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Subtitles for Enterprise - 1x01 - Broken Bow Part 2.

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Enterprise - 1x01 - Broken Bow Part 2

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You're looking for Klaang...
- why? - Who the hell are you?
My name is Sarin.
Tell me about the people who took Klaang off your ship.
I was hoping you could tell me...
they looked a lot like your friends outside.
Where were you taking him?
How come you don't look like your friends?
Would you prefer I did?
What I'd prefer is that you give me Klaang back.
So you could take him where?
we were just taking him home.
You'd better be careful. I'm a lot bigger than you are.
If you're thinking about harming me, I'd advise against it.
What are you doing?
Why were you taking Klaang home?
You know, under different circumstances, I might be flattered by this, but...
That's never happened before.
I've been given the ability to... measure trust... but it requires close contact.
You're Suliban...
I'm a member of the Cabal... but not any longer.
The price of evolution was too high.
Some of my people are so anxious to "improve" themselves that they've lost perspective.
So you know I'm not lying to you... now what?
Klaang was carrying a message to his people...
- How do you know that? - I gave it to him.
What kind of message?
The Suliban have been staging attacks within the Klingon Empire...
making it appear that one faction is attacking another.
Klaang was bringing proof of this to his High Council.
Without that proof, the Empire c ould be thrown into chaos.
Why would the Suliban want that?
The Cabal doesn't make decisions on its own.
They're simply soldiers... fighting a Temporal Cold War.
Temporal? You've lost me.
They're taking orders from the distant future.
We can help you find Klaang... but we don't have a starship.
You'll have to take us with you.
Where's your vessel?
On the roof... Docking Port three.
This way.
Find Klaang.
Where's the pod?
- Over here! - No, it's this way!
Come on!
Lieutenant Reed, this is Archer! Come in!
We're on the roof! You need to get up here as quickly as --
We've been trying to reach you, Captain --we're back in the shuttle.
Ask him where they are. This storm's getting worse.
Captain, what's your location?
The weather is -
- Great! - Like I said, it's over there!
I've never seen lightning in a snowstorm before.
The storm's kicking up too much interference...
I can't isolate human bio-signs.
They could be anywhere in the complex.
Try Vulcan bio-signs
I found her.
Get to the ship --now!
- Go! - Enterprise needs its Captain! Give me the weapons!
I said go!
- The starboard thruster's down! - Ignore it. Take us up.
We need instructions.
Open a channel.
- Sub-Commander T'Pol to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
We'll be docking in four minutes. Have Doctor Phlox meet us in Decon.
Acknowledged. Is someone wounded?
The Captain.
I'm taking command of Enterprise.
I can't do it!
Yes, you can. Take her up...
straight and steady.
You can't be afraid of the wind... learn to trust it.
It shouldn't take more than a few moments.
Is this really necessary?
The others scanned negative. You two, unfortunately, were exposed to a protocystian spore.
I've loaded the appropriate decon-gel into compartment-B.
Tell Mister Mayweather to prepare to leave orbit.
- How's the Captain? - I'm treating his wound
- Will he be all right? - Eventually
Correct me if I'm wrong,
but aren't you just kind of an "observer" on this mission
I don't remember anyone telling me you were a member of Starfleet.
My Vulcan rank supersedes yours.
Apples and oranges. This is an Earth vessel. You're in no position to take command.
As soon as we're through here, I'll contact Ambassador Soval.
Él hablará con tus superiores, y estoy segura que reafirmarán mi autoridad
He'll speak to your superiors and I'm certain they'll support my authority in this situation.
You must really be proud of yourself. You can put an end to this mission while the Captain's still unconscious in Sickbay.
You won't even have to look him in the eye.
Your precious "cargo" was stolen... 3 Suliban, perhaps more, were killed...
and Captain Archer has been seriously wounded.
It seems to me this "mission" has put an end to itself.
Turn around.
Let's say you're right...
let's say we screwed up just like you always knew we would.
It's still a pretty good bet that whoever blew that hole in the Captain's leg is connected somehow to the people who took Klaang.
I fail to see your point.
Captain Archer deserves a chance to see this through. If you knew him,
you'd realize that's what he's about. He needs to finish what he starts.
