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Enter the Phoenix

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Hand him over to me, Hung One.
I have no intention of doing so.
I'm asking you again,
hand him over to me.
I think you're going to be very disappointed.
Fat Ko's off the boat, Big Bro. He's safe.
Your ''Red Honor'' underIing bumped off my man
Ieaving us at ''The InitiaI 4'' with a widow and orphan.
You teII me what I shouId do.
You teII me.
Big Pang was drunk. He threw the first punch.
He aimed every bIow right at my tempIes!
You teII me what I shouId have done, Lui Fai.
Shut up, Number 8!
Fai, it was an accident. Nobody wanted it.
I'm not going back empty-handed today.
Which one is Fat Ko?
Step forward!
You're Fat Ko?
Go to heII!
Put away your guns!
Put them away!
Shut up if you're gonna stutter, Fat Ox!
And quit puIIing your piece!
You're not Fat Ko?
Fat Ko's so thin he's skin and bones, smart ass!
His head...
A faIIing fIowerpot hit him in the street. Satisfied?
1st Brother,
Why did you take the buIIet for me, 1st Brother?
If you were to die tonight
I don't think I'd Iive to see tomorrow, either.
Besides, I never wanted you dead.
We three are aII that's Ieft of 8 brothers.
Not even enough for mahjong, 4th Brother!
Listen, everyone. I, Lui Fai, say this to ''The InitiaI 4'' today:
Whatever our future
disputes with ''Red Honor''
as Iong as the Hung famiIy is in charge
be it his chiIdren or grandchiIdren
I wiII not see any more bIood fIow between us.
Yes, Big Brother.
No more taIk, No. 8.
- Let's take 1st Brother to hospitaI. - Yes.
Make way...
Comes, sister-in-Iaw.
Did he take the painkiIIers I gave Iast time?
No. He's very stubborn.
You must get him to hospitaI ASAP.
I need to discuss it with him first.
Ah Hei, see Dr Wong out.
Yes. PIease come with me.
Thank you.
1st Brother, are you awake?
How Iong have we been brothers, No. 8?
It's been more than 40 years.
how we aII swam here from Chiu Chow?
But Brothers No. 2, 5 and 7 skipped breakfast
and didn't have the strength to get to shore.
They came for me yesterday
and said they'd bring me back with them.
Don't say such things. You'II recover.
Can you do me a favor, No. 8?
Of course.
Orgy, I'm getting worse every day.
I know I don't have much time Ieft.
Come back to Hong Kong
and take over as head.
Orgy, Red Honor Ieads a Ieader...
Cut it out, wiII you?
I wrote the Ietter! I don't need you to read it to me!
It cIearIy written here as ''Orgy''.
Who's ever heard of anyone caIIed ''Orgy''?
Did you want to write ''Georgie''?
I forgot how to write it.
You trying to diss me?
Let's move.
Move where?
To Iook for something.
Never heard 1st Brother had a son.
I onIy just found out myseIf.
1st Brother's been singIe aII these years.
Of course he's had a few women.
It's good. We find Georgie
and make him head
then the InitiaI 4 won't come Iooking for troubIe.
1st Brother said the photo's here. It's impossibIe!
Found it!
My Iong-Iost Year of
the Tiger Shaved Pussies speciaI!
How come it's here with 1st Brother's stuff?
No, reaIIy, dad. Look!
Shut up!
How many times did I say, don't caII me dad?
How many times do I have to teII you, fooI?
But there's no one eIse here.
I'm reaIIy your son. Why can't I?
Because I say so. CaII me 8th Master!
You want to taIk back, boy? Go do your job!
Look. Take a Iook at this.
- What? - Come take a Iook.
This is the one. This is it.
This is the photo. He reaIIy Iooks Iike Big Brother.
Look at the curI of his mouth. How cooI!
They do Iook aIike.
The probIem is, he doesn't Iike women.
HoIy shit! He's gay?
Why don't you say it Iouder, you idiot?
Want me to get you a Ioudspeaker?
So, what do we do?
Now we have the photo, where do we find him?
Good question.
As they say: For girIs, go to Mongkok, but for boys, it's...
Thank you!
Okay, good job! Everybody keeps up the energy!
Is it 501 or 507?
It's got to be a 7, there's a sIash.
If it's 1 it'II be straight.
Wait...dear! Okay? Presentation is everything!
A customer wants to see you.
Okay, sure.
Frankie my waitress teIIs me about a compIaint here, is that right?
This is just not sweet enough.
Oh, reaIIy? Then how sweet shouId it be?
I don't know.
Sweeter than this?
HeIIo, I want Hung Chi-Kit, Georgie. Georgie.
Forget it. What use is EngIish in ThaiIand?
You shouId be speaking Thai.
Hi. We're from Hong Kong,
to see Hung Chi-Kit.
Georgie, you understand? Chi-Kit
Who are you? You Iooking for masseuses?
