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Empire Deity 24FPS

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Damn. Had I known what I know now.
But today cats are different.
We all know selling and competition, that's what this country's built on.
It's all about one thing: making money.
Money, baby. Simple as that.
Everything else is just bullshit.
Money is why people come here from every country in the world.
It's what the American dream is all about.
You think people come here from all over the world to live in East New York...
in Harlem, the South Bronx...
because of the beautiful views, because of the fucking quality of life?
My name is Victor Rosa.
I'm young, Latin and good-looking, and I call it like I see it, baby.
'Cause I'm gonna tell you what I think whether you wanna hear it or not.
'Cause you're not gonna get bullshit from me. Uh-uh.
I'm a businessman, an entrepreneur...
like Rockefeller and Carnegie.
And in my time a geek motherfucker like Bill Gates. That's right.
They all did it themselves. Fought the odds and made a fortune.
So why can't I? Like them, I got a product.
I sell it aggressively and I make money-- a lot of it.
It doesn't take advertising to sell my product-- it pretty much sells it self.
It takes brains to make money and survive in this business.
And that may have been the same for Rockefeller as it is for Gates...
but in what I do, you fuck up, you don 't just lose one of your stock options.
So we run out of my boy Jimmyís crib.
Me and Jimmy, we got into this together when we was just kids out there...
and we worked our way from lookouts.
It's my crew, but I honestly couldnít 't do it without Jimmy.
And Chedda. Chedda's a monster, yo.
Not because of his size, but because he 's all heart, baby.
Blackest motherfucker I know.
Jay. Well, Jay is a special case.
He 's what you call simple-- an idiot savant.
Sometimes more "idiot " than "savant. "
What we make here is my product-- a heroin mix I call "Empire. "
Okay, it works like this.
There are three other dealers who work this area beside me.
You got Hector's "Exorcist. "
You got Tito who sells his "Severe. "
And then there 's Negro. That motherfucker's a legend.
Damn good businessman for a faggot.
Not that I got anything against faggots, but I gotta give it up to him.
"Dancing Queen " is a dope-ass name for his shit too.
We al I get our supply from the same connect--
La Colombiana, Joanna Menendez.
We all sell the same product--just mix it differently, put our own label on it.
I cut mine the least because I believe in purity.
Tito, though, cuts his shit as deep as he can...
and gets more packets per ounce that way...
But I get loyal buyers.
People know Empire and they look for it.
But dumb-ass Tito can 't even begin to understand how that works.
That's why he 's always in some shit.
It's a funny thing, and it might seem hazardous to you...
but we all hang out in the same places.
No need to step on each other's toes, right?
But for those of you who have never been in my neighborhood...
we 're split up into four separate areas.
The meat of it belongs to me.
Exorcist's got some decent spots.
And Negro's is below that-- around Buckner Boulevard.
Severe's got spots next to mine.
As you can see, sometimes they tend to slip and overlap into my spot.
And when that happens, you got trouble.
You trying n' to fuck up my shot, right?.
Vic! Vic!
- What's up?. - Beef right now, nigga.
- Are you waiting on this shit?. - Fuck this motherfuckin' game, man!
Yo, word is they got David layin' in the street like a little bitch, son.
- They beat the shit out of him, kid. - Let's do this motherfucker.
Remember when I said Tito was always in some shit?
Well, he was trying to move in on one of my spots again.
I mean, we're talking maybe 20 feet...
but that 20 feet was worth 30 grand a week easy.
I got it from my brother G--
you gotta go straight to the leader and take him down hard.
You do that, and it's over.
- Motherfucker! - Yeah, nigga, yeah!
Fuck me?.
Fuck your damn self, fucker!
You're getting your ass kicked!
You fucked up, kid.
You snatched my nut, all right?.
You take my nut...
I'll fuckin' take your nuts, motherfucker.
You hear me?.
Huh?. I can't hear you, motherfucker.
What the fuck you doin'?.
Lucky I don't blow your mother fuckin' head off, motherfucker!
- Come on, you motherfucker! - It's all right, man. Come on.
Call me, motherfucker.
You tell Tito to call me.
There's a strange fairness at work here.
Everybody pushes the boundaries every day.
You push, you push some more and see how they react.
Yeah, it seems stupid, but remember: every foot is a dollar.
And dollars is the only thing that matters out here.
Yo, Jason.
What you mean, what?. Get over here.
What's wrong with you, man?.
Why are you staring at me?. Did I do something?.
Why you gotta do something for me to stare at you, man?.
- You know I love you. - I know.
Well?. You love your daddy?.
You know I do.
Well, you gotta tell your daddy sometime, man.
Why we gotta go through this?.
We gotta go through it because sometimes your daddy wanna know you love him too.
I'm always loving you, playing with you.
Ain't all about you all the time, man.
I love you, Dad.
That didn't hurt. Right?.
Snotty, man. You always--
Get outta here, man. Go play your game, man.
Jose's here. He's all fucked up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Jason, go to your room.
What the fuck happened?.
Who did this?.
-I think Empire's trying to make a move. -You're saying Vic did this to you?.
- I'll find out about this shit. - Wait a minute, Tito.
He's not exactly moving in.
What the fuck does "not exactly" mean?.
Look, we was chillin', right?. And I saw David.
I don't like that motherfucker, so I slapped him around a bit.
He ran away like a bitch. Next thing I know, Vic is movin' in on us, man.
Get me a drink.
What the fuck, man?. What's the problem?.
I'm tired of you, you piece of shit.
- You gonna kill me now, man?. - Shut the fuck up!
You'd better tell Vic I didn't have shit to do with this. You hear me?.
I'm fuckin' tired of your shit, man.
Go home, wash your fuckin' ass.
Tell good-bye to your mother and your fuckin' kids.
Then come back here. Then I'm gonna kill you, you fuckin' piece of shit!
You hear me?. We straight?.
- Yeah. - Is we straight?.
- Yeah. - Get the fuck outta here.
I'm gonna go play Playstation with my son right now.
Nobody'd better fuckin' interrupt me. You hear me?.
For everybody-- everybody-- money is what life is all about.
Getting it, keeping it, losing it, holding it...
needing it, living it and dying for it.
You have to look like you got it, whether you do or not.
That's how you get respect--
you gotta put your money on display the right way.
My brother G knew just how to do it, and he taught me well.
I need him now.
I mean, not for nothin', but just to look at him...
with his G chain...
the old Alpaca sweater...
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five...
and, of course, my first pair of British Walkers.
Yep, he was the man...
and those were the days.
I miss him.
- Yo, what's up?. - What's up, little midget?.
How you doin?. Where's your moms?.
Who's the little player hater, huh?.
Jason, from Prospect.
Yo, if I ask you somethin', you promise not to tell my mom?.
No, I don't make no promises. Just tell me what it is.
My mom don't like me asking anyone for anything...
but the new Playstation's out.
Cut to the chase. How much is it?.
I think about $400.
No, it ain't. It's, like, $395.
What ever happened to water pistols and fuckin' yo-yos, man?.
