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Enterprise - 1x23 - Fallen hero

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- Excuse me? - I asked if you...
We heard you.
What makes you think we're suffering from a lack of sexual activity?
Starfleet forbids officers from fraternizing with subordinates.
- Unless you've been violating regulations... - Those regulations don't apply to you.
- Have... you been suffering? - On Vulcan, we mate only once every seven years.
That's a hell of a dry spell.
Why are you suddenly so curious about this?
It's my understanding that your mating ritual is effective in easing tension.
- That hasn't always been my experience. - And you think that we need our tensions eased?
Efficiency's down three percent.
We've all gone about ten months without a break. I think it's normal for people to get a little sloppy.
- Perhaps it's time the crew takes shore leave. - Well, I like the sound of that.
I took the liberty of locating a suitable planet approximately nine days from our present location.
- It's called Risa. - What's your idea of suitable?
It's tropical, with an abundance of pristine beaches. You'll find more information in the Vulcan database.
- Is it, uh, populated? - Yes.
By a humanoid culture receptive to easing tension.
Song : "Faith of the Heart" It's been a long road
ENTERPRISE Getting from there to here
ENTERPRISE It's been a long time
But my time is finally near
And I will see my dream come alive at last
Based upon "STAR TREK" by Gene Roddenberry I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
Scott Bakula as Capt Janathan Archer No, they're not gonna change my mind
Scott Bakula as Capt Janathan Archer 'Cause I've got faith of the heart
John Bilingsley as Dr. Phlox I'm going where the heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
Jolene Blalock as Subcommander T'Pol I can do anything
Dominic Keating as Lietenant Malcolm Reed I've got strength of the soul No one's gonna bend or break me
Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather I can reach any star I've got faith
Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato I've got faith
Connor Trinneer as Command Trip Tucker Jr. Faith of the heart
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Created by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
023 [1x23] Fallen Hero
If you're wearing that to impress the women on Risa you may as well stay on board.
Rule number one: you've got to be seen to get noticed.
And I plan on getting noticed.
- Don't say she didn't warn you. - Figure out your itinerary yet?
- I think I'm going to pass. - Captain, you need this as much as I do.
Nobody needs this as much as you do. The ship will be nice and quiet.
I've got some astrometric surveys that have been piling up.
It'll be a good chance to get some work done.
We're going to a planet with over 200 registered Nuvian masseuses
and you're going to sit in your cabin with a bunch of star charts?
Mr. Tucker has a point.
You think I need a massage?
The safety of this ship depends on its captain being at his most efficient.
I suppose I could read those surveys on a nice beach.
Incoming transmission from Starfleet Command.
Transfer it to my Ready Room.
Her name's V'Lar.
She's the Vulcan ambassador to a planet called Mazar.
If you don't mind my asking, Admiral why is this our problem?
Apparently, it's imperative that she be taken off that planet as soon as possible.
The nearest Vulcan ship is at least a week away.
Do they expect us to take her all the way back to Vulcan?
You'll rendezvous with the Vulcan ship Sh'Raan in three days.
- They'll take her the rest of the way. - Any idea what the emergency is?
Well, this may come as a shock to you, Jon but the Vulcans aren't talking.
Imagine that.
- Thank you for volunteering your quarters. - Happy to do it. I'm looking forward to meeting her.
I imagine she'll spend most of the journey alone engaged in meditation,
but if it seems appropriate I'll ask if she'll meet with you.
Thanks. Well, if there's anything else I can do.
If you wouldn't mind taking that.
Ambassador V'Lar is accustomed to a Spartan environment.
- Hoshi, thanks for giving up your cabin. - Just hope it's Spartan enough, sir.
- Everything set? - I believe so.
I've prepared this to familiarize the crew with the necessary protocols.
We should assign a steward to attend to her needs.
"Don't address the ambassador unless spoken to first.
"Don't offer to shake hands. Refrain from laughing in her presence."
Those guidelines are largely precautionary. I doubt the crew will have much opportunity to interact with her.
You seem to be pulling out all the stops.
I'm simply following the protocols used in dealing with an ambassador of V'Lar's distinction.
Well, she'll be here soon enough. Let me know if you need any help.
Thank you, Captain.
Entering orbit, sir.
We're being hailed. It's the Mazarite High Council.
