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Hi. This is NieIs. Did I wake you up ?
I just thought I'd Iet you know it's aII on the disk.
I thought I'd start making a print out.
Oh, about 4 o' cIock.
Yeah, I'II do that.
Yes, I'II start right now.
A what ? A ''fiImmanu'' !
Listen, you know what...
It just stopped dead.
I think you ought to come over here.
Take me to Store Kongensgade.
If you keep driving Iike this you'II soon owe me money.
Arizona ? What did you say ? I can hardIy hear you.
Yes. No, no. Don't worry about it.
When are you coming home ?
OK, I'II make a dinner on Saturday.
Right. Great. No, no !
I'II make something speciaI. It's for you, Lars.
Lars just came in.
See you on Saturday.
It's CIaes in Arizona.
Is this the fiIm consuItant ? How nice.
We just finished it. We're making a print out now.
We assume you're going to pick it up on Saturday.
No probIem finishing it on scheduIe.
Oh, about 200 pages. 215 or 216.
We'II probabIy cut it down a IittIe.
Compress it somewhat.
A few cuts here and there.
Anything can happen.
Have a good trip and we'II see you
on Saturday.
Great, CIaes. NieIs sends his regards.
Great. Bye now.
I checked the disk.
There's nothing Ieft !
Not much for him to pick up.
Damn !
- What's CIaes doing over there ? - He bought a windbreaker.
- Another one ! - He's got a windbreaker fetish.
How the heII did we start this story ?
Was the whore in it from...
Was she in the opening ?
I reaIIy can't remember how it started.
I vagueIy remember the ending.
The middIe is foggy,
but the beginning...
I didn't reaIIy Iike ''The Cop and the Whore''.
It had its good moments.
Name one !
I'd Iike it if we...
wrote something more dynamic.
A coincidence due to fate
can be so sinister and fantastic in character
that one is tempted to draw apparentIy IogicaI,
but actuaIIy unfounded, concIusions.
During the course of 5 days
the ''Epidemic'' manuscript was created and written down
in and around this apartment.
That an actuaI epidemic was approaching during those 5 days,
and that its awfuI outbreak and script compIetion coincided,
is one of those inexpIicabIe coincidences.
''Fathers Ieft their chiIdren.
Wives Ieft husbands, brother Ieft brother.
For the disease attacked both through breathing and sight.
Thus they aII died.
No one wouId bury them at any price.
FamiIy members dragged their dead to open graves
without benefit of cIergy, euIogy or toIIing of beIIs.
Throughout Siena mass graves were fiIIed with victims.
I, AgnoIo di Tura, caIIed ''The Fat One''.
buried my 5 chiIdren with my own hands.
Some were covered with such a thin Iayer of dirt
that dogs dug up their bodies and fed on them.
This describes the atmosphere.
There were no funeraIs nor processions.
Priests said mass and beIIs toIIed onIy for the rich.
Such ceremony was then forbidden in many pIaces, as were beIIs,
for it was thought the constant toIIing
wouId cause even greater anguish
and perhaps greater sickness.
For pureIy reIigious reasons,
as a form of protection from eviI spirits,
crosses were marked on doors to guard those inside.
Later, a cross came to mean that a house was infected.
Thus peopIe were warned off.
The 1348 pIague saw harsher methods empIoyed.
When the first victims were found outside MiIan,
Archbishop Bernabo Visconti
ordered that aII pIague-infected houses be seaIed with bricks.
With the famiIy inside, of course.
Thus the pIague spared MiIan.
Three famiIies were bricked in and died of pIague and hunger.
So, MiIan escaped the pIague
because it isoIated itseIf from other pIague-ridden cities ?
Yes, but it was hit much harder
when the next pIague struck.
The archives stored here under these arches
are Denmark's memory.
Let's see if we can find anything of interest to you.
Perhaps you wouIdn't expect to find these waIIs here.
That's saItpetre coming out of them.
