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Enterprise - 3x02 - Anomaly

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Come here. What's the problem?
- This can't be right. Did you run a diagnostic? - Twice./ - Let's check those relays.
Captain to the bridge.
We're getting reports of anomalies from all over the ship.
The warp field's fluctuating.
Bridge to Engineering. Report.
I don't get it, Captain. Half the plasma relays have reversed polarity.
Shut down the reactor.
I'm trying... but it's not cooperating.
We're losing main power.
Song: "Faith of the Heart" It's been a long road,
Getting from there to here,
It's been a long time,
But my time is finally near,
And I will see my dream come alive at last,
I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more,
No they're not gonna change my mind,
Cause I've got faith of the heart,
I'm going where my heart will take me,
I've got faith to believe,
I can do anything,
I've got strength of the soul, But no one gonna bend or break me,
I can reach any star,
I've got faith,
I've got faith, faith of the heart.
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054 (3x02) Anomaly
I've restored emergency power but most of our primary systems are still off-line--including weapons.
Trip, what's your status?
We've got a hell of a mess down here, Captain. It's gonna be a while before I can even figure out what just happened.
Keep me posted.
Sir, I'm picking up a vessel... eight million kilometers off port.
What's their heading?
Looks like they're holding position. Or they could be adrift.
Hail them.
Our transceiver's off-line.
What's our best speed?
One-quarter impulse.
Set a course.
None, and there's no atmosphere aboard. Artificial gravity's down as well.
Any sign of what happened to them?
No, sir.
Have you spent much time in gravity boots, corporal?
I did a six-week tour on Jupiter Station. The grav-plating went down a few times.
Only in simulations, sir.
Same here, Captain.
This is an alien ship we're boarding. We could run into magnetic variances. Watch your step.
Yes, sir.
We're looking for anything that could tell us what happened to them.
And don't forget--just because sensors didn't pick up any bio-signs doesn't mean we won't encounter anyone.
Set weapons to stun.
Aye, sir.
Weapons fire.
No external injuries.
Let's find the bridge.
Try to access that station. Download what you can.
We counted 17 bodies.
Most of them died when their life support ran out. The others were killed by particle weapons. What's our status?
Ensign Sato's managed to bring the transciever on-line, but other than that...
Archer to Mayweather.
Go ahead, sir
Resume our previous course, one-quarter impulse.
It might be best to complete repairs before we head deeper into the Expanse. If we encounter any more anomalies...
Those people have been dead... Whoever attacked them could still be nearby.
We'll have to make repairs on the move.
Mr. Reed recovered some data from their bridge. See what you can make of it.
Let's try it again. Watch that intermix ratio.
Looking good. Bring her up 40%.
Shut it down. Shut it down.
How's it coming?
Could be better.
Creating a stable warp field isn't easy when the laws of physics won't cooperate.
The Cochrane Equation--it's not constant here.
The problem's in the quantum variables. Every time I try to compensate, the spatial gradients get thrown out of whack.
Either we get away from these anomalies, or we're gonna have to rewrite the book on warp theory,
and I don't have to tell you how long it took Zefram Cochrane the first time around.
What about tactical systems?
Weapons should be up and running within an hour or two.
Make it a priority.
You worried about something?
Weapons, Trip, as quickly as you can.
Where is Isaac Newton when you need him?
3,000 meters and closing.
They're charging weapons.
Can you give me hull plating?
I'm sorry, sir.
Hail them.
Hold your fire.
Are those warheads armed?
Stun grenade.
How many more?
Two in Cargo Bay One. Four more in Engineering.
Get down there and help Trip.
Woods, you're with me.
They're trying to download our database.
Lock them out.
Increase his anaprovaline by 50mg
How are they?
Stable. However, they've suffered extensive disruptor burns.
I'd like to start them on regeneration therapy, but the imaging chamber was damaged in the attack. I'll need a repair team as soon as possible.
Crewman Fuller. I did everything I could.
What about him?
A few internal injuries. I'll need to keep him under observation.
You can observe him in the brig.
