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Subtitles for ER 03x05 - Ghosts.

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ER 03x05 - Ghosts

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Previously on ER...
How long are we gonna put up with Benton?
- You went to Malcolm X? - It's a good pre-med night school.
You're Benton, aren't you? Abby Keaton.
- Why don't you come with me? - Yeah, right.
Do you want to go out dancing sometime?
- Grab a bite? - I can't.
You've got great hands. Now you've got to show some heart.
- We were here first. - Shut up, Petey.
- You shut up. - Move it.
- It's my turn. - Okay, I'll knock.
Al? Are you there?
Gotcha! Okay. All right.
- Here's some for you, you and you. - Thank you.
- Happy Halloween! - Happy Halloween!
Chocolate bars, mints and kisses. They'll be in the ER tomorrow.
Beats all the apples and boxed raisins we got as kids.
- You can take that off now. - Take what off?
Did you find the 1040s?
They're here somewhere, but here are the loan papers.
I thought taking out a second mortgage would be easier.
Only if you've got the money.
I couldn't finish some of it. You need a degree to figure out our net worth.
- I'll go over it. - The bank needs it by tomorrow.
I'll work on them tonight. I've got a break at 10:30.
- Meet me at Magoo's to pick them up. - Okay.
- Benton hates my guts. - No, he likes you.
- He's just got difficulty showing it. - Yeah, right.
He bagged me on my evaluation. "Technical skills: Fair.
Diagnostic skills: Fair. Attitude: Needs improvement."
"Intern shows lack of discipline. Judgment is often suspect.
Fails to complete work in a timely fashion."
- Wait. You saw this? - He wrote the same thing on mine.
- He xeroxed it? - It's a rubber stamp. Jerry!
- Are you a rat? - Kangaroo. The head's too itchy.
You're kidding?
Abdominal pain in 3. Gangrenous toe in 2.
Can you send these back to Medical Records? I'm late.
- I've got the schedule changes. - I'll check them when I get back.
- You're on the Healthmobile tonight. - I'll be back in time.
- What is going on? - Maintenance is doing repairs.
- It's the ghost from the fifth floor. - Don't talk about him.
- Who? - The ghost on 5.
- He bit a lab technician. - Ghosts don't bite.
- He just knocked the wind out of him. - Sent cold air through him.
- My friend's been shot. He's outside! - Alert the O.R. And clear Trauma 1.
- Is Susan back from Hawaii today? - Yeah, tonight around 6:00.
- Orange carnations? - Yeah. You know, Halloween.
- Orange carnations? - Yeah.
I've got a pumpkin carver in 5. Ate too many seeds.
- What are you supposed to be? - Myself getting ready for work.
- Here. - Jerry's getting a count for tonight.
Are you going to the party? Haleh's singing.
I'm a definite "I don't know."
I'm going if I can. What's wrong with orange carnations?
Nothing, I gave one to a teacher once. Second grade.
- Get that ultrasound out of here. - Take this clown with you.
On my count. One, two, three. Cyanotic. John, intubate.
Pulse 30 over 180.
- Pulse ox is 80. - Call Maintenance about the lights.
- What is it? - Possible hemopneumo.
- Now what? - Chest tube.
- Right again. - Chest-tube tray. 36 French.
- Bag him. - Got the O-neg.
- Pump in two. - He's flatlining.
An amp of epi, two of atropine. External compressions.
Two more O-neg. We're losing him!
- Who's got the bullet? - GSW left chest. Carter intubated.
Put in a chest tube. When he flatlined, we gave him epi and atropine.
- So what now? - We should crack him?
Yes, before he's even more dead than he already is.
Okay. Thoracotomy tray. Scalpel.
- The fifth intercostal space, right? - Right.
- And the left anterolateral incision? - Do you know what you're doing?
- I'm just confirming... - Then you don't know. Carter, get in.
Carter, move. Now!
Rib-spreader. Suction. I'll take the upper lobe.
All right. Cross-clamp the hilum.
- Come on! - Get it in!
Right there!
Happy Halloween, everybody!
The first thing you do is calibrate your apparatus.
Collect the data properly, and use the root mean square to...
- Is this pre-med physics 101? - For the past 15 minutes.
- Sorry. - Do you have a lab assignment?
- No. - Okay, who's working solo?
There's your lab partner. The relationship we're looking at... conservation of a momentum in an elastic collision.
The first thing you do is calibrate your apparatus.
