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Entity The

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- Fine. You can go on in. You kno the ay? - Yes, l do. Thank you.
lm sorry lm late. l had car trouble again. Would you believe it?
Hey, Bill. You left the lights on again.
The dishes are on the table, the refrigerator door as open...
- l hate this. The hole place is a mess. - Hi, Mom.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Any calls? - No, your boyfriend did not call.
- Are you sure? - lf he called, ld tell you.
The phone didnt ring.
- Ho ould you hear it ith the radio going? - lve got good ears.
Whats that all about?
l dont kno.
Whats your school counselor anna see me for?
l dont kno, Mom.
Your halos burning.
- Are you in trouble? - Mom, this is meaningless, OK?
Just dont orry about it. Thro it aay.
- You gonna come in soon? - l just gotta finish up. lll be in in a minute.
- Billy! - What?
- Hes in the room! Look around the room! - Who?
Look around the room!
- Come here. - Mommy!
Theyre locked. lll look in the bathroom.
Look in the closet!
- lts empty. - Look around the house!
- Mom, theres nobody here. - Call the police. Call the police.
Theres no one in the house. The front doors locked. No one came through the garage.
- You didnt see anybody? Or hear anyone? - No. Only hen you screamed.
Mom, you must have had a bad dream, thats all.
Come on, stop crying.
Kim. Kimmy, youve had bad dreams.
No Mommys had one. Thats all.
lm sorry.
- You OK, Mom? - Sure.
- Bill! Theres something coming! - What?
Weve gotta leave. Weve gotta get out the house! Weve gotta get the kids!
Come on, baby. No!
Whats happening?
Come on, get in the car.
- Oh, my God. The keys. - lll get em.
- Stay right here. lll be right back. - Come on. Stop crying.
Come on. Dont orry about it. Were just going somehere.
Shit. Shit.
Did you hear it?
- Did you hear it? - Hear hat?
lll get some pillos and some blankets.
Billy, honey, can you help me?
There. No, lets see. Well put Julie over there, and Kim and Mom here, and...
- Looks like its the floor for you, Bill. - Honey, you comin to bed?
- ln a minute, George. - Here, ell take care of this. You just...
Listen. Thank you.
Nonsense. What are good friends for anyway?
Dont you be bashful, because theres plenty of food in the refrigerator for the morning...
- You kno. - Yeah.
- Get a good nights sleep. - You too.
Good night.
- You all right? - Yeah, if youre all right.
l dont understand, Mom. l dont understand hats going on.
l dont either.
Are you all right?
Just go to sleep, OK?
Just go to sleep.
Good morning.
Carla, lm sorry.
l didnt mean to scare you. Hod you sleep?
Great. We helped ourselves to cereal and l made coffee. Want some?
Love some. Did you make it strong?
- Well, of course l made it strong. - Good girl.
- Want some milk and sugar? - Yeah.
Hey, this is pretty nice, being served in my on home.
What about George and l? Did e keep you aake last night ith all our snoring?
- No. - The kids, anybody fall off the couch?
So... hat happened to you guys last night, anyway?
Nothing. You ant one or two?
To, please. Thank you.
Beautiful day, isnt it? Nothing like good old Southern California for lots of sunshine.
l as raped.
- What? - l as raped.
Carla, baby. lm so sorry. l had no idea.
- Oh, my God. - l feel all rotten inside.
Ho did it happen?
Well, l as alone in my room, and...
something grabbed me and smothered me.
- Did you call the police? - No.
- Why? - There as no reason to.
What do you mean?
There as nobody there.
- Did you check the doors, the indos? - They ere locked. There as nobody there.
Oh, Carla. Wait a minute. Honey, l dont really understand this.
You ere attacked? Or you erent?
lt happened.
And hen he...
When it as over,
he vanished.
Like hed never been there.
You see? Theres no anser, is there? l mean, l have flipped out.
- lve flipped out twice, Cindy. - Carla, are you taking drugs?
No. lm not on drugs.
Then l think you need to see a doctor.
Carla, youre one of the most stable people l kno.
And you are definitely not insane. But hen men ho arent actually there
have intercourse ith you, it is time to see a good psychiatrist.
- l cant afford it. - Yes, you can.
Betty Rivers goes to the alk-in clinic at the university.
- You pay hat you can afford. - l hate the thought. lm not crazy.
Of course youre not crazy. lm not crazy, youre not crazy.
You may be crazy.
- Cindy, heres that coffee? - Hes crazy.
For sure.
Listen. Just think about it. You be honest ith yourself and everythingll be OK.
- lll think about it. - Good girl.
- ld like a cup of coffee, honey. - Coming, George.
- Nice and hot, just like you love it. - ls she gonna leave today?
Honey, l havent had a chance to really talk to her...
Goddammit! You told me you ere gonna tell her this morning.
l am gonna tell her, but first l have to tell you. Whats happened to hers just a terrible thing.
She probably got her butt evicted cos she didnt pay the rent.
Youre not gonna lend her any money.
- Dont raise your voice to me. - l can raise my voice in my on home.
l just dont anna hurt her feelings. Shes been through enough. She is my best friend.
- Dont you cry on me. - Shes in trouble.
- lf shes such a good friend... - Stop yelling.
Are e gonna stay here all night, Mom?
You guys stay here.
Do you hear that?
You did hear that, didnt you?
- l heard it, Mommy. - What as it?
lt came from under the house!
- Billy, eve gotta get out of here! - Mommy!
No, dont do it! Dont go under the house! Theres something there! Dont!
Mom, leave me alone.
Come back!
Bill, come back!
Bill, eve gotta get outta here!
Anser me! Bill!
lve found it. This is it. Look.
When l touch this pipe, it makes a noise.
Then ho touched it before?
Mom. lll leave the door open, OK?
Didnt your momma teach you better manners
than to leave somebodys house ithout even tellin them goodbye?
l see the couch is already taken. Good. lll take the bed, then.
- What story did you tell George? - That old sourpuss?
He thinks lm ith my sister in Reseda. Not that l give a damn hat he thinks.
- After the ay he behaved this morning? - Thats all right.
Shoot. l oughta leave him, you kno.
lf l had the courage, l ould.
Hes gotten to be like a bad habit.
You kno something? lve been thinking.
Maybe you oughtajust move out of this old house.
Ho can l? l cant afford it.
l havent even paid this months rent. l have the lease. Ho can l?
