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Subtitles for Enterprise - 1x25 - Two days and two nights.

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Enterprise - 1x25 - Two days and two nights

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Captain's Personal Log February 18, 2152.
It took a while, but we've finally made it to Risa.
With any luck, this'll be my last log entry for the next two days.
If anything happens, you know where to reach me.
- I don't anticipate any problems. - Well, it's the problems you don't anticipate.
The crew is trained to handle emergencies.
But I'll alert you immediately if there are any problems.
This doesn't feel right.
I shouldn't be going down to some "pleasure planet" while half the crew has to stay onboard.
Everyone drew lots. You had the same chance as the others.
- All the same the crew should come first. - Captain, you need a vacation.
- I'm glad you decided to take some time off, sir. - Wouldn't miss it.
- Do you want to take the helm, Captain? - I'm on vacation. Thanks.
- Enjoy yourselves. - I'll bring you a souvenir.
Song : "Faith of the Heart" It's been a long road
ENTERPRISE Getting from there to here
ENTERPRISE It's been a long time
But my time is finally near
And I will see my dream come alive at last
Based upon "STAR TREK" by Gene Roddenberry I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
Scott Bakula as Capt Janathan Archer No, they're not gonna change my mind
Scott Bakula as Capt Janathan Archer 'Cause I've got faith of the heart
John Bilingsley as Dr. Phlox I'm going where the heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
Jolene Blalock as Subcommander T'Pol I can do anything
Dominic Keating as Lietenant Malcolm Reed I've got strength of the soul No one's gonna bend or break me
Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather I can reach any star I've got faith
Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato I've got faith
Connor Trinneer as Command Trip Tucker Jr. Faith of the heart
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Created by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
025 [1x25] Two Days and Two Nights
Everyone have big plans?
- Travis? - Rock-climbing, sir.
There's a place called Galartha. The cliff face changes pitch while you climb it.
- That sounds kind of dangerous. - Well, if it's easy, what's the point?
Just watch yourself. Malcolm.
Well, supposedly Risa's very cosmopolitan. There are species visiting from all over.
Malcolm and I plan to, uh... broaden our cultural horizons.
- Is that all you two think about? - Well, how we choose to relax is our own business.
You watch yourselves, too.
I plan on doing something constructive with my time.
I have been relying on the Universal Translator far too much.
Before I left Earth, I learned 38 languages and now all I do is
push a button and the computer does all the work.
- Isn't that what it's for? - Not this time.
- I left my translator on Enterprise. - You only have two days, Hoshi.
If you want to waste your time ...talking to people.
What about you, Captain?
I've never been much for vacations but I've got a little villa overlooking the ocean
and, uh, Porthos and I are going to relax.
- How long will this last? - I usually require six days per year
but two should leave me sufficiently refreshed.
I've adjusted the dosage to wake you up in exactly 48 hours.
And if someone should require medical attention during your hibernation?
- Crewman Cutler is a capable medic. - I know where the bandages are.
You can always wake me if you need to but, please... only if it's an emergency, hmm?
Well... to bed.
Pleasant dreams, Doctor.
What do you think, Porthos? Not bad.
"To help you relax, T'Pol"
Come here, let's go. What are you barking at?
What about that one?
Now I know you've been cooped up on a starship for too long.
- No, what's wrong with her? - Well, nothing, I suppose.
I just wouldn't know which eyes to look into.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Now, she's interesting.
I don't think "she" is the right pronoun, hmm? But if you think it's worth the risk...
I don't know-- maybe I should have brought my scanner with me.
Oh. Thank you.
That's a she.
Now, what shall we drink to?
To us, and to a well-earned two days and two nights.
How'd you get up here? Stop it, you two.
Porthos. Come in!
I'm sorry to bother you but I think my dog is on your deck.
There you are.
- I hope she didn't hurt... Porthos. - Hello, Porthos.
She's been cooped up for weeks. I should have known she'd run off the first chance she got.
Oh, no harm done. She probably just came over to make a friend.
- I'm Jonathan. - Keyla.
- So, is this your first time to Risa? - Yes. You?
First time. My science officer felt I needed to relax so I decided to do some reading,
let Porthos run on the beach...
You should always listen to your science officer.
She'd be the first to agree with you.
I was about to go out for dinner. Can you recommend a restaurant?
There's this little boat that sails into the bay every evening just after sunset.
You wade out, and they serve seafood right off the deck.
Sounds great.
Well, I'm sorry to disturb you. Thanks again.
If you don't have other plans maybe we could wade out to that little boat together.
