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Subtitles for Enterprise - 4x14 - The Aenar.

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Enterprise - 4x14 - The Aenar

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Previously on Enterprise:
From what I've heard about these Romulans, they mean business.
We have to find some way to stop them, or next time, they might come back with 1,000 of those ships.
Unless this murderer meets me in combat, your precious alliance is finished!
The Ambassador's decided to fight in place of his underling?
Not the Ambassador.
Trip, Malcolm, we can make one more pass. Get the hell out of there.
They're clear.
The Drone has reentered Romulan space.
Disconnect the pilot.
I believe we have more to discuss than trade disputes.
There's no reason our people can't become allies.
And now, the conclusion.
This mission was supposed to cause dissension in the region. It's had the opposite effect.
Senator, you... The Andorians and Tellarites have formed an alliance.
They're working together for the first time in history. It won't last.
A group of senators doesn't share your optimism.
They're presenting a motion to cancel this mission. That would be a mistake.
The mistake was mine when I supported this endeavor.
Do you realize how you've weakened my position?
When this is over, you'll be First Consul.
After a failure of this magnitude...
I could be dead. This isn't a failure.
It's a setback.
We have to deal with the humans.
They are the ones that brought the Andorians and Tellarites together.
The second Drone ship is armed and ready for battle.
With two ships, I can deliver a devastating blow.
We will hunt down Enterprise and destroy it.
It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
But my time is finally near
And I will see my dream come alive at last
I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No, they're not gonna change my mind
'Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
No one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith I've got, I've got
I've got faith
Faith of the heart.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
A transport ship is returning the Tellarite Ambassador to his homeworld,
but Shran has offered to stay and help us track down the marauder.
The Drone is being operated by telepresence.
It's a process which allows a vessel to be controlled from a remote location.
We experimented with that years ago.
Nothing came of it.
A pilot can operate the Drone from a great distance--
over many light-years.
So, there really was no one on that ship.
And the people running it are back on their homeworld, safe and sound. Essentially.
Doesn't seem fair. Is there any way to interrupt this telepresence?
I'm still reviewing the data Commander Tucker brought back, but I believe we can construct our own telepresence unit.
And use it to hijack their ship? Doubtful.
The most we can hope for is to interfere with their navigation. Get started.
There's one problem.
The data from the marauder also contained a brain wave pattern.
I believe it belongs to the pilot. I've analyzed it. The individual is highly telepathic.
Apparently, telepathy is necessary to operate the device.
Vulcans have telepathic powers.
Not to this extent.
Can you identify the species? There's no exact match in my database.
However, the nearest genome...
is Andorian.
The humans did considerable damage to the bridge. We'll have to replace the entire receiver array.
Assign every spare man to the repair crew. The ship isn't what concerns me.
It's the pilot. What about him? Operating the vessel is extremely taxing.
He'll have at least three days to rest. That won't be enough.
He's suffering from severe mental fatigue.
Piloting one ship would be difficult enough, but two...
Then you'll have to increase the stimulants. The dosage is already at a dangerous level.
He could be permanently damaged. He could die.
If I didn't know you better, I would say you're more concerned with this creature's well-being than you are with this mission.
Without the pilot, there would be no mission.
Just keep him alive long enough to destroy the Earth ship.
After that, his health is of little consequence.
[door chimes] Come in.
I just received a transmission.
Our scientists identified the brain wave pattern.
It's from my world, but it's not from any Andorian you'd know.
It's Aenar.
They're a kind of... subspecies.
Blind ice-dwellers.
For most of our history, they were considered a myth.
Stories we told our children.
But 50 years ago, they were discovered living in the Northern Wastes.
They're extremely secretive.
I can count on one hand the number of Andorians who've seen one face-to-face.
Could they have built a ship like the marauder?
I seriously doubt they have the capacity.
There are only a few thousand of them left, and even if they could... they're pacifists.
They don't believe in violence. One of them does.
It seems that way.
We need to find out who's controlling that ship. Agreed.
Travis. Yes, sir?
Set a course for Andoria, maximum warp.
You should rest.
Uh, I just need a second.
Phlox thinks it's too soon for you to return to duty.
You were talking to him about me? It came up in conversation. Right.
I don't have the option of taking a break. The Captain needs this done fast. I can manage.
You might be the best there is at crunching numbers, but when it comes to actually sticking things together...
you're a little out of your league. These work better when you strip off the duranite caps.
Don't ask me why, they just do.
I'll make a note of that.
