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Look at what I got.
So that's what you been hiding. Don't you want to share?
Take it. Just leave me alone.
You got family, girl, with anything to trade?
Yes. My daddy has canned goods and gasoline.
This little girl's plump. She'll feed us for a week.
It's him. I know it's him.
Take the food and let the girl go. I won't give you a second chance.
Kill her.
I'm walkin' outta here, Garth. Try and stop me, she's dead. Do you hear me?
Mandy, close your eyes.
No! Wait!
- Your mom was worried about you. - Was it always like this, Garth?
No. The world was once beautiful, baby.
But we betrayed her and she turned her back on us.
- Will she ever forgive us? - Yeah. When we've learned our lesson.
OK. Open her up.
- Look, Mom. I found bread. - Where have you been?
I have been worried sick.
I found her about six blocks south of here.
- Thank you. - Mom, look. Bread.
Yeah. Put that away now, OK?
One of the hunters found meat. And we have stew.
(laboured breathing)
Take it easy.
- It won't be long now. - Don't talk like that.
It's the truth and we both well know it.
- What have you got there? - We got us some soup.
Van Owen says he killed a coyote. He brought the meat in already butchered.
There's no coyotes left. Not even in the canyons.
Killed six men today. Three over this and three over the Parker girl.
- Things are getting worse. - As if that were possible.
Drop 'em. Or you're dead.
Long time.
I'm afraid you would have been disappointed. We ain't got much.
I ain't come for what you have. In fact, we brought gifts.
Peaches. They're real!
You didn't come for food. What did you come here for?
- What did he want? - A meeting.
Between me and a man named Reich. Anton Reich.
- Says he works for him. In some capacity. - Lapierre only works in one capacity.
- Are you going? - I don't see the harm in it.
Famous last words.
I didn't know there were any of these things left running.
You'd be surprised what's left if you know the right people.
(solemn organ music)
- Do you like Bach, Major? - Yeah, it's all right.
His peers considered him to be the supreme master of counterpoint,
best evidenced by this toccata and fugue in D minor.
Additionally he sired 20 children. Some men do lead prodigious lives.
Take your father, for instance. General Thomas Garth.
Leader of the Melbourne invasion of '66. Commanded the NATO alliance.
Sired one John Thomas Garth. Enlisted at 16. Joined Delta Force a year later.
Distinguished combat record, Taipan wars.
Two Purple Hearts, a Service Cross and the Congressional Medal of Honor.
- A truly excellent resume, Major. - I'm not a major any more.
I'm just a man trying to survive. Like everyone else.
Anton Reich.
Are you hungry? What I have is not steak or lobster, but it is hot and filling.
See to it.
- You knew him before the fall? - Yeah, he was a ranger.
- But you were adversaries. - Competitors. He had his way, I had mine.
And whose was best?
- What is it you want, Mr Reich? - Your skill, obviously.
- I want to hire you. - To do what?
Can you guess what it is I did before the fall?
- I don't know. Businessman. - You can do better than that, Major.
Your clothes were handcrafted in Europe,
but it's the crest on your cufflinks that says Austrian aristocracy.
This facility was systematised before the fall.
Which shows your foresightedness.
You surround yourself with paramilitary, but you can control them.
I would guess you ran a conglomerate or a large enterprise.
Bravo, Major. That's true enough.
But my passion, my real passion, is not nearly so transparent.
Art is more than just brush strokes against canvas.
It's the epitome of human existence.
10% of the world's greatest pieces lie within a five-mile radius of where we are.
I want you to retrieve for me as much of it as you can.
Tell me, have you heard of the Vincent Estate?
Sure. In the Valley, in the Sepulveda Pass. Built by some billionaire recluse.
Rumoured to be the most heavily secured building in the US.
The rumours are true, I can assure you.
I've sent several contingents up there to investigate. None have returned.
What makes you think it hasn't been looted too?
I knew Vincent. We were also competitors.
In the years before his seclusion he began work on a formidable security system.
- Use Lapierre. He's good enough. - He can handle heavy stuff.