Wait, wait.
I been saving up mad money, you know, and my mom be taking it all.
- Now I ain't got jack. - Your mom taking your money?.
- No jack. - Listen to me.
Tomorrow you go to Boltron's and you ask for Weebs.
I'm gonna hook you up with a Playstation and three games. All right?.
- Thanks, Vic. Come on. - Yo, yo, hold up.
- Come here. - What you want?.
Yo, I ain't Santa Claus, man.
You're gonna clean my car for two months...
twice a week.
Make sure that car's clean inside out or I'm gonna go off on you.
- Damn! - What?.
- Done. - All right, get the hell outta here.
There's no tongue allowed in here.
Yo, Vic, what's up, man?.
That's all right. He just needs a minute with your girl.
Me?. What's up?. What'd I do?.
Your son's gonna come home with a Playstation tomorrow. I gave it to him.
- But I didn't-- - Shut the fuck up!
Cheena, just shut the fuck up.
- Listen to me. - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
He's bringing a Playstation tomorrow night. Can you understand that?.
I understand. You got it for him. Thank you.
I'm gonna check up on that Playstation...
and if I don't see it I'm gonna assume you sold it.
You got me?.
Don't answer. It doesn't need an answer.
And by the way, that money your son saved up?.
I want it. Friday.
Okay. Okay.
With the kind of money we make out here, you can't go to a bank.
You make huge cash deposits three times a week...
and you don't think they're gonna get suspicious?
I got me a $40,000 truck.
I park in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.
But no one touches it. Why?
Because they know who I am. Respect, remember?
There 's only so much you can do with the money without being stupid.
Jimmy likes to spend it all on his crazy safari jungle furniture.
He loves that shit.
Chedda had the world's biggest stereo system...
in the world's puniest apartment.
Sometimes you just can 't help doing something special, though.
What's that, 1 7,000?.
- Got you something. - Oh, yeah?.
I was always alone...
always had to prove myself...
always had to be better than everybody.
That's the way you have to be down here.
That is, till I met Carmen.
She 's been my girl for a long time now.
I don 't mean to brag...
but she 's the only girl who was ever as smart as me.
She 's going to college for her BA...
and we've been living together now for about a year...
which makes her moms crazy.
I mean, who wants their daughter to be a drug dealer's honey, right?
But Carmen 's mom hated me from the get-go.
Carmen doesnít like what I do...
but she don 't have any illusions about a guy like me either.
It's times like this that make it all worthwhile.
Everything that happens, all this shit, it just disappears.
Look at that.
You look beautiful.
I wish I could've told Carmen I could never really stop or slow down...
'cause I could never stop or slow down.
I had to keep operating. My life depended on it.
Dealing made me feel alive. I had to show them. I had to show everybody.
Did you get al I that?.
I couldn't understand what he was talking about by the end.
I think so. Why?. Did you read the chapters last night?.
I tried. It's just so damn boring.
I want to show you something.
Look what Vic got me. Isn't it beautiful?.
- Is it your birthday?. - No.
He just got it for me out of the blue.
Oh, my God.
Carmen, these diamonds, they're huge.
I don't even wanna tell you where he bought it.
I mean, this must have cost at least $15,000-$20,000.
- No way. - Yes!
What does your boyfriend do?.
He's in business.
What business is he in that he can buy a $20,000 necklace for no reason?.
Don't answer that.
Listen, I gotta get going. My boyfriend's having a party tonight.
- Why donít you and Vic come by?. - Yeah-- You sure?.
Yeah. I mean, it's all his friends. I'd love to have someone to talk to.
It's a cocktail party-- kinda dressy. Your necklace will look fabulous.
Well, I'll be there.
Bring that boyfriend. I wanna see who's taking such good care of you.
- You're not gonna have lunch?. - No. And I can't find a match either.
- Bye. - Bye.
Under the Giuliani dictatorship...
there's more than your usual number of neighborhood sweeps.
They target a few blocks, try to shut things down, then move on to the next.
You just gotta find a way to survive.
Undercover units are always on the spot, but they ain 't foolin 'nobody.
There 's always a constant flow of money out here.
You can't let something like this stop you or get at you.
So if they're gonna watch you, then you gotta watch them back.
My God! Where are you going so beautiful ?.
To a party.
Here's your plate back. Thank you.
You coming straight from the office?.
Yeah, I got a promotion. I'm not a street pharmacist anymore. I'm a doctor.
Don't start, mami. We have to go. Kiss.
- Have fun, honey. - Okay, I'll call you later.
National Geographic should do a special on us.
Fuck Bosnia. I mean, this city, man.
'Cause we got invisible but well-known boundaries here.
Different ways of life, different rules, but no mixing.
Drive just a couple miles over the bridge...
and abracadabra, bodegas turn to fine boutiques...
tenement buildings turn into brown stones.
Well, you gotta have someplace to go.
Some boring-ass white people who can't dance--
Oh, will you stop.
Sometimes you catch a white guy in my neighborhood...
but that's only when they're buying from me.
But when I come down to their ritzy neighborhoods, they get uncomfortable.
- I s this it?. - Yep.
- Come on, baby. - Ah, come over here.
- Let's not go. - Come on.
- I'll take you to the Copa. - I don't want to go to the Copa.
- This'll be boring. - Well, Trish is my friend.
I want you to meet her.
Come on, you have to take a hit. That way, you'll change your mind.
- Baby. - What?.
If it's awful, we'll leave.
- Promise?. - I promise.
- Five minutes. - Five minutes is not enough.
Exactly. That's my point.
All right.
- Can I help you?. - Yeah.
We're looking for a Jack Wimmer.
That would be the penthouse.
Here. You can finish it, man.
So, do you guys know this new artist Brian Ferrill?.
I bought these two paintings for Jack.
Aren't they pretty?.
This is disgusting.
You've got company.
- Get me a beer and get her a Cosmo-- - Cosmopolitan?.
- Yes. - No, I'll have a diet soda, please.
He's cute. What's his name?.
He's not for you, Cleo.
- You always gotta have your way, huh?. - That's right.
I'm so glad you made it!
That's quite a view, huh?.
- No, that one. - Oh, yeah. That one too.
That's nothing, man. I got that shit at home.
- Oh, yeah?. Where you from?. - I'm uptown.
Oh, yeah?. Where about?.
South Bronx.
Oh, really?. That's cool.
By the way, I'm Jack Wimmer.
- "Ahh," what?. - So youíre the lucky motherfucker.
- Oh. Yeah. - This your place, huh?.
It's embarrassing. I'm not used to it.
So what do you do?.
I'm a investment banker.
That's what this is-- a business party for me.
I represent half those people down there.
I wanna represent the other half, so I let them impress each other.
Right. Do the work for you.
What do you do?.
Obviously, whatever I do I'm not doing enough of, that's for sure. You know?.
But basically I'm just self-employed.
That's cool.
I bet that whatever it is that you do...
is not half as bad as what some of those people down there do.
That's an interesting point of view.
Anyone who would judge you for what you do is a hypocrite...
because... any real businessman...
anyone who makes any real money is gonna be cutthroat.
