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Opus-film presents
Starring: the movie..
Stage designer:
Directed by:
T-too much have I dr-drank.
- Sleep! - E-e-edi..
It's because of me ..
If I didn't get drunk..
..they wouldn't steal that--
I'll help you.
- Jurek, Sleep! Go to sleep, man! - E-e-edi. .
- It was-- ..such a beautiful kitchen, so. .. - Sleep!
..heavy it was.
What..what have-ve I d-done. ..
Chief, couldn't we do it a bit faster ?
I'm gonna deteriorate in a moment for God's sake.
Yeah, yeah, calm down.
What, TH-THE FUCK, are you reading the--, there, man ?
I'm gonna die here in a sec, man.
You won't.
What is it, Jurek, you hurrying to a woman ?
Such a nice bachelor can't drive off women, heh ?
- 10 kg. - So what ?
Good-bye then, Mr. Chief.
Chief, for my sake, faster!
Edi, put that Mercedes on the fucking balance.
I won't alter the gravitation law.
I weigh everything the same way every day.
Because if something turns out to be wrong, we've got an argument, don't we ?
7 Kg.
Not much.
Bad day, isn't it, Edi ?
Day like any other.
- Hey, Chief. - Good day.
We're looking for Small, have you seen him around today ?
No, not yet.
I'm not asking you, so shut your fuckin' mouth.
- No. Why? - Not your business.
If he emerges, tell me, okay ?
But don't forget.
No, no, of course.
How's it going ?
Is everything fine ?
How many times have I told you ? Leave that puppet, come to us, we'll talk..
We've got some business to do for you.
- Good day, Mrs. Jadzia. - Good day, good day.
Mrs. Jadzia..
Will you give us anything for this ?
- My friend is out of order. - Indeed he looks like that.
No, Edi, I won't make it.
Small's over there. Go to the table.
I'll take it.
Brothers are looking for you.
What have you done, man ?
You must leave!
They'll find you here in a glimpse.
- Small-- - I'm not afraid.
I've got money.
Fuck it.
Bring me some wine.
Take this, and get out.
- I've told y-- - I'm not afraid.
Brothers are looking for you.
- What have you done..? - Small.. guys.
Time for a small surprise.
Gotta go to the loo.
You fucking whore!. . You fucking thief !
You wanted to cheat us ?!
You fucking idiot!
Hey! .. I'll piss ov-- ov-- over my p-pants!
It's taken.
You haven't seen anything, huh ?
Jurek! Get up!
It's not a gallic paradise here.
We've got to fucking work.
He won't help you anyway. Let's go.
Come on!
What d-- do you think you're--
It's only ri-- ri-- rich people, who live here ..
That's the idea.
E--, Edi!
That'll make 10 kg.
E--, Edi!
Take a look!
Don't tell me you're doing that again ..
It's a paradise here, is--, isn't it ?!
You can find everything here.
What do you mean ?
A washing machine, T--, TV-Set...
Isn't th--, that a paradise ?!
Are you calling a paradise place..
..which exists today, but is no more tomorrow .. ?
You're with those books again.
What is that reading for ?
You want to be.. smarter or what..
I like it.
If you're such a geek, then tell me.
Why do the--, the--, they throw it away ?!
That washing machine...
...and that tv-set, it's completely new!
Why do they throw them away ?!
'Cos they want to have newer ones.
But, but it's already new!
For you. For them it's old.
Is it broken ?
Then, hell..
Why did they throw it away ?
Not bad, eh ?
Yeah, not bad.
I'll give you 50 zlotys [about 12$] for that.
Guys, you've made a robbery of the century or what ?
Haven't you seen Small around ?
What? Don't you know anything ?
- No .. - It's been two days, since he's in the hospital.
Guzzled ?
- No, somebody has hurt him fucking badly. - Not "somebody", but Brothers. Everybody knows that.
Have you seen them doing that? So why are you saying so ?
He still hasn't regained his conciousness.
They heard them, there are no witnesses.
There won't be any lawsuit at all.
Edi.. How much would you like for that TV ?
It-- It-- It's not for s-- s-- sale.
Edi.. I'd give you 30 zlotys [about 7$] for it.
