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El Dorado

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A big fellow, riding that Appaloosa stud out there,
he came in here a little while ago?
He in the washroom. He shaves, he cleans up.
Hi, Cole.
That's a voice I'd know anywhere.
J P Harrah. Wait till I get some of the soap out of my eyes.
I heard you were made sheriff...
- What's the idea of the gun? - I don't know which side you're on.
- What do you mean? - I heard you work for Bart Jason.
Nothing's set yet.
He offered me good money, but I don't know what I have to do.
- Would you like to hear? - Yeah, go ahead.
Cole, that's close enough to that gun.
I just wanted to see if you'd slowed down any.
Not that much.
What were you saying about Jason?
He showed up here around the end of the war with a pocketful of money.
Nobody can find out where he got it,
but everybody else around here was broke.
- You know how it was. - Yeah, all over Texas.
Having money, he started to grow. But now he needs more water.
There's only one place to get it.
Trouble is, somebody was there ahead of him. About 20 years ahead.
A man named MacDonald got here
when there was nothing but Indians and coyotes.
Mr MacDonald's got four boys and a girl, all worked real hard.
They hung together through the rough times, and now things are looking up,
MacDonald's in no mind to sell.
So he's holding and Jason's pushing, and I'm standing right in the middle.
It's not the way it was told to me.
That's the way it is. I guess you're supposed to take care of me.
Not that I couldn't do it, Harrah, but I don't think I'd like that.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
Not that I couldn't handle you, but I wouldn't like that either.
Suppose I tell that Jason that I had a long talk with you,
and you scared me off.
- Good enough? - Good enough.
You can put that thing down now.
Something familiar about that gun.
I just had it fixed like yours.
You got lucky with it, I thought I'd try it.
Cole Thornton, you decent? You'd better be, 'cause I'm coming in.
Good to see you. I didn't believe you were here.
I thought you'd forgotten all about me, I thought...
Hi, JP.
- What's so funny? - This whole thing.
Do you know what she's laughing about?
I gather you knew him before you knew me.
- I knew her when she was a kid. - Didn't you know that, JP?
You never mentioned that. Until now, I thought you had good taste.
Until now, I thought she had good taste.
I'm awful glad you two are friends.
We may not be when we think this over.
- Then I'm through with you both. - We better get ourselves a new girl.
- Yeah. - You better not.
I'm girl enough for you both. Can I buy you a drink?
I'd like that, but I promised JP I'd do something for him, didn't I?
- You did. - If you want to do my errand...
No, you do your own work, Cole.
- Will you buy us that drink later? - Sure will.
Where is this Bart Jason's place?
You take the main road north out of town.
You cross the creek, and you come to a big rock.
- Big rock. - Right. That's MacDonald's boundary.
Ride east from there about 3 miles and you get to Bart Jason's ranch.
Maudie, remember, I'm coming back.
- I left some things... - I'll take care of it.
- You mad at me, JP? - You know better than that, Maudie.
You must like that man.
- Want me to tell you about him? - You don't have to.
I know I don't. That's why I want to.
I met Cole right after my husband was killed. I did tell you that.
- Yeah, you told me. - There I was, stranded...
A gambler's widow, not a chip to my name.
Cole was awful good to me. Gave me a stake, helped me get on my feet.
Never would take a...
I don't know, JP. With Cole and me, I guess it's a...
- I'll always think of him as a... - He's a top hand.
- I guess so. - Well, Cole always was pretty lucky.
- Have you known him long? - Yes, since before the war.
- We've travelled some together. - Sure, I know what that means.
It means either you saved his life, or he saved yours, or both.
And neither of you will talk about it. Men!
Would you like it set to music, with a full orchestra?
- I'll see you. - Don't forget to come back.
- I won't leave you alone with him. - You're not a friend.
MacDonald. Kevin MacDonald.
Howdy, Roy. Something wrong?
Doc Miller said to tell you Bart Jason hired himself a gunhand.
Cole Thornton. He rode out there about an hour ago.
Doc wanted you to know. He said be careful.
Thanks, Roy. Tell Doc I'm much obliged to both of you.
Matt, you and Saul help me take these horses back to the ranch.
Joey, go to the West Fork and tell Jared to get back to the ranch.
OK, Pa.
- Luke. - Yes, Pa.
Get onto that rock. If you see anyone coming, fire in the air to warn us.
- All right, Pa. - Wait a minute, I ain't finished.
As soon as you fire that shot, jump on your horse and hightail it.
I hear you, Pa.
All right, let's go.
- Where can I find Mister Jason? - He's up at the main house.
Mr Jason, you got a visitor.
- Cole Thornton? - That's right.
I'm Bart Jason.
I've been expecting you. Get off your horse, make yourself comfortable.
I won't be here long enough for that.
Here's what's left of your expense money.
Sorry about the rest of it, but that's the chance you take.
I've decided against working for you.
Before you even talked about it?
No, you wouldn't do that. You must've talked to somebody.
I did. The sheriff.
His story is a little different from yours
Well, perhaps the law doesn't quite see it my way.
Since when did hired guns get choosy?
- You're paid to... - I'm paid to risk my neck.
I'll decide where and when I'll do it. This isn't it.
I've got an idea you just don't want to go up against Sheriff J P Harrah.
You know, you're just about right.
- You think he's that good? - I tell you he's that good.
And, Mr Jason, I see you don't wear a gun.
So I guess you always hire it done.
I'll give you a little piece of advice.
If this bunch is all you've got, don't tangle with Harrah.
'Cause they don't look tough enough to me to stomp a stringy jackrabbit.
Well, Thornton, if that's the way you think, I don't want you.
That's good enough for me...
Fancy vest, go ahead and pull that rifle if you want to,
but you better speak to your boss before you use it,
'cause he'll be dead before I hit the ground.
Don't be a damn fool, Joe. Go over there where he can see you.
I'll remember what you said, Mr Thornton.
You do that.
Don't shoot no more, mister.
I won't.
Let me have a look at it.
- It's bad, isn't it? - It isn't good.
My insides feel like they're on fire.
- Can I make you more comfortable? - No, don't touch me, please.
- What's your name, son? - MacDonald.
Luke MacDonald.
I can't stand it.
- Kevin MacDonald's boy? - One of 'em.
I'm gonna have to get you home.
No, don't move me. Please don't move me.
It's no use. I know it ain't no use.
Pa told me. Just don't touch me.
- There were two shots, Pa. - I heard 'em.
- Luke should be back by now. - I know.
Oh, no.
- Are we going, Pa? - Where?
- Luke could be in bad trouble. - If he is, we won't be any help now.
He went there to warn us. He's warned us.
Better off here, where there's cover. Find a good place inside that shed.
José and Miguel, go with him.
Danny, Felipe, come here. Over behind that wall.
You gals, get in the house.
- Matt, we'll wait inside. - All right, Pa.
