don't need your sanctimonious approval of my life.
Don't come to me for tips on women anymore.
If I have a Roman orgy with farm animals, that's none of your business.
That's none of anybody's business. I am a doctor here! I do my job!
Nothing gets in the way of that! Nothing!
Today you brought in a dying woman and messed up everybody else's work.
That's a problem. If you don't see that, you don't belong here.
- I'll tell you what... - Hello, everybody.
I thought I'd see how your pilot study is going. Medical/surgical division?
We still have a few kinks to work out. Let me show you the board.
A single-vehicle, high-speed TC's coming in. Looks extremely surgical.
- Do you want me to let Weaver know? - Screw the new system. I'll take it.
Call Surgical. Get a consult down here.
- Mark, we're not finished yet. - Yes, we are.
Oh, man! I haven't done one of these in six months.
Don't worry. I've assisted a million.
Okay, just relax. Good.
Now let your knees fall open. Good.
Okay, this is gonna feel a little weird.
Okay, Jung Koo, take a deep breath.
Good. Dr. Doyle is gonna take a deep breath too.
Angle lower.
Right. Relax these muscles. Don't push away.
Dr. Doyle is not gonna push either. Nobody is gonna push.
It's just gonna slide right in.
Rotate and click.
KOH and wet mount.
And chlamydia.
There you go.
Mrs. Armitage. Hi, I'm Dr. Benton. We met earlier.
Oh, yes.
- I'm sorry Laura was so rude to you. - That was nothing.
I don't know what to do with her anymore.
She's gonna be on IV antibiotics for five days.
And then she's gonna be discharged in seven.
- Mrs. Armitage knows the drill. - Hi, Abby.
Mrs. Armitage's concerns are more related to Laura's overall well-being.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Sometimes they have problems making the adjustment.
We have a psychiatrist on staff. Maybe they can help.
Diane, you've got to stop babying her.
She knows how to be a patient. She's done that for years.
Now she's a teenager. She's gonna rebel.
And you've got to be the bad guy. Set the limits.
You're right. I know.
God willing, this surgery will be her last.
Dr. Greene?
- You called for a Surgical. - Yeah. Sounds like a spatula job.
- How's your day? - Fine.
Great card from Dr. Lewis. Only she would send a post card from O'Hare.
- You got a card? - Yeah. You didn't?
No, I didn't.
- Thanks for all your help. - Part of the job.
- I want to order a pelvic ultrasound. - You did. Just need to sign it.
Jerry, what's going on over there at chairs?
Some guy's trying to seduce the nursing staff.
Ma? You're early.
Ten minutes. It'll take five to walk over.
I'll get my purse.
- They don't have a locker for that? - No, Ma.
- And this is how you work? - Excuse me, I'm looking for Dr. Ross.
He's out in the ambulance pad.
Come on, we'll show you.
Hey, Doug.
- Hi, Helen. How have you been? - I have been well.
- And yourself? - I can't complain.
- This lady is looking for you. - Okay. Have a nice dinner.
- Do I know you? - I'm Claire Wilkes.
You worked on my sister, Nadine.
I'm sorry.
I wish there was more that we could've done.
Nadine died just like she lived: Drunk, high and alone.
Actually, a friend brought her in.
I know what kind of friend she had at 4 a.m.
Did she have a medical condition that we didn't know about?
Wasn't she wearing her bracelet? Nadine was an epileptic.
She knew she wasn't supposed to drink, but that didn't stop her.
- Can I see her? - Sure.
The coroner's office still has to do an autopsy.
That's why the tubes are still in there.
She had so much to give.
A fire in her.
And then when the seizures started... just made her lose her confidence somehow.
She could always find the guys to help her sink just a little lower.
Chip away at her self-esteem.
Whatever you were looking for, Nadine...
...I hope you found it.
Oh, God!
Come on. How about some two-step? That is a quick-quick, slow-slow.
I like that. Oh, okay. Quick-quick, slow-slow.
- Here you go. - Work it, Lydia.
I just got a call from Ortho. Your friend's next up, I promise.
How about some two-step? It's really easy.
- Quick-quick, slow-slow. - All right, Jeanie!
All right, girl! Come on.
- X-rays for Trauma 2. - Good.
- You're quite a dancer. - You're not half-bad yourself.
- How's that pie, Ma? - At least here they don't overcharge.
A good thing when you're on a budget. A lesson I hope you'll finally learn.
