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Subtitles for ER 05x11 - Nobody Doesnt Like Amanda Lee.

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ER 05x11 - Nobody Doesnt Like Amanda Lee

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Previously on ER:
Having a drink sounds great.
- You went out with her? - Just dinner.
We should embrace our mistakes and learn from them to improve the system.
I'm going to put the microphone-holder right behind the ear.
I wanted to postpone Reece's operation.
Are you coughing up blood?
If that woman has tuberculosis, it's highly contagious.
Something about me brings out the worst in people.
Merry Christmas, Amanda.
Got a beautiful snowstorm last night.
- I should really get up. - Me too.
You seen my pajama bottoms?
You should talk to IKerry about the heat.
It was pretty hot in here a minute ago.
So I'll pick you up tonight around 9?
I said I'd think about it.
My friends are dying to meet you.
Girls' night out? I'd feel like I was on display.
It'll beat babysitting a med student on a Friday.
Lucy's presenting Chief rounds tomorrow. It's a big deal.
And Lucy is a big girl.
I'd rather spend the night with you.
But only with you!
John, what is that?
That is a major drag.
- Hey! - Sorry.
- You were an easy target. - Quite an arm.
My grandfather was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds.
Isn't this is an emergency entrance?
The plow comes in and pushes the snow from one side to the other.
I'll call Maintenance.
Don't bother. By the time they get here, it'll be spring.
Snow reminds me of the year I spent working in Alaska.
You've done it all.
I try.
You've got something on your back.
You think that's funny, huh?
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
- I'm vibrating. - What?
It's my pager.
See you inside.
So Mark said dinner plans are, quote, "optional."
If everything's going well, we should vamoose.
I hope things go well. He deserves it.
Think they've slept together?
Well, if they observed the three-date rule...
What's that?
One, you go out. Two, you get invited in. Three, you close the deal.
- It's their fourth. - Lf you recall...
...we closed the deal on one.
Well, yeah. I was never much for rules.
Hang on. Call in a Code White. Get a gurney and a crash cart.
Joi Abbott fainted in the cafeteria, tachycardic at 130.
I'm fine. Really.
She's probably dehydrated.
Exam Two's open. We got it from here, Doug.
Excuse me.
Yo! Can I help you?
Who are you?
- Who are you? - Who is this guy?
Doug Ross, Pedes ER Attending, meet Tony Fig, Transport Dispatcher.
He's here while Jerry and Randi are sick.
Some dude from NASA called about your Phase Two application packet.
"NASA" as in the space program?
Probably "Nassau" as in trying to sell me a timeshare. There's no number.
- Said they'd call back. - Bet it was Jerry.
He's made two crank calls from home already.
Doug, I DC'd the otitis media. We're free and clear.
Excuse me.
For a nanosecond. Yes, officer?
What can I do for you?
Scott Pew. Thought it'd be cool to bumper-ski on my patrol car.
Until I made a U-turn and he shot into a hedge. He says he broke his arm.
It's more like his elbow. Looks like a fracture.
I'm gonna sit you down.
He could be a good candidate for our pain medication study.
I'll get his parents' consent.
Would you take a look at my hand?
I got a splinter.
I'm working in Pedes. I'll find you someone.
I'm a kid at heart.
I'll meet you in the Suture Room in a minute.
- I need to go. - Could you be pregnant?
No, my husband and I are separated.
When was the last time you ate?
I don't know. Lunch, yesterday.
Your body's malnourished.
My son's getting an MRI. If I'm not there when he's done...
We can call and explain. They'll keep an eye on him.
He gets scared if I'm not there. We have to get to the clinic.
We have a clinic here.
Ricky goes to the Genetics Clinic. Will you take this out, please?
What's your son's medical condition?
ALD. Adrenoleukodystrophy.
Are you giving him oils?
It's too late.
We'll have your results in an hour...
...if you'd like to come back when you're through upstairs.
Maybe. Thanks.
Well, we tried.
I'm looking forward to our double date.
Oh, me too.
If you don't mind me asking...
...have you and Mark ever been intimate?
Me and Mark? No, why?
Well, I just wondered if he makes a habit of seducing coworkers.
He's been so aggressive.
Oh, don't get me wrong.
I have never been as satisfied with anyone as I am with this man.
