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Eagle has Landed The CD2

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(Wolf whistle)
What've you been doing in that uniform, Captain?
You didn't get three rockers by asking stupid questions (!)
What is it now? The new outfit arriving?
No, sir. He wants to see you.
Eight years.
Eight years in the National Guard every other weekend.
Two weeks a year, up to my ass in Louisiana swamps!
I can feel those mosquitoes now!
But I got my rank.
You were at Benning when I got my command.
Best goddamn outfit a man could hope to have.
Eleven weeks' training for this mission.
The rest of the outfit's coming in to hit the beach.
My last chance to see action before the war's over,
and now this!
- You won't be leading us in? - Here, read that!
Top line - Pitts, Clarence E. 016838621.
Post re-assignment - Fort Benning, Georgia.
Air Transportation, priority two.
They're not even hurrying to get me home.
Gosh, isn't there anything you can do, Colonel?
Do? Look at those signatures!
Not one of those men has ever had a combat command - not one!
- What are you doing here? - Sir.
You know how hot it is in Fort Benning, Georgia?
Not here on the finish - wait till my daddy hears this!
(Orders in Polish)
Keep up this foolishness for 20 more minutes, Hans,
then gradually establish the roadblocks.
Slowly, mind you.
Yes, that's coming along nicely, Wjinski.
Thank you, sir.
- Very impressive, Colonel. - Thank you.
My new orders tell me to head to the marshes soon.
I don't suppose...?
You're in the presence of the marsh warden himself.
- Liam Devlin, at your service. - What a bit of good luck!
Colonel, I'm Mrs Grey.
Considering Mr Devlin's been in my employ for under two days,
I suggest a third person would insure against
losing you both forever?
- I don't suppose I can impose? - Not at all. I'd be delighted.
- Why don't we, er... - (Steiner) Yes, please do.
I'll get in the back.
Any further news of Churchill?
Yes. They've left King's Lynn.
In the house, is there another escape route?
The entrances are at the rear and opposite the church.
Let's hope it won't be necessary.
Thank you, Colonel.
- Can I buy you a drink? - No, thanks.
- Mrs Grey? - No.
I'll be off, I hope I've been of help.
I don't know how we'd have managed without you, Mr Devlin.
Perhaps we'll meet in the marsh?
It's a very large marsh.
Good luck with your manoeuvres - success.
(German shouts)
(Girl yells)
(Girl screams)
(Woman) Susan... Susan!
Get him off the wheel.
(Wilde) Look!
(Breathlessly) It's a German!
It's the Ger...
My God, you're a German!
More bloody foreigners!
- Altmann, the switchboard. - Jawohl, Herr Oberst.
Take the staff at the manor and these people into the church.
Bring those along as well.
Colonel, I know what you're doing and I know who you want.
You won't stand a chance!
If you don't mind, I insist on trying.
Hans, don't let anyone out of the village.
- Anyone who comes in, stays in. - Jawohl.
Molly, what is it?
I must see Father.
- I have to talk to him. - Yes, of course you can.
- Something terrible's happened. - Oh, it's all right.
S-stay here. I'll...I'll get Phillip now.
Molly. Come with me, quickly. Come on.
Mr and Mrs Wilde,
will you take a seat, please?
Laker, will you sit over there?
- This door is locked, why? - It is the Sacristy, Colonel,
where I keep the church records, my vestments and such.
The key is at my house, I will fetch it if you like.
- No, that won't be necessary. - So...
you intend to assassinate Mr Churchill
as he passes through here today.
What an astonishing notion (!)
Give it up - there's no surprise left in it.
Perhaps just one surprise left, Father...
your good Lord willing.
God, they're Germans.
I must tell... I must tell Harry.
Oh, Phillip's probably got the keys to his car.
Mrs Grey has got one and Liam has his bike.
Right, Molly, go to Liam, then go to Meltham House
and tell Captain Clark what's happened.
- Liam must be... - Molly!
I'll try and find him.
All right, now come on!
At times like these, there's very little left but prayer,
and it frequently helps.
What do you think our chances are?
The E-boat is off the coast, Hans, Churchill is on schedule.
Anything is possible.
Joanna! Joanna!