- Hi, I'm William. - Carol Hathaway.
I was worried I'd be the only one without a lab partner.
- Did you bring a graphing calculator? - Graphing calculator?
That's okay, you can borrow mine. Neat costume.
- The pacemaker's acting up. - A nurse will be right with you.
I thought Maintenance was done.
Some people say it's the G-H-O-S-T on the fifth floor.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
- Who put me in the Healthmobile? - Our very own Anspaugh.
Every freak in the city is out there.
Half of them are here already.
It's not so bad. I was on it last Monday, although we did get shot at.
- Oh, man! - It was no big deal. They missed.
- Carol's not gonna want to go with me. - It's Anspaugh's baby.
Community access. It's out of my hands.
- An unconscious lady's coming in. - I'll take it.
You were due in Anspaugh's office 10 minutes ago.
Ask Jeanie to take the LOL, and get Doyle to assist.
- Any word from Susan? - She's not due in until 6:00.
You're getting to be a big boy, Reggie.
Okay, developmental milestones. When do we first see a social smile?
Three weeks.
- Dr. Carter? - It's more like three months.
Right. Using a spoon and fork?
- Seven months. - Is that correct, Dr. Carter?
- The average is more like 13. - Don't worry, Dr. Benton.
Dr. Carter's just closer to his Pedes rotation than you are.
You'll just need to study up a bit, won't you? Here.
Why don't you hold Reggie?
- Okay, what's the problem, Dr. Carter? - Stranger anxiety?
- And what would you do? - Reggie was responding to you, so...
Keeping the baby calm for the examination is half the battle.
Some doctors have an instinct, a natural affinity for children.
You might want to get some props, Dr. Benton.
- Is she the "do not resuscitate"? - Yeah.
Husband's name is Mitchell. Sweet old guy. Seems really upset.
- Is he on his way in? - Yeah.
Found her in bed. Comatose. End-stage Lou Gehrig's.
Ready? Go!
- P.A. S run these cases? - Yeah.
- Not at Southside. - Dr. Greene asked me.
- Pressure's falling. 50 palp. - Lungs are wet. Respiratory distress.
- I won't intubate. She's a no-coder. - Pneumonia. Give her antibiotics.
Treat her? She's a veggie.
Pressure's crashing. Now what?
Ten mcg of dopamine, titrate to a BP of 100.
Put her on BiPAP, 10 over 5 and a gram of ceftriaxone.
Why are you doing this?
Do not resuscitate doesn't mean do not treat.
You're the P.A.
- Shouldn't it have epaulets? - No, those are the dress uniforms.
- Mark! Come on in. A cup of tea? - No, thank you.
We were celebrating the stamp of approval on her research study.
It's quite simple. Free-radical scavengers prevent celluloid damage.
Why not study their effect on asthma?
It occurred to me while treating a patient in the ER.
Nothing like research from the trenches.
- The grant shouldn't take long. - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
That's me. Gotta go. I'll see you all at the party tonight?
Wouldn't miss it. Good decision, bringing Kerry in as an Attending.
Her research ideas are inspired.
I don't need to tell you that her study...
...will give her a leg up on that tenure track.
Not that you necessarily want to stay here at County.
I do. Of course I'm interested in tenure.
My research would be "Fluid Resuscitation in Penetrating Trauma."
A lot of Attendings are pursuing that one.
One that Kerry discarded is quite interesting.
Have you thought about "The Microbiology of Abscess Flora"?
- Pus? - You don't have to commit right now.
Just explore it and get back to me. End of the week should be fine.
- It's not working. - Your variable air source is not on.
My air source?
You've never taken physics before, have you?
- You have? - Just Introductory.
- There's no AP physics at Jefferson. - Jefferson High School?
Yeah. I want to be a doctor or a mechanical engineer.
- What about you? - I'm not sure what I want to do.
My mom got her real-estate license at 40. I helped her with her homework.
- I can help you with yours. - Sure. Thanks.
Tina Hargrove, 8. Hit-and-run. Was trick-or-treating with dad.
Loss of consciousness. GCS, 13. BP, 130 over 80.
Facial lacs. Trauma to the abdomen.
- It hurts. - Dad's on the way. He got hit too.
- Double trauma. Clear the room. - Suture Room.
Call Radiology. Get a head CT and a C-spine.
All right, on my count. Nice and gentle. Here we go.
One, two, three. CBC, type and cross-match five units.
