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Subtitles for Enfants terribles Les (1950 Jean-Pierre Melville).

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Enfants terribles Les (1950 Jean-Pierre Melville)

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-Where's Dargelos, Gérard ]-l don't know
Thief! You'll give it back
l'll make you confess
lt wasn't me, l tell you
Sure it was
It snowed that day
For the boys, the building site turned into an engine of war
Dargelos! lt's me!
-He's bleeding -Here's the deputy head!
-Dargelos did it, sir -That's not true, he didn't
You again, naturally. Calm down and follow me
Vast are the privileges of beauty...
...even among those unaware of it. The masters liked Dargelos
The deputy head was much troubled by this inexplicable business
What's wrong, Paul? Say something
What happened?
l hit him in the chest with a snowball
He went ''ah!'' and fell down
A nose-bleed, l thought
Snowballs don't do that much damage
He'd put a stone in it
ls that true?
Have you no answer?
He's coming round. Ask him
-How do you feel? -l'm sorry
Don't apologize... you fainted
-l remember... -Do you know what made you faint?
A snowball hit my chest
-A snowball wouldn't knock you out -That's all it was
Your friend says it had a stone inside
He's crazy
l'd been running
Maybe that did it
The deputy head was relieved
The car is here
One licorice strip
Come along, boy, you're all right and we're taking you home
A snowball can't be very serious, can it?
l can see that he gets home
He's looking much better
34, Rue du Rocher
Children are quick to imagine the worst
But the worst never seems quite real...
...because they can't envisage death
Paul's dying
He didn't believe this,. it seemed the natural conclusion to a dream...
...travelling through the snow everlastingly embalmed in ice
But for Paul, the car and its frosted windows...
...would have been no more than that...
...the snow and police sirens merely snow and police sirens
Do you need any help?
-Want him to help? -l'm not dead. Help me and shut up
Open up, Elisabeth, it's us
Open up... Paul's unwell
Are you having me on?
No, he's shivering out here
lt happened just after school...
Stop yelling, idiot
You'll wake mother up
Some rotter hit him with a snowball
lt wasn't just snow
Like an idiot, l fainted
Out having fun, were you?
While l nurse my poor sick mother...'re playing at snowballs
You got Paul into it, l bet...
...but l'll have to nurse him, dolt!
Lisbeth, dear...
Don't you dare ''dear'' me!
lgnore the bag, Gérard; she's a pain
Why should l care about a ninny who can't stand up to a snowball?
You can look after yourself
Look, Gérard, l've been practising
-Sleeping, Mum? -Just dozing
Paul's got a sprain; l'll get the doctor
ls he in pain?
Just when walking; he sends his love
-What about a maid? -Still nothing
-You asleep? -Get lost!
How charming. l'm slaving and you're gone
''Gone'', in their private language, was the point of a game they played
''I'm going, they'd say, ''I'm gone''
You're a real creep, you stinker
Let me get your shoes off
Disturbing a player while ''gone'' was considered an unpardonable crime
l'll get a hot-water bottle
Stop playing the fool or l'll never get it off
This was their Treasure, impossible to describe
Their purpose replaced by symbolic meanings...
...these treasured objects seemed merely junk to the uninitiated eye
Adjustable spanners, aspirin tubes, aluminium tubs, hair-curlers
Now sleep, idiot
Paul was hit in the chest by a snowball, but... l put him to bed
What's all this, Paul?
Pass the thermometer and leave us, Lise
Wait outside. l don't like people milling around watching me
Don't worry. There's no danger, but it is serious
He already had a weak chest
No school for him. What he needs is rest, rest and more rest
We needn't bother your mother over this
l know l can count on you
Call the maid
We haven't one any more
Tomorrow l'll send along two nurses who can help with the house
You'll be in charge
Elisabeth did not thank him. Accustomed to miracles...
...she expected them to happen... and they did
l'll look in on your mother
My darling...
What's the matter with you? Can't you let other people sleep?
l'd like to sleep, too, but l nurse you, feed you, listen to your noise
-What noise? -A real racket
l wanted to tell you the big news, but now l won't
Keep your news for all l care
Brother and sister felt no embarrassment
Their room was a shell in which they lived, washed, dressed... two members of the same body
What did the doctor say?