It's not for sale.
You fucking whore, you.. You dick, you..
How could you.. How fucking could you..
You fucking escaped.
Now you leave me alone, you fucking dick..
You coward.
You got bored of all this, huh ?
Alone.. you left alone a girl with a boy..
You fucking coward, you..
Fuck you.
Did you hear me, you fucking asshole ?
Fuck you.
He ha--, ha--, has been 33 years old when he died.
And now he's gone.
What does his age matter..
He didn't even know it.
Edi, but I'm also 3--, 33 years old.
You won't know it as well.
I al--, always wanted to have such a..
We don't even have electricity here.
So what?
You know what, Edi.. . This is my fi--, first..
..TV.. my life. Only mine.
You didn't have one in your home ?
Mother had, but it was hers. And.., this one is only mine.
It's wonderful.
Thanks, Edi.
For what ?
For not letting them buy it.
See how life can be beautiful..
If I were rich..
..I'd have three TVs. And one.. the bedroom. Second.. the dining-room.
Third one in the kitchen.
I'd-- I'd feel then I'm living.
Aren't you feeling like that right now ?
Eh, what sort of life do I have ?
Fu--, fu--, fuck such life.
Don't say so.
Life's life.
Would you prefer to lay under the ground?
Under the ground, like..
..Small ?
Just think...
...that there is only one Jurek Sokolow on the world.
One and only.
Isn't that enough ?
So what ?
For me it's really much.
You--. you're getting m--, m--, mad because of all those books of y--, yours!
What did they enable you ? Did they give you money ?
- No. - Then what ?
- Peace. - Pea--.
What peace ?!
Take a look, Jurek.
You don't even remember what you had been doing the day before yesterday.
The life's on a fucking rush.
What about this ?
Take a look.
I'm opening it.
I'm reading.
If I don't understand something..
..I read it once again.
Words don't change.
They're the same all the time.
An--, and those TVs would be..
..turned on all the time.
Day a--, and night.
What for ?
So that I could see how real people live.
What about us, Jurek ?
Aren't we real ?
E--, E--, Edi..
Just a few more steps.
I--, I--, I won't m--, m--, make i--, it.
Let's have a rest.
You'll make it.
It's not far from here.
I--, I--, I-- can't.
Take it.
I knew that you had saved something from yesterday.
I kn--, knew it..
Th--.. That's wh-- what I needed.
O--, oh f--, fuck.
Hey, cutey.
Why haven't you been showing up lately ? You're angry with us, or what ?
That's the life.
Sister has E in Polish.
Somebody should question her in a proper way.
We want you to do that.
But why me ?
Who's supposed to do that ? Him ?
You read a lot.
So you know a lot as well.
Let's say tomorrow evening.
List of reading-matters.
So that you know what questions you should ask her.
See ya.
What do you need those books for ?
I promised them to someone.
But it's impossible to find all of them on the street.
But hurry up...
... as kids are coming to the school in a second.
What a--
"This is dear mercy, and thou seest it not..
..'Tis torture, and not mercy..
..heaven is here..
..where Juliet lives..
..and every cat and dog, and little mouse, every unworthy thing.. here in heaven and may look on her..
..but Romeo may not."
You read like those guys in TV.
Do you know what it is ?
Probably some sort of a poem.
Romeo and Juliet.
Do you want to listen to some more ?
"More honourable state..
..more courtship lives in carrion-flies than Romeo.
They may seize on the white wonder on dear Juliet's hand..
..and steal immortal blessing from her lips..
..who even in pure and vestal modesty still blush.. thinking their own kisses sin.
Flies may do this..
..but I from this must fly.
They are free men..
..but I am banished.
And say'st thou yet that exile is not death?"
What are you staring at ?!
What's the question for that ?
What do you mean ?
What did you read that for ?!
How do you make a profit from that ?
Prices haven't changed for a year.
There are promotions for friends.
- Do we have a deal ? - Yeah.
What are you looking at ? Get to the fucking work!
Let's drink for your health.
No. For booze's.
Tell us, Gipsy. How come...'re a gipsy, but doing business with you is like doing one with a Pole ?
- Thanks to Mother. - Why? Was she a nunny ?
No. A German.
