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Subtitles for Early summer Ozu 1952.

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Early summer Ozu 1952

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Breakfast, Granpa
Come on!
I told him
Put it on the table
Isamu up?
Isamu, come quickly!
Wash your face
No! Your face's dirty!
Hurry up!
I did. The towel's wet, go and see
Will you mail it?
Chew well
You're early
I've a very sick patient
I'll bring Uncle
You've got to be hurry
Will you come?
I'll come with Noriko
Hurry, Isamu
What food does Uncle like?
You needn't bother, but he likes beans
Me too
Eat quickly
You're slow
See you at 5:30
You'll be late
Don't forget Father's letter
What are you doing?
Got everything?
Good morning!
Your brother?
The last train
A serious case?
I stayed late last night
Your book's amusing
Volume 4
Now you're clean
Here's a reward
Love Granpa?
Very much?
Yes, very much
I love you
I love you
That's all
I hate you
I hate you
We've got an order
That's new order
How about Asahi?
Still pending
Know a good coffee shop?
I'd recommend ''Luna'' on the Ginza
It's not bad
Did you see the boss?
It's all right
Ah, restaurant director!
Busy as always?
That means your business is good
What happened after that?
It was bad. Mr. Yada sang again
What a shame!
My mother became sick
That old witch never dies
Hear Chako is getting married?
No! With who?
Mr. Tsumura. You know him?
A college basketball coach
Are they in love?
Yes, she's in love
Two jealous old maids
who are not yet married!
This is for your bill
Thank you, sir
I'm going out
Mr. Roberts' call
To see Mr. Roberts at his hotel
Give me a ride?
I'm going home
Come later?
Not today
Alright, goodbye
Restaurant Takigawa
What's this?
Have a drink
Drink more?
I like beer. Try it?
Only a bit
You needn't drink too much
What's funny?
Your nature!
You're always like that with everything
No use trying too much
Is it good?
You say etiquette...
...expecting men to be kind to women
You're mistaken
Both men and women should respect each other
That's what etiquette means
Oh, you know that
Very well
Some rice?
It's deplorable...
...that women have become impudent
That's not true
We're normal now Men were too important
That's why you can't marry
Not that I can't, but I won't
I can marry at any time if I want
Don't marry a doctor
What women!
I think you must hurry
It's nearly the time
He's coming on the 9:45 train...
Still has time
When did he come last?
In 1946
The station was so crowded
Yes, just after the war
He's healthy
Soft and good!
I remember this painting
What happened to the other one?
The smaller one?
I sold it
This is fine
The prices have risen. Times are bad
Work on Sunday?
Doctors must
Shall I get some food?
But Uncle can't eat everything
Bye, Dad!
Take it to Uncle
All right?
Have tea, Uncle
How old are you now, Noriko?
She's 28 now
About time to marry
Some women don't want to get married
Don't you want to?
Here's my share
Here's your change
We can cook it cheaper
And for everyone
How much was the coffee?
It's my treat
Thank you
What is it?
Is Uncle deaf?
He isn't
He doesn't hear me
He does
Speak louder!
Aren't you tired?
I see
How old are you now?
Hm, it's about time you got married
Do you know any good men?
Someone rich...
...who can make me happy?
Yeah, it's a fine day
Good afternoon!
Taking a walk with Grandma?
Yes, we enjoy the sun
Is Father home?
He's with your brother
I hope my son isn't a burden to your brother
I'm sure it's the opposite
Your dress is pretty!
I hear you've a guest
I'm with him now
Try and give him candy
He eats the paper too!
He must be very happy
I hope he can hear the show
Sure, his seat is in the front
Take is slow, taking a bath
What's her trouble?
I don't know
She was crying here when I returned
She will stay here
I think she fought with her husband
But, they were so sweet...
Maybe too sweet
Ah, Noriko!
Just came?
Why are you staring at me?
You went too far
Too sweet
What's the cause?
Oh nothing
What happened?
It's a dog
I mean my pet
It ruined his pipe
He was rather careless
It's from London
He blamed me
I gave him only carrots in spite
To the dog?
