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Subtitles for ER 03x09 - Ask Me No Questions Ill Tell You No Lies.

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ER 03x09 - Ask Me No Questions Ill Tell You No Lies

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Previously on ER...
Okay, so that we both understand, this is personal.
- Benton hates my guts. - No, he just can't show it.
Divorce papers. I'm giving you the house, the car, everything.
Do you have it?
- Tell me if you need me. - You'd better take it.
- Ma'am, we're leaving. - I'll never forget you.
Meckel's is like a finger protruding from the antimesenteric border...
Then you bake it in a 400-degree oven...
...occasionally attach itself to the umbilical area...
...fresh rosemary, a little pepper...
...pipe connecting it to the outside. ...a clove of garlic under the skin.
I'm trying to visualize here.
Try visualizing setting up soon. Your intern is late.
Gloves and gown for Dr. Keaton.
- What size gloves does she wear? - I don't keep a chart.
- Morning, Dr. Benton. - You're late.
- Two minutes. - You have to set up for Keaton.
- You know her glove size? - Seven and a half, no powder.
"A man pushes a vacuum cleaner with a force of 70 newtons...
...and moves the vacuum cleaner five meters. How much work has he done?"
Let's start with the unlikelihood of a man pushing a vacuum cleaner.
Work equals force times distance.
- Work equals one half of m-d squared. - It's both.
- I'm never going to pass. - It's just a midterm.
- It's one half of our grade. - You can study all day.
No, William, I have to go to work now.
So you're not going to eat that?
Okay, the daily specials are...?
Doubled-over gas pains in 2, hemorrhoids in 3.
- And a puking toddler in 5. - Has everybody had flu shots?
I'd rather puke. Gant, can you handle hemorrhoids?
Hey, that leg ulcer in 1 's getting cranky.
Poor kid. Got the dark cloud today?
Twelve patients already, plus a rule-out appy and a rigid abdomen.
- Where's Mark? - Getting ready for a staff meeting.
Weaver and the sound of her own voice, a love story.
- Dr. Greene called this one. - Mark called a meeting?
Do I look delusional?
Meckel's diverticulum. Start with the rule of twos.
Meckel's occurs in 2 percent of the population.
The diverticulum is located 2 feet from the ileocecal valve.
- Diagnosis? - Technetium pertechnetate imaging.
- Complications? - Intestinal obstruction, hemorrhage...
...inflammation and perforation.
- Treatment? - Excision.
- You know this stuff cold. - Only if Keaton thinks so.
They have to give me time off for my honeymoon.
- I worked hard, I deserve a reward. - Your man is your reward.
Forty years of snoring, hairs in the bathtub and "Honey, can you find...?"
I'll bring it up at the Re-engineering Committee.
- Gant's screaming for a suture kit. - I put it under his nose.
He needs a honeymoon.
- Is Mark okay? - He called a staff meeting.
Mark Greene?
Glasses? Receding hairline? Broken heart?
- Scan demonstrated a diverticulum. - What caused this one to bleed?
Presence of aberrant gastric mucosa in the Meckel's.
Very good, Peter. There's the ileocecal junction.
I see it.
Now follow my motion as I move the bowel proximally.
- Got it! - There's the Meckel's.
- You've prepped, haven't you? - Just standard visualizing.
Sorry to interrupt. I've got to steal Dr. Benton. It's a perfed ulcer.
Dr. Grady was going to assist, but his wife's gone into labor.
You can't argue with Mother Nature.
- I'm not prepped for that. - You could do it in your sleep.
Go ahead, Peter. John can take over the camera.
Since we're short one Resident, things will be a bit tight.
- We have a kind of controlled chaos. - Not that controlled.
We're going to fix that with teamwork and a new schedule.
I've made up a chart to illustrate how it's going to work.
Every doctor has been designated a color. Green is obviously taken.
Weaver is yellow, Gant red, Sanders orange, Ross is blue.
- Doug, you have a problem? - No, just call me "Mr. Blue."
It'll be up in the Admit area today. Learn it, know it, do it.
Excellent starting point, Mark.
I'd like to bring up food at the Admit desk.
Someone spilled guava juice on my labs.
No uncovered, free-standing liquids in the Admit area. Let's get busy.
Did I miss something?
It's going to be a long day. Who drinks guava juice?
Mark, wait up! Your chart was nice. Very colorful.
- But "free-standing liquids"? - Well, if they're spilling liquids...
You're heart is broken, and you're overreacting.