I'm coming, I'm coming!
Oh, Joanna...
Calm down and tell me what's happened.
Colonel Miller...and his men...
they're not Polish, they're Germans.
They plan to kidnap Churchill.
They've got the villagers in the church.
We must get the Rangers from Meltham House.
Does anybody else know? I'll get my car keys.
What kept you?
I killed Arthur.
If they find him, they'll think it was me.
Did you tell anybody?
He said you were a traitor, are you?
I never betrayed anything I believed in.
Your Germans have locked everyone up in the church.
They plan to kill Churchill.
You're a bloody traitor!
You don't stand a chance - Pamela's gone for the Rangers.
Don't try and run.
That'd be the sensible thing to do, wouldn't it?
Don't you know me better than that?
You think I could leave them in the lurch?
I wrote you a letter, it's not much,
but here it is, for what it's worth.
It's on the table, if you're interested.
(Radio crackles)
'Eagle, this is Albatross.
'Eagle, this is Albatross.'
She... Pamela knows everything. She's gone for the Rangers.
I shot at her, I'm sure I hit her.
No matter what the reason...
no matter how deeply felt the cause,
you lived with us, Joanna.
You accepted our admiration,
our kindness and our trust.
May God grant you time to relive this moment in shame!
Are you able to communicate with the E-boat?
Tell them to go to position one immediately.
This really is quite a beautiful spot, you know.
I understand, Mrs Grey.
No matter how you feel about the British,
I imagine that part of you must hate to leave here.
That's just it, Colonel.
Until this very moment, standing here -
in spite of all I've set in motion -
I never actually believed I'd have to go.
What the hell's goin' on, Haley?
I don't know. Colonel said wait.
Your girl's OK, Clark. She's in hospital.
Took a bullet from some bitch named Grey.
An enemy agent.
Those Poles you ran into are Krauts, come to kill Churchill.
Now, listen up.
Churchill's left King's Lynn. I want...
Have you notified the War Office?
And spend hours on that phone trying to convince them?
I'll nail those Krauts, and I got the men to do it.
"Action this day." That's Churchill's motto.
- I still think... - I want you to...
If you don't notify the War Office, I will...sir.
Moss, get hold of the War Office, top priority.
If anything happens to Churchill because you're late,
this country'll swing you from Big Ben by your balls.
Cancel that call, Moss.
Put the windshield down on that jeep, Haley.
Give me a handful of those grenades, Lieutenant.
Yes, sir.
- How are you doing? - Fine, sir.
- Where are you from, son? - Omaha, sir.
This time next year,
pigeons are gonna be crapping on statues of you
across the whole of Nebraska.
Yes sir.
- Spot anything, sir? - No.
Hang on to this, Lieutenant.
I think I can take this place without firing a single round!
- Yes, sir. - Get out of there.
This looks like it.
This is Colonel Clarence Pitts, United States Army.
You're surrounded.
Send out your commanding officer.
- You speak English? - Yes.
I'm gonna give you five minutes to lay down your arms,
and surrender your hostages.
- You understand? - Yes.
- Where's your commander? - Yes.
Are you making fun of me, soldier?
If those Krauts think they're gonna kick me around,
they've got another think coming.
I'm gonna blow them out of that church.
This is Delta Two to Mallory.
(Radio) 'Where are you, Mallory?
'Mallory, where are you?'
This is Mallory. We're all set.
- Stand by. Beck, are you there? - Yes, Colonel, in position.
It's about time. Stand by. We're gonna move in.
(Pitts) Come on, we're moving out! We're moving out!
Don't you think we ought to send a reconnaissance team in first?
And have my men shot to find out something I already know?
There's a lot of places we could be ambushed.
Plus that church is full of civilians.
If you question my orders, I'll bust you down to private.
- Now get in that jeep! - Yes, sir.
Go, Beck! Go, Mallory!
Get out.
Come on, get out! Get down!
Son of a bitch!
Get a missile for the bazooka.
- Beck, goddamit, come in Beck. - Beck here.
We're getting fire from the church belfry,
the mill house, the pub, one jeep went in the pond,
there's four dead and we're pinned down.
Four dead?!
This is Frazier, Colonel.
