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Subtitles for Easy Rider 1969 CD1.

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Easy Rider 1969 CD1

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Hey, you got a room?
Hey, man!
You got a room?
You asshole!
I'm going down to Mardi Gras to get me a Mardi Gras queen
Oh, man. Wow, Mardi Gras!
That'll be the weirdest, you know?
You know what we ought to do first thing?
Go and get us a groovy dinner.
Break out some of that cash, man.
Out here in the wilderness, fighting lndians and cowboys on every side.
What's the matter? You zonked? Really zonked, eh?
No, l'm just kind of tired.
You're pulling inside. You're getting a little distance tonight.
You're getting a little distance, man.
Well, l'm just getting my thing together.
Come on, it's checkout time!
Hey, Billy!
Man, don't do that.
What can l do for you?
l'd like to fix my flat, if you don't mind.
No, l don't mind.
ln the barn there, you'll find any tools you'll need.
Whoa, baby! Whoa, honey!
Turn that thing off. You're making my horse skittish.
Sure is a good-looking machine.
There you go.
You fellows can sit down here.
Would you mind taking off your hat?
We thank thee, Lord, for these thy gifts received from thy bounty.
ln the name of Thy only begotten Son...
...Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Where you fellows from?
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles.
ls that a fact?
When l was a young man...
...l was headed for California, but....
Well, you know how it is.
You sure got a nice spread here.
Yeah, l sure got a lot of them.
My wife is Catholic, you know?
Can we have some more coffee?
No, l mean it.
You've got a nice place.
lt's not every man that can live off the land, you know?
Can do your own thing in your own time.
You should be proud.
Hey, man, what are you doing?
l got to talk to you, man.
Everything we ever dreamed of is in that gas tank.
You got a stranger pouring gasoline on it.
All he's got to do is look into it and he can see--
He won't know what it is, man.
Don't worry, Billy. Everything's all right.
All right, man. l don't know.
l do.
Everything's fine, Billy.
That's all taken care of.
l like that.
-How much further do we got to go? -l don't know.
Not much further.
That's what you said this morning.
l sometimes say it all day.
Really? You say it all day?
We don't have much longer. We'll be there soon.
We got to get to Mardi Gras, man.
Your little heart is set on that, huh?
We got a week.
That's a week away, man.
lt's a long way to Mardi Gras, baby.
lt won't take us a week to get to New Orleans.
l think l'm going to crash.
l think you have crashed, man.
l keep seeing things jumping all over the place.
-Really? -Yeah, look.
-What is it? -lt's a moth.
A what?
Moth. Bug.
This is a weird place, man.
That smoke's getting to me.
But l notice you're not moving.
Where are you from, man?
Can l have a light?
Where are you from, man?
Hard to say.
Hard to say?
Where are you from, man?
lt's hard to say because it's a very long word, you know?
l just want to know where you're from.
The city.
From a city?
Doesn't matter what city. They're all alike.
That's why l'm out here now.
That's why you're out here now?
Because l'm a long way from the city...
...and that's where l want to be right now.
They know you in this place?
This place we're coming to?
The place where we're at now?
This place.
You're right on top of them.
l'm right on top of them?
The people this place belongs to are buried right under you.
You could be a trifle polite.
''A trifle polite''?
A small thing to ask.
You ever want to be somebody else?
l'd like to try Porky Pig.
l never wanted to be anybody else.
You can't hit me. l'm invisible!
Hey, Sarah. How's it going?
Rudolph, what are you eating?
Thanks for the stuff you brought.
How's it going?
We can't take any more strangers. Just too many people dropping in.
l'm not talking about you and your friends.
Last week, Susan dropped in with 1 2 people from Easter City.
She wanted to take 1 0 pounds of rice with her.
Naturally, we had to say no.
So she gets uptight, breaks out some hash and won't give us any.
They went outside to start their bus...
...and couldn't get it started.
l bet you haven't had anybody around like me to rap to.
You know l love you and l want you to rap.
-Oh, God! l want you to rap. -Cut that out.
l guess nobody else here is interested...
...but l'd sure like to meet your friend.
l bet you'd like to do more than that.
l think he's beautiful.
He's beautiful.
What's that weird thing on the hill?
lt looks like a stage. You got a light opera company?
That's the mime troupe stage.
They've gone down to the hot springs.
Mime troupe?
Hey, Lisa?
What does this mean?
''Starting brings misfortune.
Perseverance brings danger.
Not every demand for change in the existing order should be heeded.
On the other hand, repeated and well-founded complaints...
...should not fail to a hearing.''
Well, when one--
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!
We've come to play for our dinner...
...or should l say, stay for our dinner.
Or even...
...slay for our dinner.
Men at war. How ghastly, ghastly!
We've come to drink your wine...
...taste your food and take pleasure in your women.
The water in that river is about 80 degrees.
You put your hand in a foot away, it's below freezing.
Oh, come on. l've got to get dinner on.
Who said ''out'' to me?
l picked-- Unhand me! l played communes--
Out! Out!
Evil eye on this place.
A double whammy for you all.
Come, my dear. We won't play here.
Get out.
l like you.
These people got here late in the summer.
Too late to plant. But the weather was beautiful...
...and it was easy living. And then came that winter.
There were 40 or 50 living in a one-room place.
Nothing to eat, out by the side of the road looking for dead horses.
Anything they could get ahold of.
There's 1 8 or 20 left. And they're city kids. Look at them.
But they're getting this crop in.
They'll stay here till it's harvested. That's the whole thing.
Do you get much rain here, man?
l guess we'll have to dance for that.
Look at this, man. A seashell.
There's nothing but sand. They ain't going to make it.
They're going to make it.
They're going to make it.
We have planted our seeds.
We ask...
...that our efforts be worthy... produce simple food...
...for our simple taste.
We ask that our efforts... rewarded.
We thank You for the food we eat from other hands...
...that we may share it with our fellow man...
...and be even more generous...
...when it is from our own.
Thank You for a place... make a stand.
Let's eat.
Hark ye gentles! Hark ye all.
Time has come for curtain call.
How do you wear your hair Does your hair hang low
Do you tie it in a ribbon Do you tie it in a bow
Do you wear it over your shoulder Like a Continental soldier....
Are you an Aquarius?
l guessed right.
Do you like our place here?
Who sent you?
l got to get out of here, man.
We got things we want to do, man.
l got to get out of here, man.
Could you take me and my friend over across the canyon?
Yeah, anything.
lt won't be out of your way, honest.
lt's all right.
lt's all right.
We're not no traveling bureau.
Why don't they get their own ride?
We're eating their food.
All right, man.
-Get them together though, man. -Right.
When you get to the right place, with the right people...
...quarter this.
You know, this could be the right place.
Your time's running out.
Hey, man!
lf we're going, we're going. Let's go!
l'm hip about time.
But l just got to go.
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