But he's a soldier. He could never have seen me the way you did in there.
- How's it powered? - By nuclear reactor.
Modelled after the one here at UCLA.
And if I succeed?
All the food, ammunition and goods your people could desire.
Living out of a sewer doesn't suit you, Major.
Eating rats and God knows what else.
I'm giving you an opportunity to reclaim your dignity.
What do you say?
Vincent Estate is protected by surface-to-air missiles.
Anything that comes near the place goes up in smoke.
- You tried it? - Of course.
The grounds are protected by shadow battle units.
You telling me you can't send something in there and remote-detonate it?
The walls are made from blended armour.
Even if we could, Mr Reich doesn't want to risk damaging the collection.
- Tell him. - There's something else.
EnCrypt. We're not sure what the acronym stands for.
Before the fall Mr Reich's people downloaded some transmissions
detailing a security program that oversees the entire state.
- What kind of program? - The sentient kind.
- Is there any good news? - Yes. You won't be going in alone.
Hernandez. She's been a shadow on every corner of the world.
Never been a recon better. If there's a crack in the wall, she can slip inside.
King. Ex-Marine sniper.
39 confirmed kills. If he can see it, he can shoot it.
- Nobody handles the heavy stuff better. - What heavy stuff?
- Pray you never find out, little sister. - Edershaw.
- Best tech man in 36 states. - Except Florida.
There's a key man who lives there. Calls himself The Shawl. He's good. Real good.
- He's odd, but he gets the job done. - Call me The Poet. Everybody does.
- That's your team? - No. Lapierre's going in too.
Save it. Whatever past you two have, leave it there.
You're professionals. For a chance to pull this off, you'll need each other.
- You're assuming I'm in. I haven't agreed. - That's right. You haven't, have you?
Coumadin and warfarin. 50mg of anticoagulant injections.
For those blood clots in your father's legs, correct?
- Is there anything you don't know? - Our chance of success.
I don't do anything till the food and the medicine are delivered.
Half now and half when the operation is completed.
And I am in total command.
- That is the entente. - I haven't heard him say it.
You just do your job, Garth. I'll do mine.
Unbeknownst to many, Vincent Industries was also creating combat systems.
The estate is protected by platforms inside and out.
So not your first foray. Who went in? You?
No. Leon Vega.
Vega? Where is he?
Dead. But he got further than anyone before, if that's of any condolence.
- Ever worn force-field armour before? - No.
It was introduced during the last days of the Pentagon.
They're lithium-battery operated. These read-outs tell you your count.
Generally speaking, the armour is good for 100 rounds of 5.56
or 75 rounds of 7.62.
Grenades and pulse weapons will take a toll of between 10 and 100 points
depending on proximity of impact.
- Does everyone follow? - Yes, sir.
This is a battery pack. It holds 20 additional battery units.
Each isolated to prevent current overflow.
Change batteries between firefights or whenever it becomes depleted.
Some units may protect past the hundred mark, but I wouldn't count on it.
Should have gone with the Energizers.
Mr King. Would you step away from the others?
Gentlemen and Hernandez, you might want to step back.
- Glancing rounds will deflect. - Wait a minute.
Son of a bitch.
It is advisable to seek cover when being fired upon.
While rounds can't penetrate,
the force can disorientate and render the recipient unconscious.
I've avoided the head and certain appendages for demonstration purposes.
Without the armour, they are vulnerable.
Mr King, you've just taken 90 direct hits.
Normally one would have been enough to kill you. How do you feel?
- Swell. - Good. Thank you for participating.
- Keeps going and going and... - Shut up.
You got good taste. The pulse rifle has a punch of 50 with almost no recoil.
It uses the same batteries as the armour, 50 rounds of decreasing intensity.
- You can also use it for regular firepower. - Downside?
- The barrel can overheat and fracture. - Guess that's acceptable.
- About Vega... - Save it. He knew the risks.
Just like we do.
Radio signals are jammed inside the estate.
But it will work once it powers down.
Get over to the central atrium then down to the second sub-floor.