Any media company, oil company, tobacco company--
those are some of the most vicious people in the world.
They've got stock holders worldwide who are basically accessories in crime.
Still, at the end of the day, man...
you go to sleep feeling legit, right?.
Me, man, I go to sleep every night, like...
one eye like that.
But you could be a part of this too. It's the age of peace and prosperity.
- Yeah. - Seriously.
- Put me down for some that. - How do I get in touch with you?.
- Go through your girl. - Through Trish?.
Yeah. Trish knows my girl Carmen.
- Oh, your girlfriend's Carmen?. - Yeah.
Oh, I've heard a lot about her. That's cool.
So, basically, we both have girlfriends who are--
Yeah, well, you know--
- You can look at the menu, right?. - We're human, right?.
So, did you have fun?.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That's only because I thought it was gonna suck.
- That Jackís a "herb," man. - You think?.
Totally. Here, have some.
You're not drinking tonight. What's up?.
I can't.
What do you mean?.
I mean I can't.
Not while I'm pregnant.
You're kidding.
You're just saying that.
No, come on. Are you serious?.
When?. When?. I mean--
Are you serious?.
Why didnít you tell me?. When did this happen?. When did you know?.
- Does it matter?. - Oh, my God.
I can't believe you're pregnant. Holy shit!
I can't believe that.
Come over here. Give me a kiss.
Hey, hey, let me get you.
- Okay, okay. - Careful, careful.
Come on.
You're gaining weight already.
I'm havin' a baby!
- No, we're having a baby. - That's what I said.
I can't believe it. I'm gonna go park the car.
It's okay.
Hey, how you doing?.
I missed you.
My arm.
I know, baby, I know.
How's the baby?.
- The baby?. - Yeah.
The baby's fine.
- How you doing?. - My arm.
I know, baby, I know.
They didn't get me.
I got it right here.
It's right here, baby.
Got it right here.
They got my beatin'-off arm. My dick don't like my left hand.
You're lucky. That shit just missed your heart.
- What side you think his heart is on?. - Who gives a fuck what side?.
We got important shit to discuss.
Jimmy, you know who the shooter was?.
That piece of shit we almost nailed the other day.
-Jose. - Yeah.
-I don't like them motherfuckers anyway. -That's what I'm sayin'.
That's Tito's boy. Tito's gonna pay. We hit that motherfucker tonight.
Nah, Jimmy, we can't do that, man. We just got beef with them.
If the cops see us, they'll come for us, man.
I don't give a fuck who knows. It's been two days.
We don't hit him tonight, them niggas gonna start pushin' in on our spots.
You don't think I know it's been two days?. I wanna get out of here.
Just wait for me.
Shit, man.
- Yeah, baby. - Fuck 'em, man!
What's goin' on, man?. You wanna talk to me now, man?.
You got something to say?. Who's running this crew?.
- Make sure he don't do anything stupid. - Whatever you say, papa.
What ever you say.
You right, Vic.
I'm gonna wait.
Call me later, all right?.
Fucking cops know who shot me.
Nothing like this stays quiet in the neighborhood.
They're just gonna wait and see if I go after Tito.
They get Tito out of the way, then they take me down-- two birds and all that.
They're happy to stand on the sidelines and let us take each other out.
I mean, Carmen must be freaking out.
Yeah, yeah. It's totally fucked up.
But it's just a bullet in the shoulder. I think he's gonna be fine.
You should think about this. You haven't worked with someone like Vic before.
Do you have any idea how much he's worth liquid, just cash?.
Four or five million dollars.
- Really?. - Really.
Oh, shit.
He's a businessman, Trish.
If he were born in the suburbs, he'd be running a Fortune 500 company.
He's born in the Bronx, he does what he does.
I like him. He's as legit as anyone else I've ever worked with.
No, I like him too.
- He's cute and intelligent. - You think he's cute?.
Yeah. Are you jealous?.
- No. He's got a bullet in his shoulder. - You're so mean.
- Cleo, how you doing?. - What's going on?.
- You guys taking off?. - Yeah. Bye.
Have fun. Don't spend too much of my money.
I'll spend every dime.
- Here. - What's this?.
Trish's boyfriend took a liking to you and he wants to do business with you.
When did he call?. This morning?.
Last week. But that's not the point.
- Why?. You don't think I can handle it?. - No! That's not what I'm saying.
I wouldn't be where I am today if I couldn't.
I think you can handle anything. I've always said that.
But it's a different animal, papi.
All right.
I mean, we're talking about a Wall Street guy.
If youíre gonna do this, go in knowing that he's not smarter than you.
You hear me?.
Rafael Menendez...
younger brother of Joanna Menendez, La Colombiana.
I've seen her maybe three or four times in the ten years I've worked for her.
She don't like people to know who she is...
so she sends Rafael to do all her business.
He's someone you definitely don't wanna fuck with.
So basically, bottom line, what I 'm asking you is for approval. Okay?.
'Cause Tito's gonna go to war, man...
and if I don't respond hard, this shit's gonna be mad out of control.
You know what I'm sayin', right?.
Tito's a stupid motherfucker.
I know that.
He's been a pain in our asses for a long time.
Just make sure this is over with quick.
Yeah, man, no doubt. I'm about winning, I'm not about fighting.
Of course, surely this has nothing to do with you wanting a piece of his action.
We're gonna give you Tito's spots down to Prospect.
Hector and Negro will split up what's left over.
All right.
She told me she appreciates you coming to us about this.
I only do business with you people, man.
She's always appreciated a good businessman.
Yeah. Same.
Look, I got a little token of appreciation for your sister.
No doubt.
She really appreciates everything, you know.
What are you so impressed for?. He ain't nobody.
'Cause if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be where we're at right now.
Man, stop sweatin' it. You want his balls.
No, you sweat the small stuff.
You don't see the big picture. That's your problem.
My brother would say, " Keep your homies close and keep your beef even closer"
Bro, that's Godfather.
From The Godfather?.
That's not from The Godfather. That's my brother's fuckin' words.
I'm just telling you that was from The Godfather.
It's Crack head Pete.
Let that nigga in, man. You know that nigga's cool.
- That's how you do it! - What took you so fuckin' long, man?.
Where were you, motherfucker?.
That's right.
Where your late pass at?.
You my boys. I know you can handle all that shit.
They gonna bury that fat motherfucker in the ocean--
No more jets to the Caymans. I'm talking instant transfer of cash.
Hoc's right. It's a sleeping giant. Every single bank wants--
I don't know what it's like to lose a son...
There are no more sleeping giants.
but after what Jimmy did to Tito's kid, I knew I was out.
Maybe investing with Jack was gonna be the answer.
- So you're saying I 'm wrong, Sasha?. - Do you know him?.
- Hey, how's it going?. - What's up, dawg?.
- It's good to see you. - Good to see you, man.
I'll catch you guys on the way out.
- Bye. - I'll see you later.
That's a cute little booty. Yeah.
- You got a drink?. - Yeah, I'm good, man.