- You're not here with your science officer? - No.
In that case... Oh. No, I'm sorry. I can't tonight.
- Just a thought. - Tomorrow?
- I look forward to it. - So do I.
Good-bye, Porthos.
Hello? Hello?
It's a beautiful night.
- You've obviously never been here before. - Why do you say that?
- The nights are always beautiful. - Slowly please.
- I'm just learning Risan. - Really? Most people wouldn't bother.
When I go someplace, I like to learn the language.
- How long will you be here? - Just today and tomorrow.
- You've never spoken Risan before today? - No. How am I doing?
- Exceptionally. You hardly have any accent. - Thank you.
It's been very nice talking to you.
We're attending the festival of the Moons tonight.
- Thank you. I'll try. - Good night.
Good night.
I don't mean to be rude, but I overheard your conversation.
- You're very adapt at language. - It's my job.
I'm the Communication Officer on a starship. My name's Hoshi.
May I...?
How many language do you speak?
About forty...
Have you ever heard one you couldn't learn?
Not yet. Klingon was hard.
It took me months to master the conjugations.
Do you think you could learn my language?
Where are you from?
That's the name of your planet?
Say it slower.
You can't say it any slower. It changes the meaning.
- Try it again. - Don't feel bad.
- My own people can barely speak it properly. - I'm not ready to give up.
- Will you teach me? - It could take a while.
I was about to have dinner. Will you join me?
That place up the street looked pretty lively.
Well, the Vulcan database said no one leaves this club unhappy.
How would the Vulcans know? They only mate once every seven years.
- That's what they say. - Do you know something I don't?
Come on. Seven years? I doubt even T'Pol could hold out that long.
Oh, she's very disciplined.
Malcolm, bearing one-eight-zero.
- What? - Behind you.
Anything in that database that could help us get a conversation going?
If you wanted to have a cultural dialogue you should have gone with Hoshi.
- Hello. - Hello.
I'm Dee'Ahn, and this is Latia.
- I'm Trip. - I'm Malcolm.
- Would you join us for a drink? - We've been waiting for you to ask.
- Well, uh, what would you like? - These look good.
Uh, another round, please.
- So where are you two from? - Our planet's called Earth.
- Earth? Never heard of it. - We're sort of new to the neighborhood.
Or then we'll have to make sure that your first visit to Risa is memorable.
- You're up late. - Just looking at the stars.
- Don't you get enough of that on your ship? - Hmm. Never.
- Will you show me what you're looking at? - Come on up.
I wanted to thank you for the little boat with the seafood. Best I've ever had.
- I'm sorry you had to eat alone. - Oh, no problem.
I had a nice chat with a couple from Vega Reticuli.
- Turns out it's their 300th wedding anniversary. - Well, they must have a lot of stories.
You can't imagine.
- There it is. - What am I looking for?
- See the bright blue star at the top? - Is that your sun?
No, look just below. The yellow one. Do you see it?
- It's so faint. - Ah, it's about 90 light years from here.
You're a long way from home.
Actually, this is the farthest any of my people have ever gone.
You're an explorer.
I wouldn't be surprised if they're naming schools after you back on your world.
Archer Elementary. It has a nice ring to it.
- Can you show me where you're from? - Oh, I really don't have a very good sense of direction.
- Oh, I'm sure it's not that bad. - I got lost coming back from the lobby today.
Well... I can see how that could happen.
I mean, it's at least a hundred meters from here.
And all the villas look the same.
You've just got to notice the subtle differences.
Like the numbers on the doors.
Now you're catching on.
Give me a couple hours I could have you navigating a starship.
Why don't you start by telling me about some of the places you've been.
We'll get to the starship navigation later.
We only had a few hours of air left so I jettisoned our engine and blew it up.
- Turned it into a rescue flare. - It was my idea.
Doesn't matter whose idea it was. It worked.
Why don't you tell them about the time you saved Enterprise in your underwear.
Yeah, I saved the captain's life.
I thought you were the captain.
We rotate. He's captain next week.
So, Captains... have you seen the subterranean gardens?
All the plants that grow there are luminescent. It's beautiful.
Maybe you could show us.
Through here.
- This is a strange way to get to the garden. - They're very secluded.
So, how much do you starship captains get paid on your world?
Excuse me?
What kind of valuables do you have?
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
There's definitely been a misunderstanding.
See what they have.
I hope this isn't their mating ritual.
Be quiet!
- Maybe they have something back in their rooms. - It's too risky.
- We could sell their clothes. - Listen... I bet we could make some kind of a deal.
