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Elephant Man The

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No Entry
The fruit of Original Sin
Away with it! - Don't be difficult!
Let's take our lovely children on an outing!
You can't do this. I know my rights.
I have the authority to close you down.
This exhibit degrades those who see it and the poor creature himself.
He is a freak. How else will he live?
This is entirely different!
This is montrous and should not be allowed!
These officers will see that you are on your way. Good day!
Move along please!
Hold it there, sir. Come this way.
On the move again...
My treasure.
We're seeing a lot more of these machine accidents.
Abominable things these machines. You can't reason with them.
What a mess.
Pull on the rope!
Irons, please!
Who is it?
Excuse me, sir. - Yes, what is it?
I found it. - Good. Did you see it?
No. - Alright.
I'll see you in a moment. Thank you.
Who's that? - A friend of mine.
Oh yes?
What are you up to? - Nothing.
Oh, come on!
Nothing of any importance.
Where's Green Street, please?
Second on the left, then right. - Thanks.
Are you the proprietor? - And who might you be, sir?
Just one of the curious. I'd like to see it.
I don't think so, we're...
closed! - I'd pay handsomely for a showing.
Are you the proprietor? - Handsomely?. Who sent you?
I beg your pardon? - Never mind.
I'm the owner.
is full of surprises.
Consider the fate
of this creature's poor mother,
struck down...
in the fourth month of her condition by wild elephants.
Struck down...
on an uncharted African isle.
The result...
is plain to see.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
the terrible...
Elephant Man!
Stand up! - Stand up!
Turn around! - Turn around!
You'll bring him to me tomorrow, ten o'clock, Mr....?
Bytes. He'll be there.
Here is my card. I'll send a cab.
We have a deal.
We understand each other,
more than money has changed hands.
We understand each other completely, my friend.
Yes. Thank you, Mr. Bytes.
Cor, what a stink!
I'm looking for Mr. Frederick Treves.
Please, ma'am.
I'll send for him. Nurse!
Mr. Treves, this...
Yes. - Says, that...
Yes, I was expecting him.
Are you the cab driver? - Yes. - Anyone else with you?
No, just this gentleman. - Thank you for your troubles.
Not at all. My pleasure. - Thank you.
This way, please?
I'll be in my room and I'm not to be disturbed.
Of course, sir.
Will you come with me?
You heard the doctor?
Go on!
My name is Frederick Treves and I'm the surgeon at the London Hospital.
I lecture in anatomy at the medical college.
I'd like very much to examine you.
Would that be alright?
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Would that be alright?
Your owner...The man, who looks after you, tells me that...
you're English and that your name is John Merrick.
John Merrick, is that right?
I tell you what, I think I'll ask you a question
and you shake you head for 'no'.
Have you always been this way?
Are you in any pain?
Are your parents still alive?
Do you understand me? Your father, your mother, are they dead?
Freddie, what are you doing...?
Oh, I'm sorry. I had no idea...
What have you got there? - You'll find out at the meeting.
Until then, not a word to anyone.
Alright. You must have quite a find in there.
I don't know. - "Nothing of any importance", eh?
Not a word, please, Fox.
I think I'll examine you now.
I'll leave the questions till later.
Will you take your hat off?
Don't be frightened. I simply want to look at you.
Take your hat off. Don't be frightened.
Thank you. Good afternoon.
Mr. Thomas, Mr. Rogers!
Pull the curtains aside!
He's English. He is 21 years of age.
His name is John Merrick.
In the course of my profession I have come upon
many deformities of the face due to injury or disease
as well as mutilations and contortions of the body from like causes.
I have never seen such a perverted, degraded version of a human being.
I wish to draw your attention to his insidious conditions.
Can you see over there?
Note, if you will, the extreme enlargement of the skull
and the limb, which is useless,
the alarming curvature of the spine. Would you turn round, please?
Turn round, please!
The looseness of the skin
and the fibrous tumours that cover 90% of the body.
There is every indication that these afflictions have existed and have
progressed rapidly since birth.
He suffers from chronic bronchitis.
Interesting side note: Despite these anomalies
the patient's genitals remain entirely intact and unaffected.
Thank you.
And his left arm is perfectly normal, as you see.
So gentlemen,
owing to the congenital extostoses of the skull,
extensive papillomatous growths, pendulous masses of skin,
the enlargement of the right limb and all the bones,
the distortion of the head and the extensive area
covered by papillomatous growth,
The patient has been called the "Elephant Man".