But when someone's that inventive... suspect he's a Don Juan.
We are talking about Mark Greene?
Last night on his fire escape... I'll drop these at the lab.
I must have gotten it from that woman.
Any night sweats or fever?
A positive test doesn't mean TB, just that I'm exposed.
You need a chest x-ray.
And INH prophylaxis for at least six months. I know the drill.
I'm sorry.
The risk of being a doctor. I'm glad you're negative.
- Carter, Roxanne, line two. - Thanks, Lily.
I have to cancel our study plans this evening.
- Something's come up. - No problem.
Maybe you and Bernard can review together.
Hey, what's up?
- You hated it. - Well, no.
I haven't read it thoroughly.
Do you think I can get it published?
- It is controversial. - That's bad?
For you? Right now? Oh, yeah.
- We'll see if Anspaugh agrees. - Dr. Benton?
The patient's grandmother requested you personally.
Dr. Parks. This is a surprise. Where's your interpreter?
I can do that. My name is Gwen.
Oh, you can hear.
Grandma thinks I have appendi...
- Appendicitis? - That's it.
- Where does it hurt? - Around my bellybutton.
When did it start?
Grandma was driving me to school. She had to pull over so I could vomit.
I think you have gastroenteritis.
Can you spell that?
I'm sorry. Stomach flu.
You're wrong.
There's no localized tenderness in the right lower quadrant.
Grandma wants to do the ultrasound.
I'll re-examine her later. See if the problem declares itself.
What did she say?
She says she wants to do the ultrasound.
- Fine. - Fine.
I don't see a splinter. But there is something.
I'd hate for you to think I made it up to spend time with you.
That smile is worth a thousand splinters.
Easy. Got it.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Make it up to me by letting me take you out.
- I didn't hurt you that bad. - You will if you say no.
I don't think so.
- You've decided not to like me. - I don't even know you.
Right. So we go out, and you get to know me.
- Officer... - Call me Reggie.
Reggie, I'm just not looking to go out with anyone right now.
You know, if it's because you're HIV-positive, I'm cool with that.
You're cool with that?
Lucky me.
I didn't...
I wasn't talking about sex.
I like to get to know a woman first.
So how about we cross that bridge if we come to it?
Dr. Weaver, I almost forgot. Your mom called.
- My mom? - This morning before I left.
What did she say exactly?
Just that she'd try you again later.
- Am I supposed to get that? - I got it.
Did she ask for me by name?
Your mom?
Be advised of a commuter plane crash at Meig's Field.
Anticipating up to 14 trauma patients.
How many can you handle?
We can take three major, seven minor. Do you have an ETA? Over.
Negative. Awaiting reports from the scene. Over.
All right. Clear on Med Nine.
We have a mass casualty incident. Implement disaster protocol.
Set up Curtains 1 and 2, Trauma 2 and 3 for critical patients.
John, will you put IV stands and gurneys in the hallway?
I need warm saline, rapid infusers, and O-negative available at every bedside.
I appreciate your work. I don't think it's appropriate for publication.
How can we effect change without an open forum?
I support change, Elizabeth.
But I don't believe your paper is the proper tool.
You object to me mentioning my mistake because it paints us in a poor light.
No, it paints you in a poor light.
It has a confessional quality that concerns me.
I suggest you find out the true motives for writing this paper...
...before you become hell-bent on sharing it with the world.
Nothing like a multivictim trauma.
I'm Dale Edson, third-year Surgical Resident.
Lucy IKnight, third-year student.
Working with Carter, former Surgical Intern.
Wait until you do a Surgical rotation.
It makes emergency medicine look like child's play.
Here. Let me help you with that.
You ever been on a riverboat casino?
Like in New Orleans?
Like in Elgin. It's a stellar boat, The Grand Victoria.
I'm heading up there this evening. Would you like to join me?
I've never been gambling before.
Don't you need to prepare for Chief rounds tomorrow?
When you're through, check the O-neg.
I can help you on it during the drive up, if you want.
- That would be great. - We've got work to do.
It won't be the same without you.
Am I going someplace?
You don't have to play dumb, Doug.
Matt Richmond phoned.
I downplayed you. I'm not an idiot.
I am, because I have no idea what you're talking about.
Who's this Richmond guy?
He runs an HMO headquartered in Portland.
