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Subtitles for ER 05x03 - They Treat Horses Dont They.

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ER 05x03 - They Treat Horses Dont They

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Previously on ER:
- Thanks for covering. - Lf you don't know, ask.
You mean the EMS Medical Director is a real person?
Yeah, he's an ER doc.
I thought it was a name on top of memos.
Not when I do it.
- You're a Pediatric Emergency Fellow? - One under the boss.
You're thinking of starting over?
It's a means to what I want, which is to stay here.
I'm an ER doc, just like you.
Not like me. You acted without the consent of your colleagues.
Reece can't hear talking or the phone. It's a severe-to-profound loss.
Excuse me. You gonna be long?
No, almost done. Just a minute.
- Why start with the copy room? - Got a work order.
Well, other rooms in the ER need paint more than this one.
Lady, I just do what they tell me to do.
So how was your skating party? Did you have fun?
Mostly kids from your soccer camp?
It's Julianne. She wasn't there.
So who was there?
Just kids.
Oh, hi, Mom. I just knew it was you.
Oh, no. I had a great time.
Oh, you'll never guess who was there.
Well, Stephanie, she had this sort of yellow sweater.
Remember that time I went to the mall with you...
...and I saw that orange sweater that really matched my blue skirt?
Well, this one looks even better.
Well, has there been any change in my responsibilities?
No, it's just around the table...
...we felt that "interim" was a more accurate term.
So you're the Interim Chief, Kerry.
But, Don, it has been over 90 days since Dr. Morgenstern resigned.
Then policy dictates that a permanent chief be named.
It's all in the process. We've put out feelers.
Thus far we have four outstanding candidates.
We're forming a committee.
So four candidates, including me?
Actually, you make it five.
Just one more thing.
You know, I did a performance review of Doug Ross.
You gave me an evaluation of the ultra-rapid detox.
Yeah. This is an overall evaluation of his work.
It'll help in deciding whether he should be made an ER Pedes Attending.
I'll pass it along.
Thank you.
Dr. Carter?
Ethan Luitly, remember?
The guy next door plays Pumpkins so loud I can't study.
He told me he'd stop.
- It's okay now but I'm sensitive... - I'm late. Can we talk later?
- Oh, God! Log jam. - Dude! It's flooding my stall!
Not again!
All right, I'll fix it.
Come out. I'll fix it.
Shut off the water before it floods the hall.
- Lift the lid. - I've done this before.
- Just pull the chain. - Maintenance uses the shut-off valve!
Randi, have you seen my student?
She was just looking for you.
- What? - You're looking mythical.
Carter, Curtain 4, LOL, weak and dizzy.
Hey, Mark? What does...
What does "interim" mean to you?
Do you think that's a stronger word than "acting"?
Your new title? I liked "acting" better.
They're forming a review committee.
- Anspaugh told me. - He asked me to be on it.
- Do you think that's a good idea? - Why not? I can be impartial.
But my hat's in the ring and we work together.
I'd hate for there to be any suggestion of favoritism.
- You don't think I should? - Well, I just want to be fair.
No problem. I'll pass.
Hey, want to sneak away for lunch? Rosebud. On me?
- What's the occasion? - Just to talk.
- About what? - Over lunch.
- Okay, sure. - Good.
Hi. Is Carol around?
Yeah. She's just...
- Hey, you're back. - Yeah. I am reborn.
- Oh, God, you look great! - Thanks.
- Where did you go again? - The Laurentian Wilderness.
I'd stay away from anyplace with "wilderness" in its name.
It was great. I was in the music camp.
We jammed all night long, every night.
Rock, salsa, gospel, whatever.
That kind of "wild" I can get with!
Jeanie, this is Lynette, our own nurse practitioner.
Welcome. I'm not on until noon, guys.
I'm doing paperwork, so tell me if you need help.
Volunteering? You did just come straight from the wilderness.
Well, here you go.
How about John Esmond?
Seven years old, losing weight, no insurance, Curtain 2.
- Sure. - Thank you.
- It's 8:30 already! - Hello.
You know how long we waited?
