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Empty Mirror The 1996 CD1

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( Hitler giving speech in the distance )
( crowd cheering )
( speaking German )
( crowd cheers )
Before us lies Germany,
within us marches Germany,
and after us
comes Germany!
Hitler: At the extreme, one becomes a symbol.
Every man who desires adulation
will recognize in me the pure manifestation
of that dark part of himself.
l am the perfect reflection
of every man with the lust to dominate,
who has some bias or prejudice--
some unsatisfied craving.
Some will condemn me morally, but they cannot escape
the power of my image.
Their self-righteousness will dissolve,
as their hearts beat
with the rhythm of my essence.
Even those poor souls
who hate me will privately envy me,
because l've fulfilled my dreams,
whilst others repress
their true desires.
Thus, have l guaranteed my immortality.
The essential Hitler has a hold
over every human heart.
Does that sound clichéd?
Anyway, let's end this on a poetic note.
Will to power.
Will to form.
Will to beauty.
Look at the men, Goebbels.
Geometry. Classic lines.
Nothing is more important to me
than the preservation of these images.
Power. Order.
You know what l like most?
Your decision to break the formation
here and here.
Not only does it serve the composition,
but it gives the impression of the Cross.
Hmmm. The Messiah theme.
Here it is.
Do you think l should have walked down the aisle alone?
That's an interesting question.
My instinct was that a loner would be viewed
- as less trustworthy. - Goebbels: Hmmm.
Hitler: Better to be surrounded by faithful lieutenants.
Goebbels: Yes... l think so.
Those men, Goebbels,
what are they thinking?
A person wants to be a part of something beyond his...
small self.
To escape.
To be lost
in a historic moment.
l wonder if their feet hurt.
You organized the people on a whole new basis.
By invoking Aryan superiority,
you enabled us to transcend regional
and religious rivalries,
even trivial issues of gender,
age, class distinctions.
l created a great circulation of energy,
self-replicating, self-reaffirming.
My God!
ln the First World War,
the Jews and the Bolsheviks
stabbed Germany in the back.
Even as German blood spilled in our just and noble cause,
the enemy within sought to destroy us by treachery!
The bad within must be extracted.
We must protect Germany!
l must save the motherland
from this defilement!
( coughing )
You could never understand a man of will.
The problem with you Jews
is you think you know so much--
the inside of a man,
this nonsense about
the ''id'' and ''superego.''
A man is the sum total of his acts.
Success justifies all.
So, what can we learn from your actions?
That a man is his own creation, his own artwork.
To use only reason is to close the door
to the power of an idea
like blood and soil.
Freud: What of your inner world?
l know myself completely, l know my personal myths.
That is enough.
With the answers to 1,000 questions,
you and your kind could not begin
to understand me.
Only a poet
could touch the edge
of the Führer mystery.
Where was l?
Ah, l remember now.
One power alone makes a great leader--
imagination, divine vision.
l took those words from someone.
l can't remember whom.
lt's good to be writing again.
Film is the magician's mirror...
the first art form which allows the artist
to project his dreams and fantasies,
into the inner life of the viewer,
to reshape and capture his soul,
to create a perfect reality
indelibly inscribed on the minds of billions.
My works of destruction and grandeur will live on.
l am the artist.
l am the artwork.
l was Homer.
l was Ulysses.
l was the Odyssey.
l enlisted powerful men, courageous men,
to the task of fulfilling
my artistic destiny.
Your fairness cleanses me.
To make love to you,
is to make love to all of Germany.
Eva: My Führer.
( Hitler whispers ) My angel.
Eva: Wolfie?
Eva: What?
l represented the rejection of the modern.
What is it, Adolf?
A return to the world of Homer,
in which war isn't
about massive destruction,
but remains first and foremost...
an instrument-- ( coughs )
to enhance a hero's personal glory.
Hitler: Modern art
is the enfevered fantasies
of an incurably sick people.