When youve finished typing school,
you oughta be able to get a real good paying job then, huh?
l hope so. lm countin on it.
You kno, Carly, hen he gets back into ton,
you and Jerry really ought to get married.
George says hes making a bundle no.
He loves you so much, and he absolutely dotes on the kids.
Hells bells, girl. Marry him and youll be livin on Easy Street.
No, hats all this baloney about you sleepin on the couch?
Which side of the bed do you ant?
What side do you think? The good side.
Well, it doesnt make any difference to me. l am so tired tonight, l could sleep on a rock.
- Good night, sugar. - Good night.
Julie likes the chips and Kim likes the Fritos, OK?
Dont you orry. lm gonna get them dressed and fed and off to school on time.
- Youre great. lll trade you. - OK.
- Thanks. - Youre elcome.
You look so pretty.
- lll call you later. - All right.
- Dont let Bill be late for school, OK? - Wont do it.
- Bye. - Bye.
Do we have boosters? Do we have limiters?
How much should l give to the Lord?
Whats going on? Stop!
lm Dr Sneiderman.
lm one of the staff psychiatrists here at the clinic.
Are you cold? Sometimes theres a draft comes from the outer lobby.
Tell me, is this the first time something like this has ever happened?
No, the first time as different. l as raped.
Where? ln your home?
You ere raped by hom?
l dont kno. There as no one there.
OK. So in other ords, it asnt a real man that raped you?
He evaporated.
- l see. But you felt him in you, though? - Definitely.
And he felt like a man?
A big man.
- Were you in pain? - Yes, of course l as in pain.
- He as foul. - You mean you smelled him?
l see. Did he ejaculate?
l think so.
But hen my son came in, there as nobody there.
Right. And hat did he think?
Your son?
He thought l as dreaming.
And hat do you think happened?
OK. Thats OK, Carla.
ls this the only other time something like that happened?
No. lt started to a second time and...
He didnt get me. We ent to my friends apartment.
And then this morning l as driving to ork...
And he tried to kill you?
What do you think?
Go ahead, be honest. Just tell me.
- Do you think lm insane? - lnsane?
That means different things to different people.
So theres nothing you can do?
Not at the moment. We have to find out hat the problem is.
- ln the meantime, lll be dead. - No, l dont think so.
Look, Carla. Youve done a very good thing by coming here.
Youve made a commitment to get better.
Thats the first step, and its the hardest one.
Look, ld like you to take a fe medical and psychological tests no.
Theyre very routine. Nothing hurts, theres no surprises. lt takes about two hours.
Mostly its just boring. ld appreciate it if you did not fall asleep hile taking these tests.
- Right no? - ld like to, if you can spare the time, OK?
Come on. lll take you don to the lab, OK?
- What are you doing up? - l couldnt sleep.
l as orried about you.
Where is everybody?
Billys out orking in the garage.
And Kims already asleep.
- Did the doctor hurt you? - No, baby. We just talked.
- Mommy, hat happened to your hand? - Dont orry about it. Just get to sleep.
- Mommy? - What?
ls everything gonna be all right?
Of course it is.
- l love you so much. - l love you too.
You go to sleep no.
- Ho do you feel? - lm all right. lm just stiff.
What about the car? Can you fix it?
l can fix it, but it ont be cheap.
Listen. lf Jerry calls, dont tell him anything, OK?
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, my God.
Carla, this is Mrs Hilliard.
You anna hop up there no and sho us hat youre talking about?
Right here. Theres one.
And right there.
And the back. Do you see that?
And right here.
- You said something about your thighs? - Yeah.
And there.
Ho about those bruises on your ankles? Ho did they happen?
Thank you very much, Mrs Hilliard. That ill be all.
OK, look, Carla, hy dont you come don and make yourself comfortable, OK?
OK. Can you tell me about those bruises on your ankles no?
lm not sure. lt felt like my legs ere being held.
Almost as if he had help.
Are you saying that he asnt alone?
lt felt like there as someone on each leg.
l see. So hat are you saying? That there ere two more like him?
l guess so. But they seemed smaller.
You mean like children?
- No. These arent children. Theyre strong. - Darfs?
l dont kno hat they ere. l couldnt see them. l felt them.
Theyre real, arent they? l mean, these bites and bruises are real.
Yes, yes. The bites are real. The bruises are real.
All pain is real. Your feelings? Theyre real.
No, no. These are in places l couldnt have bitten myself.
lve seen cases of hysteria that have raised elts, caused blindness, loss of hearing.
- Havent your tests told you anything? - Yeah.
We kno that there is nothing rong ith you medically. Physiologically, that is.
As far as e can tell, your intellect seems to function as ell, if not better than normal.
So that leaves only one area for us to explore.
Early psychological development. Emotional development.
What does that mean?
Well, the general idea is that certain phases of our life never really die.
They continue to exist ithin us. All of us. You, me, everybody.
And they affect us the rest of our lives.
For certain reasons, they come back.
Sometimes they come back ith a vengeance.
They can cause delusions, anxieties, hallucinations...
- So simple. - Look, Carla.
What lm gonna do is, lm gonna give you some tranquilizers, OK?
They ont knock you out, just reduce your anxiety, hich can be as bad as the delusion.
l ant you to take two before you go to sleep.
No, hen you go home tonight, l ant you to take a long, hot bath, relax,
get your kids in bed early, and l ant somebody to be ith you at all times, OK?
l dont ant you to be alone. l ant you to get some sleep tonight. ls that clear?
lts gonna take a long time, isnt it?
lt could. Why dont e just take it one step at a time?
Carla? What are you still...?
Wait a second. lll be right there. Wait.
Whats rong? What are you still doing here?
- l called a cab, twice. lt never came. - Yeah? What else is ne?
- ld better call again. - Why dont l give you a ride? lm parked here.
- No, really. lts all right. - No, come on. lm right here. lts no problem.
- Thanks for the ride. - Sure. Hope my driving didnt frighten you.
Thats ho l find out if my patients trust me.
Theres something there.
Theres really something there.
Carla, ld be interested in taking a look inside. Would you mind?
- All right. - You sure?
- Hi, Bill. - Hi.
Did the kids get to eat all right?
Yeah. They ent to get some pizza. They should be back soon.
- This is Dr Sneiderman. This is Bill. - Hello.
- Ho do you do? 64? - Yeah.
- What do you have in there? 215 or 235? - 235.
All right.
This the girls room?