Sorry about that. Hey, John. My name is Jeanie.
I'm putting this thermometer under your arm. Hold it there for me.
Has he complained of cramps or diarrhea?
No. But look what he threw up.
- What are those? - Roundworms.
- Worms? - Yeah.
- How's everything going? - Well, you know, back to civilization.
My findings are nearly identical to the audiologist's.
With the results of both tests being so close...
...I'd say this is reliable data.
I've done research on cochlear implants.
How they've restored hearing to the deaf.
But implant surgery requires destruction of residual hearing.
But what difference does it make if the surgery will allow him to hear?
Given the FDA criteria, he's not a candidate at this time.
Your son can be helped by less invasive methods. Hearing aids.
- The new digital hearing aid. - Paired with intensive speech therapy.
What about sign language?
Why limit him to signing when we can teach him to hear and speak?
So, what do we do to get this digital hearing aid?
So they do this thing with scallops and a white wine sauce...
What is this lunch about?
All in good time.
Just tell me. You can't keep secrets.
- I'm in control. It's a new me. - Really?
Could the "new you" see a kid?
- He's got a parasite infection. - I have 10 minutes. I have paperwork.
Is it bad?
It might kill your interest in the scallops.
Yeah, found these in the copy machine.
Hey, throw that in Dr. Ross' box.
Dr. Carter, do you remember me? Roxanne?
I spoke to you at Jerry's surprise party.
- You were selling disability insurance. - Right.
I'm "more likely to be maimed than killed"?
Sorry, I didn't mean to pressure you.
I'm here to sign up one of your nurses.
But my toe is still a little sore. The one I dropped the weight on.
- Would you mind taking a look? - Sure. Hop up here.
Did I tell you I'm also selling mutual funds now?
I just started. Such an exciting arena.
- A little tender right there. - Sorry.
Selling straight funds or variable annuities?
You know about annuities?
Once your Keogh's maxed out, you need a vehicle for tax-deferred income.
But most people can't lock up their money until retirement.
That's where muni bonds come in.
Well, this is healing. It'll just take a little more time.
Avoid stomping your feet. You'll be fine.
- No slam dancing to the Beastie Boys? - Slow dancing.
Whatever you say, Dr. Carter.
Thank you.
This is rather nostalgic.
My last day as a Surgical Fellow.
At least it's a beginning of something rather substantial.
A gastroplasty on a 400-pound gentleman.
Did I make the wrong choice?
It's not for me to say.
Still, I wouldn't mind hearing your opinion.
Is there some ominous portent in that long pause?
I just can't imagine being an intern again.
I'm determined not to whine about it.
And I feel very good about not leaving the hospital.
You might as well take a coffee break.
Our patient just expired in the SICU.
- What's this? - Rodney MacMullen, 48.
- Oh, God! - Carving knife versus forehead.
Good vitals, no visual complaints but drunk and combative.
Lucy, come on!
Damn beans! You give them work, they don't care! Son of a bitch!
All right, everybody.
Be nice and gentle.
On my count:
One, two, three.
Pancho must die. I'll blow his brains out
- Hold him down. - I got his legs. Lucy, get his arm!
I'll get restraints!
CBC, Chem-7, PT, PTT, type and cross for two units.
Pupils equal, react to light.
- Sir, hold still. - Let me get up.
- How do I tie him? - Tie his wrist to the frame.
- Gram of Ancef? - Do you have any allergies?
- Just let me up! - Go with the Ancef.
Carol, can you hold his head?
I want to look in the mouth. Sir, open your mouth.
- He's tied! - Okay, Lucy, take a look.
The blade's in the oropharynx and penetrated the frontal sinuses.
- Missed the eyes completely. - Son of a bitch!
Lucy, you tied him to the rail, not the frame. You don't listen.
Hey, hey! Don't spit!
Carol, give him five Haldol, I.M. Sir, don't spit.
Put this on.
Not you, Lucy! Him!
- Dana, this is Dr. Ross. - Hi.
Hey, Dana. How are you feeling?
I'm okay.
Any more pain?
It's still there a bit but I don't mind.
All right. Let's take a look at the damage here.