- Radiology is coming down. - Abdomen is rigid.
- The best incision for an ex-lap? - Midline.
- Please, it hurts. - BP's holding steady, 130 over 80.
Which organs are damaged in blunt abdominal trauma?
- Spleen and liver. - My stomach still hurts.
Where's my daddy?
- Clear breath sounds. - Hold her hand, Carter.
- What? - Hold her hand. Stranger anxiety.
Calm her down. Check her reflexes.
Hi, Tina. I'm Dr. Carter. Don't be scared, we'll take care of you.
- Tendon reflexes, two plus and equal. - Thank you, Dr. Gant.
- Where the hell is Radiology? - I'll call them.
- High dose epi. - No pulse, no resps.
- How long has he been down? - Almost half an hour.
- Is that her daughter next door? - Tina, 8 years old.
Abdomen's distended. Probably bled out.
- Let's give him a few more minutes. - All right. I'll check on the girl.
What causes left shoulder pain in blunt abdominal trauma?
- Blood irritating the diaphragm. - How is she doing?
She's stabilizing. We need to hang 500 of Ancef and get her up to CT.
Such enthusiasm. Run up and tell them what she needs.
- Now? - Lf you're confident, you know.
Labs are back on Mrs. Jennings. Not good.
- What do you mean? - She tested positive for tricyclics.
- What's her level? - 800.
Suicide. She took the whole bottle.
- Is her husband here? - Not yet.
Give me an NG and 50 grams of activated charcoal.
- Why? She's a no-code. - She tried to kill herself.
- She's a fatal disease. - We resuscitate suicides.
- She wanted to die. - All suicides.
Add an amp of bicarb to her IV.
- So you dressed up like a cat? - My dad made the costume.
- Is he okay? - I'll check for you.
Did you get a lot of trick-or-treating stuff?
My dad's got it so I won't eat it all at once.
Ruptured spleen. Could have injured a kidney and bladder too.
We'll get a CT and explore her up in the O.R.
- Carter, got a minute? - Yeah.
Can't you stay?
They'll take pictures of your head and tummy.
- Then I'll be right there. Okay? - Tell Dad where I am.
Is this the father?
- Ever pronounced anyone? - No, I've called time of death.
The monitor shows no electrical activity. Check the pupils.
- Fixed and dilated. - Feel for a pulse.
- No palpable pulse. - Listen for a heartbeat.
Give it a minute.
- That's it? - That's it.
- Can I help you? - I'm Carol Hathaway. I'm on tonight.
Gus Jackson, your pilot. Did you bring cookies?
- Was I supposed to? - The patients expect it.
- Got any valuables? - No.
- Good. Make yourself at home. - Hey!
You're late. Did you bring the cookies?
- What? - Get in.
- Hi, Doug. - Hi, Carol.
- I didn't know you were on. - I tried not to be.
A few things you should know. If we come under fire, the window pops out.
If anyone tries to steal anything, let them take it. Remember...
Am I supposed to wear this bulletproof vest?
Steer clear of the cabinets while we're moving, and sit down.
- Mr. Jennings? - Yes.
- Jeanie Boulet. This is Dr. Doyle. - Hello.
How is Sophie? Is she all right?
She's in an extremely serious condition.
- Has she been depressed lately? - The past few months.
Sophie's gotten so weak she can barely sit up now.
She won't talk to her friends. I have to beg her to eat.
- Does she take anti-depressants? - They don't help anymore.
We found a significant level in her blood and urine.
We think she attempted suicide.
I've been praying. What to do, how to help her.
...she's been praying to die.
- Susan! Welcome back! - Dr. Lewis, how are you doing?
- Hi, Dr. Lewis. Welcome back. - Thanks. How are you?
- What are you? - A kangaroo without a head.
- Susan, hi! - Mark!
- Welcome back. You look... - I look wet, but I feel great.
- Good to have you back. - Thank you.
Mark, you signed up for that asthma patient in 4.
- Can I...? - Your research study?
I really appreciate it.
Good week?
- Fractured her spleen. - And ruptured her left kidney.
Did you find my dad? Is he coming to see me?
Try not to talk.
- Where am I going? - To an operation to make you better.
I want my dad. Is he okay?
He's okay. We'll talk about it later.
- Will you come see me? - Yeah, I will.
But right now try and relax and get some sleep. You're gonna be fine.
I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to upset her before surgery.
- She should've been told the truth. - That could have delayed the surgery.
