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Subtitles for Enigma of Kaspar Hauser The (1974) CD2.

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Enigma of Kaspar Hauser The (1974) CD2

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What a fine, what a beautiful report this will make!
I shall write a report the likes of which has never been seen!
Kaspar, what's wrong?
Are you feeling well?
It feels strong in my heart.
The music feels strong in my heart.
I feel so unexpectedly old.
You've been such a short time in the world, Kaspar.
Why is everything so hard for me?
Why can't I play the piano like I can breathe?
In the two short years you have been here with me. . .
. . .you have learned so much!
The people here want to help you make up for lost time.
The people are like wolves to me!
No, you mustn't say that. Look at Florian, he lives here too.
He lost his family in a fire, he is blind, but does he complain?
No, he plays the piano the whole day long. . .
. . .even though his music sounds a little strange.
Oh, how it is!
A very big man must have built it.
I would like to meet him.
A man doesn't have to be as tall as the tower he builds.
He can use a scaffold! I'll take you to see a new building.
You lived in this tower, where that little window is.
That cannot be!
Because the room is only a few steps big.
I don't understand.
Wherever I look in the room. . .
. . .to the right, to the left. . .
. . .frontwards and backwards - there's only room.
But when I look on the tower. . .
At the tower!
. . .and I turn around, the tower is gone!
So, the room is bigger than the tower!
No, Kaspar, that's not right.
Think about it a little more. I still don't understand.
How do you mean that?
Yes, let's ask him. It's important.
Another cup of coffee, Pastor.
Yes, please, it's excellent!
Another cup of coffee?
Yes, please.
You're not going to torture him much longer, are you?
I wouldn't call it torture!
- I'll leave the pot here. - Thanks.
Kaspar, what we really want to know is. .
. . .whether a Higher Being didn't occupy your thoughts in prison.
I don't understand the question.
In my prison I didn't think of anything. . .
. . .and I cannot imagine. . .
. . .that God created everything out of nothing. . .
. . .Iike you say!
If he doesn't understand God, then he'll simply have to have faith!
You must have faith! The tenets of faith transcend mortal doubt.
First I have to learn to read and write better to understand.
No, Kaspar, the articles of faith are more important. . .
And do stop pressing your thumb and finger when you speak!
And now, my son, please repeat this prayer after me.
Repeat after me!
For the peace of God is higher than all mortal coils. . .
Keep our hearts in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Please, repeat. Say it!
Look, these are last years apples. Big and red, aren't they?
And those apples on the tree will look just the same soon.
How do they do that?
Time does it, Kaspar.
And the Lord's plan!
Let the apples lie, they're tired and want to sleep.
Kaspar, an apple can't be tired.
Apples don't have lives of their own - they follow our will.
I'm going to roll one down the path, it'll stop where I want it to.
The apple didn't stop, it hid in the grass!
May I have your help in demonstrating it to him Mr. Fuhrmann?
Come here, Kaspar, watch!
Stand here where you can see.
Now, Mr. Fuhrmann is going to put out his foot. . .
. . .and when I roll the apple, it will stop right where we want it to.
Smart apple! It jumped over his foot and ran away!
Smart apple!
What are women good for?
Can you tell me that, Katy?
Women are not good for anything but sitting still!
But Kaspar. . .
Why are women allowed only to knit and cook?
You'll have to ask Mr. Daumer that, Kaspar.
He'll know a decent answer for you.
I already asked Mr. Daumer.
Yes, Mr. Daumer is an educated man.
I will never learn as much as him.
He told me about the Sahara Desert. . .
. . .and I can't get it out of my head!
Katy, have you been to the Sahara Desert?
I'm just a housekeeper, I don't go journeying so much.
I was in Erlangen once, but it's a long way from there to the desert!
I know a story about the desert, but only the beginning.
Yes, Mr. Daumer told me about it.
He said you couldn't get past the beginning of your story. . .
. . .and that you should wait to tell it until you know the end. . .
. . .and not just the beginning.
Yes, he takes it seriously, that you should learn to tell a story right.
If I . . .can ask. . .
. . .Mister Daumer. . .
. . .to read. . .
. . .this letter. . .
. . .at his pleasure.
A few days ago I took some cress seeds. . .
. . .and sowed my name with them.
And it came up right pretty.
And it made me so happy that I can hardly say.
And yesterday, when I came back from boating. . .
. .somebody had come into the garden. .
. . .and stepped on my name.
I cried for a long time.
I am going to sow the name again.
It dreamed to me. . .
You had a dream? Tell it to me!
Yes, it dreamed to me.
You're really coming along, Kaspar.
You used to think all your dreams were real.
Just a fortnight ago, you said you saw the mayor's wife. . .
. . .even though everybody knows she'd gone on a journey.
Strange that you didn't dream once during your years in prison!
I dreamed of the Caucasus.
It just can't be true when you say. . .