- See to it. - Aye, sir.
You might be interested to know that I recognize his species... he's Osaarian.
He's not from the Expanse?
Not originally.
How bad is it?
They made off with three photonic torpedoes, a case of plasma rifles, two dozen stun grenades.
Chef says they cleaned out half the food stores,
and Cargo Bay Two's been stripped to the bulkheads,
but that's not the worst of it. They took every one of our antimatter storage pods.
All we've got left is what's in the main reactor.
How long will that last? A month?
Tops. After that, we're out of gas.
This is all you've got?
The High Command hasn't had much contact with the Osaarians.
They have a large merchant fleet, but there's no record of piracy.
Any luck tracking their ship?
Not yet. They found a way to mask their ion trail.
For people with no history of piracy they've gotten pretty good at it.
Keep looking.
It appears they've adapted their weapons and engines to compensate for the anomalies.
Pursuing them will be dangerous. We should consider other alternatives.
Such as what? Waiting for our antimatter to run dry?
I'm only suggesting that we may be able to replenish our supplies elsewhere.
Keep looking.
Open it.
Dr. Phlox said your injuries were minor.
Please get up.
I have a dead crewman.
I didn't kill him.
No, one of your friends did.
But I don't have one of your friends. I have you. So get up and look at me!
Thank you. You're going to help me find your ship.
And after I've taken back what they stole from me, you and your colleagues are free to go.
If you went anywhere near that ship, you'd have more than one dead crewman.
I can't help you. Even if I could, my captain wouldn't be very interested in having me back, would he?
Not after I told you where to find him.
That's a risk you'll have to take... because the alternative is going to be a lot less pleasant.
I don't think you'd be very comfortable torturing another man.
You and your crewmates are far too civilized for that.
Too moral.
I need what was stolen from me.
There's too much at stake to let my morality get in the way.
You're obviously new to this Expanse. If you weren't, your ship's hull would be insulated with trellium-D.
Do you have any idea what a spatial distortion can do to a ship that is not insulated with trellium-D?
What it can do... to the people inside that ship?
You masked your ion trail.
Well... my captain's a very clever man.
He has to be. When you're forced to resort to desperate measures in order to survive, you have to be clever.
You need to know how to hide.
So you were forced into piracy?
When we entered this Expanse, we were no different than you--
two merchant ships looking for trade routes. Then the first distortion hit us.
We decided to return home, but the perimeter-- the thermobaric clouds-- they let you in, but they don't let you out.
One of our ships was destroyed trying.
After a few more encounters with the anomalies it wasn't long before we became predators.
This section of the Expanse proved to be ideal for hunting.
When a ship runs aground due to spatial distortions... it becomes an easy target.
Our captain told us we wouldn't harm anyone... and we didn't...
not at first.
It takes time to learn to kill without remorse.
You're not prepared to kill,
or torture.
Not yet.
I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to find your ship.
And if that ends up causing me remorse... then it's something I'm willing to live with.
Think about it.
I've been studying the data recovered from the derelict. Apparently, they decided to look for the Osaarians as well.
They found a way to modify their sensors to detect the ion trail.
But their life-support failed before they had a chance to start.
Did they leave a record of the modifications?
I've already given it to Ensign Mayweather.
What's our tactical situation?
Hull plating's back on line. We should have phase-cannons within the hour.
Lieutenant Reed is still having difficulty modifying the guidance systems to compensate for the anomalies.
I'll be in the armory.
Black tea, hot.
You finished rewriting the physics books?
I don't think I'll be taking home the Nobel Prize any time soon.
A few hours rest might do you a world of good.
No kidding.
You still can't sleep?
T'Pol's been trying to help.
Showing me how to stimulate my neural nodes.
It's not what you think.
I wasn't thinking anything.
How are the weapons coming?
The Captain and I managed to bring the guidance systems on-line, but I'm going to need more time for the aft launchers.
Fuller knew those torpedo systems better than anyone. He won't be easy to replace.
Considering all the hostile aliens we've met, I suppose it's fortunate we haven't lost more people.
