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Empty Mirror The 1996 CD2

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Cruelty is impressive.
Buildings as the very expression of tyranny.
Appearance verses reality
is the central issue of all art.
Political uses of the account sciences.
Anxiety is institutionalized.
To downplay the internal differences,
we focused on the external differences.
Those of us with German blood
versus Jews, Slavs, Gypsies--
So, if a man
from the lower middle class, born outside Germany,
lacking noble ancestry,
a high school dropout perhaps,
he would henceforth feel included, not excluded?
What about what we did to the German mentally ill,
the retarded?
- They're German heritage. - And the homosexuals.
National Socialism
was not a political party,
but a-- a sacred crusade
against all those inimicable
to the pure Nordic super-race.
Holy duty
for all those
with Germanic blood in their veins.
''Nordic super-race.''
The movement was founded
on the idea of an Arian super-race.
After you secured power, you narrowed the ideal.
You forbade SS men from marrying German women
who weren't blonde.
How is this explained?
Watch how l use my nervous energy
to subdue and control the crowd.
Everything l do here is entirely calculated.
The crowd is a hesitant female.
Their bodies and souls await...
Two solid hours.
l grant it.
Goering despises me for it.
That l have this power
also astonishes me.
Only twice in my life have l been
afflicted by weakness:
At the death of my mother,
and at the betrayal of my motherland.
When l was growing up,
Germany was always referred to as the fatherland.
When you assume absolute rule,
a beast climbs onto the throne with you.
Every philosopher,
politician, poet,
composer, general,
each will be viewed in the light of my legacy.
They are precursors,
threads woven into the tapestry
of the Hitler hero.
For generations,
all of German history
will be viewed through the lens ground
by the accomplishments of the era
of Adolf Hitler.
( sighs )
Crowd: Hitler!
My tombstone should bear the inscription,
''He was the victim of his generals.''
lnvincible Luftwaffe
commanded by the great General Goering,
humiliated by the British Air Force,
a swarm of mosquitoes!
What about Dunkirk?
Their army was cornered,
but you let them escape.
You may look Nordic,
but you lack Nordic spirit.
lt's a law of nature.
A man must put others down to feel good about himself.
Czechs, Croats, Slavs--
Austria was like a broken-down old man,
an illegitimate marriage with Hungary,
an empire rotten to the core.
Only the mating of Austria with Germany could save her.
So, you explain the world
by using the symbolism of ethnic conflict?
Well, race is everything.
Upon the ancient foundation of race,
l forged religions,
science, magic, and politics
into a single world view.
ls it possible your enemy lies
not without, but within?
You perpetuate a bourgeois existence
which offers no salvation.
The aim of my work is to help people
escape their inner prisons--
My mythology
captured people's imagination.
And more profoundly,
the roots of National Socialism
are hidden in secret places.
They are beyond your grasp.
Hitler: According to the universal laws of nature,
the soil belongs to those who conquer it.
We must purge our people of their softness
and sentimental philistinism.
On this point, l am ice cold.
All life is paid for in blood.
l crush the skulls
of my enemy.
l made the dead winds blow.
The soul and the mind migrate,
just as the body returns to nature.
Freud: What do you mean when you say,
''erotic affinity with death''?
Unspeakable desperation...
A hungry wolf, out to kill, eat and survive.
But l could sit calmly at a party rally
and then get up and speak.
That was the true triumph of my will.
Run along, my little golden Nordic nuggets.
( growls )
When one's personal and political mythology is threatened,
one must take steps to affirm it!
Blood and race,
the only true source of artistic inspiration.
Art is a sacred mission,
which requires the artist
to be a fanatic.
Hold still!
Hold still!
Hitler: Stripped of grandeur,
exposed nerve endings--
a tender fetus
poked unmercifully
by a sharp metal rod.
Sometimes it feels as if my body
has been partially cut out,
never grown.
On unbearably hot days when l would sweat,
the footage not only had to be edited out,
but physically eradicated.
The original footage,
the original...
the truth,
is now lost to them forever.
The future führers
must understand,
no matter how carefully you plan
or execute your production,
you can never get it exactly right.
But with editing,
a black magic...
l have edited the imagination
of people not yet born.
Flawless speeches, unflappable will,
100,000 cheering citizens,
women in tears,
and an assailable fall thundering from the tower.
ln a way, the outtakes, the flaws,
these were like the Jews.
l never thought of it like that.
A prophet. A fighter.
The last hope of the masses.
The shining symbol
of Germany's will to freedom.
All your propaganda!
With utmost respect, mein Führer,
you created the Führer role.
You were the director.
l only helped to stage it.
My God, Goebbels, it became a terrible strain.
Future generations, mein Führer, will pay
exorbitant sums for your paintings,
your letters, your pistol,
if only to feel your presence in them.
l was a victim of Nazi propaganda.
The lnvincible Führer.
Historians will study your childhood,
examine your relationships, the dark secrets.
lt warped my judgment.