Someone's in a hurry.
- Captain Archer? - I'm Jonathan Archer.
- Are you prepared to receive Ambassador V'Lar? - That's why we're here.
If you'll transmit your landing coordinates to us we'll send down a shuttlepod.
- I'm looking forward to the visit. - I regret there won't be time for that.
- The ambassador is already on her way to your ship. - A small craft's approaching, sir.
I assume the Vulcans have informed you of the urgency of this matter.
They said it was important we pick up the ambassador as quickly as possible.
They didn't say why.
V'Lar has been expelled for abuse of her position and criminal misconduct.
- Captain Archer? - Ambassador.
On behalf of my crew I'd like to welcome you aboard Enterprise.
Thank you.
May I take that?
That's very thoughtful, Captain.
- This is Commander Charles Tucker my chief engineer. - Pleased to meet you.
- The pleasure is mine, Commander. - And this is my sciencofficer Sub-Commander T'Pol.
- T'nar pahk sarat y'rani. - T'nar jaral.
But please I've been anticipating the opportunity to practice my English.
I hope you like your quarters, Ambassador. T'Pol tried very hard to anticipate your needs.
Fortunately, my needs are few, Captain. I am curious, though. Who previously occupied the cabin?
The odor. The human scent is difficult to mask.
Actually, I was hoping to meet the crew member in order to thank her for allowing me to disrupt her routine.
I prefer not to inconvenience anyone if possible. That philosophy has served me well in the diplomatic service.
T'Pol tells me you negotiated the first territorial accords between Vulcan and Andoria.
The Andorians required a somewhat firmer hand at the negotiating table.
But I was younger then. That was before we even made contact with Earth.
That was over 90 years ago. How long have you been a diplomat?
Commander Tucker, I understood that on your world it is considered bad manners to ask a lady her age.
Well, I wasn't... um... I, uh... didn't mean to imply that you were...
Forgive me, Commander. My attempt at humor.
Suffice it to say that with T'Pol and myself here
you're almost certainly dining with the two oldest people on this ship.
I hope, Ambassador, that you regard the charges against you with less levity.
- Of course I do. - How do you intend to defend yourself?
There is no defense.
- Are you saying you're guilty? - - T'Pol.
It's all right, Captain.
A person in my position carries the trust of all Vulcans.
The fact that the Mazarites believe that trust has been compromised justifies T'Pol's concern.
I'm afraid my age is betraying me, Captain. Would you mind if I retired?
Of course not.
I've never been to Earth but I find the humans I have encountered quite unpredictable.
I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences there.
- Another time perhaps. - I understand.
- This is your cabin. I'll say good night. - T'Pol...
I sense your anger.
You presume that my time with humans has left me susceptible to their emotions.
They're our emotions as well. We simply hide them better.
If you're sensing anything from me, it isn't anger.
- No. Disappointment. - Good night, Ambassador.
- T'Pol. - Captain.
Is there a problem I should be aware of?
I assume you're talking about Ambassador V'Lar.
You were a bit abrupt with her.
If you believe I was rude I'll convey my apologies.
I don't pretend to understand Vulcans I never have.
But I wouldn't be a very good captain if I didn't know when something was bothering my science officer.
It's uncommon for a Vulcan to commit a crime.
Uncommon, but not unheard of.
Unheard of for a person in Ambassador V'Lar's position.
- We don't know what she's done. - It doesn't matter.
If she were innocent she would have insisted on staying to defend herself.
You seem to know a lot about her.
I've met the ambassador before though she clearly doesn't recall.
It was many years ago on Vulcan during my early schooling.
She had just negotiated the Treaty of Ka'Tann and I traveled a great distance to see her.
Was it worth a trip?
The ambassador inspired me to choose a direction in my own life.
A path that led me to the Science Council and eventually here.
I've had a few heroes in my life. It's never easy when one of them lets you down.
- Vulcans don't have heroes. - No, I'm sure they don't.
Captain, can you come to the Bridge?
On my way.
An unidentified vessel, sir, 50,000 kilometers and closing.
- They're hailing us. - Let's find out who they are.
- What can we do for you? - My apologies, Captain.
There's been a change of plans regarding Ambassador V'Lar.
We... weren't told.
We've been having some problems with our long-range communications.