Matt, go to that window. Do nothing till I tell you.
Come out and get your boy.
- He's dead, ain't he? - He's dead.
José, Miguel, get him down from there.
- What happened? - Luke, he's been killed.
I'm waiting to hear what happened.
I'll tell you what happened.
You left a boy out there to do a man's job.
He went to sleep. When I came by, he woke up,
jumped up and started firing his gun.
All I saw was somebody shooting at me from the rocks.
- Cole Thornton. - Yes, ma'am.
I don't believe you.
I don't care much, miss, whether you do or not.
Pa's handling this. Just wait.
Get in the house, girl.
How do you know he was asleep?
He told me that.
He told me his name. That's how I knew where to bring him.
He said you told him what happens to a man that's gut shot.
How he hasn't got much of a chance. Did you tell him that?
I told him that.
Then you're partly to blame.
You'll find two bullets in him. One of them's mine.
He was hurtin' worse than he could stand.
Had a handgun that I didn't see.
Any more questions you want to ask?
No. I guess you're telling the truth.
If you weren't you'd never have brought him here.
I thank you for that.
It don't help much.
I reckon you won't shoot any more little boys, mister.
Next time you shoot somebody,
don't go near them till you're sure they're dead.
I don't know why you're still alive.
I don't know how I missed you from that range.
You didn't miss.
Now get out of here.
JP, open that window, will you?
That's better. The smell of that chloroform's putting me to sleep.
Hold him, Maudie. Don't let him move too sudden.
All right.
He'll be waking up now.
It's all right, Cole. It's Maudie.
All right, Maudie.
- Who are you? - The name's Miller.
Some people call me a doctor, some other things.
But I'm the only one in town.
- Did you get the bullet out? - No.
Then why this bandage? Let's get to it.
- I can't. - Why not?
Because I'm not good enough. That bullet's up against your spine.
If I try to get it out, I'll only finish what someone else started.
- So what happens? - You'll heal all right.
When you get to a big town, find a doctor who knows more than I do.
One of them new-fangled squirts.
They'll fix you up in no time. But don't wait too long to do it.
Any chance of gettin' some coffee or a shot of whisky around here?
- Linda. - Linda, bring both of them.
Can he be moved?
Sure, in a couple of hours. But don't go bouncing him around.
He can stay here. I'll make him comfortable.
I've got a fine bed at my place.
It's narrow, hard and uncomfortable, but he won't get bounced around.
Señor Bull. He comes.
Bull always announces his arrival that way?
Same way, different tune. You better let him in.
What are you blowing, advance or retreat?
Neither. Couldn't let one of General Hood's Cavalry go without a goodbye.
- Who's goin' away? - Cole's leaving tonight.
You got any objections, Doc, I don't want to hear 'em.
Glad to get you off my hands. Where you going?
Folks down there got a silver mine. A little trouble.
Think I might be of help.
I brung along a little red-eye, in case the sheriff runs out.
Somehow, I reckon he has.
Been here a long time, nobody's offered me a drink.
- Why didn't you speak up? - Thought you'd never ask.
- Maudie, get him a glass, will you? - What'll we drink to first?
I guess I should have told you.
Sometimes you...
I was hoping to see you alone before you left.
- It's better this way, Maudie. - Come back, will you?
- I will when... - When you can forget Luke MacDonald?
When you can look at the other MacDonalds and not feel you owe them?
Pretty wise for a kid, Maudie.
I think you must be the only person who thinks of me as a kid, Cole.
I don't really.
Please don't.
I'll see you, Maudie.
That the way you make your living?
By golly, Cole, it sure is good to see you.
What sheriff had to hire you for a deputy?
You're looking at him. Hiya, Cole.
Dodd Draper! The last time I saw you two,
you were ten jumps ahead of a posse raisin' dust for Mexico.
- Heard you got shot. - That was six or seven months ago.
How about supper? I'll buy you a beer, too.
We'd like to, but we're working men.
How about that cantina up the street? Good place to eat?
- Good as any. You sticking around? - Day or two.
Well, we'll see you later, Cole.
Your dinner will be ready in one minute.
Bring something to eat. Plenty of it.
- Right away. - Something to drink, also.
Five and one.
- Charlie Hagan. - Yeah.
You want something from me?
- You don't remember me, do you? - No.
- Do you remember this hat? - Why would I remember a hat?
You killed the man that was wearing it
Who was this fellow I killed? A friend of yours?
You could say that.
- When did I do this, boy? - Two years ago, come September.
You and three others.
Natchez-Under-the-Hill, on the Mississippi.
He was a gambler, named Johnny Diamond, kind of an old man.
- Shouldn't have taken four of you. - Remember, Charlie?
I remember. He was a cardsharp. He was cheating.
No, he was good. He didn't have to cheat.
- It shouldn't have taken 4 of you. - No, it shouldn't.
I'm sure glad you remember, Mr Hagan. The other three did.
- The other three? - Yeah, I caught up with them.
You're the last.
And now I think you better stand up.
Stand up, Charlie. I'm curious to see how he does this.
He doesn't have a gun.
And like he said, it shouldn't have taken four of you.
Stand up, Charlie.
You with the hat.
You killed Charlie 'cause he killed your friend?
- Right. - Well, Charlie was a friend of mine.
So let's see you do that trick twice.
I'd let it drop.
- Me? - You.
- Hope you don't mind. - Always seems to take more than one.
That's because they're no good.
- Pick up your gun. - What?
You want to try again, now? Pick up your gun.
Against him, or you?
- Me first. - Why should you go first?
- Pick it up. - Wait...
Tell me later. Shut up!
Go on. You were willing when you had a kid...
Hold it! Don't get mad, mister.
Before you start anything, I can't afford to lose another man.
- You promise to take Milt's place? - You got faith in me, don't you?
Faith can move mountains, Milt, but it can't beat a faster draw.
There's only three men I know with his kind of speed.
One's dead, the other's me, and the third is Cole Thornton.
There's a fourth.
- Which one are you? - I'm Thornton.
Glad you didn't try, Milt?
Pick up your guns, both of you. Real easy.
Like he said, real easy.
And take him out of here.
I'd like to talk to you. I'm Nelse McLeod.
I thought so. Pretty far off your range, aren't you?
A little. Drink?
- Why not? - You, too.
- You working now, Thornton? - No.
- Is it all right if music play now? - Yeah, sure.
You're not working. What would you say if I tried to hire you?
- First I'd ask about the money. - Money's good.
Then I'd ask about the job.
Good evening. Thanks for the drink, gentlemen.
- Just a minute, son. - I am not your son.
My name is Alan Bourdillion Traherne.
- Lord Almighty. - Yeah.
That's why most people call me Mississippi.
- Mississippi? - I was born on the river in a boat.
You're pretty good with that knife. Can you use a gun?
If I could, I'd be using one. Good evening.
Just a minute, Mississippi.
Why do you have such a great passion for my company?