No, I'm doing my job. The last few months I've been distracted.
And despite what's going on with Susan, you get the job done.
No, I'm letting Kerry Weaver do my job, and that's going to stop.
I'm the Senior Attending. It's time for me to take control.
So you're going to step back up, so to speak?
- Everything else okay? - It's fine.
- Lf you ever want to talk... - Everything else is fine.
I've already had four cases of flu. Should I mention the "shot" word?
Had mine.
- How about you, Randi? - I take garlic pills.
- What about you, Carol? - Who's taking this guy?
- I'll take it! Where's Dr. Gant? - He took an admit up to O.R.
54-year-old man took a 15-foot fall from a ladder. Alert, vitals stable.
BP's 130 over 90. Possible fractured left pelvis and tib fib.
Take him to Trauma 1. Page Dr. Gant. Mark, I can use you.
I'll be there in a sec.
- Doug, the board is full. - Luck of the draw. No Pedes.
The adult anatomy is remarkably similar.
Would a 50-year-old with chest pains like a baby doctor?
Arthritic diabetic in 4, rule-out MI in 3. Ask if you need help.
I don't know if I'm color-coordinated enough.
"A red quark is attracted to an anti-red quark. Is it a gluon or a meson?"
Thank you for pointing out something else I know nothing about.
Mostly in my legs today. Chest pains.
I guess it's a vaso-occlusive crisis.
- You understand your disease well. - I've had sickle cell all my life.
Temp's 101, BP 110 over 80. Tachy at 110.
- What do you take for pain? - Darvocet usually works. Not today.
We'll get you something stronger as soon as we get an IV going.
Get a CBC with rectic count, chest film and start a line.
O-2, 2 liters by nasal cannula and 5 mgs of morphine. Can you hang on?
If you hear me screaming, you'll have your answer.
Simple patch closure should do here.
- What did I pull you away from? - Meckel's.
Goodness! Baptism by fire.
- I was holding my own. - Still, it's tough, isn't it?
What do you mean?
You've chosen the most difficult elective.
"Many are called, but few are chosen."
- Did Keaton say something? - Retract, please.
I mean, did she say how I was doing?
- Lf you're concerned, ask her. - I'm not concerned.
I'm not perfect, but Keaton knows I could have handled that Meckel's.
"A man's reach should exceed his grasp, else what's a heaven for?"
Browning. Or was it Keats?
They're all a bunch of hopheads anyway.
Peter, what are you doing?
Give me a broader scope. Good.
- How late are you on, Dr. Carter? - Not late. Seven.
- Big plans? - No. Maybe just dinner, eating.
I was thinking of Indian food myself.
You've got a problem, Shirley?
I'm sure she doesn't. It's good for the sinuses. It's the spice.
Hold still, please. Good.
- Maybe I'll order in and rent a movie. - My VCR's broken.
Which is probably why I'm not going to, myself.
Rent a movie, that is. Tonight.
- You'll just eat and call it a day? - That's probably what I should do.
Study. Prep for tomorrow.
That's the spice. Cumin.
BP's 120 over 80. Heart rate's 90. Resps 30.
He's HIV-positive. Complained of shortness of breath.
Al Boulet? Is he some relative of Jeanie's?
Not that I know of.
Al Boulet? Dr. Greene. Any relation to Jeanie Boulet?
We're divorced.
- Are you having trouble breathing? - Just a little. Nothing big.
- When did you test positive for HIV? - About six months ago.
You're on AZT, 3TC and protease inhibitor.
Your last T-cell count was 200?
CBC, chest film and sputum indication.
O-2, nasal cannula, 4 liters.
Bactrim, 4 amps, IV piggyback and 60 mg Solu-Medrol, IV.
And let's admit Mr. Boulet to Medicine.
So when did you get divorced?
Separated about a year.
Divorce just came through.
The new float system's working well.
ER and ICU both had some adjustment problems...
...but altogether, things are settling down.
Risk Management is fine. Incident reports haven't increased.
How long is this floating going to last?
Indefinitely. It's not a band-aid, it's the cure.
It's being negotiated into the contracts?
Financial Affairs is pleased, but we must cut non-physician-related care.
- Meaning the nurses? - Nurses don't generate the revenue.
- What about saving lives? - They don't do that either.
- The dean is just talking statistics. - Averages, numbers, whatever.
In the ER, nurses are in trauma situations every day.
It's going to hurt patients if floor nurses set up the wrong lavage kit.
You want a lawsuit over that one?
We're here to iron out these problems before your contract's up.