The fact that nine-tenths
of artistic rubbish--
literary filth,
theatrical idiocy--
can be traced to the account of one people,
of all the country's inhabitants
can simply not be talked away.
lt is the plain truth.
The Jewish-Christian creed, with its effeminate ethics
undermines our vitality.
Morality is a decay,
a blemish like the Hebrew circumcision.
The German people must learn to distrust reason,
the dirty and degrading idea of conscience.
What number was the last footnote?
28, mein Führer.
Footnote 29.
The Führer wrote these words
for the first draft of Mein Kampf,
the morning of May 2, 1924,
in Landsberg Prison.
ln other countries,
why do they keep the German title Mein Kampf,
instead of translating it to...
My struggle?
Hitler: The sun...
is uncontrollable...
With the sun,
you can't...
shape and sculpt reality.
l hate the sun.
There is magic in enormity, my doctor--
overwhelming, like a dominant father.
Yes, but...
the art is in disguising
the technique.
Brutality must be wrapped
in velvet.
That is what distinguishes us
from say...
a thug like Stalin.
Hitler: Wagner made the exorbitant demand
that the stage become an hypnotic instrument
under the power of the artist.
l impose the same demand on Germany.
History is an error to be rewritten
be the visionary playwright.
While Wagner brought the German myths
to the operatic stage,
l brought them to the world.
l am the superman,
the Teutonic knight
on the quest for the Holy Grail.
Compared to you,
Wagner was a minimalist.
Let's enter one more into the record.
This is from April, 1935.
A woman from Berlin.
''My fervently adored Führer,
you have a birthday,
and we know only two ardent wishes:
that everything in our fatherland be,
now and in the future, just as you want it to be,
and may God provide that you be preserved
for us forever.
Your loyal, E.E.''
Just a minute.
l thought you said our count was 5,700,000.
They're using the 6-million figure.
( Hitler mumbles ) Typical.
A clever exaggeration.
Well, all right, Goering, let's use those figures.
Suits us. History likes round numbers.
Now, the war total
was 55 million.
Out of that,
the camps and death squads were responsible for only
11 or 12 million.
Goering: 12.
Could we say that half of those
were non-Jews?
were Christians, atheists and pagans.
Hitler: Awkward language.
What term covers Gypsies, Polish intelligentsia,
Russian upper strata, prisoners of war,
French and Yugoslavian partisans, political opponents?
Well, should we say ''gentiles''?
But if 12 million were liquidated
and only six million were Jews--
or is it 5.7?
Why can't l get accurate figures?!
Where's Himmler?!
l would stand behind this wording.
Almost half the dead
were from the Christian world.
( Hitler mutters ) Yes.
And yet the Jews take their removal
so personally.
( Goering laughs )
What strikes me is
that little notice is taken of the fact
that the first biological cleansing
eliminated German nationals--
the disabled, the retarded,
- the mentally ill-- - And the bedwetters.
The useless eaters.
Commenced the 1st of September, 1939.
Actually, mein Führer,
it was October 1st.
You backdated the decree
one month to correspond with the first day of the war.
- Tidier. - Yes.
- War for living space. - Yes.
- War for race purification. - Yes.
- All began on the same day. - Yes.
From Latvia to Lithuania,
from Estonia to Slovakia,
from Russia,
from Poland to the Ukraine--
wherever we found them.
blue-eyed nuggets...
harvested for the Third Reich.
Nordic nuggets,
to lighten up the dark Bavarians.
They took children from their parents?
They were misplaced Germans. We brought them home.
( rhythmical resounding sound )
Eva: Look at you, posing for my camera,
as if you didn't know l was there.
Hitler: Do l look more mysterious in a hat?
( Eva giggles )
Eva: Why did you never wear an official army
- SA or SS uniform? - Better to remain undefined.
Suggestive indefiniteness.
There are so few public pictures of you smiling.
There were none before l was chancellor--
nor any with children
or small animals.
