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Distribution AURA Entertainment
Produced by Big Film
A56, A56 This is space odyssey fleet
Requesting to land on point A56 Antarctic
However, we have found an
unidentified fossil- like object after scanning the landscape
Please investigate the area and report
Everyone Ready?
- Ready - Yes, Sir!
A56 We are entering, decline!
We can make a fortune if we make this into a tourist attraction!
- Everyone, keep your guard up - Yes, Sir!
What is that?
There is a living fossil, down there!
You sure it's not a golden nugget?
Send him up before he freezes!
Reporting, Point H37 there is no radiation- reaction
Check the wave- length!
Sir, Are you ok? Sir!
HQ! HQ! Emergency
Chief's acting strange
And there is a big moving fossil down here
Have a bite
Sir, you can sit by the window there
Yes, thank you
By the way why is Van so late?
Where have you been?
We have tons of Pizza to deliver!
Come on, I delivered 50 Pizza in the last 17 minutes!
You sure will win the Pinball Race today
WOW, that was our secret!
What? That dangerous Pinball Race?
No! I WON'T let you! No way!
Oh, no my pizza
Oh, no my pizza my money
- Take care of the rest for me - Leave it to me Van
Sir, we have lost our contact with the investigation team in the Antarctic
There is an enormous amount of terrestrial magnetism
Being emitted after the explosion
Where is the light reaching to?
The Elysium battle ship, Clolonus!
That's odd Convert to emergency system!
Yes, captain!
- Look at his face! - He's here again
It's so funny
Lydia, I love you
But I still envy Lydia
I missed you so much
But, we were going to meet in the stadium later
Your going to come cheer me? What about your practice?
- Your the star of the show! - Here is your lucky charm
You are Today's Star
Come on, Mom You know how much I love Pinball!
Let me go watch the race Please
Paul, I said it's too dangerous for you
And, it's not good for children
- Too much violence - Oz!
I promise not to fight with the kids anymore
Paul, if you go to see the race
Your birthday party will be canceled, too
Oz, watch Paul So he won't do anything stupid
Super RX- 5000, computer OZ Yes, mam
How was my performance? Looking forward to todayís match
- Haha, this is cool - what's this?
Did anyone order a pizza?
- Not me, did you? - Dude, their pizza stinks!
He's it stinks It Stinks!
Hey, you Think you got wrong address!
You look like you've been doing this forever and you still suck at it?
You won't even be able to eat my dust
Van, look at this! I even put Rocket Engines
You can even fly now
Thanks, Wow
We've sent the docking signal to the odyssey fleet
Elysium diplomat fleet within 2kilometer range
There is no indication of any hostile acts
Shields down! Prepare to dock!
Yes, captain!
They are within our firing range What shall I do, sir?
I can't control the docking system!
Ambassador YASPE! They have denied our docking signal
They have changed from defcon 1
To defcon 2
Captain! The reactor is overheating
- It's in critical condition - The energy wave is being disturbed
Someone is controlling our system from outside
We've lost all controls
Our ambassador, YASPE and his fleet have been destroyed
The earthlings destroyed his ship!
We cannot wait any longer
Launch an entire attack!
Captain Christopher, we must take down any enemy ships
that are entering the earth atmosphere
Sir, the enemy has launched an attack!
- I trust you will do well - Yes, sir!
The 12th Turbo Pinball Race is now about to begin
Contestants are lined up at the starting line
and that includes last year's winner Jackie
I can already feel the heat even from here
It will be one tough race I guarantee
Let's see who gets the last laugh
You Aliens! As long as I breathe...
Don't even dream of setting foot on Earth!
As we expected Last years winner, Jackie...
Is in the lead!
Van on the pizza delivery bike is catching up
It's a great chase indeed
The race is starting to get intense!
I hope they finish the race in one piece
Oh my God!
Van's pizza bike has crashed into the wall
His lost one of his wings!
Is he going to give up the race?
It's just too terrible to see
Van on the pizza bike
Is attempting something no one has done before
It's a very dangerous high airborne move!
I think I'm going to faint!
I can't believe my eyes This is great!
Finish line is just a step away from Van
And finally, we have a new winner!
- People of Earth - What?
Our peace Ambassador YASPE and his vessel were destroyed mercilessly
by your space troops!
