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Edge of Madness

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- what the hell? - woman: Is this the jail?
- Aye. - woman #2: Keep the door closed.
- George! - Man: George?
- woman: George! - Man: what do you want?
- George. - what do you want?
- Come back here. - George!
- I did it. - Did what?
I killed him, my husband.
It was me.
I'll get Mr. Mullen.
You stay here.
Oh, George!
Je suis Marie.
Y'a pas de George ici.
She's undone, sir. Driven.
Carried on like a madwoman.
Man #2: why not send her to the church?
Reverend's away from the fort, sir.
It's too hot in here. It's a jail, not a bloody inn.
Aye, sir.
Mullen: So... you say you've killed a man?
Man #1 : Your husband. what's your name?
Mullen: It's a simple question.
Your name.
- She can talk. - This girl speaks French.
- Man #1 : Careful, sir. - She's a strange woman.
Here, sit up.
Come on.
Mullen: She's covered in scratches.
She's gone wild, sir.
Fill out the forms, Donnely. Lock her up.
I'll take her statement tomorrow.
- Should we feed her, sir? - I don't care.
This weather was sent from hell, lass.
I'd rather freeze than hang, though.
Mullen's voice: Journal of Mr. Henry Mullen,
Chief Recorder, Hudson Bay Company. November 1 5th:
In the absence of Governor Simpson, it's fallen to me
to investigate this strange young woman
who appeared last night at the fort.
As I am inexperienced in these matters,
I asked Dr. Jenkins to assist me.
First of all, I want your name.
Fine, then. who's George? Your husband?
Perhaps he took shelter with some natives.
Or perished.
- I've done a terrible thing. - You said you killed your husband.
And George as well. Mon Dieu!
How did you kill him?
with a rock.
I heard his skull crack.
Jenkins: And where did this happen?
At the homestead.
we were building a fireplace. we had lots of rocks.
- why did you kill him? - Because I wanted to.
I wanted to kill my husband, so I did it.
- You haven't told us your name. - Annie.
- And your husband? - Simon.
And who's George?
His brother.
- Can you examine her now? - No!
Right. Quite frankly, I'd rather have her cleaned up first.
would you like that? Nice hot bath.
Good. Take her over to the house, Ruth.
Jenkins: It's not in a woman's nature.
Mullen: In the middle of bloody nowhere,
cut off from civilization,
people do the unthinkable.
True, but no one has been reported missing.
Nobody knows what goes on out there.
She got lost, quite likely.
How old do you think she is?
1 8, 1 9...
it's hard to tell.
I'll have to take a closer look.
what's this?
Yes, I love purple.
your book?
I'll just put it over here, okay?
It's burnt, huh?
You get in now.
we'll get some more water.
## Oh what needless pain we bear ##
## Oh what needless pain we bear ##
## All because we do not carry ##
## All because we do not carry ##
## we do not carry everything to God in prayer. ##
- You cannot go with him, Annie. - ( water splattering )
Annie, get out!
Come on, get out! Come on!
- Annie... - I have to get dressed!
woman: I don't understand.
I told her to finish her bath, get dressed--
Miss Cresswell, I don't know.
She knew he was waiting.
Good... let him choose one of the other girls.
- I want him to choose me. - You can't go with him, Annie.
- Again, I had the dream. - I have my own dreams, Sadie.
I want babies and a home...
- and a husband. - Had a baby once.
Came out of a big boil on my stomach, the size of a rat.
They took it away, fed it to the dogs.
- That's a lie. - It's true. I almost died!
Man: I do not care if she can sing.
I need a wife who can work.
Ah, here she is.
- She's awfully wee. - She's strong.
And willing.
She's French, but can read and write English.
No need.
She can sew just about anything-- suits, shirts--
she's been well instructed.
She'll do.
You won't be sorry, monsieur.
You want to drown yourself?
The Scots make good whiskey.
At least they're good for something.
- ( knocking on door ) - Here she is, sir.
I put a damper on her.
My own.
- Thank you, Ruth. - I found this.
It's burnt.
- was there a fire? - She won't talk, sir.
It's a mistake to teach girls to read.
- I agree. - Thank you.
Come. Sit on the table, please.
- Mrs... - Simon.
Come sit on the table. we'll begin your examination.