. . .that your bed is the only place in the world you're really happy in.
Don't you like the garden? The gooseberry bushes?
Or the onions over there? All so green?
Well, it seems to me. . .
. . .that my coming into this world. . .
. . .was a terribly hard fall!
But Kaspar! That. . .
No, that's not. . . How should I explain it to you?
The Professor here has come all this way to ask you a question.
He wants to see how well you can think. . .
. . .and what you have learned in these two years. . .
. . .and whether you can think logically. Will you answer him?
- Yes! - Good.
Kaspar. . .
. . .Iet's pretend that this is a village.
In this village live people who tell only the truth.
Here is another village.
The people here only tell lies.
Two paths run from these villages to where you are standing. . .
. . .and you are at the crossroads.
A man comes along, and you want to know which village he comes from. . .
. . .the village of the truthtellers or the village of the liars.
Now in order to solve this problem, to solve it logically. . .
. . .you have one question, and only one.
What is the question?
That's too difficult for him, how can he know that.
I admit, the question is thorny.
If you ask the man whether he comes from the village of truth. . .
. . .and he does, then he will say, truthfully, yes.
But if he comes from the village of lies, he will lie. . .
. . .and also answer yes!
Yet there exists one question which will solve the problem.
That's much to hard, too complicated.
You have one question, Kaspar. . .
. . .and only one, to solve this problem of logic.
I wouldn't know either.
If you can't think of the question. . .
. . .then I shall tell you.
If you came from the other village. . .
. . .would you answer 'no' if I were to ask you whether. . .
. . .you came from the liars' village?
By means of a double negative the liar is forced to tell the truth.
This construction forces him to reveal his identity, you see.
That's what I call logic via argument to the truth!
Well, I know another question.
You do?
There is no other question, by the laws of logic.
There isn't?
But I do know another question.
Let us hear it, then!
I should ask the man whether he was a tree-frog.
The man from the truth village would say:
No, I'm not a tree-frog, because he tells the truth.
The man from the liars' village would say:
Yes, I'm a tree-frog, because he would tell a lie.
So I know where he comes from.
No, that's not a proper question.
That won't do, I can't accept it as a question.
That's no logic; logic is deduction, not description.
What you've done is describe something, not deduce it.
But I understood his question.
Understanding is secondary; the reasoning is the thing.
In Logic and Mathematics we do not understand things. . .
. . .we reason and deduce: I cannot accept that question.
Died June 30th - Karl Friedrich Wolf. . .
. . .apprentice bookbinder and orphaned son of Johannes Wolf. . .
. . .haberdasher and tradesman.
Age - 1 8 years, 9 months, and 27 days.
Cause of death - consumption.
Died July 6th - Josef Christian Friedrich Holzlein.
Age - 22 days. Cause of death - gout.
With gratitude we record the Guardianship Council's petition. . .
. . .to all men of generous heart. . .
. . .to ease the lot of the poor and destitute among us.
Flowers will also be accepted.
No, Katy dear, my eyes aren't what they used to be.
Would you be so kind as to call on the tailor today?
Kaspar will be needing his new coat tomorrow.
How far along are you with your new biography, Kaspar?
The word is out that you are working on it, and. . .
. . .everybody I know is dying to read it.
No, I don't want to let go of any of it yet.
There are so many words I don't know. . .
. . .and so many things I don't understand yet.
Sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted to tell you. . .
. . .that an English nobleman, Count Stanhope, has come to town.
He has taken great interest in your situation, and said. . .
. . .that he would like to adopt you if you made a good impression.
It would be a wonderful new start for you, Kaspar.
I am overwhelmed.
Thank you.
I should like to introduce my young protege. . .
Kaspar, this is our charming hostess.
Don't be afraid, give the lady your hand.
And this is our gracious host. . .
. . .who will open the doors of society to you.
Allow me to introduce my young protege to you.
Isn't he droll!
Quite the noble savage!
I should like you to meet the mayor and his wife.
Hello, Kaspar.
I'm so happy to meet you, Kaspar.
Tell me, what was it like in that dark cellar of yours.
Better than outside!
But we all like you so much, Kaspar.
Were you about to say something?
You just tell us whatever comes into your natural young head.
Your Grace, nothing lives in me except my life!
Oh no, there's much more alive inside of you.
You've been making such fine progress with your music. . .
. . .something that educates and ennobles our feelings!
Your Grace, I would like to play a piece on the piano.
I shall play Mozart's waltz in F major.
I'm not feeling well, may I be excused?
A little fresh air will help.
I'll open the window a bit.
Are you feeling better, Kaspar?
I think it's better we left him alone for a moment.
There's no cause for concern. Kaspar is feeling a bit faint.
Perhaps in the meantime I can tell you of my visit to Greece.
Not many days ago the sun of Hellas shone down on me.
I loitered, Pindar in hand, neath the columns of Corinth.
The sunrises were indescribable. . .