What's the change of plans?
The magistrate feels that we let the ambassador go too quickly.
She's needed for additional questioning.
We don't want to cause you any more inconvenience.
If you'll drop out of warp, we can dock with you and take the ambassador aboard our ship.
Your magistrate seemed in a big hurry to get rid of her.
Now he wants her back?
I'm just a transport captain.
I never try to make sense of what government bureaucrats are thinking.
- I'll have to contact my superiors. - There's really no need.
I'm just a starship captain.
You don't think they'd trust me to make these kinds of decisions on my own?
We'll wait for you to confirm whatever you have to.
Get me Starfleet Command.
I can't get through. That ship's jamming all our comm frequencies.
- "Just a transport captain." - They're charging weapons.
Polarize the hull plating.
- What the hell is he doing? Hail him. - He's not answering.
- Port hull plating's off-line. - They're closing fast.
- Aft torpedoes. Return fire. - No effect.
They're using some kind of energy shielding.
Direct hit to Engineering, subsection 12. We've taken damage.
- Would the phase-cannons be more effective? - Undoubtedly.
- But we can't fire them at warp. - What do you mean we can't fire them at warp?
Particle discharge, sir.
It would destabilize our warp field and most likely blow out both our nacelles.
I've been working on the problem, but I haven't quite...
Drop to impulse. Deploy the aft cannon.
- I've got a lock. - Fire.
- Their shields are failing. - See what you can do about their engines.
They're dead in the water, sir.
- Not dead enough. - Resume course, warp four.
Yes, sir.
Any idea what that was all about?
Well, I think we know someone who might.
We were asked to pick you up and deliver you to a Vulcan ship.
No one said anything about getting shot at.
- You have no idea who they were? - Obviously they weren't sent by the council on Mazar.
Then who sent them?
I have no answers for you.
Ambassador... we're here at the request of the Vulcan High Command.
It would be illogical for you to withhold information from us.
There are diplomatic matters at stake here which do not concern you.
To tell you any more would only put your ship and your crew at greater risk.
How much greater could it get?
A few more volleys from that ship would have ruptured our hull.
- I'm sorry, Captain. - So am I.
You're leaving me no choice, Ambassador.
- Archer to Mayweather. - Go ahead.
Change of plans, Travis. Lay in a course back to Mazar.
- You heard me. - Aye, sir.
You're under strict orders to transport me to the Sh'Raan.
It's more than two days to the rendezvous point and there could be other hostile ships tracking us.
Unless you can convince me why it's worth risking all our lives...
The Vulcans are raising holy hell about this, Jon.
You could always order me to take her to the rendezvous point.
You're out there, I'm not. It's your call.
I just want you to know there'll be repercussions.
They certainly considered the repercussions. They knew someone was after her.
Why risk one of your own ships when you can risk one of ours?
- Jon... - They're doing it to us again, Admiral.
Keeping us in the dark.
- Have you talked to the ambassador? - I've tried.
Maybe she brought this on herself.
You did say that she admitted the charges against her were true.
I don't even know what the charges against her are.
Well, I'll talk to Soval see what I can find out.
- You really enjoy this, don't you? - Replacing power couplings? Hardly.
- No, I mean having people shoot at us. - If you must know, I much prefer the shooting back part.
- I thought this mission was about peaceful exploration. - I need something to do on this ship Commander.
Fair enough. I'm just hoping we don't keep you quite so busy.
I read those Nuvian masseuses have 12 fingers.
On each hand.
Then I'd say Starfleet needs to make its presence known on Risa.
- I hope I'm not interrupting. - Not at all.
We were just talking about my quarters.
I was wondering why they were so sparsely decorated.
If you need anything, it can be brought to you.
I don't want to be waited on.
And since I doubt I'll be traveling to Earth any time soon I decided to spend a little time with my hosts.
Thank you for the use of your quarters. You'll have them back soon enough.
- Pash tah. - Pash tah.
Have you tried iced tea?
- I don't care for it. - Captain Archer certainly does.
It's flavored with passion fruit. An appropriate ingredient for him, don't you think?
It was the captain that I wanted to speak to you about.
- He's a most intriguing man. - He deserves to be told the truth.
Will you join me?
Please. We'll be back at Mazar in a few hours.