No school for you
In an agony of despair he pictured Dargelos...
...continuing to live elsewhere...
...but playing no part in his own future
Lise... l don't feel well
Now l've got pins and needles
-What do you want? -l want you near me, beside my bed
Now there's a silly
No more school, and he cries. lmagine living shut away in our room
The doctor promised us nurses. l'll only go out for books and lemonade
Are you so fond of school?
What's wrong, then?
Let's play our game. Blow your nose
Watch... l'm hypnotizing you
But sleep undid her efforts with bold, dark strokes...
...sweeping like a car's headlights over snow
Blow your nose and sleep
Monsieur Dargelos...
...l have had various unfavourable reports concerning you
You exercise an influence over your fellows that seems incomprehensible...
...but is nevertheless undesirable
Now it seems that a boy hit by you is in no state to attend school
What have you to say?
Belt up!
You heard!
Don't talk to me like that
l'll talk how l like
Do you realize how serious your position is?
You make me puke!
Some pepper?
Schools cannot impose a death penalty... they sent Dargelos home and took the head to hospital
He walked out, ignoring everyone
-Do you know his address? -That sort never tell you
So it's all that's left of him. Get the photograph
What's this? Delivering hats?
lt's for you
How ghastly... l like it, l'd have thought you too stupid for that
She hates violets
But they're fake; we'll put them in water
Forget that freak; get Athalie
On Commemoration Day...
...the school had staged Athalie; Dargelos took the title role
He looks like a tiger
''To tiny birds he offers pasture. His bounty extends to all nature''
His finery suggested a tragedienne of the 1880s
-Ugly looking thing -Each to his taste. lnto the Treasure
You might consult me first
We are consulting you. He threw the snowball, the pepper, he got expelled
He's still an ugly thing
Don't wear Paul out, Gérard ]l must check on Mum's nurses
They're impossible, always trying to take the initiative
l can't look away for a moment
She's incorrigible
Not a word, stupid
l've amazing news for you... Paul's a sleepwalker
Don't shout it from the rooftops
-He walks on the roof? -Are you deaf, or just stupid?
ls that our strange pal?
Come in, we won't eat you
Suicide is a mortal sin
Curiosity killed the cat
-He has no manners -More than you!
-Just drop the subject -Just drop it, as she says
No ''buts''
-But, but nothing -l'll slap him
Slap her back!
Don't you cowards dare!
-Wait till l get my own room -And me, mine
He wants a chandelier
A plaster Sphinx and an enamelled Louis XlV chandelier!
You're too stupid to understand
Well, l'm off to a hotel; l'm packed already
He can stay and look after himself
She slapped me, Mum!
-He spat at me! -That's not true
Tell Mum it's untrue or l will slap you
What's wrong?
Come here, Paul. Look
l think Mum's dead
What they saw left a lasting impression on them...
...casting a fabulous veil over the reality of their mother's death
Prodigies were necessary to the room they shared
The outlandishness of this death...
...masking the pain it evoked...
...served as a barbaric tomb...
...enshrining her memory in the world of dreams
Doctor, does it really make a terrific noise?
All the time
-ls that bad? -You must look after yourself
ls it serious?
No, but he's growing and that complicates things. He needs rest
You see he gets it. Mariette can help
Mariette's leaving
l'll see she stays. Leave us to talk
Well, doctor?
You've lost your grandson, you're alone. Won't you stay?
l'll handle the money
Do they tease you? ls the air unhealthy?
What they breathe is lighter than air
Splendid. You can restore order
lmpossible, doctor
Order their disorder, then. Will you?
Yes. One can't help loving them
See me when you run short of money
-You're very good, doctor -l'm not; but l like you, l love them
lf only they could go to the seaside
No, it's Gérard. l'll put my uncle on
No, it's Gérard. l'll put my uncle on
Hello, doctor. Yes, it's not out of the question
l've only a short holiday, so can't give them much time
But Gérard can invite the ]if he looks after them
No, no... they're very welcome
Excuse me, but l've an engagement
Don't thank me
Elisabeth switched roles from shrew to nurse
Heard Gérard's idea?