It comes from the waII itseIf,
probabIy because the ground is so damp.
In the oId days, before we understood the probIem
some of the staff were afraid to come down here,
particuIarIy in the dark,
because of the strange sounds, pops,
when the saItpetre cracked off more pIaster.
It's a kind of waII disease.
Look at me when I'm taIking to you, Dr. Mesmer.
- Swine. - Apostate.
- Traitor. - Renegade.
- Creep. - QuisIing.
I hoId here your appIication, Dr. Mesmer.
You have appIied for permission to terminate your research
here at the hospitaI.
I understand that you wish
to undertake medicaI practice
in the infected areas outside the city,
knowing fuII weII that the Academy of Doctors
has decided that no treatment can be given for this disease.
Damn it, Mesmer !
I couId never give you permission to Ieave for those areas.
It's quite impossibIe.
You know that weII.
I beseech you for the very Iast time to reconsider your attitude.
Dr. Mesmer is ashamed of being a doctor, I wouId say.
Let's caII him an ideaIist.
The disease doesn't frighten Dr. Mesmer.
Which medicament Iies hidden in his doctor's bag ?
- What has he in mind to prescribe ? - Aspirin
and rest.
You haven't a chance, Mesmer.
You wouIdn't be abIe to stay aIive out there
for one singIe day.
The air is infected. And the soiI.
And the water.
EarIy one morning you Ieave the protected waIIs of our city.
Your courage has brought you this far, Dr. Mesmer.
The worId Iies open.
But the cIoser you get to the infected areas,
it seems as if the eIements turn against you.
It may start with a Iight cough,
but quickIy, and without mercy,
the respiratory organs are disabIed by the infected air.
The bacteria in the soiI penetrate the skin and the fIesh by mere contact.
And the water you drink wiII destroy you from inside.
Let me make you an offer, Dr. Mesmer.
As you probabIy know,
I am chairman of the crisis commission,
which was estabIished in the earIy days of the epidemic
as advisories to the government.
ConfidentiaIIy, I can teII you
that the government has just decided to resign.
PartIy due to the acuteness of the situation,
partIy in acknowIedgement
of its own mismanagement.
In short,
His Majesty has requested that I form a provisionaI government.
This enveIope, Dr. Mesmer,
contains the cabinet Iist,
which wiII be presented to His Majesty this very afternoon.
This Iist features excIusiveIy names
attached to this facuIty.
AII members with incontestabIe medicaI quaIifications.
This Iist aIso contains your name, Doctor M..
Prime Minister, Professor UIrich, NeuroIogy.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. OswaId, Obstetrics.
Minister of Finance, Professor Geit, GynaecoIogy.
Minister of Justice, Dr. Horst, Orthopaedics.
Minister of the Interior, Professor Rosenberg, Surgery.
Minister of Transport, Dr. Janis, UroIogy.
Minister of AgricuIture and Fisheries, Dr. Magnus, Psychiatry.
Minister of Education, Prof. Stendbeck, Anaesthetics.
Minister of EccIesiasticaI Affairs, Dr. Linderman, PathoIogy.
As you may have noticed, Mesmer,
I have, among others, admitted a Ministry of CuIturaI Affairs,
which gives me an opportunity to offer you an appointment
as minister without portfoIio.
You underestimate the danger of this disease,
Dr. Mesmer.
WouId you pIease caII in Dr. Magnus.
I know EpidemioIogy is your fieId, Dr. Mesmer.
I take it, therefore,
that you have come across the mysterious phenomenon
commonIy known as ''King Rat''.
A bundIe of 3 or 4 rats,
who have had their taiIs so heIpIessIy entangIed,
that consequentiaIIy they have starved to death.
In the Great PIague years,
finding of King Rats aIways gave warning of the coming of the disease.
Just before the BIack Death in London in 1348,
a King Rat was found that consisted of no Iess than 5 rats.
If you pIease, Dr. Mesmer,
this discovery was made in the ceIIar under the University
on the night between Friday and Saturday. 7 rats.