Right, you drink here, while those drunkards are beating each other down there.
How am I supposed to learn in this bordello ?!
It'll be all right in a moment.
Are you missing me at least a little ?
Do you love me ?
Like if you didn't know.
Are you nuts ?! Do you want them to take me out ?
You can get back to your room.
And learn!
Okay, mommy.
And what are you fucking looking at ?!
Did you come to gaze or to trade booze ?
To trade booze.
So we have already traded, haven't we ?
I'll be back next week, as usual.
I don't like that motherfucker.
Nor do I.
Jurek, get up!
Hey, Edi!
- Hey. - Where's Jurek ?
He has overslept.
Yeah, right, overslept.
He has overslept, for real!
- So, what do you want, Krzysztof ? - Bread.
But that's not enough.
- I can give you half of bread for that. Deal ? - Yeah.
Miss, how much for that car ?
You keep asking about that. I've already told you, 65 zlotys [about 17$].
Why are you so wasted ?
- Good day, Mrs. Jadzia. - Good day, good day. What shall I serve ?
Wine, please.
Have you got a reason for your sorrow ?
No, Mrs. Jadzia.
But today I have understood something... good time.
You know what..
Human always comprehends something after it takes place.
For example he has drank too much...
...and he begins to understand that in the morning...
...when he has the hangover...
...that he had drank too much.
But I have stopped in good time.
As if I have just awaken from a dream.
For your health.
I'm also having dreams.
I dream about my old man.
C'mon.. Get up.
Drink it.
Yo--, You've drunk too much.
It's b--, b--, because you didn't take your friend.
Y--, you look like shit.
Wh--, what are you doing ?
[Second-hand bookshop]
What are you looking at?
Let's go.
Come on.
E--, E--, Edi!
Yeah ?
Will you t--, t--, tell me or not ?
About what ?
You were saying th--, that they were not for sale!
I was.
So wh--, why did you fucking sell them !?
Because sometimes you have to act like that, Jurek.
Weren't you sorry ?
I was. Wait for a second here.
Are you out of your fucking mind ?!
65 zlotys...
Did vodka eat your brains out ?!
It simply ate your brains out.
What a pity it's not Christmas today.
We have Christmas every time we want to have it.
I won't make it.
Why ?
She doesn't like me!
She has nothing to comment here.
We'll talk with her.
She'll understand, that it's for her good.
She must pass the A-Level.
Get someone better. Younger.
Are you blind ?
She's exploding. Do you want her to become pregnant with some dick ?
So stop talking shit and get to work!
- And drink it. - C'mon.
For your health.
But why me ?
'Cause you're ugly. She won't fuck with you.
As simple as that.
We just trust you, Edi.
Tomorrow at 8 ?
Here are the keys.
But no jokes, please.
They're leaving.
They've got to do some business.
I'll be alone for whole night, do you understand that?
Hey, are you there ?
- I am here, I am. - What time are you planning to come ?
Dunno.. Will 7pm suit you ?
They're leaving at 7pm.
I'll give you a call when I'm alone.
All right.
I miss you very much.
So do I.
I can hardly wait to the evening.
I love you.
I've to disconnect. They've just probably come.
What are you laughing at ?
Me ?
No, me.
It'd be nice if you tidied yourself as well.
I--, I-- I will.
Brutes, do you think that I wouldn't do it if I wanted to ?!
- I can fuck even through a key-hole! - Shut up!
- Bastards, recidivists, will you unlock that door?! - Shut up!
Princess, listen up. It's for your good!
That's so fucking not true.
- I'll go to that room! - Just you try!
Princess, do you want us to trade booze 'til the rest of our days ?!
You know very well, that without your A-Level we won't open any business!
- Think about your Mommy! - Guard her soul, O' Lord.
Mommy ?
Since I remember anything, I can recall only your muzzles!
Shut up and listen !
Princess. We're leaving you with Edi.
He's coming tonight, and you've to learn everything elegantly.
For if you fail your A-Level, I don't know what I will fucking do!
Can you hear me ?! We're doing all of this for your good!
We're going out tonight...
...we'll come tomorrow morning, and we'll unlock the door, aight ?
Princess, come on.
