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Subtitles for Enterprise - 3x24 - Zero Hour.

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Enterprise - 3x24 - Zero Hour

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Previously on Enterprise:
Captain, I've located Ensign Sato.
She's aboard one of the Reptilian vessels.
The third launch code...
We have complete access.
The Guardians will not let us fail.
The power ratings from the weapon are increasing.
They're preparing to launch.
Open a vortex.
Set a course for Earth.
The Captain wants to take a team aboard to destroy it.
I need three volunteers.
She's undergone a severe neural trauma.
She's been inside the weapon. I have to know what she saw.
Have her taken aboard Degra's ship right away.
The Aquatics joined us only because you promised to neutralize the spheres.
We have a plan to disable Sphere 41.
If we're right, it should disrupt the entire network.
Reptilians will preside over a stronger, ...
unified Xindi Empire, ...
if humankind is eradicated.
If they'd made us the dominant species before the wars, ...
our homeworld would still exist.
And our alien brothers would still fill the skies.
We should be grateful ...
that the Guardians have finally come to their senses.
Once Earth is destroyed, the Reptilians...
will take their rightful place at the head ...
of a new Xindi Empire.
{\a7}{\i1}transcript by Worf timed by Sebby{\i0}
They're nearly three hours ahead of us, but this vessel is faster.
We're closing the gap.
It may be faster, but it's not well-armed.
How many ships are escorting the weapon?
I can't tell.
The only way we're going to be able to destroy this thing is from the inside.
Any luck?
All of Degra's schematics are encrypted.
We're going to need Hoshi to help us.
She's in no condition to come up here.
I wish I had a choice, Malcolm.
Sir, she's barely conscious.
Can you transfer that to a PADD...
something portable?
The favorable timelines continue to diminish.
They should be increasing.
The weapon has almost reached its target.
But the Earth ship is on course for a primary sphere.
Accelerate the transformation around that sphere.
They mustn't be allowed to intervene.
We've realigned the main power grid.
It should increase the deflector pulse threefold, maybe four.
But it's gonna fry just about every system on board.
Be prepared to initiate the pulse within two hours.
I don't think you heard what I just said.
We try this and the ship's going to come apart at the seams.
Two hours, Mr. Tucker!
The Captain told the Xindi we'd try to knock these things out.
He didn't say anything about demolishing Enterprise in the process.
Has it occurred to you what's going to happen if Captain Archer fails?
-If Earth is destroyed? -Every day!
Then you've already come to the conclusion that without humanity..
there's no one to combat these sphere-builders.
Their Expanse will continue to grow...
encompassing one system after another, including Vulcan.
Your world is no longer the only one in jeopardy.
Two hours.
( door opening ) I think we've got a problem.
What is it?
Sphere 41...
-Are you certain these are the coordinates? -Yep.
There shouldn't be anything on sensors, not with the cloaking barrier, ...
but therit is...
and it's getting bigger.
Have you analyzed it?
Could be spatial anomalies...
but they're clustered much tighter than we've ever seen.
They're transforming the space surrounding that sphere.
Not unlike the disturbance where we found the trans-dimensional being.
They're obviously expecting us.
If we're going to disable the network ...
we'll need to get within a kilometer of the surface.
If the ship were to enter that disturbance, the entire crew would be dead within minutes.
I could synthesize a neuroleptic compound ...
that would keep us conscious for approximately 12 minutes.
I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to prevent epidermal decay.
12 minutes won't be enough.
Perhaps I can extend it, but not by much.
I encourage you and Mr. Tucker to consider alternatives.
There must be something you can do to abbreviate your plan.
Any luck?
I'm not feeling very well.
Do you think you can get Phlox to come down here?
We're on Degra's ship, Hoshi.
Phlox isn't here.
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing.
The schematics for the weapon...
Degra encrypted them before he was killed.
You've been trying to decipher them.
I can't remember the third code.
They wouldn't have been able to arm the weapon if...
I hadn't given th the third code.
You were drugged, Hoshi. You had no choice.
I did-- I should have fought harder.
You need to finish...
what you're doing.
You're almost there.
We're going to board the weapon.
Try to overload the power systems.
But we can't do that until we can read these schematics.
I tried to jump, but I wasn't fast enough.
You need to finish this.
You got the three codes.
So, why don't you just kill me? Didn't you say you were going to kill me?
You got to pull yourself together...
just for a little while longer.
You need to complete the decryption.
Everything hinges on it.
Do you understand?
I understand.
When we exit the vortex, how close will we be?
Approximately two million kilometers from Earth.
Two million?
If we had all five codes, we could begin the launch sequence immediately.
