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Eagle has Landed The CD1

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(Narrator) 'September 12, 1943.
'German paratroopers snatched Mussolini
'from his mountain top prison in Italy.'
(Chanting German crowd)
'This daring and successful exploit stunned the world.
'Inspired by this rescue,
'Hitler ordered a daring bid to capture his greatest enemy.'
- Morning. - Good morning, Herr Admiral.
Oberst Radl - send him to me at once.
I've notified him of your arrival.
Thank you.
(Knocks on door)
Come in.
- Herr Admiral. - Come and sit down.
Your meeting went well?
The Führer had something specific in mind?
(Admiral Canaris) A simple exercise in logistics.
Nothing very complicated.
He merely wants Winston Churchill brought
from London to Berlin.
And we are ordered to make a feasibility study.
Today is Wednesday.
By Friday, he will forget it.
But Himmler will not.
Reichsführer Himmler approved?
Only of my being put on the spot.
That meeting! You should have seen it, Radl.
There was Hitler - first ranting, then cajoling.
And then perfectly rational.
Then raging and stamping like a...
Like the ringmaster of some freak circus.
Goebbels - hopping from one foot to another
like a schoolboy.
Bormann - a vulture...
perched in the corner -
watching, listening, never speaking.
And Mussolini...Mussolini!
An automaton, Radl.
And I looked round that room,
and I wondered, am I the only one who can see it?
If so, what must I look like to them?
Herr Admiral, the feasibility study...
..will be a total and unnecessary waste of time.
Make it immediately.
Complete for the last month.
If Herr Oberst could give me a rough idea of our problem...?
I can be specific about it.
The Führer has instructed us to kidnap Winston Churchill.
- Good God! - Well, Karl...
do at least a feasibility study on it.
Something which might fit our needs came in yesterday.
Just a mention, as far as I remember. If I may, sir?
Here it is. From codename Starling.
A village in England called Studley Constable.
How do we receive reports from this Starling?
From the Spanish Embassy in London, also by radio contact.
Exactly where is Studley Constable?
The east coast of England. Er...County of Norfolk.
Isolated coastline, very rural, wide beaches, salt marshes.
Now, a man to lead it, Karl.
Crash-landed, 1940 - glider assault.
Albert Canal, Belgium, dropped into Crete, '41...
Wounded taking Máleme airfield... Knight's Cross.
Led assault group of 300 special action, Leningrad.
Stalingrad Knight's Cross with oak leaves and swords.
January this year, dropped into Kiev with 167 surviving in unit,
to get two cut-off regiments out of Russia.
Oberst Kurt Steiner.
And there's the language?
Educated in England.
(Sirens start wailing)
Third time in the last month,
despite Goering's personal guarantee.
Are you familiar with the works of Jung, Karl?
I am aware of the works of Jung, not familiar, Herr Oberst.
A very great thinker. A rational man.
And yet he speaks of something called synchronicity -
events having a coincidence in time,
creating the feeling that a deeper motivation is involved.
-Ja, I understand that, sir. - Take this affair.
The Führer makes the absurd suggestion
that we abduct Churchill.
We have to make a worthless report on the prospects.
And then suddenly, synchronicity rears its disturbing head.
Ja. I see.
We receive a routine report with a brief notation
that next month, after visiting a local bomber command,
Churchill will spend a weekend in a country manor
less than seven miles from a deserted coastline.
At any other time, this report would mean nothing.
At this particular time,
and in that particular file...
(Distant explosions)
it becomes a circumstance which titillates.
A coincidence to...tease us.
(Explosion nearby)
Surely Herr Oberst doesn't believe it can be carried off.
A wink from a pretty girl at a party results rarely in climax,
but it's foolish not to push the suggestion as far as it will go.
Find this man. He's been out of Germany too long.
Los, los, weiter. Schnell!
(Train whistle)
Let's stretch our legs.
Los, weiter!
Stay on the train.
No one allowed off the train.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Sir, you must remain on the train.
If memory serves me, the Polish army surrendered in 1939.
- Sir? - Who are these people?
- Oh, Jews, sir. - Jews?
We are razing the ghetto to the ground. Burning them out.
They put up a fight.
Oh, how? With umbrellas and crutches?