. . .the crystal clarity of the Greek light unforgettable.
A balm to the soul, that unsullied atmosphere!
I continued onto Crete, where I rode the little donkeys. . .
The backs of these animals are often quite hard, you know. . .
. . .and I was forced to wear peasants' trousers!
Then the festivals of the simple peasants of the countryside. . .
. . .the charming dances. . .
Excuse me please, my protege.
What's the meaning of this, Kaspar?
I'm sure I don't understand. . .
And what manner of silly business is this?
Apparently I've been guilty of a misjudgment.
There hasn't been enough time. . .
. . .for me to get a true picture of the circumstances.
Why did you leave the church?
The singing of the congregation. . .
. . .sounds to me like awful howling.
And then the singing stops, the pastor starts to howl.
Kaspar, we have to go back in.
Poor young fellow!
He must have taken too much of that laxative the doctor gave him!
- Katy! - Yes.
Come here a moment.
It looks like a bloody handprint.
Mercy me!
I saw him go in here this morning. . .
. . .and the door wasn't off its hinges. Look - it's blood!
There are bloodstains on the cellar door.
He can't have broken in by himself. . .
He's drunk it dry!
Now he's bitten a piece out of the bowl!
Ah, here's our patient.
Hello, thank you.
Did you apply the bandage?
There wasn't time to do it better.
Were there any other injuries beside the head wound?
No, only his head.
I have a few important questions to ask the victim.
Please - not now.
Well, we won't be getting anything out of him today!
But at least he's not talking the kind of rot he did last week.
All the same, with respect to the crime. . .
. . .and Hauser's origins, we can't expect much from him today.
Then I shall ask you to take your leave, gentlemen.
There was one thing. . .
. . .I wanted to mention.
But it has nothing to do with the attack on me.
It is all so clear before my eyes.
Tell us, Kaspar.
I saw the ocean, and I saw a mountain. . .
. . .and there were many people climbing up the mountain.
It was like a procession.
There was a lot of fog.
I couldn't see it very clearly, but. . .
. . .at the very top was Death.
What's happened? He's been stabbed!
What happened? And where?
The man told me to watch the gardener. . .
. . .then he gave me this pouch and stabbed me.
I'll take you home, we'll carry you.
Let me see what's in the pouch.
A note!
"Hauser can tell you exactly what I look like. . .
. . .and where I come from.
To save him the trouble. . .
. . .I'll tell you myself where I come from. . .
. . .and even what my name is.
. . .M. L.O."
The Lord have mercy on me for I am weak.
Heal me Lord, for my limbs are stricken.
Lord, why do you hide from me in my hour of need?
Do not go far from me, for fear is near.
I am weary of sighing. I lie in the sweat of my body. . .
. . .and my tears moisten my bed.
My body, weakened by mourning, has grown old. . .
. . .and I am tormented from every side.
Away from me, evil-doers, for the Lord hears my call.
Kaspar, my son. . .
. . .if anything is burdening you, please tell us now.
Yes. . .
There is something, a story. . .
It's about a caravan. . .
. . .and the desert.
But I know only the beginning.
That doesn't matter now.
Tell us the story, even if it's only the beginning.
I see a caravan. . .
. . .coming through the desert. . .
. . .across the sands.
And this caravan. . .
. . .is led by an old Berber tribes man.
And this old man is blind.
Now the caravan stops. . .
. . .because some believe they are lost. . .
. . .and because they see mountains ahead of them.
They look at their compass, but it's no use.
Then their blind leader picks up a handful of sand. . .
. . .and tastes it, as though it were food.
My sons, the blind man says, you are wrong.
Those are not mountains you see. . .
. . .it is only your imagination.
We must continue northward.
And they follow the old man's advice. . .
. . .and finally reach the City in the North.
And that's where the story begins.
But how the story goes after they reach the city, I don't know.
Thank you all for listening to me.
I'm tired now.
There we have it - the left lobe of the liver is greatly enlarged.
That is an unusual finding indeed, and worth recording.
Please take this down:
Left liver lobe enlarged and extends. . .
. . .enlarged, yes.
. . .and extends to below the left arch of the diaphragm.
Doctor, look!
. . .arch of the diaphragm.
Look at the brain, its shape is rather unusual.
Yes, a remarkable abnormality. Overdevelopment of the cerebrum.
Oh, I agree, yes!
There is also a deformity of the cerebrum.
The left hemisphere is too small.
That explains a great deal!
This should be recorded.
Take this down: Abnormal cerebrum. . .
. . .definitely overdeveloped.
Deformity of left cerebral hemisphere. . .
. . .which does not sufficiently cover the cerebellum.
Today is a day to remember.
Be so good as to take my hat home with you.
I'm going to walk home.
What a wonderful, what a precise report this will make!
Deformities discovered in Kaspar Hauser's brain and liver!
Finally we have got an explanation for this strange man. . .
. . .and no one would never find nothing like this.
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