But with three, we need additional time.
We'd be vulnerable...
if we dropped into normal space any closer to the target.
Do whatever it takes to fire the weapon as quickly as possible.
You wanted to see me, sir?
I think I found a way to boost the deflector pulse without tearing the ship apart,...
but it's going to mean transferring all impulse power to the array.
Soon as we reach the sphere.
Sorry, Travis.
You're gonna have to get us to the manifold on thrusters only.
That's tying my hands, Commder.
Especially with the ticking clock.
You can do it.
Look over these schematics.
Familiarize yourself with the surface features of the sphere.
We won't be able to transport directly onto the control platform.
It's too heavily shielded.
We'll have to beam in and out.
No deeper than this peripheral platform.
What if you need to board the weapon before ....
your crewman completes her decryption?
I'm taking her with me.
Sir, she's hardly in any shape...
She's been there, Malcolm.
That's where she deciphered that third launch code.
She was drugged.
There's no reason to believe that she'll remember...
She's coming with me!
I want you and your team right before we do...
secure the closest route to the platform.
If you succeed in creating the overload, ...
what makes you think you'll be able to get out in time?
I'll give everyone a chance to get to the outer framework.
You'll be in charge of helping Hoshi.
And you, sir..?
I have no plans of dying on that weapon, Malcolm.
I'm going to see what else she's come up with.
This is a very important day, Jonathan.
I don't have time for this.
It'll only take a minute.
You see the fellow in the blue jacket...
near the left end of the dais?
That's you...
a little more than seven years from now.
You and the others are about to make history.
Do you remember I told you about a Federation?
What about it?
I work with some people who are going to be pretty angry at me for telling you this, ...
but you're going to be an integral part ...
of forming that Federation.
You're down there, right now,...
with Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites ....
getting ready to sign the Charter.
The membership's going to grow.
Dozens, eventually hundreds of species.
A United Federation of Planets.
I have a team preparing to board the weapon.
I've got other things to think about right now.
Let Reed or one of the others go to the control platform.
What are you talking about? ...
It's too great a risk-- if you're killed, none of this will happen, ....
at least not the way it's supposed to happen.
Then it'll happen some other way.
Who's to say whether it'll be better or worse?
It's essential you be a part of this.
Where are we?
What planet?
Seems to me it's just as essential that Earth be around for this, too.
Lieutenant Reed can work with Sato.
They are not crucial to the future of mankind.
You are.
My mission is to save Earth, not your Federation.
You can't ignore your place in history.
My place is on that control platform.
Now, get me the hell back to Degra's ship.
And if it's not too much of an inconvenience,...
I'd appreciate it if you'd contact my first wife's third husband.
tell him that he's welcome to keep the Aldebaran drum set I loaned him.
Oh, they have...
a child named Indaura.
A sweet little girl-- she must be, uh...
oh, eight or nine by now.
Well, I would like to leave her my botanical library.
She always had a flair for plants.
Computer, pause recording.
Everything's ready here.
Commander Tucker has completed his modifications to the deflector.
I apologize if I interrupted you.
Oh, no, no, don't be silly.
I was simply dictating a letter to my colleague, Dr. Lucas
He offered to make sure my affairs were in order in the event that, uh...
Well, you know.
I've always found it distracting to think of death, ...
especially when entering a dangerous situation.
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
I don't know about Vulcans, but Denobulans...
take great pleasure in bequeathing their belongings to far-flung relatives.
We're not dead yet.
Bridge to T'Pol.
Go ahead.
We're approaching the coordinates.
Take us out of warp.
Hope for the best, Doctor.
It's grown.
It's 100,000 kilometers deeper than when we first detected it.
I've enhanced the neuroleptic compound as much as I can.
I strongly advise we remain in the disturbance no longer than 15 minutes.
Are you ready to release the compound?
Then proceed.
Stand by to charge the deflector.
Set a course, Ensign.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
We've begun to formulate a plan, thanks to Hoshi, ...
who's made some progress in decrypting the schematics.
What have you guys figured out?
We've got to disable the reactor at a specific point during the inversion sequence,
but we don't know the sequence.
If it's not done in the right order,...
the internal safeguards will kick in, and it'll be impossible to create an overload.
I found the sequence, but decrypting it's another story.
Your friend Degra didn't make this easy.
I wish I could tell you to take your time.
First time you came to visit me in Brazil...
It didn't stop raining for a week.
I had a bug then, too.
A tropical bacteria, not a reptilian parasite.
I was sick as dog,...
but I wanted to make a good impression.
When we get back home,
I'll see to it you get some R&R in Norway or Canada.
Someplace where there's not a tropical bug in sight.