- Have you got a suggestion? - Stop floating them.
ER nurses are not interchangeable.
They work differently, longer and the stakes are higher.
Should they get preferential treatment?
You should give the patients nurses trained in handling crisis.
What do we say to Pedes or OB/G YN when they complain?
Tell them it's like triage. Critical cases come first.
Hey, Jeanie. I just treated your husband, Al.
I didn't know you had been going through all this.
It's Al who's going through it.
I'm doing what I can to help.
I guess you've been separated for a while.
The marriage was over long before that.
- I guess you didn't get tested. - I did, but I was negative.
I'm glad.
- Dr. Gant needs this suture kit. - That's a central-line kit.
You're right.
Thank you.
- When did the chest pains start? - This morning right after breakfast.
- What did you eat? - Toast with raspberry jam.
- Jams can be pretty acidic. - I've had raspberry jam for 40 years.
It doesn't give me heartburn. I know heartburn.
I'm sure you do. Get a 12-lead, pulse ox and chest film.
- And maybe cardiac enzymes? - Are you on any medication?
Of course I am, I'm 73.
Digoxin for my heart, and Allopurinol for my gout.
Glipizide for diabetes, and Simvastatin for...
I never can remember this one. Why am I taking this one?
- High cholesterol. - That one's very important.
- Yes, I... - And Famotidine...
- You got a minute? - Sure. What's up?
I think we might have a problem with Jeanie Boulet.
This morning I treated her husband Al. He has AIDS.
- Did she mention it to you? - Why would she?
- She claims she tested negative. - We'll have to take her word for it.
- Doesn't this make you uncomfortable? - Not especially.
She says she's negative. What else can we do?
I'm surprised at your lack of concern.
It's a lack of alarm, Mark. There's a difference.
I'm in the tall grass, so I take the 5-iron...
...and I sail that puppy but 2 inches from the cup.
It was poetry. It was a sonnet. It was practically a haiku.
Excuse me, Dr. Morgenstern. Are we done?
Looks good to me.
Thank you, Peter.
- What happened to pelvic pain in 2? - A ruptured ectopic. She's in surgery.
- Why didn't you erase the name? - I called up the chart on Al Boulet.
- He was Kerry Weaver's patient? - Lf that's what it says.
- So the Indian food has a purpose? - I'm preparing for Pakistan.
- Why didn't you tell me sooner? - I haven't told anyone but Anspaugh.
You're not sleeping with Anspaugh. Are you?
- Maybe... - We got it. We'll take it.
Listen. It's a great opportunity.
We'll teach surgical techniques to Pakistani surgeons. We'll help them.
- Don't they need help in Indianapolis? - It's only four months.
- Didn't you say six? - It could be.
Then it can be a year or five. Next thing you know, you're Mother Teresa.
Did you have long-term plans for us, John?
You know...
Neither did I, so why don't we go on having fun for the next few weeks.
- Same kind of fun, though, right? - Yes, the same kind of fun.
I had a patient present with PCP pneumonia...
...and tested positive for HIV six months ago.
I'm worried he didn't tell his wife.
- I need to see if she was tested. - Those are private files.
In the case of spousal report, I'm allowed to check.
You're allowed to tell the other spouse, not to look into private files.
Give me a break. I don't think this guy is telling her.
- Okay. Name? - Jeanie Boulet. B-O-U-L-E-T.
The Re-engineering Committee's a joke.
I should have spent my time studying. I don't know iodine from cosine.
One is an element that you find in an antiseptic...
...and the other has to do with right angles or hypotenuse.
- How did you manage to get through it? - We could bring one sheet to the exam.
I had all the formulas written on it. I brought a really big sheet.
- Have you seen Weaver? - What color was she?
Never mind.
I've been waiting for two hours, and I have a luncheon in 20 minutes.
- We'll be right there, Mrs...? - Murison.
If I don't get my B-12 shot, I might as well resign from my job.
Gant, can you...? Yes! You give Mrs. Murison a B-12 shot.
I've got 17 surgical patients, she's not one of them.
I'm sorry, you have to wait.
Natalie, do you get a lot of ear infections?
Just give me the amoxicillin. I have a play date.
You don't need to look! Just give me the antibiotic!
Augmentin will be fine, if you're worried about resistance.
- You know a lot about a lot of things. - Yes, I do.
So you want to tell Nurse Hathaway about Coulomb's Law?
That's the law of electrostatics. The force between two charged particles... proportional to the product of their charges.
And inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
- You can't give me another shot? - You've had two already.
I've got a patient in sickle crisis. She's in a lot of pain.
Can you evaluate her? She needs more narcotics, maybe an admission.
Right now I need you to cover the Waiting Room.
About 12 people need to be triaged.
I'm going to handle this from here, understand?
So what kind of movie do you want to get? I was thinking...
...maybe a comedy. Or maybe a comedy.
No. Tonight you're going to participate in a Carter family tradition.
Every year at this time, the intrepid Carter male goes out into the woods.
He picks out a fir tree, and with his Protestant hands, he cuts it down.
- We're going to cut down a tree? - The Carter family Christmas tree.
- I don't saw after hours. - Don't worry, that's my job.
- Dr. Benton. How was the ulcer? - Fine.
I saw the thyroglossal duct on the board and was hoping to assist.
I haven't done a lot of neck surgery, and since I missed the Meckel's...
I already called in Wallace to assist.
Is there any possibility of rescheduling, considering...?
There'll be plenty of other opportunities, Peter.
Carter, don't you have something to do?
No, I'm all caught up.
- What about post-op notes? - On the charts. I'm done.
That's it, I'm done. I'm going to lunch.
- Earache in 4. - I'm not going to lunch.
- Carter! Otitis media in 4. - Sorry, I beeped him.
You might want to check on your friend Gant.
Surgical admits are piling up. You've got four patients, he's got 20.
And give him these labs on lung cancer.
You heard I was here? I'm better now, must be the Jell-O.
- Why did you tell Dr. Greene about me? - I didn't.
- How does he know I'm positive? - I guess he just assumed.
- He's not assuming, he knows. - It didn't come from me.
Couldn't you have gone to a different hospital?
- I know the doctors here. - I know the doctors here!
Even if they found out, they couldn't fire you, could they?
Think about what I'm going through. This is not just about you.
- I know it's not just about me... - Then act like it.
I know how mad you are at me, and you have a right to be.
Living with AIDS, that's nothing, but...
...knowing I gave it to you...
...there's no pill for that.
I just have to face it...
...every day.
Hating me might feel good, but it won't change anything.
It doesn't feel good, Al. Nothing about this feels good.
I don't see Weaver as yellow, but more in the red family.
Something in burnt sienna.
- Lavender is too pastel for Doyle. - She's more like an eggplant.
- Are you redecorating my board? - It's constructive criticism.
- Mark, I need to speak with you. - Just a second.
I'll wait outside.
- What are you doing? - I should ask you the same.
Why is Jeanie checking vital signs? She's not a health risk.
Maybe you know that, but I've never assessed her condition.
Why didn't you tell me you treated her husband?
- You lied to me. - It wasn't your business.
If someone in my ER is HIV-positive, it's my business.
Our ER! You don't know if she's positive.
I checked with Medical Records.
- Her confidential file? - You wouldn't tell me the truth.
Nice try, but there's no excuse for what you did, and you know it.
Hey! I heard you could use a hand, that you're getting buried.
I don't mind, you've bailed me out when I was under.
Benton wants me to pull my weight. He'll not get another shot at me.
Lower abdominal pain. Ruled out small bowel obstruction.
We may have a problem in the ER. I thought you should know about it.
Is this going to give me acid reflux? If so, save it til I'm done.
We may have a worker that's HIV-positive.
I've removed the person from direct patient care.
I hope you didn't say why, or else we'll get sued for discrimination.
- No. What's the hospital policy? - We'll deal with it...
...not race at it like a herd of buffalo.
First thing I want to do is talk to Legal. Does Kerry know?
That's part of the problem.
Kerry may have known for six months without informing anyone.
Good. I want you to be equally discreet.
By keeping it to herself, Kerry might have left us open for litigation.
I know that, but right now it's just suspicion.
And please don't correct me if I'm wrong.
- I had a dream like this once. - Now it's come true.
We were on a winter nature hike identifying perennials, moss.
One of the boys found a sick bat and brought it to the van...
...and started passing it around.
- Did they get scratched or bitten? - Maybe, we don't know.
Their stories changed when they found out they're going to get a shot.
- Let's see if the bat's rabid. - We don't have a bat.
- I threw it out the car window. - I'll start some charts.
- It was flopping, drooling. - And you panicked.
Yes, I suppose I did.
- Anyone seen Randi? - Went for a sandwich.
This must be a mistake.
"All ER nurses will be exempt from the floatation schedule."
- What about my honeymoon? - You must be dreaming, girl.