- So I got in a little over my head. - Because you bought a big house.
An apartment is big enough for one woman. A house is for a family.
And you don't want to marry. Dr. Ross wasn't right, I agree.
Dr. Taglieri wasn't either. But then you can't live like a doctor's wife.
- Ma, I don't need this today. - A nurse is not a queen.
- I've noticed. - A nurse has to watch her money.
While teaching interns to make quadruple her salary.
- You can't change that. - Maybe not.
Anyway, anyone can get into a little trouble.
- What's this? - To pay your plumber and roofer.
And you can finish the plaster. I don't want you to live in a dump.
Ma, that is so sweet.
- But I can't take this from you. - From who, then?
I can't even take that as a loan.
You'd rather owe strangers than your own mother?
What if it's not a loan? What if it's more like a kind of rent?
What kind of rent, Ma?
"Pediatric Surgeon of the Year"?
"The Price Award." Oh, man!
That's very prestigious.
I was really pleased with how the Armitage surgery went.
Thanks for the opportunity.
You're a gifted surgeon, and you do really well in the O.R.
It's outside the operating room where you need work.
Peter, pediatric surgery focuses on the child, not just the illness.
That mother needed something from you today.
You thought your job was over when you took your gloves off.
You've got great hands. Now you gotta show some heart.
- I'm sorry. - Don't be sorry. Learn.
I'm looking at it right now. "One-hour photo, guaranteed."
It doesn't apply to slides? Slides are see-through photos.
- Can I see your catalog of classes? - Help yourself.
- Benton's gonna kill me. - Again?
So, Carter, was it that bad living with your parents again?
Pretty strange. Why?
My mom moved to the burbs, and now she misses her friends at church.
- She wants to stay Saturday nights. - Just one night a week?
You can always sign up for work Saturday.
- That's a good idea. - We start Qigong next week.
- No. You mind if I tear out a page? - Go ahead.
- Pre-med? - It's for a friend.
- He's still not up there? - He's in the car, crutches and all.
- Tell him to take it easy. - I just wanted to say thanks.
I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out dancing sometime?
Grab a bite. I don't know.
- I'm sorry, I can't date patients. - I wasn't the patient, so...
- No, really, I can't. - I'm a good guy. We'll go dancing.
I'll buy you a steak. If you don't like me, at least you got the steak.
- I can't. - All right. Sorry. I got ya.
See you around.
- Table for one? - Yeah.
- Is Carla working tonight? - Yeah, she's here every night.
Can you tell her that Peter Benton is here?
Oh, you're Peter Benton? I can seat you at the counter.
- Enjoy. - Thanks.
- Hey. - Well, well, well.
- The place looks great. - Thank you.
You haven't seen my baby since it was a little-bitty greasy spoon.
Grand tour. And come with me, sir. I'll show you the kitchen.
You know Tyrone Harvey? He cooks here.
This is it.
We just got two sub-zero freezers, which is very, very nice.
Do you remember that little Italian place, Simeones, on Seneca?
They closed and I picked up a bunch of stuff for almost nothing. Great.
You've made quite a place for yourself.
A lot of hard work.
Well, you must have a taste in your mouth for something... come all the way up here.
This isn't your line.
That's a buck down the drain.
That girl who came in this afternoon was Nadine Wilkes' sister.
She came in to I.D. Her.
She just thought I was another caring doctor.
I let her go right on thinking that 'cause...
...that's what I want everybody to think.
Hey, Carol.
I think I really did it this time.
You came up here for what?
Cry on my shoulder?
Tell me how worthless you really are deep down inside?
And I'd say, "No, you're not, Doug. You're one hell of a guy."
And you'd be able to live with yourself until the next time?
No. No, thanks.
I'm just not playing. You're on your own.
I didn't know she was sick.
You didn't know her at all.
Hey, Doug. It's Lauren. Give me a ca//.
Thursday, 4:20 p.m.
Hey, Doug, it's Miche//e. We met at the pharmaceutica/ conference.
I want to take you up on that drink offer, so give me a ca//.
I'm sti// at Children's. Bye.
Thursday, 5: 17 p.m.
Dr. Anspaugh's office ca//ing.
You have not signed up for the Healthmobile. Please do so.
Thursday, 5:52 p.m.
Doug, it's Tina. If you /ike, give me a ca//.
Thursday, 6:48 p.m.
Your messages have been erased.
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