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ER 05x02 - Split Second

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- Previously on ER: - Welcome to County General.
- You do know how to do this, right? - Yes.
You've broken every rule and regulation we have in the ER.
It's in the child's best interest to complete what's begun.
I'm asking you, Dr. Anspaugh, about the possibility of sponsorship.
- You don't want to stay with Romano? - Romano doesn't wish to stay with me.
I'm not sleeping since I've been an R.A.
I took a day off to run the clinic. Can you spare any help?
District Medical Director for EMS is open.
We could use someone like you on our side.
- Dr. Carter? - Dr. Carter, are you there?
I'm so sorry, but we...
We're locked out!
All right. Hang on.
Hang on, I'm coming.
What's up?
Dr. Carter, I'm sorry. I know it's late...
- Really early, but we... - We're locked out.
We were in the library. I thought he had his key...
...he thought I had mine... - I did have a key, okay?
But it wasn't my old dorm key.
I had my apartment key, but my sister threw me out.
Okay. I got a master key.
Sorry to wake you.
It's my job.
Oh, Peter.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
No, no. I didn't expect you to finish so soon.
Well, I... It was just a spleen.
I was thinking about you.
So I thought I would come over...
Come over and finish what we started.
Peter, Peter, I...
Before you jump to any conclusions...
You're not alone.
- Right. I was trying... - Sorry to wake you so early.
This jet lag always...
Oh, excuse me. I didn't realize anyone had arrived.
Allow me.
This is Peter Benton, a work colleague.
Obviously a friend.
Peter, this is Charles Corday, my father.
Nice to meet you.
The toilet's overflowing.
- What? - In the women's bathroom.
It's going all over the floor.
Sounds like a call for Maintenance. I'm just the R.A.
Well, they're not on until 7.
You better come. It's getting bad.
I'm calling to confirm an 8 a.m. Appointment.
Carol Hathaway.
- A/C working? - I'm on with them now.
Thank you.
Hey. Don't worry, you'll knock them dead.
- Uh-oh. What did she do wrong? - Me?
See a med student in two hours early, she must have screwed something up.
She's checking her labs from yesterday.
Just for fun.
I just want to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Don't burn out.
- She's the Resident's pet. - I am not!
- She got an IV her first day. - So I was lucky.
- Good morning, all. - Good morning.
Can somebody take a look at my grandson?
Sure. Someone will be with you.
- I'll look at him. Lucy, join me? - Sure.
A month ago he started walking. Now he just lays there.
- I'll join you as soon as I can. - There's no need.
Take them to Exam 4.
If you need me to sign off on any procedures...
Check your calendar, Kerry. My probation was for 30 days.
- I'm a free man again. - Thirty working days, Doug.
- I don't think so. - Check on that.
I'm sure you will. I got him.
Good luck upstairs. Come on.
John Carter.
Dad, hi. How's the sailing?
I think Gamma's being dramatic.
Because it's not a slum, it's a dorm.
Well, Dad, it pays the rent.
I said, it pays the rent.
No, I'm not turning my back.
Because I'm still a doctor.
It's just not clear whether they'll be able to pay me this year.
The R.A. Position is for Residents.
No, there's...
...student advising and counseling.
It's, you know, practically a faculty position.
And it feels good to pay my own way.
Hello? Hello?
Yosh, I'm so sorry. I'm so excited. They said yes!
- They said yes? - Yes!
- You're hot stuff! - Thanks.
Mark, thank you so much.
- They said yes. - To your proposal?
Thanks to Mark's letter of support.
I just told the truth. I said your clinic deserved a salaried RN.
There you go, baby.
- Why's it flashing? - Calling on the landline.
- He's learning the radio. - Are you taking the EMS job?
I haven't decided yet.
Just touch the screen.
- On the number? - It won't bite.
What did I do?
When you touch it twice, you hang up.
They'll call back.
Jerry, what's going on with the A/C?
It takes a couple minutes for it to cool down.
They're on Med 9.
I've gotta take this to the lab.
I'll take over.
Okay, go ahead. Just once.
Check volume.