Shut the nuke down, then head outside and give me a call. I'll come in.
I wish you luck, Major. Lapierre.
Shadow units!
Where are they coming from? I can't get a lock.
Cease fire! Don't fire unless you see something. Stop wasting ammo.
Where are they coming from? I can't get a lock.
Check the footprints in the snow.
Is that it? Are they all gone?
Going thermal.
Edershaw. Behind you.
- Count-off. Hernandez. - Alive and kicking, sir.
- King. A-OK. - Lapierre. Everyone's cool.
Let's move.
Move it.
- Fire in the hole. - Wait, wait, wait.
"Fortune always leaves some doors open." Cervantes.
(Edershaw) "Into a closed mouth no flies will enter."
No defensive platforms. The doors behind me lead to the housing wings.
- We want the far end. - But behind those doors?
- That's where the fun begins. - Hernandez. How's your impact rating?
- Cherry, sir. How's yours? - Peachy. Let's move.
On the other side there's no stepping back. The team's going to look to you.
- Body, three o'clock. - Put your hands up.
- Edershaw, perimeter. - All clear.
- Stop where you are. Don't move. - I have the shot.
- Negative. She's unarmed. - On your face, lady, now.
I said eat the floor, now.
- Team. On me. - (Garth) Lapierre, wait.
That wasn't very smart, was it?
By the look of you, I suspect intelligence is an undervalued commodity.
It's a hologram.
You are all intruders here, but your damage is limited to the outside.
I'm sure if you flee now, a full-scale pursuit will not ensue.
- Lapierre, is it... - EnCrypt? I think so. Shall we take it out?
- No. Reich seemed to intimate it... - Stop! Stop referring to me as "it"!
My name is Diana, gentlemen.
You might be thieves, but you needn't be discourteous ones.
- Diana? - That's correct. And you are?
Moving on.
Have I mentioned the police are on their way?
- There are no police any more. - What do you mean?
- Projection point. - Please. Don't fire again.
- I'm only trying to help you. - I got it.
If you destroy my apparatus I will have no choice but to take appropriate measures.
If you could shut all women up with a push of a button it'd be a perfect world.
- Appropriate measures? - I don't see the sky falling.
Gas! Hit the floor.
I can't breathe.
King. Put your mask on.
Come on. Get it on.
- I'm all right. - You were saying?
If gas is all they've got, this is going to be a breeze.
I'm inclined to disagree with you. Wait. Please. Let me speak.
Am I correct in assuming you are in charge?
- No. You are. - You won't reach what you're after.
From this point on I will be unable to aid you as I did
with the shadow units and the gas.
- Aid us? What is she talking about? - If you like, you can remove your masks.
It's quite safe now.
May I remind you, I am the guardian of this facility, yet I still value human life.
But even my security protocols have backups.
- I don't know where the police are. - There are no police any more.
- And the world? - Is gone.
At least as your programmers perceived it.
- You might wish the police had come. - Is that right?
This facility is defended by an upgrade of a Vincent Embassy Protection System.
In case you're too ignorant to know what that means: Lethal defence systems.
- Killing machines. - (cocks weapon)
You've been warned.
Great, we've been warned. Now can we get moving or what?
Hello, boys and girls. My name is Diana.
- I'm the chief of security. - What the hell is this?
- I'm your guide. - It's it again.
- No, it's something different. - Who can tell me who Mr Vincent is?
- She was once human. - (laughs)
- I don't know about the richest man... - King triggered an old holograph of her.
The Mr Vincent I know loves art more than anything else in the world
and has built this residence so it could be converted into a museum
and all these beautiful paintings you see on the walls could find a home.
- Looks clear. - Make sure.
What was that?
Theodore Vincent was quite the philanthropist.
He didn't see his accumulation of art as possessory.
Unlike most collectors of his era, his was not locked away in a room
or buried in a safety deposit box, but displayed here for all to see.
His hospitality sure has made an impact on all of us.
- You deny you're here to steal? - No.
Although my clients would describe it differently.