Halt! Halt!
(Train whistle)
(Cocks rifle)
- I'll take the prisoner now. - Prisoner?
What is...
- What is your name? - Brana.
Good luck, Brana.
Identify yourself.
Oberst Kurt Steiner.
Commanding the Twelfth Parachute Detachment.
A salute is customary to a General, Herr Oberst.
Even to one of SS.
You didn't seem quite so discriminating a moment ago.
I have nothing for or against Jews, personally.
But I've seen too many men die for cause,
to watch a girl be killed for sport!
Straub did his duty...
He's like something I might pick up on my shoe in the gutter -
very unpleasant on a hot day!
If you have the dubious honour of commanding this slaughter,
I'd advise you to keep him downwind at all times.
That is, if you can tell the difference.
For God's sake, Kurt.
What am I to do with you, Herr Oberst?
You're a military hero,
awarded the Knight's Cross for gallantry.
Yet responsible for the attempted escape of an enemy,
abetted by the mutinous conduct of your men.
By rights, you should all be court-martialled.
Difficult decisions
are the privilege of rank, Herr Gruppenführer.
But, as for my men,
they seem to feel a certain loyalty to me.
I, er...
don't suppose you could content yourself with my head
and overlook their part in this thing?
There you are, you see, Hans?
It's infallible.
I can always tell a real bastard when I see one.
- Herr Oberst? - In here, Karl.
- Good morning. - Good morning, Herr Oberst.
The material arrived from Starling. It is truly excellent.
Starling is to be commended.
Ja. Ja, this is good.
What news of Oberst Steiner?
We're having difficulty tracing him, Herr Oberst.
He's in Germany,
but as to exactly where, we've hit a roadblock, you know?
Even rumours of a court martial, but we'll find him.
I'm sure.
And now...
Here...a possible undercover operative.
I have decided on this man.
He's lecturing here in Berlin.
Send for him immediately.
- Yes. - Oh, and Karl.
Send this message to Starling.
Yes, Herr Oberst.
- Where is Herr Oberst? - In the map room, Herr Admiral.
This message has been sent out.
Did you originate it?
I did, Herr Admiral.
"Very interested in your visitor of 6th November.
"Would like to drop some friends in to persuade him
"to come back with them.
"Your comments expected as usual with all relevant information."
You have exceeded your authority, Radl.
You were told to prepare this feasibility study,
not embellish a joke.
With your permission, it is no longer a joke.
It could be done.
In my opinion, it should be done.
(Canaris) What if Churchill prefers to die?
What if abduction becomes assassination?
No one specified dead or alive.
God in heaven!
Kill Churchill when we've already lost the war?
I'm sure you've done a very thorough job.
But this operation could make the Charge of the Light Brigade
look like a sensible military exercise.
Drop it.
(Door slams)
(Knocks on door)
Herr Oberst, he has arrived.
(Door opens)
(Irish accent) Come in... Colonel Radl, isn't it?
The top o' the morning to you.
It's not Irish whisky, but it'll do to be going on with.
Better for you to drink than me.
I have the feeling I'll need it.
- May I? - Ja.
The last time I was invited up here to Section Three
someone persuaded me to jump out of a Dornier.
5,000 feet above Ireland, in the dark.
Me, with this terrible fear of heights!
You're planning a holiday to England, are you?
They say that Brighton's lovely this time of year.
W-what the Christ is that?
They're Russian. I took to them in the Winter War.
They're probably all that kept you awake in the snow.
Here...and here.
I had a proposition for you, Mr Devlin.
You HAD?
I'm working, you know, Colonel.
At the university.
For a man like you, that's like a thoroughbred racing horse...
finding himself... pulling a milk cart.
You've got a way with words, Colonel.
You want me to go back to Ireland?
Well, I can't. They'd arrest me...
No, no. We don't want you to go back.
You're still a supporter of the Irish Republican Army?
Soldier of, Colonel. Once in, never out.
But you're here in Germany and not England, why?
I don't like soft target hits.
I don't want to live in Bayswater, mixing up explosives
to blow the arms and legs off passers-by.
My fight is with the bloody British Empire
and I'll fight it on my own two feet.
If it's some rabid fanatic you're after, I'm the wrong man.