Will you just relax for a couple of minutes?
About that job.
A little range war in the El Dorado country.
El Dorado? Mind telling me who hired you?
Fellow named Bart Jason. Do you know him?
We met. He offered me the job a few months back. I didn't take it.
Do you know who you're up against?
Yeah. The sheriff, J P Harrah.
I understand he used to be pretty good with a gun.
Not just pretty good, McLeod. He's the...
- The fourth man you told me about. - Right.
He used to be. He's not any more.
- What happened? - What usually happens to a man.
A woman.
Seems he tangled with some wandering petticoat, been drunk ever since.
You're moving in before he sobers up, or before they get a new sheriff?
- And you're not coming in? - No.
I suppose you have your reasons.
It's probably just as well.
With two like us in the same bunch,
sooner or later we'd have to find out who was faster.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
So long, Thornton.
I thought we were going.
Mississippi, just listen.
McLeod, would you like to walk out that door first, ahead of us.
No, I don't believe I would.
I didn't think so.
Can you hear me?
- We hear you. - I'm coming out.
Where are you?
- Over here. - Come on out.
Further into the light, hurry.
Now drop your guns.
Come here.
- That all right, Thornton? - Good enough.
Mississippi, get their guns.
If it's all right with you, we'll drop 'em at the sheriff's office
and they can pick 'em up on their way out of town.
- Sounds reasonable. - Much obliged.
Call it professional courtesy.
Want to get something to eat?
I would've walked right into those two, if you hadn't stopped me.
- I asked if you were hungry. - I'm trying to thank you.
I'm hungry. That shivaree you put on in there interrupted my supper.
It wore out our welcome.
We'll have to find someplace else to eat.
- Now? - Now.
She wants to know if you want something else.
Just coffee.
- Not very hungry? - No, not so much.
- A little green around the gills. - Yeah.
I just finished something tonight I've been two years doing.
What are you figuring on doing next? Going back to the river?
I haven't thought much about what I'm going to do next.
The river won't be the same without old...
If you're going to stay around here, I've got two pieces of advice.
Get rid of that hat. Learn how to use a gun.
- I don't want to get rid of the hat. - No?
Johnny Diamond, he's the friend I... the man that raised me.
All he left behind was a gold watch and this hat.
I had to sell that gold watch a year or so back.
So I guess I'll just hang on to that hat.
What about learning to use a gun?
Johnny didn't believe in guns. He always thought that...
He's dead. Think about that.
Unless you can learn to stay out of trouble.
That's one thing even old Johnny couldn't teach me to do.
Well, I'll be moving along. Good luck to you.
You don't suppose I could ride along with you?
- No. - That's plain enough.
- I hope everything works out. - What works out?
Whatever it is you're going to do.
Pay for the meal, will you? So long.
Hold it, Cochise.
Steady boy. I'll take a minute.
Where are you?
Close enough to blow your hat off if I hadn't recognised it.
- What are you doing here? - Looking for you.
Don't you know better than to follow a man that way?
- I don't know another way. - You almost got shot.
- You fall off your horse? - Yeah.
- You hurt? - No.
Something's the matter.
I've got a bullet in my back, it sometimes presses against something.
I get a screaming pain, then it goes numb, and I can't use this hand.
- How long does that last? - A while. Why are you following me?
I started thinking about what you're going to do.
And what am I going to do?
You're going to El Dorado to help your friend against McLeod.
How do you know he's my friend?
That look on your face when you heard he'd turned into a drunk.
It's wearing off.
Give me a hand up on my horse.
You sure your friend's worth helping?
You spent two years chasing the fellows that killed your friend.
You think your friend was worth two years?
- I guess I asked a fool question. - You did.
Give him a breather. Slow him down.
I was wondering. Just how good is this McLeod?
I don't know first hand, but they say he's one of the best.
I figure he'd be mad you turned him down and showed up on the other side.
- I hope he is. - How come?
Fellow in his business hasn't got a right to get mad.
He gets mad, he's not so good.
So the madder he gets, the better I like it.
Sure wish I was there to see that.
Why do you want to keep sticking your nose in this?
Maybe I could help. You saved my life two times.
But I'm going to be too busy to keep doing that.
- You can't even use a gun. - I need somebody to teach me.
Johnny Diamond always told me to get the best.
He was right there. But you're not going to El Dorado.
- I'm not? - No, you're not.
"Gaily bedight, A gallant knight,
"In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long..."
- What's that all about? - Just a poem.
One of Johnny Diamond's favourites.
Let's see: "Gaily bedight, A gallant knight,
"In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long, singing a song,
"In search of El Dorado.
"Over the mountains of the moon, Down the valley of the shadow,
"Ride, boldly ride..."
Always liked that poem, too. Makes me want to...
Ride, boldly ride? It don't work out that way.
I'm learning that.
Hell. Hold it, Cochise.
- Step down off that horse. - You always giving people orders?
You wanted to learn to shoot.
Right out there.
Hold it, Mississippi. That's no way to use a handgun.
You have to draw and fire, quicker than the other person.
Like this.
I see.
- How's that? - Were you aiming at that cholla?
- No, the place you were shooting at. - 'Fraid it's useless.
We'll be passing through Cuervo. I'll have a talk with the Swede.
Who's the Swede?
An old friend of mine, a gunsmith.
There's the place.
- Swede, good to see you. - What brings you here?
I'm looking for a gun for a fella that can't shoot. Mississippi.
Swede Larson.
- Can you help us? - I've got just what you want.
How wide will that shot spread? How big a pattern?
I don't know. The fellow who used it before, he couldn't see too good.
He just shoot where he hear somebody talk.
- What happened to him? - He has a fight in a saloon.
The piano player he make so much noise,
he couldn't hear the other man, so he just shoot the piano player,
and they hung him.
- Looks pretty good to me. - Shoots good, too.
How about ammunition?
- Four or five boxes are enough. - Good.
- Looks like what you need. - Sure is.
- Pay the man. Swede. - Cole, you come back soon.
A likely spot to try that new gun.
Try that cactus.
You can't miss with that.
It's all right.
- How far to El Dorado? - We'll be in there around midnight.
Where are we headed?
- To see a girl. - A girl?
Yes, a girl.
Don't you think I could know a girl?
- I always make you mad, don't I? - Mostly.
Hold it. This. This is it.
Keep it quiet. I need to talk to you.
I'll let you in.
- Keep your eyes open. - You pick the darnedest times...
- Who's he? - Alan Bourdillion Traherne.
- Just call him Mississippi for now. - Hi, Mississippi.
- Stay there and watch. - Couldn't I...?
I'm so glad to see you. I've got so many things to tell you.
I've got a lot to say to you, but first I've got to have some answers.
- Are there any strangers in town? - No, I'd have known if there were.
This one you'd have noticed:
a dark, thin faced man with a scar and a marled eye.
- Nelse McLeod. - Nelse? I've heard of him.