They will exaggerate your slightest scribbles
into important, irrefutable clues.
You will be the source of endless fascination.
l am seeing universities
all over the world
with their courses--
''Hitler, Architecture, and Politics.''
Salvation and Human Evolution.''
What about ''Hitler, Wagner and Voyeurism''?
And then there will be artists, too,
all striving for comprehension.
Careers devoured,
trying to bridge the distance.
There's my 1,000-year Reich.
We gave them all
much to brood over, didn't we, Joseph?
Hitler: We were each islands of strength and will
surrounded by great muttonherds
of sheep-like followers.
Stalin, you little babushka,
you were going to invade me, but l invaded you first.
We knew that liberty, equality, and democracy
are the grandest nonsense.
But war is the most simple affirmation of life.
But l do not admire him.
Envy? Stalin?
Paah! A footnote.
A footnote if he's fortunate.
Stalin killed millions of his own people,
but he killed without grace.
He ruled by fear.
l ruled by passion,
and ecstasy!
Stalin had no sense of form.
Yes, he got people's attention,
but with force
and random brutality.
He's a barbarian of genius.
So what!
He offered nothing
to hypnotize or transform his people.
Where is the drama in slaughtering
well-to-do farmers?
Stalin misunderstood
the principals of opera.
Disciplined spontaneity.
We stove for the most extreme
intensification of possibilities.
We elevated passion above reason.
We rescued the German people
from their drab, predictable lives.
We gave them a sense of heroic belonging,
a vision of victorious triumph
over evil.
A man will do anything,
as long as you take him step by step.
Break a shop window.
Rough up a labor leader.
Turn a neighborhood into a ghetto.
Shoot a man.
Eliminate. Erase.
lf you asked a civilized people
to take this last step first...
it would be impossible.
Give me that.
Let's start again.
Only as each order was obeyed
with absolute fidelity,
did l recognize the possibilities.
My mind leapt ahead
to the most extreme,
fantastic scenarios.
But my advice is, go slow.
Take small steps.
A desire fulfilled
must be followed
by a somewhat larger request,
a slightly greater brutality.
Let the momentum build.
To my astonishment,
l found l could experience the sensation
of absolute power.
The whole system functioned to obey my commands.
Each member of the armed forces
swore obedience,
unconditionally, to me.
The nation celebrated my birthday.
Every German schoolboy pledged:
''l swear to devote all my energies, my strength
to the savior of our country, Adolf Hitler.
l am ready and willing to lay down my life for him
so help me God.
One Volk, one Reich, one Führer.''
A mere flicker of my imagination
could be transformed into a giant deed.
Sketch a museum, it is built.
Envision new living space,
a country is invaded.
When a hatred matures,
this group or that group
is eliminated.
For others it becomes,
''This is my job. l will complete this on time.
l will perform with excellence. l am in charge of this.
My aim in life is...''
( mumbles ) Blah-- blah-- blah...
No matter how harsh, extreme,
or murderous...
the resulting... reality.
One can write new commandments.
''Thou shalt kill.''
No, no. l've never killed a single person
with my own hands.
My whole life was dedicated to fighting for schemas
plotted to take over the world.
Hence the need
to cleanse our nation!
Germany had to be pure.
With our purified Germanic nation,
why did we fare so poorly in World War ll?
During the First World War, Germany was never invaded.
Yet, by the end of the Second,
we were overrun by foreign armies.
We had the will to fight on. We could have won!
Our cities and towns were bombed into rubble.
Millions of German women were raped by invading Russian soldiers.
Over five million Germans had been killed.
The German officer corps turned out to be
a pack of mutineers and cowards!
( Hitler growls )
l don't give a damn about troop strength!
You are a general
in the army of the Third Reich,
a German officer, an instrument of conquest...
lf you even mention retreat,
you're a traitor,
a coward, a Jew!
( coughing )
( with strained voice ) Retreat is unacceptable!
Losses can never be too heavy!
Only vitality
guarantees success!
l am a man who knows
only one thing!
Strike! Strike!
And strike again!
The first time,
mein Führer,
l heard you speak,
you looked at me.
Your blue eyes met my glance,
like a flame. This was a command.
At that moment, l was reborn.
l knew which road to take.
At last...
an epic
worth writing.
But only you, a failed playwright, to write it.
And you, a failed artist to act it.
The grander your grandiosity,
the more brutal and grotesque.
The propaganda had to be the height of ruth!
Because it doesn't matter if an idea is true or false,
as long as it serves my purposes.
But members of your family
suffered from mental illness.
Didn't you fear insanity?
l wasn't put in a lunatic asylum.
l created a lunatic asylum.
The war would never have started
if it wasn't for the Jews...
and their puppet
( mimics Churchill ) We will fight them
on the landing strips.
We will fight them on the beaches.
We will fight them
wherever the enemy
invaded us.
l dealt with pain by causing pain.
No! Cross that out!
lt's a ridiculous notion,
that personal pain causes one man to injure another.
To protect Germany, an act of self-defense.