Thank you.
You haven't mentioned his mental state.
He's an imbecile, probably from birth. A complete idiot.
Pray to God he is.
Where have you been?
How can I eat with a noise like that?
Bytes, don't!
Where were you? What did you do?
Our man is sick. Come right away! - What is it?
Like this...
What did you do with him? He's been like this all night!
He was fine when he left here. Now look at him!
Yes, I intend to.
What happened? - He had a fall. He falls.
Looks like a very severe fall.
He's a...
... clumsy soul.
Never looks where he's going. But that's alright.
He has me to take care of him.
Why is he sitting up? He needs rest!
That's how he sleeps.
If he lies down, he'll kill himself.
His head's too big.
This man belongs in the hospital.
Can't you treat him here? Listen, he's my livelihood.
We're business partners, he and l.
He's the greatest freak in the world! - Now, you listen,
you're not going to have a livelihood if he dies. Go and fetch a cab!
I truly appreciate this, my friend.
there's much I can do for you.
I move in the proper circles.
In fact, anything at all, if you take my meaning.
Everything will be taken care of. - Good to do business with you.
Can I have a bowl of oatmeal?
Breakfasting with the patients? - It's for a patient.
There you are.
Thank you. Good morning. - Morning.
Come here a moment!
What's that you've got there?
Good Heavens! You haven't acquired a taste for this stuff?
Yes, it's quite nutricious. - Possibly.
Not quite the diet for a grown man. Nurse!
Just take this to the patient in the isolation ward, will you?
Yes, sir.
Don't be frightened. He won't hurt you.
Won't he indeed. Just a moment! There's something I want to say.
A hospital's no place for secrecy.
Doctors spiriting hooded figures around cause comment.
Why wasn't he properly admitted? Why the isolation ward?
He's not contagious, is he? - No, he's got chronic bronchitis,
and he's been beaten. - Why not the General Ward then?
He's seriously deformed.
I fear it could shock the patients.
Deformed, is that it? ls he ultimately incurable?
Yes, sir. - But you must be aware,
that this hospital doesn't accept incurables.
I'm aware of that. But this case is quite exceptional.
I quite appreciate your problem.
Why not contact the Royal Hospital for lncurables?
Perhaps they might find him a place. - Yes. Would you like to meet him?
Excuse me!
The Elephant Man.
I should have warned you.
Please forgive me. You alright?
Please send Mrs. Mothershead up here.
Tell her to knock and wait for me.
I'm sorry about that.
We'll bring you another breakfast. You must be very hungry.
You'll be comfortable here. I'll see you get everything you need.
So, this is the Elephant Man.
I ain't seen nothing like you before.
What the hell happened to you?
Dumb, eh?
I like people that can keep quiet.
Here, have a drink!
Go on! No?
You should be more sociable.
Get yourself disliked.
We're going to be good friends and my friends will want to meet you.
And they will, believe me.
I've brought your breakfast. What are you doing down there?
Come up on the bed.
Come on!
All he understands is a good smack. - He's had his share of smacks.
That drives him under the bed. Treat him with kindness and patience.
Perhaps you've got time for that sort of treatment.
I've got a hospital to run. Don't you waste your time, with him.
It's like talking to a brick wall.
I don't mean to be harsh,
but he doesn't belong here.
Honestly, sir, what can you do for him?
By the way, Mr. Carr-Gomm said
he'd like to see you when you can spare a moment.
Yes. - Thank you.
I can't help you, unless you help me.
I believe there's something you want to say to me.
Something back there.
I can't help you, unless you help me!
I believe you want to say something.
I've got to understand what you're feeling and thinking.
Do you understand me?
Just nod your head. Can you understand me?
Nod your head if you understand me.
You do understand.
I want to hear you talk. You are not a wall.
Do you understand? I want you to talk to me.
Now. I want to hear you say it.
I want to hear how you say things. I'm not going to hurt you.
Got to hear!
Very slowly, I want you to say "yes".
Say "yes".
Now just once more: "yes".
I can understand that. That's good!
That's very good. Alright now
I'm going to say some words to you and you repeat them. Understand?
Say "Hello, my name is..."
My name is...
John Merrick.
John Merrick.
John, that's very good. Say "John Merrick".
"Hello, my name is John Merrick".
Hello, my name is...
... is John Merrick.
You can speak!
How did you get up here?
I want my man back. - Just a moment.
Never mind. I want my man.