- I'll leave it to you. - No!
Come on. Come sit down.
Come sit down! Come here and sit!
Ah! we'll tie you down if that's what it takes!
Just hold her, Mr. Mullen.
Thank you. This won't take long.
I examine everyone that comes into the jail, Mrs. Simon.
It's for your own good.
How's your sleeping?
Have you heard from your wife?
There's nothing more to say. Her position's straightforward.
She won't be coming back.
And you, have you made a decision yet?
well, I make lots of decisions and then...
I change my mind.
some frostbite. Must be sore.
She's had a rather rough time.
Lots of bruises and scratches.
Yes, look at this.
A bite mark here on her hand.
Now lie back. Just lie back.
Mullen: Come on.
- Move your legs apart, please. - No!
- Move your legs apart. - No!
No one is going to hurt you.
Jenkins: Good. Uh-huh.
Uh-huh. Okay.
Very good.
Apart from the obvious, physically she's strong and healthy.
The marriage was consummated, although not kindly.
I want her to take one teaspoon of this four times a day.
It'll help calm her nerves, help her to sleep.
- It'll probably improve her memory. - Mullen: I should hope so.
- Ruth, get her dressed. - Ruth: She has nothing to wear.
Give her something from my wife's closet then.
And leave the book!
Come. we'll dress you like a lady.
Your first murder case, Mr. Mullen.
I found it.
It's a bit worn. Mr. Mullen's old work coat.
You need something. That place is so cold.
- Is this your room? - No.
Mrs. Mullen brought all this furniture from England.
That's enormous.
Do you have some scissors...
and needle and thread?
I'll ask.
Mullen's voice: ''Tho' women's minds, like winter winds,
May shift, and turn, an' a' that--
- The noblest breast--'' - Mr. Mullen.
She's quite different since I gave her that medicine.
- She's talking. - Good.
- ''The noblest--'' - She wants scissors for sewing,
- you think that's safe? - Yes, that's fine. Thank you.
Annie's voice: ''Dear Sadie,
except for the discomforts of riding a horse,
I have never been so happy.
The country is magnificent.
I feel as though my life has just begun.
Everything is new, everything is possible.
As soon as I am settled, I will send for you.
Perhaps you'll change your opinion of marriage,
as there will be a choice of eligible,
handsome men in the district.
So far, Simon has not spoken much.
He seems anxious to get home.''
- what are you doing? - writing about our journey.
Get your animal. Follow me...
up on the path.
Simon: Yah! Come on.
Annie: Simon!
Simon: Yah!
Come on!
Get him going. Get him across, for Christ's sake!
I can't!
Simon: The supplies are getting away! Hurry.
Get up!
Take off the blanket.
- what? - I want to see you.
Not here.
why not?
You're my wife.
- Yes, but-- - But what?
Simon: It's your duty!
Ah! Damn rock.
Just do as I say. we'll get on real good.
- Spread your legs. - wait.
That's what men and women do.
we did it just fine.
Next time you'll want it.
Good morning, Annie.
You want some nice, warm porridge?
- George? - No.
what have you done?
look at this fine work.
Yes, it's very nice.
Mullen: where did you learn to do this?
At the school. we all learned.
School, you went to school?
Did your husband go to school as well?
No, he came and got me. He wanted a wife and he chose me.
I see.
Sit down and mind your business.
And where is your homestead?
I don't know.
Annie: Is that it?
Simon: George!
Hey, Simon!
Mullen: Eat.
Listen to me.
There is no reason not to tell me everything.
You're in the worst possible situation anyone could imagine.
You've confessed to a hideous crime for which you could hang--
hang by the neck out there with everyone watching.
A hood on your eyes, a gruesome death. That's the law.
Don't you care?
Don't you want to save yourself?
- where was George when Simon died? - In the forest, working.
He came back with a load of shingles and saw what had happened.
- where's the body? - Buried.
George and I buried him.
Simon: You haven't done anything.
I couldn't do much without the horses.
You use your hands.
I did some chinking.
But I needed a fork to mix it.
where are the supplies? There's nothing here.
Ask her. She sent them down the river.
Didn't you?
I thought there was a house. A farm, the letter said.
There will be. A castle.
Simon. what are you doing?!
- I can't sleep outside. - You're not sleeping here with us.
