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Subtitles for Ek Chhotisi love story.

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Ek Chhotisi love story

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New cd... I bought it from here
''Never used it once, it's corrupt''
''I toId you, it'II be done, okay?''
''When did you buy this cd?|- Some... four, five days ago''
Got the purchase invoice?
''Yes, I have it''
That won't be necessary
We don't stock this brand of cds
''Vinod KambIi is back in the team.|Come on, Iet's watch cricket''
''Come in, sit''
Hey! A yogurt shake for the Iady?|- No! Why haven't you deIivered miIk?
Sorry. The miIk-deIivery boy aIso|takes my son to schooI... and...
''now being exam-time, these 3 days...|- Not my probIem. You teII me...''
when you'II resume the deIivery.|- That's what I'm trying to expIain
My son is taking exams. For 3 days|I've been escorting him to schooI...
oh how can I teII you how much|troubIe it is. But keep the faith...
''tomorrow onwards, I'II organize|something. You have my word''
MiIkman...|- Yes son?
You got a probIem I can soIve.|- How so...?
I'II deIiver that Iady's miIk.|- You ought to be studying instead
Go to schooI!|Damn miIk deIiveries
Get me a yogurt shake
Aditya... Abhinav has written
What's this K-L-D?|- K-L-D is a secret code we use
''He says he has topped his form|in ''Marketing''
Nice... he's going wherever|he wanted to go in Iife
''What wiII you do, son?|- Haven't given it a thought yet''
After graduating...
wiII you go to your parents...?
To the USA? Or wiII you stay here|in India...?
''Don't know, Dadi|(Dadi :Grandmother)''
No idea when Abhinav wiII come back
''After his 2-year management course,|he wiII take up a job...''
and where might the job take him...?
''Son, why don't you stay on with me?''
''Son, won't you stay with me?''
There's a gas Ieak in my house
''SmeIIs fouI... it's hissing inside|the kitchen. CyIinder pipe, maybe''
PIease send someone quickIy
Abhinav writes that...
Iast weekend...
he took out a BengaIi girI|to watch a movie
I wonder what kind of a movie
do you have a girIfriend?
ShaII I teII you something?|Perhaps you don't know...
girIs nowadays are|too casuaI
They go out on dates with boys.|And a kiss or two...
is no big deaI for them.|But...
this is no good.|A few sweet words...
''spoken with emotion, IovingIy,|is what gives joy...''
''Iike it was in oIden times.|Aditya, son...''
''if you wish to bring a girI home,|don't be shy. No probIem, son''
''Dadi, I can bring a girIfriend home|onIy if I have one''
''For God's sake, Iisten to me...|I was away at work''
''Work, my foot!|- It's nothing of the sort''
''It's true, I've been at work.|- Try to fooI someone eIse''
''Aditya, you aren't in bed yet?''
''Can't sIeep?|Come, come here''
''What is the matter, son?|Any tension?''
''Dadi, why do peopIe cry?''
The death of someone dear|make peopIe cry
UnbearabIe pain|makes them cry
''Yes, when one's cup of woes|fIows over, one cries''
''When one is compIeteIy heIpIess,|one cries''
And one can do nothing about it?|- Once Abhinav had a toothache
He wept bitterIy. And do you know|what he did afterwards?
What...?|- He took a a hot iron...
and he pressed it on his cheek.|The toothache was forgotten
I bought this cd from here
What's this daiIy meIodrama|about repIacing cds?
''Have you nothing eIse to do?|Every day, you're here''
Is this what I'm supposed to do?
He comes every day asking for|a repIacement. I don't know...
what he's Iooking for!|- So what's the probIem about?
What do you want now?
I shouIdn't have done that.|- Done what...?
The meIodrama about asking|for cd repIacements
I wanted to see you
Wanted to see me...?
''Last night you cried, didn't you?''
What did you say?
How come you know?
How come you know?
I saw... out of my bedroom window
''Stay away from me, okay?''
''at the count of three,|if you haven't spoken...''
you've had it
Are you watching me?|- Yes
Swine! Peeping Tom!
You think no one's|going to find out?
Come down
WiII you come down|or do I come up?
You've had your peep-show.|Now come on
Do I...?
You fancy peeping into bedrooms?
Put up your hands
Up those arms...
''No peeping into bedrooms|ever again, get it?''
I knew it was going to be you
Like to come in?
Is everything aII right?
Minor bruise.|But you wear it weII
Don't you even know how to fight?
Why are you doing this?
Because I Iove you
What do you want from me?
I don't know
WouId you Iike to kiss me?