He's still very sick. Come downstairs and I'll explain.
You've had plenty of time to cure him.
And now he's leaving with me.
Do you understand me?
Now, Mr. Treves.
We made a deal. - You misunderstood.
This man has suffered a severe fall. If you take my meaning.
He is my patient now. - Pull the other one!
I'm sorry. But all you do is profit from another man's misery.
Do you think you are better than me? - No.
You wanted the freak
to show your doctor chums, make a name for yourself.
You, my friend...
I gave you the freak... on trust.
In the name of science.
And now I want him back! - You do not own this man. Stop it!
I want him back! - So you can beat him?
So you can starve him? A dog in the street would fare better.
I'll go to the authorities. - Go to them, then!
By all means.
They'll be interested to hear your story and ours.
Now, I think
we really understand one another.
A singularly unattractive character!
It seems to me I might as well meet this patient of yours.
Thank you very much.
Shall we say in a few days?
Two o'clock tomorrow afternoon?
Whatever's most convenient, sir.
Two o'clock then, tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
Two o'clock...
Morning, Mr Treves. Early again! - Yes.
You'd have made a good milkman!
I'll keep that in mind. - Okay, sir.
"He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me into paths of... righteousness for his name's sake."
"He leadeth me into the paths of
righteousness for his name's sake."
Good. It's very good.
When your visitor comes today, I want you to say it exactly the same.
When I introduce him to you, just say the words you've learnt.
If you have trouble with the words, I'll help you, nothing to worry about.
I'll introduce you to him and say: "Please meet Mr. Carr-Gomm."
And will you say:
Hello, my name is John Merrick.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
Good. Good.
I'll go and get Mr. Carr-Gomm.
It is only a physical problem.
He has trouble with certain sounds because of the constrictive deformity.
But he can talk. - Is he able to understand?
Yes. Oh, yes.
Except he's so anxious to make a good impression, that he might be nervous.
Come in!
May I introduce you to Mr. Carr-Gomm?
This is John Merrick. - Hello.
My name is John Merrick. I'm very pleased to meet you.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
How are you feeling today? - I feel much better.
Are you comfortable here?
Everybody's very kind.
How is your bronchitis?
Mr. Merrick likes the food here, don't you?
Much better than what I'm used to. - Oh yes?
And what was that?
You were flogged?
I feel much better now.
Splendid. How do you find Mr. Treves
as a teacher, I mean?
Very kind.
How long did you and Mr. Treves prepare for this interview?
Very kind.
I understand. It's been a pleasure meeting you.
Good day.
It was very good, John.
I'll be back in a moment.
"The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He maketh me lie down..."
A brave attempt but he simply mouthed words taught by you.
I'm sorry to have wasted your time.
"He retoreth my soul."
He simply doesn't belong here. He should be constantly looked after.
I'm sorry, things have turned out this way. Good day.
"Though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no
evil, for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff..."
Mr. Carr-Gomm!
What is it?
It's that!
I didn't teach him that part!
"Goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
How did you know the rest of it? - Very strange.
How did you know the rest of the 23rd Psalm?
I used to read the Bible every day.
I know it very well and the Book of Common Prayer.
The 23rd Psalm's beautiful. It's my favourite.
Come and see me in my office when you're through.
There's something important I want to say.
Goodbye. I do hope we shall meet again.
Why didn't you tell me you can read?
I was frightened.
I see. - I was afraid to talk.
Please forgive me.
Can you imagine the life he must have had? - Yes, I think I can.
I don't believe so. I don't believe any of us can.
Terrible though his appearance is, so terrible, that nervous persons
fly in horror from the sight of him,
and that he is debarred from earning his livelihood in any way.
Yet he is superior in intelligence. He can read and write,
is quiet, gentle, not to say even refined.
I should like to meet this gentleman.
Have you seen this? - No.
Listen to this! - Hey up, hey up!
Hey up!
Listen! This is a letter
to the London Times from the governor of the hospital.
In a little room in one of attic wards is a man named John Merrick,
so dreadful a sight, that he is unable even to come out by day.
He's been called the "Elephant Man" on account of his terrible deformity.
His appearance is so terrible, that women and nervous persons
fly in terror at the sight of him.
And how do you get tickets to see him?
Your very own Sunny Jim! - Let's go and see him!
Keep your shirt on. The time must be right.
Now he's in the attic, but tomorrow they'll move him to Bedstead Square,
right into my lap. Then, for the right price
you'll see something you'll never ever see again in your life!
