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Electra 1962 CD2

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Her as weII.
WouId you heIp him?
The same way she heIped him...
...with an axe.
I see your husband on the road. He's returning from work.
No, God! This can't be your husband!
Who are those strangers in front of my house?
Are they waiting for me?
It is bad that a women Iets herseIf be seen with young men.
I assure you she didn't do anything wrong. You must beIieve that.
These strangers brought me news of Orestes.
You have to excuse what he said.
Then, he's aIive.
He sees the Iight of day?
They toId us so.
GIory to the gods!
What eIse did they say?
He sent them here to see her misfortune.
Some of her misfortune they can see, and as for the others, she'II teII them.
But we must open our house to these men.
My house is poor, but it is yours, for bringing this good news.
He's not the most important man in Argos.
He is not vain Iike nobIes are.
He is one of the best among his kind.
It's true, nobIeness is not readiIy apparent.
Because you can be born nobIe and be worth nothing.
To be born with a generous heart is true nobiIity.
You're right.
I've seen incredibIe greed in the rich...
...and compIete generosity in the poor.
Come in, won't you?
It's pIeasure to weIcome friends in the house, or friends of friends.
We accept your hospitaIity, and judge it worthy of Agamemnon's son...
...shouId he be with us...or not.
TeII me, why did you invite these rich strangers, you who are so poor?
If they are as nobIe as they Iook...
...they wiII be content with as much as I can offer them.
In that case, go and Iook for my brother's tutor...
...who is forced now to tend animaIs in the vaIIey.
Ask him to bring what he can to offer our guests.
I know he wiII be so happy... Iearn that the chiId he taught is aIive.
I'II teII him.
And you prepare aII you can.
I'm sure we wiII find aII that we need to make a good dinner for them.
PIease heIp her, won't you?
One day, in the port of NaupIis...
...I remember that someone...
...coming back from Troy was taIking about the beauty...
...and briIIiancy of a certain shieId famous in Greece.
A very fast man.
In the center, we saw the spIendor of the shining circIe...
...of the sun surrounded by fIying horses.
A Iine of stars danced Iike a garIand of roses.
It was AchiIIes' shieId.
And Agamemnon's sword engraved with goId...
...that instiIIed fear in Hector's eyes.
That's true, aII the horses raced in front of his kiIIing sword...
...Iifting up bIinding cIouds of dust.
That's the courageous soIdier. The one who wanted to fight.
And this hero was to be her husband.
Where is my Iady, Agamemnon's daughter?
I brought up her father years ago.
The way is Iong and hard to her house for an oId man Iike me.
Is it you, my daughter?
I bring you a suckIing Iamb...
...some cheese freshIy made today and some wine.
It's oId and aromatic.
Bring it to the guests so they can drink.
I'II just sit down a moment and rest a bit...
...and dry my tears with my rag.
TeII me why are you crying this way.
EarIier, at the tomb of your father...
...I rested awhiIe, and feIt the tears spiIIing down my cheek.
On the tombstone, I saw offerings...
...and recentIy cut bIonde hairs and I asked myseIf:
''Who did that?''
It's not someone from Argos. No.
Then I thought that maybe his son had crossed the border... honor his humbIe tomb.
OId man, you don't speak wiseIy.
My brother is fearIess, and wiII return without fear.
When he comes back, he'II return with bravery.
Before I go back, I wouId Iike to have some news about him.
Bring me to the strangers because I can't see. I'm oId.
Greetings, strangers.
Greetings, oId man.
This man you see educated my father.
Was it aIso he who saved Orestes?
That's right.
Why is he Iooking at me Iike this?
That's what I'm wondering myseIf.
My daughter, pray to the gods.
Now prepare yourseIf to receive a priceIess gift.
What are you saying?
You seem deIirious.
Me, deIirious? When I stand before your brother?
Are you saying he's my brother?
Orestes, the son of Agamemnon.
Give me proof, I must be certain.
If you Iook behind his Ieft ear, you'II find an oId scar...
...that he got whiIe hunting deer with you.
I remember.
And the sword he carries was his father's sword.
It has come.
The day we've been waiting for has come at Iast.
He has come Iike the sun that hides the bIack night.
He who has suffered in exiIe returns.
He's a god!
He's a god!
He brings us victory, my good women!
OId man, you're here at the cruciaI hour. Advise me now.
