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Subtitles for Enterprise - 3x11 - Carpenter Street.

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Enterprise - 3x11 - Carpenter Street

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Have you made your selection?
Yeah, yeah. It's all set, just like we discussed.
We'll be expecting you.
And, uh... and the money? Same as last time, right?
The same.
Be careful with the sedative.
You nearly killed the last one.
100 milligrams. Don't worry. I'll get it right.
We'll be expecting you.
It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
But my time is finally near
And I will see my dream come alive at last
I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No, they're not gonna change my mind
'Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where the heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
No one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
I've got faith
Faith of the heart
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Sync : 하얀파도(
063 [3x11] Carpenter Street
Looking for a date, honey?
Maybe with your friend.
You don't know what you're missing.
Ooh! What can I do for you, sweetheart?
Hey, I know you.
From this morning.
You brought me the apple juice.
At the clinic.
Oh, yeah.
Now I remember.
Small world, huh?
Want me to get in?
Sure. Yeah.
There's a nice place to park right in the neighborhood.
Turn left at the next light.
Georgia Tandy. 0-negative.
How the hell would you remember that?
Uh... It's another two blocks.
If that's drugs, I am not interested.
What you got in there?
Come here.
There you go. There you go.
It's okay.
They said they won't hurt you.
There you go... nice and comfy.
Good boy.
This is your last piece.
It's okay.
How have you been, Jonathan?
About time you showed up.
Our mission's changed quite a bit since the last time I saw you,
but I suppose you're aware of it.
I am.
Maybe you could fill in a few of the blanks for me.
The Xindi weapon would be a good place to start.
We don't know any more than you do.
I thought you and your colleagues were supposed to be keeping an eye on the timeline.
You're from the 30th century.
Hasn't all this happened already?
History doesn't mention anything about a conflict between humans and Xindi.
How could that be?
The events that are taking place are the result of temporal incursions.
They're not supposed to be happening.
But they are happening.
Yes, they are, but the outcome hasn't reached us yet.
It takes a while for changes to ripple through the timeline.
The time traveler... the man the Suliban work for...
What about him?
He's the one who told us about the weapon being built.
Should I believe him?
You have no reason not to.
You said I'm supposed to play some crucial part in history.
Does this have something to do with it?
I wish I could say that it does, but I don't know.
I told you, none of this was supposed to happen.
You're not being very helpful!
Why are you here?
We've detected three Xindi where they're not supposed to be.
This Expanse is filled with Xindi.
I'm not talking about the Expanse.
I'm talking about Detroit, Michigan, 150 years ago.
Sorry to get you up, but this couldn't wait.
Come in.
I just had a visit from Daniels.
I think all your doubts about time travel are about to go out the window.
Daniels and his team have discovered three Reptilians on Earth in the early 21st century.
He wants to send us back to find out what they're doing.
He told me I could bring one person. No more.
If Daniels is the time traveler he claims to be, why doesn't he find out for himself?
It took him a long while for him to get permission to interact with me.
There are clearances.
He said it would take too much time.
I would think he would have all the time in the world.
He said the three Xindi traveled to Earth from our century.
They've been there for two months.
They're not sightseeing, T'Pol.
We have to find out what they're up to.
How are we supposed to accomplish this?
He wants us to meet him in the Command Center at 0800 tomorrow.
Come on, boy.
Check the database.
Find something to wear that won't stand out in 2004.
Last time Daniels sent you to another century, you had one hell of a time getting back.
He gave me this.
Said he'd return us whenever we signaled him.
These are temporal tags.
We can use them to bring back anything that doesn't belong there.
If anybody asks where you went, what should I tell them?
With both shuttlepods in the bay, it'll be hard to explain.
I'm sure you'll think of something.
Try to stay out of trouble.
You, too.
Here's the duty roster.
We just traveled 90 light years back to Earth?
And 150 years into the past.
Forgive me if I'm not entirely convinced.
You will be.
Come on.
This one has a motion-activated security system.
This one, too.
We're in.
This apparatus... it appears to have been designed to incapacitate the vehicle.
Have you ever operated a vehicle from this period?
I can pilot a starship.
"R, N, D, two, three, four."
I suggest you begin with two.
Foot controls.
I don't believe you've activated your external lighting.
What year is that map from?
2002. It's the closest I could find in the Starfleet database.
The layout shouldn't have changed a lot in two years.
Turn starboard on 24th Street.
If that thing has a scanning radius of three kilometers,
how far are we going to have to drive to cover the entire city?
I've created a search-grid that requires a journey of approximately 80 kilometers.
But it's probable we'll find them before we complete it.
What's that icon?
It's a gasoline pump.
We need to get fuel.
Where isn't the problem.
We're going to need money... U.S. currency.