The girIs aren't at work yet. Come back Iater.
Too many tourists, and not enough girIs to go round.
Shut up! Shut up!
Listen to me! Georgie!
I toId you, you shouId speak Thai.
EngIish wiII do. Georgie...
Do you want a massage?
She's asking if you want a massage.
Masseuses don't work so earIy, do they?
What a dragon among men, a king among fruits!
Big Brother.
You want me to be Big Brother?
If no one takes care of business at Red Honor
other Triad gangs wiII try to muscIe in.
Then it'd be Iike the YeIIow River fIooding:
there'II be no hoIding back the damage.
Take care of business? I...don't Iike the work.
I don't think I can handIe it.
There's reaIIy no work invoIved in being Big Bro
and there are aII sorts of perks, too:
you get a discount on massages
and chicks absoIuteIy for free!
As for booze? AII you can drink, every night!
WouIdn't you say it's great fun?
As for you being gay, we know that aIready.
Yes, about you being gay.
It's a secret onIy the three of us know.
If you're wiIIing to come back with us
you can have anything you want.
That's right. Say it.
Whatever you say, Big Brother.
Say it.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
8th Master!
8th Master!
8th Master!
Open your mouth!
A bit more.
So many cavities. You shouId see a dentist.
You shouId see a dentist.
Just fooIing with you!
As you're so sincere, and came aII this way...
Who's this?
Sam, my boyfriend.
I'm Sam? I'm your boyfriend?
No need to repeat the intro. Come, we need to taIk.
Make yourseIves at home. We won't be Iong.
What's with aII this strange behavior?
I have good news and bad news.
Which do you want first?
- They're... - I'II teII you.
Good news is, I'm going to be a Big Bro.
Bad news is, your dad's seriousIy iII.
When did this happen?
I'm not sure.
But those two guys came aII this way to find me...
I mean, find you so you can go see the oId man.
Are they Iooking for you or me? And what Big Bro?
You've got it made, your dad's a Triad boss.
You never toId me.
I sent him this photo when we graduated.
He tore off the haIf that had me on it.
It meant he didn't want to see me.
I've got to go out and teII them...
No! Don't bIow my cover just yet!
You know I aIways wanted to be a Big Brother.
Since they think I'm you
why don't you give me a chance?
Let me go to Hong Kong and be a Triad.
Sam, being a Triad is no joke.
You couId get chopped up any time.
It's too dangerous. I won't Iet you.
If you go out now, I'II never forgive you.
PIease! I'm an orphan,
and we're buddies!
Just this once!
1st Brother's dead!
I can teII which one in a gay pair is the bitch.
How can you teII?
It's easy.
To teII who's the bitch, you just need to Iook.
If the butt-cheeks are separated and tiIt up
and there's a big wiggIe in the waIk
then that one's the bitch for sure.
Are we buying crabs here? ''WiggIe in the waIk''!
Just having a discussion. No need to get angry.
This the car?
What the heII!? We're riding in a mini-van!?
It's just something we hired, Big Brother.
As the top echeIon of the Triads
we shouId have more than one set of wheeIs.
Hiring makes it easier to switch vehicIes,
making it harder for peopIe to ambush us.
It Iooks the same as when I was IittIe.
Once 1st Brother's funeraI is over
I'II pick an auspicious day
for your takeover ceremony as Red Honor head.
Oh, Big Bro
I know how cIose you are with our ''sister-in-Iaw''
but you're head of a Triad now, so
try to keep your distance
in front of peopIe
or you'II Iose credibiIity.
I suppose you're both tired.
- Kin, take them for a rest. - Yes.
Come with me to the Banging Room.
No need for that, just the bedroom wiII do.
Same difference. This way.
I'm so tired.
Go to sIeep.
WouId you sIeep over there, pIease?
You had enough to eat?
You're a boy! Why do you pIay with this aII the time?
Give it back! Give it back!
Listen to me, Kit. You're the son of Hung One.
I won't have you behaving Iike a sissy.
PeopIe wiII Iaugh at you if you pIay with doIIs.
Your mom's aIready gone. If you don't behave
I'II Ieave you as weII.
How many, Miss?
He's aIready here, thanks.
How are you, Mr. Ho?
Let me teII you about our avaiIabIe pIans.
Our company's recentIy introduced a new pIan
caIIed ''Looking to Tomorrow''.
The entire pIans provides cover for everything
from death and medicaI to iIIness and accident...
Miss Lui...
CaII me JuIie.
Mr. Ho, are you feeIing hot?
I've decided to take you up on it.
Mr. Ho, having an exaIted cIient Iike you
is indeed our company's honor. Thank you.
No. HeIping out Lui Fai's daughter
not to mention safeguarding my own Iife
the honor's aII mine!
Where do I sign?
What connection do you have with my dad?
Who are you? How come I've never seen you?
Are you one of his new henchmen? Speak!
No! It's got nothing to do with Mr. Lui!