Am I right to assume your aim is total victory against England?
No, that's your aim. My aim is a united Ireland.
I appreciate the distinction, but Germany must win first.
Pigs might fly one day, but I doubt it.
Mr Devlin.
I want you to go to England for me.
I barely know you.
To assist in the kidnapping and safe return to Germany
of Winston Churchill.
Give me another Bolshevik firecracker, will you?
I think I fell asleep in the snow.
(Knocks on door)
Good evening, Herr Oberst.
I am Sturmführer Toberg of the SS.
Reichsführer Himmler presents his compliments,
and requests you to bring the plan designated "Eagle".
When is that to be?
Now, Herr Oberst.
You seem nervous, Herr Oberst.
Please relax. Sit down.
May I smoke, Herr Reichsführer?
A masterful job.
Thank you, Herr Reichsführer.
But some people would say that such an operation
could make the Charge of the Light Brigade
look like a sensible military exercise.
Have you heard that phrase before, Herr Oberst?
I don't immediately recall, Herr Reichsführer.
I know all about your plan.
I know what is written on every single page.
Even the one you haven't got yet!
The court martial of Herr Oberst Steiner and his men.
The arrogance of this, Steiner, is dazzling.
An unusual man, this Steiner.
Intelligent, ruthless, a brilliant soldier...
but above all, a romantic fool.
He threw away everything:
rank, career, the future.
He is presently serving in a penal colony on the island of...
All because of some little Jewess
whom he'd never clapped eyes on before!
You know he's a veteran of five successful commando raids?
Six, I believe.
Educated in England.
Speaks the language perfectly, without an accent.
The ideal man for the job. Eh?
- If you think so. - And so do you.
But the Herr Admiral Canaris doesn't think so.
My loyalty to Herr Admiral... exceeded only by your loyalty to the Führer himself.
Isn't that so?
I was sure of it.
Now, this Churchill business...
Our Führer wants it seen through.
You have autonomy in running your office.
You should be able to use it
to prevent Canaris from knowing what's going on.
What kind of authority would I have
to carry such a project through, Herr Reichsführer?
Aloud, if you please.
"Herr Oberst Radl is acting under my personal orders
"in a matter of the utmost importance to the Reich.
"All personnel, military and civil,
"without distinction of rank, will assist him in any way
"that Oberst Radl sees fit to demand.
"Adolf Hitler."
So you see, Radl,
under the terms of that document,
even I find myself under your personal command.
Good luck.
I can only envy your inevitable success in the matter.
(Both) Heil Hitler.
Major Neuhoff, Commandant of the Island of Alderney.
A distinct pleasure, Herr Oberst.
Read this, please.
I see, Herr Oberst. What is your wish?
The penal unit here, Operation Shark, terminates this moment.
That applies to Steiner and the 29 men.
18, Herr Oberst. There are only 18 now.
The men are required to ride the torpedo craft
into enemy shipping.
- The torpedoes detach? - Most of the time.
Burial detail, the usual letters of commendation.
And for God's sake get the names right this time.
- Thank you, Herr Major. - But...
Thank you, Herr Major.
- Herr Steiner? - Yes, I'm Steiner. What is it?
My name is Radl.
Well, what is it?
I have two men to bury and no office to chat in.
Your credentials are hopelessly impeccable, Herr Oberst.
What can I do for you?
Lead a raiding party to England to kidnap Winston Churchill.
You don't seem impressed.
I haven't seen your plan yet.
While he's making his decision,
I'll go to that pub and think about mine.
This plan only makes sense to me when I'm drunk.
- You are in command here? - Oberleutnant Koenig.
These configurations are abnormal for an E-boat.
That's because she's a converted British MTB, Herr Oberst.
Captured making a drop off the Dutch coast.
- Morning. - Sir.
You're familiar with the east coast of England?
For five years I was First Mate on a cargo ship out of England.
This could work, you know?
It will. It is a direct order from the Führer himself.
I stood opposite Adolf once.
When he gave me this.
Oh, I forgot. One of those.
You're an officer. You swore an oath, you have no choice.
Of course I do.
I'm going to die here... eventually.
You forget, Radl, that I'm under suspended sentence of death.