Annie: we could hang a blanket up--
He's not sleeping here.
- You'll bunk there at the cabin. - I'll stay with the Treeces.
Like hell you will.
You make us something to eat while George and I
take the packers back to the neighbors.
Simon, she's tired.
- She hasn't done anything yet. - It's all right.
- I like working. - Is there any meat?
I didn't set the traps,
'cause there are a lot of skunks about.
But I got some berries.
- Berries? - Yeah.
There's plenty of food if you didn't mind killing.
Annie's voice: It was like being lost in the middle of the ocean.
I felt so small under that sky.
Henry, it's her wedding tonight.
I'm sure there'll be some pretty, young squirrels, huh?
- ( Jenkins chuckles ) - No one would blame you.
I've written to every parish, both Catholic and Protestant,
within 20 miles. Someone must know of her.
Said she was walking for three days.
She could have been walking in circles.
She said she came down the river, from the west.
Lots of Scots out there.
Here's a sweet idea, why not bring Annie?
- She'd brighten up any party. - I'm sure she would.
Oh, Mullen.
we're pretty much free to do as we wish out here.
I'm going to the party, with or without you.
Should be fun.
well... I'm out.
- I could play another. - Time for bed.
I'll go wash up.
You should wash up too.
Shut your mouth, clever laddy.
I did win five games in a row.
George: Simon, she's a lassy.
I lived with lassies. I can.
They hate men who smell of old filth and sweat like you do.
You sound like a lassy. Get out of here.
Good night, Annie.
Good night.
- Simon: Come here. - Annie: No, no!
- Simon: Come here. - I don't want to.
- Simon: Stay still. - It hurts.
- Don't just push it. Pull it. - I am.
- Simon: Come on, you lass. - George: Don't call me that.
Go get another one, lass.
what do you think you're doing?
Get up and do some work.
Oh, Annie. That is good.
- what is this? - Same as last night
and the night before.
- You're kidding me. - ( Annie chuckles )
Stop it.
Stop it.
For God's sake, Simon!
- what are you doing to her? - Bugger off!
why are you hurting her?!
God damn it, George.
- ( thump ) - what do you think you're doing?
George: I cannot stand what you're becoming.
- ( thump ) - Simon: It's none of your business.
Simon: Stay away!
Annie's voice: ''I dream'd I lay where flowers were springing
Gaily in the sunny beam;
List'ning to the wild birds singing,
By a falling crystal stream.''
George: That's it.
I'll get you back.
George: Annie.
No, no!
One storm in that tent will end it here for all of us.
Ruth: Mr. Mullen agreed to put her in a larger cell.
Don't mind if she doesn't talk. She just sews and sews.
I heard you singing. That's good.
I have something.
A letter? You wrote it?
That's something I want to do.
- Learn to write. - You will mail it for me?
This is william Sellor. I told you about him.
He has some dresses he wants you to sew.
Costumes. For a play based on an opera.
Are you sure she can do this?
I can't afford to have it fail. It took two weeks to get the cloth.
Ruth: She's an artist.
Look at her work. Here.
Yes, it's real nice.
It is outstanding.
- But... - But what?
I've done a few sketches...
to inspire you.
Here are the measurements for Lucia.
Both dresses are for her.
Are you familiar with the story of Lucia?
- No. - It's a wonderful story...
about a young girl named Lucia.
She falls madly in love with a young man.
woman: Hello!
Hey. It's the Treeces.
Simon: Oh Christ.
Hello, George!
I just stopped by to see
if you folks would come over Sunday next.
we haven't had a chance to welcome you, Mrs. Herron.
we don't have time for parties.
- Don't mind him, Mrs. Treece. - Hope you'll perform for us.
with pleasure.
we miss seeing you at the church.
well, I've been anxious to finish the house.
Not working on Sundays, I hope.
- would you like some tea? - No, thank you.
we're on our way to the fort, actually.
Simon, we'll be picking up some supplies
before the weather changes, back in a couple of days.
Is there anything you need?
It must be very awkward here for you,
alone with these two young men.
No, we manage very well.
You have a lot of work to do before the snow flies.
well, now, here's something I haven't seen before.
A fireplace open on both sides, in the middle of the room.
Simon says it'll heat four rooms.
