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In the first years|of the 21 st century...
...a third World War broke out.
Those of us who survived knew
mankind could never survive...
a fourth...
that our own volatile natures
could simply no longer|be risked.
So we have created|a new arm of the law...
...the Grammaton Cleric,
whose sole task it is|to seek out and eradicate
the true source|of man's inhumanity to man.
His ability...
to feel.
You know what to do.
Get down!
We have an unknown number
barricaded in the southeast end|of the compound.
Read that.|Tetragrammaton team en route.
Cleric, lights out.|Maybe more than a dozen inside.
When the door's down,|blow the bulbs.
Yes, sir.
Where is he?
Shut up.
Anybody get him?|Did anybody hit him?
Shut up!
This is it.
It's real.
Burn it.
Why didn't you just leave it
for the evidentiary team|to collect and log?
They miss things sometimes.
And I thought|I'd take it down myself...
get it done properly.
How long, Preston,|till all this is gone?
Till we've burned|every last bit of it?
Resources are tight.
We'll get it all eventually.
I congratulate you.
At last...
peace reigns|in the heart of man.
At last, war is but a word
whose meaning fades|from our understanding.
At last...
we... are... whole.
Librians... there is a disease|in the heart of man.
Its symptom is hate.
Its symptom... is anger.
Its symptom is rage.
Its symptom... is war.
The disease... is human emotion.
But, Libria...|I congratulate you.
For there is a cure|for this disease.
At the cost of the dizzying|highs of human emotion,
we have suppressed|its abysmal lows.
And you as a society|have embraced this cure.
Now we are at peace|with ourselves,
and humankind is one.
War is gone.
Hate, a memory.
We are our own conscience now.
And it is this conscience|that guides us to rate EC-10
for emotional content
all those things that might|tempt us to feel again...
and destroy them.
Librians, you have won.
Against all odds|and your own natures...
you have survived.
Every time we come|from the Nethers to the city,
it reminds why we do|what we do.
It does?
I beg your pardon.
It does.
The following items|have been rated EC-10...
seven works of two-dimensional|illustrated material,
seven discs of musical content,
20 interactive strategy|computer programs.
Seven works|of two-dimensional...
Thank you|for coming, Cleric.
I assume you know who I am.
Yes, sir. Of course.
You are Vice-Council Dupont
of the Third Conciliarly|of the Tetragrammaton...
Father's voice.
Quite frankly, Cleric,
I am told that you are|very nearly a prodigal student,
knowing almost instantly|if someone is feeling.
I have a good record, sir.
Why, do you imagine,|that is, Cleric?
I'm not sure, Vice-Council.
I'm able, on some level,
to sense|how an offender thinks,
to... put myself|in their position.
If you had ceased|your interval,
if you were|a sense offender...
I suppose|you could say that, sir.
You're a family man, Cleric?
Yes, sir...|a boy and a girl.
The boy's in|the monastery himself,
on path to becoming a Cleric.
And the mother?
My spouse was arrested|and incinerated
for sense offense|four years ago, sir.
By yourself?
No, sir... by another.
How did you feel about that?
I'm sorry.
I don't...|fully understand, sir.
How did you feel?
I didn't feel anything.
How is it|that you came to miss it?
I've asked myself|that same question, sir.
I don't know.
A nearly unforgivable lapse,|Cleric.
I trust you'll be|more vigilant in the future.
Yes, sir.
Every time we come|from the Nethers to the city,
it reminds why we do|what we do.
It does?
Every time we come|from the Nethers to the city,
it reminds why we do|what we do.
It does?
It does.
Prosecutorial evidence|for A.N.R. 136890.
I need it.
It was late this afternoon.
May not have showed up|in the records yet.
I'm very sorry, Cleric.
Nothing has been logged
and nothing is pending|under that entry.
It was an item of evidence|brought in personally
by Grammaton Errol Partridge.
Check again.
Sir, Cleric Partridge has not|entered anything in for weeks.
You're mistaken.|It was a book of some kind.
...there's nothing.
Thank you.
He's been passing through|the gate into the Nether
every night|for the last two weeks.
We assumed it was|enforcement-related.
You always knew.
"But I, being poor...
have only my dreams."
"I have spread my dreams|under your feet.