-Stupid, l bet -No, a seaside holday with his uncle
-Yes, we'll see the sea -But do you know about travelling?
No, but the thing is to pretend we do
We'll need a heap of luggage
All aboard, children
They don't seem very wild
My brother's a little shy
Look at the ladder
lt's fun, one of you on top
Here's your wash-basin
This isn't our first sleeper!
-You've never left home before -lf you'd travelled as much as we...
Just ignore him
-Where are the beds? -One above the other
What does Gérard know about it ]They'll probably sling a hammock
-Someone's knocking -Open the door, then
That's the wash-basin
First service. Shall l make up your beds?
Ready for the dining-car?
Come along, Paul; don't stand there like a dummy
It took considerable effort for them to mask their excitement
But, though knowing nothing of the world, a certain innate elegance...
...enabled them to appear entirely at ease within it
-You grabbed the top one, naturally -You're ill, it's best for you below
l want you to come down
From now on, it's separate rooms for us
l want you to come down
-Do you feel unwell? -l don't want you above me
What a pest!
What's that you've got?
A clothes-peg, to give me a Grecian profile
-You're mad -At least l haven't a weak chin
lt's time you tried an elastic bandage on yours
-Let me go to sleep -ls that why you got me down?
Does the doctor think l'm going to die? Am l done for?
Completely. So die and let me get on with my life. That chin!
-Are you joking, or is that true? -l never tell the truth
-l'd like to have the light off -l don't know how to do it. You try
You make me sick!
Likewise. And watch your tone of voice
lt's like Dad's, and he drank and beat Mum
All fire and ice, shying clear of the lukewarm...
...she was a thoroughbred, and wanted Paul the same
Travelling by train for the first time, deaf to the clickety-clack...
...this child intently devoured the face of her brother...
...her manic intensity impinging briefly on other passengers'dreams
You've not looked at the sea
You mind your own business
-l'm not sleeping in a bathroom -l'm not sharing my room
You sleep here, l'll take the bathroom. The hotels are full
Share my room?
You sort it out. Right now l'm having a bath. So keep out
l ran that bath!
So, first no bed, then no bath
-Leave her alone, Paul! -Oh you, Mister Big Heart!
-l'm getting in! -Me first, then you can steal my bath
All settled in? Sorry, but they may have another room soon
Your friends didn't sound pleased
Oh, but they are
Got it? l stick my tongue out, then when l give you the nudge, you do it
Sit down, children
No special diets?
To think l was warned you might be difficult
l never said that!
-Fond of children, l see? -l adore them
She stuck her tongue out
Forgive me for attending to my mail
He did, too
Really! Striking a child, at the seaside...
l need protection from the sun at my age
-How much is this one? -495 francs
lt's outrageous
l'm afraid l've no change
l can manage that
They stole for the sake of stealing,. no profit motive was involved
Nothing useful could be taken,. all they wanted was to be scared
Come on, children, don't hang about
-lt's raining! -You should have brought an umbrella
lt never rains long here. Something to drink?
We aren't thirsty, thanks
You take my cape. l'll see you at the hotel later
Be good
l'll see the boys behave
Show us
Don't make me do it again; l couldn't
Brushes don't count; they're useful
-l'm no idiot -l didn't think so... till now
Something very difficult
-The watering-can -Never!
Do it, or l won't speak to you again
But it's enormous
Show me your mettle
No buts, just obey. You can have the cape to help hide the watering-can
We'll be watching
Hello, Mariette
You do look well. Have you enjoyed yourselves?
-Have you been good? -Very
We remembered you, too
Now you'll have somewhere to keep hot water
The curtain went up every night at 1 1 o'clock
No matinées, except on Sundays
In this room, with Gérar ]camped on the floor...
...the drama unfolded unnoticed.. Paul with his milk and his towels...
...Elisabeth with her magazines...
...and strange forces at work hostile to daily living
Your ''Turkey-red'' shade... l can't read
l can; it stays
Her and her creams!