You want a cigar?.
Oh, hell, yeah, man.
So, you ready to do some business?.
I was born ready, baby.
This is a prospectus.
It's gonna look like, I don't know, hieroglyphics to you...
but I'll explain it later.
What's this "prospecticus" for?.
It's for a start-up company. We call it a sleeping giant.
There aren't any more sleeping giants left, you know.
They're most of them extinct.
What do you mean?.
- What?. - I was trying to play you, man.
I just overheard you. I came early.
Oh, no, no.
They didn't believe me anyway. There are some good ones out there.
What type of deals?.
Biotechnology. Human genome.
This is legit?.
What do you mean, is it legit?. Of course it's legit.
Is it legit?.
- For real?. - For real.
The question you gotta ask your self is, how much are you willing to invest?.
All right.
So, how much do I need to invest in this cloning stuff?.
If you just wanna get your feet wet, we're talking a minimum of $1 million.
It's a six to eight month investment period.
We're looking to make back several times our initial investment within the year.
There's no such thing as a sure thing, but this is as close as it gets.
Jack and I did our homework on each other.
He's got what he's got, and I want what he's got.
I keep my money in nine places.
An apartment that belongs to some old woman that can't afford to live there...
bodegas, a blind man's place, a principal's office, all over.
I pay their rent, give them some grocery cash...
and in return they keep a safe for me.
Yo, wake up. Vic's here.
You want a brew, man?.
Yeah. Kick it over here.
So what's up, man?.
I got this investment opportunity...
and I could make enough money to get out of this shit.
If you're interested, I can bring you in.
Maybe make enough to get out. What do you think?.
Get out of what, man?. I'm happy doing what I'm doing.
I thought you was happy too.
You think I wanna go out like my brother?.
Besides, I got a baby coming.
Congratulations, papa.
What about the crew?.
Well, you've been running this shit with me since the very beginning anyhow.
All it is now is, I'm out of the way.
You know La Colombiana ain't just let you walk away like that.
Man, with the money you're making right now, she could easy forget me.
I could just fade away easy like that.
All I need from you is help with the head start.
Come here, man.
- You got it. - Thanks, man.
Freeze! Police! Hands up!
- Put 'em up! - Keep your hands off me.
- Shut up! - Get down!
Don't fuck around this time!
- Shut the fuck up, Vic. - Don't worry. We'll take care of you.
You are fucking done.
- You're sorry, all right. - My arm! My arm!
So am I. Let's go.
- Could I just get my jacket, please?. - No, smart ass, you can't.
What about my cell phone?.
You ever get picked up for anything, there's one thing you never forget--
keep your mouth shut, don't say a fuckin' word.
You think cops are stupid? You think you can talk your way out? You're wrong.
Almost every conviction they get is some dumb motherfucker...
tripping him self up.
Keep your mouth shut.
Close off your mind. Try to relax. Don't listen.
Everything they say is a lie.
They'll tell you they got witnesses, that your boys turned on you.
All lies.
If they had that, they wouldn't be bothering with all this shit.
Man, I called everybody.
I had no one else to turn to but Jack.
His sent this lawyer, an old white cat named Bobby Gold, to get me...
and like that, I'm out.
Let's get the hell out of here. Let's go. Get hi m out of there.
It's cold as shit, man.
- Thank you for coming. - Everything is under control.
- It's all gonna be all right?. - Yes.
You shouldn't have any more trouble.
This is a bullshit case. They know it.
Anybody asks you anything about this, any cops come near you...
you call me immediately, all right?.
- I gotta run. - Okay. Thanks so much.
You know I took a big chance working with you in the first place, right?.
- I know, man. - This can't happen.
- I took a chance on you too, you know. - I know.
But if it happens again, the deal's off. All right?.
All right. Yeah.
The girls are waiting for us. You wanna go out?.
- All right, whatever. - Come on.
We started out
As friends
And then the fun began
This place is so amazing. You guys are gonna love it.
And you know what?. A lot of " boriquas" come here.
- A lot of what?. - " Boriquas"
Boriquas, Vic. Leave her alone. You know what she said.
Look, there's Mike. Remember Mike?. He was here last time.
- Yes, you do. - She's hard-core, man.
The one who loves and leaves me
So why can't you drink?.
My baby's having a baby.
- Hell, yeah. I know where to put it. - That's really great.
Congratulations. What did I miss?.
They're having a baby.
Yeah. Isn't that great?.
- Oh, my God. You're having a baby?. - Isn't that beautiful?.
- They're having a baby. - I heard it the first time.
- And Jack knew before me?. - What is that drink?.
- It's Bacardi and wine. Taste it. - That's so beautiful.
- Thank you. - Can you feel it yet?.
You told me that you'd always love me
So is it gonna be pretty small with the baby in there?.
- You'll have to get a bigger place. - Yeah, we're trying, but--
Babe, what about the loft?.
What about the loft?.
Well, nobody's living in it, and it's huge.
That's true, you know.
We have this loft in Soho that I got as an investment a couple years ago.
-You got a place in Soho?. -It's beautiful, and no one lives there.
-It's empty. -If you want, you could live there free.
You should totally live there. We could decorate.
- Hear them out. - You could totally live there.
This here is Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
This is it. Why bother making money if you ain't livin' like this?
You should all live like this just once.
This don't make no sense to me.
- What, you got some pussy down there?. - Come on, Chedda.
I'm trying to concentrate here.
You ain't got no concentration. That's the problem.
Ain't nobody talkin' to you. I'm over here with this.
You'll be back. Everything you are is in this neighborhood.
- What's wrong with you motherfuckers?. - That's right, man.
Motherfuckers should be happy. He's doing something with his life.
You out your mind, man. We came up knee-high with this.
This is family. You see this?. All this is family, understand?.
- We still family. - I love you motherfuckers.
He'll be back.
No, I'm not coming back. This is it.
I gotta move on. I made my decision.
Jimmy's gonna take over the spots. You're lucky to have a leader like this.
- Motherfucker. - You ain't never coming back?.
No, dawg, I'm coming back.
I'm coming back 'cause I gotta smoke with my ho's.
A motherfucker's gotta smoke with his ho's.
It's only 20 minutes away.
We'll come and see you every weekend. I promise.
But not every weekend.
I have my life. You know that.
I'm just kidding.
- What are you gonna get here?. - I don't know.
This thing with Jack--
I know I'm letting go of the bird in the hand for the one that's flying...
and I hope I'm right.
- Looks like doo-doo. - Oh, no. This is the one.
Should it be more this way?.
This is the way we should be living.
My woman deserves it...
my kid deserves it...
and I deserve it.
Fuck everything else.
-Looks Like I'm going to court and shit. -Nah, it looks good.
Jack. What can I say?
We're getting to know each other better.
I think he's a white me in a lot of ways.
They say that good-looking people look good even in garbage bags.
Yeah, but I'll take Armani, just like Jack.
I got the suit and the sweater.
- Let me take care of my shit. - It's not even my money.
It's a corporate card. Seriously, it's fine.