- Repatriate. - Yeah. Something like that.
Did you know him? Before he died?
Yes. He was like a father to me. And to many others, Mr Garth.
- What? What is it? - You called me Garth.
My sensors are finely tuned.
I can pick up all audible conversations, body language, physiological changes,
reflections of truth, dishonesty and more.
For instance, I know you would rather not be here.
- Do you? - And I know that you're a good man,
as evidenced by an exemplary military record, lack of criminal record
and social achievements by your wife and offspring.
I see this is an uncomfortable subject for you.
- I apologise for the interjection. - It was a long time ago, Diana.
Before they made machines like you.
Major. I think you want to see this.
What do you make of this? Some kind of puzzle?
Diana, is this a trap?
Vincent's dead and he took the civilised world with him.
There's a man out there willing to carry on his legacy.
- If you value human life, you'll help us. - I'm sorry, Major Garth.
But I'm afraid that's not my prime directive.
- Getting tired of her voice anyway. - Heard that.
Can't be too hard. In my experience puzzles like this are easy. Like riddles.
- It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery... - (all) Shut up, Edershaw.
The question is... where do we start?
How about the beginning?
- Be careful, King. - It's OK, Hernandez. I know the way.
Are you hurt?
No, negative.
Armour protected me.
- Well, that rules that out. - No, there's got to be a trick.
- Nobody could memorise these numbers. - We could ask Diana, but she ain't talking.
Maybe she already did.
She said helping us wasn't her prime directive.
- So? - It seems like a robotic response.
If she doesn't want to be regarded as a robot, why say that?
So it's a clue.
- Prime numbers. - What?
A number only divisible by itself and one.
- 1, 2, 3, 5, 7... - 11.
- 12. - No.
- 13, 17, 19. - OK, Hernandez.
- So give it a shot. - Yes, sir.
- Yes! - All right.
All right, Mr Poet, it's your turn.
We all know what Shakespeare said. "Courage mounteth with occasion."
That's right, Mr Bard. Now mounteth your ass over here. Let's go.
"It is better to be the widow of a hero than a wife of a coward." Ibarruri.
What the hell's he talking about?
Virgil. "Fortune favours the bold."
What? Don't tell me you guys don't like Virgil.
Edershaw. Don't turn around.
Edershaw, move.
- Hernandez? - Don't have the shot.
Let's move.
- I warned you. - That you did.
- And now you plan to continue on? - We do.
I don't understand your actions, John Garth.
They're not consistent with the data I have retrieved on you.
Perhaps the outside world has moved on.
Perhaps you're not the same man who earned those commendations of valour.
- You disappoint me, John. - You wouldn't be the first.
King, Hernandez, secure perimeter.
How are we, Major?
As far as I can tell, ahead of schedule.
This is the last room before we make our descent into the sub-floors.
No, I meant how are you doing?
Other than losing one of my soldiers... fine.
Good. I'd hate to think that all the psychobabble
that talking Polaroid has turned your way might be sinking in.
- You've a problem with how I lead things? - I'm just concerned.
- Are you? - You've always been a good soldier.
A little too Ione wolf for my taste, but you got the job done.
- I just don't see how this EnCrypt... - You mean Diana.
Diana. Is doing us any good.
In fact, I think she might be playing on your sense of morality.
And if it is?
Then we may have to re-evaluate the chain of command.
Let me tell you something. I signed up to lead this mission and I'll see it through.
Morality and conscience mean little when set against a camp full of hungry people.
My people. So you don't concern yourself with my actions, Captain.
The room is secure, Major. The stairwell door's barred shut.
It's going to take an hour to get through.
Hernandez, can you manage up some grub?
Are you asking me because I'm a woman?
I'm asking you cos the thought of King's cooking scares the hell out of me.
I'll dig something up.
- Yes, John? - So it's John now, is it?
What was this room?
This was the Greek Gallery.
It encompassed art from the early classical period from 480 BC
to the Hellenistic age of 323 BC.
It was my favourite.
Why is that?