"Tread softly...
because you tread|on my dreams."
I assume you dream, Preston.
I'll do what I can|to see they go easy on you.
We both know...|they never go easy.
Then I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
You don't even know|the meaning.
It's just a... vestigial word
for a feeling|you've never felt.
Don't you see, Preston?
It's gone.
Everything that makes us|what we are... traded away.
There's no war.
No murder.
What is it you think we do?
You've been with me.
You've seen how it can be...|the jealousy, the rage.
A heavy cost.
I'd pay it gladly.
You and your partner|were close?
I hope you're as pleased|to be assigned me
as I am the placement.
I was told this would be|a career-making advancement.
I'm like you, Cleric...|intuitive.
Sometimes I know|when a person's feeling
before they know it|themselves.
I can only hope one day|to be as...
uncompromising as you.
Good night.
The later 20th century
saw the fortuitous|and simultaneous rise
of two synergistic political|and psychological sciences.
The first, the revolutionary|precept of the hate crime.
I saw Robbie Taylor|crying today.
He didn't know, but I saw.
Do you think|I should report him?
...a single inescapable fact...
that mankind united with|infinitely greater purpose
in pursuit of war...
than he ever did|in pursuit of peace.
"But I, being poor...
have only my dreams."
I have spread my dreams|under your feet."
"Tread softly...
because you tread|on my dreams."
Don't move! Don't move!
Comply! Comply!
- Stop! Stop where you are!|- Get down! Get down!
Don't shoot.|This is a lawful entry.
We have a warrant|for your wife's arrest.
She's charged|with sense offense.
Get her!|Get her off him now!
Remember me.
- Libria...
Awaken to triumph again|in the face of yet another day,
another step|in our unified march
- Into the unwavering purpose...
...move ahead together
into the certainty|of our collective destiny.
What are you doing?
I said, what are you doing?
I accidently dropped my...
morning interval.
I took it out|before I brushed my teeth.
I never take it out|before I brush my teeth.
Then you'll go by Equilibrium,|log the loss,
and get a replacement.
Of course.
Your new partner called.
He says he'll pick you up|at 10:00 for the A.N.R.
I hope you don't mind.
I took the liberty|of telling him
you would be at Equilibrium,|replacing your dose.
No, of course not.
That was the right thing|to do.
Stop that.
Due to terrorist activity,
this site is|temporarily closed.
Proceed to the Equilibrium|Center in Sector 8A.
Due to terrorist activity,
this site is|temporarily closed.
This site is|temporarily closed.
Proceed to the Equilibrium|Center in Sector 8A.
More than punctual, Cleric.
Hop in.
How were the lines?
I'm surprised you were able|to get your interval
and get out so quickly.
No, they're...|they're fine today.
Maybe I'll drop by later,|get my interval adjusted.
You expecting Resistance?
That's something you'll find|about me, Cleric.
I'm a wary person,|cautious by nature.
Always expecting the worst.
You can't do this.|You cannot do this.
Tetragrammaton.|There's nothing we can't do.
How long have you been off|the dose?
Look at you.
Look at you!
Look at you.
The mirror's frame is illegal.|Destroy it.
We have suppression.|We're making entry.
Standard deployment.
Collecting catalog.|Illegal articles.
You're gonna burn it,|aren't you?
However, you couldn't have|accumulated all this
by yourself.
It'll all be sorted|and examined.
We'll discover|who your confederates are.
We need her.
What's your name?
O'Brien, Mary.
Well, Mary...
you can either wait
and tell the technicians|at the Palace of Justice...
or you can tell me now.
Who are your friends?
I'm wondering if you have|any idea at all
what that word means...|"friend."
There's nothing|you don't feel?
How about guilt?
Let me ask you something.
Why are you alive?
I'm alive...
I live... safeguard the continuity|of this great society.
To serve Libria.
It's circular.
You exist to continue|your existence.
What's the point?
What's the point|of your existence?
To feel.
'Cause you've never done it,|you can never know it.
But it's as vital as breath.
And without it...|without love,
without anger,|without sorrow...
breath is|just a clock ticking.
Then I have no choice|but to remand you
to the Palace of Justice|for processing.
You mean execution, don't you?
The Gun Katas.