We have realized how dangerous your people are
thus we have decided to Eliminate you from this Universe
Hold tight, Lydia!
All the passages are blocked!
You trust me, right?
Close your eyes and don't open them! Here we go!
Mommy! Where are you mommy
Stacy! Stacy! Where are you?
Stacy! Stacy!
This is the Earth defense force
We still do not know the reason
for the evasion by Elysium
But their brutal attacks are still under way
The city streets are not safe at the moment
So, please do not go out of the shelter
and wait for further notice
Once again
We ask you to remain in the shelters
and wait for further notice
A wild flower in a place like this
So beautiful
Huh? Lydia?
Am I a mole or something?
Hiding under this ground
I rather go out and fight those aliens
What? Fight? No way, Paul!
What the hell was that!
My back My head...
What is this?
What is this?
Don't be scared, Paul!
OK! Looks like you want a fight but Give it a thought before you do so
Why? Because... Because...
I used to be famous at Manhattan's back alleys
I was f... famous for my fists!
- So, can we forget... - Hey, kid!
Why don't you change the batteries for that tin can
- He's mumbling - I make it clear that
that I am a super computer RX- 5000...
Hey, big head! You want me to play with you?
You little...! You punk!
Oz, what's my record now?
Let's see... 1974 wins and 1 loss
What? When did I lose?
You can't count the time that crazy poodle bit me!
Even if you destroy the evidence the truth is still a fact
Hey. You can't just trough the trash like this
Yes~! Trash! Trash!
Can't hide your instincts?
I'm going to go out
and show those aliens what I'm made of
Perfectly clear of trash!
But I wonder why I get so excited when I look at trash
What's that?
Don't worry Paul I'll protect you!
Shut up and run!
Paul! Wait for me!
Against the attack of Elysium... Lydia
The Earth defense force is
having a difficult time... Lydia
Anyone who is willing to defend
Our planet may join the Earth defense
Once again
The Earth defense force is
fighting against the Elysium attack
But, we are having a difficult time
For the best beauty in the shelter I've ordered a special dish
Best Bread and Soup! Here
Haven't seen the sky for a long time Just like us
Lydia, do you remember?
When we saw the most rainbow together at the East Hill
Of course How could I forget?
I had no worries when I was dancing there
If only I could dance there again
Here Lydia! I've got something to show you
Introducing Van the best dancer in shelter 703
Come on Van You can do better
Here is the climax!
Van, are you alright?
Lydia, do you want to go to the East Hill?
Itíll be OK if we come back before dark
Your flower needs some sunlight, anyway
We even have the lucky charm
Don't worry Lydia I'll protect you
Where are we now?
My locater says that we're
1001meters underground
- Paul, I think we're in hell - Hell?
- That's great - I should of stayed home
Alright, time to fight Hades himself...
Van, let's kill every one of them!
Kudos, I just need to find one
The one who killed Lydia
It's dangerous It's too strong!
Don't fall back! No!
- Let's retreat! - No, it's too dangerous
Van, get more ammo We're out of ammo!
Watch out! Kudos!
Kudos, get up!
You bastards!
Nix, what is it?
Kronos, that's enough General Necros orders us to return
Everyone back to Colonus
Nix, the 4th unit has completely crushed
resistance in the northwest sector!
Kronos, why have we Elysians become so barbaric?
Nix, they are the ones who killed your father, sir YASPE, remember?
Oz, can we get this guy to come to his senses?
My analysis indicates that he is in a panic from his cerebrum nerves
Thankfully he doesn't have any parasites in his stomach
Wake up!
The right ear did a wonder there
Who are you?
This is the worlds most courageous
Christopher the brave Second Knight!
- And this is... - I'm Paul The Third Knight!
Where am I?
You are...
Why has the general summoned us?
General, two brave soldiers have arrived
We Elysium are fulfilling
the great mission of
destroying the Armageddon that is ruling this Earth
to bring peace to the entire galaxy!
I am counting on you two for our last battle with this Armageddon
Yes, Sir!
In this Arc, there are 4 Battle Mechatronics asleep
with mystical abilities
Only the ones with the same genetic structure as written on them
can release them from their long sleep
This way!
Those are the 4 chosen Knights!
You just have to put your hand on it!