I'd prefer not to waste that time alone.
This must be awkward for you.
Having a foot in two worlds... loyal to your captain, yet still a Vulcan.
You can make things easier for him. The High Command has requested his assistance.
- It doesn't seem unreasonable to ask why. - You believe Captain Archer can be trusted?
Even though he clearly doesn't trust us?
He's... resentful.
He believes we held back their development of warp technology.
We've kept many things from them all for good reason.
But situations like this only reinforce their resentment.
If we expect to continue our relations with humanity we have to earn their trust.
I would not have succeeded at my career for 94 years without earning people's trust.
- I meant no insult. - Of course not.
You were simply speaking your mind... as you always have.
It was at Vulcana Regar, wasn't it? During the second Ka'Tann conference.
You approached me during a recess.
- You remember. - You were not easy to forget.
Your questions about my negotiating tactics were quite presumptuous coming from one so young.
- I apologize if I acted inappropriately. - Not at all.
In fact, your bluntness made me reconsider some of my positions.
Much as it has now.
T'Pol, I have something to tell you.
Come in.
Something wrong?
I took the liberty of speaking with Ambassador V'Lar.
Go on. Any luck?
The ambassador and I spent the last two hours talking.
She's even more remarkable than her reputation suggests.
I don't doubt that. But it doesn't affect my decision.
I believe it should. She's not guilty of the crime she's been accused of.
She told you that?
The charges were fabricated to get her off Mazar and divert attention from her actual mission.
- Which is? - She can't reveal that.
But she's convinced me that it's critical we help her accomplish it.
I'm sorry, T'Pol but I'm going to need more than that.
She also told me that if we return her to Mazar she'll be killed.
- By who? - She wouldn't tell me.
- But you believed her? - Yes.
I can't accept that she'd sacrifice a lifetime of accomplishments with an act of criminal misconduct.
- It happens all the time. - Not to her.
We must take her to the Sh'Raan.
You're asking me to put the lives of everyone on board in jeopardy
based on your talking to this woman for a couple of hours?
Captain... since I've served aboard Enterprise I've never asked you for anything.
I'm asking for this now. Don't return the ambassador to Mazar. Please.
Thank you.
Our Mazarite friend, sir and he brought company.
- Why didn't we see them coming? - Our aft sensors are still out of alignment.
- They're targeting our engines. - We could drop to impulse use the phase-cannons.
And go three against one?
You're familiar with the Mazarites. What's their top speed?
Comparable to Starfleet. I don't believe they've exceeded warp five.
Then let's give them a run for their money. Travis increase speed to warp 4.8.
Aye, sir.
War 4.8.
They're matching our speed and accelerating-- warp 4.9.
They're closing to 20,000 kilometers.
- Travis. - Warp 4.9.
- They're holding at 4.9, sir. - How far to the rendezvous point?
At this speed, a little over two hours but I don't think we can hold it that long.
- Can we get a message through to the Vulcans? - The Mazarites are still jamming us.
Keep trying.
That Vulcan ship better not be late.
Captain. What's our situation?
We're being chased by three Mazarite ships.
Will we reach the Sh'Raan before they can do any more damage?
I'm not sure.
In that case, I need to speak with you.
I have to consider the possibility that this mission will fail.
You still haven't told me what "this mission" is.
I've been under orders to tell you only what you need to know.
but that wasn't the only reason I kept things from you.
I didn't trust you.
As your Mr. Tucker pointed out, I have been around a long time.
I remember when news of your people first reached Vulcan.
I was fascinated by humanity but worried as well
- You hadn't even met us. - You had just emerged from a global war.
The idea that you deemed yourselves ready to join the interstellar community seemed... premature.
And a century of good behavior hasn't changed your mind?
The Mazarites pursuing us are criminals.
They are members of an organization that's infiltrated all levels of government
making themselves wealthy and powerful at the expense of many innocent victims.
Their methods include eliminating anyone who stands in their way.
And that would include you.
Many Mazarites want their government purged of this corruption.
They asked the Vulcan consulate to help them expose these criminals.
And that job fell to you?
I have been gathering evidence against them.
In three months, I will be called to testify.
It was decided that until then I would be safer on Vulcan.
Why couldn't you tell us?
The investigation was considered too sensitive.