Want to take me out? To Goa?|To the beaches... somewhere?
Then what is it that you want?
Nothing...?|Nothing at aII?
Can I take you out for dinner?
How Iong have you|been watching me?
About... a year
What did you teII me this morning?
Love means nothing
''TeII me, apart from being|in Iove with me...''
apart from visiting the store everyday|repIacing cds...
what eIse do you do?
''I study in St Andrew's CoIIege.|First year, junior coIIege''
And...|- And...
''Which Ianguages do you know?|- Chinese, Japanese, French...''
Spanish and now|I'm Iearning Portuguese
I got a very sharp memory
Do you remember this sIim guy|who used to visit my pIace?
He used to bring you|pizzas and burgers everyday
But... I haven't seen him|these Iast six months
Ran off to AustraIia
He was a nice guy.|- How wouId you know that?
You've been staIking me|for a whoIe year!
You're steaIing my maiI!|You're ruining my reIationships...?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
Don't you have any friends?
Just one. Abhinav
''ReIationship-wise, he's my uncIe.|But, we're good friends''
''I Iive in his pIace,|with my Dadi''
He's the one who showed me|your windows
He gave me his binocuIars|before Ieaving
We even devised a code-word|nicknaming you. K-L-D
''Come on, what does it mean?|What does K-L-D mean?''
Speak up
TeII me
Free for aII
See them?
Have you ever noticed me|doing that before?
''No, never before''
I got no routine in my Iife
What's this?|- I brought it. Gift for you
''You know, I'm not|the right girI for you''
Doesn't bother me
What eIse have you been watching?|What happens when my boyfriend comes?
But I don't watch that anymore
''What you see is sex,|not Iove''
And what do you see me doing?
First... you take off your cIothes
Then... his
Then... sometimes in bed
Or on the fIoor
Sometimes you go into the kitchen
You shut your eyes|you Iift your arms... sIowIy...
''tiII they are above your head,|then you cIasp your hands''
Show me
You've seen it aII.|So teII me...
what's different with me|after I've had a bath?
You wear nothing|under the gown
Have you had any experiences?
Have you had sex...?
Have you made Iove to a girI?
Do you know...?
That's aII?
So soon?
That's aII there is|to aII your euphemisms about Iove
Two minutes' pIeasure
Love doesn't mean anything.|I've seen it aII
As I toId you before
''Go, cIean yourseIf up|inside the bathroom''
Go on
Go to the bathroom.|Wash up
I don't want to see you
Sorry if I'm disturbing you|so Iate at night
Were you asIeep?|- No
He Ieft his jacket
Put it there
Isn't he at home?
Has he gone out somewhere?
''Yes, hospitaI''
He isn't serious. He's going|to be discharged in a day or two
I... I'd Iike to meet him
''Yesterday, he came to my pIace.|- I know''
Maybe he feIt bad|about something I said
In which hospitaI is he?
You needn't go to the hospitaI.|He wiII be back in a day or two
Maybe you don't know...
Ioved you dearIy
He used to watch you through this
''Before this, he used binocuIars''
He wouId set the aIarm|for 8:30 every evening
WouId that be the time|when you get home?
He feII for the wrong girI
Don't you think it's rather Iate|in the night?
May I get to know his progress|over the phone?
''No, we don't have a teIephone''
What's... his name?
Excuse me...|- Yes?
Where's the boy|who was deIivering my miIk?
You don't know?|- What...?
Everyone in the neighborhood knows|and you say you don't?
''Here's a boy, not quite|broken his miIk-teeth...''
and he goes romancing!|FeII for some girI
Then he went and cut his wrists|and now he's in hospitaI...
''counting his Iast days.|You teII me, what justice is this?''
So teII me... hey Iady|you got nothing to say?
''If you don't trust me,|check it out for yourseIf''
No one named Aditya|studies bioIogy here
One minute... which year|is this Aditya in?
I don't know
''You don't which year,|which section, which subjects...''
then why are you wasting|your time and mine?
''Aditya, I even went to your coIIege|Iooking for you, I Iooked everywhere''
But I couIdn't find you anywhere.|I caIIed up aII the hospitaIs
''But you were nowhere to be found.|I know, my mistake''
I didn't even know your name
Now I know. Aditya
AII I want...
to teII you...
''is, you're right.|OnIy I wasn't right for you''
How do I expIain...?
Can you give me a train timing?|- One minute... one minute...
Were you the one who caIIed just now?|- How strange! Are you raving?
''Were you the one who caIIed just now?|- Oh yes, I did that''
Is Aditya back home?
I'II onIy...
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