Good instincts, Carter. Go in and look after her until we're ready.
I've got a diaphragmatic hernia in two hours. Are you free?
- Yeah. - Good, because I have a conflict.
I promised some children on the ward I'd take them trick-or-treating.
- Could you do that? - Yeah.
I can't believe you never made it to Hawaii.
It turns out the fear of flying cannot be conquered.
When we landed in Phoenix, they had to carry me off the plane.
The thought of getting on another plane was unbearable. Thanks.
Anyway, Phoenix was great.
Chloe is still sober, still working as a claims adjuster. Six months now.
Little Susie was fabulous.
You know, she was... She made me laugh.
- Anyway, how are you? - I don't want to talk about it.
Pretty bad.
Kerry's got Anspaugh wrapped around her finger. He loved her project.
- He wants me to do one on pus. - Pus?
Not to mention the fact that he's given her the only tenure slot.
So I have no career, no future. You know...
Really, I don't want to talk about it, okay?
Sure, Mark. Whatever.
- You hungry? We could eat at Doc's. - No, I ate on the train home.
There's a Halloween party tonight at the Jazz Note.
I was thinking maybe if you're not too tired...
- Well... - The whole staff's going.
- That sounds great. - Great.
Yikes! Where did these come from?
Some drug rep was giving them away.
Here you go. This is helpful right here.
You've got gauze, penicillin...
When was this stuff stocked? "Expiration: 1989"?
The Healthmobile's from Southside. Their budgets are tighter than ours.
Do you get the feeling he doesn't care about us?
Carol, what are you doing with a physics book?
- It's a friend's. - You borrowed it for late-night reading?
- Very funny. Give it back. - Look at this.
- Doug! - I'm getting flashbacks!
- You two ready? - Yes. Thank you, Gus.
Welcome to Gonorrhea Land.
- This is truly depressing. - Yeah, like County on a slow night.
Here's your first customer.
Come in. All right.
- What's the problem? - Where are the cookies?
- Could you tell us what's wrong? - Where are the cookies?
- Is she in pain? - I don't think so.
First time in two years.
I love you, Sophie.
I love you.
This morning, she was different.
Smiling like she used to.
She wanted me to comb her hair, help her with some lipstick.
Then she looked at me and said, "I'm ready."
She begged me.
I counted them out. Crushed them up. Put them in some milk.
I held a glass to her mouth. She said, "I love you."
And the next thing you know...
...she's asleep. But I got scared...
...called the ambulance.
Her whole life, she helped me.
I wasn't strong enough to help her.
I can't lose her.
I can't.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
Do you have those animals pediatricians use?
Pocket peek-a-boo's.
- I don't know. - Maybe the beanbag bunnies?
- We have dinosaur pencils. - Those are my favorites.
Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Dimetradon...
Just the paper. So Dr. Keaton got you down here buying props?
No, I'm just looking around.
She sends down all Residents who don't like kids.
- I like kids. - Sure, we all like kids.
Bears are playing Tampa Bay? Hardly need to watch that one.
Tyrannosaurus rex?
- Your lungs are clear. - Thank heavens!
I'm always so worried about germs. Don't I know you?
- No, you don't. - Are you sure we haven't met?
- Yep, I'm sure. - I know, at the Club 99. Right?
Debby, you're done. Got it?
I was just kidding around.
- Anyone else out there? - Only about 20 or 30 more.
Oh, my God! It's stuck! Please, help me!
Hang on! We're not equipped for a stabbing. Call an ambulance!
Help me! It hurts!
Give me some gloves! Larger!
Trick or treat!
That's not funny.
- Where's my treat? - We're all out.
- Can I get condoms? - How old are you?
- Eighteen. - Come back when you're 15.
Screw it. My dates don't like them anyway.
Wait a minute! What's your name?
- Charlie. - You're working the streets?
- What do you think? - I think you're at risk for AIDS.
- Where are you living? - In a penthouse on Lakeshore Drive.
Hey! Hey!
- Be careful out there, all right? - Thanks, old man.
Susie was so cute. She thinks the word for cactus is "ouch."
We'd go for a walk, and she'd point everywhere going, "Ouch, ouch."
- Jerry? - I've called Maintenance four times.
- They're working on it. - It's the ghost on the fifth floor.
- Not you too! - It's true. He's up there.
- Still pining for the woman he loved. - I thought he broke her heart.