Would you sho me here those attacks took place?
All right.
May l?
OK. You said something about the bedroom, didnt you?
Through there.
Carla, your house isnt haunted. No more than your car is.
Why do l see and feel these things?
- l started to explain hy... - l kno hat you told me.
Terrible things in my youth might come back to haunt me.
Yeah, essentially.
Well, terrible things did happen to me and l didnt have a normal childhood, but...
Ho many people do? Did you? Ho many people have a normal...
Some things are more terrible than other things.
Some children are more sensitive than other children.
Make yourself comfortable.
So, you really think talk could fix all this?
l dont kno, but its a good start.
All right. lll talk a blue streak if itll stop all this from happening.
As a kid, l experienced every cliché in the book.
l as afraid of the dark, l as scared of my father.
He as a minister, if you can believe it. He actually spoke ith thee and thou.
l as six before l realized not everyone did that. lt as a shock.
Why ere you afraid of him?
When he held me, it asnt the ay a father should hold a daughter.
Ho did he hold you?
- You kno hat l mean. - Did your mother kno?
l think so.
So l ran aay, and... l got as far as Ne York, and thats here l met Mario.
Billys the spitting image of him. lts very strange.
Really? Must have been handsome. Billys a good-looking kid.
He as.
Can you tell me about him?
l as 16. That says an awful lot right there. l as...
ld never met anyone like him. He as exciting...
What do you mean, exciting? Exciting in bed?
Yeah. He as. He as exciting in many ays.
But you did like making love ith him?
At first, and then it turned bad.
- The sex? - Everything turned bad.
l mean, l got pregnant. Before l kne it, he started drinking, taking pills...
lt as a mess. Everything as a mess.
What happened to him?
- He got himself killed on his motorcycle. - l see. Ho old ere you?
- 16. - Gee. So Billy asnt born yet?
No. l kne l as pregnant.
Ho did you feel hen he died?
- Ho do you think l felt? - l dont kno. Why dont you tell me?
- He as my husband. - l kno. But l still dont kno ho you felt.
l thanked God. l did. l thanked God hen he died.
- l also thanked God for Bob Garrett. - Bob Garrett?
- Julie and Kims father. - Right, right.
He as older, he kne a lot. He made me see that life as good.
That men and omen loving each other as good, healthy. Having children as good.
- Simple. - So Bob as your second husband?
- Well, no. We ere never legally married. - Where is he no?
l dont kno.
He as never the kind to stay in one place very long.
lm impressed.
- By hat? - By hat? Your independence.
Knoing ho you are, hat you ant, keeping your family together.
l do need your help.
l really do.
And l ont fight you.
Because if it is me, if its really me creating all this, if lm that sick,
then l have to be stopped.
But if it isnt me,
then e have to make a deal, you and l, to accept that fact and find a ay to stop it, OK?
- Mommy! - lm here!
- Mommy! - Hi. Hi, you guys.
- Ho you doin? - Fine.
- This is Dr Sneiderman. Kim and Julie. - Hi.
- Are you guys full? - Yeah.
You dont have any room for dessert?
- OK. l think its time for me to go. - OK. lll alk you out.
- Bye-bye, girls. Nice meeting you. - Bye.
- lm nervous about tomorro. - About the staff meeting?
Dont be silly. Theyre perfectly routine.
- Good night. - Bye-bye.
But theres still something here.
- Mommy, l cant ait. - OK. Dont cheat.
This is almost perfect.
This is the best part.
- Mommy! - We got it. OK.
Hold on. Dont look yet.
- OK. No look. - Mommy!
- lm gonna go get a chair. - Hey. You cant use your hands. Come on.
Dont start ithout me.
- Mom! - Help!
Dont hurt me!
Get off! Get off!
Help me!
Mom! Mom!
Well, Dr Sneiderman explained it as like a very poerful dream.
Mrs Moran.
Did you believe him?
l tried to.
But you... cannot.
Because he hurt my son. He broke his rist.
Because my children feel it.
Because of the marks on my body. Theyre in places...
l cant do it to myself, even in a dream.
Why does he attack you, Carla,
not anyone else?
l dont kno.
- l suppose he chose me. - Chose you?
l suppose he finds me attractive.
Would it be a reflection on you as a oman if he left you?
Or if you ere cured?
No. lt ould not be a reflection on me. l hate this hole thing.
lts like a nightmare and l cant ake up. l just anna get rid of him.
Of course you do, Carla. And ere trying to help you.
lm not sure ho much good all this talkings doing.
Well, its our ay of trying to understand.
Well, so far it hasnt helped. lt hasnt ith Dr Sneiderman.
Look, excuse me. l have to meet someone at the airport. ls that all right?
Certainly. And thank you very much, Carla, for letting us talk to you.
- Quite a young lady. - Yes.
- Ho did you meet her? - l as on call one night at the clinic.
- She just came in out of the blue? - Please.
Thank you.
Thats ho it happens.
- Yeah. - Shes masturbating.
This entire circus, she has invented it to cover up hat every little girl does.
Well, ith all due respect, sir, that as my initial diagnosis.
But l think e can all agree that thats not some teenager ith an identity crisis.
No she tells us that her children are feeling this thing too, so...
lts a mass illusion. Folie à quatre.
Hysteria is contagious. Anyone can see and feel things that simply arent there.
Her children just support her delusions.
Classically correct, sir, but her mind is giving her very strong and explicit images.
Why is she going to such lengths to support this delusion?
Phil, look at the record. She believes that her father has incestuous desires.
She falls in love ith an adolescent, a typical overgron kid.
He tries to prove hes a real man and hes not. After hich she picks up ith...
- Jerry Anderson? - No, Garrett.
- Oh, Garrett. - Bob Garrett.
A man old enough to be her father. See a pattern here?
- Yeah. l dont kno that l agree. - Safe sex. lts the story of Carlas life.
Shes consistently refused to get involved in the real thing.
- She has three children. - What does that prove?
- lt doesnt take sex to make babies. - That is a fact l asnt aare of.
- Well, no you kno. - Not real sex.
For 32 years, Carla goes along very smoothly.
All of a sudden, she meets this fello... Whats his name?
Jerry Anderson? No lm on it.
OK. And po! She drifts into a Dionysian fantasy.
Dont you see? lts the kind of situation that can energize this sort of breakdon.
- What, Anderson? - Certainly. A real man. Sure.
She ants the real thing. No more faking it ith kids and old men.