Or reptiles.
Or reptiles.
Keep at it.
I'll get these to the bridge.
We've gotten close enough to isolate their signatures.
The Insectoid ship is no longer with them.
Why would they leave the vortex?
We have no idea.
All we know is that the weapon is being escorted by a single reptilian vessel...
At least we only have one ship to contend with.
Here we go.
-Doctor? - 15 minutes and counting.
Any sign of the sphere?
It's too soon.
Hold your course.
Degra's vessel is less than 20 minutes behind us.
we're about to drop into normal space.
Stand by to initiate the firing sequence.
We're ready.
Are you detecting any Earth vessels near the coordinates?
No vessels.
But there is one small orbital station.
Let me see Earth.
It's a shame,...
all that water.
The Aquatics would feel at home here.
Have got it.
-How far? - 20,000 kilometers.
13 minutes left.
As soon as we make visual contact, go to thrusters.
Set a heading to latitude 15 degrees north.
Standing by.
They're 800,000 kilometers ahead.
Get your team ready to go.
Aye, sir.
Dolim's changing course.
They're heading for a space station.
Are we in visual range?
Yosemite Three.
A military instillation?
A research post.
Usually 30 to 40 civilians aboard.
Hail them on this frequency.
The weapon's emitting destruction waves.
I can't get anything through.
15 degrees north.
Dock to 2,000 meters.
Track starboard.
82 mark zero.
Doc, there's something weird happening to my skin.
Me, too.
It was expected-- try not to scratch it.
11 minutes remaining.
The Guardians said that once Earth is gone ...
we're to destroy all human colonies.
I see no reason not to begin with this station.
Fire when ready.
They're heading back toward the weapon.
Ten deees port.
Slow to 30 KPH.
I'm transferring the target point to the deflector ray.
Got it.
Fish in a barrel.
Less than ten minutes to go.
What the hell's going on?!
Power just fell ten percent!
I'm picking up explosions on E-deck.
Bridge to Engineering, report.
I'm losing the beam!
There are nine alien life signs aboard.
They appear to be trans-dimensional beings.
How's that possible?
This disturbance we're in, it's obviously been altered enough to sustain them.
Who's on Degra's ship?
Eight primates, three arboreals, and seven humans.
Have their weapons been upgraded?
No, sir.
Prepare to intercept.
They're arming their torpedoes.
How's Hoshi doing?
She's holding up.
She and the MACOs are at the transporter device.
Remember, no heroics.
Just get us in, and then keep them off your ass.
There's another vessel approaching at high warp.
They're asking for you.
You're not using your head, pink skin.
That ship you're on is no match for the Reptilian.
I'm busy, Shran. What are you doing here?
You should be impressed we managed to track you through the vortex.
I anticipated that you'd need some help.
Corporal Kelly to the bridge.
Go ahead.
Our weapons are passing right through them.
You've got to stop this.
If I don't get full power back, ...
this is gonna take three, four minutes longer than we thought.
We can't afford three or four minutes.
Corporal Kelly, listen to me very closely.
Modulate your weapons to a rotating frequency of 32.6 tera-cycles.
Our trans-dimensional friend, the one we found in the pod, ...
I had quite a few hours to study his physiology.
Let's hope my memory serves me well.
I'll be right in front of you, gentlemen.
Keep a low profile.
We're matching speed.
You said there were no human vessels in the vicinity!
They're not human.
Destroy them both.
That third torpedo almost got you.
Be careful!
Prepare to come about to port.
Stay below me.
We'll need to get within a kilometer of the weapon.
Just stay below me.
Let's fight back this time, shall we?
Bring the forward cannons on line.
And tell Archer we're not even anymore.
He owes me.
It's coming back
Tell them to keep doing what they're doing.
Walker to the bridge.
Go ahead.
We've secured Engineering, but I don't think we've seen the last of them.
It's time for you to work your magic, Mr. Tucker.
Within five minutes, everyone on this ship is going to start dying.
No pressure.
Okay, bring up the inversion sequence.
Start with the third one from the left.
Got it.
The second from the right.
I'm all right.
The first one on the left is next.
Commander, the sensors show the humans are no longer aboard Degra's vessel.
These ships are drawing us away from the weapon.
Get us back!
-What's going on? - Ignore it, Commander.
You've got less than two minutes.
Got it.
Two to go.
Reed to Archer.
Go ahead.
I'm pretty certain that was the last of them, sir.
Good work.
Now get down here.
-T'Pol! -All right.
Take us to full impulse.
Get us out of here.
Wait a minute, I'm almost there.
You don't have a minute, Commander.
Then give me ten seconds. I'm telling you, I got it.