Mr. Treece: Nothing but a fire hazard.
You're sleeping out here? You must be freezing.
You're welcome to sleep at our place, George.
well, it's not so bad. I've built a shelter.
I've got that bear rug you gave me.
You're building too close to the creek.
This whole area floods in the spring.
we didn't need his help, or anyone else's.
He's hoping we'll fail so he can take it over.
Or he'll marry his daughter off to George.
You'd be daft enough to do it, huh?
- You borrowed the house, Simon. - I paid him in furs.
He isn't so smart.
Lots of places have fireplaces, open like this.
Every house in Orkney.
Annie: That Jenny does have her eye on you, George.
Pure and simple.
Nothing's pure, and never simple.
- Five? - All right.
Good night.
Good night.
Annie gave me this to mail. I never mailed anything.
So I thought I should give it to you.
Thank you, Ruth. I'll take care of it.
Annie's voice: ''Dear Sadie,
I'm in terrible trouble. I don't know who I can trust,
so I won't write of my situation until I have heard from you.''
''If you make your way here, I'm sure that Mr. Mullen,
the fort headquarters, will find you a place to stay.
Yours affectionately, Annie.''
It says nothing.
It says she's keeping a great deal to herself.
I'll post the letter.
Then, if Sadie exists, their correspondence continues
Good idea.
George: ## Talk not of love ##
## It gives me pain ##
## For love has been my foe ##
## He bound me with ##
## An iron chain ##
## And plunged me deep in woe. ##
He wrote that for a secret love...
Agnes Craig, a married woman.
A lover.
You have a haunting voice.
No wonder they miss you at church.
There was not much to sing about till you came, Annie.
I thank God every night that you're here.
You've been such a blessing.
- ( Annie sighs ) - I'd better go back
and make supper.
if you were my wife...
I would worship you.
Mullen's voice: A month has passed,
and no light has been shed on the young woman's true identity,
nor on the location of her homestead.
Her youth and open demeanor invite sympathy.
But in my experience, judging a woman from her parents
is always a mistake.
I think I'd better give this to you.
Thank you.
Look at this.
''Sadie Johnson... deceased.''
Oh dear.
- You want to tell her? - I'd be wise not to.
For one thing, she's writing another letter, a long one.
Yes, I see what you mean.
A man in your position should always tell the truth,
but not all truths need be told.
She has a bold script, don't you think?
Yes, a fascinating lass, that one.
George: ## Till all the seas gang dry, my dear ##
## And rocks melt with the sun! ##
## And I will love thee still, my dear ##
## while the sands of life shall run. ##
Mr. Treece: well done. Bravo.
- what confidence. - Extraordinary.
You've got a real talent there, lad.
where did you learn to sing like that?
well, I was raised by my father's sister,
a schoolteacher.
Simon was not so lucky.
He was raised by my mother's cousin,
a woodsman.
I can sing a tune...
but you might not like it much.
I wanted to go on at school.
But Simon was impatient to take out my father's claim.
How wonderful that you have each other.
- You can sing at my church. - No, he can't.
we're leaving now.
Get your coat.
No, son. we thought you'd stay here tonight.
It's pitch black out there.
I didn't want to come in the first place.
- we could get up early, Simon. - No!
God damn it!
I wouldn't think of traveling so late.
- I'm staying. - Afraid of the wolves, Reverend?
God will protect you.
I hope you'll come back soon, Mrs. Herron.
Maybe I can't read or write...
but I can do a day's work,
- and not whine about it. - we're going, Simon.
I just wanted to thank you for the best meal I've ever had,
and for your hospitality.
- God bless you all. - He'd be dead if it weren't for me.
- 1 00 times over. - we're going, Simon.
The wolves would be chewing at his bony ass.
You saw how he was.
Oh don't mind him, George.
I made a raisin pie.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Jenny made the custard, George.
Simon, I'm falling!
You think I'm stupid?
You think I didn't see what's going on?
I should leave you both out here to freeze.
Get down.
Make a fire.
You're not ready?
Simon, I don't want to.
Let's get it nice and warm in here first.
Take everything off now.
Just sit down and--
I'll undress for you. You'll like it.
I'll take off everything.
Just sit there.
George will be here soon.
Be very quiet, and go to bed.
George: Annie!