Through analysis of thousands|of recorded gunfights,
the Cleric has determined
that the geometric distribution|of antagonists in any gun battle
is a statistically|predictable element.
The Gun Kata treats|the gun as a total weapon,
each fluid position|representing
a maximum kill zone,|inflicting maximum damage
on the maximum number|of opponents
while keeping|the defender clear
of the statistically|traditional trajectories
of return fire.
By the rote mastery|of this art,
your firing efficiency will rise|by no less than 120%.
The difference of a 63% increase|to lethal proficiency
makes the master|of the Gun Katas
an adversary not to be|taken lightly.
Without love...
breath is just a clock...|ticking.
Prozium...|the great nepenthe.
Opiate of our masses.
Glue of our great society.
Salve and salvation,
it has delivered us|from pathos, from sorrow,
the deepest chasms|of melancholy and hate.
With it, we anesthetize grief,
annihilate jealousy,|obliterate rage.
That those sister impulses|towards joy, love, and elation
are anesthetized in stride,
we accept as fair sacrifice.
For we embrace Prozium|in its unifying fullness
and all that it has done|to make us great.
Good morning, Cleric.
Good morning.
...intrinsically, humans,|as creatures of the Earth
were drawn inherently always|back to one thing... war.
And thus we seek to correct|not the symptom
but the disease itself.
We have sought to shrug off|individuality,
replacing it with conformity.
Replacing it...
with sameness...
with unity,
allowing each man, woman,|and child
in this great society
to lead identical lives.
The concept of identical|environment construction
allows each of us to head|confidently into each moment
with all the secure knowledge
it has been lived before.
What are you doing?
I'm rearranging my desk.
You didn't like|the way it was before?
I had no feelings about it.
I'm merely attempting|to optimize.
Sense offenders|holed up in the Nether.
We estimate...|we estimate 50 men, sir.
Intelligence tells us|they're all fully armed.
This is the group that bombed|the Prozium factories.
You clean, we'll sweep.
Yes, sir.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Take it! Take the landings!
Cover me. I'm going in.
Nice grab, Cleric.
"Ludwig Van Beethoven."
Why didn't you leave that
for the evidentiary team|to collect and log?
They miss things sometimes.
I'll take it in myself...
make sure|it gets done properly.
You know, Preston...
If we keep burning|all this contraband,
eventually there won't be|anything left to burn.
What'll there be|for men like us?
We got something out back.
We're gonna need|two more men on this.
These animals were defended|by women and children.
We put them down easily.
This isn't the first time|we've seen this.
Why do they keep|these animals?
What, do they...|do they eat them?
What do you want me|to do, sir?
Exterminate them, of course.
All right. Let's do it.
What's wrong, Cleric?
Grab it.
Grab it!
Sir... toss it back in.
I'll finish it off.
Give it to me, sir.
Give it to him, Cleric.|He'll finish it.
It seems to me that...
at least some of these animals|ought to be tested for disease.
If there's an epidemic|in the Nether,
it's best we know about it.
I don't quite follow|your logic, Cleric.
They were Resistance.
They could have led us|to the Underground.
But instead of apprehension|and interrogation,
they were slaughtered.
Yes, but, Cleric,|given the circumstances,
the Father has decreed
that there will be no more|"process" for sense offenders.
They are either to be|shot on sight
or incinerated without a trial.
But it's counter to law.
You're a member|of the Council. Lf...
It is not the will|of the Council,
it is the will of Father...|and he is law.
without the logic of process,|is it not just mayhem...
what we have worked so hard|to eradicate?
You must understand, Preston,
that while you... and even I...|may not always agree with it,
it is not the message|that is important,
it is our obedience to it.
Father's will.
Call it faith.
You have it, I assume?
I have it.
Confiscated evidence|X23-T45...
Mary O'Brien.
Cleric John Preston|passing into the Nether...
Thank you, sir.
I don't know what else|to do with you.
Go on.
Go on.
But you're going back|in the trunk.
Step away from the vehicle!
Step away from the vehicle!
This is your last warning!
Step away from the vehicle!
I'm a Cleric.
I'm here on official business.
It's in my coat.
Where's the coat?|Where is it?
I don't have it.
Unidentified individuals are|subject to summary destruction.
You're making|a very big mistake.