I doubt he'll be the last.
There's no reason to get cynical.
Every species we run into seems to be gunning for us. We might as well paint a giant bull's-eye on the hull.
What do you suggest we do, turn around and go back to Earth?
All I'm saying is that this mission, whether it succeeds or not, is looking like a one-way ticket all the time.
Captain's Starlog, Supplemental.
We've been tracking the Osaarians' ion trail for the past four hours. There's still no sign of them.
The trail ends about 20,000 kilometers ahead.
Any sign of a ship?
The trail resumes after another 70,000 kilometers.
Let's see it.
Should I alter course?
Not yet.
Why would there be such a large gap?
The ions may have been dispersed by stellar winds.
There would still be some residual particles.
Captain, the particle decay rates don't match.
This one is at least nine hours old... this one was left less than an hour ago.
Bring weapons on-line. Take us to where the first trail ends.
I'm not reading anything.
Power's fluctuating.
- Forward plating's down. - Micro-fractures are forming on the outer hull. We should come about.
Keep going.
- T'Pol. - It's approximately 19 kilometers in diameter.
Ever seen anything like it?
It's constructed entirely of a single alloy.
Who could build something that big?
Take us in closer.
That "cloaking field" is enormous. Whoever built this thing went to a great deal of trouble to conceal it.
Judging from those ion trails, the Osaarians spent over eight hours here. I want to find out why.
Any luck scanning the interior?
Our sensors are being deflected.
See if you can find something that looks like a way in.
Take us into orbit.
I'm detecting what appears to be a portal... 22 degrees north of our current position.
Put it up.
Can you tell what the door is made of?
Polyduranium. The same metal as the Osaarians' hull.
Can we fit through?
Not with Enterprise.
Then get a pod ready.
I've cycled through the standard frequencies.
Did you find the locking mechanism?
On the lower-right side.
Hold our position.
Try it now.
There's no indication of any ships, sir.
Archer to Enterprise.
Go ahead.
We're heading in.
There's enough energy running through here to power a dozen cities.
What's that... down there?
Those modules have a breathable atmosphere.
Let's hope there's no one home.
Do you see that docking port, Ensign?
Yes, sir.
We're all clear, sir.
They've been busy.
There are a lot of modules to search. Fan out. Keep open com-links.
They're not gonna run out of stem bolts anytime soon.
This way.
Starfleet ration packs.
I've found something, Captain.
Over here, sir.
I'm pretty sure it's a cargo manifest.
How's your Osaarian?
Not very good, sir.
Download what you can. Get it to Hoshi.
Tell T'Pol we're going to need another search team.
Aye, sir.
Check behind those canisters.
Look at this.
I had a little accident, Doc. I was reinstalling the deuterium injectors. One of them must have had a little juice left in it.
Second-degree burn. Hmm. Why don't you have a seat.
I could have sworn that injector was depolarized. I guess I'm getting a little punchy.
When's the last time you slept?
I got a full hour last night.
I'm surprised the neuro-pressure isn't helping. T'Pol told me your first treatment went well.
Well, we only had the one session.
Haven't had a lot of free time lately. Are you certain that's the reason?
What do you mean?
Vulcan neuro-pressure requires a certain degree of intimacy. I can understand that it might make you... uncomfortable.
It doesn't make me uncomfortable. I just can't afford to spend an hour every night in T'Pol's quarters.
Can't you just give me another one of those injections? They put me out like a light.
They're not meant to be taken for extended periods.
There is another treatment that might be helpful.
All right. What do you got?
Aldeberan mud leeches.
What am I supposed to do with them?
Place one on your chest and one on your abdomen an hour before going to bed.
Their secretions act as a natural sedative.
Oh, uh, please, be careful to sleep on your back. If you roll over, you might anger them.
Maybe an hour a night with T'Pol isn't so bad.
The search teams have found nearly 80% of our antimatter. They're looking for the rest.
Probably running through the reactor of that Osaarian ship.
We've also recovered most of our weapons.
How's Trip doing?
He'll have warp drive on-line within the next 30 minutes.