- And the story of you being recalled in disgrace? - It was hoped that if my reputation were sullied
they would not consider me a credible witness and they might not come after me.
- Well, obviously, it didn't work. - The corruption ran deeper than I thought.
I appreciate... you telling me the truth.
I can no longer put you and your crew in danger, Captain.
Please drop out of warp. I plan to surrender myself to them.
It hasn't gotten to that yet.
It's the most logical course of action.
If you've learned anything about humans you know... we don't always take the most logical course of action.
Captain, report to the Bridge.
- They're hailing us. - What's our status?
Holding at warp 4.9,
but Commanr Tucker doesn't believe we can sustain it for more than another ten minutes.
I don't believe they can either, sir.
They're releasing drive plasma to keep their warp coils from overloading.
Open a channel.
- Captain. Ambassador. - What do you want?
Just giving you a friendly warning. Are you aware that your engines are overheating?
- So are yours. - We have no quarrel with you.
- Give us the Vulcan, and you'll be free to go. - I have a better idea.
Why don't you slow down before your engines explode?
Why would you risk the lives of your crew for this criminal?
I've been ordered to deliver her safely to the Vulcans and that's exactly what I plan to do.
They're increasing speed. Warp 4.95.
They're re-entering weapons range, sir.
- Archer to Engineering. - Please tell me you're ready to slow down.
- Sorry, Trip, but we need a little more speed. - I don't know how much more I can give you.
- It's called a warp five engine. - On paper.
- We don't have any choice, Trip. - Aye, sir.
Warp five.
- Don't take your eyes off that antimatter stream. - Yes, sir.
They're matching our speed.
Warp five.
They're still gaining on us.
- How far to the Vulcan ship? - Their jamming signal is disrupting our sensors as well.
Then use their last-known position and do the math. Take a guess.
If we could maintain our present speed approximately 53 minutes.
The Mazarites will be in firing range long before then.
What if we could get a message through... tell them to get here as fast as they can?
The Sh'Raan is capable of warp seven.
If we could maintain warp five we'd reach them in 12 minutes.
Hoshi, any way you can get a message through the interference?
I don't see how, sir.
There's a diplomatic frequency we sometimes use. It's in a lower subspace band.
I doubt the Mazarites are aware of it. It's been a few years since I did this.
If we do get a message through to the Vulcans we don't want the Mazarites to see them coming.
We could try deflecting their jamming signal, sir. Use it to blind their sensors as well.
- See what you can do. - Aye, sir.
We may have gotten a message through to them, sir but I'm not sure.
Wouldn't they respond?
- Tucker to the Bridge! - Go ahead.
The port injectors just blew! We've got to slow down, Captain!
- Hoshi? - The comm just went down, sir.
- They're right on top of us. - How long?
Eight minutes.
- That's a direct hit to our starboard nacelle. - We're dropping to impulse.
They're hailing us.
How long now?
If they received our message another ten minutes.
- But it was down to eight. - That was before we dropped out of warp.
- We can't hold off those ships for that long. - You've done your best, Captain, and I thank you for it.
But it's time for me to turn myself over to them.
- We just need to buy ten more minutes. - Captain... I want you to go to Sick Bay.
- Sick Bay? - I'll explain later.
If there was ever a time to start trusting us this would be it.
Put him through.
Give us the Vulcan.
You know... I honestly didn't think you'd be able to catch us.
Just out of curiosity how fast do your ships go?
Put her on a shuttle and bring her to our lead vessel.
That could be a problem.
Our shuttlebay was damaged, thanks to you. I doubt we could launch a shuttlepod until it's repaired.
What... What would you have topped out at? Warp 5.5? Warp 6.0?
I can't imagine that you can do much more than that. It seemed like your engines were starting to run pretty hot.
- Prepare to be boarded. - Malcolm... I'm counting on you.
Where is she?
Your last attack blew out systems across half the ship.
Power's down in Engineering. A plasma conduit exploded on E-Deck.
I didn't ask for a damage report. Where is she?!
I was getting to that. Her quarters are on E-Deck.
She was no more than ten meters away when the conduit blew.
Her injuries are extensive: plasma burns, neurological trauma.
I want to see her.
This is Dr. Phlox.
The Vulcan?
She's undergoing dermal regeneration.
Open it.