The holiday in lceland was a joyous time
for my sisters and me. You should have come with us.
You were always inspired by the Viking sagas.
The only flaw in the trip
was a delay before we departed from Hamburg.
l had no time for holiday trips.
The police came just before we were to leave.
A family was removed from the ship.
- l'll never forget the cries-- - Quiet!
Never mention that again!
( softly ) Look.
Did you like me better when l was blonde,
with baby-fat?
Or later when l was brunette and thin?
l liked you when you were blonde and thin.
Hitler: ...fulfillment of a mysterious longing.
My need to control
will fill others' need to be controlled.
That was my euphoric discovery:
the union of my urges
with the German people's desires!
lf you unite a powerful people,
whose first duty
is obedience,
you can do
( whispers ) God...
l love to order.
Every woman a potential source of solace,
warmth, love.
Every man, a rival.
Hitler: ''l am the German spirit.
Consider the incomparable magic of my works...''
Did you write that?
''...the incomparable
magic of my works.''
lt's Wagner.
''Man is a beast of prey,
developing through constant progress.
The beast conquers, founds great realms
by the subjugation
of other subjugators,
forms states
and organizes civilizations,
in order to enjoy his booty
in peace.
Attack and defense,
suffering and struggle,
domination and servitude.''
Are those Wagner's words?
We were both illusionists and showmen.
l made my life so different,
so vibrant, so extreme.
That was how...
l accumulated power.
l wrapped
iron and blood
in a cloud
of mystic communion
with the German Volk.
Whoever wants to understand Hitler,
must first learn Wagner.
Write this!
Fire fascinates Hitler.
lt consumes without accepting or rejecting.
Hitler: Read the last sentence back to me.
Typist: ''We made the sound so overwhelming,
the attitude so certain,
the level of force so high,
the spectacle so grand,
that no one could see anything at the center
but the symbolism.''
Yes. Good.
The symbolism at the center.
Like the sun,
nobody could look at me without the pain
and punishment of blindness.
Number two! The receptivity of the masses
is unlimited, yet their understanding
is feeble. They quickly forget.
The masses tell each other small lies.
lt could never come into their heads
to create colossal tales.
Thus, bold myths work best.
Effective propaganda must be confined to stereotypes.
Always focus people's attention on a single foe.
To have multiple enemies confuses people.
My genius was the combining
of two enemies--
Jews and Marxism--
into one.
Jewish Marxism...
the synthesis
that was the key to my success.
Weave this in:
Crude simplifications endlessly repeated
will influence the supple.
Goebbel's realm.
For the non-supple,
the stubborn...
terror is necessary--
Himmler's responsibility.
When l was a small boy in Linz,
l frequently played alone.
l would walk to the top of the hill
overlooking the city.
ln dark solitude,
l imagined l had absolute command of those heights
and all the lands below.
Only the trees on the hillside heard my cry.
Heil Hitler!
( under his breath ) Heil Hitler.
Those private moments stayed with me
through the darkest days.
The tragedy of every charismatic leader
is to be imprisoned by his fate.
His triumphs are finite,
his needs...
( stringed instruments plays )
( choir sings )
- ( choir fades ) - ( overlapping whispers )
This was to have been built... for you.
Hitler: What will they think of us?
those who study our lives?
Will we be judged by what we say,
by our deeds,
by the monuments and images we leave behind...
by something else?
we can't control?
Eva: They adored you.
They were stupefied by the Führer cult...
so hungry for me,
as if l could fill their emptiness.
By feeding them hope, you stimulated their craving.
the desire to be the desired object.
Eva: For women, you were the ideal lover,
- the perfect father. - Hitler: Fleeting.
The thrill quickly loses its impact.
You were the one thing...
that brought me peace.
l told you to destroy that footage!
Hitler: When l was homeless during a cold Vienna winter,
a Jewish art dealer gave me an overcoat.
l even had a Jewish friend at the men's shelter
with whom l spent many pleasant afternoons.