- He broke his own heart. - How do you know this?
Because that's the story.
It was Halloween night, the 1930s, up on the fifth floor.
There was rain and thunder and lightning.
- He was a doctor, she was an intern. - She loved him, didn't she?
But a wealthy, handsome patient had asked her to marry him.
- What did she say? - She didn't know what to say.
- So she told the doctor. - What did he say?
- He said nothing. - I thought he loved her.
He did love her, but he couldn't get the words out.
She walked across the room, turned back and looked at him.
She put her hand to her lips and blew what would be their only kiss.
They say it blew through him like a rush of cold wind.
- That is so sad. - What happened?
Unfortunately, the doc fell out of the fifth-floor window, so that's it.
I'm sure they worked on him in the O.R. For a while.
- Have you seen Benton? - Not for a couple of hours.
He's got me pulling articles on Dieulafoy's lesions.
- Never heard of it. - Here's your chance.
No, thanks.
- Dr. Keaton. - How is she doing?
Pretty well. The pressure's 100 over 75.
- Her kidney's still working. - I'll stay until she comes out of it.
- I thought you had discharges. - They're done.
Call me when she wakes up. I need to tell her about her father.
Dr. Keaton, I think I need to tell her about her father.
It's none of your business.
I'm just curious, if you're thinking about medical school.
You're done.
It's just a physics class, which I doubt I'll make it through...
...much less go to medical school.
Doc, we've got a guy staggering out here.
Help! Help me!
What is it?
Call 911. He's been stabbed.
Set up an IV. Did anybody see what happened?
- Did anybody see what happened? - No, man.
Look out! I couldn't find an angiocath, but I got an 18-gauge needle.
Jab it into his antecubital vein, and tape his arm down.
- Come on, buddy! - I'm in.
Check his palp.
- What's wrong? - We've got company.
- We're losing him. I'll do a cutdown. - Out here?
We've gotta get more fluids in him. Got a scalpel, anything sharp?
- Anything sharp! - Here, use these!
- All right. - Hey, doc!
The ambulance will be here in 15 minutes.
He won't make it. How fast will that go?
- It's faster than waiting. - Let's do it! Come on, let's go!
Mr. Jennings.
I need to turn off the monitor now.
Time of death: 8:53.
- Would you like to stay with her? - Thank you.
What I did...
I don't know if it was right or wrong.
- She was in a lot of pain. - But her whole marriage... was never about giving up on life. This is not who we were.
You stayed with her. You helped her when she needed you.
I think that's who you were.
Got an ET tube. Can't find a laryngoscope.
I'll have to go in blind. All right, Gus, you've made your point!
- Don't you want to get there? - He's tubed. Give me the ambu-bag.
Right here.
Hit it. We're in.
- What are you doing? - Putting him in Trendelenburg.
- I'm having trouble. - What?
My ambu-bag's got a leak. I need some tape.
- Thanks. - Yeah.
- The trick-or-treaters are waiting. - Thanks.
I have the articles when you want them.
- Did you write the post-op notes? - Yes.
Good. If you can, pull the drains on the pyloroplasty.
- Why are you riding me? - You're an intern.
I bust my ass, and you give me a mediocre evaluation.
- Most interns do mediocre work. - I don't.
- You could do better. - So can Carter, so can everyone.
- You have to do better. - I have to do better?
Is that because I'm black? Is that your message?
Let me ask you something.
When you applied to med school, did you check the box "African American"?
I worked just as hard as everyone else.
People think that you checked the box to get preferential treatment.
They assume you're here to fill a quota.
To prove them wrong, you have to work twice as hard to be twice as good.
Think I need you to tell me that?
We understand each other, so we don't have a problem, do we?
- Did you check the box? - No.
Maybe you should tell people, so you don't have to prove it all the time.
- Hi there. - You stayed.
You did really well. You're going to be fine.
I wanted to talk to you. I have something I need to tell you.
About my dad?
He died, didn't he?
Is that it?
- What've we got? - Knife wound in the abdomen. Needs lap.
- Let's get him to the O.R. - How is it? I'm going next week.
- No big deal. Real smooth. - Bring cookies.
That's it.
Have a good night, Gus!
I'm not gonna say anything about that physics book.
- It was probably a stupid idea. - Lf it's what you want to do...
- lf I can make it, anybody can. - Thanks.
- Going to the Halloween party? - No, can't make it.
- I hear Haleh's really good. - She is. I heard her last Christmas.