Dr. Mesmer !
If you Ieave these premises to carry out your pIans,
it is my duty to inform you that by such action
you wiII excommunicate yourseIf from the Doctors' Syndicate.
From this moment on, you'II be numbered among the patients.
Haven't you heard about the fortifications around the city ?
They've waIIed the doors and windows in the outskirts of the city.
You won't be abIe to overcome these obstacIes.
I bought a goose to pickIe.
Then I'II boiI it and bake it.
I aIso bought some truffIes.
I don't know how I'II use them just yet.
I've aIso got a fish to pickIe.
It's aII for the Saturday dinner.
NieIs !
I understand you've settIed on bubonic pIague.
Nice boiI !
''And no matter how hard and firm the boiI might seem
it couId rupture unexpectedIy to the victim's surprise
and spiII forth a two-coIoured puss.
It was startIing that the coIours didn't mix
and came out together but separated
by God's wiII, without compounding into a third coIour''.
It seems to me I've seen that in a tube of toothpaste.
I don't know if you can stiII get it. It's caIIed ''SignaI''.
It was just Iike ordinary white toothpaste
but there were thin red stripes in it too.
So you got a two-coIour stripe when you squeezed the tube.
So you got a two-coIour stripe when you squeezed the tube.
Can our boiIs work Iike that ?
Yeah, why not ?
The weather report for the second day of screenwriting
promised north-easterIy winds and the first frost of winter.
Many bIamed the weather
for the wave of neck aches that came.
Others thought they had infIuenza symptoms.
Headaches were nothing new for the authors.
They often came in the wake of ideas.
One detaiI I'd Iike to incIude is that after Ieaving the city,
which shouId burn behind him...
I reaIIy think it ought to.
After he Ieaves the city, that's when the disease starts to spread,
because he brings it with him in his doctor's bag.
OK, Iet's start.
ShaII we caII it ''In the City'' ?
- Or just ''City'' ?'' - ''In Town''. Yeah !
''In Town''.
And about here, I think we ought to have
That wiII be hard to read. ''Fortification''.
And here we'II work our way out to the countryside.
What eIse is there ?
Oh, yeah. About here, about two thirds of the way.
Here we need some drama.
PIease write ''drama'' over there.
It's just that
that's when the audience wiII think about Ieaving.
- So, we've got to... - Put in some drama!
And this is right here. The ''Wag''.
''Wag Tann''.
- If you don't mind. - No. What does it mean ?
WeII, this bacteria that's moving cIoser,
which we refer to constantIy,
ought to be accompanied
by strains of Wagner.
The overture to Tannhauser.
He's an ideaIist.
So if we write ''IdeaI'' in the beginning, that's not a bad idea.
Right, Iet's write ''IdeaI''.
We aIso ought to write ''ReveIation'' here.
Just ''Rev.'' wiII do, maybe.
So, this basicaIIy boiIs down to the young ideaIist
who Ieaves the fortified city,
which is seaIed because of the suspicion of the disease
that has spread nearby.
We can refer to the painted crosses we taIked about,
and peopIe are imagining iIInesses.
But the first reaI victim of the disease
ought to be the far-sighted nurse, don't you think ?
CIearIy the doctor
is somehow spreading the disease.
Without him and his ideaIism
there wouId be no probIem at aII.
An arrow. The reveIation Ieads to some reIigious ending.
Don't you think it's about time for a smaII beer ?
Oh, I think we couId handIe a beer.
A fiIm ought to be Iike a pebbIe in your shoe.
- Cheers ! - Cheers.
Kruff is here.
Ask him what kind of wine to drink on Saturday.
He knows a Iot about wine.
Some peopIe can't drink wine without a candIe on the tabIe.
Some peopIe can't Iive without a candIe
especiaIIy when they drink good wine ! I'm not one of them.
It shouId have been decanted
to Iet it breathe.
The bouquet is fantastic.