She read that American actresses use it
Thinks they're good for the scalp
-Are you listening? -Yes
You're too good-natured; just ignore him
For Paul, going to bed meant an embalming
Comforters, food, treasures, all attended his nocturnal ventures
A crayfish, Gérard?
Come on, make your mouth tingle
Bitch! She hates crayfish
She hates pepper because l love it
She'd take the roof off her mouth to spite me
-What do you think of them? -Excellent
Pass me one, Gérard
What could be lower than a 16-year-old begging for a crayfish?
He'd crawl on all fours!
No, let him come and get one
Dying of greed, but too lazy to make an effort
l'm ashamed of him
l quote, Gérard;
''l love her lack of taste, her motley dress, shapeless shawl, addled speech''
''The crime was exceptionally sordid
''The Michaut woman's farm...''
The wretch! Help me, Gérard
Dry me with this; put the paper in the fireplace
Careful, you're so clumsy
l was going to give him one, too
Want one? They're a bit milky
l'm not mean, you can have your crayfish. Here, eat
l'm off if you don't want it
This you have to see
Here's your crayfish, Paul
Look, Gérard, he's eating in hi ]sleep. How very curious
Greed like that is pretty low
From this scene...
...Gérard took in only one thing. ]she used the familiar ''tu''to him
Where's Mariette?
l sent her out for drinks and sandwiches
How awful
Everything's awful
-Leave, then -l intend to
l'll get a job; l'm sick of being a maid. You do as you like
Ajob doing what?
Paul can do as he likes, Gérard ]he's hopeless, anyway
lsn't she sweet?
l have to think of myself. l'll find myself a job... l have to
As an Aunt Sally, maybe
The poor boy's still sick
lt's not his fault that a snowball was enough to lay him low
-l'm saddled with an invalid, though -You stinker!
He's the picture of health; look at those shoulders
So what, when he's weak, greedy and spineless?
And clumsy
Well you, in my opinion, are a big mouth...
...of no use to anyone or anything
Gérard knows how lazy you are ]expecting me to do everything for you
Go on, then, l know just the job for you
The oldest profession
-You went too far -Stay
You see how things are?
Perhaps l could work for that couturier your uncle knows
Work is good for you
As a salesgirl, no chance; model, maybe...
l forbid it! lf my sister's going to be a tart...
...let her walk the streets
l might run into you
Anyway, just look at yourself
You've more chance of being hired as a scarecrow than a model
This is the young lady. Be patient with her
My name's Elisabeth
The girls will tease, but they're nice. You'll get used to it
Let's see what's under those clothes
l've everything to learn
l'll see she learns fast
The two orphans!
Don't look so grim. lf they make fun of you, make fun of them
You're a customer l'm showing a dress to
Sit down
No, don't. l was forgetting you're the customer; customers never smile
You walk straight up to the customers...
...hands on hips, thumbs forward...
...staring her in the eye
You halt, you slowly turn your back on her...
...face her again, inspect her from head to toe... if you didn't see her
Then, with a scornful look, you walk away...
...and start again with another customer
Now you try; l'm the customer
That's perfect
You look like an old hand
l was scared stiff
A marble
We have an agate marble in our Treasure
-How come you have my picture? -That's not you
The costume's different, but l have a picture of me looking just like this
Who is it?
A boy, the one who hit Paul with a snowball
Doesn't he look like Agathe, Paul?
The obvious resemblance suddenly exploded
Paul saw Dargelos, felt the snowball again
No, it's just the picture; you're not really alike
Put the picture back, Elisabeth
ls there a resemblance, Gérard?
Leave Gérard out of this
Suddenly, Elisabeth realized that the boxers, detectives and stars...
...pinned up by Paul on the walls...
...all resembled Agathe and Dargelos/Athalie
You worked pretty fast
Agathe deserves better than some poxy hotel
Maybe... but Mum's room?
lt's just an empty room. Mum's in our room now
Agathe being here bothers me
What bothers you is the resemblance, isn't it?