Have the Away Teams speed it up. I want to go to warp as soon as they're back.
Quantum scans indicate it's nearly a thousand years old.
What else?
The structure contains seven fusion reactors. Each one is almost 12 kilometers long. Only three are still operational.
Any idea what they were designed for?
The Sphere is emitting massive amounts of gravimetric energy. It may have something to do with the spatial anomalies.
Take as many scans as you can.
Bridge to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
Sir, could you come to the Situation Room?
While I was translating the cargo manifest, something caught my eye.
Look at these markings.
I had to double-check, but I was pretty sure that I'd seen this ideography before.
This is a piece of the Xindi probe that crashed on Earth.
At least three of the symbols are an exact match.
Your ship attacked a Xindi vessel. I want to know everything you can tell me about them.
You heard me!
I don't remember a species with that name.
You're lying! The manifest said you took their ship less than two weeks ago!
What manifest?
Tell me what you know.
It was a small ship. They were no match for us.
Where are they now?
You destroyed them?
They resisted. We had no choice.
Where did they come from?!
I have better things to do than familiarize myself with our victims.
Which species of Xindi were they? What did they look like?
I don't remember.
Are you sure?
Your threats aren't very convincing. I told you, you're too civilized.
We'll see about that.
As you were.
Are you taking me to your torture chamber?
Shut up.
Get in.
The Xindi...?
This tactic doesn't suit you, Captain.
This airlock has a decompression rate of point five atmospheres per minute.
You'd better start talking now, because in about 40 seconds, you won't be able to.
The Xindi!
Everything's under control, Lieutenant.
The airlock's decompressing, sir.
He'll die.
Not for another 20 seconds he won't.
The Xindi!
Your memory getting any better?
Say again!
Take him back to the brig.
Let's go.
When they attacked the Xindi ship they took more than fuel and supplies.
They downloaded their database.
How close would we have to get to tap into their main computer?
Pretty close. Less than a kilometer. But we need to have the access codes.
He gave them to me. Here.
They are heavily armed. Are you sure it's wise to engage them?
I want that database. Go to tactical alert.
Tell Trip we're going to need all the power he can spare for weapons and hull plating.
Their ion trail has already started to decay.
They're going to be hard to find.
We're going to wait for them to find us, Travis.
Something's passing through the cloaking field.
Move us into position. Stand by.
Have they detected us?
Not yet.
Open a channel.
Go ahead.
This is Captain Archer. Remember us? You probably noticed that our weapons are back online.
You're outgunned, so stand down.
They're moving off.
One kilometer, Travis.
Get ready.
Hull plating's holding.
They're heading back into the cloaking field.
Stay with them.
We're not close enough.
Stand by.
Another 50 meters.
I'm into the computer.
I haven't found the Xindi database.
I'm losing them.
Forward hull plating is off-line.
I found it, Captain.
- How long do you need? - A few minutes.
Hull fracture on E deck, section 14. We're venting atmosphere.
Emergency bulkheads.
They're getting too far away. I'm losing the com-link again.
Our impulse drive's destabilizing.
We've got to get out of the cloaking field, sir.
Head back to the Sphere.
- Where are they? - Still inside the field.
- How much did you get? - About a third of it.
Take us closer to that portal. Let's see if we can lure them back in here.
Use our forward phase-cannon. Fire a single burst, minimum yield.
- Travis? - No sign of them.
That got their attention. They're coming through.
Stay within a kilometer.
Return fire.
I'm back in.
Can you take out their engines?
Not without risking damage to their main computer.
- Ensign? - I've got 80%.
Hull plating's off-line.They're targeting our reactor.
I've got 90%.
Good enough. Mr. Reed!
- Their engines are down. - Keep our weapons locked on them.
Your codes worked. Get him out of there.
Now that I've served my purpose, you're taking me back to the airlock?
Escort him to the launch bay.
We're taking you back to the Sphere.
So you have let your morality get in the way after all.
Mercy is not a quality that'll serve you well in the Expanse, Captain.
load the Xindi database.
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