That's it, time's up.
It sure is.
Now, Mr. Mayweather.
The network is being destroyed.
Looks like we're getting out of this soup faster than we thought.
Without the sphere, their transformed space must be collapsing in on itself.
Which one, Hoshi?
Number four-- the fourth one from the left.
Are you sure?
Yes, yes, number five is the last one after you disable the reactor.
But if we knock the reactor out won't that be enough?
We didn't come here to disable this weapon.
We came here to destroy it.
Give me the charges.
I'll take care of it, sir.
I want the four of you to get to the outer framework.
Beam back to Degra's ship.
As Chief Tactical Officer...
This is open for debate, Lieutenant.
Don't worry, I'll be right behind you.
What have you done?!
One Reptilian transported to the weapon.
Let's make sure he has nowhere to go back to.
They have no shielding on their starboard engine.
Target all weapons.
-Can you get a lock on him? - Not yet.
Your captain is too deep within the weapon.
Acting Captain's Star Log: February 14, 2152.
We're holding position at the coordinates where we were told to meet Degra's vessel.
So far, there's been no word from them.
Long-range sensors are detecting no evidence of the spheres.
None of them?
And all the spatial anomalies within our scanning range have vanished.
What about the thermobaric cloud barrier?
I can only detect a small section from our present location, but...
it appears to be dissipating.
Looks like we kept our end of the bargain.
It would appear that the Expanse is returning to normal space.
We should have heard something by now.
What if they failed?
Earth could be...
Just be patient.
My skin's healing faster than yours.
I guess you Vulcans aren't so tough after all.
Dr. Phlox says we should all be back to normal within two to three days.
I'm only kidding.
You look nice like this.
Kind of like an old oil painting.
I'm not old.
I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.
I can't believe you told me that.
You accused me of looking old.
That's not what I mean.
I've been trying to get you to tell me your age since we left space dock.
Why now?
To Vulcans,..
certain information is considered intimate.
Bridge to T'Pol.
Go ahead.
A vortex just opened. It's Degra's ship.
This is Enterprise. Please repeat.
Captain, did you stop the weapon?
Set an intercept course.
It's done.
Captain Archer destroyed the weapon.
Where is he? Is he okay?
Captain didn't make it, Trip.
What do you mean he didn't make it?
The weapon exploded before he could transport to Degra's ship.
Come in.
Thank you.
The Aquatic vessel should have you home in less than a day.
I was pleased to hear that the Council has agreed to reconvene.
It was difficult for the Insectoids to ignore recent events.
And the Reptilians?
They'll join us eventually.
They have no choice but to accept that the Guardians' promises were empty.
Your captain's sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Safe journey.
Thank you.
It's all right.
It's all right. It won't be much longer.
I promise.
Is something wrong?
Oh, I think they sense that we are traveling in an unusual manner.
In the belly of the beast, so to speak.
There are no windows here.
How would they know we're inside the Aquatic vessel?
I don't have the slightest idea.
But I doubt I'll get much peace and quiet around here until we are...
flying under our own power.
Itl only be a few more hours.
Is there something I can do for you?
My skin hasn't fully healed yet.
Oh, you're doing fine.
Vulcans are obviously more sensitive to ...
the effects of the mysterious realms.
I guess we're not so tough after all.
Excuse me?
Is there anything I'll need to treat this?
Only time.
How's morale?
It isn't easy for a crew to lose its captain.
I suppose we'll all need time to heal.
Will he be all right?
Not for a while.
He lost his best friend.
But I think it's just a matter of time.
He'll be fine again.
Did you hear that?
Doctor says you'll be fine.
It's just a matter of time.
- Distance? -800,000 kilometers.
Set a course, Ensign.
You should be in your quarters.
With all due respect to Phlox, I wouldn't miss this for the world.
Mind if we take a look?
Prettiest sight I ever saw.
And it's all in one piece.
The captain would be proud.
Open a channel to Starfleet Headquarters.
They're not responding.
You'd think they'd be waiting with baited breath.
Try another frequency.
I'm not picking up the orbital platforms.
The Reptilians destroyed Yosemite station.
It's not just Yosemite.
There's nothing coming from any of them.
I've rotated through all the frequencies.
Contact the Lunar One colony.
I already tried.
Prepare a shuttle pod. I want you and Ensign Mayweather to get down to San Francisco.
Find out what's wrong.
Looks pretty normal to me.
Then why the hell doesn't anyone want to talk to us?
Land at the pad behind the Command Center.
We've got three vessels approaching.
It's about time.
This is Commander Charles Tucker of the starship Enterprise.
You guys gave us quite a...
What the hell...?
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