We've three dead and they're firing from three sides.
Well, pull yourselves together, regroup.
Goddamnit, do something.
Regroup?! That dumb son of a bitch!
This is Mallory. We've been clobbered.
I got that truck with the bazooka.
What do they want for Christ's sake, a silver star?
Frazier radioed this in, sir.
Aw, holy Jesus.
(Man) Put me through to Arrow, please.
- Could you get the Colonel? - No, sir.
(Man) Let me have Crossbow, please.
I've got the whole outfit ready to move.
Colonel Pitts is a man of, um...
limited combat experience.
- Apparently no longer. - Nope.
Major Corcoran here.
We have an incident involving Empire.
I'll go upstairs, see if I can find out where we are.
Gimme those binoculars.
Fix that flat tyre.
God! This is where that bitch Grey lives.
Get up here, Haley. Bring that gun.
Mrs Grey?
Mrs Grey?
(Muffled whining)
Mrs Grey?
Holy shit!
I now have a suggestion, Herr Oberst.
Yes, Brandt?
- We should leave immediately. - Yes, Brandt.
(Steiner) Get back to the church.
I'll let you know...
when I need you, Father.
Get to your positions.
I think we're about to take up permanent residence here.
Another white flag has arrived, Hans.
Unfortunately, this officer seems to know his business.
Colonel, my one consolation is that,
thanks to my sister, your plot has failed.
Really? I thought the plot failed
because one of my men died saving the little girl.
Father, you had better join your flock.
Captain Clark, what can I do for you?
Mr Churchill is safe and under guard.
Your associate Mrs Grey is dead
and the radio has been confiscated.
It's all over, Colonel.
I have hostages.
I can't see you bringing them out,
women and children in front of you.
- Let the villagers go, Altmann. - Father, your people, please.
Colonel, I understand none of this
and I don't wish you well,
but I'm grateful for the life of my child.
So am I.
Don't forget, Father...
the last shall be first...
You bastard!
Let me go!
I've got to get you out of here.
Pamela's all right. She's in the hospital.
- Father! - Yes.
- Goodbye, Captain Clark. - Colonel.
There's no such thing as death with honour, just death.
I have no intention of dying now,
but if I'm going to, allow me to choose where and how.
And what do you think you are doing?
Getting the keys to his car.
How did you get in here?
There's a tunnel.
It's an ancient escape route they built under the graveyard,
past the manor house and up to the vicarage.
The car is parked at the end of it.
Mr Devlin, you are an extraordinary man.
Colonel Steiner,
you are an extraordinary judge of character.
There is a way out, now.
It is still possible for us to capture Churchill.
Not us, Herr Oberst. You.
If we all attempt to leave, we will fail.
Very probably.
Do you have a suggestion, Brandt?
You go and we stay,
and we hold this place as long as possible.
(Brandt) Shall we say covering fire
in about 30 seconds, Herr Oberst?
Hans, you come with me.
It has been a privilege to serve with you.
We can stay one step ahead if the radio's still inside.
If the E-boat is still outside.
It's there.
(Radio crackles)
I love you.
That doesn't mean I like what you've done,
or what I've done, or even understand it.
I only know I couldn't have lived with myself
if I'd let you die.
Did you read my letter?
Well done, Captain. My congratulations.
We didn't get everybody, sir. There's three survivors.
There's Steiner, the Colonel. Devlin, the Irishman,
and one German officer who was badly wounded.
With permission, I'll go pick 'em up.
I can't stay for long, Herr Oberst. The tide.
- Get on board, Mr Devlin. - I'm not leavin'.
- Pardon? - I'm staying here.
Take Herr Hauptmann aboard.
Herr Hauptmann.
- I will not leave without you. - Get on board, Hans.
I will NOT do it. I'm coming with you.
How long have we known each other?
Since the day you kicked me out of the plane at Narvik.
Three years.
Hauptmann von Neustadt.
In all that time, you have never once disobeyed an order of mine.
And I have no intention of letting you start now.
Herr Oberst.
Take the boat offshore and stay there as long as possible.
- He'll be heavily guarded. - Yes.
- You don't know where he is. - That's right.
You're going after him?
The time has come, Mr Devlin,
when I no longer control events.