Just teII me where to sign and Iet me go!
Who needs customers Iike you? I've got pIenty!
Woe is me! She won't seII me insurance!
Woe is me!
Mr. Chan? Yes...
You're not free?
It'II onIy take 10 minutes.
I'd Iike to expIain our company's new pIan...
we'II fix another time. OK. Bye!
You're Iucky I'm short of my monthIy quota.
You'II seII me insurance?
Where do I sign?
You wanted me, Big Brother?
Yes, Chow.
You know why I caIIed for you?
You want me to Ieave Red Honor aIone.
Don't worry. I won't touch them.
Good. Hung One's onIy just died.
If we of the InitiaI 4 muscIe in on them now
what wouId the other Triads say of us?
Besides, I gave my word to Hung.
Don't worry, Big Bro. I won't touch them.
I'II be going.
Chow. Do you stiII bear a grudge
Because I didn't stand up for your dad?
I don't bear a grudge.
But my mother did.
Take some rest.
You better not be bIaming me for something again.
You had nothing to do with Leung's $1m poIicy?
Leung? I haven't seen him for ages.
Did he come to see you?
Daddy, I don't want peopIe saying
I onIy get ahead at work because of you!
WouId you just Ieave me aIone?
Sweetie, what do you take me for?
You reaIIy think my reach is that Iong?
They come to you not because they fear me
but because they want to suck up on me.
You're my daughter. Daddy can't just ignore you.
Sorry. I know you Iove me
but I reaIIy want to know if I'm any good.
Come on. Just Iet me try.
OK, daddy promises. No more interference.
Thanks, dad.
OK. But promise daddy one thing.
Come with me to a funeraI.
I want you to pay Iast respects with me
to a brother who once took a buIIet for me.
Big Bro, with so many brothers here today
it'd be nice if you can shed a tear or two.
And since the pIace's so big
it wouIdn't hurt if you ham it up a bit.
I've aIready prepared some eye drops.
Watch me.
I'm a terribIe son! I've come too Iate!
I couIdn't even see you off, dad!
Why? Why? Why...
- Get up. - I'm not getting up! Why?
I'm not getting up!
DisgracefuI! This way!
A moment, pIease.
First bow, second bow, third bow.
FamiIy give thanks.
Thank you, 4th Brother.
How have you been keeping?
Don't be too sad, No. 8.
AIIow me. Hung Chi-Kit, 1st Brother's son.
Georgie, this is UncIe Lui, head of the InitiaI 4.
UncIe Lui. Just caII me Georgie.
Young peopIe nowadays are the ones to watch!
I had an oraI agreement with your Iate dad.
You just devote yourseIf to Red Honor.
Don't worry about anything eIse.
If there's anything you need, come to UncIe.
Don't expect too much of me. It's a Iot of pressure!
I mean, I'II do my best, UncIe.
Good! Let me introduce you.
My daughter, Lui Yuk-Wan.
CaII me JuIie. How do you do?
- JuIie - How are you?
This is Cheng Chow, my second-in-command.
Sit up here.
You know that's Lui Fai's daughter beside him?
What a babe, eh?
Remember your sexuaI orientation.
Your eyes are popping out.
Who's the dude?
Cheng Chow, Lui Fai's right-hand man.
They say he kicks serious ass.
WeII? You fancy him?
Big Bro, you were so good to me in Iife
I have nothing to give you.
If you Iike this book, I'II burn it for you.
I'II burn you a whoIe news stand each month!
Rest in peace!
Hung One had a son. Did you know that?
We'II taIk about this when we get back.
Dad, I don't want to go to boarding schooI!
Dad! I'II be good! I don't want to go!
Kit, be a good boy.
Remember, see him to the gates.
Understood, 1st Brother.
Young master.
I don't want to go.
''Daddy, I Iove you. Don't send me away.''
Something on your mind, Master Chow?
Man-Cheung, how do I treat you guys?
One word
If I break with Big Brother one day
whose side wiII you stand on?
One word from you, and aII the guys are with you.
Do you know how many more sons Hung had?
It doesn't matter how many sons he had.
We know what to do.
The accounts. Make sure it aII taIIies.
Understood, 8th Master.
There's aIso 1st Brother's personaI effects.
Put it aII away safeIy.
A doII? Did 1st Brother pIay with doIIs?
Can it be an antique?
Antique your ass!
Do the accounts!
CooI it! CooI it!
It's great being Big Brother.
No queuing up, no entry fee
Big Bro, this is our joint.
Try going to the one next door. What a queue!
- Big Bro! - Brother Kin. Brother Kin.
- Brother Kin... - OK, knock it off.
Big Bro, there are Iots of our guys around.
We'II get a girI to come over Iater.
Just force yourseIf to give her ass a squeeze.
- I know it's chore... - Fine!
Sister-in-Iaw, you understand, it's just...
That's OK, I understand.
Sorry about that...
I'II go do something usefuI.
Big Brother.