Mind your own business
Am l disturbing you?
l was bad-mouthing you
Elisabeth was wrong to make you live here
l knew l'd be in the way
ln his, maybe, not mine. l insist on your staying
Oh, stay if the fashion business depends on it
Now you've made her cry. He's just an ill-mannered bear, Agathe
l should go
Go or stay, l don't care
You're no match for me, so you play strong man with poor Agathe
Don't you start, it's complicated enough
Listen to the psychologist
l've figured you out, anyway. l won't let Agathe become your victim
Suppose she wants to be?
You see? The monster has found his victim
Well, he's got me to reckon with
Will you let me sleep
Go to bed and stop crying, Agathe. l want to have a word with Paul
This is the way we are; you'll have to get used to it
Paul darling...
ls it her looking like that boy that bothers you?
lf you must know...'s because she's new here, stops us playing our game
-We haven't played in ages -That's your fault
-l had to go out to find work -Precisely
Paul darling...
...let's play now
l play alone now
Listen... yes, listen
lmagine a vast temple, the Temple of Destruction
Of fifty high priests, four enter the inner sanctum...
...where thousands of slaves toil, all sworn to silence
l don't know what you're on about or what's happening to us. Let me sleep
Go to sleep then, darling
Introspection requires a discipline of which they were incapable
They found only darkness and the ghosts of feelings
-So you're spying on us? -Doing my duty... yes, my duty
You're rotten tarts and Gérard' ]your pimp. Don't interrupt!
l'll move out, leave them to their men. l always knew models were tarts
You and Gérard led Agathe astray
-lgnore him, Gérar ]-No, l insist on explaining
We wanted you to meet Michael, a rich young American Jew; he knows my uncle
l'll slap your rotten Jew if l meet him
You should be ashamed, leading Agathe astray; to sell her, l suppose?
Anti-Semitic, are you?
Anyway, it's me Michael wants to marry. l like him
Marry you? You must be mad
Look at yourself in the mirror. You're unmarriageable...
...ugly, the queen of all idiots. He's pulling your leg
Your chin looks firmer when you're angry; rage away
She can marry who she likes
Who cares?
-You, maybe? -What do you mean?
-Do meet Michael; you'll like him -l doubt that very much
There's no use reasoning with a lunatic
-You're wrong; l will meet him -Just to be awkward
Not at all
l'd like to commiserate with anyone who can stomach you
Come, Agathe
Gérard turned away to the window
To marry the virgin of the temple was beyond his hopes
Behind him receded the inner inner sanctum...
...profaned by a young motorist completely unaware of its taboos
Another room no one uses. This will be mine, with Louis XVl furnishings
Very fitting
Salon, music and games rooms l leave to Michael... a strange gallery that leads nowhere
Gérard could take Agathe's room
Mum's room
lf Michael's away, you girls can come back
Why don't you live here, Paul?
l need to be alone
We've still eighteen rooms to see
And my famous gallery
Tell Mariette we'll see to Paul's expenses
You're very kind, Michael
Where's the honeymoon to be?
You explain our plans, Michael
After the wedding, l leave Elisabeth
Good idea!
l move in here, he goes to the Riviera
Now that's a marriage. When do you get back?
Four days later. lt's business l couldn't put off
Now see and wonder
This vast glory-hole that led nowhere...
...was Michael's weakness...
...his smile, his very soul...
...betraying a touch of fantasy that made him one of them
How did you dream this up?
Playing the reconstruction architect, he miscalculated. l love his mistakes
One could camp out in tents
Go ahead
-ls there a ghost? -l've never seen one
With us you will
But their domestic genie still watched
On the road between Cannes and Nice, Michael was killed
Only one wheel moved in the silent wreck...
...ever more slowly, like a lottery wheel
Thanks for your help; figures baffle me
Especially with sums like these
-Can l do anything in return? -Well, l'm off to Morocco for a week
Gérard will be alone; could h ]perhaps stay with you?
He's very depressed
Of course. Paul's coming, too; we've no shortage of rooms
That's wonderful
Chin up; this has been a terrible tragedy
-She's as rich as Croesus now -That won't change anything
lt will; l'll be here
Elisabeth's only keeping Mariette and the chauffeur
Only Mariette for eighteen rooms?