Are you all right?
- Geor-- - Annie!
God damn you.
- Get the hell away from here. - Annie!
Annie, just say something.
- Anything. - Annie: Simon, you're drunk.
Tell him, honey...
how much you love your husband.
I'm fine, George. I'm fine.
No... I'm coming inside.
Annie: No, don't! Don't!
- Annie. - Go away, George.
- Annie, please. - Go now.
Please, go.
George: Christ.
Mullen: Thank you, Donnely.
I've had a response from my inquiries.
- A Reverend McBain. - Have they found George?
He says he arranged the marriage between you and Mr. Herron.
Seems to know a great deal. He's very concerned about you.
he says that this has been a horrible mistake.
why did you come here?
Have you ever looked into a dead man's eyes?
No, not a dead man's. A dead child's.
My daughter... just a few days old.
- I'm sorry. - I blame myself.
But that doesn't make it right, does it?
No, sir.
Death is forever.
Annie, do you remember me?
Reverend McBain, of course.
Poor wee child.
we've gone over every idea. Then we got word you were here.
- Have you seen George? - He's at the Treeces'.
He's distraught and confused...
as I'm sure you are.
George told us what happened.
I think not, Reverend.
I think not.
what have you got on, there?
I'm going to marry the devil.
Tell George not to lie
unless he's absolutely certain the truth will never be discovered.
Aye, we'll make some arrangements, sir.
Her mother was a Catholic, but her father was a Scot.
Make him go away, Mr. Mullen!
Nobody's accusing her of anything.
You weren't there, Reverend! You don't know!
will you just listen to me?
Calm down, Reverend. This is going nowhere.
- ( Annie hums ) - Donnely.
Mullen: Did you believe his story?
Reverend: He's a member of my congregation.
- He swore it is truthful. - Either she's mad...
Am I wicked or insane?
Annie: George! He's finally asleep.
it's all right.
Let's get inside.
Take me away.
we could start over--
our own place, our own family.
Simon: God damn you.
No, don't!
- Annie: George! - I should do the same to you!
Annie: He's sick from the drink.
He's fallen asleep. He's sorry.
I'm sure he'll apologize.
He can apologize to Satan, for all I care.
what if the fire goes out? He'll freeze.
Mr. Treece: How are you doing there?
George: I'll talk.
Simon, what are you doing?!
- Get off my land! - what do you think you're doing?!
- I'm here to help! - You thankless bastard.
For God's sake, Simon!
we can't stay here. She won't last the winter.
Simon: walk away!
we need help! Can't you see that?
You want to lose this place? It'll happen.
George, Mrs. Herron, you're all right?
Simon: Get away from us!
- Leave us alone! - You're not thinking, son.
Now you have one last chance to make this right.
You get on that horse and we get to work.
And you stay the hell away from her.
Or you leave here alone...
and you don't ever come back.
Annie's voice: ''Oh Sadie, I know there's no possibility
of me mailing this letter, but still I must talk to you.
Thank goodness Simon cannot read.
I fear that the worst has happened.''
''They've been gone for two nights now...
and I'm afraid George might be dead.''
Merry Christmas, Annie.
I've brought the key.
I've brought you another bottle of laudanum.
I thought perhaps you were low.
would you like a sip?
I thought it was high time I checked your frostbite.
Just to be sure, of course.
Do have a seat, please.
Pull down your legging, please.
I'll take your boot off.
what are you doing here?
Get out of here, you stupid fool! Go!
Silly Scotsman.
Hush now, Annie.
Just let the doctor do his work.
- Stop! - It's so warm in here, Annie.
- Stop! - what's going on here?
- It's Christmas, Mr. Mullen. - Christmas, my ass!
- Open this damn door! - Get back to the party.
I'll be with you shortly. Ah!
Mullen: Pull up your damn pants! Stop this insanity.
You drunken fool. Get the hell out of here.
Don't tell me you never thought of it too, Mr. Mullen.
He finds you very attractive.
I tell you what,
come over to my house for a nice hot meal. A little Christmas turkey.
See, nothing in the bowl.
Nothing in the bowl.
Rub it and make a wish.
- ( children gasp ) - You wished for candies.
Sing a song for us, Annie.
- Oh... - Your turn. You promised.
Come on.
