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Subtitles for Enterprise - 3x18 - Azati Prime.

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Enterprise - 3x18 - Azati Prime

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One-quarter impulse.
There appears to be considerable activity around two of the inner planets.
Numerous ships... all Xindi.
I'm picking up a large array of satellites.
They're generating a detection grid.
Degra mentioned a security net.
Seems like we've come to the right place.
The planetoid we passed on the way in... put us on the other side of it.
Aye, sir.
A convoy of ships is approaching the detection grid.
Let's see them.
Magnify the lead ship.
Show me the warp signature.
It may seem odd to celebrate the completion of a weapon...
particularly one designed to destroy an entire planet.
But recall the words of Enarchis written some 50 years into the Great Diaspora:
"Without a world of our own we are but children lost in the wilderness."
One day we'll emerge from this wilderness and our work here will ensure...
that we'll never be lost again.
To a new era for all Xindi...
transcript by Worf Timed by Sebby
it's good to see you again.
-When can we get underway? -Momentarily...
Patience is for the dead.
You've accomplished a great deal in a very short time.
We owe you our gratitude.
It's too early to speak of accomplishments.
I'll reserve my gratitude...
for when the humans have been annihilated.
I've analyzed every link in the grid.
I can't find a single weakness.
The grid is extremely sensitive.
We'd be detected the instant we pass through.
We could try disabling it.
It utilizes thousands of satellites.
If one of them goes out of commission...
it fills the gap.
What about the Insectoid shuttle?
Make like one of the locals?
We could fly in...
try to locate where the weapon's being completed.
Their shuttle might be able to get through the grid without raising suspicion.
we're not exactly experts at piloting that thing.
It's going to take at least a couple of hours to get up to speed.
Take them...
I want to launch as soon as we can.
I think I found "reverse."
but unless we plan to fly in ass-first, we better figure out how to make it go forward.
Can't argue with that.
Let's cycle through these console settings again.
try the port actuator.
Here goes...
Commander Tucker is going to need time to install the translation matrix.
If Commander Tucker wants to speak Insectoid, I have to get this right, first.
Believe it or not, that was "have a nice day" or...
its equivalent.
Just get in there...
find this thing... scan it and get out.
Remember, whatever information you gather won't do us any good unless you bring it back.
We'll keep that in mind.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks, Captain.
It's like steering an asteroid-runner with a bad axis coil.
Their flight path is somewhat erratic.
Open a channel.
No problem...
I'll send you the bill.
I think I'm getting a feel for her.
Sensors are up and running.
Let's get this show on the road.
Keep a sensor lock for as long as you can.
500 meters...
Here we go...
They're passing through the grid...
We're in...
Xindi patrol ship...
coming up from behind.
They're hailing us.
That doesn't exactly sound like "welcome to the neighborhood."
don't fail us now.
Your presence inside the detection grid is not authorized.
We had a slight navigational malfunction that threw us off-course.
It's been corrected.
Rendezvous with your carrier ship immediately.
The detection grid is creating too much interference.
I've lost them.
We're being scanned.
Where's it coming from?
I'm not picking up any vessels in the vicinity.
From the moon's surface.
A small monitoring station...
the moon's rotation brought it into scanning range.
Let's see it.
I'm reading three Xindi bio-signs.
Have they sent out a transmission?
Not yet.
What are they waiting for?
Probably for the moon's rotation to bring them back into communication range.
-How long? - Four hours.
Target the facility.
-Sir... -We can't risk it.
I'm still getting trace kemocite readings, ...
but not enough to indicate a large-scale weapon.
There's not much land down there.
And what land there is doesn't have any life on it.
Take us down, Travis...
closer to the surface.
Adjust 20 degrees starboard.
You see something?
I think so.
You did say that most of this thing's power was routed to structural integrity...
And you said we could probably fly it inside a gas giant.
it's only water.
Structural integrity's holding.
Take us deeper.
Negative Z-axis, ten degrees...
You're getting those scans, sir?
There's a lot of activity around the right lower hemisphere.
I want to have a look inside.
The captain said get in and get out.
That's exactly what we're gonna do.
It's definitely in the final phases of construction.
Most of the work that's going on seems maintenance related.
I've gone over the scans you brought back.
That's the explosive matrix.
If we can get close enough,
we can set off a chain reaction ...
The initial explosion would need to be of considerable yield.
A couple of photonic torpedo should do the trick.
There's room in the shuttle.
We're talking about a one-way trip.
I should be the one to go.
Forget it.
I'm the only one that can pilot that shuttle.
I practiced on those controls. I can get her in.
But I've actually done it.
Captain, you want a senior officer on this, don't you?
I'll be flying the mission.
How soon can you get her ready?
A couple of hours to get the torpedoes in place.
