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Elmer Gantry CD2

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Don't do it, Shara. Don't get yourself mixed up in an alley fight. Listen to me...
Why, Georgie, hello!
- You shut up. I am crucified to pieces. - What's the matter?
What's the matter? "Why did George F Babbitt underwrite a guarantee
of $30,000 to bring a revival to Zenith?"
"Is Sister Sharon preaching the word of Jesus
or the gospel of Babbitt's real-estate business?"
For God's sakes! I don't want any trouble.
I am in business. I'm a 32nd-degree Mason.
George boy, don't take this thing so seriously!
- I just sure as hell don't think it's a joke! - We'll lick it, Georgie!
"Georgie!" My telephone has not stopped ringing.
Everybody's mad at me or laughing at me. Even my own family's turned against me.
As of right now,
I am cancelling out on my support - financial and every other way.
George, you've got to fight back!
- Fight the press? - Yes.
Mister, do you know anybody ever licked the newspapers?
Me and you.
Besides, I am for a free press, and for free enterprise,
and for... whatever the hell the other freedoms are!
But, Reverend, you invited us here.
If you withdraw your support now, you're endorsing this vicious newspaper smear.
- These telegrams of protest... - There's always a lunatic fringe...
These are from my parishioners. These are complaints from my church board.
Even my national superior telephoned me long-distance.
I'm sorry, Mr Morgan.
- If you turn against us now... - What I do doesn't matter.
Public opinion has turned against you. That does matter.
- Tell him it's Sister Sharon Falconer. - (knocking at door)
- No, I'll wait. - (knocking)
- Did you find Mr Gantry? - Nobody's seen him since he left.
- His hotel room? - Hasn't been there all day.
Yes? Mr Eddington?
I want to see you. No, sir, at once.
No, your office will be fine. Will you please have Mr Lefferts there?
Thank you.
Maybe... something happened to Mr Gantry.
Forget Mr Gantry.
- Evening, George. - I'm busy.
I had a busy day myself. 736 Lombard Street, two-storey building.
Owner: George F Babbitt. Tenant: speakeasy.
- I don't know what you're talking about. - Of course. 1121 Maple Street.
Store front, apartment in rear. Owner: George F Babbitt.
- Business: prostitution. - On my property?
- Well, I'll have them evicted. - Of course. Of course.
You've been victimised, George.
- Same as me. - Yeah.
Evening, boys. Never bet into an open pair... unless you've got the lock!
- Say good night, George. - Oh, this?
Well, we're just playing for chips - you know, sociable.
- You takin' me for a ride or somethin'? - To the publisher of the Times-DisPatch
- You got somethin' on him, too? - I got you.
- Yeah, sure, but... - It's getting late, George.
The point is, why did he write this trash, and why did you publish it?
- Are you suggesting censorship, Miss? - Only fair play.
- This is muckraking! - Is it true?
- No! - Then sue us for libel.
Oh, you're much too clever for that. It's what you imply - the veiled slurs.
- Hints that I misused collection money. - I never said that.
Did I ever preach anything but God's word? Well? Did I?
- Are you ordained? - What?
Do you hold a degree from any recognised theological seminary?
- Does Gantry? - No.
Are you sanctioned to preach by any church?
No, Mr Lefferts, but... neither was Peter or Paul or any of the other apostles.
Ah, but they said that they lived with the Son of God, were taught by him,
were sanctified by him.
What gives you the right to speak for God?
I couldn't possibly be doing God's work without his approval.
How did you get his approval?
Did God speak to you personally?
Did he send you a letter?
Did you have a visitation from God?
A burning bush, perhaps?
Where in the New Testament does it say that God spoke to anyone except his son?
But it does say in the First Corinthians
"Let your women keep silence in the churches."
"It is a shame for women to speak in the church."
Congratulations, Jim boy. I see you're a student of the Bible. I'm delighted.
What is it? Are you responsible for some of these crackpot calls I've been getting?
- You want Mr Lefferts fired, too? - Fired?
Why, I'd give Jim a bonus for boostin' circulation.
I thought you came to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
Shakespeare. Ah, yes. A moment ago you used the Bible... to whip Sister Sharon.
