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Subtitles for Enterprise - 3x15 - Harbinger.

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Enterprise - 3x15 - Harbinger

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Whoever built these Spheres may have done it to create the Expanse.
Why would someone want to create a web of crippling anomalies?
We believe that it is through prayer and meditation ...
that the Makers become manifest.
-The Makers? - The creator of the Spheres.
The quicker you folks find these Xindi,
the quicker we can get to work.
Military Assault Command.
Captain Archer wanted the best.
I've seen men like Hayes all my life.
-Lieutenant? - That had nothing to do with...
who knows Enterprise inside and out.
It had to do with who the major...
thinks is more capable of carrying out this rescue.
It's only been a day since we were enemies.
Giving you the coordinates to a classified installation is...
They're coming in.
The coordinates match the location of one of the red giants.
Dr. Phlox says we have to prepare for the possibility that Trip won't survive.
When implanted with DNA from another species,
it exactly replicates that species' life cycle.
It becomes a clone.
You and Trip used to spend a lot of time here together.
I was instructing him in the practice of Vulcan neuro-pressure.
He was really starting to enjoy those sessions with you.
What's driving me crazy is I don't know if these feelings are mine...
or his.
Malcolm can be a tough man to get to know, I'll grant you that.
He likes to keep to himself.
This feel okay?
But you spend enough time around him,
you come to realize there's no one you'd rather have watching your back.
I thought you said you weren't ticklish.
I didn't used to be.
Maybe I'm doing this wrong.
Maybe we should try another position?
Take a seat.
I just get the feeling that whenever Lieutenant Reed looks at one of us, he sees the enemy.
I don't think Malcolm thinks of MACOs as the enemy.
Competition, maybe.
This is one of the first pressure points T'Pol worked on.
Helped me get through many a night.
Feels great.
Too bad this can't be a part of our training routine.
You should bring it up with Hayes.
His training regimen hasn't changed since I joined up.
Major Hayes likes consistency.
So does Malcolm.
He told me that while he was in Starfleet training,
he ate the same exact three meals every day...
for a year.
They're definitely cut from the same cloth.
Maybe that's why they get along so well.
How's it feeling?
Still great.
Feels like I've just had 12 hours sleep.
I guess I did it right.
That was unexpected.
Nothing wrong with unexpected.
...with a little warning.
Consider that a little warning...
for next time.
transcript by Worf timed by Sebby
Captain's Starlog, December 27, 2153.
Using the coordinates we got from Degra, ...
we're en route to the location of the red giant star ...
and with any luck, the Xindi weapon.
Come in.
You wanted to see me, sir?
I had a conversation with Major Hayes this morning.
He wants to put your security team and all the senior officers ...
through a series of training drills.
We run drills twice a week. Senior officers are free to attend.
These will be different.
They'd be conducted by Major Hayes and the MACOs.
-Sir? - We're heading into a hostile situation.
We don't know what we're gonna face when we get there.
My people are ready, sir.
The MACOs' tactics and technology are two...
three years beyond Starfleet's.
Why not let them pass on some of that expertise?
You don't agree.
The MACOs' expertise...
comes from simulated combat, all conducted on Earth.
On the other hand, we've fought numerous alien species on many different worlds.
If anything, we should be giving the MACOs the benefit of our experience.
Hayes and his men have gone up against a few aliens on this mission, including the Xindi.
They handled themselves pretty well.
I'd like you to coordinate the training sessions with the major.
Aye, sir.
Ah! I appreciate your stopping by so quickly.
What did you want to ask me?
Are you acquainted with Corporal Amanda Cole?
She's one of the MACOs.
She was in this morning with a mild headache.
Says she's been experiencing it for a week now.
Every test I ran came back negative.
Frankly, I was mystified until she mentioned...
she was receiving Vulcan neuro-pressure...
from Commander Tucker.
Do you believe it's causing her headaches?
I wanted to ask you.
Neuro-pressure is a highly specialized discipline.
Commander Tucker has only been receiving it for a couple of months,
that he might have...
misapplied one of its techniques.
It's possible.