Now, how exactly did this happen?
I moved up for the goal and had a side kick right in the net.
And as soon as my foot touched the ball...
...I heard a crack.
Then I went to take a step...
...and it just gave out and started hurting.
Did you collide with anybody? Anybody fall on top of you?
- No. - Anybody kick you in the shin?
No. All I did was kick the ball.
- What's wrong? - It's a severe break.
I want to understand how it happened.
We're gonna get you some more pain medication.
And we're gonna run some tests. All right?
- Okay. - Okay.
Did you see that?
The bone looked like it exploded from the inside.
- I want a CT-guided needle biopsy. - Tumor?
Remotely possible it's an infection. The parents?
One of the soccer moms is calling them.
We need their consent for the biopsy.
You have a call on 35.
A Mr. Davidson from some insurance company calling you back.
What is this?
- They found it in the copy room. - It's not mine.
- It has your name on it. - Thanks.
He has the same coverage I have.
No insurance covers it?
So if I needed them, you wouldn't buy them?
Well, that's not acceptable. Listen...
Can I speak to your superior, please?
Fine! Fine! I'll call him back.
Problem, Peter?
Just bureaucracy. Drives you crazy.
So I'm supposed to treat this knife wound?
It's not just a knife wound. No hurry, I gave him five of Haldol.
We got a hostage crisis and shootout. They'll need a triage officer.
They'd want someone more experienced. I start tomorrow.
- The rush is the best part. - Maybe we'll see you on TV.
- A shootout? - Yeah, Wild West. How about it, doc?
Tell Dr. Weaver that I'm going on a run.
800, 850...
Malik, could I ask you a question?
- Which do you think is the better vein? - Let's see.
- That's the one. Big and straight. - Okay.
Just slide it in. He can't feel anything.
It's going in.
Got a flash. I'm advancing.
Sapphire pinkie ring? This man ain't got no class.
Hooked up the line.
Got the tape.
How come it's not running in?
It's infiltrated.
- You went through the vein. - No, I was really careful.
You gotta be kind of Zen with it, okay?
Now, watch the master, okay?
It's not about seeing. It's not about feeling.
It's about knowing.
Malik, you got a phone call in Admit.
- It's in. - Okay.
Now, finish it up.
I'll take it out there.
- Okay? - Yep.
Now, keep an eye on this guy too.
When you finish, there's a head lac to irrigate in Curtain 2.
Oh, the knife tip is posterior to the uvula and the oropharynx.
So everything under control in here?
It's fine.
I asked Malik for some help with the IV.
Good. Use the nurses.
That's an important lesson.
We exchanged gunfire. The assailant is down.
- Bomb squad's checking him. - Bomb squad?
He took four employees hostage with explosives.
- What's his problem? - He works here.
Guess he didn't like it.
The docs are here. How's he doing?
The guy's covered in dynamite. Got chicken wire all over his body.
Lots of blood coming out of his neck.
- How long's he been down? - Ten minutes.
- Can we get in? - When we clear the explosives.
Clark, can I send a doc in there?
Well, I've cut the main fuse. But it's not safe without a 7B suit.
- What's that? - A bomb suit.
- Put me in that thing. - Wait a minute.
If anyone goes, it should be you. You're the doctor.
I'm not pressuring you. If he dies, it wouldn't ruin my day.
But it just looks bad on the evening news.
Sure. I'll go in.
Jeanie, hey. That was Pathology about Dana.
Full workup will take a while. Looks like Ewing's sarcoma.
- Lf you want to beg off... - No, I want to help.
Female, 77, found unconscious in her home.
Her name is Emily Holmes. She says she has very good health coverage.
We found her with BP 90/60, pulse 120.
Started a line. She arrested en route.
- History? - No meds in the bathroom.
Does she have any medical problems?
I'm just her neighbor. She always seemed all right. Just forgetful.
Let's get her on a monitor, 7.5 ET tube.
There were three newspapers at her door, so I knew something was wrong.
All right, I'm in.
Bag her.
Full compressions.
- V-fib, no pulse. - Charge, 200.
Is she dead? What's happening?