They want someone to set up pediatric ERs around the country.
Dr. Lee, blood bank's on the phone.
Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.
Glad to hear it.
You applied for the space program?
My second year of Residency. I made the first cut.
What happened?
Rachel was just barely out of diapers and Jen was starting law school.
They wouldn't let me defer.
- So that call from NASA could be real. - I doubt it.
- Trauma Room's ready. - Great. Thanks, you guys.
You two seem to be moving along.
She's kind of playing hard to get.
Carter, Lucy and Lily will handle minors in the main hall.
Mark, you and Carol to Trauma One.
IKerry, you and Chuny in Trauma Two. Lydia and I will float.
Come in, County General.
Jeanie and I will take critical pedes in Curtain Three.
This is County. Over.
Everybody, Critical pedes, Curtain Three.
Be advised your facility has been instructed to stand down. Over.
Come in, Center. We're ready to handle patients. Over.
- Stand down? - Stop prepping.
There were no survivors on scene. Repeat, no survivors. Over.
Copy that, Dispatch.
- Any messages for me? - And you are...?
Dr. Weaver. Weaver.
One. It sounded important.
- From my mother? - Your dentist.
Any calls for me, business or otherwise, page me.
I got you covered. Dr. Greene?
Overnight delivery. Check out the return address.
"NASA"? You deserting me?
No, of course not.
Got another one behind us.
Okay, I'll take this one. Amanda?
42-year-old female. Trauma from a collapsed chimney.
- Chimney? - Possible ALOC. Shortness of breath.
Help me! Help me!
- What's her name? - Edie Harvelle.
Edie, you're in good hands.
Blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen from bricks, abdominal pain.
- Vitals? - BP, 100 palp. Pulse, 110.
On my count. One, two, three.
Pupils equal, react to light.
Go... home.
Tachypneic and tachycardic.
Do you have chest pains?
Pain... everywhere.
BP's 130/82.
Possible pneumothorax. I want a CBC, chem panel, send off cardiac enzymes.
- We gotta rule out an MI. - She's young for an MI.
I don't want to take any chances. Do you mind checking on IKerry?
Pressure's holding at 100.
He's a psychologist. He was treating your patient.
- What were you treating her for? - Agoraphobia.
Edie's terrified of public places.
- Including hospitals? - Pulse ox 98.
I was using a desensitization approach.
She went outside for the first time in five years and a chimney fell on us.
Call CT. Right upper quadrant tender.
- Does she have panic attacks? - 30 a day.
- Great. - CT can take him now.
Let's get him up.
She has relaxation music with her. That may help.
EIKG normal.
Lips... numb.
My name is Dr. Greene. You're in a hospital. Nothing bad can happen.
Hospitals... bad.
Let go of the Walkman.
Haleh, I want you to try and find a Yanni tape.
IKeep breathing.
All right. Yeah, there's fluid around the edematous appendix. E-D-E...
That's my mom.
She was on a field trip with her students while Grandma called.
- What does this mean? - Father.
She says you're the father of the deaf boy.
Do me a favor. Tell your mother and grandmother... Never mind.
Hey. Hey, excuse me.
Listen, she...
- Appendix? - Appendix. Yeah, yeah, right.
I'm gonna have an operation?
Yeah. But it's fine.
Mom needs a signer. Grandma's not a surgeon.
I need to ask questions. The hospital needs to provide one.
Yeah. Look, I'll take care of it. It's no problem.
Am I gonna be okay?
You're gonna be fine.
Edie, this mask will help you breathe.
Just inhale like this.
Nice and easy.
- Mask off! - No, no, no. Mask on.
Mask off!
Bad news. CT's down.
I don't want to put her on sedation until we rule out intracranial bleed.
- We may have no choice. - Let me try something.
Okay, Edie.
I want you to close your eyes.
- I can't. - Sure you can.
Close your eyes.
I want you to imagine yourself as a little girl...
...someplace warm and safe.
- It's dark. - No, it's not.
Close your eyes.
It's light and it's airy.
And it's warm and it's safe.
Can you tell me where you are?
Who's with you there?
- Mom. - Your mom.
She's baking something.
It smells really yummy.
Can you tell me what she's baking?
- Cookies. - Cookies. Very good.
That's good.
That's good.
I'm sorry if I offended you earlier.