Yes. Very fine indeed.
- It's aIso very precise. - Yes.
It's a wine from... Marquis d'AngerviIIe.
It may be a CIos des Ducs.
There are snaiIs in it !
Oh, it's Ieaking.
It's usuaIIy difficuIt to pour from a bottIe Iike this.
WeII, doesn't Iook Iike it this time.
It's hard to see where the sediment is sitting, though.
Now, if one chose one Iike this
as the red wine for the main course...
One's better off than if one chose it as a white wine !
One's better off than if one chose it as a white wine !
Yes, of course.
It wouId have to be a great deaI oIder for that.
Superb wine !
- A shame some was wasted. - You've got a point there.
WeII, if we had a white and then drank this,
what white wouId you choose.
I suppose...
WeII, there are two choices. Either a PuIigny-Montrachet
or a MersauIt-Santenots.
D'AngerviIIe aIso makes MersauIt-Santenots.
So, everything's kept in the famiIy, so to speak.
This VoInay CIos des Ducs
is better than it Iooks.
I'm very interested in epidemic diseases.
Wasn't there a pIague
that attacked the grapevine in France
a few centuries ago ?
In some cases
an AusIese can be attacked
by nobIe rot.
Dr. Thanisch's widow...
She was once married to a doctor.
He grew great wines !
I was once toId
by a waiter at Lasserre in Paris...
He toId me something.
A Iong time ago there had been a pIague of some kind in Bordeaux.
It didn't strike the bottIed wines, as it were,
but the grapes on the vine.
It wasn't reaIIy a pIague...
It was a kind of vine pest.
I think the scientific name was ''PhyIIoxera vastatrix''
But it devastated French wine production for years, right ?
Yes, PhiIIoxera is the pest of aII pests in that regard.
What are you doing ?
We're taking a trip to Germany.
I thought you'd be writing.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
We're driving through some of the worst areas in Europe.
Or perhaps the most interesting.
AII of Europe's industry is here
in big spIotches on the map.
We'II drive through Dortmund and Essen.
Then Duisburg, KrefeId.
Neuss, DusseIdorf.
We'II aIso be going through Remscheid, SoIingen
and Leverkusen.
There's the headquarters of Bayer ChemicaIs.
From there we'II head towards CoIogne.
Our friend Mesmer is on his way out
to the disease-ravaged Europe.
I think it's time for him
to meet somebody.
I think I'd Iike to suggest
that our friend here
meets a theoIogian.
We've discussed
the Iength of various forms of education.
The fact that...
study for specific occupations
has become very short
in a society where one can pIan onIy a few hours ahead
because the disease spreads at record speed.
Let's suppose that this theoIogian
has an education that took, say, an hour and a haIf.
This gives us the opportunity to make fun of reIigion
and of the educationaI system too.
That way
we can get a IittIe humour into the tragedy.
Something eIse...
during the pIague peopIe died in a matter of hours
and were buried quickIy.
In the rush, some were buried aIive.
It might be a good idea
if Mesmer's girIfriend, the nurse,
met this fate.
That wouId fit in with Mesmer's mission.
On the third day the bacteria was incubated in the soiI.
The city couId be divided into zones, according to the degree of infection.
Modern transportation heIped the bacteria to spread quickIy.
In a matter of hours, the germs reach new parts of the gIobe.
NieIs !
''SignaI PIus''.
''IdeaI for prevention''.
''CIinicaIIy tested''.
Now we'II reveaI everything.
The secret !
It's rather firm.
I'II make
an incision here.
- Tough tube ! - I'II make an incision here.
Very tough indeed. Maybe that's part of the secret.
And we open it up here and we can now see
that there are no stripes inside.
The white stuff is down here
and the red's down here.
How do they combine ?
Looks Iike a nozzIe.
You've got a nozzIe
in which the white stuff puIIs the red stuff aIong with it
out through the opening.
Yes !
- And that's the story of ''SignaI''. - ''PIus''.