- Can I help? - Everyone clear.
Sinus tach.
I got a pulse. Why do you think she arrested?
Could've had an MI. Could be septic, hypoxic, electrolyte imbalance.
BP's 90 palp.
Let's start her on dopamine. Let's get a 12-lead.
- She's not out of the woods yet. - Does that mean she's gonna die?
That's a possibility. Do you know her family?
I never saw anyone come to see her.
I only ask because my sister's on a waiting list...
...for an apartment in the building.
I don't really understand why a biopsy was done for a broken leg.
The fracture didn't match what Dana said had happened. It seemed unusual.
- How? - It may have been caused by a tumor.
- A tumor? - It weakened the bone.
We have more tests...
...but the biopsy showed blue cells, malignant cells.
Are you saying she has cancer?
Everything is still in the diagnostic stage.
You're not certain, then.
The indication is that there is a sarcoma.
So you should speak with an oncologist.
Oh, no. I don't believe this.
Oh, here she is.
Hey, honey.
How are you feeling?
Did you hear how it happened? It was so stupid.
I'm sure you played a hard game.
How much longer?
With detonators, all this damn wire...
I hate amateurs.
The wacko must have spent hours wrapping this.
Oh, God, his guts! His guts are coming out under this stuff.
Don't cut any more, okay? That's small intestine.
It's all wrapped up in the wire.
His pulse is getting weaker.
We gotta get him to the ER. Is that black box a bomb?
I got rid of the dynamite.
Let's be safe and wrap it in a ballistic blanket.
If it blows, no one gets hurt except Boris.
Zadro, get the gurney down here now.
We're moving him out.
Dr. Olivas said that with these digital hearing aids...
...he'll be able to understand and talk as well as you and I.
So he won't be deaf?
His residual hearing is something that we can work with.
If he does the treatment...
...twice a week for an hour. One of us has to be with him.
- I can do that. - Well, so can I.
This treatment... It's natural hearing input.
The more we talk to him, the better his speech will develop.
You're gonna be okay, honey. Hear that? You're gonna be okay.
- Of course he is. - Yeah.
There is one thing, though. This hearing aid is expensive...
...and my insurance won't cover it.
Why won't they?
If no one's covered, neither are the elderly.
Oh, that's so low.
Yeah. I hate asking this...
...but it's $5000 and I've only got $2700 in the bank. So I was...
Peter, I said that we share everything and I meant everything, okay?
It means we share everything. Don't worry about it.
Just be happy that something can be done.
PH, 7.32. PO-2, 345 on 100 percent.
Good. Good. Turn it down to 50 percent.
- Check another gas in a half an hour. - Okay.
- Is this Emily Holmes? - Yes.
John Carter.
She was found in her apartment.
Margo Aikin. I authorize admissions for Blue Beacon, her HMO.
This lady's a DNR.
She came in full arrest. She didn't have any papers or any family.
Let's step outside.
I don't know what your plans are, but I can't admit her.
This patient's critical.
Dr. Carter, I can't justify an expenditure of $5000 a day...
...on a patient who should not be alive, does not want to be alive.
I wasn't gonna let her die. That's not what we do here.
Her choice was not to be resuscitated.
It's in the HMO file. That's the guideline I follow.
She's on a vent. You have to take her.
No, I don't.
You tubed her. You take her.
Four units O-neg.
- What's his airway? - Intubated in the field.
- Hey, what's going on? - GSW. Bomb squad is coming with him.
Bomb squad?
This the guy with the dynamite?
- Should be safe. - "Should"?
- Gunshot wound to neck and abdomen. - BP was 100 palp.
Very gently on my count: One, two, three...
Open this blanket nice and easy.
Eviscerated bowel. CBC, chem panel, coag, type and cross for four.
- Gram of cefotetan. - Pressure's down to 85 systolic.
- I'll throw in a subclavian. - You want O-neg?
Yeah. Two units.
Bowel's wrapped around this chicken wire. What is this?
May be a detonator. I won't know till it's open.
- Can it go off? - Lf there's a blasting cap.
Just don't mess with it.