Don't worry.
I'm thinking of something to tell you to make it even.
- It's not necessary. - How I'm broke or got suspended once.
It's not that simple.
Nothing in my life compares to what you're going through.
Don't feel sorry for me. I'm doing great.
Where did you learn that?
I did research on phobias in school.
I actually got published in the Cornell Medical Journal.
I'd love to read it. Do you still have a copy?
- Filed in a box somewhere. - Ambulance pulling up.
I'll take that. It's poorly written psychobabble. You'd be bored.
I doubt it.
I just got the labs back on Joi Abbott.
The woman who fainted in the cafeteria.
She has microcytic anemia.
Give her iron. She'll be fine.
Well, I doubt it. Her son has ALD.
- How old is he? - Eight. Why?
They usually don't make it past 10.
He had an older brother who died of it three years ago.
It's X-linked. Inherited from the mother. It only strikes boys.
No wonder Joi looks like hell.
- Simon says, "Fly like a bird!" - I can't believe you paged me for this.
When a child acts out, it's usually an indication of a bigger problem.
If Reece bit a kid, he was probably provoked.
Actually, this isn't the first time he's disrupted class.
Yesterday Reece threw a fit when it was sing-along time...
...and he wanted to continue painting.
Maybe because he can't sing along.
We don't have the personnel to let each child do their own activities.
I already spend extra time talking to him and making sure...
Okay, okay, listen, listen, what do you want me to do?
Perhaps he needs a special-needs environment...
...where he'll get more personal attention.
It may be the best for all concerned.
- Good breath sounds bilaterally. - You're doing awesome.
Fetal heart tones present at 140.
Are you feeling any pain here?
Only with the contractions. Is our baby okay?
- So far, so good. - Hemoglobin is 12.8.
- What have we got? - Robin Gambrell, 28.
Restrained front-seat passenger, involved in a two-car MVA.
Full-term and she's in active labor.
It was my fault. I shouldn't have been driving so fast.
They brought the other victim. I think they need you next door.
Hope that guy's okay. Never saw him coming.
We're gonna have to do a pelvic exam before we bring you up to OB.
Mike, did you hurt your back?
Don't worry about me, baby.
Let's get a trauma panel on Mr. Gambrell for kidney damage.
Oh, here comes another one!
Okay, baby. Breathe. Breathe through the pain.
Aaron Drane. He's a private in the Army.
- BP's 60. - Could be intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
I need a peritoneal lavage kit. Prep the belly.
Another two units of O-neg.
Heart rate's 130.
All right, Lucy. Hook up the adapter to the syringe.
Okay, I'm in. Pull back on the syringe.
Gross blood.
- V-fib. - Crash cart!
Charge to 200.
Do you know how to use the Internet?
My middle initials are "WWW."
I'm trying to find an article on the Cornell Medical School Journal site.
You got back slashes instead of forward slashes. Common beginner's mistake.
- Author's name? - Amanda Lee.
Subject would be "phobias."
A.W. Lee wrote something called "Fearing Fear."
- Could you print that? - Already did.
Oh. Listen, call down to the library...
...and have them send up any articles by the same author.
Hey, for you, Dr. G.
One more time.
Charge to 50.
- Charging. - Clear.
Still asystole.
Me and some friends were hanging out after my shift...
...when Robin called and told me that her water broke.
I kind of freaked out.
That's common with first-time dads.
Mike's been working doubles so he can take time off after the baby's born.
I don't want Robin going through this alone.
Sounds like you'll make great parents.
That's a good-Iooking baby. Placenta looks fine.
Thank you, God.
How's the other driver doing?
Everything's fine, baby.
Don't worry.
"This time, with the wind aft, and a good one...
...the swallow fairly raced to the island...
...with her wing..." - Hi, Joi.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it back down.
I decided to come to you instead.
That's nice of you.
This must be Ricky. I'm Carol.
He just started having trouble talking.
He used to be such a chatterbox.
So I got some terrible disease too?
Your blood test confirmed you're anemic.
If you take these iron pills, you'll feel a lot better.
I'd like you to come back in three weeks so I can recheck your blood.
It's hard for me to plan that far ahead.
Time to eat. I got chocolate today.
Do you have any help with Ricky?
My daughter, Celia, plays with him.