- Enterprise. - It's Travis, Sub-cmander.
- Could you a shuttlepod down? - What's the problem, Ensign?
I had a little rock-climbing accident.
Where are you?
In the central hospital but I really want to get back to Enterprise.
The fun part is the way the rock face changes. The problem is the handholds change, too.
Why didn't you let them finish treating you on the surface?
- Have you ever been to an alien hospital? - Yes. In San Francisco.
These people have never treated a human before.
I wanted my own doctor. Where's Phlox?
- He's not available. - What do you mean, he's "not available"?
- He's... sleeping. - Well, wake him up! He's got a patient.
- The doctor is hibernating. - Hibernating?
- For how long? - Just a couple of days.
Don't worry. I can handle a broken leg.
He said he was having trouble breathing when we were in the pod.
- Did they give you any medication? - Just a hypospray for the pain.
- Is something wrong? - Ah, it's probably nothing.
Let's get you to Sick Bay.
I don't know if it was those Risan mai-tais... or getting shot but my head's killing me.
It was probably both. The sun's up.
- We've been down here all night. - Great.
Our shore leave's half over.
Hey! We need some help down here!
- Hello! - I already tried it.
Club's closed.
I don't plan on spending our entire trip tied up in a basement.
The Vulcan database didn't mention anything about crime.
- Well, they said it was very rare. - What?
Well, it had some warnings but I didn't think it'd be a problem.
- Wonderful. - You think this is my fault!
You were willing to follow two strange aliens into a basement.
Gorgeous aliens. Don't forget they were gorgeous.
- They were male! - Not at first!
I don't remember twisting your arm.
If we don't make it to the loading zone on time they're going to start scanning for our bio-signs.
Do you want the captain to find us like this?
I feel terrible.
Oh, you're having a reaction to the painkiller they gave you.
What's his condition?
If the swelling gets any worse it could begin to constrict his airway.
I've spoken to the hospital.
They've never heard of a reaction like this but they're not familiar with human physiology.
I really think we should wake up Dr. Phlox.
I'm sorry. I give up. I never thought that I'd hear a language I couldn't learn.
Don't feel bad. You've only been trying for one day.
- Oh, it only took you one day to pick up English. - It is much simpler.
- And you are a very good... Preemari. - Teacher.
- What do you call this? - Oh, we don't have anything exactly like it.
- The closest thing would be a... strawberry. - Strawberry.
And this?
Um... it tastes like a kiwi. What?
- In my language, "kee'hwi" is, um... - What?
I don't know the word. May I show you?
Sure. Why not?
Kiss. That's called a... kiss.
A kiss.
There's a place I was planning to go today. A steam pool.
They say it's very... relaxing. Would you like to go?
Avec plaisir. That's French.
What does it mean?
- Good morning. - Good morning.
Come in.
I thought we could take our dogs to the beach if you don't have other plans.
Sounds great. I just ordered breakfast.
- Would you like to join me? - Certainly.
- Juice? - Please.
What are you reading?
It's a gift from my science officer.
Her people think humans are too controlled by their emotions.
I knew there was a reason I liked you.
Seems like you know a lot about me.
Where I'm from, what books I read... I don't even know your dog's name.
It's Rhylo. I adopted her when she was a puppy. Anything else?
Everything else. What's your planet called? What do you do? Do you have a family?
We've been having such a wonderful time. I really don't want to spoil it.
- How could you spoil it? - I did have a family.
They were killed. My parents... my brother... my husband.
- I'm sorry. - It was our own fault.
We'd been warned about the Suliban. We should have gotten out while we had the chance.
- Suliban? - You know about them?
- I'm not so sure this is a good idea. - There's no need to whisper.
- He's in a state of deep hibernation. - Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.
- Did you use the correct dosage? - Do'sani! Do'sani, yo-to aruda!
I don't care what it tastes like.
Wake up, Doctor.
- Has is been 48 hours? - No.
- Then why did you wake me? - There's a medical emergency.
- Emergency? Then call the doctor. - You're the doctor.
- Of course. Who's sick? - Ensign Mayweather.
- Who? - Ensign Mayweather, our helmsman.
I know who he is.
- Where is he? - He's in Sick Bay.
- We're not in Sick Bay? - We're in your quarters.
Well, then... Sick Bay!
I could use some assistance, please.
- What seems to be the trouble, Captain? - It's Travis, Doctor.
He's having some kind of anaphylactic reaction.
I've been standing up for almost five minutes.
- Doctor... - Hand me that scanner, Captain.