Well, I've already spoken to Corporal Cole about using caution,
but I was wondering if you might have a word with Commander Tucker,
perhaps during your next session with him.
-Is everything all right? -Yes.
-If there's nothing else... -Oh, uh, there is one other thing.
If you find time, perhaps you could schedule a neuro-pressure session with Corporal Cole?
Maybe undo some of Commander Tucker's work.
Okay, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
How does 0800 sound?
I prefer to train in the evenings.
-Any reason? -You get a better workout.
Muscles are looser, reaction time's quicker.
How about Tuesdays and Fridays in the morning, Wednesdays in the evening?
How about Tuesdays and Fridays in the evenings...
and Wednesday in the morning?
You're not making this very easy.
I'm not trying to make it difficult.
With all due respect, I think that's exactly what you're trying to do.
"With all due respect"?!
Is that what you call circumventing my authority?
I wasn't aware I'd done that.
And what did you think you were doing when you went to the captain with this proposal?
If I'd come to you first,
-you'd have turned me down flat. - You probably right !
but the decision was mine to make.
I didn't mean to deprive you of the opportunity.
I think that's exactly what you meant to do.
Whatever you might think, sir, ...
my only concern is the successful outcome of this mission.
As is mine.
Tuesdays and Fridays.
In the evenings.
-What's the problem? - I can't understand it, Captain.
It's like the stars keep shifting positions.
-What do you mean? - There. They just did it again.
Maybe it's one of the navigational sensors.
I've already run two diagnostics.
I can't find anything wrong.
I think I have the cause.
An unusually strong gravimetric disturbance...
approximately three light years away.
Let's go take a look...
It appears to be a convergence of spatial anomalies.
It's more than 700 million kilometers in diameter.
Captain, I'm picking up an intermittent signal, very faint.
An object, approximately five meters in length.
Let's see it.
It's just a few hundred meters from the edge.
I'm reading one bio-sign.
-Humanoid. -Could be an escape pod.
-Are there any other ships in the vicinity? - None.
The bio-signs are very erratic.
Bring the grappler on line.
Try again...
I'll see if I can compensate.
We're losing systems all over the ship...
Helm's not responding.
There are rising levels of ammonium sulfide in the atmosphere.
Archer to Engineering.
Commander Tucker.
The helm's not responding.
-We need full reverse right away. -I'm on it.
Helm's back on line.
Get us out of here.
Love to.
We're ready to open the hatch.
He's suffering from a form of rapid cellular degeneration.
Do you think you can stop it?
I don't know yet.
I've managed to revive him, but he's in a fair amount of pain.
I'm Captain Archer.
You had no right to bring me here!
We were trying to save your life.
I didn't ask for your help.
Return me to my ship.
Your vessel has minimal life support.
You wouldn't last too long if we took you back.
That's none of your concern.
What was that pod designed to do?
I'm not answering any of your questions.
You're dying.
We're doing everything we can for you,
-but... -Take me back to my ship!
He may be going into shock.
-How's it coming? -Good, sir.
We're adjusting the nav sensors to compensate for the gravimetric waves.
Get us under way as soon as you can.
Just need a day to upload and test these corrections.
Learn anything?
A great deal.
The disturbance appears to be expanding at a rate of several kilometers per second.
And its location is exactly equidistant to five of the Spheres.
Do you think the Spheres had something to do with creating this thing?
It's possible.
This planet was once an inhabited world.
It was engulfed some time ago.
I couldn't find any signs of life.
Maybe the alien we picked up is the last survivor.
A possibility.
I want you and Trip to take a look at the pod.
If we can't revive the alien, it may be our best source of information.
We incorporate elements from numerous disciplines.
It's extremely effective in hand-to-hand situations.
What I'd like to do now...
is break up into sparring pairs...
run through some of the moves you just saw.
Let's get started.
Try the combination.
Nice cross.
Effective combination.
You were looking at his hands when you should have been watching his eyes.
Good match.
All right.
-Why don't we take five minutes and... - That's all for today.
We still have the shoulder-throws to cover.
Session is over.
For next time, work on your forearm blocks and the elbow strikes.
What the hell was that?
That was a sparring demonstration.