## That's newly sprung in June ##
## My love is like the melody ##
## That's sweetly play'd in tune ##
## As far as thou, my bonnie lass ##
## So deep in love am I ##
## And I will love you still, my dear ##
## Till a' the seas gang dry. ##
Annie's voice: I thought it was a log he dragged
and that it was Simon.
But in fact, it was George,
wearing Simon's coat.
Annie: Oh mon Dieu!
what happened?
George, what happened?
Annie's voice: what should we do?
what should we do?
when did it happen?
You got in a fight?
It was an accident?
Don't you worry.
Everything will be all right.
- A tree fell on him. - Poor Simon.
He was my husband, but I never really knew him.
No one did.
He worked hard.
Annie's voice: I cannot deny it, Sadie,
I felt a tremendous sense of relief when I saw he was dead.
I wanted to put everything about him behind me,
as though he had never happened...
as though it was George who had come for me and brought me here.
My prayers had been answered.
God forgive me.
Of course God forgives you.
It was an accident.
Close your eyes.
God will tell us what to do.
Our Father who art in Heaven,
hallow be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.
we should go tell the Treeces.
- And the reverend. - Not tonight.
I've covered the body. It's safe enough.
Get in there quickly before it gets cold.
It's so peaceful here.
I had a wee nap while you were outside.
Everything will be all right.
I wanted you from the first moment I saw you.
My apologies. I didn't mean to frighten you.
I was worried about you.
I spoke to Mr. Treece.
- Annie: Oh. - Aye.
Yes, good of you to come.
- where is Simon? - He's gone...
to the fort.
we needed a new axe.
Mr. Treece was very upset.
He told me Simon shot at him.
Not at him. In the air.
I didn't think it was him at first.
Yes, Simon-- the firing and all,
- he was upset. - Aye.
I see.
- well, I'd like to talk to him-- - He understands he was wrong.
- He's sorry. - I'm sure.
I don't want to make matters worse, but--
- when will he be back? - we'll tell him you came over.
we are all very worried about you.
Do you not think it'd be wise
to find yourself a place to stay until spring?
we're doing fine, Reverend.
- Truly. - Aye.
we'll build it better this time. In the meantime...
we'll manage.
- would you like some tea? - No, thank you.
I can see you're busy.
why did you lie to him?
why did you lie to the reverend?
To give us time together...
But why not just tell him what happened?
I want to be with you...
alone with you... now.
To love you.
But we have to give Simon a proper funeral at the church.
- I'll bury him here. - why?
He didn't believe in God.
It's what he'd want.
- where are you going? - To check the trapline.
Mullen's voice: January 6th:
I have determined to journey to the Herron homestead
to investigate for myself.
Mr. Mullen.
I'll be gone by the time you're back.
This country is testing me.
I must confess it got the better of me.
You were right to send me back, I suppose.
You can send me some correspondence on the girl.
I'd be interested to know what you discover.
There you go. Good luck.
Mullen's voice: The decision whether to charge Mrs. Herron
weighs heavily upon me.
The difference between Mrs. Herron's account and that brought
by Reverend McBain is so striking as to demand further inquiry.
I've sent word of my desire to examine the body
and to interview all involved.
George: God damn it!
- Piece of shit! - Annie: what happened?
The wolves. They smell the body.
I'll go tomorrow to get a shovel so we can bury him.
- You were gone a long time. - Aye.
I needed time... to think.
- About what? - About what to do now.
I don't know much about farming.
Simon was the one who could do all that.
I was brought up in a town...
in a big house, with help.
I don't think I can do this now.
You won't be alone. I'll be here.
Our farm will be a proper farm.
we'll have chickens and geese and cows...
- and babies. - Annie.
I don't even care if we can have this now.
what are you thinking?
I have nowhere else to go.
It's not right.
what we're doing,
it's not right.
I know.
we should have waited.
All right...
but I want you now.
I can't help it.
I don't want to face anyone I know.
I just want you.
what will become of us?
Henry Mullen. I'm looking for George Herron.
Mr. Treece: He's not here. He's gone to visit his aunt.
I've sent word with Reverend McBain. They'll be coming within the week.
- Never mentioned it. - I need to speak with him.
- Take a statement. - Not to worry.
You can stay with us. He'll be back within a few days.