Should've had four or five riders with him.
- He's not here yet. - Good.
At least we beat them in.
Now, about JP.
- Want the whole story? - Just don't make it too long.
After you left, I didn't see much of him.
He'd drop in for a drink once in a while. I guess he was lonely.
One day a girl came into town, just stepped off the stage and...
You know how kind...
She probably had big sad eyes and a long sad story. That's his type.
Yeah. She was no good. I tried to tell him, so did others.
Bull told him and he knocked Bull down.
So JP had found out the hard way. She ran off with a drummer.
He's not been sober since. It's been about two months.
Well, that he's going to have to get over quickly.
- Is he over at the jail? - He's sheriff, I don't know why.
We'll mosey... Have you got a room for Mississippi and me?
Sure. Have you eaten anything lately?
- No. - I'll have something ready for you.
I'm glad you're here.
- Don't tell anybody you saw us. - I won't.
- I found one thing out. - What?
You know a girl.
Hold it.
It's as far as you can come now.
Unless you've got some business here.
I sure have got business here, Bull. Cole Thornton.
If it hadn't been so dark I might have spotted you.
Might have anyhow, if I hadn't been trying to figure out
what that other fellow's got on top of his head.
- It's called a hat. - I'll have to take your word for it.
He's a friend of mine. They call him Mississippi.
- Glad to know you. - Bull.
Glad you're here, Cole. Our friend the sheriff ain't so good.
I just talked to Maudie.
He's back there sleeping.
Being as how you've known him longer than I have,
you know enough to be careful how you wake him up,
'cause he's a bad one when he's drinking.
He ain't put that stopper back in that bottle in a coon's age.
I know. You got someplace where you can put these horses under cover?
- Sure. - Give him a hand.
Bull, I'd just as soon everybody didn't know we were back in town yet.
- What's up? Something in the wind? - Jason's starting some more trouble.
I ain't surprised. My neck itches like it used to
when a Comanche was around and I couldn't see him.
Damn you, Bull.
What the hell are you doing here?
I'm looking at a tin star with a drunk pinned on it.
Cole Thornton. How about that!
How about that! It's good old Cole. Help me up out of here, Cole.
Come on, just pull me right on up.
Cole, he won't feel it.
Well, I owe him one.
Either one of you know a fast way to sober a man up?
A bunch of howlin' Indians out for hair will do it quick.
Johnny Diamond had a recipe.
Let's see: cayenne pepper; mustard, the hot kind; ipecac;
asafoetida; oil of cloves, or was it...? No, it was croton oil.
Croton oil? I'll be a suck-egg mule! You know what that'll do to a fellow?
Guaranteed kill or cure.
You know where you could get that stuff this time of night?
Greener's store would have it. May have to wake him up.
Go on with him, Mississippi. Make sure he doesn't forget anything.
I... Look out, Cole!
Aren't you going to get that stuff? He's all right.
- Get it before he wakes up again. - Sure.
Let's see, we've got ipecac, mustard, cayenne,
that leaves us asafoetida.
Are you sure that Johnny Diamond wasn't an embalmer?
- Here's your gunpowder. - Gunpowder?
Yeah. Mississippi remembered it on the way to the store.
- Put it in. - All of it?
- All of it. - I hope you don't blow him up.
Well, it looks done.
Well, let's get it into him.
Bull, you sit on his legs.
- Cole, pin down his arms. - Don't worry about us.
Get hold of his nose. If he can't breathe, he'll have to swallow.
Give him one for me.
- All down. - Let's get out of here.
Lock him in.
- We're coming in. - Come ahead.
- Howdy, Cole, Mississippi. - How's our friend?
Nary a peep. Not even moved, not one twist the last two hours.
- You reckon he'll be all right? - Ask him. It's his concoction.
I don't know how all right he'll be, but he won't be drinking for a while.
- How come? - It does something to the stomach.
- It won't hold liquor. - You sure?
Sure, I'm sure, given he's human.
He's human all right. He's got to be.
No other critter on earth would make such a fool of himself.
Come open this door.
He's still drunk. Open it yourself, it ain't even locked.
My friends.
My dear good friends.
You dirty, lousy, rotten, sheep-herding...
What did you do to me? What did you give me?
I'm all crawling inside.
Just hang on, sheriff. It'll fetch you round.
- Who are you? - We met last night.
Last night? When was that? Come on, Bull. Where is it?
Top drawer of your desk.
- Nobody's going to try to stop me? - Nobody.
That's a good thing.
You dirty...
Take a look.
All right, Bull. You better wake up.
- Jason brought his outfit into town. - Could be to meet McLeod.
Yeah, could be.
- You going to tell the sheriff? - No, let him sleep.
Here comes some more of them.
You gals do your shopping. We'll meet you back here.
Stay together. Go on with them, Joey.
- Dusty out there. - Who are they who've just come in?
MacDonalds. They come to town every Saturday afternoon.
I wish they hadn't.
Bull, it'd be a good idea if you hung around where the MacDonalds are.
I guess I'd better.
Watch out for 'em... We'll keep an eye on our friend across the street.
If there's any trouble, I'll toot my bugle, and you come running.
Toot my bugle!
- Hello, JP. - Hi.
Can you see a little clearer from here?
Hey, Cole. How long have you been here?
Got in last night.
Did we have a fight or something?
Or something.
What are you doing here? Why are you here?
Waiting for a fellow. The name's Nelse McLeod.
- Nelse McLeod with the... - That one.
- Want some coffee? - No, I don't...
I met him down near the border.
Said he wanted me to work with him on a job.
Range war. But he said it would be easy.
All we had to worry about was a...
...drunken sheriff.
Sure you don't want coffee?
And he's working for Jason?
- That's what he said. - Well?
I turned the job down.
Well, then why are you here, Cole?
I owe the MacDonalds. Is that enough?
Yeah, that's plenty, Cole.
Cole, I gotta have a drink.
You won't find anything around here.
- Why? - I told Bull to throw it away.
- Now would you like a cup of coffee? - No, I don't want any coffee, Cole.
I want a drink! Can't you see? I've got to.
- Go get one. - Where's my hat?
This yours?
- Who are you? - We met last night and this morning.
- Is this your hat? - No, it's not my hat, but it'll do.
- Let me have some whisky. - Just hold your horses, sheriff.
Good evening, sheriff.
Here you are.
I don't want a drink, I want the whole bottle.
I'll have to fill one up for you.
- Isn't that...? - That's McLeod, all right.
Well. Glad to see you. I've been waiting for you.
I brought some boys with me here.
Hi. Nelse, let me introduce you to the man I wanted you to meet.
Sheriff. This is Nelse McLeod.
McLeod, this is J P Harrah, the sheriff of El Dorado.
He's the man who's responsible for keeping order in this town.
Here you are, sheriff.
He's just getting his evening bottle.
Shouldn't you get out of the middle of the street?