Don't look so glum girls! Volunteers should be more cheerful!
Put your collar straight, girl!
And remember
that under no circumstances whatsoever
are any mirrors to be brought here. - Yes, Mrs. Mothershead.
Yes, Mrs. Mothershead. - Yes.
He's so ugly! - Well, ugly or not, help me!
Feeling better now, Mr. Merrick?
You look nice in your new clothes.
Thank you very much. - Well, if there's nothing else,
we'll be leaving you now. - No, there's nothing.
Ready for tea?
Please go in, John.
Make yourself comfortable.
Anne, come and meet our guest.
I'd like you to meet my wife, Anne.
Anne, this is John Merrick.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
I'm very pleased.
What is it? What's the matter?
It's just that I...
I'm not used
to being treated so well
by so beautiful a woman.
Would you like a cup of tea? - That's a good idea.
Come and see the rest of the house!
How's your tea?
Very good.
I'm enjoying my visit very much.
It's very kind of you to invite me to your home.
I'm sorry that I made a spectacle of myself.
No, not at all.
I love the way
you've arranged the pictures. - Oh, thank you.
Is that the way in most houses?
Yes, I'm sure it is.
Who are they of?
These are relatives and these are our children.
Children? May I see?
Yes, of course.
Where are the children?
They're out with friends.
Here is Frederick's mother.
And these are my parents.
They have such noble faces.
Yes, I've always thought so myself.
Would you...
care to see my mother?
Your mother?
Yes, please.
Oh, but she's...
Mr. Merrick, she's beautiful!
She has...
She has the face of an angel.
I must...
I must have been a great disappointment to her.
No, Mr. Merrick, no.
No son as loving as you could ever be a disappointment.
If only I could find her!
If she could see me with such lovely friends,
perhaps she could love me as I am.
I've tried so hard to be good.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry. - Please!
I'm so sorry.
What's that you're doing?
What is it?
Oh, I see! St. Philip's!
Why, it's very good! You've got the windows just right!
I wish
I could sleep
Iike normal people.
Mr. Treves,
there's something I've been meaning to ask you
for some time now. - What's that?
Can you cure me?
No. We can care for you,
but we can't cure you.
I thought not.
Come in.
Good morning!
Good morning. - Someone would like to meet you.
May I introduce you to one of the bright lights of the English stage?
Mrs. Kendal, this is John Merrick.
Good day! - Good day.
I've brought you some things. I hope you like them.
I hope you don't think it too forward? - Oh, no.
I knew you'd understand. - I'll leave you together.
I want you to know I don't give my pictures to just anyone.
No, I wouldn't think of it.
It's beautiful. You're so...
I'll put it...
in a place of honour.
Next to my mother.
She's very pretty, your mother. - Yes.
You're constructing a... church?
No. It's a cathedral.
Do you see?
I have to rely on my imagination,
for what I can't actually see.
Mr. Treves tells me you're in the theatre.
Do you live there? - Oh no, I just work there.
It must be wonderful to work there.
Is it beautiful? - You've never been?
I'm afraid not.
You must go! The theatre is the most beautiful place on earth!
Of course I am a bit partial.
The theatre is romance.
Oh yes...
I've brought you something else!
Thank you. - Have you read it?
No, but I certainly shall.
"Romeo and Juliet"!
Yes, I've heard of this.
"If I profane with my unworthiest hand
this holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
Thy lips, two blushing pilgrims,
ready stand, to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss."
"Good Pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
which mannerly devotion show in this.
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch.
And palm to palm's holy Palmer's kiss."
"Oh then, dear Saint, let lips do what hands do.
They pray, grant thou lest faith turn to despair."
"Saints do not move, though grant for prayer's sake."
"Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged."
And then it says: they kiss.
"Then have my lips the sin that they have took."
"Sin from my lips?
O trespass, sweetly urg'd.
Give me my sin again."
You're not an Elephant Man at all.
No. You're Romeo.
"Mrs. Kendal, always at the forefront of fashion,
was seen leaving "The London" the other afternoon.
No, dear readers, the actress has not been taken ill,
but said she was visiting a friend. Who was the lucky recipient?
Enquiries proved it to be none other than John Merrick, the Elephant Man,
with whom our readers are familiar.
After a chat of 45 minutes, she left him with an autographed portrait."
I saw it in his room.
"Owing to a disfigurement of the most extreme nature,
Mr. Merrick has never been presented to London society.