What did you say to them? No more floating.
- You must be kidding! - No wonder management wanted you.
Paramedics! Got a live one coming in.
Bring these to Doug. Order a series of RIG and rabies vaccines.
- How many? - Nine.
- What happened? - 10-year-old male.
BP 100 over 70. Throat pain with bleeding.
He tried to be a sword swallower. He tried with a carving knife.
Get him into Trauma 1. Who's covering Surgery?
- Gant, but he's in Radiology. - You have to wait out here.
Dr. Keaton, I see you have a trisegmentectomy for a heptoblastoma.
No, the child needs a course of pre-op chemo.
- It's on the board. - It shouldn't be. I canceled it.
You were unlucky today, but you've seen a lot in a single rotation.
If I get more experience, I'll be better prepared for the future.
That's not how you should be looking at it.
- What do you mean? - Focus on what's in front of you.
Your Residency is five years long. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
I feel crepitation. He's got subcutaneous air in his neck.
Probably perfed his esophagus.
- You want a chest film? - And a soft tissue neck.
- Probable perforation. - Temp's 100.
Get a gram of Unasyn. Are you going to scope him?
- I wouldn't, he's perfed. - Carol, set up for an endoscopy.
- Medica/ Records. - This is Jeanie Boulet.
I'd like to know if anyone inquired about my file today.
Around noon? All right, thank you.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- It's so damned swollen in here. - Can you visualize the cords?
- What have we got? - Boy trying to be a sword swallower.
Vitals are stable. Gave him a gram of Unasyn.
We're trying to see if there's a perf.
- Carter, isn't Gant covering the ER? - Gant's jammed. I paged Carter.
The kid is slow, and we don't help him by picking up his slack.
- The patient is more important. - Carol made the right call.
They're Peter's interns. It's his decision.
- He's perfed his esophagus. - We all knew that one.
- Should I drop an NG? - No, we'll do that in the O.R.
- I'll page Dr. Keaton. - Stay here and help your friend.
All right. Next time you see a bat, what are you going to do?
Leave it alone!
Good! Now hop out of the way.
Let's send instructions home with them.
We'll follow up injections on days 3, 7, 14 and 28.
- Mr. Wilbourne, time for your shot. - I barely touched the thing.
- Rabies is not to fool around with. - Can we watch?
Mark, do you have a minute?
I wanted to talk about the memo about floating the nurses.
- You have to handle it yourself. - I am handling it.
- You want me to put a word in? - No.
I'd like one 24-hour period where no one complains about their job.
One person could appreciate the fact that they have one.
They agreed to my request and are going to stop floating the nurses.
I thought you might want some good news.
Poor kid. Trying to swallow a knife.
I've seen worse. Mobilize the esophagus.
D Ábride the wound.
Okay. And... I'm there.
Dr. Keaton.
- I need to ask you something. - Suction.
I'm a little concerned about how Carter's doing.
- How do you think he's doing? - He had to scramble this rotation.
We both did, but...
- I think he's doing fine. - So do I.
He had a rough bit in the beginning, but he listened. He learned.
- He's very, very good with kids. - Yes, he is.
If that's the way you feel about Carter, tell him.
It's important for the teacher to keep his intern informed.
- You think so? - Absolutely.
That way he knows he's on the right track. It's easy to get discouraged.
I... yeah, I agree. I, yeah, agree.
- It looks like snow. - It smells like snow.
- What does that mean? - You can smell snow coming.
- It smells like burritos. - What are we going to do about Mark?
- Put him on a plane or kill him. - Maybe you should talk to him.
I talked to him once. To ask him again would be weird.
Oh, you'd be violating the guy code. Of noncommunication.
- Don't you have a test to study for? - You can't let him self-destruct.
Let him get it out of his system. He acts like a jerk, and then he's back.
But will he have any friends left?
- Didn't you get more morphine? - He never came back.
- Dr. Greene? - I don't remember. I can't take it.
- I know. Okay. - Jeanie.
What are you doing in here?
Can I speak to you? I'm treating a patient that you've neglected.
- Go to the area I've assigned. - So you make the rules?
And you break them by going into my file.
I requested that information under the Spousal Report Law.
You wanted to know, and you found out. It was unethical.
- You were lying to me. - I guess the truth is out now.
- You should have come to me. - So I could lose my job sooner?
So I could have dealt with the situation appropriately.
No, it's better this way.
You know about me, and I know a hell of a lot more about you.
Excuse me, I have to attend to a patient.