You know, when I was on that ship with Malcolm...
I was convinced I was going to die.
You ever been there?
Since Enterprise was launched,
we've all been near death on more than one occasion.
I'm not talking close scrapes.
I mean... when you're in a bad situation, and...
you know this is it. There's no way out...
and... you have time to think about it.
In the Expanse...
when we were attempting to destroy Sphere 41...
I didn't believe we'd survive.
What went through your mind?
Whether or not to transfer auxiliary power to the deflector array. Why do you ask?
Just curious.
The Aenar compound is surrounded by a dampening field. Once you're inside, you won't be able to contact the ship.
I'd feel much better about this if you'd take a couple of MACOs with you.
We go in there with a show of force, we won't get a thing out of them. We're going alone.
Captain, we don't know anything about these people. That's why we're here.
[sucking in air]
Taste that air.
[chuckling] Really gets the blood running.
28 below?
Lucky for you, it's the middle of summer.
The entrance is 20 meters ahead.
The Vulcans say the desert teaches men the meaning of endurance.
But it's the ice that forges real strength.
It's hard to believe anything can survive here. It isn't easy.
Andorian cities are built underground to take advantage of geothermal energy.
I didn't see the sun till I was 15.
Careful, Shran. You don't have your balance back yet. Hands off, pinkskin.
These tunnels branch out for thousands of kilometers.
Not a good place to get lost.
We'll be ready to launch in 12 hours.
And the pilot? He's resting.
Will he be ready? I'll make sure that he is.
Spoken like a soldier.
I'm a scientist.
We're all soldiers, Nijil...
from the moment we're born.
When we forget that...
we invite disaster.
You know I was once a senator?
Many years ago.
Vrax and I were colleagues.
I even considered him a friend.
What happened? I made the mistake of challenging the precept of unlimited expansion.
I asked the question:
Is conquest truly the best course for our people?
And I was expelled.
I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to evoke your pity.
I want you to learn from my experience.
When I was led away from the Senate chamber, I vowed never to repeat my error...
and never to forget my purpose.
I understand.
Continue with your preparations.
Ice-bores. Worms...
they live in the ice... generate heat through a chemical reaction.
Big swarm came through here a day or two ago.
I'm sure Phlox would love to get his hands on one. Best to avoid them.
When I was a boy, I stumbled into a large den, wound up with third-degree burns over half my body.
Shran, listen to me.
We have to find another way.
Afraid of heights, Captain?
[screaming in pain]
The ice gave out beneath me.
You're losing a lot of blood.
[Shran grunts] Hold still.
Hold still.
Bleeding's stopped...
but if you move, it could start again.
We can't stay here.
We'll freeze to death.
Archer to Enterprise.
Archer to Enterprise. We're well inside the dampening field.
It doesn't hurt to try.
How far are we from the Aenar?
I think we just got a lot closer.
We need your help.
My friend's been hurt.
We'll assist you.
There's not as much data on the neural interface as I'd like. It's all we have.
I can connect someone to the unit, but it'll be dangerous. How dangerous?
If the interface malfunctions, there could be severe neurolytic shock, possibly resulting in brain damage.
There's gotta be some way we can make it safer. Diagnostics will only tell us so much, I'm afraid.
When can we test it? A day.
I want to be the first one to try it out.
You're not telepathic. It wouldn't be a true measure of the unit's effectiveness.
Well, at least we'll find out if it causes brain damage. I'll test the unit.
You're the ranking officer. Too risky.
Considering what's at stake, the risk is acceptable.
We could at least wait until the Captain gets back.
Our goal should be to have the unit ready by the time he returns.
That means conducting a full series of tests.
The discussion's closed.
We have a lot of work to do.
Your wound is healing well.
You'll be able to walk on your own in a few hours.
My thanks.
You're Captain Archer.
You can read minds.
We have a strict law here, Captain. No one may enter another's thoughts without permission.
I know your name because the Andorian Chancellor contacted us.
I need to speak with someone in authority.
We assign our leaders as the need arises.
For this occasion, I have been chosen as Speaker.
I take it you know why we're here.
I know what the Andorians have told us.
Someone's been attacking your ships...
and you believe we're involved. It's a bit more complicated than that.
It will save time and foster our trust,
if I can have your thoughts.
Go ahead.
You have an interesting mind, Captain... many facets.
Thank you.
Some of those facets are in conflict.
That explains a lot.
The evidence you've gathered appears irrefutable.
It seems there was an Aenar controlling that ship.