Shall I buy you anything nice ?
Fuck you!
Just look how pert she has become!
Eh, she's a whipster.
What kind of person is the title hero of Juliusz Slowacki's drama ?
He's dirty, swollen, and stinks like vodka!
What values does Shakespeare's drama called "Romeo and Juliet" show to the present-day reader ?
It gives keys to a dumbass and orders him to guard somebody for vodka and sausage.
You've got to pass A-Level exam.
I don't have to do anything.
It's for your own good.
For my good ?!
What can you know about me ?!
They don't give a fuck about me, all they care about is my school report !
So that...
...they could open their fucking joint !
So that they don't have to trade booze illegally anymore!
- It'd be better if you started learning. - Fuck it!
What type of love does Shakespeare describe in "Romeo and Juliet" ?
Type of love ?
You love type..
What can you know about feeling love ?!
About one person dying without his second half ?!
About his problems with sleeping, eating, with everything !!
You haven't even ever kissed !
Have you ?!
No !!
So get the fuck out of my room !
Edi, that's what I call life...
4--, 4--, 42 channels !
Want some ?
Real pork sausage!
Beer ?
Want a b--, beer ?
What about v--, vodka ?
There's everything here.
Why aren't you saying anything ?
Didn't you drink enough, or what ?
No ..
Edi.. Why are people lucky, and we are not ?
It could be us selling vodka, and them drinking it ..
But it is them who are selling it...
...and us drinking it.
Check how Princess feels.
Everything's fine. She's sleeping.
I told you they would have had successfully looked after her.
Give me the beer.
I have never thought...
...that I would have ever been so lucky in my life.
They must really care about her, if they pay us back so generously.
She's really cute, isn't she ?
She is.
Somebody.. will find you tomorrow ..
Don't you regret ?
I always.. wanted to.. find such drink..
- Always. - You're really drunk.
What is this ?!
What is this ?!!
What, you don't fucking know ?!
So I'll fucking tell you what it is.
This is pregnancy test.
And guess whose it is ? Huh ?
Maybe mine? Or maybe his ?!
I'll fucking kill her !
- Leave her alone! - I'll kill her!
- Leave her alone, you'll kill her ! - I'll kill him ! I'll kill her!
And ?
Fuck !
Tell us who has done that to you.
- Tell who has done that! - Leave her alone!
- Tell us, or else I'll beat you to the death! - Leave her alone!
It was Gipsy, huh ?
Fuck ! Don't even say such things to me!
Fuck !!
Tell me, or else I'll kill you!
- Gipsy ?! Tell me! - No..
It's Gipsy !
- I'll snap his balls off ! - No, it wasn't Gipsy..
So who?!
What are you fucking talking about ?!
When ?
During his lessons.
They got drunk with Jurek, Jurek fell asleep ..
Edi came to my room, and did this.
Ha--, ha--, have you heard that pa--, pa--, pan story?
Stefan told us a story..
..about when they had brought the pan to the Chief.
And? One had brought stranger items than that.
Bu--, bu--, but listen to that.
Chief takes it into his hands..
..and - bang! - he dropped it..
..'cause it was hot!
And he has nearly burnt himself!
Oh really ?
Edi !
Edi... You must fucking run.
Brothers are looking for you.
Princess says..
..that it's with you.. that you have raped her..
..and that she's pregnant.
Wh--, what are you talking about ?!
- Are you drunk ? - No, man.
Whole district keeps talking about it.
Because the younger one got drunk, and he told about it.
Fuck, say something.
What ?!
What-- what is he talking about ? ..
Why didn't you tell me anything ?
What can we do now ? ..
What..can w-- we fuc-- fucking do.. now ?
How could you ? ..
Are you a princess, or what ?
You are a whore, nothing more !
Brothers told me everything.
You could make fools out of them, but you won't fool me.
I don't believe you.
He certainly didn't want to do that by himself, you surely wanted to do that.
You have had simply cheated him, or maybe they had given you some booze.
But why with him ?!
Why with him ?!
Tell me that it's not true.
We were supposed to be together..
We were supposed to run away from here.
I want to throw up, simply by thinking about you.
Say something.
One word, please, I'm begging you!
Oh Christ..