Jeanie, let's irrigate with some saline.
Let's get some sterile lap pads. Come on. Oh, man!
We'll resect this mess in the O.R.
You're coming with us.
Someone get some scrubs for Officer Clark.
- Okay, I'm in. Hook me up. - Pulse ox 98.
- Let me get this under there. - Come on. Clean it out. Good.
It's shorting! You got about five seconds!
Everybody out of here! Out! Now! Let's go!
2000, 3000, 4000...
All right! We've got an open bowel in here!
Let's move, people! Let's get him up to the O.R.!
- I got the line. - O.R. 2 is ready.
There you go.
So this is shrimp? And what's the red shredded stuff?
That's Maui onions.
- No pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes? - It's gourmet.
The bomber spoiled my gourmet lunch. So the heroics give you an appetite?
Oh, no. The running from the Trauma Room gave me an appetite.
- What is this lunch about? - Yeah.
All right. Okay. First a reading.
"Performance Review, Dr. Douglas Ross, by Kerry Weaver, M.D."
- Where did you get that? - It was found in the copying machine.
"Dr. Ross repeatedly demonstrates a complete disregard...
...for policies and procedures.
For example, in regard to patient discharge..." Wait.
Okay. "In spite of mandatory counseling to correct a history...
...of disrupting workplace behavior...
...Dr. Ross exhibits ongoing problems with impulse control."
That's right, Kerry. I'm a psycho.
She could've given that to the Pedes Review Committee.
It's too late. I brought you here...
...because I wanted you to toast the new Pedes ER Attending: Me.
- Really? - Yeah.
A buddy on the committee told me at 6:00 a.m.
I'm approved. They're telling Anspaugh right now.
I am so proud of you. I am so thrilled.
Aren't you thrilled?
He's got his doubts a little bit, right?
Whatever my doubts were, in all honesty...
...I'm very happy for you. Happy for both of you.
Mark, Rachel's here. She wants to see you.
She seems a little upset.
Honey, what's up?
Dad, can you come outside? There's sort of a problem.
He was ill when we left Vermillion.
We got a rodeo in Louisville 8:00 a.m. Tomorrow.
It's colic for sure. I ain't seen a load in 12 hours.
Don't worry. My dad can help you. He's a doctor.
Honey, I'm not a vet.
Last time he got impacted, mineral oil enema did the trick.
We don't have the facilities to treat animals, but we can find you a vet.
Nearest large-animal is in Buffalo Grove. Two hours in traffic.
Dad, we gotta help him. Please?
He's one of the finest roping horses there is.
Poor thing. If he goes down in the trailer, he could die.
That's right, miss. He sure could.
That would be tragic.
What's his name?
Cherry Blossom. Say hi, Cherry.
Hi, Cherry.
Don't worry. My dad's gonna make you all better.
It's clean. No money in tobacco, polluting chemicals, mining.
It's like charity. But it's an investment.
- It's a White Hat Fund. - What's the return?
Over the past five years it's been about 7.9 percent.
You got anything dirtier with a better upside?
Sure, here you go.
Pure petrochemicals: 17.4 percent return.
Dr. Carter? My toe is feeling so much better since you retaped it.
- Good. - Why don't we get together sometime?
Maybe a little hot talk about dollar-cost averaging...
I'm really not much of a customer these days.
This isn't really a sales pitch.
You work out?
- Yeah, when I can find the time. - Well, it's hard to find the time.
I get free passes at the Artemis Club.
It's good for a workout and sauna. I'm there every night about 7.
- Thanks. You careful with your toe? - Yeah.
I exercycle, light weights. Great therapy after a hard day.
It's much more fun when someone else is there. It makes the time fly.
Well, today is not really a good day for me.
- But some other time. I'll come by. - Whenever.
- He's not moving any air. - Pulse ox 88.
- Gotta tube him. How much you weigh? - 260.
Yosh, 180 of ketamine, 180 of sux.
Conni, 8.0 ET.
I can't breathe.
We need to put a tube in your throat to help you.
We'll give you medicine to make you sleep.
- Meds onboard. - Put him down.
We need a vent in here.