- How are you?. - I'm okay.
- It's good to see you. - Look at you!
- So, how are you?. - I'm good.
I miss the old neighborhood though.
You know, my moms.
Vic really likes it. He seems relaxed.
- How's the pregnancy going?. - Good.
Look at you.
Bad morning sickness every now and then, but other than that it's all good.
I mean, is Vic taking care of you and all that?.
Yeah. You know, regular stuff.
He doesn't let me do anything.
- I can't even cook anymore. - That's great. I hate to cook.
Yeah, well, I can't even get him to eat Spanish food anymore. How about that?.
Yo, Vic! It's fuckin' Vic!
- What's the deal, yo?. - You better have your ghetto pass.
You see?. That's the pretty motherfucker right there.
Loud-ass Puerto Ricans, man.
What's the deal, yo?.
- Son, what's up, huh?. - What's up?.
Lookin' sharp, spiffy.
- How are you?. - Good.
- Mama! - It's been like a fucking year!
High-class jibaro.
- What's up, man?. - What's up?. How's your dick hangin'?.
Yo, listen, yo, how you doin'?. Where you been?.
Just workin', man, doin' my shit. This and that, yada, yada, you know.
It's her mother's birthday.
Gonna go see her mom. You know how her mom is. Let's go.
It's all right.
Aw, come on, man. We ain't seen you in forever.
- Give me a holler. You got my number. - Vic, we gotta go.
Where we gotta go?. We ain't got nothin' to do.
- Yo, what's up?. - Holler at me, man.
- I'm gonna holler. - I gotta take her.
Yo, Vic, that's a nice suit you got there.
- Thanks, dawg. - Let's get the fuck out of here.
All right, Vic.
All right, dawg.
Honey, carve this for me.
Titi, look at the chain that Vic bought me.
- They're diamonds. - Oh, my God!
Crazy, right?.
Oye, check this. Check this. Right here.
-Jesus Christ, that's huge! - Hey, hey. Watch your tongue.
Pero that's thicker than Vic's chain.
Baby, show them your G chain.
Come on, papi.
Oye, papo. Come on, bro. Show me. What's up?.
I'm not wearin' it.
What do you mean, you're not wearing it?.
I mean I'm not wearing it. I don't got it on.
- But you always-- - I don't got it on, okay?.
I don't got it on. What do you want me to say?.
If I never come back to this neighborhood...
I'm gonna fuckin' die happy.
Whatever that means.
I just got nothing to say to anybody around here anymore, you know?.
What the hell is wrong with you?.
You turn your back on the only people who give a fuck about you.
You think Jack gives a shit about you?.
You think because we hang out with Jack and Trish every now and then...
they're our friends?.
We ain't got no friends, Victor.
All we have is some "bourgie" loft apartment you call home.
Well, where I'm at, that's your home.
- It'll never be home to me. - So that's the way it is, huh?.
- Why don't you go the fuck back?. - Maybe I should.
Oh, man. You know-- You know everything I do for you?.
I turn myself inside out. I fuckin' bend myself over backwards for you.
Well, fuck that. You know?. Just go back to your fuckin' moms.
What?. What's that look now?.
That look is I don't know who the Fuckyou are.
You know who the fuck I am?. The one who tells you get the fuck outta my car.
Get out!
Don't give me that fuckin' look. Get the fuck outta my car!
Open the fuckin' door!
There. How's that, dumb bitch?.
Yeah. Don't fuckin' break my door.
Jack. What's up, dawg? How you doin', man?
I'm all right.
Man, me and Carmen just had a big-ass fight.
I told her to go home and just go to her fuckin' mom's forever.
I don't care, man. I don't care. Fuck that, you know?.
Sometimes you gotta talk to them like that, you know what I'm saying?.
You know, I don't wanna go home, man. You got anything goin' on?.
That's cool. I'll come by.
I wanted to wait till the girls were around to give this to you...
but I kinda gotta give it to you now.
Check it out.
Sweet, man.
Okay. I'll call you back.
- Thanks. - $2 million.
- I do you wrong?. - Hell, no, man.
- Dude-- I can't even talk. - You're speechless.
It's not always going to be like this. The market's really hot right now, so--
So let's put it back in, man.
- Well, I'll think about it. - All right.
What's bothering you?. What's going on?.
Women, man. They ask you to change, right?.
And when you change, you become someone else, they hate you.
'Cause they wanted the guy that they first met.
But you can't be that anymore, 'cause they've asked you to change.
Okay. I know where to take you. Come on. It'll be all right.
So what's our next move, man?.
I wanna sit you down with my partners. I wanna introduce you to them.
- Yeah?. - Yeah.
And I think the next thing we need to do after that is to evaluate--
evaluate your risk tolerance.
- Diversify-- - I got a serious appetite for risk.
I know you do, but we need to have some safe things for you also.
-Just for the future. - Okay.
We should schedule that meeting for a couple of weeks from now.
Right now I'm working on another thing that's taking a lot of time.
Yeah, what is it?. If you can talk about it--
Sure. What we had you in before was a $60 million fund.
This is a $600 million fund.
Can we get him another girl?.
- 600 million. Wow, man. - $600 million.
It's so much money, man.
It's similar to the deal I was doing with you, but...
it's a $4.5 million minimum.
I'm in for six. This thing is unbelievable.
Wait a minute. You're putting 6 million of your own cash into this?.
This has a really solid management team. 20 years experience, never fucked up.
Some really smart money in it. A really sound idea.
Everyone's clamoring to get in, but the deal's closed.
There's no way you can massage me into that?.
Are you seriously interested?.
To show you how heavy my commitment is, I'll give it back to you.
-Just put it right in. - You listen to me.
- Then I can get in on it. - Listen. You keep this.
This is clean money. They didn't do this for nothing, okay?.
You keep a hold of that.
If you are interested, you get some more money together and you call me.
- How much time do you have?. - I'd say about a week or something.
A week. Oh, man.
It's a lot of pressure. I really want you to think about it.
It scares me the way you just jump into things like this. Okay?.
All right.
It's my turn.
Once you start workin' for Joanna Menendez, youíre hers.
There's no such thing as quitting.
No matter what you do, she's gonna take a cut for life.
So there ain't a hell of a lot I could do. I could pack up and run.
I could pay her 40 percent of what I bring in.
I could tell her to go fuck off, though I wouldn't make it back to the car.
Or I could talk to her like a business man.
Let me tell you what I did.
I thought about what Donald Trump or Ted Turner would have done.
They would have made a deal.
Talk the language all businessmen understand-- money.
Oh, my God. Look at you.
You look so amazing for your age. Look at you.
- If I was only ten years older-- - Are you learning how to flirt?.
Just now?.
I met you when you were so green.
But everything comes with a price, even that gorgeous smile of yours.
What do you want?.
We been working together how long now?. Ten years?. Something like that?.
I made you $5, 6 million a year?. Maybe a little bit more?.
And all that time I never fucked you.
I never held out on you. I was always the best you had.
But like every business diversifies, I need to diversify...