I was actually thinking more medically.
I take care of all that.
I could arrange for respite care.
Someone who could watch Ricky a couple hours a day...
...while you regain your strength.
I appreciate the offer, but Ricky's my responsibility.
If you don't take care of yourself... won't be much help to him or your daughter either.
It's my job to see him through this.
Good effort in there, Amanda.
You win some, you lose some.
I was trying to find your journal article, and I found this:
Written by A.W. Lee, picture of 40-year-old Asian guy.
He was a classmate of mine at Cornell.
And not a very good one. People were constantly getting us mixed up.
You wrote the article, but they printed his photo.
They printed a correction in the next issue.
And this was on the Internet. A global source of misinformation.
Why don't you get the editor of the Cornell Journal of Medicine for me?
It's really not necessary.
You should get credit for your work.
Where's Cornell?
Yes, officer?
I'm following up on the MVA.
Mrs. Gambrell and the baby are doing fine.
Unfortunately, the driver of the other car expired.
And Michael Gambrell, the driver who caused the accident?
Just some minor cuts and abrasions.
He was driving erratically. Did you get a blood alcohol on him?
Just a CBC and a chem panel.
Can you get a B.A.L. Off that?
- I don't think that's necessary. - It's standard procedure.
I can take him down to the station...
- I'll add it to his orders. - Appreciate it.
Just try and relax, Mr. Wong.
Pulse ox 87.
- I can't find the radial artery. - Try a brachial stick.
I've got a pulse.
Mr. Wong, I'm gonna stick you now.
I'm getting blood.
All it takes is a little practice.
- Lily, take over for Lucy. - Dr. Carter?
Go to the Suture Room and flush out the wound.
- Sounds like an astronaut to me. - It's not like I'm gonna fly it.
- What's a payload specialist do? - On-board experiments.
A guy I went to school with is heading up a medical team for next year.
That's some pretty intense training.
I'm not physically in shape?
They let John Glenn back up there, and he's, what, in his late 70s?
Thanks, Carol.
Sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime.
It's not like you have Rachel and Jen to tie you down.
"Tie him down"?
It's not like I was looking for it.
Yo, Dr. G.
Those A.W. Lee articles you wanted? They're checked out.
- All of them? By who? - I didn't ask.
- When? - Didn't ask.
Did that editor from Cornell return my call?
Listen, check with the library and see what else you can find out.
- Donald, can I talk to you? - I'm late for surgery, Mark.
Do you know anybody over at the Cornell Medical School?
Why don't you talk to Dr. Lee? That's her alma mater.
You never spoke to anybody about her?
I didn't see the need. Her letters of recommendation were glowing.
Yes, they were.
And an old Army buddy of mine said she's the best Resident he's ever had.
That's good to hear.
- Lf there's a problem...? - No. Sorry to bother you.
CT just called. They're ready for the freaky chica.
Why don't you stick with me? I may need your transpo expertise.
Lucy, I am so sorry.
It was an accident.
I should've warned the patient that I was gonna stick him.
Like you said, risk comes with the job.
What do I do?
We'll send a sample of his blood down to the lab for a rapid HIV test.
Without his permission?
Yes, since we already have a sample.
And if he turns out to be HIV-positive...
...which I'm sure he won't...
...then we'll tell him the test results.
If he's positive, I'm gonna have to start prophylaxis.
Well, let's just take this one step at time. Okay?
Hasn't the interpreter arrived?
The nurse says she's busy. Another one is driving in.
Okay. You know, we really shouldn't wait on this.
She said okay.
- Grandma wants to watch. - No, no, it's not necessary.
Okay, okay, fine.
I love you.
I love you both.
We're gonna be in and out of there in less than 20 minutes.
- Don't leave. - I'm right here.
- How's it look? - The coast is clear, captain.
Why don't you close your eyes and imagine yourself in...
...outer space.
- What? - You're floating around the galaxy... the black expanse.
Earth is a tiny speck in the distance. Okay?
- Are there cookies? - Sure, they have cookies in space.
Wash them down with Tang.
Coming through! I need blood now!
Don't... let... me...!
Let's go back. We're gonna go back.
Let's take her back. We're gonna take you back.
We've been waiting for over 45 minutes and no one will tell us about our son.
I'm sure the doctor's tied up.