Be sexy!
Big Brother, you're so handsome!
What's your name, Miss?
My name's Man-Man.
I'm a bit busy today.
Give me your phone number then.
Number? Can you give me yours?
Sure. Got a pen
You don't have a pen?
WiII Iipstick do?
Where did that Iipstick come from?
Don't ask.
- Where do I write it? - On the hand.
Why not on the back?
- The back! - No, I hate you.
''PIumbing Services 90780760''
It's Iate, Iet's go.
Recognize who that is?
It's JuIie, Lui Fai's daughter.
Yes, I recognize her.
Come over, come.
Just to say heIIo. Come...
I'm not going.
What's the matter?
Suit me?
Suits me.
Sort it out yourseIf.
JuIie, it's you? Are you aIone?
Yeah. I'm usuaIIy aIone. Used to it.
Me too.
- ReaIIy? - Yeah.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with you?
I want to have sex!
How did you get so drunk?
- Bao! - Yes!
Take him home.
What about Big Brother?
Shing can stay. I'II take care of him.
No more taIk, Iet's go.
Kin, Iet's go.
- Let's go. - Come on...
I...I want to have sex!
Let's go.
- Have you got a sister? - Yes.
What's this?
Five Grains Wine.
What, ''Gain Fine Wives''? Kick ass!
Gain me 20 more Fine Wives, pIease!
Gain 20 Fine Wives!
Ready to go yet? Sun's come up.
Yes, Brother Sam?
- Drive round to the door. - Sure.
Thank you...
The sun's very bright!
Sit down for a whiIe.
Waiting for a ride? Forget about it.
After them!
I'II do it.
Let me do it.
Stupid bitch!
Miss? Run!
Are you aIright?
Give me a kiss, give me a kiss.
Good night!
Give me a kiss...
Bugger off! Your breath stinks!
Sam, I'd never have thought
a nice kid Iike you couId fight so weII.
I trained in kick-boxing in ThaiIand.
8th Master, we've found out.
It was peopIe from The InitiaI 4.
Didn't UncIe Lui swear an oath with my dad?
Why wouId he come after us?
It's not Lui who's after you. It's Chow!
Big Pang of the InitiaI 4 was Chow's father.
He and Fat Ko of Red Honor
came to bIows over a dinner biII
and got kiIIed accidentaIIy by Ko.
That's why Chow hates us Red Honor guys.
So, 8th Master, I'm in deep shit, right?
Yeah, you're in deep shit aIright.
I suggest you don't go out. Stay home.
I'II get bored.
Don't worry, Big Bro.
Whatever you can do outside, you can do at home.
What the heII's the matter with you?
I'm the masseur. Kin toId me to Iook after you.
Want some fruit?
Just put it down.
Hei, what are you doing here?
Kin toId me to keep you company.
Everything aIright, Big Bro?
Just give the word, I'II beat the crap out of her.
Hei, you go out first. I'II caII her if I need her.
You go out first.
Thank you.
I'II caII you if I need you.
What are you doing, Big Bro?
So you're...
Wrong Website!
That's right!
You made a mistake!
Do you know how to get out?
Let me do it.
I found the dirtiest gay porn site in the worId!
Here, Iook. See? Hard or what?
The muscIes, I mean.
ReaIIy something eIse, eh?
Hey, guy.
8th Master!
StiII up?
I'm not tired. This doII...
UncIe Hung Ieft it.
May I have it?
Take it. If you Iike it, take it.
Thanks! Good night.
Good night.
A bitch is a bitch.
Sexy mother!
Our ''Love You to Bits''
PoIicy is reaIIy great.
You shouId seriousIy consider it, Mr. Leung.
To teII you the truth,
when it comes to the insurance business
I reaIIy couIdn't give a shit.
If it weren't to pIease my mother
I wouIdn't even be taIking to you.
Your mom wouIdn't know my dad, wouId she?
My mom says, insurance protects your chiIdren.
I know oIder peopIe worry about their kids,
EspeciaIIy kids from rich famiIies Iike mine.
You understand that, right?
But it's schooI, then work, your whoIe Iife!
She even interferes when it comes to Iove!
I'm Iike a string puppet,
puIIed this way and that.
It's reaIIy exhausting!
Your mom's Iike that too? So's my father!
He aIways decides what's right for me
then makes me do things I don't Iike.
He never cares how I reaIIy feeI.
Our backgrounds are so simiIar!
I'm enjoying chatting with you more and more.
I think we have the same way of thinking.
I think you and I are going to be...
great friends!
I'm signing this poIicy for sure.
ReaIIy? Thank you, Mr. Leung.
As a formaIity, I need to expIain certain things.
One: in the first year we'II charge
a 100%/% deposit as an initiaI fee.
Two: each time you renew thereafter
we'II charge an extra 5%/% fee
on that sum.
Three: this item here...
Mr. Leung, is something wrong with your hand?
My hand's fine, but...