And faced ith the real thing, Carla buckles.
She falls back into an infantile reality.
l suggest you dig a lot deeper. l think youre gonna find out more.
And maybe youll find out that Carla is not hat she seems to be.
Hear, hear.
- You look different. - Ho?
l dont kno. The face. lts got a serious look.
- Sos yours. - No, no.
Your eyes have changed or somethin.
What is it?
lts been a long time. You kno, its been too long.
- Somethings rong? - No.
- Billy? - No.
Me, right?
Come on.
No. Just nothing. lts...
lm only afraid.
You kno, just hen youre not around, lm afraid of losing you, thats all.
You ont lose me, honey.
l go crazy thinking about it.
Dont go crazy.
What if l did?
What if l ent crazy?
No, youre not gonna go and do that right no.
What ould you do if l did? Would you leave me?
Youd still be my Carla.
Why are you carrying on tonight?
Are you ready for my surprise?
lm going on the road again, Carla, but this is the last time.
When l get back, its for good.
lm taking over the LA office.
Were gonna be a family, Carly. All of us.
Take me ith you.
Please. Just put me in your pocket and take me ith you.
l cant. You kno that. Dont ask that. What the hell are you asking?
- Take you ith me? Where? On the road? - lll go anywhere ith you.
OK. What about yourjob? Your school? Ho about the kids?
- Whos gonna take care of them? - Yeah, all right. OK.
Youre right. lt as just a pipe dream.
You have to go on the road and l have to go through hat lm going through.
Youre not telling me everything. What the hell are you going through?
Being ithout you. Thats really hat lm going through.
- Carla, its all gonna change. - Sure. When you get back.
Just one more trip. Do you kno, its been the ay its been ever since e met.
Just one more trip.
No, lm sorry. l dont feel like it. lm sorry.
Look, l have to... l think l should go home. lts late and l have to get up early. OK?
- lll take you home. - No. You call me a cab.
You dont have to bother.
Oh, God.
Get out! Get out!
Why did you tear up your room and yell at Billy?
- l had an orgasm. - What?
l had an orgasm.
An orgasm?
Yeah. But he tricked me. l as asleep. l as asleep and l as dreaming.
And lm ashamed.
lm ashamed.
Carla, l ant you to sign yourself into the hospital.
- No. l ont let myself be committed. - lts just for a two-eek observation period.
lt amounts to the same thing. You kno it.
lf e anted to, e can insist you stay here.
- No, you cant. - Yes, e can.
- For trying to commit suicide. - What are you talking about?
What ere you doing hen you crashed your car?
- He tried to murder me. - lt as a suicide attempt.
- We could have you in before the day is out. - No, you cant.
- There ere no itnesses. lts my decision. - What, to stay sick?
To stay alive. No matter hat you think, hes stronger than you are.
- Hell kill me if he has to. - To stop you getting better?
- Hoever you anna call it. - Thats hat l anna call it. Exactly.
Ho are you gonna deal ith Jerry?
Ho ould l deal ith him from a padded cell?
What about your kids, Carla? Youre running the risk of harming your children.
No. They ont be harmed.
Billy broke his rist. Youre harming them psychologically.
- Theres nothing rong ith them. - Thats not the environment they need.
l kno you think lm crazy. Whether its me or something else is beside the point no.
- Youre gonna stay home and be victimized? - Yes. Yes.
lll stay at home. lll see you. lll go to secretarial school and look for ajob.
But the one thing l ont do is go into hospital.
- And youll be beaten and... - No. No.
No? Why not?
Cos lm gonna cooperate ith him.
Carla, youre a very intelligent oman.
Youll alays listen to reason, so no l anna talk to you reasonably.
No more questions and ansers, hm?
There as a time hen people believed in the supernatural.
Here. l ant you to look at these pictures.
Pretty frightening, huh? Bats, ereolves, dragons, demons...
All sorts of goblins, OK?
They ere supposed to abuse people sexually.
They ere supposed to impregnate people.
- Do you think these things exist? - l am not stupid.
l didnt say you ere. But hy do you think people sa them?
Why do you think they sa em? Can you take a guess?
Do you kno hy? lt as a ay of expressing something frightening to them.
- lt has nothing to do ith me. - lt has a lot to do ith you.
- lt has nothing to do ith me. - lt has a lot to do ith you.
lt has an awful lot to do ith you.
These ghosts and demons ere only ideas, but people sa them.
Look, Carla, lets say a man ho anted to be good had a desire for his neighbors ife.
He knos its rong, he feels terrible about it, but the desire is groing and groing.
Desire can be a frightening and poerful sensation. Ho does he deal ith it?
He invents a creature. An evil, ugly, evil-tempered creature,
hich is just a picture of his on desire, Carla.
- l have no need of inventing anything. - Come on, Carla. You have a lot of need.
You ere scared of your dad. He held you in a ay he shouldnt. You ere pregnant at 16.
- Shut up! - A drug-crazed guy killed himself.
- Stop it! - Another left you ith two kids. Stop it!
Come on. Do the ork, Carla.
- What as evil to your family? - All sorts of things ere.
We kno your family ell enough to kno hat as evil. As a child, you kne.
- Sex. They ere afraid of sex. - Sex. Sex. Sex.
They ere afraid of sex. Exactly. So lets use our imagination a little bit, OK?
Lets try putting some things together. Your creature is a symbol, Carla.
- A symbol of hat? - l dont kno. Maybe ell find out.
- lt could be one person, a fear of someone... - lm not hiding from anybody or anything!
Carla. Lets talk about your visitor friend. Your visitor fantasy.
- lm so sick of this. - What do e kno about him, Carla?
Lets use your ords. What do e kno?
We kno that he is big and strong. lts frightening ho strong this guy is.
You told me, unbelievably strong.
So hy does he need help? But he has two helpers, right? To little ones? Right?
Those are your ords. One big one and two little ones. Billys good-looking, hes strong.
- Youre obscene! - Youre having trouble ith Jerry.
- Calm... Carla! - lll calm don, but not here!
He as talking about two little ones and a big one.
He as implying that l anted to make love ith Billy.
lt as just obscene, you kno?
- Really. - lt as obscene. Theres no other ord for it.
- l think he just pushed too far. - He did. lt as disgusting, sickening.
- He has to probe into painful areas... - Thats not probing. lm never going back.
- Wait. Maybe youre overreacting. - lm never going back.