Because the principal subjects of Greek sculpture were gods.
Heroes of legend and maidens intended to demonstrate ideals of beauty.
You were a romantic.
Ironically, the piece I most enjoyed was situated where you now stand.
- What was it? - It was an older piece.
A skilfully modelled terracotta centaur made about 900 BC
at Lefkandi on the island of Euboea.
Mr Vincent acquired it from the Louvre before Paris burned the second time.
- Why was it your favourite, Diana? - It was a simple piece.
But no matter how many times I gazed at it, I always found something new.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
If Edershaw was alive, I'm sure he could tell us who said that.
Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.
A romantic and a poet.
As you pointed out, just a machine.
I wish that I could have seen it.
I wish you could turn back.
But since you will not, you should rest your eyes. You're weary.
This gallery is called the Greek Room
because all the antiquities displayed here originated in classical times.
Does anyone know what classical means?
Yes. Classical means pre-Christian, or before the rise of Christianity.
Note this statue of Agamemnon,
whose sister-in-law Helen was stolen by Paris,
son of Priam, king of Troy.
And so started the Trojan War.
- Gear's all set, Major. - Batteries charged?
Yes, sir.
OK. Let's do it.
Diana. Can you tell us about the security in the stairwell?
- I can't. - Does that mean there is none?
That means I cannot reveal any features installed
to prohibit you from your illegal activities.
It would be counterproductive to my mission.
- Her mission is to see us all get killed. - That is not correct, Salia Hernandez.
- I do not want to see any of you die. - Any of us? Or just John?
- Any of you. I value human life. - And your boss, Vincent.
Did he value it when he installed these machines to protect his trinkets?
- We never expected to need them. - Or to kill anyone?
- Of course not. - Then we should be dodging blanks now.
- You were Vincent's chief of security. - Yes.
It's funny. You don't strike me as someone who winds up being chief of security.
It's a little late to start quibbling over qualifications.
- You and Vincent were friends. - Are you insinuating something?
- He's insinuating you're good-Iooking. - It's not a new observation.
You and Vincent were lovers, he rewarded you.
I hope your deaths are quick and painless.
Not the send-off I was hoping for.
- What is that, gas? - Steam.
- Must be near the boiler. - Or the nuke.
Intel says the nuke is on the next floor down.
Yeah? Well, what's on this floor?
- What the hell is that? - Defensive positions.
- Does anyone see anything? - Negative.
Hernandez, go night vision.
Negative, sir. Nothing's out there.
Twelve o'clock!
Lay off! What the hell are you shooting at?
I thought I saw something, sir.
Diana, are you here?
A woman scorned, Major.
- Sir? - Does everybody see that?
- Does anyone know what the hell it is? - Ghosts.
Rounds go right through these things. How can we shoot them?
- Have we got any intel on these things? - Negative.
- Hold your fire! - What is it, Major?
- I want to try something. - We got you.
It's like I thought. They're holograms, like our friend,
only this one's formless, like a ghost.
- A hologram. - Like Diana.
Where's the projection coming from?
It got the major!
- Major, you all right? - How is he?
Took a lickin', still tickin'. Wrist counter's at 43.
- 12 o'clock! - Hold your fire. Stop wasting ammo.
They're ground units. Wait for the buzz then shoot at the ground beneath them.
- Good shooting, sir. - Three o'clock.
They're everywhere.
- This isn't working. - Don't let them get a lock on you.
Come on. Get some!
(buzzing and clanking)
Garth, behind you.
Heat. They're tracking us by heat.
Use your flares.
OK. Now.
- Is that it? Did we get 'em all? - Hell, yes we did!
- Quick thinking. Good work. - You too.
King, check this out.
My daddy said it's better to be lucky than good. Ain't it beautiful when you're both?
You see me moving out there?
- It's the last one. How did we miss it? - Hernandez.
- Baby, you all right? - (gasps)
I'm good, King. I'm good to go.
Just give me a sec. Changing my battery.
No, you just rest, Hernandez.
You done good. Just take a little rest.