Maybe, there would have been an advantage
in not exterminating the Jews.
Well, for a long time, we considered a territorial solution.
We would put them in reservations
or ship them to...
ln fact, we encouraged mass emigration.
Eichmann's assignment during the '30s
was to find places to move them to.
few countries would take more than a handful.
Someone even proposed...
a mass sterilization plan.
An ugly necessity.
ln every society, there are pent up hatreds.
For example, in the United States
it's against the blacks; in Russia, the successful.
A politician must mobilize
these hatreds.
Reason must be trained to think
in historical dimensions.
Get out! Get out!
You'll get nothing from me! No mercy!
Tell them Hitler has ice in his veins!
l'm the greatest actor in Europe.
l am...
the greatest actor in Europe.
Hitler: What a thrill to play the Führer--
for 12 years,
the supreme Father figure.
On to surpass even Lord Grimm.
They made me ''Man of the Year.''
They made you what?
Time Magazine, they made me ''Man of the Year.''
l was on the cover for six issues.
l conquered Poland, Norway, Denmark, France.
Americans love a winner.
Of course, it doesn't mean a thing.
They made Roosevelt
''Man of the Year'' three times!
And he was a cripple.
Goebbels: Look at Himmler.
Hitler: You're not exactly Clark Gable yourself,
my little doctor.
Himmler looks like a weasel.
Goebbels: Making our enemies look bad
was often easier than making us--
Hitler: The perfect Aryan Superman.
A weak stomach in the presence of violence.
Woo! Heinrich Himmler.
Didn't anyone notice?
He was ruthless,
but not careless.
And Hitler-loyal.
Who better to run the SS?
Art must be plausible.
lf you wrote a script about Aryan superiority
and cast Himmler, people would laugh,
walk out of the theatre.
On the political stage,
you can do anything.
Let's put up another reel.
lmages to blur facts.
Hitler: ln World War l, l was a messenger.
l never killed anyone.
l am a vegetarian.
l never eat dead animals.
l loathe big game hunters--
a gruesome bloodbath.
l would not allow smoking in my presence.
We discouraged tobacco consumption.
l insisted on the humane treatment of pets
and farm animals.
l even issued a decree regulating the cooking
of lobsters to minimize their suffering.
l reduced chemicals in fruits and vegetables.
The SS planted organic gardens.
l am not a brutal man by nature.
l am not a brutal man by nature.
l am not a brutal man by nature.
l'm not a brutal man by nature.
l am not a brutal man.
Hitler: Only a charismatic leader could heal the wounds
of the great war inflicted on us by the November criminals.
Hitler's charisma was as much created
by the German masses as it was
imposed upon them. ln peacetime,
stability and routine undermine charisma.
ln wartime, the great threat
is defeat.
lt was the failure of the will
of the German people
that fatally undermined my charisma!
You take...
an ordinary man,
dress him in a uniform...
and that man...
will commit acts
he never before...
You can turn a runny-nosed, bedwetter...
into a ruthless warrior.
lf l'd stopped with the conquest of France,
l would have gone down in history
as the greatest conqueror since Alexander The Great.
No! No, no.
''Greatest military genius in history.''
Wait-- what do you think?
Well, no...
Ah... here it is.
''Greatest empire since Caesar.''
That-- that's it.
Let's make it...
lf l had stopped with the conquest of France,
l would have built
the greatest sustained empire
since Caesar Augustus.
What l hated most about the war
was fighting the English.
The fair Brits...
our racial brothers,
our natural allies--
The very word means angels, doesn't it?
Eva: Mmm...
lt's a tranquil image.
All the Germanic peoples
coming together.
The traitor Churchill...
never told his countrymen that l offered an alliance,
a union of racial brothers...
and protection of the British Empire.