Cole, they laughed at me.
Right in front of McLeod, they just laughed at me.
They've been laughing at you for a couple of months.
You haven't been sober enough to hear it.
They'll laugh no more. I'll show them.
- What's that? - Bull.
- Needs help. - What is it?
Wait a minute. Now wait for...
- Wait for me. - Why?
Over here!
The men that done it took off this way.
Just a minute.
Jared. I asked you not to go. I asked you.
You're always around, when one of my boys gets hurt.
- How is he? - He's alive.
Joey's gone for the doctor.
- Who did it? - You were with him. What happened?
Three of Jason's men came up behind us. One took my gun.
Then he started calling Jared names.
When he turned around, one grabbed his arm, the other shot him.
- Then they ran away. - What did they look like?
I know what they looked like.
One was tall, one was short and one had a bad leg.
- Let's go find them. - Wait.
- You're not going anywhere. - Look who's here.
- A little late, ain't you? - Stop for a drink?
All right, I'm late, maybe too late.
That's no reason for the rest of you to get shot.
- Why? - Because you're outclassed.
Sheriff's right. Jason's beat you since McLeod and his gunmen rode in.
Jason's been waiting for him.
You go up against him now, you'll be doing just what Jason wants.
- What do you expect us to do? - Why don't you ask the sheriff?
The sheriff? You think I'm going to wait on him?
Just give me an hour, MacDonald. You can wait that long to die.
- You backing him up, Thornton? - No, he's not.
I'd say I'm on your side, and this is no job for amateurs.
They ran down this street and turned left.
Too many for one man to take after.
If I was you, I wouldn't be in a hurry to go up that street.
Them fellows acted just like they wanted somebody to follow them.
I've seen Indians act just like that.
I'm going down this side...
What are you doing here?
- I'm going down the other side. - Remember, I didn't ask you.
Come on, Bull, you follow me. Not too close.
Don't turn around. It's better no one sees me talking to you.
Just a minute. Go ahead.
Is it that you look for three men?
- That's right. - One walks with a bad leg?
Another is very tall?
- They're the ones. - They ran over there to the church.
They have not come out yet.
Thank you.
You do not need to thank me. I do not like Bart Jason or his men.
Thanks again.
- What kept you? - Talking to a girl...
A girl?
Don't you think I could know a girl? She saw them run up to that church.
- She said they're still there. - Still there?
- Yes, sir. - Well, we can find out.
Girl said they were up at that church.
- What are you going to do, sheriff? - Go closer.
- Girl was right. They're up there. - Sure are.
Hit me in the bugle. Look, I got a dent in it.
Alongside that big bell on that tower. I'll show you.
Ain't that pretty?
Go on shooting. We'll try to move up a little closer.
Just give me another gun, I'll play "Marching Through Georgia".
All right, start playing. Let's go.
Come on up, we'll cover you!
Bull, we'll shake them up a little. Keep 'em occupied while we move in.
- Ready? - Let's make some music.
Here they come.
All right, Mississippi. You watch that roof and watch it good.
Sheriff, you... You all right?
No, you ain't.
I'm getting out of here.
I'm going to hit that door. Now you get around that...
Watch that other door.
Look out up high!
- One of 'em got away, Cole. - You ought to know. You missed him.
Over here!
Over here!
- Where'd you come from? - I heard a noise.
- Did you get him? - Who?
The fellow that ran out of the church.
- Yes and no. - What do you mean?
- I hit the sign and it hit him. - Great.
- He was limping when he left. - He was limping when he got here.
One of us must have done some damage, there's some blood here.
- Anyway, he got away. - Not far.
- Where'd he go? - That saloon.
Jason's place.
You ask me once more what I'm going to do next,
I'll quit and leave the whole thing in your hands.
Here, give me that, or we'll be here all winter.
Well, I guess I'm going to have to go in after 'em.
You know who'll be in there?
- There's two men I've got to get. - Two men?
The man that shot the MacDonald kid, and the man that sent him to do it.
- Bart Jason. - That's right.
I was wondering when you'd get around to that.
I may be a drunk, I may not be able to load my own gun,
but don't tell me how to do my job.
I hope you're good enough.
So do I. So do I.
I'm going to go round the back.
You walk along that side of the street
If they got somebody posted outside, you walk to the jailhouse and wave.
You'll need this.
Don't let your shaking hands near the trigger!
- Don't get on me. - I ain't started yet.
This is really going to be something to see.
- Who the hell are you? - Wait a minute.
He's a little green. The fellow you're after has got a bad leg.
Sure, Cole.
The back door's through there.
If you go in real quiet, they may not know you're there.
- Give me time to go to the front. - We'll watch.
- You being fair? - What do you mean?
- Letting him go in there. - I'd hate to try and stop him.
They laughed at him, Mississippi. That'll make the difference.
All right, let's get on.
If you have to use that thing, make sure which way it's pointed.
- What do you want here, sheriff? - I want two things.
First I want the man that just came in here.
- Nobody came in here. - Stay away from that gun, Elmer.
Move up the other end of the bar.
No, I wouldn't do it, McLeod.
The rest of you, don't plan anything.
- You decided to take a hand. - Never figured it any other way.
Keep that gun pointed right at this table, both barrels.
Go ahead, JP.
- You said that nobody came in here? - That's right, nobody came in.
How come there's a trail of blood leading right up to that table?
Joe, you're playing a lot of sour notes on that piano.
- I know. - You don't look very happy.
- I'm certainly not. - Like to move away from that piano?
- Darn right I would. - Then move!
You said... I told you, get away from that gun.
Get up the other end of the bar.
You were saying... nobody walked in here.
Get up. Get up.
Nobody came in here, laughing boy?
Let me hear you laugh. Come on, let me hear you laugh.
Now you, Jason... Get out of my way.
You thought it was funny too, didn't you? Why aren't you laughing now?
It's the same drunken sheriff, the same hat, why don't you laugh?
Let me hear you laugh!
I don't know who you think you are...
All right, Cole.
You're lucky, Jason. 'Cause I wanted to kill you bad.
Come on, you're under arrest.
You just going to sit there, McLeod?
There really isn't much I can do right now, is there, Jason?
I'll give you $1,000 the day you get me out of jail.
Listen, McLeod. You make one move toward that jail,
and it'll be hard to collect that mone 'cause your boss will be shot.
So you and your boys get out of town by morning, understand?
- Ready, Cole? - Whenever you are.
Let's go.
Cover us. Get out of the way.
All right, Mississippi.
What you looking at?
There's somebody out there with a gun.
- Everybody in town's got a gun. - Not pointing at us, though.
Where was this fellow?
In that livery stable across the street.
It's too soon for one of the McLeods.
- I'll take a look. - I don't know...
I'll be careful.
Go around the back way. Soon as you're out the door, turn right.
If you're not back in five minutes, I'll come after you.
- Listen, sheriff... - You listen, Jason.