Officially disgraced.
I do not retain my rank...
only my authority, because of the, er...
peculiar circumstances of this job.
I offer you a chance for reinstatement of rank
and vindication for you and your men.
My men need no vindication.
- You said it could be done. - It's possible.
Of all the world's leaders,
Churchill is probably the least protected,
unlike the Führer.
Steiner, is thumbing your nose at the Führer
more important to you than the lives of your men?
31 of you a few weeks ago.
How many are left?
You owe them this last chance to live.
Or to die in England instead.
I will put it to my men.
They are entitled to know.
Only the destination,
revealing the target would be going too far.
I will put it to my men.
It may not win the war,
but it would make them think about negotiated peace. Hmm?
A negotiated peace?
I will put that to my men also.
God bless all here.
Give us a glass of your strongest, will you?
So that's how the Gestapo dress in Berlin these days?
- Gestapo? - Drink?
I haven't sucked my thumb in years.
I wonder if you'd do it for me?
- Sir? - Suck it.
Now, about your Mr...
er, Devlin.
A man of considerable resource and guile, I assure you.
Tell me something, Mr Devlin. Just why are you coming along?
Can't you tell? I'm the last of the world's great adventurers.
Sweet Mary, Mother of God.
Tough bunch of lads in there, Colonel!
What did he say?
Steiner insisted on the unanimous consent of his men.
I'm not surprised.
If they agree, you'll leave tonight for Southern Ireland.
- Close to the Ulster border. - Tonight? What about my papers?
Your Irish passport and British medical discharge are provided.
Starling's found you a job.
You'll be a marsh warden, whatever that is.
It's a marsh warden. What about the money?
- £10,000 first... - No, I asked for £20,000.
10,000 has been deposited in Geneva as per instructions.
Ten more upon completion of the mission.
You think I'd sell out?
You've been so expensive to buy in the first place.
You are going to jump in those clothes?
I might look a little bit silly going down, Mr Steiner,
but I'll be a lot safer when I land on the ground.
There's an old poem which, translated from the Irish, says:
"I realised fear one morning
"To the blare of the fox hunters' sound
"When they're all chasing after The poor bloody fox
"It's safer To dress like the hound"
You're quite literary.
If the truth be known, Colonel, I'm a bloody literary genius.
- Your complete instructions. - Right.
All of it - everything? No cyanide pill?
I couldn't conceive of a situation where you'd take one.
(Dog barks)
It's a little trick I learnt from my uncle in Belfast.
In the Middle Ages they would have burned you for that.
Goodbye, Mr Devlin. I will see you in England.
I'll be there.
(Plane engine revs up)
- How do I jump out? - Release your safety belt.
I turn the aircraft upside-down, you drop out.
Has it occurred to you that the signature on your authorisation
could just be a forgery?
Why not fly to Berchtesgaden and ask him yourself?
Let's not bother the man.
Mrs Joanna Grey?
That's right.
Liam Devlin.
I could do with some tea. It's been quite a journey.
Come inside.
That's a neat trick.
We're both Irish, your wolfhound and me.
What's her name?
- Patch. - Oh, Patch, is it?
Sit down, Mr Devlin.
It's lovely, the countryside, isn't it?
You'd hardly know there was a war on. Patch!
(Grey) They're living in a fool's paradise.
They lack the discipline the Führer has brought to Germany.
These are papers you'll need.
I'll give you the ones they gave to me.
You know Sir Henry is away for some time
and only the servants are in the manor house?
Does anyone else know Churchill will be here?
Only Father Verecker.
Your duties, in the main, will be merely gamekeeping.
You've got a motorbike parked outside,
and you can have this shotgun.
It is loaded.
You know the way to the cottage?
Down the road, the pub's on the right,
and I go through the manor house gates,
to the end of the lane.
Here's the keys.
Oh, petrol for the motorbike -
the ration allowance is only three gallons a month.
I won't be here that long.
- Good day to you. - (Man) Morning.
Good day to you, cailin.
(Bell chimes)
- God save the good work. - Oh, watch your back!
- My back?! - Mr Devlin.
Mr Devlin, is it?
Mrs Grey told us about you at the WVS meeting.
You're the new marsh warden.