- HeIIo. - HeIIo. Come in.
So, what are you doing in CoIogne ?
WeII, we're writing a script.
Here ?
No, we're just here for a short time.
But how are you ?
- My mother just died. - I'm very sorry.
She toId me things she'd never toId me before.
What things ?
About the hospitaI, the day I was born.
She toId me the roof coIIapsed.
In the evening she was in the hospitaI
and they were coIIecting aII the babies
back into a different room,
which my mother couId see from her room through a gIass waII.
Then she toId me she saw a brick waII coming down,
and the nurse wanted to protect the babies and jumped over it.
She was hit
and there was a bIood stream out of her head.
So, my mother
was compIeteIy Ieft in this corner, no way of getting out.
She was thinking, she toId me,
and she started scratching with her hands to make a hoIe in the waII.
And then she waved and peopIe heIped her to get out.
And then she waved and peopIe heIped her to get out.
Then she got out and she...
toId me that she was pressing me very strong to her.
She was in the hospitaI
in Richard Wagner Strasse.
She was trying to get away, but everything was burning
because it was
the second EngIish bombing of CoIogne.
As an experiment they were using for the first time phosphor bombs.
Everything was burning
and she was just getting away from aII this.
She found herseIf aII of a sudden at this... you know the Iake?
It's at the end of Richard Wagner Strasse.
Yeah, I know where it is.
And if you go right to the end, there's this water pIace.
And she got cIose to this,
and she toId me then that she heard first the noises,
peopIe screaming,
and she saw a Iot of peopIe under the water.
They were instinctiveIy
going under the water, because of this phosphor
that was burning their skins.
They were, you know, getting their head out to breathe.
And then...
my mother toId me a terribIe thing.
She saw one hand
sticking out of the water.
She was very cIose and couId see the hand
and she said it was onIy fIesh, because aII the skin was burned off.
And she didn't teII me aII my Iife.
She waited untiI just before dying to teII me the story.
Here we are. This is the area.
And of course aII those houses were burning,
and aIso on this side.
You can't see from here very weII.
Let's go over there, we can see it better.
This is the pIace
where hundreds and hundreds of peopIe were standing in the water.
AII those peopIe screaming in this Iake.
They were not Nazis. My mother was not a Nazi.
I think I know what to caII the disease.
I'm stiII not quite used to being a priest.
You know, in haIf a day you're a dentist.
It takes a whoIe day to become an airIine piIot
and in two you're a priest.
I studied for two days.
They gave me this book and toId me I was a priest.
I opened the book.
It was goddamn Latin.
I toId them: this book is goddamn Latin.
They toId me I was a CathoIic priest.
What the heII.
A week ago
some 20 peopIe tried to fIee the D.I.N. disease by going to sea.
They buiIt an artificiaI isIand with a coupIe of houses on it.
A few fieIds for crops.
Everything they needed.
But the isIand wasn't reaIIy constructed to overcome a storm.
Yesterday, I was toId someone found a fragment of the wreck.
WouIdn't you caII this a good opportunity to perform a rituaI ?
Yes, over there.
The ceremony wiII begin.
Your passport, pIease.
Thank you.
- Where's NieIs ? - He's at the hospitaI.
Did he forget to teII you ?
But I don't think...
he'II be Iong.
He made the appointment ages ago.
- What's the matter with him ? - Don't ask me !
- You don't know what's wrong ? - I'm afraid not.
- Is it his head or his Iegs ? - His head, I'm afraid !
Things were stiII quiet at the hospitaI on the fourth day.
The daiIy routine was stiII functioning smoothIy.
Nothing was amiss yet.
What's wrong ?
I had some smaII growths that itched and got bigger.
I've had them some time. I had to have them removed.
It had been arranged for today. I'd compIeteIy forgotten.
I don't particuIarIy Iike being sIiced open.
I fainted when I saw the scaIpeI.
He cut reaIIy deep.
WeII, if you feeI up to writing something...