I'm a Grammaton Cleric,|first class.
We're gonna search|your vehicle.
No, you're not.|There's nothing in it.
Search it!
- Clear, sir.|- Keys to the trunk.
I'm trying to tell you.
I have a predawn combustion|to witness.
I'm not...
Captain, this is a waste|of my time.
My name is John Preston.
I'm the highest-ranking Cleric|of the Tetragramm...
Stand off.
I'm sorry|I didn't recognize you, sir.
That's okay.|Just doing your job.
Thank you.
We'll escort you back|to the gate.
Nether's full of them.
Sounds like it came|from your trunk.
Just give me my keys.
I'll be on my way.
I'm asking you|one last time...
don't do this.
Down on your knees!
- Down on your knees!|- Down on your knees!
Drop down!
On the ground! Comply!
Do it!
Aw, shit! Shoot him!|Shoot him! Shoot him!
Always practicing, Cleric.
I guess that's why|you're the best.
Maybe I'm just better.
Something on your mind?
Why do you ask?
The intuitive arts, Cleric.
It's my job to know|what you're thinking.
So, then...|what am I thinking?
About the murders|in the Nether last night...
And if they know who did it.
Am I close?
So, tell me... do they know?
There are theories.
I have one or two of my own,|but at the moment...
they're premature!
I'm glad it happened.
Because now|Father and the Council
have decreed an acceleration|in the crackdown on offenders.
Whoever did it...
all they accomplished was|a quicker end to the Resistance.
It's gonna be|a massacre, Cleric.
I came to tell you...|there's a raid in the Nether...
Sector 7.
So get ready.
That door behind you...
Go, damn you!
Get out of here, God damn it!|If you don't, you're dead!
Don't do it.|He'll shoot us in the back.
If I was gonna shoot you,|I'd shoot you in the face.
Now go.
Damn you! Follow me.
Now! Let's go!
There will be no detention.
Repeat...|no detention for any purpose.
All prisoners and apprehendees|are to be put down.
Look out!
Cleric, what's happening?|We heard gunshots.
What are you doing?|Cleric!
They're Resistance fighters.
He's a sense offender!
Cover all quadrants!
Secure the perimeter!
What is this?
What are you doing?
Nicely done, Cleric.
You drive them|into the trap...
I close it.
The very definition|of... teamwork.
Don't you think?
Why don't you take the honors|of the execution, Cleric?
These people should be taken|for clinical interrogation.
Father's rulings|are quite clear.
Offenders are to be shot|on sight.
They have valuable information.
They can be put to|much better use.
If your weapon's low,|please, use mine.
I think, in the end...
it'll be better|if you have it.
Yes, sir. Firing positions.
Yes, Cleric?
You asked me to become|Father's instrument
against the Resistance.
I'm ready.
I wish to show my faith.
I wish, with your permission,
to locate the Underground|once and for all.
To destroy it.
To destroy it.
Good. Do it.
I'm so...
so very sorry.
These are the possessions he had|on him at the time of death.
The illegal ones|will be burned with him.
Errol Partridge.
The name supposed to mean|something to me?
He was a Grammaton Cleric,|first class. You knew him.
News bulletin...|I'm a sense offender.
I don't hang around much|with the Cleric.
I want to know about him.
I suggest you go ask him.
But I understand|that he's dead...
killed by your friends|at the Tetragrammaton.
Not by my friends.
By me.
You were lovers.
The Underground is our foe,
and greater|than even the threat
of those who have forsaken|their Prozium for emotion
is the threat of those|selfsame individuals united.
They are|the secret organization...
And thus, it is in the writing|of the Father
that we find our greatest...
Good afternoon, sir.
What will it be for you?
The latest copy|of the inserts?
Revised edition|of the manifesto?
Errol Partridge.
What do you know about him?
I beg your pardon?
Everyone out. Now.
I'm gonna ask you|one more time.
Errol Partridge...|what do you know about him?
I'm sure this must be|some mis...
- You're an offender.|- I'm not.
No? Then why are you|so scared of me?
Now, you will tell me everything|you know about Errol Partridge,
or I will have a wagon|come to take you
to the Hall of Destruction|for summary combustion.
I really don't know...
He... he'd come in here|with a fellow named Jurgen.
