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Eclipse 1962 CD1

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Alain Delon
Monica Vitti
Director : Michelangelo Antonioni
Well, Riccardo...
What is it?
Everything we talked about last night...
-I've already decided... -what...
I'm going, Riccardo.
are you going some place?
it's the last time...
No, Riccardo! no, please don't...
What do you want me to do!
Tell me what it is and I'll do it!
I'll do exactly what you say.
- find something for em to do when you're gone...
I wanted to make you happy...
when we first met I was 20 years old...
.. I was happy then...
I meant to tell you that I brought the German translation
I'm sorry but I won't be able to do this work for you
however, I do know someone who can do it.
I'll ask them if you wish.
besides it wouldn't be right for me to continue with it...
although... .. if you really want I can continue.
is this what you wanted to tell me?
what is there to wait for?
wait, wait a while!
we've avoided saying certain things,why bring them up now?
No, some things you just wouldn't say to me
you're not cruel.
I am cruel with you.
perhaps Vittoria but that doesn't matter.
be good and tell me one last thing.
is it that you don't love me or that you don't want to marry?
I don't know.
when did you stop loving me?
I don't know
are you sure?
but there must be a reason... there has to be a reason!
I understand these things...
yes, I know you understand them ... I don't know.
I wanted...
I know, to make me happy...
but to go on I also must be happy.
no, please... let's not start again.
is there someone else?
can I call you in a few days?
I thought that... excuse me for not offering to accompany you!
Riccardo, please leave me alone
walking? then I'll come with you.
why do you want to come with me?
I've always come with you, why not today?
Have we ever come out in the morning... this early?
Ah, it's open.. don't you want breakfast?
no, I'm not hungry, Riccardo. I'm not hungry.
it was also a terrible night for me.
I'm sorry...
yet, no goodbyes... we'll call each other.
no, we won't call.
take care.
1,413! yes... 2,700!
how much is it worth?
10,000 is that ok?
No, no,Fiat went from 2930 closing at 3,053!
excuse me miss, do you have any information?
just a minute
I just found out Finsider is going up
buy me 50,000 for now
Buy 25,000 Finsider
I'll buy 5,000
Piero, what are you going to do?
At 20, I'll buy 30000 Finsider!
At 1740 each.
Finsider at 1740 lire.
What's wrong?
It's true.
Finsider at 1760 lire.
1760 lire.
1770 lire.
Sell 20,000 at 1770 lire.
That's 1 million, deposit that.
Do you get through?
Why are you here?
but, I...
should we buy?
I'm going to but...
I bought Finsider at 20, look at it now!
I've 2000 myself.
Keep them, they'll go up.
you don't know me, but I know you. how are you?
I have to inform you of some sad news.
our colleague Pietrozzi Domenico...
died of a heart attack today.
it is difficult to find words... to properly remember our friend...
I ask we show our respect with a few moments of silence.
it's like a moment of silence for athletes.
did you know him?
sure... but you know, one minute here costs billions
where are you going?
why don't you wait for me? I'll join you in a minute.
Do you want to exchange into USD?
want to know how much I made today?
Mamma, I must tell you something
yes, yes.. later.
- are the pears any good? - very good!
- ok, then a kilo.
one kilo and 20 grams, 190 lire. - I have to pay the 20 grams too?
Make it cheaper.
Saving makes benefits.
thank you.
- you're eating with Riccardo?
yes, with Riccardo.
excuse me... - what happened, Anita?
.. nothing, but that hammering made a lot of noise
Giorgio woke up complaining that
I'm sorry, come on in.
and tomorrow he's leaving to deliver an airplane.
for two days he's talked about nothing but that plane.
Uff, I'm getting fat.
if I could only give up sweets...
you've lost some weight... .. I don't know how you do it.
yes, but from the inside...
I didn't get any sleep last night.
yet I don't feel a bit sleepy. - did something happen?
we spent the whole night talking...
and for what... I'm so tired.
depressed disgusted and worn out.
what can I say?
sometimes needle and thread... or a book...
.. or a man... is the same thing.
want me to answer it?
say I've gone out.
hello? Ah...
she wants to know if we'd like to keep her company.
but I hardly know her.
yes, we're coming.
good evening! - hi, how are you?
this is Marta. - How do you do?
how come your still up at this hour?
when my husband's away I can't sleep very well.
and with this heat!
but you should be used to this isn't it hot in Kenya?
yes but not like this... at least not where I'm from.
- as for me, I sleep better when my husband's away
how beautiful, so low, so big...
what lake is that?
- it's near Nairobi, it's called Naivasha.
- here's another, see?
- we're here, a beautiful farm,
- on the left... a sinistra.
- No, on the other side.
then here. - yes.
- it's full of tropical birds, and hippopotami...
don't the hippos bother you?
oh no, they come out at night and eat with the cows.
one hippo can eat an acre of grass by himself
every now and then we had to kill one of them
that elephant, did you kill it?
No, my father. but I was there.
and you were'nt afraid?
- no I was born there.
look at these books.
that's Kilimangiaro.
Eh, The snows of Kilimangiaro.
here are the falls of Zambesi...
Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa...
.. it's nicer than the Congo, or Rhodesia...
or Somalia, South Africa...
- there are trees as tall as 50-60 meters
this is a Baobob tree.
Kenya has everything: jungle snow...
.. savannah.
does she look like a Somali woman?
- Identical!
That's enough! let's stop playing negroes!
why has your father not come back?
In Kenya he has his farm... horses..
.. and he raises flowers
but I'm afraid something is going to happen, everyone is carrying guns.
All who?
The white or the coloured?
don't start speaking English I don't understand it.
we were saying that is again carrying guns.