- Don't go on without me, sir. - No. We won't.
If you do... who's going to do the... cooking?
- Where's Hernandez? - She didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
I thought the steam venting might disable the units, as it did my equipment.
- Apparently I was wrong. - Yeah, you were wrong.
And now Hernandez is dead. So you got what you wanted.
I never wanted anyone dead.
I told you from the beginning, you cannot defeat the security systems.
- They're insurmountable. - You are the security systems.
No. I'm the chief of security, not the system itself.
- If we went back, you'd clear the way? - Of course, but...
Then clear the way in front of us. Stand down the security protocols.
I can't. The defensive equipment is linked to my autonomic nervous system.
- I can no more do it than stop breathing. - You're not breathing. You're a machine.
We're wasting time.
I do not believe you are in this for the recovery of art.
My sensors indicate neither dislike or favour for it.
You had a discussion with Captain Lapierre about your people needing food.
Spying bitch. Forget her.
Has the world really relapsed to a point where food,
the most basic of human needs, is worth such a premium?
John, has the world truly devolved to this?
And your employer - has he made an agreement with you
regarding food for the people you care for?
- It's playing with you. - Shut up, Lapierre.
- Yeah. Food and medicine. - I will supply it for you.
I can tell you where there's food. Tons of it.
Earthquake supplies. Wafers, cakes, water, coffee...
- Medicine? - Yes.
She's lying.
John, if I supply you with the whereabouts of these things,
will you turn back from this quest you are on?
Will you, John?
- No. I can't. - Why not?
- Cos I made an agreement. - Do you always keep your agreements?
Is there any condition under which this contract might be broken?
- Only if the other side breaks it first. - This puts me at a disadvantage.
I would like to help you. I would like to see you survive.
But by your own admission you seek to terminate me.
I may be a machine, John, but I was once alive.
And now this image before you is all I have left.
- It's an illusion. - Isn't all life an illusion?
Vincent Enterprises developed a way to move my consciousness into a computer
because my body was diseased. I was dying.
- It's playing on your sympathies. - There's a basic need for survival.
That's how I know I'm still human, John.
Even in this form I can still breathe. Would you take that away from me?
Just tell us where the command corridor is.
The command corridor? I thought you were looking to shut down the power.
I am. We are. Isn't that where the nuke controls are?
No. They're in the energy control room. Your intel would have disclosed that.
If our intel disclosed everything, Diana,
we would have prevented you from killing Hernandez and Edershaw.
You're heading into the residence. After that there will be no turning back.
In this very corridor there is an escape feature which I can activate
and which will catapult you to the rear garden.
If you choose this feature, I can tell you how to retrieve the earthquake supplies.
There is no shame in accepting this. It is the wiser choice for those you care for.
Please don't go in there. I don't want to see you die.
- This was Vincent's residence? - Yes.
He was a... modest man.
He was a wacko. I've seen better rooms in Motel 6.
When a man of Mr Vincent's stature
dedicates himself to creating a museum of our species' greatest masterpieces,
he has little time for self-indulgent comforts.
He spent less than four hours a day here, and only then to sleep.
Only then? Seems Vincent's resume wasn't limited to... procurer.
- What about connoisseur? - Now that's some fine art!
I'm not ashamed of it.
We're going to look for the stairwell down to the second sub-floor. King.
I was a graduate student at UCLA.
- Mr Vincent... - You can drop the Mr now.
I'll call him any damn thing I want.
He pursued me to model for him. Finally I relented.
Was he that good or were you that good?
Mr Vincent's interest in me exceeded the professional.
He was in love with me. I never returned the affection.
- You're lying. - What?
He bought you with a job. Expect me to believe he didn't buy the rest of you?
You son of a bitch.
Vincent wasn't the kind of guy that didn't get what he wanted.
- Unless... - Unless what?
When you were diagnosed as terminal did you get a second opinion?
- Of course. - Not from one of Vincent's doctors?
- No. What are you implying? - He wanted you, didn't he?
He got to keep you young and beautiful. His one-of-a-kind super-computer.