They control me.
Goodbye, Mr Devlin.
You're a lovely fellow, Colonel.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
I already have, Colonel.
I hope I haven't lost it in the finding.
Herr Oberst.
A message from Albatross.
- It's... - Read it!
It's very garbled, sir. We could have misunderstood.
"One wounded fledgling left. Return nest."
Then it's unintelligible.
"No tide at present for..."
Then it's unintelligible again.
"God save..."
That's all they could understand, sir.
Get out of here, Karl, back to Berlin.
By plane, car...
anything you can commandeer with my authorisation.
You have a wife and children, eh?
I was measured for my casket months ago.
Understand me, Karl?
Ja, I think so, sir.
You were following my orders, you had no choice.
The Admiral's a decent man, he'll understand.
Bye, Karl.
- But... - Go.
(Muffled radio transmission)
(Clark on radio) 'Delta Two, come in.'
'Beck. We checked the beach road and saw nothing.'
(Clark) 'Run it again and check for turn-offs.'
(Beck) 'Understood.'
(Clark) 'Come in, Wilson.'
(Wilson) 'Still working the dogs west through the woods -
'results negative.'
(Clark) 'Work back towards coordinates five and four.'
(Wilson) 'Plug out.'
(Clark) 'Frazier, this is Delta Two.'
Frazier here, sir.
Still at intersection A-4. Negative on anything.
(Clark) 'OK, Frazier. Round-up from Delta Two.
'The convoy is being moved to original destination.'
'Stay off the air until I call from there.'
Frazier out.
(Clark) 'Frazier, this is Delta Two.'
(Radio crackles)
'Come in, Frazier.'
'Frazier, this is Delta Two.'
'Frazier, this is Delta Two.'
'Ah, move your position, Frazier.'
'Cover the mouth of Estuary One.'
Will do.
(Clark) 'Delta Two out.'
(Man outside) This looks like the place.
(Eager whines)
There's somebody in there.
- Let's take it. - No way.
Door's open. I'm not charging in there like Custer.
Let the dogs do it.
(Fierce barking)
I told you those dogs are no damn good.
Your pardon, Herr Reichsführer.
Message received from Albatross.
It's fragmentary.
Get me Hauptsturmführer Fleischer in Cherbourg.
(Radio crackling and beeping)
Herr Oberst Radl.
In the name of the Führer, you are under arrest.
May I know the charge?
Exceeding your orders to the point of treason to the State.
(Muffled orders)
(Clark) Moss, two men on the perimeter.
(Moss) Right, sir.
(Clark) You there, cover that gate.
- You others, patrol the river. - Yes, sir.
(Clark) Squad leaders, check back here in five minutes.
OK, let's move out.
- Whisky? - No, I won't, thanks.
Well, he seems to be comfortably settled with cigars and brandy.
There's doubt as to the identity
of an American officer who led the convoy in, sir.
None of MY men led the convoy.
One moment, please.
Captain Clark?
Captain Clark speaking.
You're what?!
What do you mean, he's unconscious?
His jeep is missing?!
Jesus God, he's here.
(Clark) Get other men on the gate.
'Cover the front of the building. The terrace!'
(Corcoran) Prime Minister!
Poor sod.
No one will ever know what he did.
Never know?! Are you crazy?
That's Winston Churchill lying there.
No, Captain.
That is one George Fowler lying there.
He was a variety artiste... of a sort.
And a very brave man.
Incredible. He knew this sort of thing could happen.
He didn't even call out.
Played it straight through to the end.
Where is Mr Churchill?
I suppose it doesn't matter -
you'll read about it in the papers tomorrow.
At the moment he's in Persia,
in conference with President Roosevelt and Marshal Stalin.
Teheran, Captain, that's where the reality is.
This never happened.
It did not occur, Major.
(Corcoran) Right.
(Devlin) 'Molly, my love, as a great man once said...
'"I have suffered a sea-change
'"and nothing can ever be the same again."
'I came here to do a job... not to fall in love.
'By now, you'll know the worst of me.
'Try not to think it.
'To leave you is punishment enough.
'But it will not end here.
'For as they say in Ireland -
'"We have known the days." Liam.'
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