- I merely quoted it as a source. - Of course. As a good newspaperman,
you wouldn't use information unless it was fact, would you?
Tell me somethin', Jim.
Is the Bible fact?
Well, come on, Jim boy. Did God create the universe in six days?
Did He make the sun stand still to help Joshua lick the Amalekites?
- You don't believe Moses parted the sea? - No.
- God wrote the Ten Commandments? - Nope.
Or that the dead were raised and the blind cured?
And 5,000 people were fed with five little fishes
and two little itty-bitty loaves of bread?
You don't believe in any of the miracles in the Holy Bible, do you?
No more than I believe that black cats or spilt salt or broken mirrors are bad luck.
Or that God can be jealous or bloodthirsty or vengeful.
Or that Jehovah sanctions bigamy and stupidity and slavery.
In other words, you don't believe in the Bible.
I believe that the Bible is a book of beautiful poetry and wisdom...
But it's not fact.
And if it's not fact,
why would he use it as information, except to destroy her character?
I heard you say it, and you'll burn in hell for it.
No, Georgie. You can't scare Jim that way.
You see, if you don't believe in the Bible... you don't believe there's a real hell.
And it follows if there's no real hell, there can't be a real heaven. Right, Jim boy?
Why don't you get to the point?
Do you believe Jesus Christ can give us life everlasting?
Do you believe Jesus Christ can give us life everlasting?
- I'd love to believe it. - But you don't?
Then you don't accept Jesus Christ as divine, do you?
Jesus was a great, virtuous teacher. His faith and courage changed the world.
Do you accept Jesus Christ as divine?
Let me say... I have doubts.
- That's blasphemy! - Mr Babbitt, to doubt is not blasphemy.
When you say "blasphemy", you mean "Don't dare disagree. Don't think."
"Don't doubt."
But Tolstoy, Darwin, Jefferson, Lincoln - they had the same doubts.
Then they'll burn in hell, too!
Mr Eddington, in spite of Mr Lefferts' confessed bigotry,
I defend your right to publish these articles. But give us equal rights.
- Your reply'll be published prominently. - Mr Eddington, I'm no writer.
Now, Jim is brilliant and witty. Uses words like a stiletto.
He learned from Mencken, Ingersoll, Sinclair Lewis, other atheists.
- Atheists! - But you own a radio station.
Set the time. Half an hour. Tonight? Tomorrow? Name it.
Every day for two weeks - half-hour in the morning and evening.
- Just to answer this article? - I don't intend to answer anything.
You don't debate the existence of God.
Jim, here, has spread the poison of doubt and disbelief.
Just give me a chance to spread the gospel, to raise the banner of Christianity,
to restore the faith he stole.
Now, sir, I realise time means money - especially radio time.
So our good citizen, George F Babbitt,
has kindly consented to pay for every minute of radio time. Right, George?
Georgie boy?
- Right. - Thank you, sir. Good night.
Good night, Mr Eddington. Mr Lefferts.
- Jim boy. - Congratulations.
I bear you no malice. Mr Babbitt.
Blasphemy! Good night, Mr Eddington.
And you... you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Oh, it was... glorious.
Outrageously, blissfully glorious.
Oh, you really are an alley fighter. You hit Brother Jim both sides of the belt!
You murdered 'em. You knocked 'em flat with a celestial bolt -
eight, nine, ten, and out! Oh, darling!
You didn't fight fair but you've seen your duty and you've done it. Oh, darling!
Stop it. Stop it. I was crazy. I was so happy you delivered me!
Can't you understand? God sent you to me as his instrument, not as my lover.
No, I don't understand. You got me half-crazy, talkin' to myself.
One minute you're a howling banshee, the next, you're cold potatoes.
I don't understand anything, but I worship you.
Well, then, stop treating me like one of your tramps!
There's no such thing. There's honest women and dishonest women.
And you want to make an honest woman out of me. Men!
Don't knock 'em if you haven't tried 'em.
- EncycloPaedia sexualis - I never read it.
You wrote it! You've just got to have every woman - old, young, stupid. Even...
Even poor, starved Rachel with her wet calf eyes.