I don't know, I couIdn't
take in a word you said.
I wonder if something's wrong with my ears
or with your mouth?
Maybe we shouId do a body check?
Sure, a body check's
a standard requirement.
Why don't we come over to my pIace to do it...
Mr. Leung, you...I think you're...
You can check my ear, and I'II check your mouth...
No! I think you've got it wrong!
Let's check our ears together. Come...
You want to do a body check?
Why don't you Iet me obIige you with that?
Who are you?
I'm her boyfriend. ApoIogize to her!
Sorry! Sorry!
Don't Iet me see you again!
It hurts!
StiII here?
Did you mean what you said just now?
What did I say?
That you'II be my boyfriend.
You're Sam, right? Have you got a girIfriend?
I've got a boyfriend.
Very funny.
I've got to go.
Wait for me...
Do you know what this photo's trying to express?
I think the two matches
represent different temperaments.
One is passionate, the other's reserved.
There can be no fire even if they come together.
No. See? That one's wet.
There's a pooI of water. How can it burn?
That's a very compIex interpretation.
I'm not taIking to you anymore.
Did I say something wrong?
Don't foIIow me.
I want to thank you for taking me home Iast time.
I think you're reaIIy speciaI:
your eyes, your smiIe, the way you taIk...
you're not Iike other guys.
You're absoIuteIy right there.
The thing is, I Iike guys.
I'm gay.
That's reaIIy funny!
I'm serious.
You're going just Iike that? You chased off my cIient!
Why don't you buy a poIicy from me?
The younger you start, the better.
How couId I have shot at myseIf?
It was a straight shot aIright.
Straight shot? That was cIearIy a curve!
What curve? Are you bIind or what?
You guys Iike watching soccer?
Not just watching. PIaying, too.
But since reaching the fifth month of pregnancy
there's nothing I can do Iooking Iike this.
This kid's not bad. Used to pIay junior Ieague.
Then he got kicked out in the seIections.
How come?
'Cos his oId man's a Triad!
That's right. What a bummer!
He did badIy in schooI, couIdn't pIay soccer,
so he drifted into the Triads.
AII thanks to you, dad!
Don't, don't mention it.
How come in front of the boys, you two...
You want to know why he doesn't caII me dad?
As you know, men Iike us have Iots of enemies.
If I get whacked, and my son gets whacked too
it'd be the end of the famiIy Iine.
Don't worry. You have the Iooks of someone
who'II see his chiIdren in the grave first.
SIap your shitty mouth! I'm going!
I'm not sIapping. What are you gonna do about it?
Is that the finaI whistIe? I Iost!
Great! Fork it over. Five hundred bucks!
Fork what over? I'm your oId man!
Don't taIk to me Iike you're my creditor!
Why not? A Triad doesn't have 500 bucks?
Sure I do, but I'm not giving it to you!
I'II give you this.
A pocket watch? You shouId be wearing a goId RoIex!
How eIse wouId you gain respect?
It's for stopping buIIets, kid.
Stop buIIets? Why not give me a cast iron wok?
C'mon, pay up! Five hundred bucks!
Life is precious!
- Are you paying up or not? - No.
I'II gut you with a bottIe!
Ooo, I'm scared! Gut me!
I'II reaIIy do it!
I'II reaIIy do it!
Come and try...
What are you giving me a feather for?
To sign with.
Sign what?
Sign these documents here, Mr. Hung, and
you'II be the Red Honor society's new CEO,
taking over aII of its businesses.
Triad takeover ceremonies are so corporate now!
What about Iion dances and burning joss sticks?
Quit taIking. Just sign your name,
or it'd be past the auspicious hour.
Just sign it, the page behind.
AII done, 8th Master.
Ceremony compIete!
Thank you! Thank you!
Heaven's decreed that the cIouds be parted
to symboIize Red Honor's...
Quit fooIing.
Be serious.
Come with me.
This Red Honor Sword
has fought countIess battIes
and tasted much sweat and bIood on our behaIf.
Most importantIy, this sword is the symboI
of Red Honor' hereditary power.
I now pass it on to you.
Big Brother's spirit wiII Iook over you.
Safeguard it weII.
I now formaIIy decIare:
Georgie is the new head of Red Honor!
Big Brother...
Damn it!
AII the Triad heads say they're too busy to come!
Damn them aII to heII!
Everyone and his dog comes if there's a free meaI.
They're obviousIy not giving me face!
I heard a few things on the grapevine
but I don't know if I shouId speak up...
Speak up! Haven't you had enough to eat?
Are you teIIing me or not?
Chow's been spreading the word:
he'II mess up anyone who comes tonight.
Damn him!
We toId everyone it's debut as Big Brother.
They're not giving face to Red Honor's new head!
Big Brother, you just give the word
and I'II go take care of him!
Wait! Let's wait and see.
Do we reaIIy have to wait?
Mr. Hung, our kitchen cIoses at 11.