Pulse 120. Gave 500 cc's of normal saline. Copy?
County General on Med 9. We didn't catch the first part.
Can you repeat?
You have to step on the pedal when you speak.
- County General on Med 9... - You gotta switch over to Med 9 first.
- Now. - County General on Med 9.
Can you repeat the information?
I said pulling up now.
Single-vehicle MVA. 62-year-old restrained driver.
What's with the radio?
Mark's considering a future in EMS. We were teaching him the ropes.
BP's 100/60. Tachy at 120, diaphoretic. Air bags deployed.
Wife was a passenger.
He groaned and slumped over the wheel.
Thank goodness we were barely moving!
I didn't know you were on today.
I'm not. I'm just talking to paramedics. When you're done.
We'll take very good care of your husband.
So if I can't persuade my daughter, you'd be interested in the job?
I have considered a cardiothoracic fellowship.
As a specialty it has it all.
The heart. The most magnificent machine in creation.
I'm flattered you came all this way... convince me to join your practice.
It was on my way. I can't appear too eager with this one.
And I can't be so picky. It isn't as if I have other options.
Darling, isn't that him? Romano?
Oh, God! Don't let him spot us.
He keeps leaving messages about some dreadful lap choly today.
Well, he still is your sponsor.
He only wants me because he's got a potential partner to see the Aesop.
And he's not certified.
The Aesop robot? Brilliant.
It galls me to help him in any way.
I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing that.
I expect my daughter to fight.
Dive in there.
Impress the hell out of him. Make the bugger rue the day he terminated you.
Yeah, go for it.
I feel ganged up on.
Lizzie. Peter.
Mr. Corday, what a surprise. I bet you're on your way to UCSF.
I came to visit my daughter while she was still here.
I'm sorry we were unable to continue the fellowship.
I was never fond of her working with you in the first place.
I recall that.
You got my message about the Aesop?
Wouldn't miss it.
Although, technically, you'll be assisting me, right?
Well, you got me on that one.
You know, I haven't seen this gadget in action.
If that's all right with Dr. Romano?
I'd be honored.
I should've brought him in before, but he seemed better at his cousin's.
Temp's still 100.5.
- Where's his cousin live? - Waukegan. On the lake.
Sounds nice and cool. Miss Knight, what tests?
A full metabolic workup.
That sounds bad.
We'll try something else first.
- Yosh, can you find a fan? - There's one in the lounge.
We'll cool the room, see if it helps your grandson.
I turn the lights out, that seems to help.
We'll try that too. Be right back. Want to keep an eye on him?
- Questions? - An infant losing milestones.
Sounds like a metabolic disorder.
Ordinarily, you'd be right to check that first.
But he's got a fever and he's not even damp.
Why are the lights out in Exam 4?
We're cooling a young boy down with anhydrotic ectodermal dysplasia.
No sweat glands.
I think it's the right hunch.
You want to look it up?
Hold on. The EMS Medical Director's a real person?
He's an ER doctor.
I thought it was just a name they stuck on the top of memos.
Not when I do it.
Somebody page me?
Yeah. Abdominal mass in Trauma 1. It sounds like a triple-A.
What? I pay attention.
Carla called. She might not come to Reece's ear appointment.
She said to call if that's a problem.
No, that's cool.
- What is it, 100 degrees in here? - I'm on it.
Dr. Carter, I'm sorry. I was with Dr. Ross.
- Coffee. - For me?
Imagine me on caffeine? One sugar, right?
Right. Thanks.
Why am I signed up for two patients?
I hope you don't mind. The right-arm weakness is interesting.
I ordered up the previous charts, reviewed them and did the H & P.
To get a good Residency, you gotta fly out of the gates.
You got a little time before worrying about that.
Isn't it the same for you?
- Residents buck for Chief as Interns? - Right.
You've probably been laying the groundwork since day one.
At school they say that's how you build a career. Right, Dr. Carter?
Don't call him "Dr. Carter." There'll be no living with him.
- What shall I call you? - He's just Carter.
Dr. Carter will be fine.
Oh, God, yeah. Right there.
I was so tense talking to Admin.