Get started.
Meet me in the launch bay in 30 minutes.
-I'm going to need some flying lessons - Aye, sir.
-Welcome aboard, Captain. -Daniels!
-Where am I? -You're on Enterprise.
Enterprise-J, to be exact, a distant relative of your ship.
We're 400 hundred years in the future.
I'm going to assume you brought me here for a good reason
Look out there.
It extends 50,000 light years in all directions and it is growing.
I've seen it before.
I know, in the Expanse.
You know about the alien we found?
The test subject?
He belongs to the same race that built the Spheres.
They're altering this space to make it habitable for their species.
-It's a prelude to invasion. - We came to the same conclusion.
It's getting harder and harder to surprise you, Captain.
I've brought you to a monumental event in history...
the Battle of Procyon Five
where the Federation engaged the Sphere-builders.
The Federation.
You've mentioned them before.
Vulcans, Andorians, Ithenites, Klingons, dozens of species, ...
including humans, all unified in a powerful alliance.
The Federation wins the battle.
They drive the enemy back into their trans-dimensional realm.
If the Federation had lost,...
the Sphere-builders would have spread throughout the galaxy.
They would have wiped out everything.
This species has technology which allows them to examine alternate timelines.
They've seen this future...
and they want to change the outcome.
So, they contacted the Xindi and convinced them that humanity was a dangerous threat.
They want the Xindi to destroy us.
Without humanity, the Federation will never exist.
You have to make the Xindi understand that humanity isn't the enemy.
In fact, it's humanity that will protect them from the Sphere-builders when this battle is won.
Contact them.
Make peace.
They're about to deploy their weapon.
-I know. - I can't let that happen!
If you destroy their weapon, they'll only build another.
You are the only one who can convince them of what I have told you.
It is crucial to history that you do not sacrifice yourself.
My concern is with preventing the deaths of billions of people.
If that's a problem for history, then history will have to suffer!
-Then send someone else... - I won't do that!
Captain, you have to believe me.
You are making a catastrophic mistake.
You've made your share of mistakes.
-This isn't one of them. -Send me back.
Send me back now!
Take this.
It's Xindi...
a family medal that belongs to one of the crewmen on this ship.
There are Xindi serving aboard Enterprise-J.
Why are you giving this to me?
In case you change your mind.
I won't.
I'll have this quantum dated.
We both know it's from the future.
What do you intend to do?
I'm going ahead with the mission.
You don't think I should.
He said you're the only one who can end the conflict with the Xindi.
You can't do that if you're dead.
That's if you accept Daniels's version of the future.
He's in a position to know.
I thought you were the skeptical one when it came to time travel.
Our recent visit to Detroit has tempered my skepticism.
-You should reconsider your decision. - What am I supposed to do?
Fly a shuttle into the system and knock on the door? Tell the Xindi we want to talk?
The weapon is too close to being launched.
If the situation were different, maybe I'd consider it, but I can't.
I don't want you to die.
It's not necessary.
I wish that were true.
I want four ships to accompany the weapon.
We'd have to generate an extremely large vortex...
to accommodate that many vessels.
Even after Earth is destroyed,...
there's will be a residual presence in the system.
I intend to hunt down and eradicate every refugee caravan, ...
every colony,...
every last outpost they have.
A vortex of that size will be very unstable.
You could lose one or more vessels.
See that we don't.
A message for you.
Go ahead.
Commander, we've lost contact with one of the lunar outposts.
-How long ago? - Two hours.
Send a patrol.
We will resume this when I return.
Someone once said that ...
dealing with Reptilians is like bargaining with the sun.
You make no progress and you come away burned.
It's not him.
The last time I saw you like this was when you delivered the first weapon.
That one only killed seven million.
This one will destroy an entire world.
Better their world than ours.
That's what I keep telling myself.
But the reality is, a good number of the dead will be innocents...
and children.
It's best not to think about it.
That's difficult when you have children of your own.
What we do is for them, for our children's future.
Remember that.
I wonder how they'll remember us.
I know these controls aren't exactly intuitive.
I think they were built for someone with compound eyes.
Try again?
You're starting to think like an Insectoid.
I'll take that as a compliment.
-Can I ask you something? -Go ahead.
You're the least expendable man on Enterprise.
Why are you doing this?
An hour ago,
I gave the command to kill three Xindi in cold blood.
A month ago, I had Phlox create a living being in order to use some of its tissue.
Then I watched him put it to death.
Sounds like you're saying this is some sort of penance.
I'm saying I won't order anyone else to die.
I hate to add to this menagerie of yours, Doc.
What's, uh, one more mouth to feed?
Just don't harvest any part of him.
Oh, I doubt that would be necessary.
Want to do me a favor.