His daddy was the same way.
You obviously share your Captain's belief that my people were responsible
for impeding Henry Archer's accomplishments.
He only wanted to see his engine fly...
they never even gave him a chance to fail.
And here you are, 32 later, proving just how consistent you Vulcans can be.
Very nice, very nice...
your myofibers are fusing beautifully.
- How long have I been...? - Less than six hours.
I thought it best to keep you sedated while the osmotic eel cauterized your wound.
- How are you doing, Captain? - That depends.
What's been going on for the last six hours?
As your highest ranking officer, I assumed command while you were incapacitated.
Are we underway?
You didn't waste much time, did you?
Is he fit to resume command?
As long as he returns for more eel therapy tomorrow.
How long before we get back to Earth?
Earth, sir?
We're currently tracking the Suliban vessel
that left Rigel shortly after you were injured.
You got their... plasma decay rate?
With Mister Tucker's assistance, I modified the sensors.
You now have the resolution to detect their warp trail.
What happened to "this is a foolish mission?"
It is a foolish mission.
The Suliban are clearly a hostile race with technology far superior to yours.
But as Acting Captain, I was obligated to anticipate your wishes.
As Acting Captain, you could've done whatever the hell you wanted to do.
I should return to the Bridge.
Modifying the sensors
was her idea, sir.
Enterprise Starlog, Captain Jonathan Archer, April 16th, 2151
We've been tracking the Suliban's ship for ten hours,
thanks to our... Science Officer, who came up with a way to tweak the sensors.
Computer, pause.
I save her life, and now she's helping us with the mission.
"One good turn deserves another" ...
doesn't sound very Vulcan.
Resume log.
I have no reason to believe Klaang is still alive...
but if the Suliban woman was telling the truth,
it's crucial that we try to find him.
Computer, pause.
Have you ever known a Vulcan to return a favor?
No, neither have I.
Resume log.
I still haven't decided whether to ask Sub-Commander T'Pol about this "Temporal Cold War."
My instincts tell me not to trust her.
Computer, pause.
- Archer to T'Pol. Report. - If you're feeling well enough to come to the Bridge,
now would be a good time.
It's a gas giant.
From the looks of it, a Class 6 or 7.
Class Seven.
The Suliban vessel dropped to impulse a few hours ago and altered course.
Their new heading took them through its outer- radiation belt.
We've lost them?
Move us in closer.
The radiation's dissipated their warp trail. I'm only picking up fragments.
You finished helping us?
Run a spectral analysis of the fragments.
There's too much distortion... the decay rates don't even match.
Calculate the trajectory of each fragment.
- Sir? - You heard her.
Recalibrate the sensor array -- narrow-band, short-to-mid-range.
Measure the particle density of the thermosphere.
Those "fragments" weren't from one Suliban ship...
...they were from 14...
and all within the last six hours. I believe we've found what we're looking for.
How are your targeting scanners?
Aligned and ready, sir.
Bring the weapons on-line...
and polarize the hull plating.
Lay in a sixty degree vector.
Vamos a entrar
- Did Sarin give them anything? - I don't know. - What do you know?
- They followed us here. - Looking for Klaang, or for you?
I don't know... but I'll destroy them before they locate the Helix.
We didn't plan to involve the humans or the Vulcans...
not yet .
Sarin's message cannot reach Kronos.
If the humans have it, you must stop them. 1
Sensor resolution's falling off at about 12 kilometers...
I'm okay, Captain...
Our situation should improve. We're about to break through the cyclohexane layer.
I wouldn't exactly call this an improvement.
Liquid phosphorous.
I wouldn't have expected that beneath a layer of cyclohexane.
You might think about recommending seat belts when we get home.
It's just a little bad weather.
We've got sensors!
Leveloff. Go to long-range scans.
I'm detecting 2 vessels... bearing 1-1-1 mark 9.
Put it up.
Impulse and warp engines.
- What kind of weapons? - We're too far away.
Sir, I'm picking up something at 3-4-2 mark 12...
it's a lot bigger.
All sensors --get whatever you can!
Go tighter.
- Bio-signs? - Over 3000... but I can't isolate a Klingon, if there is one.
That was a particle weapon, sir.