- I need suction. - Pulse ox is falling. Eighty-five.
I don't really need this distraction.
Yosh, give me cricoid pressure.
Damn! I can't see the cords.
Bag him! Conni, give me a number four Mackintosh. His neck's too big.
- Pulse ox 89. - We don't have a number four blade.
- Anesthesia will have one. - He's paralyzed.
Yeah, keep bagging him. His pulse ox is up to 90.
Dr. Greene?
They sent this down from Surgery. Can I keep it?
Keep it here. The cops will want it.
- How's it going? - Weaver's having trouble intubating.
Needs a bigger blade.
- Everything okay? - Status asthmaticus, needs intubation.
Bull neck. I need a number four blade.
- Mind if I take a look? - You'll deprive him of oxygen, Mark.
Okay. Yeah, you're right. It's a tough one.
- Yosh, cricoid pressure. - We tried that.
Pulse ox is falling. Get out, Mark.
Backwards, upwards, to the right.
I can see.
Good. Okay, I'm in.
Bag him.
Don't let them bag him too fast. He's got a long expiratory phase.
- You Dr. Weaver? - Yes.
Can you sign off on this order?
- You put the copier back? - It's not going back in.
They're converting it to a Pediatric Exam.
See? We're taking out a wall. It'll look real good.
Thank you.
- Dr. Weaver? - What do you want?
- About that patient in Trauma 1... - Why is she here? We need the bed.
I tried to get her admitted to the unit but she's a DNR.
Her HMO won't authorize admission.
She can't stay in the ER. Get her admitted or transfer her.
She's intubated. She's not stable for transfer.
You want to be Chief Resident, don't come to me when things go wrong.
Deal with this yourself. Improve your problem-solving skills.
Randi, get me Dr. Anspaugh!
Hello, Peter.
I suppose we should talk.
Elizabeth, this isn't a good time for me.
Yeah, I know. It's been a rough day.
The bomber and...
I'd like to get something out in the open.
I know it's not been easy being with me.
But if it's not working out, and if you and Carla are back together...
...I'd appreciate hearing it from you.
What? What are you...?
It's got nothing to do with that.
You've been avoiding me. What's happened?
I'm not avoiding you. I'm dealing with some things.
Well, what things? What is it?
Reece is hearing-impaired.
- How bad? - He's profoundly deaf.
Peter, I'm so sorry.
I didn't tell you about it...
...because it's private.
I haven't been avoiding you. It's just that, you know what?
I don't know how to talk about that.
Easy, boy. Easy, boy.
How's he doing, Rachel?
He's okay.
You been around horses much?
Sure got a way with them.
Keep him still. I'm gonna put the tube in.
If you can hold the tail just...
Easy. Easy, boy.
Good. Tube's in.
Jerry, why don't you go ahead and squeeze the lavage bag?
I'm not gonna get kicked, am I?
No. He's as sweet as they come.
Nice and easy. Don't worry, boy. We're not gonna hurt you.
Nothing's gonna shoot out, is it?
No, it shouldn't. You know, not for a while.
Okay. Here goes.
Nice and easy.
Nice, even flow.
Hey. How you doing?
What's an oncologist?
He's a doctor that deals with abnormal cell growth.
He's a cancer doctor?
Why can't you be honest with me?
My parents were talking to an oncologist outside the room.
He said something about...
They're with him right now.
There were indications in your biopsy. You may have a tumor.
That means they'll cut off my leg?
The specialists will look at their options and then make a decision.
Stop ducking my questions!
Can't you be honest?
All right.
Amputation offers us the best choice.
I don't want to live without my leg. I'd rather be dead.
When they finish diagnosis, they'll talk about all treatments.
Treatments that could save my leg?
The kind of tumor that you have...
...amputation offers us the best chance.
If they amputate... it certain I'll live?
But it's your best shot, kiddo.
If you were my daughter, I would try to persuade you to do it.
Would you still do it if I said no?
We get all the facts.
It's a decision you and your parents will have to make together.
You have power of attorney for over 700 clients?
So you've never actually even met her?
Yeah, any information that you... Could you fax it over?