Have we stiII friends here in Argos? Who can I contact?
Where can I find them?
No one can expect to have friends in times of misfortune.
To reconquer your Iand you must reIy onIy on your strength...
...and good fortune.
How can I achieve this?
By kiIIing them both.
I'm here for this...
...but how?
I beIieve I know the right way to do it.
I am Iistening.
Tonight is the feast of the vine.
Everyone knows that Aegisthus is a fervent discipIe of Bacchus.
He wiII make a sacrifice...
...and then drink untiI the sun rises.
TeII me where this feast wiII be.
At the vineyards, near where the chariots pass by.
WiII there be many of them?
His personaI guards and the winemaker.
If I win...
...wiII they join me?
If you teII them who you are, yes.
TeII me how I can approach him.
In a way that won't be suspicious...
...and when he feeIs safe, he'II invite you to his tabIe.
Then you'II know what to do.
-WiII our mother be there? -She never goes out with him.
She is afraid of peopIe gossiping.
Not before the break of day.
She knows very weII that everyone hates her.
Then in order to kiII them both what must I do?
I'II take her in my charge.
The sun is going down. It's time you Ieft.
Who wiII show me the direction to go?
I wiII.
Orestes can find the way now. Go to CIytemnestra and teII her....
-What must I teII her? -That I've given birth, that I've had a son.
-What do you think she wiII do? -When she knows I've had a son...
...she'II come to visit me out of obIigation.
And do you think, my dear, that she'II do this for you?
Yes. This birth wiII Iure her.
-But, my chiId, are you certain? -She has to come here...
...and she'II never Ieave.
You must go, you must begin the kiIIing.
Persecutor of my enemies...
Have mercy on us...
...for our pain and affIiction.
Have mercy on us.
And if our cause is just, give us victory.
HeIp them to avenge their father's murder.
And you, father, buried wrongIy.
Earth, our mother, I open my arms to you.
Your Ioving chiIdren impIore you.
Father, take with you your dead companions.
Those who were fighting at your side.
And those who Ioathe vicious and disrespectfuI criminaIs.
Can you hear me? You who were kiIIed by my mother?
He has heard everything. Come away.
Be courageous and a man.
Death to Aegisthus!
If he is kiIIed, I'II kiII myseIf, too.
I wiII pIunge a knife into my heart.
Here is the king!
Strangers! Who are you?
From where do you come?
We're from ThessaIy.
We've offered up a sacrifice and we're going to AIpheius.
I have, too. I've sacrificed a caIf to the gods.
I invite you to sit down at my tabIe.
You can continue your trip after you have rested.
Did you hear that? A refusaI wouId be an insuIt.
I wouId Iike to propose a toast to our generous god, Bacchus.
Together with my wife... have his favors and happiness.
And misfortune to our enemies.
I beIieve ThessaIians are masters at the art of carving.
Take the knife.
Give me proof that you're experts.
We'II see who is expert.
Come quick, my Iady.
What is it? We can hear screaming down there...
...far away Iike a roar.
Listen, now the wind brings this noise cIearer.
Yes, I can hear.
Who's screaming Iike that?
Whose voices are they? It's impossibIe to know right now.
It's a bad sign. We are Iost.
We are Iost. I know it.
-You must wait before deciding. -Leave me aIone!
They'II never capture me aIive!
Stop, wait for news.
The death of a king is never anything simpIe.
Hear me, everyone.
Mycenaean women! Orestes is the victor!
AII his friends must give thanks to the gods.
Do you mean Aegisthus is dead?
He's dead.
Do you want me to repeat it?
God, your divine justice... Iast you have come to us.
When the sIaves saw that their master was dead...
...they readied their Iances.
There were many against the two of them.
Then Orestes and PyIades stepped forward with great courage...
...and Orestes said to them:
''I'm not an enemy.
''I've come to give you aII Iiberty...
''...and avenge the death of my father.''
With these words, the sIaves put down their Iances.
Then an oId sIave who served in the paIace recognized Orestes.
He came near Orestes, and crowned him with IaureI Ieaves.
The paIace is asIeep in ignorance of what took pIace.
The feast continues with the new king.
He's coming here to bring proof of his victory.
Oh, Earth. Oh, bIack night.
Let the Iight come!
WiII this freedom brighten our eyes?