To my husband
He's a horse
So, he exploded this morning
How silly!
You don't understand
You should be patient
You're married
Then, you must be patient
It's only natural
Husbands are all like that
That's why we don't marry
What are you talking!
You're inexperienced!
You don't know!
We don't need bad husbands
I'm going
Yes, you should
It's for the best
For Mr. Carrot, too
I'll stay
Will you?
Stay tonight
What now?
Your husband on the phone
May I talk about it?
How about asking Noriko for it?
What is it?
Your heart?
Will you ask your brother to examine her?
I feel sick whenever I drink a few cups of Sake
Stop drinking
But I drink on business
My heart reacts badly
Someone recommended moxocausis
I know
I'm talking to Noriko
I know she'll help you
I will
Thank you, please do
Your director is upstairs
I want to see him
I've some time
Are you staying?
And you?
I'm sorry, I must go
Why? Sit down and relax
But, he's waiting at Ginza
Who? Mr. Carrot?
Yes, sorry
Go at once!
Attend Chako's wedding?
I won't!
Excuse me
Oh, you've been here?
Hill Enterprises called
I did as you said
Have a drink
Good that you came I wanted to talk to you
Why don't you get married? It's about time
I know a prospect
An upper-classmate. Lived abroad
His name's Manable
He's never been married
I've his pictures
This...this is him
Have a look
Here too
A good golfer and handsome
I'm sorry...
I must go now
Don't escape
I must meet my parents
Then, use my car
May I?
Thank you, sir
Take these pictures
Show them to your folks and ask their opinion
Thank you
Tea's ready
Aren't you sleepy, Uncle?
You must be tired
Your train's early tomorrow
I really enjoyed the play
The young actors showed talent
Really admirabe
I'd like to see it
I'm glad you liked it
Shall we sleep?
Come to Yamato once
I will, after marrying Noriko
Come and live there, both of you
Yamato is the best place to live
Let the young people live here
I agree Koichi can do anything
I'm willing to come
I'm sleepy
Good night
Mr. Satake asked if I'd marry...
Uncle also has an idea
Well, I've suddenly become popular
So, what did Mr. Satake say?
I had no time
A visitor for Dr. Mamiya
Mrs. Tamura
Good, I'll see her
How's the test?
Negative, sir
Good to see you. I'm Mamiya
I'm Ayako's mother
Your sister's very kind to us
Your heart?
I wanted to ask you to examine me, doctor
If I can be of any help
Of course you can But I'm sorry to bother you
It's all right
Congratulations for Noriko
Ayako and I are happy for her
Mr. Satake found a man...
He's outstanding, we know
A very nice guy
Young and talented director
with a good reputation
He's from a good family in Zentsuji
He has a very old house
Shall we begin?
I'm really sorry to bother you
I'm home
You're early today
At her friend's wedding
Chako, her classmate
The bath's ready
After Father
Tamura came to the hospital
Ayako's mother?
A harsh woman
How is she?
It's not her heart but her nose
How is the bath, Father?
Very comfortable
Mr. Satake's offer seems good
You know?
Tamura told me
He's a director of a firm
He seems fine
You have seen?
By his picture
She has his picture?
Go to your room, Isamu!
And he?
Playing golf in the pictures
But not very clear
Get out!
Seems good
I'll check
I think this'll be a nice match
Go, Isamu!
Seems good
I agree
Now, pay me 20 Yen
A little more
Massage Grandma. It's your turn
Oh, you massage me now?
Grandma, I've saved 300 Yen now
Good, but for what?
I'll buy model tracks
But you already have tracks
I want more
The bath was good. Take it now
Noriko has a proposal
It seems good
Good, it's about time she married
I hope it's a good match
I think I'll ask about him
Yes, go ahead. Do it immediately
It's unfair to her
She's a bride
But I never saw her like that
Yes, she seemed like a doll
Your honeymoon?
We went to Atami
The weather changed that very day
We had to stay in the hotel
What are you saying
A documentary report
We asked for a top
I mean spinning top We killed time with it
My husband is good
Don't excite single girls
Silly! We won't play with tops!
That's too childish!