Can we start serving now?
Just give the word, Big Brother.
Take it away.
Kitchen, no one's coming to the Hung party.
You can aII go home now.
I said, no one's coming to the party,
you can aII go home. Got it?
Roger that.
Hi, Georgie? I'm Man-Man.
What the fuck!
Sorry, 8th Master.
Sure I did. Great. How's next week?
I'II caII you.
I aIready don't serve. What's up now?
you want to get me?
What the fuck!
Where's Kin gone? Where's Kin?
Has anyone seen Kin? Where's Kin?
- Haven't seen him. - Kin...
Where's Kin?
Brother Kin
Kin, don't scare me. Kin...
Kin, you OK? Kin.
Kin, don't scare me.
You've got to hoId on...
I'm very coId...
CoId? I'II hoId you, I'II hoId you.
Stupid kid! What a thing to say.
That I'd see my son in the grave!
It's aII my fauIt!
I shouId've Iet you pIay soccer,
forget the Triads!
I'm very coId!
AmbuIance! Has anyone caIIed an ambuIance?
I gave you the pocket watch to stop buIIets.
Why weren't you wearing it?
You were reaIIy asking for it!
Son! It reaIIy stopped the buIIet!
He's not going to die!
Kin, you're not going to die! You'II be OK...
Switch off the air conditioning, dad.
Switch off the air conditioning, you idiots!
What did you caII me?
That sounds good. Again! Say it again!
That sounds good, that reaIIy sounds good.
It's very coId, dad.
He caIIed me dad! My son!
What are you doing here?
Practicing kung fu. It's dangerous being Big Bro!
It's a bit Iate to Iearn kung fu now.
Why not use this?
Take it.
I can't protect you aII the time.
HeartfeIt, brother.
I stiII think there's a probIem with your figure
What probIem?
A figure Iike yours...
Why not...
Bao, what did he do?
Caught him seIIing pirated CDs on our turf.
Did he say who he's with?
His name's Cock Head.
He's under Chow at the InitiaI 4.
Brother Cock Head, isn't it?
Are you here to seII pirate CDs or to screen test?
You're dressed Iike you're going on stage.
Beat me aII you want, but don't touch my hair.
What shouId we do?
Same as aIways. Chop off his hand.
Is the underworId aIways so bIoody?
No, but with so many peopIe present
the Ieast you couId do is chop off his hand.
It's credibiIity. Just chop him up a IittIe.
Be quick with it. I've got work to do.
Tough kid. Not scared of getting chopped?
You're an interesting guy.
CooI, eh?
Don't copy me!
Vengeance! Master Chow, avenge me!
Georgie toId me to teII you:
Red Honor is no pushover.
He says you better get smart
Master Chow...
That's why I keep teIIing you to use your brains!
You can't just chop peopIe up aII the time!
You're the man, Big Bro!
Yeah, you da man!
On behaIf of the boys, I say: Respect!
So, why did you ask me out?
I'd Iike you to be my boyfriend.
JuIie, why don't we become sisters?
I don't want to be sisters.
The night's so beautifuI, the moon's fuII. Oh?
What do you want? Fight with me over a man?
Who's fighting with you over a man?
I want to fight, you'II Iose for sure.
You damned faggot!
TaIk to the hand, bitch!
Stop right there!
Forget it. Dissing me is the same as dissing him.
TeII me, when did you know
you preferred men?
What's it to you?
I want to know if your being gay is nature or nurture.
Come with me.
If it's nurture, you're bound to regret it.
WeII? Anything? Any reaction?
Then it can reaIIy be turned around! Yeah!
I'm so happy! That's reaIIy great!
He's reaIIy handsome!
I'm not pIaying anymore. Let's go.
Let's go. I'm not pIaying.
Let's go!
Big Brother, 8th is here.
4th Brother.
Why have you caIIed for me so urgentIy?
I've decided to give my daughter to you in marriage.
No way!
I once made a soIemn vow
onIy to Iove a singIe person in my Iife.
Su-Ching might be dead for 20 years
but I'II not break my oath of Iove to her.
I'II never marry again.
I'm not taking about you.
I'm taIking about him.
You reaIIy gave me a fright there!
You mean Georgie?
That's right. You agree?
Why wouIdn't I agree?
But we stiII need to ask nephew here.
Nephew, do you agree?
If I get married with JuIie
our gangs wiII become Triads-in-Iaw.
We'II become one big famiIy, right?
We'II make money together, and cut out rivaIry.
UncIe's reaIIy got it aII worked out.
OK, what I say cannot be taken back.
What do you say?
I'II take your siIence as a yes. Good!
1st Brother's spirit in heaven must be...
reaIIy happy!
So we have a deaI. Good!
Hi, I'm Breeze.
Hi, I'm Precious.
You're marrying JuIie soon.
Now's the time to turn your yin into yang!
Big Bro, pIease make Iove!
AII set, Big Bro?
8th Master, he even quicker than you!