That case with Mr. Jennings today...
When I saw him watching her and holding her hand...
...I kind of saw what their whole life had been.
It made me wish that we could save her so that we could save him.
What do you mean?
He's alone. Left with all the pain.
She fell asleep in her husband's arms.
I'll see you.
Dr. Greene, I'm going to remind you one more time.
I'm on my way. I'll take Susan with me for protection.
- Protection from what? - The ghost on the fifth floor.
Why do we have to go up there?
A guy corked off. I have to pronounce him. Are you scared?
Of course not.
- Mark? - Susan?
- Good, you're still there. - Where would I go?
Hey, slow down! All right, that's it!
Come on, we're going back. It's past your bedtimes.
- Please, can we go to one more floor? - Yeah, one more floor!
- Be a sport, Peter. - Yeah, be a sport.
- Nurse "B-jerk" would let us. - Bjerke. Yes, I would.
All right. Look, we'll go the ER, but that's it.
- Mister! - What?
- I have to pee, bad. - Oh, man!
The rest of you just hold hands until I get back. Don't move.
- What do you think we are? Babies? - Just don't move. Come on.
- Do we have to do this now? - We could wait until daylight.
He'll only have been dead about 10 hours.
- Oh, my... - Next bed, doctor.
Sorry. You're not scared, huh?
- Did you feel that? - What?
- You're going to think I'm crazy. - Feel what?
I swear it was just like a rush of wind went through me.
You are crazy.
- Oh, boy! - Did you feel it?
No, I didn't feel anything. Oh, boy!
You felt it, didn't you?
- Dr. Carter? Did you tell her? - She knew.
She said that her father had kissed her goodbye during surgery.
Kids know. It's as if their parent's spirit joins them, and...
...they just seem to know.
I knew.
My brother died of leukemia. I was riding home from school one day.
I just knew he had died. I felt like he was with me.
Maybe that's why you're good with kids.
See you in the morning.
- Hey! Where are those kids? - What?
- I don't know where they went. - Hey, come here!
Come on. How could you let them go?
I looked up and they were gone. Check the ER. I'll call upstairs.
I took my troubles Down to Madame Rue
Ya know that gypsy With the gold- capped tooth
She's got a storefront At 34th and Vine
She se//s /ittle bottles Of /ove potion number nine
Come on, Lily.
- Riyadh is like a bake oven. - Sounds bad.
But Norm would fix these desert cocktails.
Equal parts potassium, sodium, with a lemon chaser.
There she is. Sucking up to him a bit more.
- Mark... - Disparaging and belittling me.
She's tightening her grip on that tenure slot.
- What's the problem? - She's making everything competitive.
You're a doctor, you love competition. You're just obsessed.
- I am not. - A little myopic, then.
Your wife divorced you, you don't see Rachel. You just care about the job.
I just spent a week where no one was stabbing people in the back.
I could drop everything, take a walk with Susie.
The big decision was what to have for lunch.
There's other stuff out there. I know you don't have it now.
I just hate to see you get caught up in that.
He broke my /ittle bottle
What are you doing here? You weren't supposed to move.
- You found us, didn't you? - We could've lost you, if we wanted to.
- Let's go back up to the ward. - Didn't you go trick-or-treating?
- Yes, I've gone trick-or-treating. - What did you go as?
- Once I went as a scientist. - Bet no one gave you any candy.
- We had to do tricks to get treats. - Bet you can't do one now.
- Yeah! Do a trick! Do a trick! - Hey, hey, hey!
Shut up, all right?
Just one.
- How was that? - That was it?
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
They say those trains run every 10 minutes, but I don't believe it.
- You never change, do you? - What?
- Just unbelievable excuses. - I said I'm sorry.
I never changed either. "Hang in there. Carry the marriage alone."
- "Don't think about who he is with." - What's wrong?
A man came in today and sat there and watched his wife die.
He helped her to die because she was in pain. And he loved her.
But we didn't have that kind of marriage.
We didn't love or cherish. We didn't respect!
And now you have killed me!
This drink is strong. I should've eaten something.
- We should've eaten before this. - Yeah.
- You want to... Go ahead. - You want to... Go ahead.
You're probably too tired after your trip to dance.
- Kind of, but... - Maybe later.
I guess I'm up for it.
I'// sing to him
Each spring to him
And /ong for the day When I cling to him
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
Am I
Oh, bewitched Bothered and bewildered
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