'cause there's only so far I can go in this lifestyle.
"Lifestyle." What's so bad about it?. What do you need, Vic?.
I don't see you walking around with a Metro card in your pocket.
Stop it. Stop it. Talk to me, Victor.
I got Jimmy working my crew right now.
He's making as much money as I was making before...
so youíre not gonna be hurting with me gone.
'Cause I got a prospect for you. I wanna merge with you.
I wanna make a partnership where I can get you 300% return on your investment.
- How much are you looking for?. - 1.5.
That's a lot of money.
I know, but I can get you 4.5 in a six-month period.
That's the beauty of it.
I'm talking about as soon as I get your money back...
I wanna be able to diversify some more. You know what I'm saying?.
- What kind of a deal is it?. - Offshore deposits.
- Money laundering. - No, this guy's legitimate.
How solid is your contact?.
This guy's unbelievable. I met him through my girlfriend.
It's this white guy. The hottest guy on Wall Street.
Everybody's investing with this cat. He's got all the money he needs.
There's no such thing, baby. We both know that.
Right. True, true.
But you know, you're right.
You earned this one. But I want 500% return.
$7.5 million. That's my price.
I don't know if I can do that.
All right, you got it. I just need the money by the end of the week.
All right.
But you want something from me, I want something from you--Jimmy.
He's in a war with Hector. I can't have that.
Hector is a good guy.
He's not crazy like Tito, cutting the shit and all that.
But this has to come to an end...
before it turns violent and they fuck up my business.
- You talk to Jimmy. - All right.
Yeah. You know, it's just that...
me and Jimmy, we just-- I haven't talked to him in a while.
But youíre like brothers. He'll listen to you.
Okay. I'll talk to him.
Will you talk to him tonight?.
Then you'll come back here on Friday to get your money.
- La Colombiana? - Yeah, come on.
What do you got to do with La Colombiana?
Colombiana asked me just to intervene on her behalf...
and just stop before it turns into something.
This is the same motherfucker that came to me talkin' about...
"I'm gonna have a kid," "I want out the game," "I wanna do what's right."
You come back now, you telling me how to run my business.
You are telling me how to run it.
You fucking turn this into violence, you're gonna get yourself fucked.
Who's gonna fuck me?. That fuckin' bitch?.
What are you gonna do?.
I'm gonna go over there tonight and settle this whole shit.
If youíre gonna do that, I'm going with you, man.
I'm gonna go with you and settle it. Gimme your gun. I'll take care of this.
Ain't no way I'm giving you my gun.
Come on. I'll go with you and cure this. Just give me the gun.
That's like giving you my fucking shoes. I ain't giving you my gun, V.
Give me your gun. Give me your gun, man.
I got your back. You know I'll never let shit happen to you.
What's up, Hector?. How you doin', dawg?.
- What's up, Vic?. - Brought you some offerings.
Thanks, brother.
Lost some weight. You're looking Diesel and shit.
- Stress, you know?. - Yeah, I hear that.
I heard about your abuelita, man. She hurt her hip and what not.
She's good, man. How's your lady?.
Love of my life. Shit's so ill.
You know how she is. Overambitious and shit.
Hardly ever see her. That's why I works, you know?.
Let's cut to the chase, Vic. You know what I'm about, right?.
Right, man. I know.
Your boy here, you need to keep him on a short leash.
Kinda strong, man. Kinda strong words and whatnot, you know?.
But I got to talk to Rafael, and we just want to squash the beef.
Optimize the situation, you know?.
I spoke to Rafael too, man.
Jimmy's got a long tongue.
Talks too much shit around the neighborhood, like he's running shit.
We were like that once. We were coming up.
You used to say a lot of shit-- hotheaded and whatnot.
We all make mistakes. Right, Jimmy?. You ain't gonna do that no more.
So what's up, Jimmy?. We cool or what?.
You know what, Hec?. We cool, man.
What were you thinking?.
You fucking promised me you wouldn't do anything!
You're fucking overreacting! Calm the fuck down!
Fuckyou, motherfucker! Fuckyou!
I'm not overreacting, you fucking idiot!
I gave you the crew to run, not to fucking take them on a suicide mission.
Fucking kill yourself, but don't take Jay and Chedda with you, you asshole!
You fuckin' trying to tell me how to run my fuckin' business?.
It's beyond that, man. I gave you your fuckin' business.
You were nothing before I came into this shit!
What the fuck do you know?. You ain't been around for months!
Come skippin' back into the fuckin' neighborhood.
It's supposed to be the same. But you know what?.
This fuckin' shit is different. This whole fuckin' thing is ours.
Jimmy, you're not listening. You're not listening, man.
La Colombiana doesn't fuckin' play. She's gonna come after your ass.
La Colombiana. I'll give her my fucking balls.
Chedda, Jay, listen to me.
Listen to me. I'm telling you. It's over for the man.
They're gonna kill him. Do you understand?.
Ain't nobody touching nothing over here.
Look. Let me tell you, Jimmy.
I'm not gonna give you a diaper buddy, knee-high little speech over here.
We all we got. Understand?.
We been doing this shit. Them motherfuckers is dead.
There's nothing gonna bring 'em back. They got toe tags.
They outta here. It's done.
What needs to be known right now...
are you on this side over here, or are you with them motherfuckers?.
- It's not that simple. - It is that fuckin' simple.
Remember when you fixed my VCR?.
You fixed it, I fucked it up.
No matter how bad it got, you fixed it, I fucked it up.
You fixed it, I fucked it up.
Fix this.
You think you fucked me, right?.
You just to like to prove some shit...
that maybe you can't be told what to do?.
But you fucked yourself worse.
- Yeah. You know what I think?. - What do you think?.
I think that's what you all about.
I think you don't give a fuck about Jay, Chedda, me-- nobody.
You know who you always give a fuck about?.
Victor fucking Rosa! That's who you fucking care about!
- Right. - You don't give a fuck about us!
It's about money with you. You know why?.
You go to the white neighborhood all you want, but you'll always be a spick.
That's in your fucking blood, motherfucker.
Can you guarantee?. Can you guarantee my blood's gonna stay in my body?.
Can you ever do that?.
- How's it going? - What's up, man?.
I'm so glad you fucking called me back, man.
Yeah, of course. What's going on?.
You don't know the half of it, dawg. I don't know, it's--
- Oh, man. Things just got so fucked up. - What's so fucked up?. What's going on?.
I don't know. I just--
Don't get me wrong, man, but I just think--
I don't know. Maybe I'm a little-- Maybe this deal's too much for me.
- Maybe it's a little over my head. - That's ridiculous.
Everything's going great, okay?.
- Things are looking really good. - No, it's just--
You're gonna have more than enough money.
They're really excited about it out here.
They're all trashed and asleep right now.
Itís just that--
Fuck. I haven't seen Carmen in over a week, man. I haven't talked to her.
She won't--
I am in this fucking apartment all by myself. I'm losing my fucking mind.
- I'm flipping, you know? - Listen to me.
Everything's gonna be fine with Carmen. All right?.