Single girls don't understand
They're to be pitied
How can you say that, you?
She has no right
I'll leave!
Single people don't know happiness
They have no right!
Shut up, Mrs. Carrot!
They have no right!
Happiness is only a hope
What is happiness? It's just---
A hope or a dream
Just like hoping to win at the race track
You don't know!
You too?
I'll leave
Leave, dreamers!
How about going to Noriko's?
I'll welcome you all
Next Sunday?
Can you come?
I can because I'm not married
Shall I lock the door?
How did the bride look?
Very cute. It was gorgeous
In dress?
No, Kimono
Here's some cake for you
Oh, short-cake! How nice!
I chatted with the others
They'll come next Sunday
I'll cook something good
It's yours
Thank you
My group is funny
It always divides into two
The married and the unmarried argue
Ayako and I are always despised
Why not get married?
You too?
Then, I'll consider...
How about Mr. Satake's man?
Mr. Satake spoke very well of him
You surprise me!
Been awake?
She doesn't seem reluctant
No. There's much hope
She may accept. Try and ask her
This cake is really good
I'll buy some more
She's stubborn. Talk nicely
Leave it to me
Tell her about Father approving
All right
Do your best
Ah, Tami! Come in!
Thank you
How have you been?
Koichi's wife?
She went shopping. Please relax
Here's some fish from my home
I hope you like it
You're always very kind
We had a strange visitor this morning
Who was it?
It's the first time in my life
A terrible man with glasses and a bag
I thought he came from the tax office
But he didn't
Who is he?
He came from a detective agency
He asked me about Noriko
I realized it was concerning her marriage
I asked him who was interested
He angered me by his laughter
I told him
he'd never find a better girl
That horrible man knew quite a lot
He even knew that our sons
...were classmates
How have you been?
I hope I find you well
Your son has become a good doctor
Thank you, but he seems lonely since his wife died
Been 2 years?
Yes, how time flies!
Your son, Shoji...
He must be dead
There's still hope...
I've given up
My wife still has hope
She seems to think Shoji is still alive
I know how it is
Listens to
the ''Missing Persons Hour''
I don't understand myself
I'm forgetful of everything
Only I remember things related to Shoji
There's no hope now
Been in Zentsuji?
That's right
Know a man named Manabe?
He worked in a company
No. Who is he?
Ask Sakaguchi
Maybe knows him
It should be the end of the game
Want to put it here No, here
The number of kids have increased
Sunday means noise
My house's filled with them today
Yes, take it
What a crowd!
Have some sandwiches, everyone
Let's eat!
Don't step on the tracks!
Buy me more tracks
You have enough
Most of these belong to the others
You have the money
But, it's not enough
We want more
I'll ask Father
Please do
Tell him it's 32mm gage
Will you buy some?
No, I won't
Mari called, she couldn't come
Taka come yet?
Oh, what a crowd!
Just amazing!
Go away
Go upstairs
To your mother
The sky's beautiful here I envy you for that
Your parent's?
Gone out
What about Mari?
She wanted very much to come
But her husband must make a trip
I don't think so
She can come. She has a maid
Maybe a wife has worries
We don't know
Help yourself
This is a nice place
I wish I could live here
Noriko, a phone call!
From Oiso
You Taka?
Taka just called from Oiso
Her father's sick
Unbelievable! I know he's on a trip
Strange... why doesn't she come?
This party was her idea
We're shunned
Because we argue
We were all close friends at school...
Can't be helped
Shall we go to the beach?
Eat first
Pass me the bottles
This may be the happiest time for our family
We'll be losing Noriko soon
You're right
Mr. Satake's arranging...
I hope it goes successfully
Koichi got married and has children
And now Noriko's marrying
Maybe that's the happiest now
I don't think so. We can be happier
We must not want too much
Oh, I really enjoyed today!
A child must be crying
Remember how Koichi cried?
This is the Central Hospital
Your wife
Fumiko? It's me
I must stay here tonight
There are a really sick person
Is Noriko home?
Her prospect is good
Sakaguchi told me
I'll tell you after I come home
Yes, dear, I understand
Good night!
Night duty?
It seems good! How much?