I want to know about my son!
What's going on?
What's your son's name?
Aaron Drane. He's a private in the U.S. Army.
He was in a car accident.
I don't know, but let me see if I can find out.
He was home on leave, driving back to base.
Look, we're gonna go back there! You can't stop us.
Mr. Drane, Mrs. Drane, I'm Officer Moore.
I'm very sorry, but your son, Aaron, was very seriously injured...
...and he died.
The doctors here did everything they could to save him.
What are you doing in here?
I'm cutting out some fascinating articles on Conn's Syndrome.
Aren't those hospital copies?
Yeah, they were extras.
Unfortunately, I have to cancel on tonight.
This migraine's like a train running through my head.
Have you ever tried just...?
You name it, I've tried it. I think the best thing... to go home and pull the covers over my head.
But Mark and I will definitely reschedule.
- Okay. - Okay.
Oh, Dr. Weaver.
Mike Gambrell's blood alcohol came back.
- .086. - He's just over the limit.
Not good at all.
I'm okay. Nothing bad can happen to me.
I am in control.
Just keep nice, positive thoughts. That's good.
I am in control. I am okay.
- How weird is that? - What?!
We're just gonna wait for the next elevator because this one's full.
All right, there it is. One inflamed appy with fibrinous exudate.
I've never come across a deaf doctor.
Quite an amazing feat she pulled off.
Preparing to clamp.
How did she manage a Residency?
Especially a Surgical rotation with a mask on, her hands occupied?
She can't read our lips.
It's rude to talk about her when she's right in front of us.
You're absolutely right.
My apologies.
Where have you been?
I was helping Dr. G. Get a patient to CT. It was no picnic.
He wanted this Cornell call. I should find him.
- I'm heading that way. - I owe you one.
Look, he had a couple of beers with no intention of driving.
Then his wife called in labor.
- He killed a man. - He's willing to take responsibility.
He wants to stay with his wife through delivery.
I don't like this, but my job is to arrest him now.
Should his wife and child have to pay as well?
He can stay until she delivers. Then I'm taking him in.
Thank you. Thanks.
Great news. Mr. Wong's test results came back. He's negative.
- Are you sure? - I went to the lab myself to confirm.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much.
I'm the one that got you into this.
I appreciate you sticking through it.
I still want you to get tested again in six months, just to be safe.
Man, I'm so relieved!
Tell me about it!
You passed with flying colors. I'll be right in.
Go ahead and process those.
- I am okay. - Yes, you are.
The scan confirmed that there's no bleeding in the brain.
Edie, if you want me to unstrap you, you'll have to let go of my hand.
I thought you were different.
I thought you understood the real me. Obviously, I was mistaken.
- Amanda, what's going on? - Unstrap.
I'm a fine doctor. I have what it takes.
- I know. - Then why did you doubt me?!
If this is about the article, we can talk...
- Why is this door locked? - Locked?
I loved you more than any man has a right to be loved.
I never expected to feel like this.
I hate feeling like this!
I don't know what you're talking about! If you'll open the door...
It's too painful for me to be near you.
Can we talk about this?
Can't breathe!
It's all right. It's okay, keep breathing.
Amanda, I want to understand.
It's too late for that, Mark.
It's over.
But I will never forget you.
Amanda, wait.
Amanda, wait! Let us out of here!
- They were locked in there how long? - An hour.
The tech took a long lunch.
- Have they found Dr. Lee? - Still missing.
Get this. Amanda Lee, also known as Barbara Hardin and Janice Engelhart.
- She never even got her MD. - She's not a real doctor?
She stole A.W. Lee's medical school transcripts...
...and used them to get into a Residency program.
- Why didn't I think of that? - It's not her first time.
She also posed as a lawyer and an architect.
Think how many patients she treated.
We'll have a huge liability.
I thought she was a good doctor.
- She certainly had me fooled. - Me too.
I wonder if my job offer was made up.
What job offer?
Dr. Greene, I want to thank you.
For what? Getting you held hostage by a crazed lunatic?
I haven't felt this good in years.
That's great.
I mean, if I can survive this hellhole, I can survive anything.
Can I call you a cab?
I think I'm just gonna walk.
Cervix is at seven centimeters. Shouldn't be long.
We'll get you upstairs right now.
Is that him? Is that the guy?