Unless you want only bread and water until the marshal arrives,
you be absolutely quiet.
- We got away with it. - Yeah.
You were pretty good in there. Like old times.
Don't tell me I was good.
I got away with it because I had a hangover.
I was too mad to be scared and sick to worry about it. You know that.
I've been there.
Next time it's not going to be so easy, is it?
Next time they'll be ready for you.
Who figured out that stuff you people poured into me?
- Where is Mississippi? - Who is Mississippi?
That's the kid that was around with us all night.
- Where is he? - That's what I was asking.
Across the street at the stables. Saw somebody pointing a gun after us.
- He ought to know better. - Want me to go after him?
You ought to know better.
The first time in months I've felt like doing nothing for you,
now you don't want me to do it.
Was there something wrong with that, or is it just my hangover?
You made better sense when you were drinking.
Must be whisky someplace.
- Hey, you're a girl. - Course I'm a girl.
Hold still... Just hold still now, miss.
Hold still. You're going to lose your clothes if you keep that up.
All right. All right. I'll quit.
- You sure? - I told you, didn't I?
- All right. - How'd you know I was in here?
I saw your gun barrel sticking out that window. Who are you after?
Bart Jason. You were so close around him that I couldn't get a clear shot.
Are you going to keep sitting on me?
Well, I'm comfortable, and I...
I told you not to do that. Don't do it and hold still.
- What's your name? - Joey.
Josephine MacDonald.
Well, come on.
If you are a MacDonald, you've got a right to want to shoot Jason.
You're one of the ones that took him to the jail.
- Yes, ma'am. - I recognise the hat.
- Why do you wear that silly thing? - Never mind.
It was given me by a Cherokee medicine man,
who said, if I wore it, people wouldn't ask me fool questions.
- That wasn't a fool question. - Then I'll ask you one.
Why do you wear your hair like some wild mustang
that needs a curry-comb and a brush?
I don't think...
Don't do that again, 'cause I can hit harder than you.
- Damn you. - Look, I'm on your side.
I was wrong.
I ought to be thanking you for helping us, not hitting you.
Yeah, well...
- Can I have my rifle? - Not till we find out who you are.
- I told you who I am. - You just say so. We'll go find out.
Bull, what did Mississippi say...?
Going to the stable across the street.
- I guess I'd better go find out. - Hey, in the jail. Mississippi.
- Come on, open the door. - Hold your horses.
Found this girl in that stable opposite, pointing a gun.
- Hello, Joey. - Sheriff.
Hello, Mr Thornton.
May I have my gun?
- Sure. - Thanks.
Just who were you aiming to shoot, Joey?
Didn't the last time you shot a man teach you anything?
There ain't any mistake about Jason.
We didn't have much hope in you,
so Pa and the others are waiting for him, out on the street.
- We thought you weren't good enough. - Sober enough.
- We were wrong. - Yeah...
Joey, you better round up your family,
tell them to go home until this thing's over.
You can also tell them we've got the man that shot your brother.
- How is your brother? - He's got a good chance.
I'm glad.
You going to be able to hold Jason?
- He'll stand trial. - Will he get what he deserves?
I don't know. I'm not the judge, I'm just the sheriff.
Could I see him, talk to him?
Sure, just let me have that gun.
Never mind. Guess I'll be going.
- You want me to go with you? - Why?
Well, I don't know...
They haven't gotten around to shooting women yet.
You're doing what you think is right.
And for what you're doing, thanks.
All of you.
- She would've shot that fellow. - She shot me.
She's something.
McLeod and his men just left from across the street.
Do you think he's pulling out?
Fellow in his line of work can't, once he takes a job.
I hear he's part Indian.
Could be he wants us to think he's leaving.
Could be.
Got that feeling in the back of my neck that says trouble's coming.
- What time do you reckon it is? - Around 11, 12.
- Sheriff wanted to be woke up. - What for?
Before he tried to drink the town dry, we used to make a patrol.
Well, don't wake him up. He's been through enough for one night.
You and I will have a look around.
If you're going to do that, here's a couple of badges.
Raise your right hand.
I forgot the words, but you'd better say, "I do".
- I do. - Now you're deputies.
You suppose these'll do any good if somebody shoots at us?
It'll give 'em a good target.
You'd better come lock this door after us.
Take a look-see in at Jason's. I'll take this side.
- What was that? - I don't know, but I don't like it.
Look out!
Get him inside.
Close the door.
- You hit bad? - No, a nick. It missed the bone.
What happened out there?
I told you to stay out of sight.
How's a body see anything from around the corner?
- I've got to cut these pants. - Go ahead. You got a knife?
I suppose I've asked this before, but just who... Who is he?
Tell him your name, Mississippi.
Alan Bourdillion Traherne.
- No wonder he carries a knife. - You need a doctor.
Could you go and get Doc Miller here without getting yourself shot?
If I thought I would get shot, I wouldn't go. Back as soon as I can.
Here. Use this till the doctor gets here.
How did this mess get started?
A bunch of men on horseback came flying around the bend and...
What was the idea of diving under those horses?
Diving under those horses?
A man can't shoot good when his horse is jumping,
and a horse won't step on a man.
- He won't? - He will?
Alan Bourdillion Tra... who?
There's nothing in there.
Sheriff, you've got nothing to worry about.
Lift your leg a little, please.
Thornton, did you ever get that bullet out of your back?
No, I never did.
I said you need someone better than me to do it. I've got the man here.
- Doctor Donovan, got a spare minute? - Yes, doctor.
Hold your finger right here.
No, no, here. That's it.
This fellow's got a bullet in him.
Went in the left side about here, and moved toward the spine.
- About here? - A little higher.
Yes, I feel it.
- This may hurt. - It did.
That's very odd. Does it hurt here?
- No. - Doctor...
Just a minute.
- What do you think? - It's a challenge.
I reckon he's got a more interesting misery than you, sheriff.
Doctor, I don't want to take up your time, but mine's still bleeding.
You've got nothing to worry about, it's a clean wound.
- It's giving you trouble, isn't it? - I wouldn't say...
- Why don't you tell him the truth? - I can guess.
Sudden spasms of pain and paralysis of one side, probably the right.
- It doesn't last long. - But longer each time, right?
What are you trying to tell him?
If the bullet is not removed, he'll have an attack that won't pass.
McLeod may settle the problem for us.
But if I'm here after all this, I'll come and see you.
- You do that. - Now, doctors, if you please.
Could you come here, so I can rest my finger?
Why don't you settle down?
- I've got the shakes so bad... - You've had them before.
Not with a bullet wound and a bunch of unfriendly people outside
- Just waiting for somebody... - What do you want to do?
The only thing I can think of is don't use the door, don't go outside.
- You mean hole up? - Sure, they won't come in here.
When do you expect the marshal?
I don't remember the last time he was here.
He was here. You gave him a big welcome.