- You didn't need to be. - I should've asked for two nurses.
You gonna hire yourself?
I'm the only volunteer I don't mind asking.
Besides, it'll be fun to hire someone good for the clinic.
- Did I get it? - Yeah.
Double GSW, two 16-year-olds. One shot in the head, one in the flank.
Mark, did you answer the radio?
All by myself.
Single GSW to the left temporal scalp.
BP is 120/78. Pulse 80.
No neurodeficits unless being a macho jerk...
...and attacking your friendly paramedic counts.
- She was going for my piece. - No, your pulse.
Bleed out next time.
Get that lac taken care of.
Doris, I'll look at it. Let's go.
There's no palpable bullet. What's your name?
Looks like he's been shot before.
- First time above my neck. - Well, you the man.
Pupils are equal and reactive. Know where you are?
Sixteen-year-old African-American male.
Yo, Toine. What's up, man? Where you been?
Gunshot to the buttock. Single entrance wound.
Oh, they capped you in the ass?
- Oh, that's whack, man. - Nothing but a thang, B.G.
On my count. One, two, three.
There ought to be something to do.
Maybe a central line, maybe a chest tube.
- I'm not ready for that yet. - No, you aren't.
- Pain here? - No, man. I ain't shot there.
Normal sinus on the scope.
Need any help here?
Dr. Carter, so glad you asked.
Get some Surgilube and a fresh pair of gloves.
We'll check next door.
- Tighter so I can't open them up.
Anything we can do?
No sister with no attitude's putting a shot in my head.
Close your eyes, sir. We're checking your cranial nerves.
Looks like they got it under control. There'll be more chances.
I know.
Sure, the guidelines say wait until the cops get there.
Wait until the scene is secured.
But when some kid is lying in the street bleeding, what do you do?
I'm curious because the department's looking for a new medical director.
You'd leave the ER?
No, no. It would be part of my job here.
It would be a good way to approach continuity of care.
I hate to see it happen to such a decent guy.
What do you mean?
Seven years I've been working on a rig.
We know that what we need is more paramedics.
And every year for seven years...
Right, right. They cut the budget.
That part of the job would not be new.
Am I gonna have a scar?
No. I'm too good at this.
Get an abdominal CT with oral IV and rectal contrast.
If the bullet hit his colon, you'd think he'd be hurting.
The kid was masking his pain.
How's yours doing?
He's stable. No blood in the urine. Stool trace positive for heme.
I checked on your probation and it ended yesterday.
Well, I guess the party's over.
The committee asked me to sign off on your patients, I didn't want to.
Yeah, but you got off on it, though.
I do not relish babysitting.
My life would be a lot easier if everyone did their jobs.
I'm sorry to be a burden.
This all meant nothing to you, did it? Just water under the bridge, right?
I wouldn't say that.
Do you know how many calls I get from people who want ultra-rapid detox?
Forward them to me.
Yeah. Can't do that. God knows what you'd say.
I think it's a wise move for you. Great research opportunities in EMS.
I'm more interested in coordinating paramedics.
For once, we wouldn't be in competition.
Field work was never my forte.
You wouldn't want this job. There's no money, power or glory.
It doesn't fit into my Machiavellian scheme... rule the Emergency Department. You going?
Yeah, Rachel's got a soccer game.
- Dr. Weaver, you have a minute? - Sure. Jerry, it is freezing.
I know.
- Did you notice my salary request? - I did.
My finances have changed, and it's no longer feasible...
Yeah, I approved it. And, frankly, I was glad to see it.
If you practice medicine as a hobby, you risk looking like a dilettante.
Ah, yes. Well, that's not me. It's not me.
And that's what's been worrying me. While I was unpaid, it held me back...
...from stating my long-term goal.
Which is?
I want to be Chief Resident.
You don't have to worry about that yet.
No? I want to come out of the gate strong.
It's the only way to build a career.
Well, you're off to a good start with your student.
- Ms. Knight's organized and in control. - Lucy's on top of it.
A good student is evidence of a good teacher...
...and that's the first step toward being a Chief.
- I say, Jerry? - I'm on it.