- May God strike me dead... - Be careful, or he'll strike you dead
for being the ungrateful liar that you are. Can't you ever tell the truth?
You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you. It's you I want, Shara. No one else.
I want you so bad, I'm in pain half the time.
I'd tear your holy wings off, make a woman out of you.
I'd show you what heaven is - no golden stairways or harp music or silvery clouds.
Just ecstasy, comin' and goin'.
Do you really think I'd compete for your glorious body?
Damn right. Every woman competes with every other woman for every man.
It's the truth, Shara. You want it. You want it as much as I do.
You want it with me. When are you going to make up your mind to take it?
Get in the car. Go on, do as I say.
Turn on the lights, please.
That's what I've been working for.
No more tents. No more running around like a circus.
No more haggling with committees.
My own tabernacle.
A permanent home. A clinic for sick bodies. A free soup kitchen.
A place of worship for everybody of every faith.
That's my first love.
What have you got to match that?
Nothin'. Nothin' at all.
I'm just a hick from Kansas, and you're real class, Shara.
The only class I've got is the name Falconer. That's why I picked it.
I'm Katie Jones from shantytown.
That's right. Shantytown.
But does that make a liar out of me? I am Sharon Falconer now. I've made her.
I've put her together piece by piece till I've got a right to be her. I am her.
I started building this tabernacle two years ago,
and when this revival is ended, I'll have enough money to own it.
Do you think it was blind luck that brought us to Zenith?
Do you?
Of course not.
- It was God's will. - Of course.
- Now do you understand why we...? - Of course. Of course.
- Nothing's going to take it away from me. - Nothing.
- Nobody must spoil it. - Nobody.
- I've never... - Of course.
- Never. - Naturally.
(man) Sister Sharon?
Sister Sharon?
Jim Lefferts is an honourable man. But so was Brutus.
And we all know that Brutus was an anarchistic, alcoholic assassin.
Jim "Lucifer" Lefferts calls you good PeoPle of Zenith suckers, slickers, saPs
He attacks the way you worshiP I don't notice him attackin' booze or Prostitution
Lucifer Jim says he wants to save you
How? By stabbin' Jesus with dirty lies?
By assassinatin' God?
I have here in my pocket -
and thank heaven you can't see them -
lewd, dirty, obscene...
And I'm ashamed to say this.
..French postcards.
They were sold to me, in front of your own innocent high school,
by a man with a black beard. A foreigner!
- Shocking! - And last night...
last night, right here on Main Street, I was accosted by three painted women!
- The tramps. - Your streets are made unsafe
by shameless, diseased hussies,
raPacious PickPockets, and insidious oPium-smokers
And Elmer Gantry.
(bell rings)
This newspaper... this newspaper says everybody's against me.
The mildewed Methodists, Episcopalians, and Baptists are against me.
Even the ossified, petrified, horizontal,
perpendicular Presbyterians are against me!
But this newspaper lies!
Some of the preachers might be against me.
Unitarianism, Russellism, Spiritualism - they hate me!
And what hates me most of all is Harvardism,
Yaleism, and Princetonism!
But you're some of God's best people.
- And you don't hate me, do you? - No!
- Smack 'em down, preacher! - Kill 'em! Murder 'em!
Can you hear me, Jesus?
I'd like you to save this old friend of mine, Jim Lefferts,
who's been writin' all these dirty, black lies about me. But I'll warn you, Jesus.
You better wear rubber gloves and use a strong disinfectant.
But if you can save sinner Jim... I'd like for you to do it.
What the hell's he trying to do?
(bell rings)
Shara, they've played your introduction twice now.
This is the biggest crowd we've ever had.
Please, Shara.
? Glory, glory, hallelujah
? Glory, glory, hallelujah
(Gantry) We're all sinners, every blessed one of us
Booze! Booze put a bullet through Lincoln and McKinley!
Booze is the way white slavers rob the virtue of 60,000 American girls every year!
The bootleggers, the white slavers,
and that newspaper are tryin' to scare me and Sister outta town!
(crowd boos)
But as long as I got a foot, I'll kick booze!
As long as I got a fist, I'll punch it!
And as long as I've got a tooth, I'll bite it!