It wasn't right, her being there with those two laddies.
Simon was mainly stupid, very different from George.
George is a sweet laddy.
we feel so badly for him.
He's hardly said a word since the accident.
when they first arrived, George came to the church every Sunday.
Then she arrived. The reverend said she was raised by our church, but--
- we had them for supper. - They left in the middle of dinner.
- Jenny: George didn't want to go. - Next morning, we smelled smoke.
Henry went over and Simon ran him off with a gun.
- A gun? - Aye. I...
told Reverend McBain.
I'll take them straightaway and let her try them on.
She will be so pleased. I have more work if you have time.
I have nothing but time, sir.
Yes, this is absurd...
- you in here. - Oh, I like it.
Yes, well...
freedom has little to do with one's physical surroundings.
Allow me.
I will be back.
Mullen's voice: The spareness and isolation of the place oppressed me.
Life here would be barely supportable
under the most favorable conditions.
There was a grave, as Mrs. Herron had said.
But it was empty...
the surrounding soil soaked in blood.
Someone had been here recently, to judge by the fire
still smoldering in the ruined fireplace.
Annie's voice: I heard his skull crack.
what are you doing here?
I'm investigating the death of Simon Herron.
My name is Henry Mullen.
George Herron.
I'm here to examine the body of the deceased...
your brother.
It was an accident.
There seems to be some question of that.
Put that gun down.
You told the Treeces you were visiting your aunt.
I was. I am...
but I decided to come here first.
- To check the trapline. - I saw the body, George.
In the fireplace.
wolves dug him up.
It was...
Some parts were dragged into the bush...
chewed to the bone.
So I gathered up everything I could find...
- and I burnt it. - In the fireplace?
I couldn't think of what else to do.
- How old are you? - I'm 1 7, sir.
1 7...
I know your story, from both the reverend and Mr. Treece.
Now I think you should tell me in your own words.
There's not much to tell.
My brother had an accident.
I saw it with my own eyes. A tree fell on him.
And Annie... his wife,
it undid her, I guess.
- She took off. - Fond of her?
Aye. we get along all right.
we both like books and music.
And your brother?
Did you get along with him?
Simon and I didn't have much in common.
But he worked hard.
He wanted to make a better life for himself, for us.
- And I appreciated that. - I see.
what are you doing?
- You're taking them? - Yes, as evidence.
They'll be returned to you if you wish, for burial.
- Or we can bury them for you. - No, I'll bury him.
Very well.
Are you going to continue homesteading?
It's all I have.
Mr. Treece says he'll help me plant in the spring.
They've been very kind to me.
And I'll try and make a go of it.
what will become of Annie, sir?
If the evidence supports her claims,
we'll charge her...
and she'll go to trial.
- So she can hang? - If she's found guilty, yes.
And if she is found guilty, you'll be considered just as guilty
for withholding evidence. You understand this?
You're under investigation as well.
But she's not guilty, Mr. Mullen.
I can say that before God, my maker.
I'll need a sworn statement to that effect.
- Aye, sir. - Do you like hunting?
I like to live, sir.
My brother taught me that much.
That crushed skull is damning evidence.
But George Herron is adamant... that it was accident.
I now had a picture of her life there--
a hard life with a hard man.
Hard enough to drive a woman to madness?
Or murder?
My inclinations were at war with each other.
I am of a mind to charge her and let the jury decide the matter.
- Mr. Mullen is back. - Yes.
He's very tired. He slept under the stars last night.
- Did he speak to George? - He doesn't report to me.
- I must talk to him. - ( Ruth chuckles )
He doesn't report to you either.
Hand me your linens.
And your rags?
- Ah, Mr. Sellor. - Sorry. I heard you were back.
- Yes. Is there a problem? - Not exactly.
Mrs. Herron asked me to mail this, but the postmaster said
her last letter to Sadie Johnson was returned, marked ''deceased.''
I find it peculiar that she hadn't been told.
I thought it best. She's been under considerable duress--
I tell you what, leave it with me.
I would never forgive myself if I did her any harm.
She's done enough harm to herself, I dare say.
How's it coming along-- your play?
- Full rehearsal this evening. - Congratulations.
- I look forward to seeing it. - Thank you.
- Mr. Sellor? - Yes?