You did agree to stay here?
Well, l was lonely
-l'll be here, so nothing's changed -Full house, except for Gérard
-Am l in the way? -You're joking
Well, l'm a widow
Wearing mourning, anyway
lt's awful to say, but mourning suits you
-You think so? -So does callousness
The veil's striking...
-...but the sun's so hard on it -That's it, l give up!
-You like your room? -l'm scared, all alone on that floor
l want Agathe's room
Then you can move in with me
Room for one more!
l forgot to say; Gérard's stayin ]while his uncle's away
House full!
In that abstract room that could be reborn anywhere...
...Michael lived on after his death
And a mystery resolved itself
Elisabeth married Michael not for his charm, wealth or looks
She married him for his death
Agathe, dear, be good enough not to count out loud
He's so sensitive that anything upsets him
-Shut up! -This is my room
Please don't interfere, Gérard
l'll leave you to it, then
Would you pick up that coverlet, Gérard?
Pick up that coverlet, Gérard
l hate untidyness
Once in the mysterious gallery...
...Paul became as wary as a prowling cat
Stopping, turning, sniffing at the furnishings...
...he found there no building site or snowball fight...
...but did sense profound echoes of a former life
Dominated by Agathe, his pride suffered
Not realizing he loved her and her sweetness should conquer him...
...he fought against what he thought must be his dream
The gallery housed screens for a never-built winter garden... absurd, clumsy and inelegant as everything else in here
Paul unfolded them and made ramparts of them...
...a sort of Chinoiserie city
An old carpet completed his masterpiece
Wrapped in blankets, he went to sleep
Their old room gradually came to life again in this gallery
The lamp, the ''Turkey Red'', the bed...
...the chair, the bottles, the Treasure chest...
...the moustachioed bust
After a visit or two, Elisabeth, Agathe and Gérard...
...moved in, unable to resist Paul's exciting new artificial roomscape
lt's really the only possible room
lt is nice
-lt's awful being rich -l'd imagine so
-Do l look rich? -No, you always look like a beggar
Good. l was afraid of wealth
-Come in, then -May l?
There speaks the wealth
Paul, l feel lost
Lost, alone... l'll never get my room right
You have Agathe and Gérard with you
No, they keep to their rooms, go out together a lot
Go out together?
l let them use the car
What can they talk about?
We intimidate them
Alone, they feel free to talk
-What about? -About us
And those cranks make you feel lost?
l longed for my own room, but l hate it
Sharing with you again would be hell
But l hate my room
You were lucky to find this
You must love your desert island, your Chinoiserie
lt's all right
One could ''go'' here
Go where?
You know... our game
l'm too old for that
Sorry to hear it
Where are you going?
What Paul's letter said was this..
''Agathe, I'm mailing this because I dare not leave it in your room
''Don't be cross.. I love you
''Stupidly, I thought you meant me harm
''If you don't love me, too, I'll die
''Answer this, I beg you. I'll be waiting in my gallery''
Unfortunately, instead of putting Agathe's name on the envelope...
...Paul wrote his own
She felt unwell
l'll see if she wants anything
No, she asked to be left alone
What did she say?
She thinks Paul hates her
-Eat up -l'm not hungry
Go and question Paul, then; find out what he's got against us all
-l'll see Agathe -She said not to
Leave her to me; go and see Paul
He'll say nothing
Could you oblige me, for once, by not being so stupid?
He'll be furious
He never is now; that's the odd thing
-What's going on here? -Nothing
Something did this to you
Nothing, l tell you. Leave me alone, l'm sick of myself
lt's Gérard, isn't it? He sai ]something to hurt you
No, let me alone
-Not till l cheer you up -You can't
Serious as all that? Are you in love?
Just let me alone
Calm down; blow your nose
Now tell me
l love him. l adore him. He despises me
What right has he to despise you? Did he tell you he does?
Lucky for him, then. lf you love him, the two of you must marry
You're so kind, Lise
-But he doesn't love me -Are you sure?