- It's not the flu. It's allergies. - I didn't say a thing.
- I'm gone. - Break a leg!
- We're going to celebrate. - It's happy hour. No more floating.
- First pitcher of margaritas is on us. - I can't. I have an appointment.
- What can be that important? - You're our guest of honor.
Hey, are you done?
- Benton just ripped me a new one. - About what?
Not being in Trauma for the perfed esophagus.
- Why didn't you come and get me? - They paged me.
I know you're trying to help, but you didn't. You made it worse.
I'm sorry.
The best thing you can do is to leave me alone.
- Anything good? - Just surfing.
- Done for the day? - Almost.
- AI, about this afternoon... - It's okay.
I'm sorry that I jumped to conclusions. It's just...
I get up every morning wondering how it's going to get worse.
- What I'm going to do to ruin your life? - No.
Yeah. Maybe.
I do want to blame you.
I know things happen for no good reason. I see it every day...
...but when it's happening to you, you want it to be somebody's fault.
I haven't told anybody at work.
I still play poker on Tuesdays, shoot hoops on Saturdays.
Some guys I could tell, some I couldn't.
None of them would treat me the same again.
You don't deserve this.
Neither do you.
What's in store for tonight? Karate class, a couple of laps?
Actually, my goal is to stay awake til the 10:00 news.
- How's Susan's apartment working? - I'm never there.
Look, I'm sorry. Today I was... What was I today?
Vicious, humorless, pain in the ass.
- You want to talk? - I want to sleep.
Nothing's the same. It's just not fun in there anymore.
- It was fun once? - You know what I mean. Sometimes...
...I'm up to my ears in administrative problems.
Kerry Weaver and I are constantly butting heads.
The whole staff is lying to me. I used to think of this as a family.
You've got to remember that my idea of a family is a little screwed up.
- It's okay to miss her. - No, it's more than that.
Whatever you do, you should keep it separate.
My mom used to work in an office, and she never put a picture of me out.
She said, "Never confuse where you work with where you live."
She didn't work in the ER.
I just shared with you a profound childhood moment.
It's moving, and your mother is a very wise woman.
I can't face another frozen dinner. Do you want to get a burger?
I can't, but if you want to talk, you know where I'll be.
- I don't know where you are. - At home after 10. Alone.
Dr. Benton, hi. How was the surgery?
I missed a thyroglossal duct, but a perfed esophagus fell into my lap.
Good. Great.
I wanted to talk to you about your work.
I know I don't usually give you a lot of feedback...
...but the fact is, you're doing good work.
Your work has improved. You're more confident and proactive.
There are areas that need improvement, like focus.
- What? - Focus, Carter. Focus.
Anyway, we'll work on that.
I just wanted to tell you that you're doing good work.
Listen, I've got to run.
- All right. Good night, Carter. - Good night.
- Hi. - You just missed Benton by a second.
I saw him. I slowed to a stroll.
- I can hardly breathe. - It's okay.
- About today... - Mark Greene looked in my file.
Anspaugh has set a time for Mark and I to discuss hospital policy.
- It'll remain confidential. - I don't put much faith in that.
Maybe it's not going to be so bad. You're dealing with doctors.
There's some understanding about the disease and how it's transmitted.
Right. Right.
Well, you know what? I'm starving.
The aroma coming from the cafeteria isn't too scary.
You want to join me?
- Well? - What are you doing here?
I'm invested in this exam, I helped you study. How'd you do?
- Pretty good. I think we got lucky. - Luck nothing.
You earned yourself a night out. A couple of Manhattans...
- What was the fireman question? - 35 newtons.
- You remember William? - How are you doing?
- The entropy question? - Rudolf Clausius.
I'm starved. Anybody feel like ice cream?
Lead the way, William.
- You all right? - Yes.
- Thanks for bringing the extra boots. - They're a little big.
Just three or four sizes.
- You want to carry the ax? - No, thank you.
What are we looking for?
A Douglas fir with prefect branches and a very thin trunk.
- Is this legal? Who's land is it? - It's our land.
- As in "public land"? - As in...
See that lake through those trees? The smoke coming out of the chimney?
Right there. No? Well, it's there, and it's the house I grew up in.
Tell me we're not having cocoa with your parents.
No, you're safe. They're in London.
Look! Look! It's the perfect tree. All right, stand back.
- I have a lumberjack fantasy. - This is a sacred tradition.
Oh, it's a sacred fantasy.
Let me turn you into a little snowman.
Don't you dare. It's not part of the fantasy.
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