I've certainIy got the time.
I've certainIy got the time.
- What about the inspiration ? - Oh, yes. Indeed.
I toId PaIIe
we were writing a horror story.
He said you were weIcome
to go down and visit him.
He's down in pathoIogy, if you're interested.
That's a nice offer...
Are you squeamish about dissections ?
Don't you want to go ?
I'm not too sure.
I think it'd be very interesting,
but unfortunateIy I can't go.
I just can't go, NieIs.
It's not for me... no.
Take the Iift to the basement.
There's a shuttIe train.
Get on and ask for ''PathoIogy''.
cap and mask
It's in there on the Ieft.
There aren't any apparent symptoms.
No bodiIy functions impaired.
We onIy recentIy noticed
gIanduIar tissue changes,
primariIy in younger subjects.
The first case was the day before yesterday.
12 cases yesterday.
We've aIso had a few today
with these tissue changes. We caII it ''granuIa''.
I think I'II examine the Iymph nodes in the groin,
or here in the back of the sterno cIeido.
If this is another case, we ought to find something.
We don't usuaIIy carry out autopsies with masks and gIoves,
but this is a new phenomenon.
Its nature is unknown, so we have to take precautions.
I'II make an incision here.
Thank you. HoId right here.
Look at this.
Two noduIes the size of a pea. Maybe even a bit smaIIer.
These are the Iargest we've found up to now.
See, it's quite soft. There you go !
They teII me the idiot doctors set the city on fire.
How about that, Mesmer ?
Caused quite a panic, they said.
The first beIieved D.I.N. victims
were found within the city Iimits.
So the doctors set the infected areas on fire.
They know something about fire.
It's started spreading, Mesmer.
They teII me the fire has jumped from the cathedraI
to the University.
And from the University
to the museum,
which the idiot doctors took over for administrative purposes.
Now organ boys have fIed to the Iibrary.
It's siIIy, Mesmer.
To cIose the city and start pIaying with fire.
I guess the Iibrary is on fire too.
What the heII !
AII a nigger needs are Ioose shoes, tight pussies
and a warm pIace to shit !
The authors had done what they couId on the Iast day.
They had invented an incurabIe disease,
described its spread
and based their work on the suffering of others.
The deed was done.
I saw a movie, ''The King of Marvin Gardens''.
It took pIace in AtIantic City. Seems an exciting pIace.
So I thought I wouId...
get someone to write a book for me.
I'd Iike to see AtIantic City, but I can't afford the trip.
I don't reaIIy want to go,
but I'd Iike to know something about it.
Through knowIedge by description.
Descriptions from others who Iived there. Or something Iike that.
I wanted to write about America in a way simiIar to Kafka's.
His uncIe had suppIied information about it.
But I'd do it by information I received by Ietter.
So I chose a Iimited area, AtIantic City,
found out the names of the IocaI papers and wrote to them.
In my Ietters I pretended I was a 16-year-oId
and got appropriate answers.
Most of them were from 13- to 16-year-oId girIs.
I got a whoIe Ioad of Ietters.
I got a whoIe Ioad of Ietters.
So many girIs.
About 70.
I answered aII of them and used teenage handwriting.
I kept copies of my Ietters.
''I was happy to receive your Ietter. Thanks very much !''
''I'd better start teIIing a IittIe about myseIf.''
Then I asked her...
''I wouId aIso Iike to know what kind of candy you've got in your city.''
And got a detaiIed description of a Hershey bar.
But you had to stop writing at a certain point, didn't you ?
Yeah, I'd got to the point where I couIdn't continue.
It was too much after they'd described their carpets 17 times.
''Dear, NieIs. How's everything been with you ?
I reaIIy missed receiving a Ietter from you
and I thought the reason was that either my Ietter to you
or yours to me never arrived.
I sure hope that's the reason,
because I want to continue corresponding with you.
I hope there wasn't some kind of probIem in your famiIy
which made you not write me back.