Gérard is very shy
lt's not Gérard... l'm talkin ]about Paul
Now that's astonishing; l'd never have guessed
That really is a surprise
Tell me
There's nothing to tell. l loved Paul from the very first
l didn't dare say anything. l liked his teasing...
...could have put up with his insults in order to be near him
But he's avoiding me now; l can't stand that
lt's very simple. l'll talk to Paul
No, please; don't let him even suspect
Leave it to me; if Paul loves you, it's all for the best
l'll find out how he feels without giving you away
Trust me; don't budge from this room
Her heart thudding, nothing could stop her now
She was not even thinking
The genie of the room had taken her over... other spirits do a financier in crisis...
...a sailor facing shipwreck, a criminal in need of an alibi
Paul's in a strange mood, he wants to see you
-How's the invalid? -She asked to be left alone
-l was going up -She said not to
Wait in my room while l see Paul
l've come to see how you are. Agathe is ill
Not ill, unwell. She needs rest
Did she say anything... about a letter?
What letter?
l can't take any more, Lise
So l'll tell you; a letter from me
Writing to someone living here?
Ridiculous, l know, but l hoped the unexpected might lend fate a hand...
...if you were all there together
What does the letter say?
That l love her
Yes, Lise, l'm crazy about her
For days l've refused to admit it
l'm mad about Agathe
Well, now...
She said nothing? You noticed nothing?
l'm the last person she'd tell
The little fool!
Wait here a minute for me. l must talk seriously with you
Agathe says she had no letter...
...but it can't have flown away
Didn't she seem upset, angry, agitated in some way?
No, she was perfectly calm
l'll be back right away
There it was, the yellow envelope like a crumpled leaf on the tray
It was Paul's writing...
...a clumsy schoolboy scrawl...
...but, as you know, the envelope bore Paul's own name
He had written to himself
It was typical of him,. he'll never change
Agathe's asleep, but there's an envelope on her dresser
A yellow one
Like those
She didn't mention it?
No. l don't want her ever to know l saw it, so don't mention it to her
She'd have to lie
Don't cry, darling; you're a man now
There's something l kept from you, because...
Agathe is in love...
...with someone else
You've got all your signals crossed. Agathe is no Queen Athalie
She's just small-time, after all
-Who is it? -Brace yourself... Gérard
lt's odd he didn't tell you. l intimidate him
He probably thought you'd jeer at them
lt's perfectly natural
Little goose, nice boy... they're made for each other
Gérard will have his uncle's mone ]and head a nice bourgeois family
Nothing stands in their way
lt would be criminal to interfere
You can't, just because of a passing fancy
lt's grotesque
True, but you have to accept it
l can't do that, Lise
Don't be silly
Agathe wants to forget the letter
Let her think it was a whim. Keep away from her
l'd better go away
That would be silly; just pretend nothing happened
The wedding will keep them busy, and that'll be an end to it
The task had to be completed
Instinct told her that assassins strike blow upon blow...
...without drawing back
Prowling like a spider in the darkness...
...she spun her glittering web through the night...
...working slowly, effortlessly, unceasingly
Must you always shout?
Sorry, l'm upset
Paul's sick. The doctor will know if it's 'flu or a relapse
l've told him to stay in bed and see no one
l'm off home, anyway
l want to talk to you
What are you doing about Agathe?
Doing? Why?
Are you pulling my leg?
She loves you and can't understand your silence
She imagines you love me
An absurd and revolting idea, given my great wealth
You've no place to hide, so stop mooning around me
Marry Agathe, and keep my role in all this from her
l couldn't bear for her to think she owes her happiness to me
-l don't believe this -So that's settled; off you go
l'll tell Agathe you love her and have shed your delusions of grandeur
Kiss me, and admit how happy you are
lf it's what you want
Paul doesn't love you; he's incapable of loving anyone
His monstrous egotism would destroy any woman
l'll die
No, you won't. Gérard is fine, honest ]loving, and can offer you a future
You love him without realizing it
But Paul...
He's delighted to know you and Gérard are in love
Just make a happy announcement of your marriage...