They're turning it up now.
Actually, I was asking if you paged me.
That was me. Where's the man with the gunshot wound?
Bangers to Curtain 3.
Don't lead her by the nose too much, your student.
I will keep that in mind.
Jerry, it's like a meat locker in here.
Nice work. Triple-A on an anterior left renal vein is never a picnic.
Yeah, divide and conquer.
What are you doing at 4:00?
I've got a tricky retroperitoneal sarcoma.
I'm taking my son upstairs for an audiology exam...
...but I guess I could reschedule.
Your son have a hearing problem?
There was a concern. He had fluid in his ears, I'm just following up.
But he tested normal at birth?
- Wasn't he a preemie? - Yeah. That's right.
They sometimes give gent to preemies.
It can be ototoxic.
No, no. He's fine. I'll be there.
Well, if you're sure.
How would you like to follow up on Mr. Specchierla in Recovery?
Our triple-A?
Oh, yeah. I'm on it.
The CT scan showed a hole in your rectum.
They ripped you another one, Little T.
My belly's hurting.
I gave him six of morphine.
Hey, man! Come check me out too.
I don't want no dents in my pretty head.
Your head too big anyway.
Are you gonna do my operation?
You don't want no Chinese fag messing down there.
Your friend could use a little support. This isn't a joke.
After surgery, you'll wear a colostomy bag.
- Do you know what that is? - No.
Lil Toine gonna be crapping in a bag?
You gonna be crapping in a bag!
Not me, man.
This is not an accurate picture of a colostomy.
Oh, baby. I heard they shot you.
What you doing here, Moselle?
- She come to see Toine. - I don't think so.
What business is it of yours?
- This is my business, girl. - Chill, girls, chill!
Take it outside, both of you. Now, go. Go.
We'll explain the process when your mother arrives. Okay?
That's what happens when you run, man. Booty call.
Yosh, get these two in separate rooms.
Gonna miss that, I bet.
Actually, I will. He's just a boy.
You know, I was really sorry to hear that nothing worked out for you.
I had my fingers crossed for a faculty spot.
Well, it wasn't meant to be.
You know, I have heard of foreign doctors...
...who were willing to start over as Interns.
Oh, God.
I know. I can't even imagine.
Actually, I do have one last-ditch, desperate chance in half an hour.
Wish me luck.
- I said, stay away from him! - You stay away!
Call Security!
Hey! Hey! I said to take it outside!
- Shut up! - Take it out now!
- Go! - She crazy, man!
I called Security.
I'm calling the police. Go, go!
- Shut up! - Now!
Nice work, Kerry.
Glad I stayed on your good side.
Excuse me, nurse, I'm Mr. Savage. I've been waiting a long time.
Well, Mr. Savage, I am a doctor...
...and you have to wait your turn.
- You're not a nurse? - Rob Savage.
I have your chart right here.
You can't smoke that in here.
Follow me.
Get this mess cleaned up, and have Climate Control send down some parkas.
Where's the Rowdies/Crush game?
- Just started. - I'm looking for my daughter.
- There's girls in this league. - She's not playing on a coed team.
- Rachel? - Go!
Go all the way, Brandon! Take her!
She can't stop you!
Easy as pie!
Hang in there, Rach!
Take her! Take her!
Tough D!
- Where's the flag? - Flag? Flag's right there.
Penalty kick. This one's yours, son.
Easy point. She can't stop you!
Goalie's a girl! Put her away!
Hang in there, Rach! This guy's got nothing!
Don't worry, Rachel! Hang in! You'll do fine!
Hang tough!
What happened?
I need a first-aid kit!
Sorry to kick so hard.
It wasn't that hard.
Hey, you okay?
- Dad, you're here. - Yeah.
That was a great save.
That first-aid kit was empty. Does she want some ice?
No. No. She's tough.
Hey, you got leaves in your hair.
I've had it before. I just can't pee.
- How long has it been? - About two and a half days.
It's pretty uncomfortable.
Put this gown on. I'll go check with the doctor.
- Last time they stuck this tube... - Foley catheter?
What are you doing?