And you're with the Women's Voluntary Service.
I help out.
When I have the time.
Sort of...erm, servicing the troops, is it?
I don't mind.
Miss, I believe you're a bit of a tease.
Children tease, Mr Devlin, and I am almost 19.
Go on. Go on.
God bless all here.
Can I have a glass of your strongest, please?
- I'm George Wilde. - Liam Devlin,
the marsh warden.
That's Arthur Seymour and over by the fire, Laker Armsby.
Will you join me in a drink?
- A pint of bitter. - (Devlin) A bitter. Sir?
I buys me own.
Coming in here with your shotgun and motorbike,
buying drinks for us estate workers
who content themselves with less.
Must be my good looks (!)
Make fun of me and I'll squash you like a slug.
You walk soft around here. You keep your place...
and stay away from Molly Prior.
Sure. And if I've caused any offence, I'm sorry.
Get out!
Today I leave, but from now on, when you see me, you leave.
One and nine, please.
(Steiner) Where did you find this?
(Radl) A DC3, captured almost intact.
- Gericke. - Herr Oberst.
- Will it be ready in time? - No problem.
Where did she go? Eh?
All right, my friend.
(Molly) What kept you?
"What kept me," is it? Why, you little devil!
(Molly giggles)
My God, and I'll know you till Doomsday, that's for sure.
What's that supposed to mean?
It's an expression from where I come.
- You use these? - No.
Good for you. They stunt your growth.
You with your green years still ahead of you.
Almost 19, eh?
- What month? - February.
- Twenty-fifth? - Twenty-second.
But I was right, you're a little fish.
We should get along well - me being a Scorpio.
Never marry a Virgo.
Virgo and Pisces never hit it off.
Take Arthur, for example.
I think he's Virgo, watch it with him.
Arthur! Arthur Seymour? Are you crazy?
I think he is.
Pure, clean, virtuous,
and not very hot - that's a Virgo.
Ah, it's a terrible shame from where I'm lying.
You'll have a weight problem if you don't watch your food.
Bastard! Are you laughing at me?
What else would you have me do with you, Molly Prior?
- Don't answer that. - How do you know my name?
George Wilde told me at the pub.
Oh, I see!
- And Arthur, was he there? - You could say that.
I think that he looks upon you as his personal property.
He can go to hell - I belong to no man.
Your nose turns up.
And when you get angry, your mouth turns down at the corners.
I'm sure you could find 100 things wrong with me...1,000!
But you wouldn't throw me out of your bed on a wet night.
That's men for you - anything's better than nothing.
Wait! Come here!
You don't know me.
Because if you did, you'd know that I much prefer
one autumn afternoon under the pines
to a wet Saturday night, any day.
The sand has a terrible way of getting where it shouldn't do.
Get out of here, before my passion runs away with me.
Go on, get! Get!
They told me all Irishmen were crazy...
now I believe them.
- Will you be at mass? - Do I look like I will?
Yes. I think you do.
Oh, Devlin, you bloody idiot.
You never learn.
Never bloody learn.
Himmler sends personal wishes for success from the Führer.
You've altered the parachutes. Why?
Unfortunately, we have high tide when we must drop.
So we may land in the surf.
These slots enable us to guide the chute.
It's experimental, and the landing velocity is high,
but we have no choice.
I assume they've been tested.
Jawohl, Herr Oberst.
I have one request.
A demand, actually.
Blackmail at this point, huh?
We are not spies,
and will not be treated as such by the British
if anything goes wrong.
We will wear our own uniforms,
under the Polish outfits,
and if necessary,
we will fight and die as what we are -
German paratroopers.
Max, it is not a subject for negotiation.
- In that case, agreed. - Thank you.
Hello, Liam.
My compliments on the dress.
It's a great improvement.
Why pick on me?
Because you're lovely, you could never love me.
But I might...just for spite.
It wouldn't matter - I won't fall in love with you.
I'm bad for you, we've no future.
I'm not telling you that to make you want me more.
It's the truth.
I'm here - your turn to leave.
(Sighs) Oh, God.
(Bell chimes)
Arthur, did I ever tell you about my uncle in Belfast?
Of course I didn't.
He was a bare-knuckle boxer.