And when I'm old and grey and toothless and bootless,
I'll gum it, till I go to heaven, and booze goes to hell!
That's a hell of a speech.
It's been eight days. It's been eight days since I gave you the addresses
of 11 blind tigers, two cocaine peddlers,
and 16 brothels.
And what's been done about it?
- Nothing, Captain. - (cheering)
We're gettin' sick and tired of scoldin' sin.
We're gonna abolish it!
We'll show 'em how to clean up this town tonight! Right now!
Elmer, be careful.
Courage, Sister. Courage.
(crowd sings "Onward Christian Soldiers")
Brother Jim! Glad to see you on the side of the angels.
Aren't you afraid some of these desperate bootleggers carry guns?
- No bullet could pierce the Holy Bible. - They might not aim at the Holy Bible.
Very good! Onward!
- Smash that speakeasy door! - What for? Just knock. They'll open up.
Captain. My good man.
Hold it! All right, Reverend.
(women scream)
- Sinful woman! - That's a dirty lie! We pay protection!
- Shame! Shame! - Take 'em away, men!
- Whisky! - Why didn't you give me a phone call?
Don't break the furniture!
- Should've seen what this one was doing. - Harlot! You ought to be asha...
Arrest this woman!
? ..soldiers, marching as to war
Captain Holt, may I suggest you release these poor unfortunate creatures?
- What? But you told me... - I know.
But throwing a prostitute into jail will not remove her sin.
And it certainly won't get rid of prostitution. No pictures. No publicity.
Captain Holt, I want to compliment you and your men on a fine, patriotic job.
Why, thank you, sir.
See these girls leave town. And quick.
Excuse me, Mr Gantry.
That Mr Gantry, he's absolutely incredible.
The fabulous thing about Mr Gantry is, he's absolutely credible.
- (man) Excuse me, please. - She's here, Mr Gantry.
- (man) Oh, Mr Gantry... - Not now. Not now. Later. Later.
There you are. Sister'll see all of you as soon as she's had a moment's rest.
Mayor, congressman, the governor, and lookie here, Shara.
Offers... from England, Japan, Australia, Madison Square Garden...
- From me to you. - ..the circus.
Shara, you shouldn't have.
How about you sneaking away with Katie Jones on a real fun picnic?
No telegrams, no newspapers, no sermons.
The only business of the day will be us. Just the two of us.
Oh, Shara.
- We can't. - But why? I've got the escape planned.
The car's out front. We'll disappear before they even know we've gone.
You're gonna cinch a contribution from the ladies' committee.
At 11 o'clock, we dedicate your Waters of the Jordan Tabernacle -
the mayor, fireworks, the brass band, everything.
12.30, lunch, Rosen's department store, where you say grace for 200 salesmen.
- And at two o'clock... - I'll be exhausted, irritable and hateful.
Shara... we'll celebrate tonight.
- Late. - Tonight's a thousand years away.
Shara, baby...
Oh, very well. Bring in those smug little ladies with their fat little hands,
- fat little souls and fat little... - Don't forget their fat little chequebooks.
- Ladies. Dear ladies. - Mr Gantry? You're wanted on the phone.
Thank you. Bill. I'll take it right here. Lovely morning, isn't it?
- Hello? - Mr Gantry, it's so nice meeting you.
- Sister joyously awaits you. - Oh, Mr Gantry.
Thank you very much. Hello? Yes, this is Dr Gantry - uh, Mr Gantry. Who?
Elmer, honey? It's Lulu.
- Who? - I just called to say thanks
for gettin' me out of that jam last night.
What's the address?
Mr Gantry, I just had to congratulate you. You were marvellous last night.
Last night? Oh. Yes.
- Get hold of Benny. - Now, wait a minute.
- This Gantry bum's a preacher. - Get hold of Benny.
Are these pictures for divorce or blackmail?
- Benny, come on! - Remember, position is everything.
Without any flash powder, you gotta get this guy to freeze for a couple of seconds.
Time exposure takes time. So keep him still... and quiet.
- But that's so dull! - And keep the radio playin'.
- So he don't hear this. - (camera clicks)
- OK? - OK.
OK, OK. Let's go!
Hey, chick. This preacher fella. You think you could get him into bed?