That's going to be difficult at this time of night.
Not necessarily.
People used to go to jail for this.
We'll return what we don't use.
Are you Lawrence Strode?
Who are you?
I'm from the blood bank. We had a screw-up this afternoon.
We gave you the wrong papers to sign.
I'm not giving the money back.
No, no, no, they don't want the money back.
In fact, they're going to pay you again.
25 bucks.
They just need you to sign the right papers.
Did you bring 'em?
No, no, they wouldn't let me. You gotta do it in front of the supervisor.
You know, the fat broad who paid you.
They sent me to drive you down.
- It's 11:00 at night. - Yeah, I know.
They want to send your blood work out first thing in the morning
and they can't do it without the right paperwork.
You want the 25 bucks or not?
This gonna take long?
I don't wanna miss Conan.
Were they aware at this time that Earth's supply of fossil fuel was nearing depletion?
They had been for 30 years.
But it wasn't until 2061 that they finally...
One kilometer, straight ahead.
The second structure from the left.
Three Xindi bio-signs.
Any humans?
Five, in another part of the building.
This doesn't look very residential.
Set your phase-pistol to kill.
When the Reptilians boarded Enterprise, stun had no effect.
See what you can find out.
I'll look over there.
Go ahead.
There's a neutronic power source coming from the first floor.
I found a gate with an electric locking mechanism.
We shouldn't have a problem.
Do you see the vehicle?
I see it.
Did you disinfect your hands?
I insert I.V.s all day. I told you that.
If there are any infections here, it won't be because of me.
You forget something?
We have decided to compensate you for the final three patients in one payment.
Well, that's not what we agreed.
You said I'd get paid for each one.
Bring us the last two blood types and you will be compensated.
We should wait a while.. a few more days, at least.
There was something on the news.
Cops are starting to get complaints that people have gone missing.
We can't wait a few more days!
We need the last two.
Look as soon they figure out that all these people here have been to the clinic,
it won't take a rocket scientist to point the finger at me.
Then I suggest you finish your work quickly.
Look, I don't know what you guys are up to, and I don't want to know.
It's not my business.
But the cops don't take kindly to people who help terrorists.
I gotta be real careful.
We will double your fee for the final three.
But the last two must here by tomorrow.
Yeah, all right.
I'll have them here by tomorrow.
Here he comes.
Ninth floor... 280 pounds.
William Meyers.
Second floor.
And the man in the wheelchair?
Why were you bringing him to an abandoned factory in the middle of the night?
I swear, I don't know what you're talking about.
What's this?
I took it from the clinic.
I work at the blood bank on Porter Street.
Check with them, they'll tell you. I've been there for over a year.
- Why would you take it? - Make a few extra bucks.
There's plenty of people on the street looking for that stuff.
Why would anyone "on the street" be interested in acquiring methohezital?
Do you make a habit of climbing out your window when someone knocks on the door?
I don't like cops.
Tell us about your friends on Carpenter Street.
Never been to Carpenter Street.
You were there an hour ago with the man in the wheelchair.
Now, tell me who's inside that factory.
I told you, I don't know what you're talking about.
I think it's time you find me a lawyer.
Untie him.
You heard him.
Untie me.
That's better.
I didn't feel right doing that with you tied up.
Carpenter Street.
You're not allowed to hit me.
Untie him again.
No, no, no, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, I don't know who he is. I swear to God.
A doctor, maybe.
Says he's working on a vaccine. Experimental.
He doesn't have approval, or something like that, so he needed me to bring him people.
Does it seem logical to you that legitimate medical research
is being conducted in an abandoned factory?
I thought about that.
Just tonight, I thought maybe he's some kind of a terrorist.
But I swear, if I knew that for a fact, I never would've agreed to help him.
In one individual, we've managed to find the worst qualities of this era...
greed, violence, moral corruption.
But he said he wasn't going to hurt anybody.
I just saw them an hour ago.
They were all okay.
How many?
No, no, six. The wheelchair guy was number six.
How did this doctor find you?
I told you, I work at the blood bank.
He wanted someone from every blood type.
Eight blood types, eight people.
He figured I had access to that kind of information.
Did he also "figure" that you'd have no compunctions about abducting people?
What's he paying you?
$5,000 apiece.
Double for the last three.
Is that what human life is worth in the 21st century?
I told you, he said he wasn't going to hurt any of them.
What does he look like?
He only calls me on the phone.
I saw him a couple of times, but he stays in the shadows.
You know, he's kind of tall, that's all I can tell you.
Why don't you let me go?
I swear to you, I will never do it again.
You are going to do it again.
That is, if you have any hope of staying out of prison.
What're you talking about?
These two files.
AB-positive and B-negative... they're the final two?
Well, you're looking at your last victim.