I'm just telling him about the Holy Trinity.
You know it?
Footwork, timing and hitting.
And a little dirty work.
"Learn these," my uncle would say.
"You'll inherit the earth like the meek."
You never know when to lie down.
Looks like he bought you a drink after all!
(Hushed conversation in Polish)
(Engine starts)
It's perfect...
but which way is England?
You. Tell Oberst Radl who you are.
Kapral Andrzej Jankowski.
Kapral Kunicki, as you very well know.
(Steiner) Get back in line.
(Commands in Polish)
I'm very much impressed.
You know, it all started as a joke, an insane joke.
I hope that Winston Churchill appreciates our sense of humour.
- Good luck, Steiner. - Thank you.
(Plane engine starts)
(Radio whines)
(Gericke) 'Falcon, this is Eagle.'
'Are you receiving me?'
Eagle this is Falcon, receiving you.
'What are conditions over the nest?'
Visibility good, cloud cover low, wind freshening.
'Eagle out.'
Well...what do you think his game is?
Black market, or worse?
There's two army trucks outside without numbers on...yet.
This...German. It's worse!
Arthur, if you love me, don't breathe a word until...
I'll have that bastard arrested within the hour.
I never meant to tease you.
I have, but I never meant to.
- You lying tart. - I love him.
What you do to him, you do to me.
- You can both rot in hell. - Stop, Arthur!
I won't let you go!
Mother of God,
flying pigs!
(Steiner) Have you found out who Starling is yet?
Of course. Why?
Because I hope it's not him.
(Devlin) It isn't.
I want him buried right away.
(Steiner) Brandt, bring two men.
Herr Reichsführer,
I have the honour to announce the eagle has landed.
I am very pleased to hear it.
I return to Alderney within the hour.
I would be honoured if you would tell our Führer.
I will tell the Führer nothing.
For a variety of reasons, I'd prefer this to come, er...
How shall I put it?
I'd prefer it to come as a surprise to him.
- How much of a surprise? - You have the letter?
These are difficult times, Herr Oberst.
The destiny of Germany rests on his shoulders.
It is essential we take this opportunity to please him.
We are all in Steiner's hands now.
Hello to you, Grandfather.
- Foreigners? - Polish.
Kapral Kunicki.
Kunicki. Well, that's not your fault, is it?
(Man shouting)
(Organ music)
(Stops abruptly)
Oh, please, don't stop.
My apologies, Father.
I am Corporal Andrzej Jankowski, sent by my Colonel to find you.
However, I could not help myself.
I don't blame you. You know, Bach needs to be played well.
It's a fact I remember every time I take that seat.
I'm sorry, Father, but my Colonel...
- Father Verecker, is it? - Yes.
Colonel Miller,
commanding the Independent Polish Parachute Unit.
What can I do for you?
We're on exercise presently.
A handful of my men are here, the rest are all over Norfolk.
There is a rendezvous tomorrow,
but I'd like to take these chaps
on some manoeuvres through the village.
If that wouldn't burden you?
On the contrary, we could do with some excitement here.
I'm sure everyone in the village will help.
I shall be counting...
..counting on that, Father.
Phillip, Captain Harry Clark of the American Rangers.
How do you do, Father?
My sister's told me about you.
Pamela, this is Colonel Miller. Colonel, my sister, Pamela.
(Both) How do you do?
(Verecker) And Captain Clark.
- Colonel. - Captain.
(Verecker) I hope you'll stay for tea.
No, I'm sorry. I'm needed back at headquarters.
We had no idea you were in the neighbourhood.
Yes, you're a surprise to us as well.
- Free Polish Paratroopers, huh? - That's right.
We've got some Poles in our outfit.
- Maybe they could meet them? - Yes, if it's not too far.
Where are you staying, Captain?
Eight miles away in Meltham House.
What strength would you have there?
We're just a company now.
Meltham House - I'll remember that.
Miss Verecker.
Father, thank you.
- Captain. - Colonel.
Have the men wait by the truck.
(Orders in Polish)
Let's look at the upper part of the village.
Don't drive too slowly...
(Both) And on the left-hand side of the road.
- And Yanks too. - And Irish.
Get into your hole, Laker, you're getting invaded.
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