- Flung a bottle at him. - An empty bottle?
Yeah, he wasn't that far gone.
- When's the marshal due? - Four or five days.
- Got enough food? - Plenty of coffee and water.
Could you slip out the back and get some food?
- Without getting shot? - I wish you would.
Does he want me to get shot or get food?
- Want me to come? - If I get shot, you get the food.
And I'm also going to bring back a big bar of soap.
This place'll never be Delmonico's,
but the food would taste better if you'd use that soap.
- Just get. - I'm going.
I suppose I could use a little bath.
I'd appreciate it.
- Morning, Joey. - Morning. I brought some...
- Good morning, sheriff. - I'm taking a bath.
Don't mind me, sheriff, I was raised with four brothers.
- I'm not your brother. - Doc Miller sent over these crutches
and some clean clothes. He also sent some soap.
And I brought an extra one...
You already have some.
- I've got a lot of friends. - Well, I'll be going.
What are you doing still in town?
We came to take my brother Jared home, he's a lot better.
When you get home...
I remember: stay close and watch out.
You look a lot better without that hat.
Thank you.
Wait. Don't close that door. Morning, Joey.
Hi, Mississippi, Bull. Morning, Cole.
Good morning... I'd have more privacy in the El Paso railroad station.
Hello, JP. How are you?
I'm thinking of selling tickets. I'd get rich.
I got here just in time. Here's a bar of soap.
- Just what I need. - What happened to your leg?
- Will you get out of here? - All right, JP. What happened?
- He'll be fine. A nick in the leg... - I thought...
You ought to have better sense than to come here...
Better sense...? I brought you some food. I'll take it back...
- Just a minute... - Sometimes you make me so mad...
- What? - He's trying to tell you
that it's not safe to come here.
Somebody sees you come in here, they tell McLeod,
then McLeod tries to use you to get to us.
I never thought of that...
Something else. She shouldn't go out the front door.
- 'Cause McLeod... - Well?
All right, let her come through this way. I'll close my eyes.
- Come on. - You might as well leave the basket.
- Sure, Mississippi. - Come on, Maudie.
You in the jail.
- Who is it? - Polly, with a note.
Don't see nobody with her.
- Come in, Polly. - Hi, sheriff.
Maudie asked me to bring this to you.
I'm scared. Those men waiting around... All the girls are scared.
I know, Polly. What does she say?
What I feared. McLeod's men are hanging around her place.
She says watch out 'cause she overheard enough to know
that they've got something planned.
I guess you'd better get down there.
Yeah. Mississippi, you want to ride, boldly ride again?
Might be some trouble.
"Over the mountains of the moon Down the valley of the shadow"
- "Here we come." - OK, Bull.
Look out!
The window. Get their attention.
Steady down! A man came in here.
Out the back way.
Through that door.
- Don't these fellows look familiar? - Our friends from the border.
Milt and Pedro. Where's McLeod?
- I don't know. - They wait for people outside doors.
- Makes you wonder about that door. - You're learning, Mississippi.
Any reason why you want us to go out that way?
- He went that way... - Pedro's telling the truth.
He better be because you're going out that door. You first, Milt.
- No, please. - Come on, Milt.
Not that way.
I'm tired of being taken for a fool. Come on, move.
- Please, don't. - On your way.
I lied. There's somebody out there.
- I know. - Wait, I'll go. I'll go.
- You sure will. - Don't shoot, it's Milt.
- All right, it's your turn. - No, please!
You're next. Move! Go on, Pedro, move...
You all right? What is it, Cole?
Well, Thornton, this is better than I expected.
Pick him up and take him out of here. Joe, give 'em a hand.
- Can you see anything? - Hardly anybody on the street.
They've run into trouble sure enough.
They should've been here an hour ago.
- Who is it? - Mississippi. Come on, open up.
- Where's Cole? - McLeod's got him.
- Then someone gave me a headache. - It was Jim Purvis, Jason's foreman.
- Maudie'll tell you the rest. - Was Cole all right?
He was all right, except his side seemed numb.
- Did they take him away? - They carried him out.
While they were gone, we got Mississippi into my room.
They didn't seem to want to try to take him 'cause they had Cole.
- Well, it's not too good, is it? - It sure ain't.
I wouldn't look so happy because if anything happens to Cole...
Get back! Stay back.
Sheriff, can you hear me?
- It's Nelse McLeod. - I hear you.
Thornton's got something wrong with him, but it wasn't our doing.
We got four or five guns on him,
so don't try and move him.
Bull, watch Jason. Mississippi.
We've got enough guns on your boss to do the job.
- I expected that. - What's your deal?
You send out Jason alive, and you get your friend.
- All right, Bull. Let him out. - Sheriff, you can't do it.
You free Jason, McLeod can do anything he wants.
- What chance you got then? - Just open the door.
That's far enough, Jason. Bull, come watch him out the door.
All right, Jason. Come on.
Get back here by this window. Don't open it. Just stand ready.
Go on. Through the door, close it behind you.
- I can't with his feet there. - Move them.
That's right. Slowly.
Get him out of here and get something in front of that door.
- Are you all right, Cole? - I guess so.
Well, JP, you made a great bargain.
You sold out the whole MacDonald family.
- For what? - Go ahead, tell me about it.
Tell me about how you'd have done it different.
You're going to have to face 'em
It's my fault, but they'll blame you.
In the jail.
Thornton, I'm sorry it had to end this way.
I'll always wonder which one of us was best.
- Can you feel that? - No.
- Or that? - It's almost like it was last night.
Last night your whole side was dead, not just your arm.
- It never lasted all night before. - You may have waited too long.
Can't you get that bullet out, doctor?
I could, but he says he has too much to do.
I don't know how he'll do it. You going to look out the window all day?
Yes. McLeod let us leave town too easy.
Joey MacDonald and Saul MacDonald's wife's coming.
Could be trouble.
- See if anybody's following them. - Bull, you watch them, too.
- Sheriff, we want to talk to you. - What's wrong?
- Lots. - Jason took my husband, Saul.
- Took him? - Yes, they've got him.
You were supposed to tell your family to watch out.
Cattle got to be watered, Mr Thornton.
A Mexican boy was with Saul. They sent him back with a message:
Saul can live if Pa gives his water rights to Jason.
- Will he? - There's no choice.
You know they'll never give Saul back.
Jason doesn't want Saul or your father around.
to testify as to how he got the water.
- You have to do something, sheriff. - Nobody's trailing.
- When's your father meant to do it? - Tonight.
8 o'clock. They're bringing Saul to the saloon. Pa's to bring the deed.
They said they'd kill Saul if anybody tried anything.
That's what you said about Jason, wasn't it, that you'd kill him?
- And you didn't. - No, he didn't.
- What are you going to do now? - They've got McLeod,
some gunhands and your brother. Look around.
We've got two cripples, a green kid and a noisy old...
- Indian fighter. ...lndian fighter.