- Are you kiddin'? - (knocking at door)
Hey, Benny. Come on!
- You look swell, kid. - Likewise.
Just swell.
- Sorry about last night. - Forget it.
- If I'd known I'd run into you, I'd have... - Oh, that's OK.
- What the hell's the big idea? - Elmer, honey...
- You think I'll sit still for a shakedown? - How could I put the squeeze on you?
- Who'll take the word of a hooker? - The old badger game, huh?
- I only wanted to see you for... - For what?
- Well, for... - For what?
Gee, honey, look. Look, I'm almost packed. The cops gave me notice.
I got a ticket on the midnight bus.
I got no beef against you.
I only wanted to see you once more,
kick around some old memories, maybe have a few laughs.
Go on.
Who am I kiddin'?
When you first hit town, I figured you could go to hell without my help.
When you came bustin' in last night like God Almighty wearin' a tin star,
I got mad, boilin' mad. All I could think of was how you took me and ditched me.
That's all I could think of. Me, little Miss Lulu, the dumb pushover.
And when the cops said "Get out of town in 24 hours",
all I wanted to do was spit in your eye,
blackmail you, a shakedown - anything to hurt you.
But when you walked in just now...
Gee, honey...
it was like the first time between us all over again.
All goose pimples and...
You'd better beat it.
I'm sorry I phoned.
I won't make any trouble. Not even if I could.
Please go now.
I did run out on you back there in Kansas, didn't I?
It's nobody's fault. Except maybe my old man's.
- Ever hear from him? - Once, last Christmas.
The letter said "Daughter, read 1st Kings, Chapter 21, Verse 23."
I looked it up. It said "And the dogs in the street shall eat Jezebel."
My old man and his Bible.
Tell me...
how is it some people can only find hate in the Bible?
- Where will you be going to? - I think I'll go tramping through Paris.
Can you use some cash? Sort of tide you over?
Just... just kiss me goodbye.
Just once.
What's she doin'?
Stay awhile.
Talk to me.
Oh, don't go yet. Please don't go.
Tell me anything.
Tell me a good, strong lie I can believe, but hold me.
Just hold me like you used to.
- No use, Lu. - Why?
Because I...
- I don't know. I... - Because of what? Because of her?
That Bible broad?
I'm sorry. No hard feelings.
- Please. Don't go yet. - Lu, I...
You know, I... I could use some of that cash after all.
Why, sure. Maybe I could send you some from time to time. Till you get a job, or...
or maybe meet some nice respectable man, huh?
I meet nice respectable men every night.
The best bank in America.
- Take care of yourself. - Likewise, hon.
Class. She's got real class.
Wake up! Wake up, Miss Katie Jones!
You see before you the captain of the SS HaPPiness, fishing boat extraordinary.
All aboard for a glorious, carefree, happy cruise.
Fun, fish, frolic... and romance.
(knocking at door)
(Persistent knocking)
Bill! Not one word, not one, about legal documents, tents, moneys or lost souls.
We're going on a picnic, see, and if you squeal, we'll rub you out.
Do you think I'd rat on a couple of pals?
It will be all right, won't it, for one day?
In that outfit, the fish'll jump into the boat to look at you.
We're going! We're going on a picnic!
I've been promising to take her on a picnic.
You got that look, Bill. What's the matter?
Elmer the Great. Elmer the Grifter.
The con man conned with the oldest badger game in the world.
- I don't want Shara to see these. - She'll have to.
Bill, I'll do anything you say. I'll... I'll quit. I...
- Don't let Shara see these. - She's got to see them.
Darling, don't you think we ought to take Bill on the picnic with us?
- I suppose they're for sale? - $25,000.
Two o'clock today. Cash. In small bills.
And she wants Shara to bring her the money, nobody else.
Her name is Lulu Bains.
Get the money.
One more thing. She wants you to bring the money to 721 Lombard Street.
That's where she worked before it was raided.
(woman) Sammy! Get out of the water!
(? honky-tonk Piano)
(cat yowls)
Make yourself right at home, honey.
Be right there!
(cat meows)
I've brought the money.
May I have the negatives, please?
Extra, Jack!