That's... that's all I know.|I swear.
We've been watching you,|Preston.
You're Jurgen.
You're feeling.
Do you know why you came?
Welcome to the Underground.
It detects fluctuations|of human emotion.
We have to be sure.
You're carrying|in your left pocket
a red ribbon|sprayed with her scent.
You breathe it in sometimes
when you think|there's no one to see.
But what you feel...
what you feel|could only be satisfied
by falling yourself into her.
She's scheduled|for combustion...
I know.
You know, I was like you.
But the first thing|you learn about emotion
is that it has its price...
a complete paradox.
But without restraint...
without control...
emotion is chaos.
But how is that diff...
The difference being is|that when we want to feel,
we can.
It's just that...
some of us...
some of us have to forgo|that luxury
so that the rest can have it.
Some very few of us
have to force ourselves|not to feel.
Like me.
Like you.
What can I do?
You can kill Father.
- Cleric John Preston...
you are to come with us|immediately.
Cleric Preston.
I've heard|the most disturbing rumor.
Rumor, sir?
A rumor maintaining|that one of us,
one of the Cleric,
has secretly taken it upon|himself to cease his dose,
that one of our elite number
is actually feeling.
Feeling, sir?
Are you playing with me,|Cleric?
No, sir.
This person, I'm told,
is actually attempting|to contact the Resistance.
Now tell me,|if you'll be so kind,
how exactly...
have you been making use|of your time of late?
Attempting to contact|the Resistance, sir.
How is it that you intend|to expose this traitor
if all you do is attempt?
100% right, sir.
Of course I am.
The Cleric is the final line|of defense.
If the Resistance|compromises it,
we are doomed.
Father is doomed.
I will redouble|my efforts, sir,
to locate the Resistance,
to find this traitor,
and bring them all to|the Council's fair justice.
Do it.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I was checking|to make sure you've been...
taking your interval.
And are you satisfied?
Yes, I am.
Good night, Dad.
I don't understand.
My execution's set.
Why are you here?
Aren't you gonna dose?
My God.
What'll you do?
I don't know.
50 sweepers, maybe more.
What about an audience? Can you|arrange to meet with him?
Father's never given a single|audience since the upheaval.
The danger of assassination|is too great.
They trained you your whole life|to fight these kind of odds.
Even if I could...
even if I could|make it through,
what guarantee is there|it would accomplish anything,
that anything would be|different?
We have a network that's larger|than you could ever imagine.
Instant word comes|that Father is dead,
that the Council is leaderless.
Bombs that have already|been planted will be set off
at Prozium clinics and factories|around Libria.
If we can succeed|in disrupting the supply
for even one day... one day...
our cause will be won|by human nature itself.
What about war, the everyday|cruelties that are all gone now?
Replaced by the touch|of Grammaton.
Will you do it?
Can you?
I don't know.
Seeing her one last time
will only make it harder|to do what you have to do.
...designed especially|to deal with it.
The Cleric was implemented
and sent out to search|and destroy
such objects that remained
and, if necessary,|those who attempted to...
File footage.
The Council...
Viviana Preston.
Sentence and incineration.
Viviana Preston,
for ceasing your interval,|for the crime of feeling,
you stand condemned
to suffer annihilation|in the city furnaces.
You will be taken there|immediately, and you will burn.
The Cleric was implemented
and sent out to search|and destroy
such objects that remained
and, if necessary,|those who attempted to...
The Council...
The incineration...|has it gone through?
It's going through now.
Machine turbines priming.
Machine turbines priming.
Tetragrammaton... I need|to speak to this woman!
You're too late, sir.|The time lock is engaged.
If we force the door now,
the turbines will explode|at street level.
...personnel,|clear the area immediately.
All unauthorized personnel,|clear the area immediately.
Turbines primed.
Fire in 10 seconds...
9 seconds...
8 seconds...
7 seconds...
6 seconds...
5 seconds...
4 seconds...
3 seconds...
2 seconds...
Turbines... fire.
Cleric John Preston...
You are under arrest.
This man...
this senior Cleric...
has ceased the dose.
He is feeling!
He is the worm that has been|eating at the core
of our great society!
And I...
I have brought him|for your justice.
I told you I'd make my career|with you, Preston.
