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Subtitles for Empire of Senses.

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Empire of Senses

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Are you awake? Lt's early. Let's sleep a little more.
L can't sleep. L don't know what sleep well is.
It's natural. L had the same problem when l came here.
You don't fit this place. You're too pretty.
When l saw her yesterday, l knew we would get along well.
Come on, hug me.
L'm ticklish.
What a nice skin... Don't you like women?
So listen...
Every morning is like this before he goes to work.
Let's play the game of words. Come on.
- Words starting with the letter H. - Hair.
S... sex... M... man...
Hey, boy! What are you doing?
Stop! Poor boy!
How did you get in here?
Stop, you guys!
What do you want?
Drop her.
L can't remember... who was it?
Are you from Osaka? Nagoya or Tokyo?
You were a fantastic woman.
L was your client. Don't you remember?
L don't remember...
l want her! L have money!
Hey! Just a little bit!
All right.
You're still pretty.
Let's go! Hurry up!
Don't you really remember me?
What happened? Are you weak?
Are you cold?
Let me see, there...
You cause a lot of trouble...
You're going to get a cold.
It's better to give up.
Don't stay there singing...
Where were you? Come on, take this.
Change your habits! We have to keep our reputation...
What look is this?
Are you crazy?
Stop it! Stop it!
You really were a prostitute.
It's just keep quiet and see what happens... l kill you!
What's so bad about being a prostitute?
Stop it! Stop talking about it. They're workmates.
Apologize to each other.
Get out of the way, madam...
What happened? What is this mess?
Who are you? Are you a novice?
- What's your name? - Sada.
L'm Sada Abe.
You came in a good time. L don't know where you've been...
You've got a pretty hand...
Instead of a knife, isn't it better to hold another thing?
What a nice view!
Come on, go on.
What a beautiful butt!
You must have made many men cry because of you.
How many men did you make cry?
You like it, don't you?
- Sir... l have a husband... - I know that.
Your husband failed... and you have to work.
It's hard, isn't it?
You must be a special woman...
l came here cause l heard this was a serious place.
But l'm serious, look...
It's taking too long to clean! We've got a lot of things to do!
- Sir, are you alone today? - Yes.
L stopped drinking out, that's why l drink here.
Why did you stop?
Because l feel like doing this.
L was sent by your wife. She told me to serve you.
What? Do you want it?
We're not going to waste time. Come on!
This way... I...
What if somebody comes?
- So shall we stop? - No, no...
l'm going to go crazy.
How is it going to be?
Good evening? Thank you. L'm Yaedi.
Wait a minute. L'm busy.
Make yourself at home.
Yaedi, you can come in.
L'm sorry to make you wait.
Good evening.
What a pretty employee!
Where are you going?
To the bathroom.
- Go. - I don't need to go.
It's said that the feeling is better.
- Don't hurry up... - But...
Yesterday too...
If you feel, that's ok...
Me too.
You're going to make love with your wife later, aren't you?
Making love with the husband every morning...
Were you watching us?
L won't let you go until you feel pleasure...
Don't imagine things...
Think that l'm your husband and slow down...
But... the sun is going to rise...
So what?
You're different...
Sir, l can't go on...
You cant' stop. Then l don't need to call another girl.
If you stop, my wife will be suspicious.
A little bit more...
Madam! L'm sorry...
What happened?
Lt's sudden, but... l'd like to quit the job.
What did you say? Come on, change this water.
You work well.
You're respectful...
l don't think it's necessary to quit the job...
What will l do?
What's up?
L'm in my days...
It doesn't matter...
Good morning! We're guests!
Lt's the first time...
Are you happy?
Yes. But the man should be naked first.
Leave it on me...
What a nice skin! You're overjoyed! How it dazzles me!
Lt's a skin that knew many men.
It's a joke, isn't it? You're talking about yourself, right?
L'm old. L'd like to be young like you.
Sir, what a nice skin... It seems to have a magnet.
L brought a drink.
Weren't you forbidden to drink out?
But here is our house now.
L'm happy to hear that.
What do you do with this?
Don't you know?
L've never been married before.
Sure! Lt would be weird if you knew everything.
Today is our wedding. Let's cheer up the party!
The ceremony is over, now it's time for the sexual relation.
Yes, let's go.
- We've already had sex. - This is not fair.
Anyway, after the wedding, it's different...
Really? Ls it true?
Shall we?
Let's go, sir.
Stop with this "sir". Call me Kitisan.
Yes. Kitisan.
Are you trembling? What happened?