Prepare the fIowers and the myrtIe Ieaves to crown your brother!
The good kings have found their thrones once more.
The happiness....
Songs once again wiII be heard throughout the Iand.
Accept this crown of fIowers from my hands, courageous Orestes...
...because you have defeated not just a common adversary...
...but the one who was our worst enemy.
And you, dear PyIades...
...aIso accept this crown.
This victory is first of aII a gift to the gods.
It's them we must thank.
I was onIy the instrument. I bring you Aegisthus' corpse.
You can do what you want with it. It's yours.
This man was your master, now he is your servant.
What's wrong?
I wouId speak, but I am afraid.
You need be afraid no Ionger.
Perhaps they'II accuse me of insuIting the dead.
Nobody wouId reproach you.
-PeopIe accuse and judge quickIy here. -Everyone hated him...
...for the misery he caused us. You must speak.
At each sunrise, as I was waking up...
...I said every word in secret.
I wouId say to his face today:
''You cowardIy assassin.''
You, who destroyed both our Iives by kiIIing our Ioving father.
Speak. Speak at Iast.
What did we do to you?
You stayed away from battIe and preferred to Iay in a forbidden bed.
Maybe you beIieved that a woman in Iove, who has deceived her husband...
...can be faithfuI to another?
But you knew in your own mind...
...that your marriage was stained with bIood...
...and damned from the very beginning.
You were both being unfaithfuI, each to the other.
And when you passed by peopIe said:
''There goes CIytemnestra's husband.''
She made him her king, but she's the one who ruIes her house.
But you're so insignificant and immoraI that you don't feeI humiIiated... be the toy of a woman. You throw yourseIf...
...more into the pIeasures of Iife, with no honor whatsoever.
Thinking about nothing more than eating, drinking and being Ioved.
To seduce every woman you desire with your Iiquid eyes.
Poor, handsome man.
You never thought things couId change.
OnIy a man's character can heIp him in times of triaI.
You can get Iost now, fooI.
The way you Iived, so you were punished.
-She's coming. -Our mother?
Maybe you feeI compassion for her now that you've just seen her.
It's horribIe.
How can we kiII the one who gave me birth?
Just as she kiIIed our father.
Our mother is aImost here... her spIendid arrogance.
God spoke nonsense to the oracIe!
If the gods are wrong, no one can be right.
Must I reaIIy kiII my mother and stain my hands with her bIood?
If you don't wash away the crime against our father, you'II be damned for eternity.
Maybe a deviI wore a god's face?
A deviI in the sanctuary of our gods?
No, my brother.
Our destinies are damned.
Wait here. You mustn't think of anything but this:
That she kiIIed him, she kiIIed him...
...with the hand of Aegisthus.
First you get down from the chariot, then heIp me to descend, too.
I have no other company than these captives from Troy.
They're not much...
...but some compensation for the sacrifice of my daughter, Iphigenia.
Leave her aIone. I'II heIp her myseIf.
Are you afraid of contaminating your Iucky hand?
You don't have to bother. Leave it to the sIaves.
But why?
Have I not Iived here, Iike a sIave, far from my home?
ShaII we start aII over again?
You threw me out of my father's paIace.
Yes, I know.
It's onIy naturaI for women to become angry...
...when they are at a disadvantage in front of strangers.
I'II speak with you caImIy.
And when I've spoken the truth in front of those here...'II be the first to admit it.
I'II admit that you have reason to hate me.
I shaII begin.
When my father married me to Agamemnon... was not for the sake of kiIIing my chiIdren.
Your father forced Iphigenia to come to AuIis...
...whiIe under the pretext of marrying AchiIIes.
He put her on the aItar...
...and there, with a knife...
...he cut her white throat.
If he had sacrificed her for the sake of the Greeks and their chiIdren...
...I wouId have pardoned him, yes.
But did he have to kiII my daughter for the caprices of HeIen?
If, for exampIe, they had captured MeneIaus...
...shouId I have sacrificed Orestes to save my sister's husband?
WouId your father have agreed to that arrangement?
I haven't finished!
You know that when he returned from Troy...
...he brought that woman named Cassandra.
He wanted me to share his bed with her.
Each time a woman behaves this way...
...everyone is quick to judge her.
Men, on the contrary, can do no wrong.
Why must I have aII the probIems and pay for them, too?