Yup, then we will find out that we got the wrong guy
Now we have 3 Knights here
Then, who's the fourth Knight?
The one with the genetic structure that the entire universe was waiting for
The Fourth Knight~
I present myself! OZ! Cool
Analyze the Armageddon in the Antarctic
That is one of two top secret missions
only the General has authority
What's the other one?
That would be Odysseyís attack on YASPE's Vessel
Their attack on my Father's ship?
you will soon have a new master
Emergency! Emergency!
Someone sent this fourth knight a distress signal
Received Video Screening Start
Mid east shelter number 1213
691 civilians evacuated here Current status
- I'm going to wipe them out! - 34 deaths and 98 wounded
Let's lick some alien butt!
Wait for me You can't leave the fourth knight!
What the?
It is not the time
People are dying out there!
You want us to do nothing and watch them die?
If you are exposed now
the earth's last hope will be lost
Then why did you bring us here?
Van, don't forget The earth's future is up to you
You mustnít forget
Why me?
I can't protect anything
Oh my goodness He's at it again!
Paul's gone out
What kind of knight is that!
Now it's my turn Come and get some
You little tick!
I'll get you all!
We did it
How was I, Paul?
What are those?
We are revealed now!
This was just a practice
I Kronos will be your match
Wait, he's mine
Why do I have such perfect vision
That's the one who killed Lydia!
I'm going!
Don't worry about the base I'll handle it
I'll finish you first!
Stop! Stop, Paul!
- This one is mine - No, she saved me before
Kronos, let's return to the base!
Next time, I will be the end for you!
Mechatronics on Earth
Who were they?
There is something wrong with this war
I need your help
This is restricted area only for the General
show me the attack on the YASPE Vessel
What is the status of the Earth's Odyssey?
There is an energy wave entering the Odyssey
What about the wave surrounding my father?
That is a wave to that destructs all the battle systems
This wave can be controlled only by General Necros
Your father's vessel was not attacked by humans
A long time ago A swordsman from the East
was fighting an enemy who was much stronger than himself
He was doing his best but he couldn't find his foe's weakness
So he decided his last move
first he gave up one of his arms to his enemy
And at that moment he pierced the enemy's heart
Van! To win, you must lose your fear!
Christopher, Van
There's no time for this!
- Paul! Paul is... - What is it, this time?
It's a big thing!
14 years ago, on this very day He was assembled
what do you call that in human language
Yes! It's his Birthday!
I have something to report to General Necros
Hmmm I can tell by looking at your eyes
Nix, what news have you brought me?
My father wasn't killed by the Earthlings
In the name of my father YASPE killed by the hands of a demon
I've prepared your death! Necros!
Who are you?
What the?
That is Armageddon Where evil is sealed
What's going on here?
The General said we were to destroy that armagedon
to bring peace to the entire galaxy!
Instead, he's staining us with evil
Then, General Necros
Doesn't want the armagedon destroyed
How dare you, point a gun at General Necros
We're all being fooled by Necros!
Prepare to meet your end, Nix!
Nix, you were right!
Necros doesn't want the Armageddon destroyed
He wants it for himself!
He wants to take over the whole universe with it!
We have to tell this to the earth people!
- Go find the ARC! - Kronos
Follow her
Oh, come on, Paul
This isn't all about your birthday is it?
Your not a kid anymore!
You are already 14 years old now!
Why am I missing my mom so much on a day like this?
- Is that what it was all about? - What the?
- Baby! - Says who, I'm an adult now
Oh, yea It's not time for that!
They've launched another giant attack!
What? Fine! I'm going to crush every one of them!
What the...
Hey, where is everybody?
Christopher? Christopher?
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you
Today is Paul's assembly day!
Happy birthday dear Paul
Your date isn't expired yet is it?
Happy birthday, Paul
Happy assembly day, Paul
Not bad... It's great!
Now who's crashing in my party?
It's right over us!
That's the one Van let go
Maybe she brought a birthday present
I'm going to finish her once and for all
Wait, leave her to me
Let's see what kind of birthday present she brought
I'll check it out myself
I'm not here to fight!
It's a trap!
No, they're here for me!
Who's on whose side?
Oz, analyze the situation now!