But knowing that wherever Mrs. Kendal goes, other inevitably follow,
the question arises - will London society present itself to him?"
This walking stick is so dashing!
And more elegant than my old one!
More tea?
I don't go out as often as I would like,
because naturally people find my appearance disturbing.
If you have a chill I could close the window.
No, I'm fine, please...
Thank you.
Thank you.
You see,
people are frightened by what they don't understand.
And it is hard to understand, even for me because my mother
was so very beautiful!
No more visitors today.
I've got a lecture. Till this evening! - Excuse me, sir,
I would like a word with you. - What is it?
I don't quite understand
why you allow people in there.
He enjoys it and it's good for him.
But you saw the expression on their faces, they didn't hide their disgust!
They don't care about John. They want to impress their friends.
I think you're being rather harsh. - I beg your pardon.
You hardly showed him much kindness when he first arrived, did you?
I bathed him, I fed him and I cleaned up after him!
And my nurses do the same.
If "kindness" can be called care
then I did show him loving kindness!
I didn't mean it exactly that way.
I appreciate your concern and everything you've done for him.
But I am the physician and must do what's best for him.
Please now, I'm very late. - If you ask my opinion,
he's only being stared at again! - Thank you.
Night time!
What's the matter?
I've been thinking about Mr. Bytes. - Why on earth?
I believe Mr. Bytes and I are very much alike.
That's absurd!
It seems I've
made Mr. Merrick into a curiosity again,
only this time in a hospital rather than a carnival.
My name is constantly in the newpapers and I'm always being
praised to the skies. Patients ask expressly for my services.
Because you are a fine doctor.
John Merrick is happier and more fulfilled then ever
and it's completely due to you.
What was it all for? Why did I do it?
What are you trying to say?
Am I a good man
or am I a bad man?
Steady on, Treves. Steady on.
Please sit down, won't you?
We usually open the proceedings by reading the minutes.
In the interests of urgency I think we should conclude the matter
under discussion, the case of John Merrick, the Elephant Man.
One moment, Mr. Chairman!
As far as I'm concerned, this creature has no business here.
I for one am sick and tired of this freak-hunting
by ambitious young doctors, trying to make name's for themselves.
To parade them about in front of the society is one thing,
but to waste the committee's time with requests for shelter
for these abominations of nature is quite another.
You must be more careful!
In the light of these facts, our course is clear:
The question is not whether to accept this creature as a patient, but
when will the rooms be vacated for the use of more deserving cases?
I move that this Elephant Man be removed from the premises immediately.
We have a sacred duty to cure the sick
not to care for circus animals! That is my last word on the subject.
Shall we vote? - You are unshakeable in this?
Mr. Chairman, do you not have ears?
I am unalterably opposed!
My mind is made up.
You shall not sway me. May we now vote,
at long last?
Yes, Broadneck.
I think the time has come.
Gentlemen, Her Royal Highness
Alexandra, Princess of Wales.
Good morning. I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Your presence here is always greatly appreciated.
We were just taking a vote on Mr. Merrick.
Her Royal Highness has shown great interest in Mr. Merrick's fate.
I have, sir, as has the Queen.
I have a communication from the Queen, which I should read to you.
"To the Governing Committee, London Hospital.
I would like to commend you
for the charitable face you have shown Mr. John Merrick.
It is laudable that you have provided one of England's
unfortunate sons with a safe and tranquil harbour, a home.
For this immeasurable kindness, as well as the many acts of mercy
on behalf of the poor, of which Mr. Carr-Gomm
has kept me informed,
I gratefully thank you. Signed, Victoria."
I am sure I can count on you gentlemen to do the Christian thing.
Thank you very much. I'm sure we shall all try.
I move that Mr. John Merrick be admitted on a permanent basis
provided the hospital receives a yearly sum for the cost of one bed.
All those in favour?
Thank you, gentlemen. The motion is carried.
Yes, come in!
Good afternoon. Mr. Carr-Gomm has something he wants to say to you.
Mr. Merrick, I am very pleased
in being able to welcome you officially to the London Hospital.
The Governing Committee has unanimously voted that you should be
provided with these rooms on a permanent basis. This is your home.
I'm so very very glad for you. - Welcome home, lad!
This is...
my home? - Yes.
Please will you thank the committee for me?
I will do my utmost to merit their kindness.
This... is my home?
Yes. And this is for you.
Your dressing case!
Oh, thank you!
Thank you!
Oh my friends, thank you!
