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Subtitles for Enigma of Kaspar Hauser The (1974) CD1.

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Enigma of Kaspar Hauser The (1974) CD1

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One Sunday in 1 828 a ragged boy was found abandoned in the town of N.
He could hardly walk and spoke but one sentence.
Later, he told of being locked in a dark cellar from birth.
He had never seen another human being, a tree, a house before.
To this day no one knows where he came from - or who set him free.
Don't you hear that horrible screaming all round you?
That screaming men call silence?
Writing. . .
Wri - ting!
Remember that: writing.
If you write nice now, papa'll give you nice horsey.
Horsey. . .
- Horse. - Horse.
Repeat after me:
I want to be a gallant rider. . .
. . .Iike my father was before me.
Say it! I want to be a gallant rider. . .
. . .Iike my father was before me!
Gallant rider.
Gallant rider like my father. . .
- Father. . . - Father. . .
- . . .was before me. - . . .was before me.
Remember that!
Remember that!
Come on now.
Stand here.
Hold this letter.
The letter. . .
Stay right here. . .
Wait here.
Wait for me here!
What do you want here?
I'm asking you what you want here?
Like my father was before me!
Ah, maybe it's that you don't know your way around here?
Can I be of service? ls it that letter there. . .
. . .you're wanting to bring? Let's have a look at it.
"To the Cavalry Captain of the Fourth Squadron. . .
. . .Sixth Schwolische Regiment."
Let's see now, that'll be straight ahead. . .
. . .past Augustinergasse, round the corner, that's the Captain's house.
Should I take you there? Or have you got other plans?
Say, where are from now?
Ansbach, Erlangen, Regensburg?
Regensburg, good - come along now!
The young man here's from Regensburg. . .
. . .here's a letter for the Captain.
The Captain is not here. He'll be in this evening.
Ah, but the young man is very weary.
Can't we find a place for him till then?
Not in the house, perhaps in the barn.
Right, with the horses on the straw.
There he can give the letter to the Captain.
- Is that him? - Yes.
We've tried everything we could to wake him, without success.
Have you ever seen him before?
No, never.
Here's the letter. He didn't want to let go of it.
From the Bavarian border, no place name, dated 1 828. . .
"His Excellency the Captain."
"Does it say "His Excellency"?
It does, yes! "I'm senden yr Grace a bouye. . ."
Senden yr Grace, hah hah!
Should I take that down?
Yes, please do.
"This here bouye wants to serve his King faithfully."
"The bouye was laid me on. . ."
He says the boy was "Iaid" him on 7th October, 1 81 2.
"I am a poor laborer with 1 0 children. . .
. . .and have enough to do to feed myself and my wife.
His mother wanted to raise the boy, but I couldn't ask her to.
I didn't tell her the boy was laid on me by the Court.
I have not let him take one step out of the house since 1 81 2. . .
. . .so nobody doesn't know a thing about him.
You can ask him, but he can't tell you.
I teached him reading and riting. and he says he wants to be. . .
". . .a gallant rider like his father."
A gallant rider, yes. . .
". . .a gallant rider like his father was before him. If he had parents. . .
. . .he would have been a smart fellow."
A smart fellow, yes.
"You only have to show him something and he can do it.
But please do not plie him with questions. . ."
Ply with 'ie'. . . "He don't know where I am. . .
. . .I brought him away by night. I am not signing my name."
No, there's no signature.
- Did you get it all down? - Yes.
This is very odd.
Yes, indeed!
Should I report no signature?
Yes, and put this in the file.
I'll try him again. . .
No, don't. Leave him be.
You can see it's no use.
He seems to be not quite all right in the head.
He's coming around. . .
Your name!
Should I report that he refuses to talk?
Yes, name unknown.
Where are you from?
And his passport?
Gallant rider. . .
Occupation? Where were you born?
He says he comes from Regensburg.
From Regensburg.
The intelligence of this man is in a state of absolute confusion.
There's nothing to be gained by police interrogation.
Should I take that down?
Nothing to be gained by police interrogation, yes.
Refuses to answer.
He refuses to answer!
Right, and what do we do now?
Maybe he's hungry?
It's worth a try.
Lay him down again!
Spits out food!
Spat out food. . .
Let's have a look at his feet.
I say, those are old boots.
Those boots have very old toes!
Bleeding of the toes, scabs. . .
Indicates a long period of. . . Feet extremely tender. . .
Both feet show same indications. . .
. . .of extreme tenderness.
Aha, vaccination marks!
The foundling seems to be of the higher orders!