Things are going crazy out here. I'm working on your deal as we speak.
When she finds out how much money you've got, she will chill out.
Everything will be okay.
Yeah. No doubt it's gonna be fantastic, man.
It's gonna be the shit, you know?.
Are you still in Hell-A?.
Yeah. I'm at this...
fucking crazy place up in Malibu.
It's unbelievable. I'm out on the porch, just soaking it up.
You know it, man. We'll have so much money...
we won't know what the fuck to do, right?
- Totally. - Yeah.
It's a bet, man. We'll fuckin' tear this town up, all right?.
Man, we're gonna party our fuckin' brains out.
- But call me for sure, man. - For sure.
All right. Later.
Hey, Trish?. Listen--
Honey, can I just ask you a little thing?.
It is better to sit here, be miserable, than to be with him?.
You know, honey, the asshole is in his apartment as miserable as you are.
If heís so fucking miserable he can call me and apologize.
Okay. This is it. Honey.
If you decide to have this baby with that asshole...
go and have the baby with him.
I'm behind you a hundred percent. I'm your mother. Remember?.
If you want to have this baby by yourself, I'm here for you.
Let's do that.
The only thing I cannot do is watch you watching television.
Watching novelas and doing nothing!
- Trish, what the hell you doing here?. - God.
I have missed you.
Yeah. It's okay.
Place looks cute. Looks good.
- Yeah. How'd you get in?. - I have my own set.
Do you have some wine or something?.
- I'll see what I got. - Thank you.
Vic, I was in the neighborhood shopping...
and I thought I'd come by and see how you are.
- This is all I got. - Thank you.
- I'm gonna go upstairs and change. - No, you're not.
- I'm not?. - No.
You're not being a very good host, leaving me here.
Yeah. I'm being a good host by just going upstairs. I'm gonna change.
I don't give a fuck if you're wearing a towel, if thatís why you're worried.
I just wanna talk to you.
But I give a shit that I'm wearing a towel.
Since when did you get uptight?.
Are you uptight now?.
Come here a second.
All right.
So what do you wanna talk about?.
I wanna talk about you. I've never seen these before.
- Wow. - Pretty ugly, huh?.
- I got a little reckless. - A little reckless?.
- Yeah, well-- - Do they hurt?.
- When you poke 'em like that. - Only when I poke 'em?.
So, how are you?.
I don't wanna talk about it. Has Jack called you?.
No, he didn't call. He's in Miami with his mom.
What do you mean, he's in Miami?.
I thought he said he was in LA.
You know what?. I don't wanna talk about Jack.
- No, come on. - I just wanna kiss you. Come on.
- I'm so lonely. Jackís gone, too. - Come on. You know you're beautiful.
- Don't do this. -Just a kiss.
- Come on. You promised. - So I broke my promise.
That makes you a liar, doesn't it?.
Aren't we all liars?.
Oh, God. Don't do this.
Don't do this. Come on.
Come on, no.
- Shit. - What?.
Fuckin' turn around.
Oh, shit! Carmen, baby.
I swear to God, it's not what you think it is.
I just fucking came out of the shower.
I'm sorry, baby. It's not what you think it is.
- I was taking a shower. She came in-- - Carmen, just--
God! Was that necessary?.
Just get the fuck out of here.
Baby, I'm sorry. You gotta listen to me. Just hear me out, please.
Look me in the eye. Come on.
I know how you feel.
If you listen to me--Just give me a moment to explain myself, all right?.
Come on, baby. I love you. You think I'd do something like this?.
Carmen, come on. Baby, come on.
Morning, Vic. Nice fuckin' place.
Security's a little light, though.
Donít you ever fuckin' sleep?.
Vic, come on. We had a nice deal going.
You can't just run out on us.
Does it look like I'm trying to run out?.
She wants to see you.
All right, all right.
Get dressed.
I did what I said I was going to do. There is the money.
- I'm incredibly grateful for that. - What happened last night?.
You were supposed to make sure there was no violence.
- You know, I tried-- - "Tried"?.
What am I supposed to do with "tried," Vic?.
You said you could control Jimmy, and what have I got?.
One of my key dealers dead because you "tried"?.
This is how you wanna do business with me?.
I am trusting you with one and a half million dollars.
You're gonna fix this.
Jimmy has to go.
You got your money. Now you finish your part of the deal.
This is obviously all of it.
If youíre short, you just give me a holler, all right?.
I'm sure it's all of it. Oh, my God.
I didn't know you were going to bring it all in cash.
It's a cash business.
Right. God, I gotta get this to the bank. This is crazy.
- This better work. - It's a lock, a total lock. I just--
We gotta go out and party tonight or something, right?.
- No. I gotta take care of something. - What do you gotta take care of?.
Look, I did my part.
- Now you do your part, all right?. - Sure thing.
All right. I'll meet you there. Peace.
Don't come any fucking closer.
Take your fucking hands out your pocket. Let me see your hands.
Here you go. I just wanna talk to you.
I just wanna talk to you. That's all.
So talk.
You know, on my way over here I was thinking about that time--
Remember that time when we were about in eighth grade...
and we were at that bodega near Saint Anne's...
and we were gonna rob that carton of cigarettes?.
You were supposed to pretend to be in a seizure, and we go in there...
and the guy starts--
You throw yourself on the ground, flippin' and foamin'...
and the guy starts laughing.
You start flipping out a little more, going a little crazier.
The guy laughs more. You jump up, you grab him.
You say "Yo, motherfucker.
If this shit was for real...
would you be laughing your ass off like that, motherfucker??"
You went crazy. You started goddamn tearing the place apart, man.
Right then and there, I knew you could do anything you ever wanted, man.
'Cause you were afraid of nothin'.
That shit always stuck with me.
And then they sent you to kill me?.
- Yeah. - You gonna do it?.
What do you think?.
I think you thought about it.
Just... run, man.
Just fuckin' run the fuck outta here. Just--
Keep goin', man. Don't fuckin' turn around.
Where am I gonna go?.
I don't know, man.
I don't wanna die, man.
The number you have reached is not in service.
Please check the number and dial again.
The cellular number you have called is no longer in service.
There is no further information.
Stevens, Haus and Gold.
Yeah, hello. I 'd like to speak to Bobby Gold, please.
- May I have that name again, sir? - Robert Gold--
Bobby Gold, attorney-at-law, please?.
I don't have a "Bobby Gold" listed here.
I'll connect you to Personnel.
Personnel. How can I help you?
- Hello? - Yeah.
I 'm looking for a... Bobby Gold-- a Robert Gold, attorney-at-law.
Bobby Gold. To my recollection, there's nobody here named Bobby Gold.
Not working at this office.
Hello? Are you sure you have the right off--
Excuse me. Can I help you?.
I'm looking for Jack Wimmer.
Just a moment.
There's no one in this building by that name, sir.
- Excuse me, sir. You can't go in there. - Yeah.
Shit! Fucker!
Man, I fucked myself.
I've watched suckers get taken for 50 bucks playing three-card monte...
and I always thought, "You dumb fucks. You deserve to be taken.