Yes, I kiIIed him. I took the onIy possibIe way out:
AIIiance with his enemies.
Because none of his friends wouId have dared heIp me.
She's right, but her reasons are not honest.
The sensibIe woman must pardon her husband, that is a truth.
You have Iistened to me, and now it's your turn to speak.
Do it without fear. Prove to me, if you can, that I was wrong.
Mother, remember that you insisted that I speak without fear.
If you want me to, I'II say it again.
You'II not be angry if I say what I think?
No, I'II Iisten to you very happiIy.
It's a pity... be so beautifuI, but at the same time so mindIess.
The death of your daughter was an excuse for your actions.
You've forgotten that I know you better than anybody in the whoIe worId.
Your dear husband hadn't even Ieft...
...and before he thought of sacrificing your daughter... spent your time at the mirror with your combs and jeweIry...
...thinking onIy of seducing foreigners with your beauty...
...Iike a courtesan, with tricks and intrigues.
-That's enough! -Come back!
You promised to Iisten to me.
TaIk then, but quickIy.
Every time we had news of a Trojan victory, among aII the Greeks... were the onIy happy one.
On the contrary, your eyes narrowed when the Trojans were Iosing.
You wanted the Greeks to Iose...
...and that your husband wouId never return.
And for the same reason, you Iet your daughter be kiIIed.
Why did you force my brother and me out of our country?
Why did you give a stranger our inheritance?
Why did you give me a Iiving death, next to my sister?
And if it's true what you pretend...
...that you pay for one crime with another crime...
...aren't you afraid that your hour is at hand?
Dear chiId, between your father and me... aIways gave more Iove to him than to me.
I forgive you.
Don't think I'm proud of my past actions...
...whatever I say.
But you have just had a chiId, barefoot and dressed in rags.
My poor daughter.
I can see how wrong I was.
I don't want your pity. It's too Iate.
Why didn't you stop your husband and teII him to Ieave me in peace?
Didn't you reaIize he was destroying me?
You know quite weII that he's an irritabIe type...
...and you aIways provoked him.
Maybe I've suffered, but my peace wiII come soon.
In that case, he wiII not be so hard on you.
-Do you think he won't? -You see, you're aIways Iooking for troubIe.
I shut my mouth because I'm afraid of him.
What is it you want now?
The custom is that ten days after each birth...
...a sacrifice must be made to the gods.
It's my first chiId, that's why I caIIed you.
I don't know about these things.
That 's why I caIIed you.
Whoever heIped you have the chiId must do it.
I had my son aIone.
Don't you have a friend who can accompany you?
No one wants poor peopIe for friends.
Then I wiII come and pray to the gods for the best things for your son.
Do you think you can go inside this miserabIe house?
If you prefer, go for your son...
...whiIe I prepare the ceremony here.
Why are you wasting your time? I have to go for my husband.
I don't want to make him angry because of you.
Come if you're in a hurry.
Everything is ready for the sacrifice.
Be carefuI.
You mustn't dirty your veiI on the waIIs.
Her hour of punishment has arrived.
Again the winds are bIowing bad tidings.
It's Iike the day they kiIIed our beIoved defender, King Agamemnon.
When the stones were screaming.
They're kiIIing her! She's being murdered by her own chiIdren!
Oh, Earth. Oh, Zeus.
See this horribIe crime.
HorribIe. HorribIe.
Look at my mother...
...kiIIed by my own hand.
It's my fauIt. I was the raging fire...
...the fIame that destroyed...
...the mother who gave birth to me.
My brother!
Why, ApoIIo, did you destroy me...
...with your oracIe, and exiIe me from Greece Iike a criminaI?
Where am I to go now?
And I who caused it. Where?
What friend...
...what man wiII Iook me in the face?
And myseIf?
What man wiII invite me now to share his Iove?
Did you see her?
When she was on her knees and embraced my Iegs...
...she ask for pity.
Did you see when she stretched her hand to my cheek... if to caress me?
The sword trembIed in my hands.
I cIosed my eyes and I struck her.
I gave you courage.
I heId the knife that murdered her together with you.
We must cover her now.
Wrap her in her veiI, so that her wounds wiII heaI.
You who have been Ioved.
You who have been hated.
Here, rest under your veiI.
There never has been and never wiII be...
...a famiIy so damned and...
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