Yeah. Yeah, I read the story, I saw the pictures.
- Thank you very much. - Did you see this?
I saw it.
- Did you see this? - Yeah.
Now, I understand she brought these pictures to you first.
- Yeah. - And you turned her down?
These pictures prove only one thing - that Gantry's as human as anybody else.
It's the obligation of a free press to print...
You're right, Mr Eddington. A free press can print anything, including lies.
And that's exactly what that pornography is: blackmailing lies.
(? "Abide With Me")
Why don't those men take off their hats?
First time I've seen Reverend Pengilly up there.
First time they've ever been in trouble up there.
Thank you for coming here tonight.
You have every right to an explanation.
I will try to give it to you.
Tell us about sin, Sister!
(woman) Antichrist! You Judas, you!
- You false prophet! - You faker, you!
- Boo! - Yeah!
- Liar! Damn your own soul, Mr Gantry! - You call yourself a preacher?
Come on, Rachel.
Rachel, you've gotta get outta here.
(trumPeter Plays jazz version of "Onward Christian Soldiers")
Hey, Mr Gantry!
(Phones ringing)
- Hello? - My name is Mrs Welmer
I go to church every Sunday
You tell that Sister Sharon
- Get outta town, preacher woman! - Go home, Sister!
- Poor Sister! - (laughter)
O my God...
why hast thou forsaken me?
We'll take you home.
Why'd you do it?
Did... did she show with the money?
Why didn't you go through with it? Why?
You wouldn't understand.
I know. You took the pictures to the paper
cos they were gonna pay you more, huh?
How much did you get for 'em?
I didn't sell them.
You were never gonna sell 'em...
not even to that Sister woman, were you?
You hate Gantry that much?
Or do you love him that much?
And you're no good to me.
Or yourself.
You're no good to anybody!
Don't you know that hurts?
I'm sorry, Lu.
I'm sorry for everything.
Brothers and sisters...
Jim boy!
You look like a man who could use a drink.
Booze. You know somethin', Jim? There oughta be a law against drinkin'.
- There is. Prohibition. - That's against sellin', not drinkin'.
- Happy days! - I'll drink to that.
God, that's good.
Would you look at this place, Jim?
What were they so mad about, anyhow?
The mob don't like their gods to be human.
- They hurt you? - Not as much as you hurt me.
Nothing personal.
What'll you do now?
Well, the way I got it figured, you're up, you're down, you sin, you're saved.
You do the best you can, and you leave the rest to the Lord.
You really do believe in the Lord, don't you?
Damn right I do. It does a man good to get down on his knees once in a while.
That's why people come to a place like this,
because they're scared, or sick, or... because they got no money,
or too much money. Or before a war, or after a war.
Praying's the cheapest first-rate medicine I know.
That's why Shara was so good for them.
She's a lotta woman.
You oughta marry her.
- You believe in holy matrimony? - I can recommend it, never having tried it.
Too late now, Jim boy.
Maybe not.
Miss Bains was waiting for me at the paper with that story.
- How'd you get her to do it? - I didn't.
The Lord sure moves in mysterious ways.
Any minute now, you will hear the voice of Sister Sharon Falconer,
but not that, I'm afraid, of Elmer Gantry.
For Mr Gantry has completely vanished since three nights ago.
I've checked the police, hospitals, railroads, bus depots...
Where is he? Where?
Every wire service in the country's asking the same question. He's page-one news.
If anything happened to him, you'd know it.
Yes, I would know it.
He'll be here, I'm... I'm sure of it. We'll wait for him.
We can't wait. Some of those people have been out there since early morning.
- I won't go on without him. - Maybe he won't be back.
Just a feeling.
We'll wait for him.
(congregation sings "Onward Christian Soldiers")
Oh, darling!
- Gantry's back. - How do you know?
Somebody just saw him. Where's a phone around here?
- What about your friend Gantry? - Quite a guy! Son of a...
(band Plays fanfare)
Let me look at you.
Three endless days without a word.
Don't you realise how much I need you?
Are you angry? With me?
- No, Shara. - Don't ever leave me again. Ever.
What would happen if we chucked it all,
beat it across the state line, get good and married, like most folks?