It was way out of line. That last throw was completely unnecessary.
He was on his feet. That made him fair game.
-Fair game? - It's just a little blood, sir.
No one got hurt.
These are training sessions, Major.
If your men can't understand that, then I'm going to put a stop to this right now.
Is that clear?
Jolly good.
I think it's a transmitter.
I just can't pinpoint the frequency.
Dr. Phlox has asked me to speak with you.
What about?
Corporal Cole has been experiencing headaches.
The doctor believes they might be caused by your neuro-pressure sessions.
She never said anything about headaches.
Perhaps she didn't want to worry you.
Why would neuro-pressure be the cause?
It shouldn't be performed by novices.
If misapplied, you could cause nerve damage.
I performed it on you plenty of times.
Under my supervision.
I see.
You want to supervise me and Corporal Cole?
I think it would simply be best if you ended the sessions.
These electrodes were collecting biometric data from the occupant.
Amanda won't be too happy about ending the sessions.
I'm sure she won't.
What do you mean by that?
I've noticed that you and Corporal Cole have become somewhat friendly.
Last week, you were eating together in the mess hall.
And, in the training session yesterday, she touched your behind.
You've been keeping a pretty close eye on us.
You're hard to miss.
Look, Amanda and I just share a lot of interests, that's all.
We both come from Florida...
There's no reason to justify your behavior. I'm simply suggesting you might use some discretion.
It's not appropriate for a senior officer to fraternize with a subordinate.
She's not Starfleet. There's nothing inappropriate about it.
What's wrong?
We need to get this data to the captain immediately.
There's no mistake.
The pod's hull contains the exact combination of alloys we found on the surface of the Spheres.
You remember the Triannon creation myth?
They believe that the Spheres were created by divine beings...
who would one day return to the Chosen Realm.
And that the Spheres were ...
reshaping the Expanse into a paradise for the faithful.
Perhaps Triannon mythology has a basis in fact.
It appears the pod was designed...
to transmit data regarding the alien's physiological status.
I believe he was inserted into the disturbance ...
so someone could monitor his exposure to the environment.
A canary.
On Earth, miners used to take canaries into the tunnels with them.
If the canary didn't die,...
the miners knew the air would be safe to breathe, ..
and they could proceed.
His condition has worsened.
He's literally disintegrating, ...
and there doesn't seem to be any way to stop it.
I want to talk to him again.
-I don't even know if I can revive him. -Find a way.
Captain, this man is dying a painful death.
-To keep him conscious is unethical. -Until I get the answers I need,
we're going to have to bend a few ethics.
Very well.
I'll do what I can.
Notify me when he's conscious.
-Come in. -Thank you, ma'am.
I appreciate your doing this.
Please, sit down.
Remove your jacket.
I assume Commander Tucker briefed you on the proper breathing technique?
He did.
Begin with a deep breath.
Dr. Phlox did caution you against any further neuro-pressure from Commander Tucker?
I got the lecture.
You and Commander Tucker appear to enjoy each other's company.
We do have a lot in common.
Did he tell you we grew up less than 50 kilometers from each other?
He didn't mention it.
Our high schools were rivals. We went to the same movie theaters.
-What are the odds? -Extremely low.
neither of our hometowns exists anymore.
They were both destroyed in the attack.
Did you lose any relatives?
My family moved up north a few years ago.
I was lucky.
Commander Tucker was greatly affected by his sister's death.
He talks about her a lot.
You're quite fond of him.
What's not to like?
He's a gentleman,
he's great to be around.
And he has very nice arms.
I apologize.
I'll try not to press so hard.
We developed this specialized training system at Jupiter Station a few months ago.
The goal is to hit as many targets as you can in ten seconds.
if you're up for it?
Fall back.
Start him off at Level Two.
Four targets in ten seconds.
Not bad for a first go.
But you might want to schedule a little practice time.
Kick it up to Level Four.
Nine hits.
That's a mid-range score.
Corporal Cole here has the record: 14 hits at Level Four.
I was having a lucky day.
Okay, let's do some shooting.
We'll start at Level Two and work our way up.
Who'd like to go next?
That target practice was something.
Sure looked a lot easier than it was.