But you're skeptical.
We're a nonviolent people.
That a member of our race could cause so much death, it's... extremely disturbing.
Do you have any idea who it could be?
There's one possibility.
A year ago, one of our citizens disappeared while collecting ice-bores.
We assumed he'd been killed in an accident, but we never found his body. Now you know why.
Gareb would not be doing this voluntarily. You think he was abducted?
It's the best explanation. It doesn't matter why he's doing it, he has to be stopped.
This device that you're building aboard your ship...
We're hoping it will disrupt the signal that's controlling the marauder.
You will need one of us to operate it. You owe us that much at least.
I'll consult with the others.
Coffee... strong.
Commander. Hey.
I appreciate your concern for my safety.
I just don't want Enterprise to lose a good officer.
I think you're letting your feelings impact your work.
My work's as good as it's ever been.
As far as my feelings go...
they're purely professional.
I've never been able to sleep with someone standing at the foot of my bed.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
Actually, I was awake.
What is it?
I've never met a blueskin.
You're blind.
How can you tell my skin is blue?
Don't ask me to explain. I was never very good at science.
Neither was I.
Is it true that, where you come from, the temperature rises above freezing? For weeks at a time?
Every few years, there's a heat wave.
I've been on worlds where the temperature is only slightly below the boiling point of water.
I can't imagine such a place. I'm trying to forget it...
I lost ten percent of my body weight in two days.
I came here to apologize.
For what?
When I saw you for the first time, I sensed some of your thoughts. I didn't intend to...
It's never been all that hard to figure out what I'm thinking.
I know what it's like to lose someone.
Gareb-- the one who's missing--
he's my brother.
I'm sorry.
He would never hurt anyone, not intentionally.
So we've been told.
Do you think he's in pain?
There's no way of knowing.
I have nightmares.
Gareb's... bound, locked in a strange cage.
He's calling for me.
He wants me to rescue him.
Forgive me.
How do you feel?
I just need a moment.
Whenever you're ready.
Indicator's moving.
So far, so good.
I'll be damned. It's working.
She okay?
Her synaptic response is erratic. I'll be fine.
It's getting worse, Commander. That's enough! Shut it down!
You're all right.
It worked.
I'll rest for a few minutes, and then we'll try again.
You said Gareb was abducted.
If that's true,
don't you want to help him? Not with violence.
We're trying to stop violence.
I won't deny that your intentions are honorable, but our decision stands.
Forget it, Captain.
They've never even helped defend their own world.
We're wasting our time.
Systems ready.
Launch the Drones.
You need to rest.
I've had enough rest.
We should clear the dampening field soon.
What is it?
A swarm.
I don't see anything.
It'll take a few minutes for them to pass.
Gareb and I loved chasing ice-bores. Once, we followed a swarm for two hours.
Caught hundreds of them.
We were almost at the surface.
My family was very worried.
They're going to be worried about me now.
Are you sure you want to do this?
I won't abandon my brother.
What's it like... your ship?
She wants to try again.
You think it's smart?
You know the risks.
So does Commander T'Pol.
she's doing her job.
She's going to hurt herself. Take my advice -- don't interfere.
I can't believe I'm getting this from you now.
Has everyone on this ship gone crazy?
Not everyone...
Oh, I'm crazy. It's not your fault.
As far as I know, there are no species in the galaxy that have mastered the art of mixing, uh, romance and vocation.
You're the last one that should be giving me a lecture. The Vulcan neuro-pressure was your idea.
You were having trouble sleeping.
What the hell am I going to do?
This is... the one ailment that is universally untreatable.
You'll have to suffer through it.
We've been here before.
He's right. We're going in circles.
They're trying to stop us. How?
They're not letting us see the path to the surface. How could that be possible?
It's time to come back.
I can't.
They're fighting a war.
Do you want to be a part of that? I don't want to fight anyone. I want to help my brother.
Help him by standing up for what we believe in.
She's doing what she thinks is right. She's betraying her people.
That's not true.
Shouldn't she be allowed to follow her own conscience? She's not following her conscience.
How do you know? Have you read her mind?
I thought that was against your custom.
Take my thoughts.
You're certain this is what you want?
Very well.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental.
We've returned to Enterprise, where we received word that the cargo ship Ticonderoga is missing.
Anything on long-range sensors? Not yet.
What's our ETA?
We'll be at their last known coordinates in six hours. Tell Malcolm to finish his upgrades to the targeting scanners.