Slip him a piece of cheese every now and then.
I've always been much better at avoiding...
farewells than at giving them, so...
I'm not even going to try.
But I'm going to ask you all to...
think back to the day when this ship was first launched.
We were explorers then.
When all of this is over, when Earth is safe,...
I want you to get back to that job.
There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy.
We've only explored a tiny fraction.
You have a lot of work to do.
Of all the captains...
who will sit in this chair, ...
I can't imagine any of them being more proud than I am right now.
Archer to Enterprise...
I'm heading in.
400 meters.
He's passing through the grid.
He's in.
Give 'em hell, Captain.
I'll be in the Ready Room.
Unauthorized vessel, power down immediately.
Come in.
Still nothing.
I'm aware of that.
It's been over two hours. He should've reached the weapon by now.
Travis and I got there in 25 minutes and we didn't know where to look.
You think it's possible our sensors could've missed the explosion?
Whatever you're doing, can't it wait?
For what?
Right now...
your place is on the bridge.
I'll be notified if my presence is needed.
No matter what happens to the Xindi weapon, ...
the Captain isn't coming back.
You're in command now.
The crew needs to know you're on top of things and it doesn't help if you're holed up in here.
I don't need any leadership advice.
I'm just trying to help.
This isn't easy for any of us.
Get out.
Answer the question!
Repeat the question.
How many Earth vessels have entered the Expanse?
I wish I could help you...
but my superiors keep me in the dark about these things.
Is this a preemptive strike?
I thought that was your specialty.
-You don't want to know my specialty. -Let me guess.
Stinking up the room.
I had no idea that humans were so resilient.
It's not a trait found in most primate species.
Including the Xindi?
There's a reason Reptilians are called upon when force must be applied.
It was a Reptilian who piloted the weapon that attacked your world.
Friend of yours?
He was from my regiment.
I selected him myself.
You must be very proud.
His name will go down in history.
It'll be spoken with reverence.
A testament to the superiority of the cold-blooded.
I'll bet you didn't know this,
but at one time, most of my world was ruled by reptiles.
-I wasn't aware of that. - A comet hit around 65 million years ago.
Caused a mass extinction.
Most of the reptiles died out.
Mammals became the dominant species.
How unfortunate.
Still, the reptiles...
might've come out on top ..
if it hadn't been for a slight disadvantage.
And what was that?
They had brains the size of a walnut.
That's very small.
Apparently, ...
it's a constant in the universe.
Earth vessels..
how many?
The reptiles didn't all die out.
Some evolved into snakes, alligators, turtles.
As a matter of fact, one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco makes the most...
wonderful turtle soup.
You should try it sometime if you're ever in the area.
You want me to kill you.
Just making conversation.
Relaying a few interesting facts...
about the world you're trying to destroy.
I'll reciprocate...
with an interesting fact of my own.
We know ...
exactly where your ship is.
Is that so?
When we lost contact with our lunar outpost,...
we scanned the vicinity and discovered it...
Unless you tell me exactly what I want to know,...
I'll dispatch a squadron right now.
No more conversation?
I hope you had a chance to say good-bye to your crew.
All right.
But I'll only talk to Degra.
I don't know who that is.
He's building your weapon.
Ring a bell now?
What makes you think Degra would be interested in talking to you?
Just tell him the name of his third child...
Degra has only two children.
Prove me wrong.
Tell him.
Sensors would've easily detected an explosion of that magnitude...
even underwater.
I say we go in...
get as close as we can and try to take out the weapon.
This system is heavily guarded.
Our chances of reaching the weapon are nonexistent.
We can't just sit here.
What do you propose we do?
There's still a chance the Captain may succeed.
The longer we wait here,
the greater the likelihood we'll be spotted.
If we don't hear from the Captain in one hour,
I'll pilot a shuttlepod into the system.
And do what?
Attempt a diplomatic solution.
You've got to be kidding.
You can't possibly believe that that has any chance of success.
The odds aren't promising, but thfact that I'm Vulcan may help me establish a dialogue.
You'll just be captured...
-or killed. -Perhaps,
but at the moment, I don't see an alternate course of action.
Hello again.
How do you know me?
Long story.
Repeat what you told him.
The name of your third child, Trenia.
Leave me alone with him.
And take him as well.
Three months into the pregnancy, your wife contracted Anaprolean fever.
You lost the child.
You were going to name it Trenia.
I've never told that to anyone.
You told it to me.
You also talked about the weapon you designed...
the one that killed seven million people.
When you watched the telemetry come in, you wondered how many of those seven million were children.
Who are you?
It doesn't matter who I am or how I know all this.
What's important is that you listen to what I have to say.
Your reason ...
for building this weapon is based on a lie.
What lie would that be?