Bridge, we're taking damage down here! What's going on?
Just a little trouble with the bad guys.
I suggest we return to the phosphorous layer.
Take us up.
What've you got?
It appears to be an aggregate structure... comprised of 100 of vessels.
They're held in place by an interlocking system of magnetic seals.
There, right there!
These bio-readings are not Suliban.
We can't be certain they're Klingon.
Even if it Klaang, we'd have a tough time getting him off of there...
We could always try the transporting device...
No. We've risked too much to bring him back inside-out.
Would the grappler work in a liquid atmosphere?
I believe so...
Bring it on-line.
One more time, Mister Mayweather
The ventral plating's down!
Hold your position...
The lead ship's closing...
7000 meters...
six thousand...
- We should ascend! - Hold your position!
1000 meters...
Forward plating's off-line!
Now, Mister Reed!
Their ship's in the Launch Bay.
All right, what's this?
The pitch control.
No, that's the pitch control.
This is the guidance system.
Pitch control... guidance system... got it.
The docking interface.
How do you deploy it?
Release the inertial clamps here, here, and here...
then initialize the coaxial ports.
Bien.. dónde está el eyector auxiliar.
Hmm. It's not this one...
With all due respect to Commander Tucker... I'm pretty sure I could fly this thing, sir.
I don't doubt it, but I need you here...
There... that's it... the auxiliary throttle.
Captain. That charge contained a proximity sweep.
If we remain here, they're going to locate us.
You're gonna have to speed this up a little, Travis.
How complicated can it be? Up, down, forward, reverse...
we'll figure it out.
We'll be back before you know it.
Have Mayweather plot a course for Kronos.
There's a Vulcan ship less than 2 days away.
It's illogical to attempt this alone.
I was beginning to think you understood why we have to do this alone.
You'll have other opportunities to demonstrate your... independence.
Never put off 'til tomorrow...
You both could be killed.
Am I sensing concern?
Last time I checked, that was considered an emotion.
If anything happens to either of you, the Vulcan High Command will hold me responsible.
Come in.
- You're finished? - Yes.
It should reverse the polarity of any maglock within a hundred meters.
Once you've set the sequence, you'll have 5 seconds.
One more thing.
Ah. Our new weapons.
They're called phase-pistols.
They have 2 settings: stun and kill.
It would be best not to confuse them.
The ship is yours.
What's that?
Travis said not to worry about that panel.
That's reassuring
Hold on.
That one was a lot closer...
If we change our position, they'll have to start from scratch.
If we change our position, the Captain will have no way of finding us.
I think we're there.
Bring the docking interface on-line.
Coaxial ports.
Let's go.
Where is it? It was right here.
Bank starboard, 90 degrees.
There you are!
That's the upper-support radius.
Drop down right below it...
and start a counter-clockwise sweep.
A little more...
Right here.
Stun seems to work.
Grab on to something --
This is ridiculous!
If we don't move the ship, Captain Archer won't have anything to look for when he gets back.
We're going to need that ear of yours.
Move us away, 5 kilometers.
- In what direction? - In what direction?
This is gonna be easier than I thought.
It's okay.
We're getting you off this thing
I really don't want to have to carry you out of here.
You're OK?
I think he gets the idea. Give him a hand.
Be quiet.
You tell him, big guy.
Give me the box.
Get to the ship. I'll be right behind you.
Where are you?
I'm still on the central core. Get Klaang back to Enterprise.
- What about you, sir? - Get him to the ship. You can come back for me.
It's going to be hard to isolate your bio-signs...
so stay as far away from the Suliban as you can.
Believe me, I'll try.
I don't particularly like the way you smell, either.
I don't get it, this is right where they're supposed to be...
The charges are getting closer again...
Another 5 kilometers, Lieutenant.
At this rate, the Captain'll never find us.
Wait a minute... I think I've got something...
Amplify it.
It's Commander Tucker
All I hear is noise
Sshh... listen... it's just a narrow notch in the mid-range...
He says he's about to ignite his thruster exhaust...
Coordinates: 1-58 mark 1-3.
- Laid in. - Ahead, 50 KPH
- Esparan. - You're welcome.
Two kilometers, dead ahead.
Initiate docking procedures.