Thank you!
My friends!
Oh my friends!
Oh my friends!
Thank you!
Who's next? - I say!
What you again? - Well...
These young ladies have never seen it.
You're on, mate!
That's it for this performance!
Jim, can I go? - Sit down, Charlie!
There's always tomorrow, don't worry.
Room for one more?
At the right price.
There's room.
Keep the noise down!
We don't want to frighten him!
My name is John Merrick.
I'm very, very pleased to meet you.
I think
you are very beautiful!
Curtain time!
You look beautiful, darling! I wouldn't change a thing!
You look like the Prince of Wales!
Here, my friends!
The Elephant Man!
I told you it was horrible, just horrible.
Perhaps the ladies would like a closer look?
Yes, yes! - No, Jack, please!
Right, in you go!
He's quite a ladies' man!
Give the ladies' man a little kiss!
Go on, give him a kiss!
Jack, leave off!
That's enough romance!
Time for beddy-byes!
Keep the noise down!
Keep it quiet! Now watch this!
Okay, that's enough!
Show's over! See you back at the Peacock!
Get out of it!
Here, come on.
There you are. That's better.
I've done well tonight.
buy yourself a sweet!
My treasure!
Mr. Treves, I know what happened last night.
Oh, God!
Where is he?
Where is Mr. Merrick?
Where is Mr. Merrick?
I don't know what you mean. - Don't lie to me!
I know all about it, you were seen.
You're involved with Bytes, aren't you? Where is he?
Wait a minute! I haven't taken him anywhere. I dunno no Bytes.
We were just having a bit fun. We never hurt him.
You tortured him! He's gone!
When I left him he was in bed!
You're not listening to me! I dunno no Bytes!
I've done nothing wrong! People pay money to see your monster!
You're the monster, the freak. Get out of here!
Get out! - You don't frighten me!
I'm glad what I done. You can do nothing about it!
Only Mothershead can sack me now!
There's something I'd like to say.
You know I felt as deeply as you did about John.
Well now he's disappeared, very likely to the continent.
You can't go after him, you're needed here by your patients.
You did everything in your power.
Everything in your power.
Get a stool!
Get up, you bastard!
Look at all these beautiful animals!
What a lot you have!
That sly bastard!
He's doing this to spite me!
You're doing this to spite me and it's got to stop!
Bytes, he's sick! - Let him die!
But don't think I'm going to bury that...
bag of flesh. No!
And that's a fact.
Bytes, stop! - I'm going to fetch that lump of fat!
Bytes, stop!
We've decided,
we're going to get you out of here.
Luck, my friend!
Luck! And who needs it more than we?
Sir, why is your head so big?
Why is your head so big?
Why is your head so big? Tell me!
Why is your head so big?
I'm not an elephant!
I am not an animal!
I am a human being!
I am a man.
Out of the way, sir. Excuse me!
Mr. Treves, they've found him!
They've found John!
Keep still!
It was nice of Mrs. Kendal to give me this dress.
It's beautiful!
Does she know John's dying?
Yes, she knows.
How do I look?
You will not look out of place. You look absolutely splendid!
Splendid... Shall we go?
I can't tell you how sorry I am for what happened.
You see, I had no idea.
You mustn't blame yourself.
Mr. Treves, don't worry about me.
My friend,
I am happy every hour of the day.
My life is full, because I know that I am loved.
I have gained myself.
I could not say that, were it not for you.
you have done so much for me as well.
Thank you!
I'll fetch Mrs. Mothershead and Nora and be back in a few minutes!
Very good, my friend.
My friend!
Mrs. Kendal!
Your Royal Highness, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Tonight's performance was special for me, as it was to someone else,
a man who knows and loves the theatre.
And yet this is the first time he's ever been here.
I wish the whole company wishes with all their hearts
to dedicate tonight's performance to Mr. John Merrick,
my very dear friend.
Go on, John, they want to see you!
I can't. - It's alright, stand up!
I really did believe
that the ogre would never get out of the dungeon.
You really enjoyed yourself.
Oh, it was wonderful!
We really must go again some evening.
Oh, I hope so.
Yes, we will, we will.
Good, I'm pleased.
I ought to go. Must get some sleep.
Good night. Sleep well.
And you too, my friend.
So pleased you enjoyed yourself. Good night.
Good night.
It's finished!
Never, never! Nothing will die.
The stream flows, the wind blows,
the cloud fleets, the heart beats.
Nothing will die.
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