Lt's just that... l'm really trembling.
You look interested! Come closer to see well.
Come on, it's the best way to learn.
Come on, don't be afraid.
Come on, it seems that you've never seen a man!
Look, come on, open your eyes...
You can't feel weak.
No, l really feel pain...
Come on, it's your turn!
Where are you going, Kitisan? L'm going to pick rice.
Take me with you. You're going to disturb me...
Can l organize the room?
- Leave us a little more... - Yes.
What time is it?
- It's noon. - Really?
Kitisan, wake up, it's noon! Wake up!
Good morning!
Did you hold me the whole night?
Didn't you sleep?
L couldn't... of happiness.
How young you are! And full of love and freshness.
Are you in a hurry? Wait a minute.
- I want you now. - L've got to pee.
Do it here.
Inside of me.
Are you nuts? Lt's impossible to do both at the same time.
We can try and see what happens.
Can't you wait a minute?
No. L'm tired of waiting. L want it now.
You are insatiable!
Do you want to make love all the time?
But l'm not sick.
It's wonderful... you are great!
L fear not to be like the others.
L even looked for a doctor.
He said that l was just too sensitive to sex.
Too sensitive? L hope it's incurable!
Because l love your super sensitivity!
Hug me, l want you now! L can't wait anymore.
Slow down, Sada...
No, no l can't wait.
What's up? Are you happy?
L was wondering... My organ just rests...
when l go to the bathroom. Isn't that right?
One thing is right.
It doesn't take you too long to gain strength and start again.
Look... didn't l say that?
You're the one who makes him obedient.
And l'm in doubt if he's mine or yours.
It's all mine, nobody else!
Lt's rigid. Why do you stay like this suddenly?
Lt's because you want it more than anything.
Please, l can't wait anymore!
We can be observed here.
Are you working a lot, grandma?
Yes, you make any old lady busy.
We must separate here.
Not yet. Only near the house.
Let him go, Sada. Don't you see he's tired?
The employees will see, let him go, please.
How can I? So nice and strong!
Lt's because you don't let it go.
L'll let it go... Under a condition.
You have me now, here!
L'm sorry to bother. L brought a drink.
Come in.
Aren't you making love? What a miracle!
The girls refuse to come here, that's why l came to serve you.
Why that?
You're always busy...
Doing what?
Having sex and suck it.
L wish you took care of it.
L need to go, but l go back tomorrow. Take care of him.
L want him to stay here. L don't want him to leave, got it?
L'll do what l can. What about the girls?
Lf he wants to, you can leave it.
Is it true?
How do l look?
You look even more attractive...
No! Again!
You make me feel a pleasure l had never felt before.
L can't just watch...
l know we need money.
But every time l imagine you with another man...
Jealousy! Wonderful! Everything will be over tomorrow.
He's the Principal of a school and also an officer.
He's a man of intellect.
Do you like intellectuals?
Yes... They're so generous!
L'm going to take the clothes with me.
To be sure you're not going back to your house.
Are you going to leave me naked?
L lend you my clothes. Here, try them on.
If you insist... This way?
Can l serve you a drink? Do you want to eat, sir?
You need to eat. You too are impossible.
Listen sir. Run away now. Don't wait for her.
She'll destroy you! Hey, what are you doing?
Leave me alone!
You look tired.
You didn't need to sleep with me, Sada.
Every time you didn't want l always understood.
L know. It's not easy for me.
L can't keep waiting for you.
But you don't need to. Why don't you sleep alone?
You promised you'd try. You swore.
You are different because l like and respect you.
Do you understand me?
Do as l say. L want you to beat me.
Beat me strong.
Beat me! Come on! More! More! Don't stop! Pinch me now!
Don't stop pinching me! Hurt me, come on, more!
Now pull my hair!
Pull, more, the more you can! L want to feel pain, come on!
Please, don't stop!
You! Finally!
And with money too!
Really? Let's spend it.
L missed you.
L'll never let you go.
Let me love you, Kitisan.
You're not easily satisfied, are you?
Lt's better like this, this way.
You're overjoyed.
You look so happy, you look like a sixteen-year-old girl!
This is so good...
l love to see you coming in and out of me. L love that.
It gives me even more pleasure.
How nice, how nice...
l feel, l feel floating... Stay inside of me, don't go!
How was the date? Show me the way you did.
L'm ticklish!
But that's the way l did.
So did you do this to the school Principal?
He said that my future...
depended on the change of my way of being.
What about him? Was he virtuous?
He had a good behavior about that.
What about you?
Don't be mad.