- Honey? - What?
- You ready to go? - Yes, George. Just give me a minute, please.
- lm gonna get the car. l dont anna be late. - OK, honey. No, ere not gonna be late.
l dont anna cause any trouble between you and George. l shouldnt have barged in.
We just have to make an appearance at this boring edding reception.
lts important to George, you kno?
- Well, lll see you tomorro. - No, stay here. Well be back in an hour.
No come on, Carla. l need to talk to you some more about this. Carla?
- Will you ait here until l get back? - Yeah.
Please. You look so tired. Why dont you sit don and have something to eat?
- Have fun. - OK. lll see you in a little bit.
Hi, Bill. Ho are the girls? Hos everything? OK?
Dr Sneiderman? You didnt tell him here l as? l dont anna talk to him.
Good. Look, you have the number here. lf theres any problem, call me, OK?
lll be home in a couple of hours.
All right.
- What as that? - Was that our place?
Oh, my God. Carly.
Christ, she tore the fuckin place apart.
No, she didnt. You sa it.
She couldnt have done all this.
We both sa it ith our on eyes. We stood right there and sa it, George.
- You sa it? - Yes. Yes, e did. We sa it.
- You sa it? - Please forgive me, Carly.
Please? l never should have sent you to that clinic.
- You sa it? - lm so sorry.
- Please forgive me. - You sa it.
You sa it!
You sa it!
Carla? Look.
lmprobability of the lmpossible.
- Psychic Self-Defense. - This is great.
You look at that. lm gonna go over and check out the psychology section.
Lets just look at Rogers McGibbon, OK?
lts not that good a case. Not enough independent verification of the phenomena.
But so much fits the classic patterns.
Theres cold spots, theres the smell, theres objects moving around randomly.
And, in this case, there is the appearance of an apparition.
But the appearance of an apparition and the sudden movement of objects
just dont occur simultaneously.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. They do.
l have them all.
You do?
Everything broke loose and ent crazy, and everything as shaking.
Like an earthquake?
No, it asnt. lt as much stronger than any earthquake.
l tried to get outta here, and l anted to get the kids out.
l called Bill. Bill as in his room. Then the door slammed. lt as horrible...
- Where is Billy no? - Hes in the garage. You can talk to him if...
- The door slammed like that? - Stronger. Much stronger.
And the bathroom. This is here... Well, you kno about that attack.
This as the door. lt as stuck. l couldnt get out. l tried and l just couldnt get out of it.
lt as stuck that night.
This is the girls room. Theyre asleep right no and l dont anna disturb them.
- Did they sleep through this attack? - Yeah, they...
Sound sleepers.
- Yeah. - lts one of the good things about kids.
The living room. This is here Billy got the lightning. lt as like lightning going into him.
- He broke his rist... - An electrical discharge?
- lt as like lightning as going into him... - Like an arc?
Was it kind of like...?
You dont believe me, do you?
Mrs Moran, please understand. We anna believe you. Very much.
We anna do it right, Mrs Moran.
- You ant some coffee? - Yeah, sure.
Yeah. Thatd be real nice.
- Oh, my God. Do you smell that? - Jesus.
lts awful.
You see?
l asnt lying.
Mrs Moran, l think it might be orthhile after all
for us to set up some of the equipment eve got ith us in the car.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Gene, lets get her outta here.
Mrs Moran, are you all right?
Mrs Moran?
- Gene, lets get outta here. - No, dont be frightened.
Hes eak.
Hes eak!
- He cant touch us! - Gene, shoot it!
l dont believe it.
He cant touch us.
Die, you bastard! Die!
You cant touch us!
He died.
He cant hurt me anymore. Not ith you here. He cant hurt me.
Oh, thank you, God. Oh, thank you, God.
- Did you see it? Did you get it? - l think so.
Oh, thank you!
- lm gonna go get the kids. - We need an ion detector...
Hey, ake up. Wake up, everybody. lts a gorgeous day.
Gorgeous day. Come here. Come here.
lsnt it a beautiful day? lsnt it a beautiful day? Come here.
Did you check the iring? lt could be a short circuit. Current leakage.
She spoke to it as if it ere real. Like it ere alive and she kne it.
- lsnt it possible she as hallucinating? - Ho do you photograph a hallucination?
This looks like some kind of electrical discharge.
What about this forking? Right here?
Couldnt this be a head? Couldnt this be a shoulder?
We feel that this photograph constitutes proof, Dr Cooley.
l dont kno.
lt takes a long time before you can come up ith something reliable.
You have to check every possible alternative.
What about the smell? And the shaking? Thats classic poltergeist activity.
lt also could be a dead cat and a tremor.
l dont kno hat you think youve discovered, but youre playing ith fire.
l suggest you start ith the traditional orld and move outwards.
Well need more equipment to do that.
Maybe lll authorize it hen the time comes.
- You say she as seeing a psychiatrist? - Thats right.
- ld like to kno the diagnosis. - She as seeing someone right here.
Yeah, ell, ere doing the best that e can.
We got a lot of people here, a lot of folks, yeah.
Were iring the place up for any kind of movement that e might get.
Were putting x-ray plates up also. No, ere hanging up ires and stuff...
Excuse me. lm looking for Carla Moran.
- Are you here to observe the phenomena? - Observe the phenomena?
No, lm Phil Sneiderman, a psychiatrist. Carlas my patient.
Oh, hi. lm Gene Kraft, Department of Psychology.
Ho do you do? What branch of psych? Clinical? Dr Morris?
- No. Parapsychology. Dr Cooley. - Gene? Gene, hand me a roll of tape, please.
- Yeah. - What are you guys doing ith all this stuff?
Were trying to gather some hard data on the phenomena here.
Really? l take it youve already looked under the beds and in the closets.
Were leaving no stone unturned. But thanks for the tip.
We got some highly interesting electrical formations, possibly caused by the entity.
The entity? You kno, l hope you ill excuse me for saying so,
but if you anna go on TV talk shos, bend spoons, entertain people, lm all for that.
But this lady is in my care. This isnt helping her.
Thank you for your professional opinion, Dr...
- Sneiderman. - Sneiderman.
- Wheres Carla? - Shes in the back.
l dont think so, cos you havent been here during it.
- Hi. - Hi.
Youve got a lot of company.
You missed your appointment yesterday. l as orried about you.
Thats very seet of you.
- You look terrific. - lve never felt better, Dr Sneiderman.