900 Yen
Very expensive! I didn't know
My appetite's gone
Come on! Give me plates
It was a big mistake
I don't know why I asked you to buy it
Will you pay half?
Oh, don't make me
I will! I will!
It's expensive
It's good
It's the same as half a pound of wool
But we rarely eat cake
Who is it?
I'm Yabe
You're here
Koichi's busy...
He just called
Come in
Good evening!
Your parents?
Gone to bed
Help yourself
Oh, good timing
Any celebration?
Do you eat cake often?
Not very often
I wish I could
No, rather cheap
Eat, don't worry
May I congratulate you?
I heard
What are you talking about?
Noriko's marrying?
That's great, where?
Is that true?
Maybe...and you too, I hear
Your mother...
Only her idea
I think you should remarry
Yes, also for the good of Mitsuko
My mother always says so
If you won't eat it, I will
Oh, I will!
It's so good!
Hide the cake!
What now?
Good evening
I'm home
Hello, Dad!
Look, Mom! I'm happy!
Isamu, Dad bought us tracks!
What a shame!
It's bread
Over here
Your belt
Good news for Noriko!
That's very good
He is said to be from a family with reputation
the second son, very smart
He seems to be a fine businessman
How nice! And, how old is he?
He was born in 1910, so about 40
Yes, 40 years old
Oh, 40?
Age doesn't matter
But, too old for Noriko
Don't be silly!
She isn't so young
She can't wait any longer
The man is the best we can hope for
I feel sorry for her
Why? What do you mean?
Don't insist too much! You'll ruin her!
You mean...
Yes, I do!
You want too much and will ruin her changes!
But what?
What does she think?
You said she would accept
Didn't you tell me that?
You said it
I never said it! Don't tell me that!
Do I want too much?
What's wrong?
Koichi scolded me
He's serious about it
Don't worry
Liar! Liar!
I wanted tracks! I don't want this!
Don't do that!
Don't kick food!
Bad to do that!
Don't you understand?
Isamu, come
Where are you going?
You scolded them?
You shouldn't lose your temper with them
You scare them
You're always like that
Mind your own business!
I'm home
He's in a bad humour
Stupid! Stupid!
Come on!
Where can they be?
I'm worried. They must be getting hungry
Yes, they must
Come home yet?
Not yet. We are worried
It's already very late
I'll go look
Let me go
Good evening!
Are my children here?
No, they aren't
What happened to them?
They aren't home yet
Where can they be?
Help her find them
All right
Wear proper shoes
It's dark
Be careful and check the back lanes
Don't forget to check the station
Your turn
Why did you scold them?
Children are sensitive
Don't scold them
You're right
They're hard to handle
Ah, Mrs. Mamiya?
Yes, he's here
Looking for me?
Yes, from your home
Thank you
Yes, speaking
Oh, they came home?
That's good
I'll come home soon
They're home
They're starving
sitting on the bench at the station
Poor boys!
They're trouble
I'll leave now
Yes, it's better go back and have a look
They resemble me more and more
They only take my bad side
Don't forget...
...about the Akita Hospital
All right, I'll ask him tomorrow
Good night
I'm home
You're a good girl
You're early
I'll be ready
Listen to me
Sit down
I'm going to Akita
They asked me to run a hospital
Mr. Mamiya made the offer
He told me I'd be called back in a few years
So what do you think?
You accepted?
I will, but you may stay here
No, it won't work
Will you come with me?
What now?
Well... Akita is very far
I'll get a raise
Find a similar job in Tokyo
No, it's impossible
This is my chance
I know
And I can study the local diseases there
I can return to Tokyo in a few years
I can't miss this chance
What now?
I'll accept
You become quiet when You're mad
What is it today?
I just passed by
Sit down
She's out
Mr. Manabe came last night
Did he say anything?
Nothing in particular
How about Noriko?
Marrying him?
Not decided yet
How about asking her?
I don't understand her
But what does she want any way?
What does she want?
Is she appealing?
What do you think?
Sometimes attractive, sometimes not
Always been like that?
Ever been in love?
Maybe not
She loved Audrey Hepburn when she was a student
She got lots of her photos Who is she?