To guarantee my singular place
in history.
To punish the German nation
for undermining my charisma.
To take their breath away.
The broad, sweeping
historical gesture.
As the gleam of conquest faded,
the SS needed a new mission
to sustain vitality.
To brand the German people
with this crime
for all time.
My final enigmatic act,
my postwar surprise to the world.
Freud's voice: What about your fear of being one quarter Jewish?
Where does that fit in?
( distorted scream )
Hitler: What drives a leader beyond his destiny?
Answer me.
Answer me!
Germany needs free men who feel and know
that Wotan is within them,
in their own destiny,
in their own blood.
One is either a German or a Christian.
We cannot be both!
We will tear out Christianity root and branch, annihilate it.
Are you afraid the Christian way of life
would lead to the dissolution
- of masculine vitality? - Bolshevik hogwash!
What are you looking at?
Perhaps shame
leads to concealment.
Freud's voice: Your search for perfection...
the untainted.
is not worthy of me!
( Eva gasps )
Russia was my abyss.
( sighs )
The dark valley of that defeat in 1941
was unbearable.
Like Napoleon,
death in the snow.
Since 1933, an unbroken chain
of political, economic and military conquests--
waves of adulation-- l was unstoppable!
But then...
invincibility undone, the circle of my perfection
crushed under the boots of Slavs, no less.
The Führer Myth...
A quarter million of my young soldiers
slaughtered in the snow.
My most humiliating experience.
l was naked before the German people...
the world.
And then, l had to continue with my role
to take the stage again.
Only my will
allowed me to remain in character.
A childhood nightmare returned--
running home naked from school in the snow,
hiding behind bushes,
trying to avoid being seen,
to avoid ridicule,
l pondered the many options.
Calling a world conference for peace.
l could be ''The Great Peacemaker,''
voluntarily withdrawing
to our own borders.
We would keep only...
l considered retiring,
going back to my painting. l longed to paint, to create,
to build.
l should have been an architect.
Has a great ruler ever
simply disappeared from the public stage,
changed his identity?
''Let someone else play Hitler,'' l thought,
''Give someone else the role!''
But the stain of defeat
would not fade.
And then...
it came to me.
Slowly at first, like a--
a blossom on tree in spring.
What l could do next.
( nervous breathing )
An old image--
a primal hatred, crystallized.
The answer.
lt obsessed me and lifted my spirits.
A new plan for these terrible times.
lt was the one thought, the one idea,
that brought me peace enough
to sleep.
l could...
and completely
destroy all the Jews.
lf my role as great conqueror had ended,
a new part beckoned--
''The Great Destroyer.''
l would be the architect
of the greatest catastrophe
of all time.
That's how l would be remembered,
gain my immortality.
My God...
this is powerful writing.
Like a blossom on a tree in spring.
Add this note.
''The seeds of this obsession were sowed long ago
and now sprang forth
from the black soil of war.''
( under his breath ) Or should l say,
''the black soil of defeat.''
lsn't defeat what you mean?
Wait a minute. Something's out of order.
Before the defeats-- l'm trying to remember...
The SS death squads
eliminated hundreds and thousands of Jews and communists
in the course of the invasion of Russia.
Well, of course that was
mostly a military security operation issue.
lt was so long ago!
So much has happened!
l declared war on the United States
on the 11th of December,
one week after the first setbacks in Russia.
l was desperate
to transcend the agony.
To appear strong!
Maybe l need to say,
''Men may see my actions
as atrocities of epic proportion,
l saw them as a way to relieve tension.''
Or maybe we should say, um...
''ln a mere fortnight,
l sealed Germany's
military and moral fate.''
Or... l...
Let's just leave it the way it is.
l devoured past and future.
l devoured!
l fused the symbolic
with the real.
( screams ) l exuded spiritual terror!
The stain of defeat.
Hitler: We were stuck in a mutually reciprocal
dream play--
figures twirling with no ground,
images with no object.
A mass hallucination.
That a people would give all power,
turn their lives and wills over to a single man...
it's insane.
( projector clicks )
My youth was an emptiness,
a black mirror
laced with panic.
As Führer,
my mirror filled
with my image...
but the glow was brief.
And when the brightness fades
at twilight,
the brutality has begun.
Finally, when the beast is spent,
the black night returns.
The only remedy is to lash out.
Ever so slightly the fog lifts.
lt doesn't go away,
but it is tolerable.
( insane cries )
( screaming )
No one questioned me.
Further and further down
down the path,
no one said stop.
The whole apparatus said,
Go on.''
Repeating cycles of affirmation.
( softly ) Echo.
lt was all so abstract--
living space,
the racial theories,
l never touched the suffering.
l kept it so distant.
( blasting effect )
( screams )
( screams )
All this madness...
the destruction...
the human suffering...
l, too, was trapped
in the whirlwind
we created--
an empty mirror
filled with hate.
l expected God to reach down
and stop me...
...but He never did.
please say something.
Please help me.
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