Look, is there someplace that e could go and talk?
l cant blame you for not coming back. l really did push too hard.
l think you need to understand something. l feel very fine no.
There are no more attacks. l have no reason to see you.
Do you remember that book l shoed you in the office? The bats and the dragons?
- Thats hat they are looking for. Fantasies. - No, they have photographs.
Look, Carla. Ho about you and me, e make a bargain, OK?
You can see me and still have your scientist friends help you.
- l dont see any point. - lts like seeing two different doctors,
getting different opinions, a bone specialist and a blood specialist.
- No, ld rather not. - Why? What have you got to lose?
l believed in you. You kno l did.
ILí needed to. But every time you discovered something ne, something orse happened.
And l got sick of hearing that it ould go aay
as soon as e got don to the basic problem, as though it as in me.
lt is in you, Carla.
l think youd better leave.
- Hi, Billy. Billy. Billy! - Yeah?
Look, ould you do me a favor? Dont pretend next time.
Next time your mother thinks she sees something, she ants you to corroborate it.
When you do, its more difficult to convince her its a delusion.
- l didnt get a broken arm by pretending. - Theres a logical explanation for this.
lf you care about your mom, you ill not pretend next time.
l care about my mother, yeah. But l as not pretending. lm not lying to you.
Wanna kno hy shes not coming back?
Some schmucks are supporting her fantasies. You oughta see her house.
Theyre atching her visitations. lts ired to look for entities.
- They call it an entity. - What schmucks?
l dont kno. They say theyre from the university. Parapsychology.
A Dr Cooley.
Elizabeth Cooley. Parapsychology. lts fly-by-night psychology.
- OK. So ho do e get rid of em? - Well, not very easily.
These are not snake-oil peddlers, Phil. These are supposedly academic brethren.
Bullshit. Theyre dangerous. Theyre feeding her delusion.
When they get through ith her, shes gonna be off her rocker, or orse.
Theres not much you can do. Not legally or medically.
lts her life, her house, her delusions.
No, until she crosses the line of legal sanity, nobody can touch her.
Come on.
Come on, sho yourself, you coard.
No that lve got my forces here ith me, lets just see ho brave you are.
ls that all youve got the guts to do?
A couple of itty-bitty lights? Come on. We dont ant fireorks, e ant you!
Sho yourself, damn you!
Are you trapped in this environment?
Will you appear to us no?
You ont appear.
You ont appear because youre a devil outta hell, and youre afraid.
Youll ait till lm alone, ont you?
Then youll come forth to hurt me, to hurt my children.
Sho yourself.
Sho yourself.
Joe, turn on the lights.
- Did you see it? - Yes, Mrs Moran. We sa it.
Thank you. Would you excuse us?
- ls it over? - For no.
Are you OK?
All right. lm gonna go to bed, OK?
- OK. - Good night.
- lll see ya. Excuse me. - Good night, Billy.
Thank you. Well be leaving shortly.
- What are you two doing up? - ls everything OK?
- We heard you, Mommy. - Everythings fine. Come on.
- Well? - lve never seen anything like it before.
Do you think that e ere in some kind of hypnotic state
and that this as a mass hallucination?
lve alays believed that there ere several planes of existence,
distinct and separate.
And e, as human beings, inhabit only one.
lsnt it possible that some sort of external intelligence, some discarnate entity,
has crossed into our plane of existence?
- Ho are e gonna prove it? - We have to isolate it.
We have to dra it in someho, find a ay to bring it into a controlled situation.
- Good night, Mrs Moran. Thank you. - Good night, Mrs Moran.
Weve got some real good ideas on ho to proceed. Thanks a lot.
- Youve got the tape, right? - Yeah.
- Jerry. - Hi, cutie.
Excuse me.
- What gives? - Why didnt you call?
l did. Every time l got a different voice on the line. Whats going on?
Those people are from the university.
The university?
l missed you. Look at me, lm shaking.
l think ed better have a drink.
lve got some good ine.
- You go ahead. l dont think ld better. - Youre gonna have one.
This is my homecoming. Come on.
What as that all about?
Theyre trying to help.
- Help ho? - Me.
l dont kno hat you mean.
lve been sick, Jerry.
Sick? What kind of sick?
Things have come to me... in the night.
- Nightmares, you mean? - Yeah.
Like nightmares. Exactly. l mean...
Those people you sa in the house, theyre psychologists, theyre doctors.
They have a theory that theres something in the house that is keeping me from sleeping,
and theyre trying to fix it.
Some of them looked pretty young to be doctors.
- Youre mad. - lts not a question of mad.
- Yeah, youre mad. - Yeah, OK, since you ask.
Who brings university kids into their house because they cant sleep?
- You cant sleep, you take a pill, see a doctor. - lm not giving a party. lm really not.
All lm asking for is a simple explanation. l still dont kno hats bugging you.
- l mean, dont treat me like ajerk, OK? - lm sorry.
Trust me. Just tell me hat the hells happening.
l dont kno. l mean, l dont kno the difference between hat is happening
and hat l think might be happening.
The only thing l kno is that it started hen you left.
l dont say that ith any kind of blame or accusation, but that is hen it started.
When hat started, Carly? What?
All right.
OK. l as...
l as attacked. lts not happening no, so dont orry.
You ere attacked? By ho? Who attacked you?
Nobody you can see.
Oh, God. lt sounds so crazy. l mean, it as like a horrible dream.
Shit. l dont kno ho to explain it. lt sounds crazy every time l explain it.
- lt sounds crazy. - Oh, baby.
Carla. Do you kno, for a second you had me orried?
l mean, l thought you ere really attacked. l thought that somebody attacked you.
l kno hy you cant sleep. But l am ith you right no.
l guarantee you that these dreams or nightmares or hatever the hell they are
ill never bother you again.
Because lm staying this time. No more trips.
No more one-night stands, baby.
Starting tonight, its gonna be forever.
Lets go to bed.
Can e go to your place?
Remember, lm ith you. And as long as l am, nothing bad is going to happen.
Do you believe that?
l got something for you.
What? What is this?
Youll see.
lts beautiful.
- lts pure silk. - lt feels good.
Go put it on for me.
Come on. lts my homecoming. Put it on.
Look, honey. You kno hat l as thinking. lf e...
Please. Help me. Help me, please.
Help me.
Stop it.
- Stop it. Get off her. - Help me.
Stop it! Stop it!
