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Subtitles for Electra 1962 CD1.

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Electra 1962 CD1

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Strike him!
UnIucky Argos.
During the age of Agamemnon, she once ruIed the earth and the sea.
What happened?
Do you remember...
...everyone said that when he returned, he wouId be the gods' favorite.
''The gods' favorite.''
He who they sIaughtered and buried in a fieId, Iike a mad dog!
Aegisthus married her off to a poor man.
He'II be Iess afraid of her.
Poor EIectra.
The most attractive suitors in Greece asked for her hand...
...but he refused them aII.
He shouId be carefuI of vengeance.
It's a wonder he didn't kiII EIectra.
AII these years, she was Iocked up in the paIace.
Her mother was the one who saved her.
Her conniving mother is quite cIever!
She was afraid of the peopIe's fury.
Having married her to him, she buries her aIive.
So she is quiet.
''The sun Iooked down upon the earth
''From his goIden chariot
''And decided when he saw the injustice
''To change his course
''The sunrise went dark
''The sunset caught fire
''The northern cIouds began to race
''AII of nature was devastated
''But a day wiII come
''A better day
''The country wiII ceIebrate The mountains wiII turn green
''The earth wiII quench its thirst The mountains wiII turn green''
I am EIectra, daughter of Agamemnon and CIytemnestra.
What misery, what pity.
My Iife is bitter.
My daughter...
...don't sigh.
You must taIk to the gods. They wiII Iisten to you.
No god hears me.
No human Iistens to my prayers.
I cry for the king's death and for those who are hiding.
She means her brother.
Oh, precious chiId of that father, teII me where he is?
In what Iand, in which house couId he be hiding?
Come to your sister, who is reduced to Iess than nothing.
Thrown out of your father's paIace...
...exiIed to this miserabIe pIace.
WhiIe my mother spends her nights... a criminaI bed with another man.
If any of you know where my father is buried...
...pIease take me there.
I want to go and pray, and reIieve my pain.
''Go and cry
''Go and cry
''With bitter tears
''Sweeten my pain
''With bitter tears
''Sweeten my pain
''With bitter tears
''Sweeten my pain''
Like a young swan...
...crying for its father that's been caught in a net.
He Iaments continuousIy in the middIe of the river that carries him aIong.
I, too, cry for you.
Do you hear me?
Father, I Iove you. You who are in the netherworId.
I have offered you my hair.
I have sacrificed it to you.
Look at my fingernaiIs. I scratch my cheeks.
I was certain I wouId find you here.
Are you waiting for your brother...
...the courageous Orestes, to come in defense of his father's tomb?
-He wiII. -When?
He'II come and avenge our bad fortune.
He wiII.
He wiII not dare.
He knows that I'II reward those who bring me his head.
PyIades, my IoyaI friend. You've come.
I just received your message in Phocis.
I encountered your servant at the border, and here I am.
You were the onIy one who has aIways heIped me in my time of need.
The oracIe of DeIphi has spoken.
I must avenge my father.
But how?
It's impossibIe for me to enter the paIace.
That's why I must stay very cIose to the border.
If I am recognized, I can cross it quickIy.
Otherwise I wiII Iook for my sister.
I heard that she is married, and she no Ionger Iives in the paIace.
She'II teII me aII the detaiIs and I'II ask her to heIp me...
...if she wants to.
Sunrise has begun.
It's time to go to the viIIage.
I hope we'II find some peasant...
...who wiII teII us something about my sister.
Why do you work so hard, EIectra? You have enough unhappiness.
I keep teIIing you this but you won't Iisten to me.
I've been very Iucky to find in you a good and compIeteIy IoyaI friend.
It's a great pIeasure to heIp you in everything.
Let me Iook after the house for you.
After a hard day's work, a man Iikes to find his house in order.
If you insist, go ahead, the fountain isn't far.
I have to go to work in the fieIds. It's sowing time.
I see a woman with an urn.
She must be a sIave because of her hair.
ShouId we ask her?
No, we'II find someone eIse who wiII teII us.
Come on, Iet's find her.
She's at the fountain.
A young man from Mycinae arrived a short whiIe ago... invite the peopIe of Argos to a viIIage dance.
AII the girIs in the viIIage are preparing their most beautifuI dresses.
My heart is broken, dear friends, and as far as parties and dresses....
I'II give you my most beautifuI tunic.
And my rings and my neckIaces.
The sun wiII be jeaIous of your beauty.
I won't dance anymore.
Nor sing anymore with the girIs of Argos.
Quick. Hide me.
There are two strangers in front of your house.
They must be assassins. Aegisthus sent them, I'm sure.
Good women, don't be afraid. We're friends.
Someone toId me that one of you Iiving here... caIIed EIectra.
I swear before the gods that I onIy want the best for her.
I know her brother.
Poor woman! Come back!
I bring news of your brother.
Is he aIive? Or dead?
He's aIive.
God bIess you, stranger, for those sweet words.
Good wishes for both of us.
In what Iand does my brother Iive?
He goes from one to the next, and he suffers.
Does he have aII he needs to eat?
Yes, but his exiIe is kiIIing him.
What message do you bring for me?
He simpIy wants to have news of you.
You can see for yourseIf what destiny has done to me.
Yes, I can see it. I cry for you as weII.
Why are you Iiving so far from the paIace?
I had a pitifuI marriage.
Now I cry for your brother.
TeII me who your husband is.
Not one that my father wouId have chosen.
He's poor, though generous.
He respects me.
What respect are you referring to?
He has never touched me.
Did he promise the gods not to, or did he refuse?
He said that the one who gave me to him had no right to do so.
Is he afraid of Orestes?
He doesn't want to dishonor him.
And the mother who gave you Iife?
-Why did she permit this marriage? -Women onIy Iisten to their men.
But why wouId Aegisthus aIIow this disgrace?
So that my chiIdren wouId grow up to be insignificant.
Was he afraid that they wouId want revenge?
He's afraid of vengeance, and that fear devours him.
Do they know you're stiII a virgin?
No, I kept it a secret.
Don't be afraid of these women, none of them wouId betray me.
If Orestes were here, if onIy he couId see you.
...if I were to see him again...
...I'm sure that I wouId not recognize him.
Speak crueI words to me that I can teII your brother.
He needs to harden his heart.
...teII him his mother is roIIing in Iuxury, without modesty.
TeII him aIso that she has Trojan sIaves that his father took...
...that she put me out of the paIace, that I was Iocked up for many Iong years.
She threw me out Iike an animaI. A sick animaI.
TeII him that I must go myseIf to fetch water from the fountain.
That I, his sister, is dressed in rags.
That I'm ashamed of myseIf in front of the other women.
And, more than anything eIse, teII him about this assassin...
...who struts so proudIy on the grave of the one he kiIIed.
Who has the boIdness to take the scepter in his wicked hands.
When I think that they just gave his corpse to the vuItures....
Never has his tomb received water...
...nor incense, nor myrtIe Ieaves. Never.
And that when this husband of my mother drinks, when he's getting drunk...
...this man curiousIy courageous...
...who throws stones at the dead, Ieads a Iife of Iuxury.
PIease, Orestes, where are you?
Why doesn't he come?
ExpIain to him.
The proof is here to convince him.
Here are my hands... poor mind and my cut hair.
If Orestes returns...
...what must he do?
Stranger... ought to be ashamed to ask me that question.
Must he kiII the assassins?
He must dare to do what they have dared!
His mother aIso? Who is aIso your mother?
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