Now I've been taken like a child for more than $4 million.
Everything I got, plus a million and a half of La Colombiana's.
The only thing I had to go on was the number Jack had called me from.
It was a Miami number.
Look, I've been in crazy situations all my life...
but this was the first time that I was all alone.
I had no where to turn and no one to help me.
Fuckin' team ain't here no more, man. Shit Like that happens, man.
Speakin' of the fuckin' devil, man.
I'm outta here, man. Come on.
- Where you going?. - Bullshit. Bullshit.
This fucking bullshit.
Look at this motherfucker looking all sad and shit.
Four million?. Shit. That was pretty fucking stupid, man.
Come on, man. Would you shut the fuck up already with this shit?.
It's bad enough, all right?.
No doubt, but it was pretty stupid, man.
I'm trying to have this motherfucker's head in the middle of the project...
throwing darts at it. Feel me?.
- How we gonna get at this motherfucker?. - I know where he's at. He's in Miami.
All I got to do is track his ass down. That's it.
Let's go get his ass.
This is mine. I got to go at this shit alone. All right?.
Just need your help to get me some cash to get from here to there. That's all.
You know, whatever I got, you got. It's all there, son.
See what Jimmy's got.
21. He play better now.
So, you gonna let Victor know?.
- I don't know. - Well, most people like surprises.
- It's good to see you. - Thank you.
Baby. Baby, don't. Please, please.
Not now. Please don't. I can't do this right now.
I know how you feel.
Come and sit down for a minute. Can I talk to you for a minute, please?.
Yeah?. Come on.
Are you all right?.
God, you're so huge. Look at that.
Oh, my God. I can feel it.
Baby, I'm so sorry. I know you're mad at me and everything.
I'm gonna fix everything. I know how you feel.
I just gotta go away for a little while, all right?. Then I'll come back.
It's your son.
It's a boy?.
No kidding. It's a boy?. I don't believe that shit.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. I can't believe it.
Oh, baby. That's great.
I can't believe it. I knew it. I knew it was gonna be a boy.
I really fucked up, baby, but it's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna fix everything.
I'm gonna fix it. I'll have Jay coming for you and take care of you, all right?.
If you need anything, you just call me. All right?.
- I love you, baby. - I love you too.
- Hello? - Hello. Yes, hello.
I'm a friend of Jackís. I just got into town.
I lost his number. Can you believe that?.
Luckily, he gave me your number as a backup.
Who are you? You're a friend of my son's from New York, you said?
Yeah, we been friends for a long time-- since college and what not.
He just asked me to come down for the weekend.
And he gave you my number? It's not like him to give out my number.
Yeah. He didn't know what number he was gonna have, so--
He's told me so much about you.
I hope while I'm down here I get a chance to meet you.
That's sweet. Let me get that number for you, honey.
You know Jack's staying in South Beach? He has a new condo. The number is--
Don't worry. I don't need the telephone number.
Just give me the address. I'm 20 minutes late.
I was supposed to meet him 20 minutes ago.
At this point, I didn't know what was more important to me--
Getting my money back or getting even.
- You know what I'm here for?. - Yeah, man.
You know I 'm retired. Why you got to come to me with that?.
You know if I had a choice, I'd never get you involved.
Take the gum out your mouth.
Take the gum out your mouth.
Put it under the table.
All right, man.
- You okay?. - Yeah, definitely. Here.
Start the game, man.
Yeah. Yeah!
Well, sure.
All righty. Listen, I gotta get going.
Mm-hmm. Okay. I'll talk to you soon.
All righty. Bye.
It's such a shame we have to leave like this. I love it here.
You better be taking me someplace warm.
- Oh, yeah. - You know how much I love the sun.
Check this out.
- Put that away. You know I hate guns. - Watch, watch.
Put it away.
Very good-- Don't point that!
- I'm putting it right here. - Thank you.
- I'm done! - Finally.
- I'm gonna call the limo. - Okay.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck.
What's the matter, Jack?.
- You got nothing to say now?. - I don't know what to say.
- You're so quick, man. - I don't know what to fucking say!
You're not happy to see me, baby?. Trish, move away from the bed.
-Just put the gun down. - Move away from the fuckin' bed.
- Put your hands up and don't move. - Put the gun down!
Shut up! Shut up for one second!
Move away from the bed and put your hands up.
Just put the gun down.
I know your type, man. I grew up with you motherfucking get-over artists.
You're a fucking liar, man. You been lying your whole fucking life.
You know what you are?. You're fucking scum. You think that's your girlfriend?.
That gap, that gash?. She's a fucking cavity, motherfucker.
You ain't got nobody. I had friends. I had a fuckin' woman, man.
You got no kind of life.
You know what your mistake is, baby?. You think you're too smart.
-Just put the gun down. - Shut the fuck up!
You could've walked away with $1 million...
but you fucked up, 'cause you pushed me too far.
- I know I fucked up. - You put me in the hole.
I got nothing to fucking lose, understand?.
Think about Carmen--
Never fuckin' say Carmen's name, you fucking whore!
Just listen to me. It's gonna be worked out, you know?.
- Put the fucking gun down! - Shut the fuck up!
- Trish, where's the money?. - In that fucking bag right there.
- Thank you, Trish. - Idiot.
- How much is in there?. - Listen to me.
$120,000. You need me! You know you need me!
Jack, if thatís your name-- What is your name?.
- I'm not telling you my name. - Why shouldn't I kill you then?.
You want the money?. The $4 million?. You need me!
I don't need you, you fuck. You pushed me into the hole.
Be calm for one second.
You know you need me to get that $4 million.
If you want to be smart, you don't want to be some fucking stupid spick--
Don't ever call me a spick, you piece of white fucking trash!
Goddamn you!
Where's the money, Jack?.
Jack, come on. Where's the money?.
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Tell me where the money is. I don't want to have to kill you.
Ghetto piece of shit!
I took Carmen and her mother back to Puerto Rico...
and with the money we opened a small bar in the south of the island.
It's quiet most of the time, but we get by.
How's everything going?. Good?. Enjoying yourself?.
You have any complaints, let me know. All right?.
It's time. Yeah. We're at the hospital.
Okay. All right.
Tell Carmen to hold on. I'll be right there.
Yeah, yeah. How is she?. She's doing all right?.
Damn. Damn! It's coming. My boy's coming, man.
Drinks on the house, and close early!
It's kind of funny when you think about it.
I mean, I did some pretty bad things in my life.
Broke all the rules, hurt a lot of people. But here I was.
My kid's life was about to begin, and I had another chance.
Damn! Like I said before, had I known what I know now.
I guess it was naive of me to think I could actually get away with it.
Escape my past.
Yeah, but that's not how it works...
'cause you know a man's actions always have their consequences.
And deep down, I knew that.
Maybe what it's all about...
is thinking about someone else instead of your self all the time.
Maybe that's what I was always missing.
If I can leave something for my son, maybe my life was worthwhile.
He 's so beautiful. I think I'm in love again.
He looks just like Victor.
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