Suddenly l started thinking about you and l lost control.
L don't know why, but l asked him to beat me strong.
What about him? What did he do?
Come on, Sada, beat me.
L'm sorry...
Beat me! More! Come on! Stronger! More!
Don't stop! More!
Everything we do together, even the simple act of eating...
has got to be an act of love.
L love this. My pleasure is... to give you pleasure...
and obey your wishes.
How nice. L want an egg now, do you?
Now you take it off! Right now!
How can l if you are sitting?
Have you never seen how the chicken lays eggs?
Like this?
Yes. Now make an effort that it will go out. Look!
L want you to eat it!
Listen... we're not alone.
L don't care! L want you now!
- What is this for? - L'm going to cut it!
So that it'll never get into another.
L swear l've never betrayed you.
L don't believe it and l know you'll use it for other women.
Cut it if you want, but you won't be able to do it too!
No! Why would you? Then it'd stay in me forever.
Cut it if you want.
Do you think you're going to die if l cut it?
So l quit.
It'd be stupid to die now that we swore eternal union.
L can imagine you running to a bar near here, Sada.
L'd be at one side and your wife at the other.
You'd spend your life between us, wouldn't you?
You belong to Sada and nobody else!
Listen, Sada, l'm going to become a skeleton...
if we remain together. Nothing will be left of Kitisan!
You mean you don't want me forever?
Even becoming a skeleton, l'll never leave you.
L won't leave you, even if l become a skeleton!
Yes, Sada.
Would you stop threatening me? Lt's dangerous!
Your beard is going to grow.
L kill you, if you make love with your wife again.
L swear l won't.
Repeat, 'I won't do it again.'
L won't do it again.
Say, 'I allow you to kill me if l make love with her again.'
L allow you to kill me if l make love with her again.
- Kiti! - Sada!
Let's scare her?
Good idea.
L'm a ghost.
L'm the haunted umbrella!
L came to get you!
How about making love with her?
She's not my size!
L'm sorry, but l'm closing.
Do you like it? Am l not good? Lf you serve us, l let you play.
Mine is only to pee.
Kitisan, we're going to be always together!
L get you!
Don't hurt me! Let me go! She's hurting me!
Did you hear that? Would it be a thief?
Of course not. If it were a thief he would be more discreet.
It must be some drunk. Come back here, it's nothing.
L know who she is, she's your prostitute, watching us.
Go to sleep.
You're going to meet her, aren't you?
What a fright! Look what l did!
Don't worry, it's nothing.
Sir, a phone call for you...
Get out!
Good evening.
Good evening, sir.
L warned you, Kiti! L wanted to know the truth.
You made love with her, didn't you?
Would you stop with this knife? Lt doesn't kill anybody.
L wanted to buy a good knife to kill you!
So why didn't you do it if this was the intention?
How could I? Everybody was looking at me.
Don't be such a fool!
How could anybody imagine your intention?
That's all you have in mind. You're obsessive.
You think l'm crazy, don't you?
Only because l can't stop thinking of you...
Take off your clothes! What? Won't you take them off?
Lt's difficult in this position. Can you take my clothes off?
Tell me the truth! Did you make love with your wife?
Look at this! Lt's the answer.
Why should I? L don't have to apologize.
He knows what he wants. L'll make him suffer!
Come on, yes, make him suffer as much as you want...
Does it hurt?
Of course!
Are you pretending or not?
Lt really hurts.
Anyway you know how to love!
Yes, it's true.
So say, 'Bite me more and more.'
Bite me more and more.
Say, 'Hurt me, Sada.'
L want to hurt you, l want you to feel pain, to suffer!
Come on, Sada. Make me suffer.
Make me suffer the more you can... whenever you want!
L'm sorry for having left you alone for three days!
L almost went crazy! L can't stay without you!
L'm sorry.
- Are you crying? - L'm happy, that's all.
Look! Lt's the first time l see you crying! Look at me!
L don't want!
Look at me! Your tears are salty.
L like to taste them.
Hold me! Don't leave me anymore!
- What can l serve? - Come in.
Bring it here cause we are connected to each other now.
You don't eat anything.
No, because the body gets heavy and sleepy.
The room needs to be cleaned. Haven't you noticed the bad smell?
We enjoy this smell. It makes us horny.
Kitisan, wake up! Open your eyes!
Lt seems that you feel more pleasure when you squeeze...
my neck and we make love at the same time.
L felt great when you were squeezing my neck.
Did you like it? Now you strangle me.
Are you ready? L'm going to start.
When l squeeze, do you feel a contraction?