A healthy male with B-negative blood.
If you think you're going to be in there a long time we should get something to eat first.
Be quiet.
Come on, I'm not talking about anything fancy.
A burger, a taco.
There's a drive-thru less than a mile from here.
Cops have to eat, don't they?
What is the matter with you two? I'll pay.
I told you to be quiet.
Which side of the street is it on?
Welcome to Burgerland. How may we serve you today?
I'll have the Double Superbeef, no lettuce.
One Double Superbeef without lettuce, please.
You can make that a triple for only 40 cents.
Do it.
A double will be fine.
Would you like to make that a combo?
Yeah. Fries and a medium root beer.
Will there be anything else today?
A hamburger, ketchup only.
You can make that a double for only 40 cents extra.
No, thank you.
Would you like to make that a combo?
No, no combo.
Will there be anything else today?
Does the "Fiesta Salad" contain animal products?
No, but we can add three strips of bacon for only 75 cents.
Nothing for me, thank you.
- You sure? - Quite.
You guys don't mind, do you?
I'm starving.
You know, it would make it a lot easier if you untied my hands.
It's not like I'm going anywhere.
Do the best you can.
I told you.
Let me get that for you. Oh, boy.
You're a veggie, I forgot.
Why don't you take a fry? They're probably okay.
Have it your way.
They'll come in to take fresh blood samples every hour,
and they re-administer the sedative every six hours.
I recommend you do whatever you're going to do before then.
Number seven.
Which one is it?
B. B-negative.
You'll have AB-positive by tomorrow night, I swear.
Make certain I do.
Engage the engine, and proceed to the second location.
Nice ray gun.
Am I supposed to believe that thing's for real?
Ten grand apiece for the last three, and I'm not going to see a penny of it.
Don't speak until we're out of visual range.
45 milliliters from the new arrival.
You catch these guys, and I get immunity, right?
We're not talking about copping to a lesser charge.
When my associate returns, we'll discuss the details.
Hey, I'm taking a big chance here, okay?
If your associate doesn't catch them, they're going to come looking for me, okay?
You two better keep your word.
You've been abducting people for money, and you're questioning our honesty?
Sit back.
I'm just getting a smoke.
What are you doing?
I don't know about you, honey, but I'm a little tense, you know what I mean?
Extinguish that now.
If you want some air, open your window.
Stay exactly where you are.
They brought a bio-reactor with them.
They're synthesizing some kind of viral agent.
Rajiin warned us about a bio-weapon.
This could be it.
Why would they travel back through time?
Daniels said they might be hiding from someone.
The past seems like a pretty good place to hide.
We've got to keep them from getting it back to our time.
Are you in a position to disable all three of them?
I don't know.
I was thinking about trying to take out the bio-reactor,
but I could end up spreading whatever's in there across half the city.
They must have some kind of temporal beacon.
If you can destroy it, they'll have no way of getting back.
I've got to find it first.
Modify your scanner to a delta band frequency.
They've gone out the west door.
They could be headed for the street.
They have the virus!
- T'Pol? - Yes, Captain?
They're in the west alleyway, north of the main building. I could use some help.
Pull over and stop here.
They give you all that fancy equipment, and what good does it do you?
Lower your window.
I knew your partner's plan wouldn't work.
Be quiet.
They're coming.
Come on.
He's trying to release the toxin.
We've eliminated his only means of returning to his own century.
Perhaps he has no other choice.
If he's trying to destroy humanity, he's not going to be able to do it with that.
They only modified the virus for six blood types.
And if they can infect three quarters of Earth's population,
it's unlikely humans would pose a threat to them in the future.
Let's hope he can't see in the dark.
Keep laying down fire.
Don't move a muscle.
Drop it.
Why a second weapon?
Where were you going to take it?
We won't allow you to destroy us.
Your species is doomed.
Let's go.
Problem, sir?
It's done.
Archer to Lieutenant Reed.
Go ahead.
Get a team down to the Command Center, on the double.
Aye, sir.
Wait here for Malcolm.
Have everything brought to Cargo Bay Two.
I've got to get this to Phlox.
What's going on?
Come with me.
Get out of the car!
He's on something.
Get out of the car!
Keep your hands where we can see them!
Come on. Come on!
W-What's going on?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, I didn't do anything!
We got a tip says you did.
You're just lucky all six of them are still alive.
The two cops who came to my place... they offered me a deal.
That's the only reason I helped them!
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Get him out of here. - Those creatures.
The lizard-people. They're around here somewhere.
- You gotta find them! - No problem. We'll get right on that.
Be careful. Be careful. They've got ray-guns.
Yeah, ray-guns. Got it. Watch your head.
Sync : 하얀파도( 공공영역에 수정/배포는 자유입니다
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