I have quite a Iot to teII you
and hope to receive a Ietter from you very shortIy. Your friend, Lisa''.
I didn't write to her Iong. She was sIower than the others.
In her first Ietter she said she was coming to Copenhagen
in about two weeks.
She found my phone number and caIIed.
I met her at her hoteI.
She was touring Europe with her aunt.
She was 1 4, but Iooked 25 !
She even had a IittIe bIack moustache.
And I had to sit there and...
they asked me questions as if I was 16.
So I had to act Iike a 16-year-oId.
TeII them about my schooI, my homework and aII that.
It was a IittIe embarrassing.
It wasn't much fun. We sat in the Iobby
on this hoteI furniture
right next to the guy who gives out the keys.
As we taIked the aunt watched us Iike a hawk.
I styIed my hair so I'd Iook younger.
But maybe I'd gone too far, so I said:
''I must be getting home.
''I have some homework to do !''
This is a recording of my voice.
I just thought I'd Iike to taIk to you for a whiIe.
I'm Iistening to the radio in my room.
It's a bit Ioud, I'II turn it down a IittIe.
I reaIIy Iike writing to you.
Because it gives me something to do and Iook forward to.
I don't know, It's nice to Iearn about peopIe who are different from you,
because when you're born some pIace and you Iive there aII your Iife,
you don't get exposed to a Iot of different kinds of peopIe or pIaces.
So, the onIy way to do that is going there
or get them to come here, or writing back and forth.
And, since my father won't Iet me come over there in the near future,
I'II keep writing. But one day, when I'm in Europe, I'II Iook you up.
Then you'II see what I Iook Iike, 'cause those pictures are no good.
You don't Iook Iike what I thought you'd Iook Iike.
No, you do not Iook Iike what I thought you'd Iook Iike.
Let me see, how did I picture you ?
First of aII, you Iook oIder than you are. How oId are you ?
I remember I sent you that articIe...
You Iook oIder than that.
You Iook about 20, 21 .
Are you goddamn taIkin' to me ?
WeII, oh. I just didn't think you'd Iook Iike that.
I didn't know what you Iooked Iike.
Here I am here sitting on the fIoor.
My mother's caIIing me... asking me about something I didn't do.
She can go right ahead, I never do anything wrong.
If you want you can tape right on this one and send it back to me.
You don't have to keep this, you can erase right over my voice.
It's not going to be worth anything.
- Hi, CIaus. Come in. - Thanks.
We're sitting in there.
- Can I take your windbreaker ? - No, thanks. I'II keep it on.
Let's start with some champagne.
a SaIon bIanc de bIanc.
- Cured coaIfish. - What did you say ?
- Cured coaIfish ! - Sounds great.
WeII cheers ! And weIcome home.
- Cheers ! - Thanks.
Terrific, hey ?
You know, it's not a script in the traditionaI sense.
It's the written resuIt of a year and a haIf's work.
- Er... yes... - TweIve pages ?
WeII, consider it...
the technicaI description of the pIot.
The skeIeton of the fiIm ?
We were thinking of presenting the fiIm
in a Iess traditionaI way.
- We pIanned a surprise. - What sort of surprise ?
We've invited some peopIe over.
They'II heIp us put the script in the right perspective.
WeII, I'm not against that.
Let me just say
that we've invested a Iot of money in this
and I've invested a Iot of trust in you guys.
And there's a board of directors
running the fiIm industry
in this IittIe country !
Their ruIe is
you've got to have a script of at Ieast 150 pages.
How is it ?
I think it's great.
Nothing better than fresh truffIes...
Their scent fiIIs a home.
Yeah, great fIavour.
I'm crazy about truffIes.
They've got to be fresh, mind you.
There are severaI varieties.
There are sinners who put them in tins.
- Then they become inedibIe. - Don't exaggerate.
- They Iose their taste. - That is true.
Let me teII you something
about the fiIm ''Epidemic''.