I'm only picking up two bio-signs.
One Klingon... one human.
Our mission is to return the Klingon to his homeworld.
Another rescue attempt could jeopardize that mission.
The Captain specifically told us to come back for him.
As Commanding Officer, it's my job to interpret the Captain's orders...
I just told you his orders! What's there to interpret?
Captain Archer may very well have told you to return for him later
because he knew how stubborn you can be.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
You might've risked Klaang's life in a foolish attempt to swing back and rescue the Captain.
I can't believe this!
The situation must be analyzed logically.
I don't remember the Captain "analyzing" anything when he went back for you on that roof.
That's a specious analogy.
Is it?
You're wasting your time. Klanng knows nothing.
It would be unwise to discharge that weapon in this room.
What is this room?
What goes on in here?
You're very curious, John. May I call you John?
Am I supposed to be impressed that you know my name?
I've learned a great deal about you...
even more than you know.
Well, I guess you have me at a disadvantage.
So why don't you drop the invisible man routine and
let me see who I'm talking to?
Hull plating's been re-polarized.
Stand by impulse engines. Mister Tucker, status?
The auto-sequencer's on-line... but annular confinement's still off by 2 microns.
- That should suffice. - Easy for you to say.
If the Suliban have re-established their defenses, we'll have no other option.
You wouldn't have come looking for Klaang if Sarin had told you what she knew.
That means you're no threat to me, John...
but I need you to leave this room... Now.
This chameleon thing... pretty fancy.
Was it payment for pitting the Klingons against each other?
A trophy from your Temporal Cold War?
- I was going to let you go. - Really?
Then you obviously don't know as much about me as you thought you did.
On the contrary. I could've told you what day you were going to die...
but I suppose that's about to change.
What's the matter? No genetic tricks to keep you from getting knocked on your butt?
What you call "tricks" we call progress.
Are you aware that your genome is almost identical to that of an ape?
The Suliban don't share humanity's patience with natural selection.
So to speed things up a little, you struck a deal with the devil?

We have four more coming up off starboard!
Can we dock, ensign?
These aren't ideal conditions!
Mister Tucker... we're going to Plan B.
Bridge, we've got him!
Sorry, Captain. We had no other choice.
Something about disgracing the Empire... he says he's ready to die.
I'll take that as a thank you.
I don't think they have a word for thank you.
- What'd he say? - You don't want to know.
Come in.
I've just gotten a response to the message I sent to Admiral Forrest.
He enjoyed telling the Vulcan High Command about the Suliban we ran into.
It's not every day he gets to be the one dispensing information.
I wanted you both to hear Starfleet's orders before I inform the crew.
- Orders? - Your people are sending a transport to pick you up.
I was under the impression that Enterprise would be taking me back to "Earth.
It would be a little out of our way.
Admiral Forrest sees no reason why we shouldn't keep going.
Son of a bitch!
I have a feeling Doctor Phlox won't mind staying around for a while.
He's developing a fondness for the human endocrine system.
I'll get double shifts on the repair work.
I think the outer-hull's going to need a little patching up.
Let's hope that's the last time somebody takes a shot at us
Let's hope
T'Pol... would you stick around for a minute?
Ever since I can remember, I've seen Vulcans as an obstacle...
always keeping us from standing on our own two feet.
- I understand. - No, I don't think you do.
If I'm going to pull this off, there are a few things I have to leave behind.
Things like preconceptions. holding grudges... mistrust...
- This omission would've failed without your help. - I won't dispute that
I was thinking a Vulcan Science Officer could come in handy,
but if I asked you to stay,
it might look like I wasn't ready to do this on my own.
- Perhaps you should add pride to your list. - Perhaps I should.
It might be best if I were to contact my superiors and make the request myself...
- with your permission. - Permission granted.
I hope nobody's in a big hurry to get home.
Starfleet seems to think we're ready to begin our mission.
I understand there's an inhabited planet a few light years from here.
Sensors show a nitrogen-sulfide atmosphere.
Probably not humanoids
That's what we're here to find out.
Prepare to break orbit and lay in a course.
I'm reading an ion storm on that trajectory, sir...
should I go around it?
We can't be afraid of the wind, ensign.
Take us to warp 4.
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