I guess that's what we'll do.
Thank you very much.
Everything okay, Carter?
Yeah, I intubated a DNR patient.
HMO won't admit her, no family, only a lawyer with durable power.
And he's never even met her.
- What are you thinking about? - I don't know.
I mean, should I extubate? It just seems kind of wrong.
DNR means she did not want heroic measures.
The real question is whether or not you're ready to do it.
- Have you ever done it? - Yeah, once.
But I had family support.
Vitals are stable, pulse ox 98.
I weaned her off the dopamine.
I'm going to turn off the vent.
Do an apnea test.
- Should I get an Attending? - I already talked to Dr. Greene.
She's a DNR.
She didn't want this.
- Spontaneous respiration. - Just one breath. That might be it.
No, she's breathing on her own. I'm gonna extubate.
Let's give her five liters of oxygen.
Hey, any luck? Dr. Greene wants an enema update.
No. No movement yet.
I'm learning all about taking care of horses.
It might not hurt to let him out a bit, let him walk around.
Movement's good for colic.
You want to get in and give him a pat? Help me ease him out?
I don't have any experience with horses.
I never even touched one before today.
You'll be fine. Just don't show any fear.
And don't worry about showing him who's boss.
Come on, Blossom.
You got all these nice folks concerned about you.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on, good boy.
Hey, now! You brought us some good luck, son.
Hey, Mark.
Can we talk?
- I was going out to see the horse. - Yeah, it's important.
What's up, Kerry?
Let's go in the lounge.
Did you know Doug Ross was made a Pedes Attending?
That they're fixing up a suite of rooms for him?
Yeah. He told me at lunch.
Really? Oh. Well, I was told by the painters.
I had to read it on a work form. What's going on around here?
- What do you mean? - Why was I left out of the loop?
Kerry, Ross is the new Pedes ER Attending. That's a fact of life.
We should learn to accept it and move on, okay?
Wait a minute. How can I "move on"...
...when you express disfavor about Ross as an Attending to my face...
...and then celebrate his dubious achievement behind my back?
- Is this really about Ross? - Yes. Yes, it's about Ross.
- I don't think he's qualified. - The hospital doesn't agree.
You're not angry about him.
This is about you obsessing over a silly title.
Make a decision, Kerry.
You want to be a doctor or an administrator?
I'm gonna go examine a horse.
I finished my write-ups on the chest pain and the altered mental status.
I need you to cosign these charts before I go.
Those PVCs?
That's right.
Shouldn't we give something for that?
You shock that, right?
Not this time.
Watch. V-tach...
...V- fib...
...then asystole.
She's not suffering. It's what she wanted.
I'll sign those charts now.
Dr. Ross? You spoke to our daughter about treatment.
She's very upset. Why would you do that?
Why did you advise against amputation?
I didn't advise against it. I said it was her best chance.
But you gave her other alternatives. We want her to live.
So do I. But she has to accept what'll happen to her...
...not end up fighting some edict that gets handed down.
- This is our decision, not hers. - She's 15.
She's old enough to be involved in decisions about her own health.
Stay away from her.
You don't speak to her again. Understood?
All right. To survive, she needs your support.
She has to feel that you are working for her, not against her.
Let's go.
On the search committee for chief, have you set the days for meetings?
Yes. I was sorry to get your message this morning...
...that you won't have time to participate.
I've shifted some things around and made some room.
Really? We're getting together Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m.
- Lf you can make it. - I'd like to be involved.
I've lived in worse places.
It just needs fresh paint, some posters.
I can live anywhere as long as I've got music.
- Sure you're up for this? - I worked for Best Buy.
I assembled systems all day long. What have you got?
Bose. Top of the line.
This is a very expensive system.
I guess these are the cables that go with that?
Actually, those are RCA cables.
You must've hooked up your VCR through your amplifier.
I don't know. Some guy came over and hooked it all up.
You got a CD? We could try this out.
Yeah, sure.
"Jimmy Smith."
- Jazz? - Jazz.
I like it.
You know... doctor said that slow dancing is okay.
It might even be therapeutic.
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