- Having a smoke. - You can't smoke.
Not even in here?
No. Get undressed. I'll be right back.
Hold on. Hold on. I got you.
- What's up? - I got you. Multiple stab wounds.
- She was out in the bay. - Weaver kicked her out.
- God! - Know where she is?
- No. I don't know. - Page her!
Peter? How have you been?
Good. I was just checking something on Reece's chart.
- Is he having a problem? - No, he's fine. Well...
...he had an ear infection, but he was given furosemide as a neonate.
He had pulmonary edema.
- And gentamicin, right? - That's right.
Was his hearing tested then?
Right here. OAE, normal screening.
Was that test done before or after he received the ototoxic drugs?
Both. Dosages were in the safe therapeutic range.
Does he have a hearing loss?
No, no. I was just double-checking.
Sorry to bother you.
Not a bother.
BP's up to 85.
Chest tube's in. Thora-Seal to suction.
- Why put in a chest tube? - To re-expand the lung.
- Pulse ox is falling, 86. - What the hell?
Three hundred cc's of blood out the chest tube.
All right, let's check into the hemoglobin. Lucy, draw the blood.
- Me? - Yeah.
Look at that. Air bubbles.
Sub-Q emphysema. Air bubbles from the stab wound.
There's no oxygen to her lungs.
Lucy, get to work.
One cc venous blood.
Pulse ox is down to 83. What's going on?
She lacerated her right mainstem bronchus. Stop bagging.
- What are you doing? - Lf I can intubate...
...past the laceration, we shouldn't have an air leak.
- You're only ventilating one lung. - Better than none.
- Got it! - I'll check the hemoglobin.
Pulse ox is 90. No air leak.
- Nice work. - Nice work all around.
Call Anesthesia. Tell them we need a Carlen ET tube.
- Hang on. Hemoglobin's 8.9. - What?
- What was it before? - 13.7.
She dropped the hemoglobin five points?
Hang on!
She must've lacerated her liver.
Hang two units of O-neg. Call the O.R.
Let me do another hemoglobin. Machine wasn't calibrated.
What is a sudden drop in crit?
Intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
- Her vitals are okay. - Hold up on the O-neg.
Hemoglobin's 12.8.
That's more like it.
Cancel the O.R. Send her to CT. Get that machine checked out.
You having fun?
Oh, yeah.
I knew that. I knew it.
Never do a blood draw above an IV. The fluid dilutes the blood.
That's right.
Thank you for covering for me.
I won't do it again. If you don't know something, ask.
You're learning.
I know, but you're judged from the word "go."
I don't want to look incompetent.
You are judged because it's life or death in here.
I know. I just didn't think I'd have so much trouble with procedures.
Your problem is you want to be perfect. Get over it.
You're a beginner. It's not gonna be easy.
Last night I went to the Procedures Lab and I practiced my IVs.
I got them right every time on the first try.
That's good. You keep it up. But know when to ask for help.
You guys just missed a good one.
Sent a guy to the O.R. Carrot perfed his intestine.
A whole carrot?
How do you swallow a whole carrot?
He didn't swallow.
Oh, I get it.
Oh, God.
"Swallowed a carrot."
That is a classic, Lucy.
Hey, can you work up this shoulder injury for me?
I lucked out with her, didn't I?
I like her, but she's still a beginner.
- What do you mean? - She's getting her bearings.
She needs guidance in procedures.
Come on. Relax, Carol.
Lucy's a natural. Hell, I'm jealous too.
No, no. Carter, you're way off base.
I'm not jealous at all. L...
I don't believe this. Excuse me.
Mr. Savage, what part of "No smoking" didn't you understand?
I have to go now. My nurse is here.
Give it to me. What are you, an idiot?
The doctor said I need a Foley catheter.
You won't want me to put it in.
- I'll be good. - Hand it over.
- Come on. The whole pack. - Why?
Because I said so.
I'm not gonna wrestle you. Give me the cigarettes.
Now, lie back.
What about a rectal?
That's next.
Will it hurt?
Only if I want it to.
Aesop, move in.
- Standing by. - Move left.
- Stop. - That is a perfect view.