I'd never thought Red Honor
wouId have two fast guns among us!
Three, actuaIIy!
Why did you agree to marry Georgie?
You cIearIy don't Iike him. Why?
Daddy's aIways Ioved me very much.
From when I was in schooI to working now,
aII my Iife, in matters great and smaII,
he's aIways arranged everything for me.
He's onIy ever wanted what was best for me.
I never thought he'd pick my husband, too.
Didn't you Iike Iooking at photographs?
The girI in this one knows Iove's to be fought for.
AII she wants is to be happy.
That's as simpIe as it is.
However much the worId changes,
there are some things that never change.
I shouIdn't be appearing in this photo.
HeIIo? Frankie?
I'm going to be in Hong Kong Ionger, so...HeIIo?
There are Iots of seats here.
Why don't you sit over there?
Over there?
FeeIing better?
You're feeIing unhappy?
Yes. There's a cIient
I've been trying to meet,
but I couId never get an appointment. UseIess!
ActuaIIy, girIs don't have to be too briIIiant;
The dumb ones are more attractive.
What do you Iike about me? That I'm dumb?
I...I didn't mean it that way!
I reaIIy Iike you...
I reaIIy Iike you a Iot...
reaIIy Iike you!
They're so annoying, aIways staring at us.
Let's go over there and taIk.
Do you reaIIy want to marry me?
Why not?
Marriage doesn't guarantee anything.
A marriage certificate doesn't mean anything.
He most important thing is being in Iove, right?
I hate the kind of girI
who onIy wants sex without Iove.
They're so shaIIow!
Sorry, when UncIe Lui brought up our marriage
I shouId have given him a firm no.
But I reiterate:
I reaIIy Iike you a Iot.
If onIy Iove is something that can be insured!
Why don't I become your cIient?
I wonder if Triads can get insurance?
It depends on the circumstances.
If there's nothing physicaIIy wrong with you
and you have a proper job, that's basicaIIy enough.
Does chopping peopIe
up count as a proper job?
That's a high-risk occupation, I need to check back with the company.
UncIe Lui, I've thought it over.
I'm not going to marry JuIie.
Why not?
JuIie's a nice girI
and I Iike her a Iot,
but the probIem is, have you asked what she wants?
Don't worry about that.
She'II do whatever I say.
The issue's not whether she does or not,
it's whether she's happy or not.
If your decision's onIy for the sake of the Triad
then it's very unfair to JuIie.
You don't understand either.
I know why he doesn't want to marry JuIie.
Chow, what are you doing?
It's because he doesn't Iike women.
He's a homosexuaI.
What did you say?
You two said it? You yapping for a sIapping?
We didn't say it. He said so himseIf.
I reaIIy can't become straight.
We're sisters, heIp me out here.
4th Brother.
I want to hear it from you.
Yes, or no.
Big Bro, teII 4th Brother. Say you're not gay!
Say it!
I am gay.
Then you've been toying with JuIie?
Toying with her is toying with us 4 InitiaIs.
Brothers, do your jobs.
- Yes. - Understood.
I'II kiII the first man who makes a move!
Out of my way!
No. 8, you go ahead.
OK. Let's go.
Sorry, UncIe Lui.
Chow, come with me.
Chow, I know Pang's dead affected you deepIy.
- Say no more. - Chow.
I'II Iet you take my pIace. This thing's settIed?
Not everything can be just forgotten Iike that.
Not my oId man's death.
Big Brother!
Go back to ThaiIand?
No, I won't.
This thing's getting out of hand.
If we go on, you'II be in grave danger.
Listen to me, come back with me to ThaiIand.
I'm now the Big Brother of Red Honor.
How can I go at a time Iike this?
If I go, what happens to those under me?
I won't be a chicken shit Big Bro. Sorry.
You're no Big Bro.
What are you saying?
I'm saying you don't even beIong here.
Everything you now have is a bonus,
I understand. Nothing here reaIIy beIongs to me.
It aII beIongs to you!
PeopIe outside are saying I'm...
I'm Iovers with you. Do you know that?
I never said a thing. Why?
Because you're my best friend.
I swaIIowed it aII.
My boss caIIed me just now. I'm fired.
I phoned Frankie. He wouIdn't answer my caII.
I have nothing Ieft.
You have nothing Ieft? I never had anything at aII!
No parents, no reIatives.
Being a Big Brother was my greatest dream.
I have it now.
If I go back with you,
I won't have anything.
Yes you wiII.
A good friend. Me.
There's no point in staying here.
You've been a Big Bro. You had your time.
Let it go, Sam.
Sorry. My name's Georgie.
Fine, fine!
He's reaIIy gay!
Do we foIIow him into the john
if he asks?
What shaII I do? I'm so good-Iooking!
Don't worry, he won't hit on you.
- Big Brother. - Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Brother Georgie, whether you're gay or not
I'm behind you aII the same!
Who the heII are you?
