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Era of Vampire The

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I remember these five warriors who set out on a journey... save us all from becoming innocent victims.
They never lost the will to fight for good against evil.
They did everything to fight...
...souls from the grave who had come back to life.
Before we go, you need to know what we are fighting.
When a corpse wasn't at peace, after a while...
...negative energy would build up...
...causing physical changes which would allow it to move again.
These zombies feed on living flesh destroying life to live...
...and eventually turning into vampires.
All-powerful, supernatural beings.
-Wind! -Yes!
-Thunder! Rain! -Yes!
-Lightning! -Yes!
The four of you look after the rest.
This mission is dangerous, stay alert! Understand?
Listen up!
If you are bitten by a zombie, you can recover...
...but once a zombie turns into a vampire...
...if it attacks you, you too will become a vampire.
Master, soon it will be daybreak.
The men haven't slept for days, they're exhausted.
They need to rest, to recuperate.
I feel a negative energy. We must be extra careful.
How close are we now?
According to the map, we have arrived.
This is a fortunated location. There must be graves around here.
But I also sense danger. The buried spirits are very restless.
Something horrible could happen at any moment.
Master, we found it!
-Where? -Towards the southeast!
This is the grave of a general, but it's been tampered with.
If the corpse is still inside, that means it hasn't changed yet.
We must blow up the tomb.
If the corpse has gone, it may be a vampire by now.
Master, I'll warn the men.
Get back! There's methane gas everywhere!
Put out the torches!
-Rain! -I'm here, master!
Catch the explosives!
Master! Catch!
There's a vampire!
Get him away from me!
-Stay here! -Then....
It's a wedding party.
We can't tell them there is a vampire.
Is the compass working?
It's stopped moving now. Maybe it needs a rest.
Master told us to stay alert at all times.
Anything could happen at anytime.
He also said that where we find vampires, we will find him.
-We might bump into him. -I hope so.
Smile, guys.
Mr. Kow, these are the workers you requested.
Are you dumb, or what?
I need more than two helpers.
Can these four men work in the kitchen?
Yes! Yes!
Stop looking at the compass. What are your names?
Wind. Rain. Thunder. Lightning.
Wind, Thunder, Rain and Lightning? What kind of stupid names are those?
From now on, you are Kung, Hei, Fat, Choi. Now repeat that.
-I'm Kung. -Hei.
-Fat. -Choi.
Those are names for servants. Give them a change of clothes.
Let's go to the kitchen.
Not in the kitchen. Go and bring in the wedding gifts.
-Go! -Let's go!
Stop looking at that compass...
-...or I will fire you! -Let's go.
Smile, guys.
-The guy's ridiculous. -What gifts?
-I don't even see the bride. -Where's the bridal sedan?
A bowl of noodles, please.
This compass isn't responding. Maybe we're in the wrong place.
Then what are we here for?
I am still worried. What if master became a vampire too?
-Stop talking nonsense. -It's possible.
Hurry out and greet your bride!
The wedding ceremony will begin now.
Marriage ceremony!
The bride and groom will honor the parents.
I love this.
I have plenty of experiences. Six times.
This time you're going to be fine, don't worry.
I like this. I like this.
Say, did you see the bride?
-It's none of our business. -Just asking.
Seems like there's no vampires here. Let's just get our money and leave.
The Jiangs are in the wax business...
...and they're very unlucky with women.
The son has married six times...
...and his brides die soon after the wedding.
Why are you cleaning up? You still have work to do.
-We thought it was payday. -Oh, really?
Who's going to take the lanterns down and put everything away?
Me? No use cleaning up now.
-We're just wiping our hands. -lf you want to quit, fine!
Leave now!
-What about our money? -What's wrong with you?
Am I supposed to pick up what you left?
Then you have to pay me.
Think about it. Do you want to work or not?
-Work! -Then get back to work.
Boss! The Jiangs' house is the other side of the forest!
Are you sure?
I followed the bridal sedan and memorized the route.
Tonight's going to be real special. I've been paid to rob a wedding.
We're going to help the Jiangs celebrate tonight!
We're gonna find out if Jiang's gold is for real.
What the hell?
We've seen everything in this line of business.
Don't panic! Follow the boss!
What's up?
The young master was bitten by a poisonous snake.
-Snakebite? -It's too late. He's dead.
Please accept my condolences. Goodbye.
Young master! No, young master!
It's my fault, sir! It's my fault...
...that a snake got into the house and killed the young master!
It's all my fault! I'll never face you again!
-I can't stay here anymore! -But, Mr. Kow-- Our money!
The four of you stay!
Now that the butler's gone, who's going to do the cooking and cleaning?
I'm the real boss here.