Does it hurt?
No. Come on, squeeze more.
Now, what do you feel?
Don't be afraid, come on...
Squeeze more, don't worry.
Don't be mad if l hurt you.
Don't you want me to stop? Answer me.
In order to reach total pleasure, you have to get close to the end.
How did you feel?
L didn't like it.
It's because you didn't squeeze enough.
L don't want to go on. L don't feel nice torturing you.
So let's switch position.
Can l start?
Yes, you can.
L'm ticklish.
Are you afraid?
You are hesitating. Come on, l'm ready!
Lt's getting hard!
L can feel you inside of me, harder and harder.
L can't breathe. Slow down.
L'm ready.
It's fantastic! L'm happy!
Lt's moving by itself! L can feel it!
L can feel it even more like this.
It's moving, l can feel it.
L can't breathe...
The girls won't come here.
- Why? - Because of your reputation.
What? What do they say about us? Come, tell me.
- That you are disgusting. - Repeat it.
Let them talk!
Lt's not their business. And what's disgusting?
You don't do anything else but sex all the time.
What's so bad about it? Why can't a woman taste...
the body of the man she loves? Come back here!
Let her go, Sada.
Tell me who is talking about us.
Everybody? No, it must be you, right?
Now tell me, what do you think? Are we disgusting?
Stop, Sada! Lt's enough.
She's just saying what she heard.
Don't bother. Let the others talk.
Kitisan, l want you to have her!
No, please don't! L couldn't get married afterwards!
Get out of here, you witch, l can't even see you!
Excuse me.
The girl is here.
Good evening,
You're virile, strong! What would you like to hear?
Any joyful song.
It's been said l'm disgusting. What do you think?
How could they say that?
L tell you why. Because l'm never satisfied...
and l love without restriction.
L think it's great a woman to feel free to love.
You got it. How old are you?
Tell me your opinion. Do you think he's attractive?
Yes, a lot.
Would you like to have him?
L meant he's really handsome.
If you want... l'll let you love him.
Fantastic! So young!
She couldn't handle it! She lost control.
L hope l didn't kill her.
But what's up? Lt seems that you saw a ghost!
L had the feeling of holding the body of my mother.
Has it been a long time since she died?
L was a kid. What about your mother?
She died 3 years ago. The following year of her death...
my dad died, she'd taken care of him about ten days.
Death is the end...
We're going to live a long time...
- I leave her here. - Yes.
You look weird, Sada. There's something tormenting you.
Professor, how about going to a calm place?
Lmpossible! Lf somebody knows, l'm dead!
Did you come back? What happened? Why did you come back soon?
And you? Where have you been? Look, you weren't here.
That's why they cleaned our room!
Stop it! L went to have my hair cut...
You're lying. L kill you! You went to have your hair cut...
while l was earning money for you to live?
You told me to have my hair cut.
L love you to the point of killing you with a knife!
Don't use the knife, l prefer to be strangled.
Really? Do you want me to strangle you?
Sada, drop the knife.
Do you want to be strangled?
Lf you like it...
Say, 'I want to be strangled! '
- I want to be strangled! - All right.
Don't squeeze a lot.
- Are you afraid? - I am.
Really? But you're happy!
L'm going to squeeze.
Squeeze with strength.
You can squeeze!
Do you feel it? Squeeze more!
- Wait! - What happened?
Wait a minute.
It was the best part...
l'm going to tie your hands. Give me your hands.
- Don't you want me? - This is not the point.
If you say no, l squeeze your neck even more.
This is not the point, l said. Do as you wish.
My body is yours.
Here l go.
Go slowly.
Are you suffocating?
Ls it good?
Lt's like if l were part of you. We are one.
You look distant... What's up? Say something!
How can I? L can't even breathe!
Do what gives you pleasure.
Can l kill you?
Ok, l'm going to kill you! Kill you!
What a pleasure! L'm going to kill you!
Are you satisfied?
L want you to try again, Sada.
L don't know if l'll do well this time, but let's go...
Isn't it a problem?
What happened?
L'm sleepy.
If l sleep, will you start again?
Do you want me to strangle you?
Yes, but don't stop in the middle. It's painful afterwards.
L'm going to start.
- Can I? - Not yet.
Sada and Kitisan, forever.
Sada walked around Tokyo for four days, taking with her...
part of Kitisan's body. When she was arrested...
it was possible to see an unusual smile on her face.
The case shocked the people in Japan, and...
the people's compassion became strangely popular.
Such a thing happened in 1936.
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Ethernal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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