How do I know what I'm going to do?
Go back and tell your pa
we're going to do whatever we can,
but it's up to him whether he gives up or not.
It's my fault. If I hadn't shot you, none of this would've happened.
- You will try? - Yes, ma'am. We'll try.
We'll be going.
Well, sheriff, what are we going to do?
I don't know, Bull.
Like I told the lady, I just don't know.
Can you hit anything?
If I can get close enough. Load it, will you?
How're you going to get close enough?
Ride up to Jason's in a wagon. You've got a wagon, haven't you?
- A big one. - Are you crazy?
- He's making sense. - They'll think I'm useless.
I got away with it. He can.
Last time you took the front, I took the back. This time, the reverse.
We'd better go before we think about it too much.
The best time to arrive would be just before they expect MacDonald.
Eight o'clock, Joey said.
You'd better hook up a couple of wagons.
Come on, Mississippi, before they think up something else.
Give me the gun.
- Can you see it from there? - Can't see a thing.
How you going to get down?
That's easy. I'm going to fall down.
How're we going to time this thing?
They're sure to have somebody out back watching.
Trying to tell me my job, Cole?
I'm interested. I don't know how long I can keep them busy out front.
We'll be as quiet as we can.
If we do it before you star shooting, Bull will blow his horn.
What if they shoot before he toots?
In that case, you're on your own.
Wait a minute! I got an idea.
- Can I ride with you? - It won't be pretty.
- I'd like to be around. - You'll get off when I say?
- I'll get off. - Come ahead.
Give me something to lean on.
"And when his strength failed him at length
"He met a pilgrim shadow
"Shadow, said he Where can it be
"This land called El Dorado?"
- I'll see you, Cole. - I hope so.
I'm coming.
What are you doing with that bow and arrow?
Like Cole said, got to be quiet.
Can you hit a barn with that?
Ain't going to try to hit a barn, just a man.
"Over the mountains of the moon Down the valley of the shadow
"Ride, boldly ride, The shade replied
"If you search for El Dorado"
Well, Maudie, this is as far as you go.
All right.
- Nothing to say? - Would it do me any good to say it?
- Say what? - That this is crazy.
No, I'm not going to say anything.
I'm just going to buy you a pine box.
About six foot six...
The MacDonalds. Hold 'em back. Tell 'em to give us five minutes.
Bye, Cole.
- They've got a lookout. - Got to get rid of him.
- Can you hit him with that bow? - Can't miss.
- Might he yell when he gets hit? - Yes.
Hold it.
I got an idea. Here.
Hold that. Take good care of that.
What in tarnation you doing?
See you rater.
What are you trying to say?
- You can't go in there. - Oh, no?
So solly. Come on.
Go on in, Bull.
Joe never was much good on that piano.
You shooting them strings didn't help none, neither.
Cole Thornton's coming.
Chuck, you and a couple of boys stay with the kid.
Didn't expect to see you here, Mr Thornton.
- Hello, McLeod. - I said...
My show, Jason. Hi, Thornton.
There's a little question unanswered between us.
- Which one of us is best? - That's right.
I don't think we're going to find out the answer.
- No? - No. Your gun hand's no good.
Give me time to get down and we'll find out.
- Why should I give you time? - Call it professional courtesy.
- Don't even listen. Why should you? - Curiosity, Jason.
All right, Bull. Get that one close to the MacDonald boy.
When you hit him, blow that bugle.
Well, my better judgment tells me that I can't...
Freeze it right there, Johnny.
- Where's Saul? - In there, he's all right.
- I told you to stay out of this. - I'm glad she didn't.
- Much obliged, Joey. - I owed you.
You didn't give me any chance at all, did you?
No, I didn't. You're too good to give a chance to.
I let a one-armed man take me.
JP, look.
Now that I don't need it, it's working pretty good.
That's always the way, isn't it?
- What's going on out there? - Town's fit to bust out.
Be a big time tonight. Every son feels like hollerin'.
- How's your leg, Cole? - Ask the doc.
It's not too bad. You know these are buckshot wounds, don't you?
- I thought so. - Who was using a shotgun?
- A certain young man... - I was, Doc.
- I thought you were on their side. - He was.
I told you I was no good with a gun.
Trouble is, Cole was in front of the gun.
The safe place is behind Mississippi when he shoots that thing.
You, too, Bull? I think I'll take a little walk.
- See that gal? - What gal?
The one that thinks you look better without that hat.
- Tell her why you're wearing it. - I've already told her
She's mad. Said you let her make a fool of herself.
A host of friends. I have a host of friends.
- Sorry about that leg. - Forget it.
Yeah. I'll see you.
That'll be a little sore for a few days, but it'll be all right.
Hope you have time to let me fix your back.
- As soon as this leg heals, Doc. - I'll be ready.
- Hey, Cole, where's Maudie? - I was wondering about that, too.
I left her down the street just before this ruckus started.
She'll probably be around pretty soon.
I wouldn't count on that too much.
- I just talked to her. - Well?
If you was running for president, you wouldn't get her vote.
What did I do?
She said she was plum through waiting on a man
whilst he's running around being a target for anybody with a gun.
- Said she couldn't take it no more. - She did?
Yeah, and she added a few frills and dressing.
The main idea was, the door was closed.
- What are you going to do? - What can I do?
Can't argue with a closed door.
Glad to hear you say that. Better just drop it.
- What can...? - Others would try persuading her.
You get into trouble with those women. Remember me.
You saying I'm in the same mess you were?
I didn't say that.
You think I'd make a fool of myself like you?
You said yourself, you cannot stand to be tied down.
Maybe I've had enough of selling my gun arm all over the place.
You said yourself...
- Don't put words in my mouth... - I'm not.
And if somebody's going to tell me about women, it won't to be you.
- Where is Maudie? - Her place.
- That's my crutch. - Where's the other one?
Right over there, under your nose.
- I can't decide for myself! - It's under the wrong arm.
How would you know? You've been using it under both arms.
Fine friend! Trying to keep a fellow from doing what he wants to do.
The way to get him to do something is to say not to do it.
Not if he didn't want to.
- Reckon he'll stay here? - Could be.
Be a good thing to have him here.
Suppose you'll likely to wait a bit, find a new gal,
make a fool of yourself all over again.
Most likely. If you leave me, I could be driven to it.
- I ain't said that. - As good as.
Now, stop putting words in my mouth.
I can't do anything right, according to you. Bull, I need you.
- You what? - I need you.
If you start being nice to me, I'll quit you for sure.
Shock'd be too much. I'd sooner have you hungover and nasty.
Speaking of that, how about a little drink, Bull?
Darn it! Took you a long time to think of that one.
- That was good work, sheriff. - Thank you, friend.
Sheriff, it looks like you're going to keep your job.
Yeah, it'll be a nice quiet town after you leave, Cole.
How do you know I'm leaving?
We just don't need your kind around here.
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