- The arm responds whenever addressed. - I'm gonna zap this adhesion.
Hold on. Everybody protected?
Okay, looks good.
Isn't it risky to use a laser...
...when contact cautery would do?
Well, you do have to be precise shooting.
But you can avoid inadvertent burns. Angie?
Which you can have with a Bovie.
Still, I wouldn't want a KTP laser in the wrong hands.
And elevate the gall bladder.
Standing by.
Aesop, move back.
You make it look easy, Dr. Corday.
Bet she can walk and chew gum at the same time too.
Oh, she can.
Standing by.
She's been stridorous for a month?
The high-pitched wheezing?
At least.
Why did you wait to bring her in?
The other hospital gave her stuff for croup, but it didn't help.
Go like this:
What kind of stuff? Steroids? Antibiotics?
One of them was pink.
I don't see edema or swelling. Did she swallow something?
Maybe. I can't watch her every moment.
Excuse me. Someone wants to see you, Doug.
- I'm with a patient. - He's quite insistent.
We'll do some x-rays of the neck and chest to look for an obstruction.
If I don't see anything, we'll do an endoscopy...
...take a look down the throat. I'll be right back.
If you said that to get a reaction, I'm not biting.
Said what?
Endoscopy? That's pretty invasive.
Kid's been stridorous for a month.
Carter, can I borrow Lucy for a minute?
- Sure. - Mr. Savage needs an IV.
Don't worry. He's a pain in the ass.
Doesn't feel a thing. He's perfect for you.
- It's you? - That's right.
I want the treatment.
I'm a pediatrician.
- You got that baby clean. - I'll give you names of clinics.
I can't afford a clinic. You charge the kid?
- That was special. - No, I'm special!
- Maybe I don't look it... - I don't treat adults.
- She said that only you do it. - I don't do it.
Sit and I'll get you some numbers...
I don't want numbers! I want that detox!
You've made your point.
I'm not making a point. It's a real fallout of your actions.
Send all the requests my way.
- A journal article... - He doesn't read journals.
Justify your decision.
I'm not interested in justifying anything.
I'm concerned about false hopes from one good outcome.
Was it good? Mother and baby are doing well?
As far as I know, yes.
Follow-up care is not part of your measures.
I am an ER doc, just like you.
Not like me, Doug. You acted without the consent of your colleagues.
What have we got?
Thirteen-year-old karate student.
Collapsed after instructor's demo kick to the chest.
Firefighters were first on the scene. They started CPR.
We arrived on the scene about eight minutes after the call.
Found him apneic and pulseless with rhythm of V-fib.
- The teacher? - Drove behind. Parents are coming.
- How long en route? - Seven minutes.
About 15 minutes at the scene. Been down for 30.
Okay, let's go. One, two, three.
Yosh, take over compressions. Get him on a monitor.
Stand by with high-dose epi.
- Good breath sounds. - Nice intubation, Zadro.
Hold compressions.
Is it sudden-death condition?
- I'm not sure, Curtis. Maybe. - Asystole.
Resume compressions. Give him the epi, four milligrams IV.
Pupils fixed and dilated.
Should've driven to the morgue.
Get the external pacemaker. Put on the pacing pad.
Carol. Harriet Goodwyn, Mr. Savage's private-duty nurse.
He called a while ago. Have I missed him?
No, he's still here.
Did he already have a Foley cath?
Well, he complained of inability to urinate.
I'm sorry he did this.
Did what?
Mr. Savage has a problem.
He enjoys procedures, especially when administered by a nurse.
Oh, my God. I sent a student in there.
Don't scold him.
- I already did that. - That's what he wants.
- I'm sorry. I can't get it. - Try the foot.
Lucy, you can stop now.
- Mr. Savage? - Nurse Goodwyn.
I couldn't get it.
- He doesn't need it. - Maybe if you show me again?
I'll show you later, okay? Doug Ross is looking for you.
It's not Saturday, is it?
It's Thursday.
I just saw you yesterday. Couldn't you wait?
- What are you doing? - I'm calling Psych.
I can handle this.