Yeah, I'd say.
Aw, come on.
Your score got a lot better as the session went on.
I started picturing Hayes' head in place of the target.
You two really ought to declare a truce.
Oh, no.
This is a fight to the death.
I guess if I were in your shoes, I'd be just as upset.
He's determined to take over the security of this ship, you know.
You really believe that?
Everything he does points to the fact.
It could also be that he wants everyone to be as prepared as possible.
You have to admit, the extra training isn't such a bad idea.
Just drop it.
Why don't you tell me about you and Ms. Cole?
We're friends.
Is everyone on this ship watching us?
You're pretty hard to miss.
That's what T'Pol said.
Is it true she's giving Amanda neuro-pressure now?
I heard it's damage control from your tender touch.
T'Pol's just smoothing out some of the rough spots, that's all.
And why were you giving Amanda Cole neuro-pressure anyway?
What's it to you?
From what I'm told, it's a pretty intimate procedure...
for just friends.
I do it with T'Pol.
Are you implying there's something going on there as well?
That's the rumor.
for the last time,
there's nothing going on with any of us...
between any of us.
-You're all just friends. -That's right.
I guess this Vulcan neuro-pressure isn't that intimate after all.
In that case,
-I've got a pain nasty little pain.. -Just drop it.
We know you were sent here as some kind of a test subject.
The region of space where we found you,
what is it?
His pain medication's wearing off.
Hold off a second.
-Captain... -I was sent against my will!
I'm not from your part of space.
I come from a trans-dimensional realm.
Keep going.
I don't know why I was sent here.
I find that hard to believe.
It's the truth.
I was a prisoner.
Because of my transgressions,...
I spent my entire adult life inside a cell.
One day, the guards offered me freedom...
if I would participate in an experiment.
I agreed.
That's all I remember before I woke up here.
We found you drifting in a pod,...
hooked up to banks of monitoring equipment.
You're telling me you have no idea why.
The experiment was important to them.
They wouldn't abandon me.
Take me back.
That's impossible.
If you don't, I'll die.
What's happening to me?!
What's happening to me?!
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
With Travis' adjustments in place, we've resumed course for the red giant.
Between all this training and the extra shifts in Engineering,
I've been looking forward to this all day.
Sit up.
You aren't saying much tonight.
Don't tell me you're still upset about me and Amanda.
I'm not upset.
-Sure sounds like it. -You're mistaken.
Why would a few neuro-pressure sessions...
between me and a MACO be such a big deal?
Unless what?
Unless you're a little jealous.
I don't experience jealousy.
You're doing a pretty fair imitation of it.
I am not...
in any way jealous of you and Corporal Cole.
You know, your voice is tensing up.
That's a dead giveaway.
I didn't know you were an expert in vocal inflections.
I don't need to be an expert to read you.
Come on. Admit it.
You're a little jealous.
You're implying that I'm attracted to you.
That kind of goes along with the assumption, doesn't it?
I think you're mistaken about who's attracted to whom.
Are you saying I'm attracted to you?
I don't need to say it. You already have.
I don't remember that conversation.
It wasn't you. It was your clone. Sim told me.
He said he had feelings for me.
He told you that?
Standing right there.
What the hell was he doing in your room?
Your voice is tensing up.
Now you're the vocal expert. I don't need to be an expert to read you.
I can't believe this.
I'm, I'm jealous ...
of myself?
You're jealous?
No, absolutely not.
Okay, maybe.
Maybe I am a little.
Which would mean you're attracted to me.
It goes with the assumption.
What just happened here?
Did we...?
Are we...?
You're not like the others on this ship.
They're from a different world than I am.
What are they called, your two worlds?
Mine is called Denobula.
My shipmates are from Earth.
Am I going to die?
I'm doing everything I can.
I'm grateful to you for trying, Doctor.
Try to rest.
You leaving so soon?
-I don't want to distract you. - Oh, it's no distraction.
In fact, I could use a sparring partner.
If you're up for it.
Good forearm block.
Nice back fist.
Show me the combination.
Faster on that combination.
You're improving.
You want to keep that left up.
That's it. Excellent!