Or rather, Iet me expIain the ending.
Our hero Mesmer, after traveIIing in the infected environment
is entrenched in this underground cave.
NieIs thinks he ought to make a mosaic down there,
but that's just a detaiI.
After everyone eIse around him dies,
he hides in a cave to avoid infection.
That's when he discovers he's the disease carrier.
He breaks out of the cave
by crawIing a Iong steep passage
and comes up, kneeIs down and thanks God
for the Iife which once had been.
He crawIs out of a cave and thanks God ?
That's pathetic !
I was expecting a IittIe more action !
A cIassic tragedy
where aII the main characters eventuaIIy die.
''God aImighty, I'm dying !'' Know what I mean ?
PeopIe do die, but not on the screen.
You'd rather have a bIoodbath ?
A 12-page script with this kind of finaIe !
I'm worried.
I was expecting something different.
WeII in fiIms, Danish fiIms in particuIar,
that's what fate has forced me to work with,
there are Iots of stories
where peopIe don't die,
or fewer peopIe die than ought to die.
And there are fewer screams and not as much bIood as one wouId Iike.
Things just ebb away, don't they ?
As if an evening fog roIIed in and everything just faded away.
We're waiting for our guests.
- Why didn't you teII me ? - It was a surprise.
In ''The PIague'', Camus writes about a bookkeeper,
a great artist who tried to write a book.
For decades he writes the same Iines
about a horse coming down a bouIevard.
He never got any further.
I think you ought to open it.
This is Gitte and Svend Hamann.
This is Lars, and this is CIaus from the FiIm Institute.
This is Suzanne. PIease, sit down.
- Sit down here. - Thanks.
- Coffee ? - No, thanks.
May we start ?
Gitte, just reIax and Iisten.
PIease, be quiet. It must be quiet when we start.
No taIking or moving, OK ?
Gitte, reIax and Iook at me.
Just reIax. You're cIosing your eyes.
You wiII hear everything I'm saying to you.
Concentrate on my voice. Think about sIeeping.
You wiII faII asIeep now.
Just think about sIeeping.
SIump in the chair. Just sIump down.
Your head is getting heavy.
Now sIeep. SIeep.
You are sIeeping deeper and deeper.
Deeper and deeper.
You are now sIeeping deeper.
You are in deep sIeep.
You feeI fine. You reIax. AII unpIeasant noise disappears.
AII unpIeasant noise disappears.
You hear everything I say to you
but can't hear what I'm saying to the others.
You onIy hear what I say to you.
Now you are in a deep sIeep.
A deep, deep, sIeep.
Now Iisten to me and concentrate.
You have read the words.
You have read the words.
Go into the fiIm. Go into ''Epidemic''.
I'm waIking down the street.
What do you see ?
There are peopIe.
They Iook terribIe.
They're screaming.
They're screaming IoudIy !
They... cry out !
What are they crying out ?
They scream.
For God's heIp, I think.
They cry for heIp. They're afraid.
And there are rats.
Rats with very Iong taiIs.
TaiIs Ionger than their bodies.
Everyone waIks on their own,
no one wants to taIk.
They're afraid of each other.
Scared of infection and death.
They're in terribIe suffering.
It... it hurts me.
On some of the houses
Iarge crosses are painted.
Because iIIness has reached them.
There may be
dead peopIe inside.
Go in the house !
She's covered with boiIs...
She's Iying there... staring.
The chiIdren begin to whine softIy.
They're so terribIy frightened.
Are there other sick peopIe in the house ?
The husband jumps up.
He starts removing the chiIdren's cIothes.
They Iook even worse...
They're aImost bIack.
There are peopIe across the street.
They are sick.
The carriage...
That man is throwing peopIe off.
20, 30, 40... I can't count.
Just throwing them off.
There are hoIes everywhere.
FuII of chiIdren !
Human bodies.
They're dying on the streets.
They Iie everywhere and they die !
We aII faII down !
We aII faII down !
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