According to the 'Art of War' from China
You talk too much
Ah! Know your enemy and yourself
Then that's knowing a lot
At least I think that's how it goes
One more left
Wait! Paul
Oh my gosh
Oh my gosh
Pish! Now your taking care of her yourself?
An amazing analysis result has come out
34- 24- 36 Universal Golden Ratio!
She's my type Don't even think about it, Van
Tell me what that was all about
We were all fooled
This war was all Necros' idea!
Maybe you're the one who's fooling us
Can't you stop it!
Trying to get all the attention
Necros is planning on taking over the whole universe, with Armagedon
You are finally here! The fourth knight
- The fourth knight? - Then, what am I?
We have found the hideout of the Triad, General
- Destroy them all - Yes! General!
Whatís going on, Oz?
An whole Army is coming this way!
Maybe someone invited them
There different from the ones we faced
I'll let you guys have a chance to get rid of them
I'll take care of the base so, don't worry
I knew this was going to happen
You fooled us
And to think that you're the fourth knight
Oh no!
You want a piece of me?
Stop it!
Paul, enduring is winning
Van, express your feelings No, this isn't it
Got to find something to say to stop the fight
I got it Hit me instead!
Now is the time
For all four knights to join forces
This is the last line of Earth's defense The Triod
The mighty force of the Triod
is what has kept them from entering the atmosphere
It's great!
It's 27 times more powerful than a nuclear bomb
That means it can make 246km in all directions into waist
What ever happens
You must protect the Triod
If you do not succeed...
there right above us!
Go and get them!
Hope your all prepared to die
Don't split up
Van! Behind you!
What are they doing?
There coming inside!
We must protect the Triod!
Wait for me
that didn't hurt
Not at all!
Kill them!
Where did they go?
The Triod?
General Necros!
Nothing can stop me now!
Head for the Armagedon
Who's calling the Fifth Knight?
Oh, it's you guys!
I was just ambushing under here
They must knew I was waiting for them here, and ran away!
But, ambushing is bad on my style
Anybody got some body lotion?
- We lost - Lighten up
What do you mean we lost? We have five knights!
I got an Idea
So, you want to fix their carrier and sneak in with it?
- Isn't going to be easy - Can you really do it, Oz?
I hate complicated stuff
Oz, try not to wreck it more
Stay outside What do you think I am
I can fix this in no time
- Oz, did it - Wow, and in no time
Good! Here we go, Necros!
He won't know we're here
Why is it so quiet?
We shouldn't have trusted you
There's no time for that! This war is Necros' plot
We're all being fooled by him
Kill them all!
I'll take care of this You guys go and find Necros
Follow the ice passage way!
Be careful, Nix!
Something is not right!
Everyone dodge!
The Hall is collapsing, hurry up!
This is it
I can smell it
My, my, You've come this far
You monster!
I'll kill you one by one slowly and painfully
I can't breathe
I can't hold on any longer
Get to your senses!
I knew you would come back, Nix
We can't fight him as long as he has those tentacles
Only if I could get close
No matter how many times we attack He revives himself
Van, do you remember the story of the Eastern Swordsman?
I'll be that one arm I trust you Van
No! Christopher
Where to hide now?
Cleaning? No, I'm a super compu...
We're cousins We should help each other!
Christopher Christopher
The passage is collapsing
The self destruct system has been activated
Hey, were you all hiding in here?
This is my comrade who I went in battle with
We cleaned out the guys over there
I even know the emergency exit
We got to get out of here!
Here, this way
Van you could have won the Turbo Pinball Race
Yea, I almost did
I didn't know Earth was this beautiful
The sacrifice of all the people protect the beauty of Earth
and Lydia
Paul, please help me!
How many times do I have to tell you? I am not!
I'm not like you
No, No
We're really different
I knew that would happen from the beginning
It's a Million Miles from here to home
And if you don't want to freeze to death
We should think of a way to get back
Paul, I have an idea
We have to look for your mother first
And we got to continue your Birthday party that I crashed!
Sure, Paul
We've even thought up of a surprise party for you already
I'm really different from you
I'm not a vacuum cleaner
Please don't follow me
No, No
Why is Oz running away like that?
My mother programmed him that way
After that He can't stand the word 'cleaner'
But, Oz is still my best friend
I'm really different from you
Get away from me
No, No, No!
I'm not a vacuum cleaner
I'm a super RX-5000 Computer
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