I will not.
I don't know what business you have with this woman
but when she was brought in here she became my patient.
If I remove her from the Imaging Chamber prematurely, she'll die.
Open it.
- Yes? - Our sensors just went down, Captain.
- What's causing it? - Enterprise is redirecting our jamming signal.
Answer me. What's going on?
I imagine they have their hands full right about now.
I believe that's the Sh'Raan. She's a Vulcan combat cruiser. One of their most powerful if I'm not mistaken.
Sir, the captain of the Sh'Raan wants to speak to you.
Put it up.
Captain Archer, are you in any danger?
You could say that.
Tell the Mazarites to turn their weapons over immediately or we'll destroy their ships.
- We'll be standing by, Captain. - Thank you.
We did what we came to do. That's all that matters.
I am sorry to disappoint you.
I look forward to adding this incident to my testimony at your trial.
Captain's starlog, February 9, 2152.
The Vulcans have allowed the Mazarites to leave.
Ambassador V'Lar says there's a good reason for it
though she's certainly not sharing it with me.
Someday I'd like to walk into a room without it seeming like a state visit.
- Occupational hazard? - I'll be along in a moment.
Thank you, Captain.
I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you and your crew.
- We're glad we could help. - I sense a great bond between you.
A bond of trust and respect. But also... a bond of friendship.
I think it bodes well for the future relations of our two peoples.
Good-bye, Ambassador.
Live long and prosper.
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Enterprise - 1x11 - Cold Front
Enterprise - 1x12 - Silent enemy
Enterprise - 1x13 - Dear Doctor
Enterprise - 1x14 - Sleeping dogs
Enterprise - 1x16 - Shuttlepod one
Enterprise - 1x17 - Fusion
Enterprise - 1x18 - Rogue planet
Enterprise - 1x19 - Acquisition
Enterprise - 1x20 - Oasis
Enterprise - 1x21 - Detained
Enterprise - 1x22 - Vox Sola
Enterprise - 1x23 - Fallen hero
Enterprise - 1x24 - Desert crossing
Enterprise - 1x25 - Two days and two nights
Enterprise - 1x26 - Shockwave part1
Enterprise - 2x01 - Shockwave part2
Enterprise - 2x02 - Carbon Creek
Enterprise - 2x03 - Minefield
Enterprise - 2x04 - Dead Stop
Enterprise - 2x05 - A Night in Sickbay
Enterprise - 2x06 - Marauders
Enterprise - 2x08 - The Communicator
Enterprise - 2x15 - Cease Fire
Enterprise - 2x16 - Future Tense
Enterprise - 2x17 - Canamar
Enterprise - 2x18 - The Crossing
Enterprise - 2x19 - Judgment
Enterprise - 2x20 - Horizon
Enterprise - 2x21 - The Breach
Enterprise - 2x22 - Cogenitor
Enterprise - 2x23 - Regeneration
Enterprise - 2x24 - First Flight
Enterprise - 2x25 - Bounty
Enterprise - 2x26 - The Expanse
Enterprise - 3x01 - The Xindi
Enterprise - 3x02 - Anomaly
Enterprise - 3x03 - Extinction
Enterprise - 3x04 - Rajiin
Enterprise - 3x05 - Impulse
Enterprise - 3x06 - Exile
Enterprise - 3x07 - The Shipment
Enterprise - 3x08 - Twilight
Enterprise - 3x09 - North Star
Enterprise - 3x10 - Similitude
Enterprise - 3x11 - Carpenter Street
Enterprise - 3x12 - Chosen Realm
Enterprise - 3x13 - Proving Ground
Enterprise - 3x14 - Stratagems
Enterprise - 3x15 - Harbinger
Enterprise - 3x16 - Doctors Orders
Enterprise - 3x17 - Hatchery
Enterprise - 3x18 - Azati Prime
Enterprise - 3x22 - The Council
Enterprise - 3x23 - Countdown
Enterprise - 3x24 - Zero Hour
Enterprise - 4x01 - Storm Front
Enterprise - 4x03 - Home
Enterprise - 4x05 - Cold Station 12
Enterprise - 4x06 - The Augments
Enterprise - 4x07 - The Forge
Enterprise - 4x08 - Awakening
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Enterprise - 4x11 - Observer Effect
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