Ah, yes, yes.
It's definitely being caused by an antigenic compound in his system.
- We'll need Regulan blood worms. - What?!
- They're excellent at filtering toxins. - Uh, which container are they in?
No! Fresh ones would be better.
Set a course for Regulus, maximum warp.
Doctor, I think this was a mistake. You should return to your quarters.
I appreciate the offer, but it would be best to keep our relationship professional.
Uh! Let's go, Doctor.
I am the Chief Medical Officer on this ship and I am going to treat Ensign Mayweather.
And then I'm going back to bed.
This was waiting for me when I checked in compliments of the management.
I don't know anything about Risan vintages
but what do you say we throw caution to the wind and give it a try?
I'll be adventurous if you will.
- How's your ankle? - Mm, it's getting better.
You'd think that guide would have warned us.
The water was very shallow. I should have watched where I was stepping.
I don't know. That thing was pretty well camouflaged.
To... Risan sea turtles.
It's a little sweet for my taste.
- Is something wrong? - Camouflaged.
- We could only see them when they moved. - Was there more than one?
I'm not talking about turtles.
You said you knew who they were. Have you seen them?
Did they hurt anyone that you cared about?
We've seen them a number of times but we've been lucky.
No one was badly hurt.
How do you fight something you can't even see?
I was told that they take their orders from the future.
- Is that right? - All their genetic enhancements...
they were taught to do that by someone from the distant future.
- Who told you that? - It's no secret.
They've attacked dozens of ships, settlements. But where do they come from?
Where do they live?
I wish I could tell you, but I don't know.
What are they planning to do next?
- Hopefully, neither of us will ever run into them again. - You know that isn't true.
They keep enlisting more of their people into the... What do they call it? The Cabal.
You must know something about them, Jonathan.
I realize that they murdered your family and I'm very sorry for that
but I'm not sure what you want me to tell you.
Most of what I have learned about them has come from rumors and hearsay
but you have seen them face-to-face. I want you to tell me what you know.
Where are their helixes? Where do they live?!
If this wine is too sweet I think there's another bottle here. It might be different.
You're the first person I've met in over a year who's had any contact with them.
All right I don't know much but I'll tell you what I can.
I could use some fresh air. Why don't we take a walk on the beach?
- Thank you. - It's kind of chilly.
- You might want to go get a sweater or something. - I'll be right back.
- Archer to Enterprise. - This is T'Pol.
I'm transmitting a bio-scan to you. Run it through the computer.
- I think you'll find a match. - You don't sound very relaxed, Captain.
- Quickly, please. - Understood.
- Ready? - Not quite.
Your surgeons did a nice job.
All the Tandarans I met had a very distinctive feature right here.
- Tandarans? I don't understand. - I took a bio-scan.
They may be able to change your face but not your DNA.
- Did Colonel Grat send you? - Who?
I suppose it's possible you don't know him.
He ran the detention camp I was sent to. It was filled with innocent Suliban.
Grat asked me the same questions you've been asking except he was a little more aggressive.
On the other hand he didn't try to win my sympathy with fictitious tragedies.
- You're wrong, Jonathan. - You're all wrong.
- I think I should leave. - If it wasn't Grat, then who was it?
Who sent you here? Who was it?!
I'm sorry.
You've been very kind to me.
I'm going to check out now. I can't have you interfering.
Whatever was in that bottle you broke got all over me.
- It stinks to high heaven. - It's not like I had a choice.
We needed something to cut through those ropes.
- Good morning. - Morning.
- Sleep well? - Very.
Any thoughts about what you'd like to do today?
Risa has a lot to offer.
I could spend the entire day right here but I'm afraid the shuttle's coming to pick me up in a few hours.
- Not a very long vacation. - Two days and two nights. That's all we had.
- I hope you don't think that I... - Took advantage of me?
Not for a minute.
- There we go. - You're certain?
You can check it yourself if you like, Doctor.
The analysis clearly shows he was given benzethonium chloride.
You're quite allergic to it. This should do the trick.
Your bio-signs are stabilizing. It seems to be working.
- How do you feel? - A lot better. Thanks, Doc.
What's that smell?
I don't smell anything.
I'm guessing you two had an interesting couple of days.
Fascinating culture, sir.
What about you, Hoshi? Do anything constructive?
As a matter of fact I learned several new conjugations.
You look rested, sir. You get a good night's sleep?
Went out like a light.
Next time we take shore leave instead of just sitting around reading books you should try to get out.
Look for a little excitement... meet new people.
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