You son of a bitch!
You fucking bastard! You son of a bitch!
OK. Shes gonna be all right.
Shes still a little shaky, so hen you go in, dont stay too long, OK?
Go in. Shes dying to see you.
Make a right at the corner there. First on your right.
Dont stay too long, please.
OK, Jerry. Shes gonna be OK. lt as just a slight concussion.
Thank God for that, Doctor. Thank God.
Look, hy dont you go in and see her? Shed like to see you.
No ay, Doctor. l cant be around her.
- l cant handle hats going on in there. - What do you mean? She needs you.
l loved her.
l as gonna marry her, you kno.
- l couldve taken anything. A disease, cancer. - This is a disease, Jerry. lts the same thing.
- Not hat shes got living ith her. - Jerry, its just a disease.
Just get it through your head. lts in her head. There as nobody there.
- Nobody as there. - Dont say that. There as somebody there.
- l mean, there as. - OK, OK.
l couldnt see him ith my eyes, but there as somebody there. l see this...
Like something is pressing her. lts pushing her.
l see her breasts are being touched.
l mean, l see her breasts are being squeezed by fingers, only l cant see the fingers.
- lm sorry. - Thats OK. Thats OK.
- Hey, hat the hell are you guys doing here? - Were visiting a friend.
- l gotta go no. - No, no.
- Jerry, look. She needs you no. A lot. - lts OK. l really have to go.
Hey, Jerry....
- Look at me. - Thanks for calling, Billy.
- Come on. - No. l anna stay ith Mommy.
Come on. We gotta go.
lll talk to you later, Mom.
l hope youre all right, Mrs Moran.
- lll be back. - We never shouldve left the house. lm sorry.
Maybe this doesnt seem like the best time for this, but ere afraid for you.
We have an idea that might help.
We anna try to isolate this thing and immobilize it.
We need your consent. That means going into it ith your eyes ide open.
What e have in mind has never been tried before.
Well take every possible precaution.
lll do anything... to get rid of him.
Jerry as her only contact ith reality. l ant those two guys banished from her life.
l dont see hat l can do.
Go to the dean. Maybe he can do something. Maybe he can pull those creeps back.
Do you realize hat youre asking?
Thats a month-long debate. lt could get very complicated.
All this for Carla Moran?
Somebodys gotta look after her.
Let her go, Phil. You dont have any choice. Professionally or personally.
As you can see, this is a freshly cut rose.
And this is a container of liquid helium.
473 degrees belo zero. This is the coldest substance knon to man.
Anything frozen at this temperature ill shatter at the slightest touch.
What e are seeking is to determine if this entity has mass.
lf in fact this is the case, then e should be able to freeze it,
verify its objective existence and prove it isntjust a psychic projection...
- lts gonna ork. - ..but rather an independent force
from some other level of reality that has never been isolated.
Here she is.
Mrs Moran.
Let me take your bag.
lts good to see you. Were all very excited to get the experiment under ay.
- Welcome. - Mrs Moran?
See you later.
Have you made arrangements for your children?
- Theyre ith a friend. - Good.
Let me sho you to your ne house.
lm afraid ere not able to provide you ith all the conveniences,
but e hope youll find it comfortable.
- And familiar. - Watch your step.
Everyones done a terrific job in re-creating your home.
- We did use different colors. - And there are other differences.
No light sitches. We have to control the electricity.
This, of course, is the childrens room.
The beds in the rong place.
Well, it doesnt matter.
There are no ceilings anywhere in the house. Thats for the television monitoring.
Except, of course, in the bathroom. There is a ceiling, but no plumbing.
Well supply you ith all the ater you need. Thats a chemical toilet.
- Does this look familiar? - lts a good simulation.
Remember not to change in here.
The television camera ill be atching you. And Gene, at the controls.
ln the kitchen we had a bit of a problem.
No gas. But e have a hot plate and a ell-stocked refrigerator.
lts like camping out.
Mrs Moran? ld like to sho you something no.
Looks a lot like your house, doesnt it? The living room. Brought your books.
Just stand over here ith me.
Mrs Moran, this is the protected area that e ere talking about.
lts two pieces of double-thick heat-treated glass ith a vacuum in between the panes.
The system is fail-safe. We cant activate the helium until youre safely in this enclosure.
When e tell you to go to the protected area,
e ant you to come directly to this spot as quickly as possible.
Well take care of the rest.
OK? No e have to get ready.
You make yourself as comfortable as you can.
But youre not alone. lf you need anything, dont hesitate to ask.
lm not afraid.
lf you can get him, lm not afraid.
Hey. Where do you think youre going?
- ls this the Cooley experiment? - Yeah.
lm ith the Medical lnstitute. Dr Sneiderman.
Go right on in, Doctor.
Carla, l'd like to talk to you alone.
ls there any place that e could go talk?
That e could talk privately?
The bathroom.
This is quite a setup they have here.
They made a natural environment for him, so hell come here.
Really? ls that hat theyre telling you?
- Thats hat theyre doing. - And you believe them?
Oh, yes.
Theyre dangerous frauds, Carla. Youre their guinea pig.
Carla, do you kno that there are tanks of liquid helium outside?
Do you kno hat liquid helium can do?
- Of course. - Of course. Really?
Kno hat it means to stop molecular motion,
paralyze atomic particles, decompose matter?
- OK. - OK?
What do you mean, OK?
l mean ld rather be dead than living the ay lve been living.
- Do you understand that? - Yes, l can understand that.
Yes. l also understand that l care very much hat happens to you.
Very much. And l kno that, in your heart,
you kno the difference between reality and fantasy.
Carla, look at me. Carla.
Our reason, intelligence. Thats the only thing that distinguishes us from other species.
l care about you. Carla, dont close yourself off no.
lts real important that you maintain contact ith at least one person that cares about you.
- l dont kno hat youre saying. - lll tell you hat l am saying.
That you and l can make that contact.
l dont ant to make that contact.
Hey. Wait up a minute, ill you?
Really. l anna talk to you.
l gotta hand it to you. You just dont give up.
Look. Get out. And stay out.
OK. No you listen to me, Buck Rogers, OK?
- lf you or your trusty sidekick harm her... - Officer.
..lll have your ass in court. Youll be looking for your ghosts from prison.
You see this face? l dont anna see it again.
- You got it. - Hey, Mehan.
You may have them all fooled, but not me. lm gonna nail you and that little creep.