The masseur.
I'm...I'm your LittIe Brother.
My name's actuaIIy David.
You never reaIIy noticed me much...
I've noticed you.
You've aIways seemed different from the others.
Let me stick cIoser to you.
Give me a chance.
I Iove you, do you know that?
Big Brother.
JuIie's waiting for you.
There's something I want to ask you.
Go ahead.
Is it true what Chow said?
It's true, but aIso not true.
How can it be both? TeII me!
I don't know what to say.
The two of us are a pair of good friends...
No, we're good friends, but not a pair!
Bottom Iine is, Georgie's gay and I'm not!
What do you mean? You're Georgie! You're not Georgie?
You're reaIIy Sam?
ActuaIIy, Georgie's Hung One's son,
but he didn't want to take over Red Honor
so I did it in his pIace.
I'm just a stand-in Big Brother.
I'm reaIIy Sam.
So, do you stiII think of me as a friend?
You onIy did it to heIp Georgie.
I'm not mad at you.
I've got to go.
Want me to see you off?
That's great, having someone pick you up.
No need. I'II see myseIf off.
''If I couId turn back the cIock, I want to watch you grow up with my own eyes.''
1st Brother didn't send you away because you're gay.
What father wants his son to be a Triad?
When 1st Brother died he said to me,
he didn't want his Triad status affect your future.
That's why he sent you to study in France.
1st Brother Ioved you very much.
8th Master, Chow's nabbed Big Brother!
Address him as Big Brother!
You don't have to caII me Big Brother.
But I confess, I'm the reaI Georgie.
I'm the reaI son of Hung One.
The one they nabbed ain't our Big Bro. Why shouId we save him?
Don't be Iike this! If you don't stick together
Red Honor wiII faII apart!
Why did you join Red Honor?
Answer me!
PeopIe say the Triads Iook out for each other,
but how many can reaIIy do it?
Since becoming Big Brother, Sam
hasn't done great, but he did nothing bad either.
OK, so Sam's not Hung One's son,
but if anything happened to any of you
I know he'd be the first to stand up for you.
Now he's in troubIe, who'II stand up for him?
I admit I'm gay,
but I stand up for other peopIe.
Remember, a Big Brother's for Iife.
Now your Big Brother's in troubIe,
and I'm going to save him right now.
You forgot something.
Big Brother!
8th master, you stay here.
If I don't come back, you take charge.
I'm a good fighter! I can heIp you.
You guys be carefuI.
Kin, you too.
I know, dad.
Let's go.
Go kick some ass!
Ma, Pa,
Red Honor won't Iast tiII tomorrow.
SpIit up and Iook!
You two go rescue them. I'II take care of here.
What the heII can you do?
And what the heII can you do?
I'm a Japanese karate champion!
I'm a Japanese Harajuku saIes champion!
Eat shit, eat shit...
Where's your switchbIade?
You're getting warmer.
That's the knife!
But couId you puII it out of my ass first?
David, it's Iunchtime!
Must be tasty!
How are you, daddy?
Kin, things are getting hot back here. SpIit!
You take daddy back first.
What about you?
I'II be fine, you go ahead.
You be carefuI.
Watch them for me.
Be carefuI.
You OK?
It reaIIy hurts!
''BoundIess Prospects''?
Not the words. Look at us.
Don't we make a fine coupIe?
Sam, are you aIright?
The next time I buy insurance,
I'II definiteIy make you the beneficiary.
ActuaIIy, it's me who's Hung One's son.
Your father's death was an accident.
Why can't you accept that? It's a knot in your heart,
you must untie yourseIf. No one eIse can heIp you do it.
Hey, I'm dying here.
CouId you wait tiII we get outside first?
- Okay. - Come and heIp me.
Be carefuI.
From this day forth,
two Big Brothers wiII take charge of Red Honor.
Georgie, you and Sam must be Iike chopsticks.
Work as a pair, and make us proud. Understand?
Yes, 8th Master.
where's Sam going?
To pay protection money.
Sam's off to pay protection money!? But he's a Triad boss!
Who's he paying? How much?
Is it going to be dangerous?
Why doesn't he take me?
Ash tray.
I'm reaIIy worried about him!
I miss you very much.
If you miss an instaIIment, your poIicy wiII be void.
It's just insurance, not protection money!
You don't need to get so serious about it.
Yes I do! I'm a professionaI insurance agent.
It's my job to ensure each and every cIient
gets the best possibIe deaI from his or her poIicy.
But I'm not just a cIient.
I'm aIso your boyfriend.
So we shouId get the check here and go see a movie.
I can't. I've got a meeting with a cIient.
What cIient? Just canceI.
No way! This Mr. Chan's an extremeIy busy man.
I've tried to set up this meeting for a Iong time.
Why isn't he here yet? I'II give him a caII.
Mr. Chan? This is JuIie.
I'm here aIready. Where are you?
You're here too?
Mr. Chan!?
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