Ho--, hold it out !!
Just a little bit longer !!
O--, Oh God!
It's just a f--, few steps a--, away!
E--, Edi !!
I've already told you: don't smoke here.
Or what ?
No, no, please go to bed.
Yes, yes, yes. ..
He was very brave.
If he wants to eat, please feed him.
Play with him, while you still can.
We'll be taking him soon.
We've already found a family for that toddler.
Hey, Gipsy.
Where did you fucking go ?
The district nearly dried up during your absence.
We were thinking that you had died or something.
No, I've fallen in love.
You know how it is - if a man falls in love with a woman for good, then he can't get off her.
Look: you've been laying for such a long time, but it still hurts.
Yeah ?
Back then, in the factory
You were talking about the pan.
That Stefan took it to the shop.
Ahh.. . Because he br--, brought it to Chief..
..and Chief took it into his hands.
He nearly burnt his hands.
Why? Because i--, it was h--, hot... guys have been frying--...
... black blood pudding on it before.
They didn't have enough money for wine, so t--, they...
...brought it to the scrap shop.. to sell it.
Huh, Edi ? You thought it was over ?
That it'll be forgotten ?
Do you know why you're still alive, man ?
Because somebody has to bring him up. Take it off.
Here's some money for milk.
Ah, one more thing.
You've got one week to move out of the town...
Shh.. Quiet, Quiet.
I pissed my pants.
You ?
Good day.
Quiet, quiet, quiet . ..
It took whole night for us to come here.
He's got a stitch.
Why did you come ?
Baby needs fresh air.
Sugar ?
No, thank you.
I'll put you in your old room, okay ?
- Sure thing. - Then...
...sit here for a while and have a small chit-chat, while I clean up, as there is a terrible mess over there.
Nobody has lived there ever since ?
Since that time, noone.
We kept some things there.
I'll go then.
Everything's going smoothly this year.
It's quite clean here.
You improved many things.
Is that why you came ?
I came ...
...because I thought that the kid would feel better here.
Do you want to take revenge ?
I wanted to ask you for a favor.
I don't have money.
I didn't mean that.
So what ?
I wanted to baptize the small one in here.
So what ?
Will you be his godfather ?
And? Will it be fine ?
Sure it will.
Why are you painting it ?
Well, it used to stand in the chickencoop... I thought...
...that I'll repaint it.
It was supposed to be for mine.
But things didn't work out.
They will,you'll see.
Edi! E--, Edi!
What's gr--, grown he--, here ?
Don't scream!
B--, but what is gr--, grown here ??
I've already told you.
Don't scream! Rye.
What about plants over there ?
And there? What's grown the--, there ?
Then.. Then everything's here, huh ?
You want some peace, don't you ?
E--, Edi!
Don't do it that way!
- You won't make, it if you keep doing it that way. - If you're that wise, the--, then...
...then how ?
Rotate it, and hit it in the head.
B--, But how ?!
Yes ?
Come here, we'll talk.
Will you make it ?
I think so.
- Want a cig? - I don't smoke.
And during all those years you didn't learn to do so ?
But don't say, that you won't drink anything ?
For your health.
See, how fucked is the life ?
I've got a woman...
...but I don't have a child.
You've got a child...
...but you don't have a woman.
That's life.
I don't ask about anything.
You can stay here for as long as you want.
Krystyna will help you...
...with the child.
It'll make her feel better.
Thank you.
You really don't feel sorry ?
About what ?
About Krystyna.
Did you feel so back then ?
I did.
- Are you taking me for a fool ? - No.
So.. Do it.
What ?
What what ?
Hit me.
You've been waiting for this chance for so many years.
It was me who...
...took everything from you.
...Krystyna, home, everything!
Come on, do something.
Come on, hit me!
Don't you feel ashamed ?
You've been living in this world for so long...
...but you keep pooping your pants, huh ?
You always talk like that to the child?
- It happened. - And where's Mommy ?
She had to stay in the city.
She had to... or maybe she wanted to ?
Eh, Edi, Edi..
You haven't changed at all during those years.
What about you ?
Can I?
- Try your luck. - Come.
Leave all those guys, come.
- Give us a doctor! - Get out of the way!