Eva: Wolfie?
ln a different era, parts of me that were
compassionate and sensitive
might have developed but, in my era,
there were forces and attractions
that led me to become the founder
and perfect leader of the new religion.
Think of Volk and Reich!
Our great nation!
We prefer the spoken to the written word.
More so, symbols to any kind of words.
And above all,
pageantry, spectacle, and music.
People thought l choreographed
the Nuremberg Rally to make the film
''Triumph of the Will.''
The critics lack the imagination to see
that l orchestrated World War ll,
for the same reasons...
the invasion of countries.
Mobilization of millions of extras
to produce the most magnificent
and historic film footage,
footage delivered nightly
from the front by courier
for my personal review.
So, my sons and daughters,
take guidance from the arts...
to write a bestseller
or to stir a nation!
Your hero must have no fears
and you villain no need of affection.
The fair maiden
must be blonde,
and the villain must wear dark clothing
and a mustache.
Life is ambiguous.
None of us can stand ambiguity.
Me, least of all.
lf you told the truth,
both the teller and the listener
would go insane.
Tell me. For you, what redeems life?
The purely artistic.
Read Nietzsche.
But what of the spiritual dimension?
To be a creative artist,
one inevitably walks the spiritual path.
ln fact, they are the same path.
Good. Good.
But, there is so much more to understand, Adolf.
- So many died-- - Stop!
Conscience is the Jewish invention.
For us National Socialists,
action follows thought as quickly as...
thunder follows lightning.
Hitler: Let's finish this section.
Typist: ''Enigma, carefully manipulated
enhances one's power and fame.''
Hitler: Make that, ''Fame, power and immortality.''
Obfuscation keeps people guessing--
the little feints, the ambiguities,
ln my first four years, as head of the Nazi party,
l forbade photos to be taken of me.
To my surprise,
the efforts to keep these things hidden
created a cloak of enigma.
People want to know. They talk.
They were kept on edge.
Yeah, better delete that last section.
Typist: You mean, starting with the line
- ''obfuscations''? - No, no.
From ''There were things about me
that l was not comfortable with.''
The horrors of the First World War,
the turmoil of the post-war years.
By the 1930s,
Germany was an abused child.
From her wounds, grew...
National Socialism,
''the great healer.''
''The great healer.''
l can remember the first time l spoke publicly.
ln 1919.
Or was it 1920?
Crowd of veterans...
disheartened, broken men
who'd spent four agonized years in the trenches,
only to return unappreciated.
Civilians could never know.
They were moved by my words,
my fervor.
l could speak.
l remember...
one young man in a wheelchair
who'd lost his legs--
there was an ecstasy on his face.
l knew joy.
l had the power
to heal the sick.
As with Wagner's music,
people could lose themselves
in the totality of my voice.
One must be cautious, Adolf.
All people want to be gods.
Unfortunately, some do not recognize
the impossibility of it.
You're wrong.
Every man has God within him.
most people don't recognize this.
There is no essence beneath appearance,
only a series of appearances,
each rising out of the one before
and giving birth to the next.
l merely fulfilled the plans and programs
of my original sponsors.
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Everwood 01x03 - Friendly Fire
Everwood 01x04 - The Kissing Bridge
Everwood 01x05 - Deer God
Everwood 01x06 - The Doctor is in
Everwood 01x07 - We Hold These Truths
Everwood 01x08 - Till Death Do Us Part
Everyday People 2004
Everyone Says I Love You
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask
Evil Dead 3 - Army of Darkness (DirCut) CD1
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Evil Words 2003
Evita CD1
Evita CD2
Evolution 2001
Exocist The Beginnig
Exorcist 3
Exorcist The (The Version You have Never Seen)
Exorcist The Directors Cut
Explorers 1985
Explosive City 2004
Extreme Measures 1996
Extremely Goofy Movie An
Eye 2 The
Eye For An Eye 1996 25fps
Eye Of The Beholder
Eye The 2002
Eyes Wide Shut CD1
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