If we run into that marauder again, I want to make sure every shot counts.
She's good to go.
Whenever you're ready.
I'm ready, Captain.
Lot of movement. 50% spike.
Are you feeling all right?
We can stop anytime you like.
It's... strangely enjoyable.
She's maxed it out.
Is that good?
Very good.
Is there another test we can try?
We could simulate a course correction.
Synaptic trouble.
Shut it down!
Captain's Starlog, supplemental. We've arrived at the last known coordinates of the Ticonderoga.
I'm picking up debris. Hull fragments...
nacelle casings...
several bodies...
Keep scanning.
Try to find the marauder's warp signature.
Is there any word from Sick Bay?
She's going to be okay...
but Phlox says it's too dangerous to try again.
Looks like we went all the way to Andoria...
for nothing.
What happened?
You had a convulsion. You're all right now.
I was dreaming...
about Gareb.
I failed, didn't I?
That kind of bravery is never a failure.
I'm a commander in the Imperial Guard,
and I'd be afraid to go anywhere near that thing.
Talas was a fortunate woman.
I was the fortunate one.
My brother is going to die, isn't he? I won't hear that from you.
It's hard to be strong.
You make it look easy.
Keep being strong...
for me.
A ship's dropping out of warp. It appears to be a Tellarite freighter. Tactical Alert.
Heil them.
Target their engines.
If it is a freighter...
100 kilometers.
Aim for their weapons. They're too damned fast. I can't get a target lock.
What's happening? We're under attack. I'm going to the bridge. Wait.
I can feel him.
Where do you think you're going? Connect me to the device, I need to try again. I can't allow it.
You barely survived the last attempt. I can reach him.
I can make him stop.
Let her try.
Enterprise is taking heavy damage. Target with the second Drone.
Attack vector 177.
It may not be necessary.
Follow my orders.
Yes, Admiral.
Another ship's approaching, bearing 016 mark 12.
An Andorian battle cruiser. T'Pol.
It's power signature is not Andorian. Target them.
Captain, I'm picking up an energy reading from Sick Bay. It's the telepresence unit.
Archer to Sick Bay. What's going on?
Jhamel is going to make another attempt. Is she up to it?
She's quite insistent.
Cortical fluctuation. It could trigger a seizure.
Jhamel... I can do it.
Disconnect her.
Now! No!
She can do this.
They've lost warp power. Continue targeting their engines.
Someone's tapping into the telemetric array.
It's me.
It's not possible.
You have to stop what you're doing.
Where are you?
I'm on the ship you're attacking.
Both Drones are coming to a stop.
We're defenseless.
They've stopped firing.
I thought you were dead.
They said I was the last surviving Aenar.
They lied to you.
I've killed so many people.
It wasn't you. It was them, they forced you.
You can stop it.
You know what you have to do.
The first Drone is targeting the second. Take all weapons off-line.
I've lost access.
They're attacking each other. Let's give them a hand. Photonic torpedoes, full spread.
Aye, sir.
Stop this!
Resume your attack on the Earth ship.
Remember me, Jhamel.
Captain's Starlog, supplemental. There's been no sign of any other marauder ships.
We're returning Shran and Jhamel to Andoria.
I want to thank you again.
I owe you a thanks.
If I hadn't come with you, my brother would have died alone.
Good-bye, Captain.
I... regret much of what happened between us recently. Same here.
When you lose your ship, you aren't usually rewarded with another one.
I may not see you for a while.
If there's anything we can do or say on your behalf...
I appreciate the offer.
Let's just see what the future brings.
Try to stay out of trouble, pinkskin.
[door chimes] Come in.
I've been looking over your report.
I think you're being a little hard on yourself.
There's no getting around it.
I missed a ten degree variance in the telepresence emitter. I spoke with Phlox.
He doesn't think it had anything to do with Jhamel's seizure.
But he can't be sure.
Either way, I should have caught it. We were all under a lot of pressure.
My mind wasn't on the job.
If that were true,
we probably wouldn't be standing here now.
Captain, I want a transfer.
They need experienced people.
You turned them down twice before.
Why now?
I think I can do some good over there.
I need you here, Trip.
They need me more.
What's this really about?
I told you.
I haven't heard one thing that explains this.
I've said everything I want to.
That's it?
I'm supposed to accept that?
And if I refuse your transfer?
as a friend, I'm asking you...
let me do this.
It's your career, Trip, but as a friend...
I'm asking you to stay.
I can't.
All right.
Thank you.
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