This man is guilty
of consorting|with sense offenders,
of having relations|with a female,
of sense crime itself.
Dispatch a search team|to the Cleric's quarters
to search for unused...
That won't be necessary, sir.
If you'll run the trace|record on his side arm,
you will find|that it was he
who was with the sweeper team|when they were murdered.
I assume you have something|to say to me.
I know...
it's hard to believe...
...that a Cleric|of the Tetragrammaton
could turn his back|on everything he's been taught,
would become associated|with the Resistance,
even becoming a champion|in its Underground.
But it's true.
I promised that I would|bring you that man.
And I have.
- Cleric Brandt...|- Sir?
The trace shows|that it was your gun
in the Nether|with the sweepers.
That's impossible.
This is wrong.
I think, in the end...
it'll be better|if you have it.
He switched them.
He switched them.
See, I have his gun now.
Of course you do. You took it|when you arrested me.
Take him|to the Hall of Destruction
for summary judgment|and combustion.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait!|I can explain this.
Sir, I'm not feeling!
He is the one who's feeling!
This is a mistake!
Of course...
since a complaint|has been lodged,
law and the letter|is that I allow a team
to carry out the search|of your premises.
Do you think that's entirely|necessary, Cleric,
or am I being|too... exacting?
As you say, sir,
it's the law and the letter.
And it doesn't disturb you|in the least
that your colleague|is going to his end?
The only thing|that disturbs me, sir,
is that I am Father's instrument|against the Underground,
and yet... I've never had|the honor of meeting him.
Yes, but, Cleric, you know
that Father never grants|an audience to anyone.
Even to the man|who brings him the Resistance?
Sorry, sir.|Just a formality.
The search team will be up|momentarily.
Excellent.|I have nothing to hide.
The search teams are|already inside, sir.
Looking for something?
If I were you...
I'd be more careful|in the future.
How long?
Since Mom.
And Lisa?
Of course.
How did you know?
You forget...
it's my job to know|what you're thinking.
Then you know what|I'm gonna do now.
You have a message|for the Vice-Council?
You have a message|for the Vice-Council?
It's done.
I've located the Resistance.
Come now.
You'll have them all.
Do not address Father|unless first addressed by him.
Avoid eye contact.
If you should break|his personal security zone,
you will be immediately|put down by snipers.
Is that understood?
You'll be required to surrender|your firearm, of course,
and then there's the test.
You didn't imagine|we would risk exposing Father
to even such a dedicated servant|as yourself
without first having|tested you, did you?
your weapon, please.
We'll start with|a test question first.
More of a riddle, actually.
What would you say|is the easiest way
to get a weapon away|from a Grammaton Cleric?
You ask him for it.
I told you I'd make|my career with you, Cleric. combine the capacity...
Brandt's job was simple...
to make you feel|like you'd won,
to make you feel safe.
For years, I tried|to infiltrate an agent
into the Underground...
...until it hit me...
in order to pass undetected|into their midst,
in order to be trusted by them,
my provocateur would|have to think like them
and would have to feel|like them.
But where to find|such a man...
a man with the capacity to feel|who didn't yet know it?
we've never met.
Don't look so surprised,|Preston.
Why should Father be more real
than any other|political puppet?
The real Father died|years ago.
The Council simply elected me
to pursue|his paternal tradition.
And you, Preston,
the supposed savior|of the Resistance,
are now its destroyer,
and, along with them,|you've given me yourself...
entirely without incident.
Not without incident.
I'm coming.
You really should learn|to knock.
How did it feel, Preston?
Mind the uniform, Cleric.
I plan to be wearing it|for a long time.
Be careful, Preston.
You're treading on my dreams.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I'm life.
I live, I breathe...
I feel.
Now that you know it...
can you really take it?
Is it really worth the price?
I pay it gladly.
The following items|have been rated EC-10...
In the 19th century... to its knees.
Two millennia ago...
in his conquest|of the known world,
Alexander the Great|slaughtered
more than one million|human beings.
Three centuries later,|purely out of jealousy,
Gaius Germanicus, "Caligula,"|murdered his own sister,
impregnated|with his own child.
In the...
...items have been rated|EC-10...
...rated condemned,|destroyed.
...items have been rated...
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