Never to grow old, never to die...
Immortal. And his. Forever.
You should see this.
- Tell him what you told me. - It's titanium alloy.
If we use a standard laser, it'd take a week to get through.
- Can we blow it? - Not this close to the nuke.
Seen a couple of these over the years. Creator built them to withstand anything.
But there's a flaw. Hinging mechanisms buckle under heat.
So if we create the heat I need using the plasma cutter, we can take it down.
- Time? - A few hours at least.
- Get on it. - It's a two-man job.
Get back to the residence. We'll come get you when we're done.
You done good so far.
- That will require some attention. - I hate it when you do that.
- You'd rather I leave? - You'll do as you wish.
- I know why you're really here. - Do you?
Because of them. Elaine and Christopher.
- How do you know their names? - Of your wife and son?
I've seen them. Or recordings of them.
The national security computer's still up. Mr Vincent has a key.
The satellite communication system is still working.
Show me.
During your last security clearance review they shot some film of your family.
You two look wonderful together.
See? I can understand why you're doing this.
They're not real.
They're not real any more.
What happened?
During the breakdown we were visiting Elaine's mother.
My father, he lives on the East Side.
I went to get him.
There were riots. The whole city was on fire.
People were killing each other. It took me days to get back.
And by the time I did they were gone.
- So you never learned. - I'm a soldier. I face the truth.
I know they're dead.
But in your heart...
You want to make sure.
On the desk there's a pair of VR glasses. Put them on.
Please. For me.
John? I know you're out there, John.
They're coming this way. We can't stay any longer.
I've used the last of Mom's jewellery to secure us passage on a ship.
We're heading north. It's the best I can do for them now.
I know you'll follow and I know you'll find us.
We're survivors, John. Just like you. Don't give up on us.
It's gotten bad, John. The storm started two days ago and it hasn't let up.
- Elaine. - We can't get to shore.
I'm afraid, John. I'm so afraid.
Knowing you're out there means we're still alive. You get that, don't you, John?
This may be the end for me, but not for us.
Be strong, my love. Know we love you.
And as long as you're alive with memories of us,
as long as it burns within you, we will always be together.
Elaine, don't go.
Thank you. Thanks for that.
I know what you are after.
- Ignore her. - You won't reach it.
- You sound like a broken record. - If you go down there, I can't protect you.
Protect us?
You don't think you've defeated all the security systems by yourself, do you?
- What if I had sent them all at once? - Blah, blah, blah.
Listen to me, Captain. Downstairs is different.
The computer room is down there, along with the weapons storage bays.
There's a stand-alone system down there, fully automated. A killing machine.
Get back to work.
It's called the Rook. It was designed to replace soldiers on the battlefield.
It's dormant now, but as soon as your heat signature reads on the bottom floor
the Rook will activate and kill you.
- Shut up. - I'm asking you...
I said shut up! I don't wanna hear any more of your lies.
If you continue in this manner, I'll have to tell Major Garth what you're truly after.
- (King) What's she talking about? - I said mind your work.
Please. Reconsider.
John. John!
Lapierre's gone. I couldn't stop him.
- King! - Yeah.
- Lapierre took off. - There's something you should know.
- The captain is not after Mr Vincent's art. - What, then?
Before his death Mr Vincent had created a microorganism transmitted by seeds,
capable of returning the ozone layer to its previous state within a decade.
Global warming will be reduced and the earth will be reborn.
- Why didn't he release it, then? - The system had been sabotaged.
By the time it was repaired Vincent had died and I alone could not activate it.
- Who were the saboteurs? - Trusted associates
working for a man who had created a food substitute.
Anton Reich.
EnCrypt, this is Diana 1716 theta theta 6.
- Rook activation override. Cease now. - You are not authorised.
- Emergency override. Cancel activation. - You are not authorised.
- How do we stop this thing? - You can't.
The Rook is a fully autonomous operative.
Its body armour is five times more effective than the armour you wear now.
- It can destroy anything in this facility. - Everything has a weakness.
- The Rook doesn't. - Where's Lapierre?