Foundling, yes, get that down. Upper arm injured. . .
What was this injury caused by?
By a blunt instrument, I'd say.
Blunt instrument, I'd say.
The same marks here, and here. . .
Put that down!
A prayer book!
Entitled "Spiritual Forget-me-nots".
Beautiful and Devoted Morning Prayers for Faithful Souls.
The other book. . .
. . .a printed treatise entitled 'Six Deep and Devotional Prayers'.
Put under 'other things'. . .
A four-cornered, folded square of paper, containing. . .
. . .yes, a small quantity of gold dust, or gold leaf.
Put that with the other things. Then a rosary. . .rosary.
A rosary with a metal cross.
With the other things.
Under the circumstances, this man should be taken into custody!
Put that down, word for word.
A pencil!
And a sheet of paper.
Can he write? Can you write?
Kaspar Hauser.
The fellow is not as wild as I thought: he came peacefully.
He seems harmless enough.
I've done all I can. The rest is up to the authorities.
Maybe we should place him under oath.
He did not impress us as being either mad or depraved.
Neither mad nor depraved.
It's best we keep him in this tower for criminals and vagabonds.
He doesn't look like going berserk.
No, but you never can tell.
He'll have to sit up to eat, he can't eat on the floor.
Julius, take his feet.
You hold him back. . . now forward. . .
Now he's on his feet!
Sit him down there.
Let's stretch his feet out.
I guess he never sat up straight at a table before!
He never sat up at all in the tower.
Take the bowl away. . . Hold on to the table there!
Come on, let go!
Give me your hat, you won't be needing it now.
Leave him be, it's all right.
Let's start.
You've got to eat, come on.
You can't eat with your hat!
He won't give it to me.
There, take the spoon. . .
. . .and start eating.
Look. . .Iook. . .Iike this.
Do it like me.
He'll be all right, it's just that he don't have no manners yet.
So, open your mouth. . .
See, I told you so!
Oh, my goodness me!
Take his bowl away, he's not used to it.
Give him bread, he always takes bread when you give it to him.
Bread. . . take the bread.
Give him a drop of water, Julius.
Look, it's empty, there's nothing more inside.
Nothing comes out any more.
- Empty! - Empty.
Nothing more inside.
All gone.
No, this jug's not empty, there's beer in it.
Look. . . it's full, it's not empty.
That cup there is empty. There's nothing in it.
It'll take time, getting him used to such things.
Don't cry, don't cry.
Oh my, how my gut is painin' me!
Finger, thumb, arm. . .
This is your hand, this is your arm.
Arm. . .nose. . .mouth. . .
Look, this is your ear.
Look, I've even got a mirror!
This here is your ear.
My gut is killing me.
Finger. . .shoulder. . .
. . .arm.
No, that's your hand. This is your arm.
Hand, hand!
This is your arm.
Arm, arm, arm. . .
Hey, what kind of place is this here, anyway?
Damn your eyes, ain't there nothin' in this place to drink?
Stand up, Kaspar, stand up!
You don't have to be ashamed, we're alone here.
Only the dear Lord is watching, don't be afraid.
Mother, my skin is coming off!
Don't worry about it.
He hasn't had a bath in years.
Lap, lap, lap, I like this milk, Lap, lap, lap as smooth as silk.
Good morning, little cat so white.
May I sit down by your side?
Good morning, little cat so white, May I sit down by your side?
Be nice to me little girl so fair, Then you may sit down right there.
Lap, lap, lap I like this milk, Lap, lap, lap as smooth as silk.
Agnes, that rhyme is too long for him.
All he knows are separate words.
I just taught him separate words. . .
. . .and he can't understand your rhyme yet.
It's no use, he doesn't even respond to a feigned thrust.
Doesn't respond to feigned thrust.
I don't think he's a hard boiled swindler.
He's got absolutely no conception of danger!
No conception of danger. It didn't even scare him.
How about trial by fire?
- Is that for the record? - Yes.
He's not afraid of the flame.
Charmed to meet you!
Charmed, I'm sure!
Look at him gapin'!
He's never seen that before.
Look, look. . .Iook here!
Pick up the baby, Kaspar, go ahead.
Mother, I am so far away from everything.
I eat with my handses. . .
With your hands!
With my handses.
With your hands!
Have you heard anything?
A number of people have testified that the foundling. . .
. . .ran away from a group of English circus equestrians.
- They were in the Oberpfalz area. - What was that?
Other citizens say he is a member of the Baden dynasty. . .