- lll tell him. - Come on. Lets go.
Yes, sir.
Mrs Moran, we are now going to move into the nighttime mode.
l anna get it so bad l can taste it.
Hang on, Gene. Hang on.
And pray.
Dr Sneiderman is here, Frank. He tells me Cooley is using pretty lethal equipment.
Liquid helium. God only knos hat all else.
Frank. Frank, lets not blo our tops. lm just trying to sound you out on this.
Yes, l realize its your decision.
l cant figure him anymore.
Do e really need his approval?
You need to learn a lot about campus politics.
Fuck campus politics.
- Where are you going? - lm gonna get her aay from those lunatics.
- Why not let her trip the glass enclosure? - Too dangerous.
- Hey! What are you doing? - Carla.
- Hey! - Carla?
Carla! Carla, come on. Were getting outta here no.
No, lm not. Dont do that. Let go of him.
- Get him out of here. - Take it easy. Take it easy.
Nobody has to be hurt.
Let him go, Officer. What is it you ant, Doctor?
- l ant her out of here, Doctor. - That is not going to happen.
lf you anna atch this experiment, you go up to the booth. We have nothing to hide.
lm sorry this had to happen, Mrs Moran. Everythings gonna be all right.
- l just dont ant to see anybody hurt. - Just try to calm yourself.
Hes going to be upstairs ith us in the booth.
Just try to get some rest. Thats the important thing.
Weber. Yeah.
Yeah, all right, Elizabeth. Take it easy. lll come and get him.
lts up those stairs, Doctor.
Thank you.
- Did someone open a door? - Hes here.
Mrs Moran, move to the protected area.
Mrs Moran, move to the protected area.
Mrs Moran, move to the protected area.
To the protected area.
Dont be alarmed, Mrs Moran. Were moving into the emergency mode.
- Dont activate the compressor yet. - l didnt.
- What do you mean, you didnt? - lts been tripped.
- What have you got? - lts no good.
All right.
All right, bastard.
lve finished running.
So do hat you ant.
Take your time, buddy.
Take your time. Really, l'm thankful for the rest.
l'm so tired of being scared.
So its all right, it really is. lts all right.
You can do anything you ant to me.
You can torture me, kill me, anything.
But you cant have me.
You cannot touch me.
Thats mine.
We got it. We got him trapped.
Oh, my God.
We lost him.
We got nothing.
Thats not true.
Weve got something.
We have a itness.
lsnt that so?
- What? - You did see it, didnt you?
Something. l sa something.
But l dont kno. l just... dont kno.
With all that going on don there, it could have been anything.
You son of a bitch.
Welcome home, cunt.
Carla, ho in the orld did you beat us over here?
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Enterprise - 1x01 - Broken Bow Part 1
Enterprise - 1x01 - Broken Bow Part 2
Enterprise - 1x03 - Fight or Flight
Enterprise - 1x04 - Strange New World
Enterprise - 1x05 - Unexpected
Enterprise - 1x06 - Terra Nova
Enterprise - 1x07 - The Andorian incident
Enterprise - 1x08 - Breaking the ice
Enterprise - 1x10 - Fortunate son
Enterprise - 1x11 - Cold Front
Enterprise - 1x12 - Silent enemy
Enterprise - 1x13 - Dear Doctor
Enterprise - 1x14 - Sleeping dogs
Enterprise - 1x16 - Shuttlepod one
Enterprise - 1x17 - Fusion
Enterprise - 1x18 - Rogue planet
Enterprise - 1x19 - Acquisition
Enterprise - 1x20 - Oasis
Enterprise - 1x21 - Detained
Enterprise - 1x22 - Vox Sola
Enterprise - 1x23 - Fallen hero
Enterprise - 1x24 - Desert crossing
Enterprise - 1x25 - Two days and two nights
Enterprise - 1x26 - Shockwave part1
Enterprise - 2x01 - Shockwave part2
Enterprise - 2x02 - Carbon Creek
Enterprise - 2x03 - Minefield
Enterprise - 2x04 - Dead Stop
Enterprise - 2x05 - A Night in Sickbay
Enterprise - 2x06 - Marauders
Enterprise - 2x08 - The Communicator
Enterprise - 2x15 - Cease Fire
Enterprise - 2x16 - Future Tense
Enterprise - 2x17 - Canamar
Enterprise - 2x18 - The Crossing
Enterprise - 2x19 - Judgment
Enterprise - 2x20 - Horizon
Enterprise - 2x21 - The Breach
Enterprise - 2x22 - Cogenitor
Enterprise - 2x23 - Regeneration
Enterprise - 2x24 - First Flight
Enterprise - 2x25 - Bounty
Enterprise - 2x26 - The Expanse
Enterprise - 3x01 - The Xindi
Enterprise - 3x02 - Anomaly
Enterprise - 3x03 - Extinction
Enterprise - 3x04 - Rajiin
Enterprise - 3x05 - Impulse
Enterprise - 3x06 - Exile
Enterprise - 3x07 - The Shipment
Enterprise - 3x08 - Twilight
Enterprise - 3x09 - North Star
Enterprise - 3x10 - Similitude
Enterprise - 3x11 - Carpenter Street
Enterprise - 3x12 - Chosen Realm
Enterprise - 3x13 - Proving Ground
Enterprise - 3x14 - Stratagems
Enterprise - 3x15 - Harbinger
Enterprise - 3x16 - Doctors Orders
Enterprise - 3x17 - Hatchery
Enterprise - 3x18 - Azati Prime
Enterprise - 3x22 - The Council
Enterprise - 3x23 - Countdown
Enterprise - 3x24 - Zero Hour
Enterprise - 4x01 - Storm Front
Enterprise - 4x03 - Home
Enterprise - 4x05 - Cold Station 12
Enterprise - 4x06 - The Augments
Enterprise - 4x07 - The Forge
Enterprise - 4x08 - Awakening
Enterprise - 4x10 - Daedalus
Enterprise - 4x11 - Observer Effect
Enterprise - 4x12 - Babel One
Enterprise - 4x13 - United
Enterprise - 4x14 - The Aenar
Enterprise - 4x15 - Affliction
Entertainer The
Entity The
Entrapment 1999
Envy (2004)
Envy 2004
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Eric Clapton - Live In Hyde Park
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Even Dwarfs Started Small 1968
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Ever After - A Cinderella Story (1998)
Everwood 01x01 - Pilot - Extended Version
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