That, at some point in the future, ...
humans are going to destroy your species.
That is not a lie!
You know about the Spheres?
Of course.
They were constructed by trans-dimensional beings.
Their purpose is to reconfigure the Expanse to make it habitable for their species.
That's what destroys the Xindi, not humanity.
I've studied the Spheres.
-There is no evidence to support what you're saying! -I've seen it happen.
I've been to the future...
400 years into the future.
You expect me to believe that?
There's an artifact in my right pocket.
Take it.
Go ahead.
An initiation medal.
Have it quantum dated.
The results will back me up.
You could have gotten it anywhere.
Listen to me, you son of a bitch!
It wasn't any easier for me to swallow this than it is for you,...
but you better understand something.
If you destroy Earth, ...
you won't just be eliminating my species.
You'll be eliminating your own.
The quantum dating confirms it.
It's from the future.
That doesn't prove the human's telling the truth.
If there's any truth in what he's saying, ...
it means we can't trust her.
It also means she's been dealing with the Reptilians secretly.
Archer told you this?
He said he saw Reptilians on Earth...
in a place called Detroit...
over a hundred years in the past.
The past?
So now he's a time traveler?
According to the human, they were developing a bio-weapon.
The Council prohibited that.
He spoke of it in great detail.
If the Reptilians wanted to keep their actions a secret,
the past would be a good place to do it.
How would they get to the past?
She may have taken them.
-We have to investigate this. - And quickly.
The weapon's been moved to a safe location, but it's nearly ready to be deployed.
The Council must be informed.
Reptilians sit on the Council, or have you forgotten?
If they did go behind our backs, we shouldn't reveal what we've learned.
Not yet.
What about the Aquatics?
We can inform them in secret.
All of this collusion is dangerous.
The Council is fracturing.
We can't forget who the real enemy is.
We may not know who the real enemy is.
What happens if you fail?
Are we supposed to just keep sending people in till there's no one left?
That's hardly a viable option. We only have one more shuttlepod.
You're missing my point.
I don't think you're doing this to make peace.
I think you want to try and save the captain.
You're wrong.
Why do I get the feeling you haven't thought this through?
You have made your objections clear.
Now return to the bridge.
I'm not just going to sit still and watch you fly off and die.
I gave you an order!
-Let go of me! -I won't let you do this.
I said, let go!
What the hell's wrong with you?
Bridge to T'Pol.
Go ahead.
There's no need to go to the Xindi.
It appears they're coming to us.
Four Xindi vessels, closing fast.
Hail them.
No response.
They're charging weapons.
What exactly are you proposing?
That we trust each other.
You were captured behind the controls of a ship armed with explosives.
You're asking for our trust?
You're building a weapon that could destroy my world.
I had to try and stop you.
And, now that your mission's failed, you want to negotiate.
Just consider what I said.
You maintain that, ...
by destroying your world, we'll be ensuring our own annihilation.
That's right.
Because it's humankind ...
that ultimately saves the Xindi from these Sphere-Builders.
We're both fighting the wrong enemy.
I'm afraid it'll take more than this...
"antique" to convince us.
Quantum dating has produced inaccurate results before.
Do you believe these results are inaccurate?
Let me speak to this Council of yours...
present my case.
Some members of the Council would sooner execute you than listen.
Then help me change their minds.
You haven't changed ours.
I made an impression...
or you wouldn't still be here.
We've lost hull plating!
I still don't have helm control!
T'Pol to Engineering.
Engineering, report!
That last hit took out the starboard nacelle.
We're dead in the water.
Com's down!
Get it back!
Restrain him.
We're not finished.
You've had enough time.
Has he revealed the location of his forces?
We've been discussing other matters.
There are no other matters.
Take them back to their ship.
We're not going anywhere.
You can't threaten us!
Return to your ship.
What about him?
He's going to a detention center for more questioning.
If there are any survivors from his ship, they'll join him.
Your ship's under attack.
-You agreed to hold off! -We grew tired of waiting.
-Call off your vessels. - I don't answer to you.
I'll assemble the Council.
By the time you do, the Earth ship will be dust.
We've got hull breaches on C, D, and E!
Close them off!
The bulkheads aren't responding!
We're venting atmosphere!
Get him to Sick Bay!
Tucker to the Bridge.
If you can hear me,
I've got coolant leaks all over the place!
We're evacuating!
Everybody out!
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Europa Europa 1990
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Even Dwarfs Started Small 1968
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Ever After - A Cinderella Story (1998)
Everwood 01x01 - Pilot - Extended Version
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Everwood 01x08 - Till Death Do Us Part
Everyday People 2004
Everyone Says I Love You
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask
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Exorcist 3
Exorcist The (The Version You have Never Seen)
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Explorers 1985
Explosive City 2004
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