An actress
A woman?
Is she lesbian?
She's very strange anyway
Why not teach her?
All that sort of things
What things?
Don't pretend!
Don't talk like that!
You're rude!
Bring two teas!
Want coffee?
Noriko's late
Maybe she won't come back today
She may go to the hospital as well
Oh, you might have told me sooner
How about some sushi?
What do you like?
Those with clam
I love that
Not for me!
You're unusual too
Shoji and I often came here
We liked this table
That painting too
Been a long time
We often quarrelled but he was a good brother
Still have his letter
He enclosed an ear of corn...
From Central China
I was reading Wheat and Soldier at that time
I want it
All right, It's yours
He's here
Wait long?
What shall we eat?
Anything you want
Make him buy a feast
I'll treat, but please not too expensive
You're so mean
Eat whatever you like
Expensive things aren't always good
Who is it?
It's me
Come in. I'm glad you came
Mitsuko's asleep?
Greeting ready?
I don't feel like doing it
This is our farewell gift
You're very kind. Thank you very much
He comes home late these days
Will you go with him?
I'll go after packing all the stuff
It's so tiring
Thanks for everything
First trip?
I travelled only once to Utsunomiya
You'll return in a few years
Kenkichi told me so
I hope he's right
I wanted him to remarry and live here
I hope you don't get angry
What's up?
I know I'm dreaming too good a dream
I wish Kenkichi had a good wife like you
Don't be angry. It's only a dream
Do you mean it?
You do think so?
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
If you don't mind an old maid...
I'll accept
I do think so
How happy I am!
Thank you so much!
Sometimes talking too much is good
I'm glad I'm talkative
I'm happy and feel relieved
How about some cake?
No, thank you. I must go now
Please wait until Kenkichi comes home
But, it's already late
May I believe you?
How happy I am!
Good night, and thank you again!
Good evening!
Your train?
The 8:45 train
Good night!
I'm home
Did you meet Noriko?
Did she say anything?
She promised me she'd join us!
She promised!
I told her what I thought
I didn't expect she'd accept
She accepted!
She agreed to become your wife!
You must be happy too!
I'm crazy with joy!
I'm really glad for you!
Don't cry
I can't help it
Why don't you look happy?
You're happy, aren't you?
I am
Show your happiness, then!
You're strange!
Is Noriko back?
I think so
Father, please come What?
Come downstairs
What is it?
Sit down
Noriko wants to marry Yabe
She promised his mother
But, he's leaving tomorrow morning
That's why I decided
But, you must consider carefully
He has a child
Everyone's worrying about you
You know that
Why didn't you ask?
Why did you decide alone?
Did you think?
You were rash
I don't like this match
When his mother talked to me...
...I suddenly felt I'd be happy with him
Won't you be sorry later?
I don't think so
Are you sure?
I'm sure
You positive?
Don't you feel chilly?
Go to bed
It was thoughtless of her
Forgot her family completely
What should we do?
should we let her?
It's her own decision
We can do something...
What can we do if she's decided?
You know Noriko
Someone want to see you
Thank you very much for what you did
Good, he got a seat
Yes, he's lucky
He can't stand all the way
What now?
The station was too crowded...
What's up?
I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't
I thought after that...
What is it?
I still can't believe it
It's like a dream
Did your parents approve?
Your brother?
They did?
Oh, I really feel relieved!
What does Kenkichi think?
He's overjoyed He didn't sleep last night
We ate before sunrise
I'll be able to live long, thanks to you
Then, I'll leave happily
The wrong door!
Pull it
I'm worried about her marriage
She doesn't have to marry a man with a child
You're right
It's pity we couldn't do anything
Since high-school graduation...
...everyone spoke highly of her
I expected a gorgeous wedding
You know Mrs. Shinoda?
Whenever I visit her beautiful house...
...I dreamt Noriko would be like her
Now I think Mr. Satake's man is better
I agree!
I don't understand her
I'll go buy the canary's food
Need something else?
Did you already decided?
When's your wedding?
He'll return in a few months
I admire you
I thought you couldn't leave Tokyo
I imagined you'd live western style...