Hello. I need a Psych consult to the ER.
Thank you.
- Will you take me home? - We'll see.
Release him to me. It's no sweat.
- You're not a real RN, are you? - My clients like to think I am.
You might want to see Psych yourself.
Hey, it works for me. I'm in control.
Yeah. Right.
Coach was going crazy. Kept saying, "I barely hit him." 13 years old.
Happened to my daughter. She got hit in the park. No first aid anywhere.
For commotio cordis, you have to get hit right in the chest?
Yeah. It's about timing.
There's a split-second upstroke when the heartbeat resets itself.
In that instant, a blow will send the heart into fibrillation.
So by the time we got there...
Don't fire trucks carry automated defibrillators?
This one didn't.
There's something we could change.
We're moving to the higher frequencies.
You may want your earplugs, Dr. Benton.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
4-K at 100.
That's a funny bear, huh?
Please don't speak during the test.
4-K at 90.
4-K at 80.
Reece? Come on, man. Pay attention.
4-K at 85.
Moving to the 8-K frequency.
8-K at 90.
Let's try again.
Glad they found you.
I was on my way out when I got the page.
Not as sexy as our afternoon with Aesop, but hey...
...even a gangbanger shot in the butt has needs.
Yeah. I met him earlier.
You were outstanding with Aesop. I rethought my decision to let you go.
You did?
I even called upstairs. Unfortunately, the money's no longer there.
I see.
Well, maybe you should apply again next year. Ready?
All right. Why are we scoping her?
Her films were negative, and sometimes plastics don't show up on x-rays.
You hear the one about the patient that swallowed a carrot?
Dr. Carter told you?
- No, Jerry told me. - Great.
I found the mom. She's on the phone.
We're gonna have to talk to her.
Take a look at that.
It's a classic case of pedunculated papilloma.
Her mother had a sexually transmitted disease...
...and the baby caught it through the birth canal?
Gold star.
No small bowel injuries. We're ready for the colostomy.
Hold on. The path of the bullet is awfully close to the ureter.
Janet, I need an amp of IV methylene blue.
Looks like the bullet cleared the ureter.
Sometimes you can't see a tear close to the UV junction. Fresh lap pad.
I'd argue, but I've seen their soccer fans.
GAA stapler, please.
If you're dreading your dinner with your dad, we can delay.
I look forward to dinner with my father.
I need suction.
So I expect your father's eager to have you back.
Didn't he want you in his practice?
He's made that offer before, yes.
Kocher. Terrific specialty, the heart.
Very romantic, but working with a family member...
- Shall I Bovie? - Please do.
I couldn't do it, work with family.
Robert, you can't work with anyone.
Doctor, there's blue urine in the Foley bag.
Let's check.
Well, I'll be damned. I guess the bullet nicked the ureter after all.
Is she okay? I want to see her.
She's fine. She's resting.
Ms. Brown, were you ever diagnosed with genital warts?
What's this about?
Ever been treated for a sexually transmitted disease?
None of your business.
Did you know a C-section prevents you from giving the illness to your child?
What are you saying?
You infected your daughter with papilloma...
My daughter... adopted.
Ms. Brown, I owe you an apology.
The loss is more profound at the higher frequencies. That's a common finding.
In lower pitches, Reece begins perception at 70 decibels...
...which is considered a severe loss.
Shouldn't a doctor take a look at that?
He will. And he'll want to meet with you.
But I know you wanted the results.
Yeah, I did. Look, I mean...'re jumping to conclusions after one subjective test.
The good news is that Reece tests within the aidable range.
With digital hearing aids, he'll come up into this speech banana.
In this range, he could develop language skills.
Reece can't hear talking, crying or the telephone.
It's a severe-to-profound loss.
You're saying this after one test.
Reece wouldn't even wear the headset.
Most toddlers won't.
Two weeks ago ENT said it was an ear infection.
But his ears are clear now.
I don't want to argue with you, okay? I just want to talk to a doctor.
- As soon as possible. - Okay, we'll set that up.
Did I miss Doug?
Yeah, just.
He went up to Pedes to talk to Alex Babcock.