I'm treating a patient!
- That son of a bitch killed my son! - Oh, my God!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
Arrest him!
The baby's heart rate is slowing.
- Don't leave me. - I'm right here.
He wants to see his wife through labor. He only needs a few more hours.
I would have liked a few more hours with my son.
I've gotta do this.
You should go with the officer.
You can post bail. Hopefully, you'll be back before the birth.
I'm not leaving.
- I think you have to. - No, he doesn't.
We're gonna take very good care of her.
Good pickup.
How do you think she's gotten away with it?
Obviously Dr. Lee's a first-class pathological liar.
ER. If you're sick, we'll fix you quick.
Hey, Dale.
Listen, Lucy's a good kid.
So try to be nice.
I'm always nice.
She told me about getting needle-stuck.
The guy tested HIV-negative, right?
Yeah. Thank God.
I'll say. It means I got a chance at scoring tonight.
Do you have a lucky number you want me to bet on?
No, thanks.
- I'm not feeling lucky tonight. - I am.
Shall we, Lucy?
Yes, if I must.
I'm trying to apprise the CEO about Dr. Lee, and he puts me on hold.
I thought you should know. A patient died under hers and my care today.
That's just what I didn't need to hear.
However, I don't believe either of us made any errors.
The hospital attorneys will want to speak to you about it.
I've also been thinking about what you said earlier...
...and I intend to pursue the publication of my paper.
Yes, I'm here. Can you hold one second, please?
Well, in light of the Amanda Lee debacle...'s obvious none of us are above reproach.
I admire your directness.
Give me a list of the journals and I'll attach a cover letter.
Thank you, Donald.
Yeah. Where were we?
- How are we doing? - She's crowning.
Mike's not gonna make it, is he?
No, but we're gonna get through this, Robin, okay?
Take a deep breath and push. There you go.
I'm guiding the head out.
Deep breath and push again. Good.
Mark's made some bad choices in women, but he outdid himself this time.
I knew there was something off.
I don't want to talk about it.
Can I just ask you a question?
Was the fire escape thing for real?
What fire escape?
Never mind.
Think we should open it?
- Too thin to be a bomb. - What is it?
"This is for you. It is a poem you inspired me to write.
Because two bodies naked and entwined Leap over time
They are invulnerable Nothing can touch them. "
They return to the source.
"There is no you
No I
- No tomorrow. " - No tomorrow.
Octavio Paz, my favorite poet.
There you go.
You inspired her to plagiarize.
Just go.
So dinner for three?
- I'm gonna hit the gym first. - Carol?
I thought I'd missed you.
Hey, Joi. Is something wrong?
I've been thinking about what you said about respite care.
And my daughter has a dance recital next week.
It would mean a lot to her if I was there.
I'll make some calls first thing in the morning.
- I'd appreciate that. - How are you?
He's got a little conjunctivitis.
I meant to have the doctor upstairs take a look.
I'll write him a prescription for gentamicin. It'll get him cleared up.
This is getting ridiculous.
I was coming by to see the Gambrell wife and baby.
Both mother and daughter are fine.
I'll call in and have them tell the dad.
It's a shame. He was not a bad guy.
Just made one really dumb mistake.
Yeah, you're right. It is a shame.
- You have a good one. - Hey, Reggie.
I've got plans tonight. You want to catch a movie tomorrow night?
Let me think about it.
- Good night. - Good night.
- Hey, Dr. Weaver. - Hey.
- INH. - You've converted, huh?
Hey, your mom, she never called back.
My mom's dead.
I was adopted.
It's possible that call was from my birth mother.
Wow! I didn't know.
Yeah, well, probably a wrong number. A false alarm.
Have you been looking?
I put my name on the Internet a month ago.
My parents... My adopted parents have been gone about a year now, so...
I'd think that there'd be agencies...
Yeah, there are.
There are.
Go on. It's Friday night.
I'll miss my curtain if I don't go.
- Have a good time. - Okay, thanks.
What's happening, Reece?
Hey, you know who I am?
Do you know who I am? Who am I?
Can you say "father"?
Come on, man. Let me show you. Look.
Can you say "daddy"?
See what I learned? "Daddy." See?
Come on, Reece.
Never mind.
Yeah! Hey...!
Hey, man!
That's it.
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