Have a bunch of kids, take 'em to a ball game like most folks.
Go dancin'. We've never gone dancin' together, not even once.
Let's do it, Shara. Tonight. Right now.
- But all those people... - If they wanna pray...
let 'em go to church.
this is their church.
Look! A shooting star!
It's a sign,
an omen for the glory that begins tonight.
Ready, Shara.
(choir) ? Glory, glory, hallelujah
? Glory, glory, hallelujah
Wish me luck.
? Glory, glory, hallelujah
? His truth is marching on
If you believe in the faith of your own Sister Sharon...
..if you believe in the innocence of Elmer Gantry...
- ..and if you believe in God Almighty... - Yes!
..reassure them with a mighty "hallelujah"!
(loud cheering)
- Hallelujah, Sister! - Hallelujah!
At this very moment,
the power of the Holy Ghost has descended on this tabernacle.
He is here.
Here right now.
Just now, across the heavens, towards the end of the world,
I saw an omen...
a fiery line written by the hand of God, a glorious shooting star.
Thus, God has told us of his coming.
Have we lost God? Have we lost contact with the supernatural?
Have we lost faith? Because without faith, we are morally sick.
Faith... is the strongest force in the world.
Faith can raise the dead.
Faith can heal. Faith is the...
Help me, Sister! Help me!
Help me.
He can't hear, Sister. He's deaf.
Let him alone, please.
Help me, Sister.
Heal me.
(Morgan) You should take him to a doctor.
God is the greatest healer of all.
Was he born deaf?
A storm woke him up one night. He screamed he couldn't hear the thunder.
- He could feel it but he couldn't hear it. - You're his wife?
Yes, Sister. I'm sorry to trouble you.
Do you believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost?
Do you believe that Jesus could heal by the laying on of hands,
and that he passed this gift on to his disciples?
Pray with me, everyone.
Please pray with me. I need your faith.
O Lord...
O God, be merciful.
O God, help us in our weakness.
Punish us for our sins, but reward us for our faith.
Let thy spirit fill this tabernacle.
Let thy holiness bless this house,
created for thy glory,
and thine alone.
Pray for God to heal!
Can you hear me?
God, I...
I... I think I...
- Repeat after me. Blessed is the Lord. - Blessed is the Lord.
- We thank thee, O Lord, for thy mercy. - We thank thee, O Lord.
I can hear.
O God... I can hear!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
(choir sings "The Hallelujah Chorus")
Please wait. Please wait.
Don't... don't... don't get excited.
Oh, my God.
- Are you all right? - Yes. Take care of the others, please.
You're in the house of God!
Those who believe in God will be saved. Trust in the Lord!
Oh! Oh!
Are you all right, Shara? Shara? Shara?
- No. No. No. No. No! - Shara!
No, please wait.
No, wait! Please, wait!
Wait! You must have faith!
- Wait! - Shara!
Shara! Shara!
Shara! Shara!
It's hers.
It's all we could find.
People everywhere would appreciate a word from you, Mr Gantry. Anything at all.
Speak to us, Mr Gantry.
Please ask Sister Sharon to forgive us.
There ain't nothin' to forgive. It was mighty hot in there.
Hotter than the fires of damnation.
I ran. I was afraid.
Please ask Sister not to hate me.
Can you hear me up there, Sister?
Do you hate these folks?
She don't hate you. She loves you.
Praise the Lord and his love.
And what is love?
Love is the mornin' and the evenin' star.
Love is the voice of music. So sing.
Sing out the Lord's love.
? I'm on my way
? Up to Canaan land
? I'm on my way
? Up to Canaan land
? I'm on my way
? Up to Canaan land
? On my way
? Glory, hallelujah
? I'm on my way
? It's a mighty hard climb
? But I'm on my way
? It's a mighty hard climb
That was inspired.
- Think that was inspired, Jim boy? - I think it was real friendly.
You know, Shara would... want you to go on with her work.
We'll get a tent - a bigger one this time.
"When I was a child, I spake as a child. I understood as a child."
"When I became a man, I put away childish things."
St Paul, First Corinthians, 13:11.
So long, Bill.
Visiontext Subtitles: Minyatur
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