- We need a doctor, didn't I say anything ?! - Out of my way!
Out of our way!
Doctor, she has swallowed some crap.
- But what? - I dunno! Some crap! - Where should I take her ?!
Okay, follow me.
Why didn't you tell us the truth at the beginning ?
I was afraid.
Of us ?!
I was afraid, that you would have hurt him.
Fuck ..
Want some ?
Just fucking great.
We cut off wrong person's balls
Why didn't that motherfucker defend ?
Why didn't he say it had not been him ?
Call Gipsy.
- Are you out of your mind ?! - Shut the fuck up and call.
What do you want to do to him ?
How's life, Gipsy ?
Did something happen ?
Do you still love her ?
What do you mean ?
Do you love her ?
She pleased me some time ago.
Don't talk shit, Gipsy, I know you had been sleeping for a year.
It has ended after the child thing.
Child needs father.
- He already has. - He needs a real one.
It's not my fault, that she has had made a baby with him.
She was lying.
What ?
She was lying - to us, and to you. She wanted to protect you.
Are you getting it ?
Man, if we had gotten you by then...
...we would have emboweled you.
That's why she said it was Edi.
What about you, Gipsy ?
Do you still love her ?
It's after Andrzej - should fit him.
Why are you laughing ?
He was the one who was used to wearing clothes after me.
As you can see, there is justice on this world.
Huh ?
- Is he eating ? - Yes, he is.
Okay then. Let him eat.
Edi ..
Yes ?
No.. Nothing.
Never mind.
E--, Edi..
Wh--, what will w--, we do about the b--, baby ?
Is h--, he supposed to st--, stay with u--, us ?
Wh--, what will we g--, give him ?
W--, will he be coll--, collecting scrap ?
...m--, must have n--, nor--, normal home.
He m--, must g--, go to sch--, school.
Ho--, how will i--, it cont--, continue ?
It is important what is now...
...not what will be.
E--, Edi.. I...
...I always wanted to a--, ask you ..
But I didn't know how to express that.
How is it, after you... know, after what they have done to y--, you.
You know.
Because man without...
...has to...
Is i--, it possible to live with--, without it ?
Edi ..
Go--, good ni--, night.
And ?
You're laying there ?
And you don't even know that you have been baptized today.
I chose it without your consent.
But I hope you won't be angry at me because of it.
That's the way things go on in this world.
That we do not choose our names.
Not only names.
I remember..
..the moment, when right after my first communion...
...I went to the place near the river with my friends..
...the same place we're at now.
It was very hot.
I jumped to the water the same way as I did today.
If it wasn't my brother...
...I would have probably never swam out.
We will stay for some time here, you know ?
It's a better place than city.
I will teach you everything here.
We will be going fishing ..
Helping with the animals ..
And we will live - slowly .
So that we don't miss anything anymore.
So that we can catch everything passing us.
You'll go to school ..
We'll buy you books, notebooks ..
You'll fall in love.
You'll get married.
We'll make a wedding.
It will be all right, you'll see.
And what did he think out now ?
I don't know.
I want--, wanted to thank you.
I'm ha--, ha--, happy that we're staying here.
It's for you.
But we've already got one.
It's baptism, not Christmas, Jurek, don't you think ?
We have Christmas every time we want to have it.
Whom are you visiting ?
It's all right.
I know them.
They're paying me a visit.
Edi ..
I was afraid to tell them.
We really thought it was you.
Things went fucking badly.
Can I see him ?
Edi, what do you want to do ? Man ?!
Oh Christ.
Edi, I'm sorry.
Will you give him back to me ?
Edi, say something.
Nobody has never done anything like what you had done for me.
I'd like ..
I'd like you to visit us regularly.
I'd like you to think about him sometimes.
Edi ..
We've got - uh...
...a small gift for you.
Money ..
Fuck the-- !!
You killed Small!
What did you do to him ?!
E--, Edi ..
What are-- ...
You.. Them..
You want to give him back to them?
What do you want to do, man ..
E--, Edi!
Wh--, why did we re--, return to this ci--, city ?!
Didn't you like i--, it there ?!
What ki--, kind of life do we have here ?
Our life. Ours.
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