The pediatric anesthesiologist? What's that about?
You'd probably have to ask him that.
You know, you are so right.
Tell him I can't make it tomorrow. Rachel's got soccer practice.
Good for you.
Has anybody noticed the temperature in here?
It feels like a perfect 72 degrees.
I was thinking it's...
- Stuffy. - Chilly.
- Good day today. Don't work late. - I won't.
- Gotta be bright-eyed tomorrow. - I will be.
Did you even eat today?
If you're hungry, I didn't finish my lunch.
- Oh, no. I'm okay. - Well, all I have is a carrot.
Okay. So I'm an idiot.
- What's up? - Ma Ķana.
- Carol? - That's me.
Lynette Evans. I've been working per diem up on the third floor.
Don Anspaugh hasn't told you a word about me yet.
I'm afraid not.
What can you expect of Admin but to drop the ball?
He was supposed to blow my horn so I wouldn't have to myself.
There's an opening for a nurse practitioner in your clinic?
I'd settle for an RN. Our budget got approved today.
A nurse practitioner, which I am, would serve you better...
...since I can write prescriptions. I know you can't always call a doc.
Have you worked here already?
No, I ran my own clinic at Southside. That's where I know Don.
Right. I heard about that clinic.
Bye for now, suckers. See you next time.
Are you talking to anybody in particular?
You addressing the nurses and doctors who took care of you?
Did you fall on that head?
No, I got shot.
I beg your pardon?
I got shot, ma'am.
Then I think you'd better say, "Thank you for saving my sorry life."
She wasn't my nurse.
At the rate you're going, she will be next time. Just say it.
- Thank you for saving my life. - You're welcome.
All that boy needs is somebody to smack him upside his head.
Here's my number. Keep me in mind.
I will.
In fact...
...I think you're great.
Actually, I shouldn't waste our time. I'm just going to...
I'll hire you right now.
I'm gonna like your style.
Great. Good.
Adele Neuman thought you'd know something.
Is Adele the social worker?
I called her when the mom failed to bring the baby in for a follow-up.
That was two weeks ago.
- So they disappeared? - It's not bad news.
The mom's a junkie.
She had a sister in the Carolinas who sounded pretty stable.
For Josh's sake, I'm hoping that's where they wound up.
I'm just lucky she doesn't want to sue me.
She appreciated what you did for her baby.
- Enough to take care of him herself? - Dr. Ross?
Remember me? You're Dr. Ross, right?
Yeah. You're the skateboard champ, right?
Fractured arm? Good thing you wore a helmet.
- Yeah, that's me. - What are you doing here?
You should've seen Ruben two days ago.
- My arm was killing me. - Yeah?
You couldn't even touch me like that, it hurt so bad.
Yeah, you were in rough shape.
From the fracture?
Been on morphine for months. No relief.
- Sounds like neuropathic pain. - Exactly.
My brain was like, getting its signals crossed.
Switch to gabapentin.
Yep. Gotta know what kind of pain you're dealing with.
So, what you're saying is, you saved two lives today.
I saved the boy from sepsis and a second trip to the O.R., at least.
To a wonderful doctor.
And a partner I'd be proud to have.
Actually, Daddy, I'm gonna have to turn you down.
I know this doesn't make much sense.
But I have given it a lot of thought.
After we sewed up that gangbanger...
It wasn't a fancy save or high-tech.
In fact, it was the kind of surgery one could almost do as an Intern.
You're not thinking of starting all over again?
Why not? I mean, yes, it will be a blow to my ego.
But on the other hand, I'll be practicing medicine still.
It's not so shabby, saving lives.
And it's a means to what I really want, which is to stay here.
How much does Peter Benton figure in this plan?
I have to be a little protective after he stood us up tonight.
Peter's complicated. He had something else on his mind.
And you know I'd never make a decision based on a man.
That said...
I don't know what to say.
I couldn't tolerate going back to the beginning...
...once I'd finished the fifth year.
It's only for a year. Then I'll have a license to practice here.
Does it seem like I'm giving up?
On the contrary, I've never seen you fight harder.
Thank you.
Come on, man.
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