The white or the coloured?
the six million negros want to throw out the 60,000 whites!
luckily their still in trees and have barely lost their tails
...otherwise they would have already thrown us out.
well it's about time!
I can only say one thing: there are about 10 leaders who have studied at Oxford...
.. the others are all monkeys! six million monkeys!
but if you like it there...
they must be charming maonkeys!
look at the Congo for example...
why then did you go back to kenya to have your baby?
besides it has a very modern clinic.
the dog has run away!
- but how?
my god!my husband will be furious if the dog is gone!
I don't beleive I'll ever go back to Kenya. my husband doesn't like living there.
we are very close, like this...
but there is this wall...
here I only go out to shop... where else would I go?
you like being alone?
it's not that I like solitude, but I'm not with my people.
the monkeys?
maybe down there you think less of happiness...
things have to keep going on their own, no?
am I wrong? - No.
here it's all so complicated... .. even love!
look, there they are!
- Zeus!
How does your dog look like?
Black pug.
Why are you sitting there?
Stand up, let me look at you.
Come here.
I have to tell you something
hello Franco? it's Vittoria.
please don't kid around, help me!
I've left Ricardo and... - Ah, finally!
No, don't come, if I need you I'll call.
I wanted to tell you, this is a difficult time for him...
.. please try to be near him. - I'd rather be near you!
- why don't we...
I'm coming to you, right now, OK?
Safe take-off
Above Rome now.
tell me whats the most difficult thing about flying a plane?
finding the destination
did you remove the pilot cover? - yes.
- what did Rome say.
scattered clouds along the route.
I think it's better on the left,
until we're ready to land.
- ok.
what kind of cloud is that??
looks like nimbostratus. but they'r usually much lower.
it's so huge!
it looks like it's lit from inside!
- they're made from drops of water and flakes of snow.
there, let's go inside that cloud!
how beautiful
I have to make a call. - I'll check in.
I'm coming, too.
Vittoria, I'm going in, coming?
there you are. they're coming to get us.
- how wonderful it is to be here.
take it easy on the orders, the market is a bit inflated.
- how wonderful it is to be here
people tend to let themselves go just before vacation...
feeling hot?
Oh, it's cute! looks like an electric razor.
-can you imagine letting myself seen with this? -gice it to Dino... his type of toy
Please put me through.
hold - a 1000 Finsider at 520.
I sold 500 Viscosa at 840
and 500 Fiat at 120.
gentlemen, who wants to come with me?
Hey, I want to.
Buy 300 Anique at 77.
I'll buy 500 Viscosa at 215
at 245 not 215!
- I have then down at 215.
what should we do?
- split the difference.
Mediobanca: 134500.
Mediobanca opened at 700?
Centrale opened at 22.000!
400! 600!
yes, tell me what Viscosa is doing in Milano...
hello... hello! La Stet opened 4.600!
hello, Lucca... yes.
it's dropped...
Mediobanca 700, Centrale 600, Stet 4.600. yes.
give me Mediobanca! how much? 702!
Milano on the phone!
Good morning madam.Doesn't smell too good, eh? -Why don't you spray some air freshener?
do you have any tips?
I keep them to myself!
that woman is bad luck!
well, how are we doing?
what I sold rose today!
here, here.. this salt should bring us luck
that board... the numbers never stop...
have you sold anything?
- yes, a little Marelli.
with this climate,
I didn't sleep at all last night
hello Marco? 4,060 for Sviluppo!
look, I'm on for 2000 Fiat, should be worth about 500!
Just wait...
yes, I've let it go,
the market is a little weak...
have you heard anything?
have you seen how well Rumianca is doing?
they must have invented a new soap
- Piero! what?
Pirelli is falling in Milano! 100 points under
Immobiliari opening at 1456.
call Milano, see what you can find out!
I told you this morning, keep you're buying light!
stop now, if your'e dizzy, have a coffee!
Milano? -no.
operator... your're a bitch if you don't get Milano now!
66,000 Generali
what? what? At 70?
sell them... there's no more money!
don't insist. they're not selling anything here!
should we sell too?
get me Gennaro, 358269.
you'll only make the price drop more. what do I do?
no, I meant try selling it in Torino or Genova... elsewhere
it's like this all over
what did you sell at?
now it's worth 7,500.
do you want to cover your losses?
They all went 200 points down.
ok, every 200 points under, I'll cover... from 500
does that suit you, you bastard!
even Frankfurt is selling
yes, frankfurt-on-Main! - what, madam?
they talk about frankfurt, but it's always them...
but it's always them...
the socialists who spoil everything...
I was about to call you... what shall we do?
either cover it... or I'll have to sell everything.
I don't intend to increse my losses, but strike some average
as you like
How's the public debt.
Figure it out soon.
I saw you last night - I know the girl
Don't talk here, go to work.
theives! theives!
We are tricked.
Give the money back to us.
Is it yours?
None of your business.
You can't, can't come in.
You are getting so much from it.
It's your conspiracy, I want to kill you.
Piero, have you seen my mother?
why did you come here, who told you?
come on mother, let's go!
- where should we go?
home! what are you waiting for, a band!
when everything is collapsing here?
to think, everything was going so well...
who's going to repay me my investment?
I need millions and millions! who'd give them to me...
.. if you had stayed with Riccardo...
- Mamma!
the exchange has ups and downs, it's normal!
it's not normal, someone is always pulling strings
it's politics!
Stop it.
Calm down.
We can go to protest.
but I don't want to see you this way
is this very serious? can it recover?
with money, anything can be fixed especially here.
but for many, it's a complete disaster.
for my mother?
I don't know... probably lost 10 million lire.
but think of the billions lost this morning in Italy...
See that man over there . He lost 50 million...
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