You're improving.
See, ...
you were looking at my hands, ...
when you should've been looking at my eyes.
Okay, Lieutenant...
-Tell me something. -What?
Why won't you let me do my job?
Because you're here to enhance the combat capacity of this crew,
not take over security.
Is that what this is all about?
You think I want to replace you?
Ah, you just can't stand taking orders from me, can you?
I have no problems taking orders from you.
After lunar survival training, ...
I can handle just about anything.
Good sparring with you.
As you were.
What was that?
It was a little Klingon move I picked up.
Tactical Alert.
Senior officers to their posts.
He's disrupting systems as he goes.
We can use that to track him.
That was the secondary relay coupling.
He's on B-Deck.
Between the A-1 and A-3 bulkheads.
We're coming up on Access Tube 17 Baker.
He's moving in your direction.
Can you be any more specific?
Malcolm, status.
Our weapons had no effect on him. He's heading towards the center of the ship.
Archer to Engineering.
Magnetic containment is fluctuating.
We need to reverse polarity on the plasma coils.
It'll trigger a feedback pulse!
Turn the T-valve all the way to the left!
All right!
Let's see if you can handle this.
-Morning. -Commander.
Coffee, strong.
Some night.
I don't know who did more damage to the engine, the alien or Malcolm.
How long before we can get underway?
Another day, at least.
I, uh...
I guess we should talk about what happened last night.
I've been briefed on the situation.
Well, I was referring to what happened between us...
in your quarters.
I guess I'll go first.
Actually, why don't you go first?
I suppose I should thank you.
No need to thank me.
For facilitating my exploration of human sexuality.
I'm... not sure I follow.
It's one of the many aspects of your species ...
which I've been meaning to explore since I left the High Command.
Sounds like you're saying that last night was... some kind of...
I wouldn't use that term.
But that's the general idea.
Are you getting emotional?
No, I'm not getting emotional.
I just don't like being compared to a lab rat.
I'm sorry if I offended you.
Forget it.
I'd, uh...
appreciate it if we could keep this between us.
In fact, we should probably just forget it ever happened.
Doesn't mean we can't keep doing the neuro-pressure, though.
Dr. Phlox says you have a detached retina.
A bruised left kidney.
We're in a dangerous region of space.
We're trying to stop an alien race from destroying Earth.
We face attacks from all sides...
enemies everywhere we go.
The last thing I need is to hear that two of my senior officers...
have been admitted to Sick Bay because they suddenly regressed to the level of five-year-olds!
-Captain... -Don't try to tell me who started it!
I don't know what the problem is between you two.
And to tell you the truth, I don't care, but I want it settled right now!
Settle it!
That's an order!
There's no problem, Captain.
It's settled, sir.
How are the drills going?
-Good, sir. - Very good, sir.
-Archer. -Please come to Sick Bay, Captain.
The alien has regained consciousness.
On my way.
Think we're dismissed?
I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.
You weren't sent here against your will.
You knew exactly what your mission was.
What were your people trying to do?
You tried to destroy my ship!
Answer me!
When the Xindi destroy Earth,..
my people will prevail.
If you haven't looked at Ford lately, Look Again." Captioned by Media Access Group at WGBH
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Entrapment 1999
Envy (2004)
Envy 2004
Era of Vampire The
Eric Clapton - Live In Hyde Park
Eric Clapton - Live On Tour 2001
Erik The Viking
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Erotic Ghost Story
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Ervinka 1967
Escape From Hong Kong Island
Escape From Taliban 2003 CD1
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Escape from Absolom
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Eskiya 1996
Espinazo Del Diablo El
Essex Boys
Est Quest
Estorvo 2000
Eternal Blood 2002
Ethernal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ett anstandigt liv (A Decent Life 1979)
Eu Tu Eles
Europa Europa 1990
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 1993
Even Dwarfs Started Small 1968
Evening With Kevin Smith An CD1
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Event Horizon
Ever After - A Cinderella Story (1998)
Everwood 01x01 - Pilot - Extended Version
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Everwood 01x04 - The Kissing Bridge
Everwood 01x05 - Deer God
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Everyday People 2004
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask
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