...and he'll never guess your foolishness
Thank you, Lise... you're so good
Don't thank me; l'd hate to see you suffer
Now go to sleep
She felt calm, unburdened...
...but her heart began to beat faster... she saw Paul on the stairs...
...once more prey to one of his sleepwalking attacks
All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand
Her eyes cast down, Elisabeth washed her appalling hands
l don't understand this relapse; he should be moved to a comfortable room
Paul won't have it
Try to persuade him
He doesn't look too bad
Not in that red light; in daylight it's a different story
He shouldn't be left alone
Leave it!
Just looking at you
What did the doctor say?
That you looked awful
Are Agathe and Gérard back?
They're lunching tomorrow
l'll join you
Mustn't miss the performance
-So you're happy? -Very
-Does Gérard beat you ]-Poor Gérard... l'm the difficult one
Guess who l met in Marseilles; Dargelos
-Has he changed? -He's paler, like you
You'd swear he's Agathe's brother
He's friendlier; his arrogance is gone
He shuttles to and from lndo-China for a car firm
He asked if l still saw Snowball...
...meaning you
Then he asked if you still liked poisons
Just to have, to look at, to know it's there. lt's wonderful
How horrible!
Why horrible? l used to cook up ''poisons'', with labels on the bottles
They're insane, Gérard
Dargelos had lndian, Chinese, Mexican poisons
''Snowball wanted to collect them'', he said, ''but l'm the one doing it''
A present from Dargelos
The ball of poison imposed silence...
...fascinating and repellent... a single serpent's coil revealing several heads
It stank...
...of pestilence and geraniums
He wouldn't send poison
l'll tell you what it is; it's what natives use to poison their arrows
Don't give it to Paul; he's so careless
Paul? Just watch... Eat it!
So brave, so careless!
-Eat it yourself, idiot! -And delight you by dying? No thanks
lt goes in the Treasure
ln a tin, it smells so
Reverently she put it away...
...tongue slightly protruding, like a witch sticking pins in a figurine
Throw it away, Paul
We've a gun already
The gem of our Treasure
Give it to Gérard to thro ]in the Seine
Paul and l don't care for petty minds
Take that as read
It was a Sunday and snowing
Elisabeth stayed in bed all day
She slept. She dreamed...
Paul was dead, walking in a strange way
She took the blue path...
...leading to the blue carpet in the gallery
She wore an unfamiliar dressing- gown, not her usual towelling one
She climbed a hillock
Passing one of the screens, she found the Chinese room gone...
...and Paul lying on the billiard-table
The table's name was Melancholy
She leaned over Paul, her left hand touching the automatic marker...
...her right hand on his
Paul said.. ''It's the departure bell''
Doubtless the marker clicking
Lucky someone let you in
l've a key. How's Paul?
Asleep, probably. Why?
He wrote that he was taking poison. Mariette must have brought the letter
Probably a leg-pull
Don't stand there, call the doctor
He's gone to the country. lt's Sunday... there isn't anyone
Get some hot coffee
Put your fur over him
Look at me, Paul; say something
Don't frighten me so, Paul
What did that letter mean?
lt's your fault, Agathe
Then Paul explained
Haltingly, in whispers, he revealed the truth
Agathe listened, stunned
Like the poison spreading its noxious fumes...
...the plot laid bare its hideous mechanisms
Elisabeth lied to you, Paul. l told her l loved you
-You must live -Too late, Agathe
Don't drink that!
Me, poison him?
You're capable of it
You're out of your mind
Maybe, but l'm no coward
l couldn't let Agathe take you from me
She's going to shoot, Paul!
Make life unliveable, that's the answer
Revolt life so much that it cannot stand me any longer
Be so hideous that it spits in my very face
She's mad, she'll kill me
You're wrong. l'm not the one who's mad, you are
l have to hold on to the end, but the end is slow in coming
lt isn't easy
Listen, Paul... look at me
l know you hear me, Paul. Make an effort
Don't let go. Calculate, add, multiply with me
l'll lead you, come on, calculate, don't let go
Come on, you're under my spell
l'm hypnotizing you
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