Don't mention anything to Mrs. Herron.
will you have your supper now, sir?
Yes, I'll be dining in here this evening.
The girl would like to have a word with you.
I'll speak with her tomorrow.
- Sir-- - Thank you, Ruth.
Annie's voice: Dear Sadie, why have you not answered my letters?
I can only think you have not received them.
Hell is truth. Seen too late.
He was no longer a boy.
The child was gone in him.
Get away from there!
You don't scare me!
The cut had been made by an axe.
Deep and gruesome, cutting through bone
and right through the heart of him.
whatever had happened out there, Sadie,
had ended in betrayal, brother against brother.
And it was all because of me.
I had set them against each other.
I told you I would bury him.
You say it was an accident.
- Just like you said. - why didn't you leave him alone?
Help me.
George: I killed him.
I watched him spout his last bloody breath.
And there was no sign.
You wanted him dead, too.
we're both guilty, I know that.
But nobody need judge us.
I did it for you.
He was going to come back and have you, he said.
Laughing at me.
He was talking crazy about what he'd do to you.
So I picked up the axe...
and I flung it wildly.
And he went down...
with one scream.
Then he just looked at me.
And that was it.
It was much too easy.
Much too easy.
Aren't you coming to bed?
Maybe we both wanted it.
But it was me that did it.
I'll never say anything to anyone.
It was better when you didn't know the truth.
Because every time I look at you,
I remember pulling that bloody blade out of my brother's back.
where are you going now?
The truth is chasing me, Annie.
I cannot sleep and I cannot stay here.
- I'm going to the fort. - It's both of us,
- not just you. - If someone comes,
just tell them the truth about what I did.
I'll turn myself in. They don't need to know about us.
Don't go!
I hope that I never see you again.
Annie's voice: I waited for days, going slowly mad.
I thought George had gone to the fort and that he would hang
for a crime that was as much mine as his.
Finally, I could bear it no longer.
I know my part in this.
But I did truly think that George loved me...
as much as I loved him.
How has she been? Mrs. Herron?
Not so well. worried.
And sick in the mornings.
She is with child. It's quite apparent.
She's having a baby.
You can't hang her now, can you?
It's not up to me, Ruth.
I think it is.
I know it is.
Annie's voice: I need you here, Sadie.
I have an enormous favor to ask.
Please send word immediately, or I really will go mad.
Mr. Mullen.
- I have something to tell you. - Yes, but first--
please, take a seat, Mrs. Herron.
This has been returned.
I'm so sorry.
Have you come to some conclusions?
Not yet.
It's more complicated than I anticipated.
That's all I can say.
I'll have Ruth bring you some tea.
Mullen: ''In the matter of Mrs. Annie Herron--
In the matter of Mrs. Annie Herron,
it is the conclusion of this office--
It is the conclusion of this office
that there's insufficient evidence to warrant the laying of charges.
for any criminal act.
Mrs. Herron suffered from delusions,
brought on by her mistreatment at the hands of her husband.
The result is that she believed herself to be implicated
in his accidental death,
wishing as she did, for release from her torment.
Her better nature has been restored
Ha! Get along!
Nice day for getting married. Isn't it, Annie?
Come on!
Minister: ...according to the duty of a faithful husband,
forsaking all others during her life,
keeping faithful and truth on all points,
as the word of God and His Holy Gospel doth command.
George: Even so, I take her...
before God and in the presence of this congregation.
Minister: The Lord sanctify, bless you and pour
the riches of His grace upon you, that you may please Him
and live together in love till your lives end.
Could you all please rise?
## The Lord is my shepherd ##
## I shall not want ##
## He makes... ''
Annie's voice: It seems that Mr. Treece
did get control of the land,
just as Simon said he would.
## He leadeth me ##
## The quiet waters by. ##
- ( clapping ) - Man: Ladies' choice!
Your turn, ladies! Come on, now.
Ladies' choice.
George, as your sister-in-law, I think I deserve a dance.
I'm so sorry, Annie.
- I failed you. - we all do it.
we have to do it, George.
You didn't tell me you were having his baby.
Not his... yours.
It's a girl. Sadie Herron.
But she'll be known as Simon's daughter
so she'll have a legitimate place in this world.
Of course.
I know you'll do well by us, George.
I will.
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