A garden with white flowers
sweet music
an open kitchen and Coca-cola in the refrigerator
They just suit you
I imagined you'd meet me on a porch...
...wearing a while sweater and with a terrier...
I couldn't imagine otherwise
Akita is cold
A farming area
How's, everyone?
It's a fine day, isn't it?
Can you?
Sure, why can't I?
Oh, you amaze me!
You come from Tokyo but already speak the dialect
I'm really surprised
I'm gonna live in Akita
I should know the dialect
You speak well
A friend of mine was from Akita
Before your brother left for the front...
...we hiked with him and his friend
Is he the man?
I don't remember...
Love him then?
No, not at the time
Since when?
I don't know. Gradually
I didn't know that
I couldn't imagine myself marrying him
What happened?
I don't understand myself
I always forget things
Sometimes it seems...
Mother's always looking for her glasses
You understand
He was so close I didn't realize
That's love
No, I don't think it's love
I know him well and can trust him
That means love
I only feel safe and happy with him
Don't you understand?
That's love, what else?
You're in love. You truly love him
Do I?
I'll hit you if you pretend
No, not you
Grab her, Mother
Where is it?
I mean the thing
yellow and this big
I'm sure it's somewhere here
Please come over here
What does she want?
I don't know. She'll come again anyway
She's becoming senile
I can't leave her and marry
Marry and live here
No real man would live with his wife's family
She's always like that
Lucky you found a man you love
But, our life won't be easy
There will be difficulties
I'll economize and work hard
What about Mr. Satake?
I told him
What did he say?
Laughed, said I was old-fashioned
He's upstairs with Mr. Manabe now
Why not look at him?
Come on, it'll be fun
Don't be afraid
It's no big deal
I don't need any more husbands
Don't worry. I may marry who's left
Should we give her permission?
She's impossible
I've no idea
I feel sorry for her
Let's talk to her again
Maybe we should
She may have changed her mind
I'm sorry to be late
I saw Ayako
Have you eaten?
Not yet
Don't bother
Dinner's in there
Are you worried about the child?
That also
It doesn't worry me
Mother feels worry for you
She even cried last night
I love children...
That's not the question
Mitsuko'll grow
and when your baby's born...
I thought about that
I'll get along with them
It's not unusual. I'll manage
I'm sure I will. Don't worry
Is that so?
Maybe I'm an optimist
Poverty doesn't worry me like other people
I'll stop worrying
Frankly, I don't trust a man...
...who is still single at 40
I trust a man who has a child
You're great!
I know nothing when I married
What will become of the family
if I leave?
Don't worry
Everyone worry for your happiness only
Everyone wants only your happiness
Don't worry
But, you need my salary...
It's OK. You and I will compete...
Compete at economizing
All right
Don't eat short-cake
I won't, unless it's a present
Come on, it's nice here!
I'm glad you came
Thank you for everything
Shall we dine together?
No, thank you, I must go...
Come and see me when you come to Tokyo
Take good care of your husband
Manabe'll be disappointed
If I were single and proposed to you?
What will you do?
Probably no
Look and remember Tokyo
Tokyo isn't bad
Look at the birdie
Don't move
Chin down, please
Please take a picture of my parents
You're wonderful!
Don't make fun of us!
It's been many years since we last took a photo
I'm finished
You ate a lot
Where are you going?
Wish I hadn't sent Yabe to Akita
But, that's what made me decide
You will return soon
Yes, time flies quickly
It's been 16 years since we started living here
Noriko was only 12 years old then
Yes, she was as small as Minoru
She used to wear a big ribbon and sing
She was so cute
Children grow quickly
What will you do?
I'll practice here
And the hospital?
I'll work there in the day
We part but we'll be together again
We can't live together forever
I want you to visit us once in a while
I broke up the family
No, it's not your fault
It was inevitable
Take care of yourself. Akita is very cold
Be very careful of your health
And we shall meet again
Look! A bride is passing
I hope she'll be happy
I wonder how Noriko is
Our family has been scattered
But we're better than average
We've done a lot together
We shouldn't want too much
We've been really happy
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