In the command corridor. Right now he's talking with Mr Reich by radio.
They're attempting to raise the pod seed mechanisms so they may be recovered.
Son of a bitch wants more compensation. We have to activate that technology, or...
- Go. I'll handle the Rook. - You can't.
It's a rook. I'm a king. I'll checkmate its ass.
Go save the world.
(King cries out)
He's taken the remote detonator unit. The pod terminals have risen.
Stings like a bitch, don't it?
Captain, you can't beat the Rook.
Never could stand that haughty broad.
Talking about Vincent like he's a humanitarian,
when he's no better than any other rich bastard looking for a martyrdom legacy.
- Why? - You're asking me why, Major?
The world went from ten billion to less than a million.
And what's left but false hope and real estate?
The pods will be released eventually.
But first Reich will have his organic food empire.
- And I'll be the general that runs it. - Are you nuts?
- Reich's going to burn you. - Reich needs me.
He's got the vision but I am the implementation. And when he's gone...
Chopper four, whisky papa. Lapierre, come in.
- Go ahead. - Can you confirm deactivation?
Roger that. SAMs are offline. You're clear to land. Repeat, clear to land.
Understood. Whisky papa out.
- I can't let you do it. - You can't?
How are you going to stop me? I got your pulse rifle.
Diana's taking a nap somewhere. You've lost.
What makes you think you could stop me?
- Cos I know something you don't. - Yeah? And what's that?
You can't fight the Rook alone.
The Rook is just another one of your girlfriend's inventions.
Oh, yeah? Why don't you tell that to King? You're going to be seeing him soon.
- It's real. - Yeah, he's real.
Real pissed off. You got one chance. That's us fighting it together.
No way. I give you back the rifle, you frag me.
Think of the consequences. I can't beat the thing alone.
And I got to stay alive for my old man.
What do you say, Captain?
What do you say?
Lapierre! Your armour.
Put it on him. I'll shoot the battery pack.
Do it. Now!
Good work, Major.
(gasps and coughs)
You found me.
- Are you...? - Yes.
The disembodiment process is a one-sided feature.
Once the neural energy is transferred there is no going back.
Then why?
Theodore Vincent wanted my body as much as my mind.
- That's him? - Yes.
Near the end his health began to diminish.
He had plans to join me in immortality, but he made one crucial error.
- What's that? - He underestimated me.
He thought his files were encrypted and that I would never learn the truth.
The truth you so acutely guessed.
I wasn't dying, you see, after all. It was all a ruse.
A ruse to possess me, to enslave me.
In the end it was his love for technology that betrayed him.
A simple camera in a simple room during a simple conversation.
You were justified.
- Was I? - Mm.
For 20 years I've lived in a prison. Alone.
Did I murder him or save him a life of hell, just like mine?
Not much of a choice.
No. It's not.
I would live in here with you a thousand times over.
But you are not dead, John Garth.
You don't have to make the choice.
In fact, you still have some work to do.
Lapierre is almost at the courtyard where the pod seed cannons are.
Let me show you another way. Hurry.
Going somewhere?
You just don't quit.
Vega was the same way.
When he learned what we wanted to do, he tried to walk away.
Issue of morality. Had to shoot him down like a dog.
Do I have to do the same to you?
Only if you want to go to hell with me.
What's it going to take, Garth?
I don't imagine you're going to let us walk out of here with this.
You want it? Come get it.
I wasn't hoping for anything less.
Now we know, huh?
That was for Vega.
Well done, Major Garth. Well done.
Lapierre told me you were good, but I didn't expect that good.
It's too bad really. I could have used your experience.
Oh, well. There's always survivors eager to make a buck.
Really that's what I want to do.
Mankind will be served, but only after I do some business first.
I won't let you do it.
You're bleeding to death, Major. You can't move. How can you stop me?
With the push of a button.
You're quite the mess, John Garth.
I'm dying.
(whispers) No. Not yet.
Somebody's at the gate.
What is it, General?
What is it? What do you see?
A new day.
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