. . .who was to be eliminated as most likely heir.
The Baden dynasty, however. . .
. . .is beyond all reproach.
Besides, there are better ways of getting rid of unwanted heirs. . .
I don't believe the story in any case. Just look at him. . .
. . .with his coarse, rustic features!
There's nothing refined about him at all.
She can't walk on two feet!
After all, he's beginning to be a burden on the community coffers.
He's costing us a pretty penny.
Perhaps he should begin contributing to his own upkeep somehow.
One could turn the public interest in him to good use.
Come right on up, ladies and gentlemen!
Parents keep an eye on their children!
Now before we present the Four Riddles of the Spheres. . .
. . .we have for you an entertaining intermezzo.
This wild bear, Kublai Khan, from farthest central Asia. . .
. . .came to us somewhere in Mongolia, where the Huns live.
With one sweep of his mighty paw he can kill a bull!
But here in the temperate zones, dear children. . .
. . .he is as tame and cuddly as a little cat.
Here our lndian fire-eater, our fakir. . .
. . .a living flame, a veritable mountain of fire!
He has succeeded, ladies and gentlemen, by will power alone. . .
. . .in rejecting every trace of a burn or scorch!
Show us your skin, soft as a baby's, not a blemish.
What's this, you scoundrel?
And now. . .
. . .Iadies and gentlemen. . .
. . .for the very first time in the history of the world.
Brought together for you and only for the first time:
The Four Riddles of the Spheres! Minors please keep their distance.
The gravity of my presentation permits of no childish pranks.
And now for the first Riddle:
The Little King!
Monarch of the Golden Land of Punt of song and legend.
The last link of an ancient line of giants!
Each king of this line was tinier than the last.
Here you see that the last living member of the royal family.
Another few centuries, and the Kings of Punt will be invisible.
The very last king will be no bigger than a flea!
Yes, there he sits, our Little King. . .
. . .cowering like an outcast in the corner of his throne.
And as the kings have grown tinier, so have their kingdoms.
His kingdom is no larger than the spot he is sitting on. . .
. . .for neither can he leave his kingdom without outside help. . .
. . .nor can he climb it. Our next Riddle, ladies and gentlemen. . .
Our next Riddle of Science - the Young Mozart!
One day long ago he fell into a deep trance. . .
. . .and asked for nothing more but the music of Mozart.
At a tender age he already knew all the scores by heart.
Now, still in the trance, he looks for dark holes in the earth. . .
. . .because they tried to teach him to read and write at school.
Since that day he has lost the power of speech.
He was not able to read or write he says. . .
. . .because the whiteness of the paper blinded him.
Day in, day out, he peers into dark, deep holes in the earth. . .
. . .Iooking for entrances to caves and underground waterways.
As you see, there is no way to gain the poor fellow's attention. . .
His mind is completely engrossed in zones of twilight.
Our next Riddle, a living specimen of anthropology. . .
. . .is Hombrecito.
An untamed lndian from the sunny shores of New Spain.
This wildman is the sole remaining member in all of Europe. . .
. . .of the renowned and legendary Kaffir and lndian Show.
He plays his wooden flute night and day, because he believes. . .
. . .that if he stops, all the people in town will die.
He wears three separate jackets to keep from catching cold. . .
. . .and to protect himself from the evil breath of mankind.
Hombrecito is a jolly good fellow, and quite tame.
He speaks hardly a word of any tongue - except lndian of course.
And now to the final and greatest Riddle of all!
Kaspar, the Foundling!
He has agreed, with the express permission of the authorities. . .
. . .to appear in person here every afternoon, and thus..
. . .to ease the community's financial burden.
Thank you, Kaspar!
Kaspar Hauser was found in the Town Square of this fine city. . .
. . .just as you see him standing before you today.
In his right hand, a prayer-book. . .
. . .and his left, the Anonymous Letter.
Abandoned to his fate in a strange town. . .
. . .the boy could neither speak nor walk.
He had never seen a living being in his life before!
His origin remains in darkness to this day, ladies and gentlemen.
Is he a prince? Or possibly the legitimate son of Napoleon?
His is and will remain the Riddle of the European Continent!
Stop, Hombrecito!
Kaspar, come back! Are you mad?
I will get you!
Stop in the name of the Law!
There he is!
Come down from there!
Stop shaking that branch!
If that branch breaks, I'll. . . !
Come down here!
Keep searching for Kasper.
The beehive! Ah, it's locked.
He couldn't be in there.
I want to fly like a rider. . .
. . .midst the bloody tussle of war!
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