Why don't you stay, and I'll pay you.
How about you four stay and catch the snake for me? Okay?
Sure. Sure.
No problem.
-Chief! -What are you doing here? night...they...
We have guests here. Speak properly. Where's my gold?
We didn't get to the Jiangs' last night. Something terrible happened on the way.
Don't talk nonsense.
Vampires! Vampires!
Pal, there's no need to put up a show like this for me.
We all know why you married your sister to the Jiangs.
The Jiangs are loaded. I'm sure they'll pay off your gambling debts.
What's all this got to do with you?
I'll pay you back when I want to, and I say you'll get paid soon.
Fine. Okay with me. I have money.
But my men need money.
Of course, I could ask them to cut you a break!
Are you threatening me with these scumbags?
Is this how you repay a debt? You just killed my men!
I'm going to beat you up!
Where are you?
I sent a whole gang out to rob Jiang and only one comes back?
You should be disciplined.
I am giving the compass a break, and now it keeps raining.
-You said the bride doesn't concern us. -Right.
-But I see she's got you under her spell. -Right.
-We're supposed to catch the snake. -Right.
-The compass seems to be working. -What do you think happened here?
-You saw a bird last night in the forest? -Yeah.
Let's go take a look.
Why did you flirt with her? You know the line of business we're in...
...ordinary people don't understand it. We can't communicate with them.
It's hard to develop any relationships.
Stop dreaming. It's no use thinking about it.
-Who are you? -I'm just trying to make a living.
I was hired to find Jiang's gold. Please, give me a break!
-I see. Have you seen ghosts before? -No.
You want to see one? This place is haunted.
If you hang around, you'll definitely bump into one.
-There are no ghosts here! -No?
Didn't you feel a shiver on your back up there?
-You'll see them sooner or later. -Them?
-You know what I mean. -Ghosts?
And worse! Have you heard of vampires?
Yes, vampires.
But I'll give you a break. I'm a good scout.
You tell the others that there are vampires here. Tell them to keep away.
-Leave by boat. Vampires hate water. -Okay.
Where do I get a boat? Goddamn vampires.
-What are you looking for? -You.
I ran into a bandit searching for Jiang's gold.
Everyone wants to find out about the gold.
-What were you doing in the forest? -I went to check out funny noises.
Good. Thunder has Sasa and I have you.
Dear Brother, I know once a woman is married...
...according to tradition, she must remain with her husband.
But this Jiang household is really strange.
I don't think I can stay here much longer.
I hope you understand my situation. Please, help me get out of here.
Your sister, Sasa.
The snake. The snake!
Is anybody here? Anybody here?
Sasa, what are you doing?
-The house seems to be deserted. -What's wrong with that?
Soon you'll get used to the peace and quiet.
Our house is huge, don't wander around, you could get lost.
Father Jiang, can't you please let me go home?
-My husband is dead-- -Do you miss him?
I can take you to him.
What? Take me to him?
You dropped your letter. You'd better pick it up.
Son, we've come to see you.
What happened to him?
Our family is famous for preserving bodies.
We air-dry them and then preserve them with wax.
Others only last for a few years...
...but our technique is guaranteed for life.
Don't worry, you'll never be lonely. My son will be with you forever.
Last night, when your wife was sitting next to you...?
You are a smart girl.
She is just like your husband, she has been preserved.
She'll remain here forever.
Sometimes it is a blessing for a couple when one of them can't talk.
Don't worry, I'll make sure that you get the same treatment when you die.
-You'll be here forever. -No.
This is it.
-Nice jump. -You could scare us to death.
Stop searching, they're all over!
Just like a wax museum.
Maybe there's a vampire hiding among these bodies.
-This must be the Jiangs' gold. -I wonder how much they are worth.
We're here for the vampire, not the treasure.
-You're right. -Don't be silly.
-We should forget the vampire. -Right.
Idiot! If the vampire shows up, we won't live to enjoy the gold!
-The sun's going down now. -You're right.
You didn't tell me there are vampires at the Jiangs' mansion.
People made up the vampire stories.
I was partially responsible for them too.
Many people are scared but it's just a rumor, that's all.
Relax, I've worked for the Jiangs for years.
I have everything arranged. Everything will go smoothly.
After all those years, you don't know where he hides his gold?
Old man Jiang was once a police chief. He's very smart and careful. So l--
The brides are dead. You must find that snake.
The snake might bite my sister too.
What's your excuse?
They're hunting the snake right at this moment.
My sister's in danger.
What if the old man takes advantage of her? What are you going to do?
There's man who can help us.
This guy's called a zombie wrangler.
His job is to make the dead move again.
Old Jiang is not dead, so why would we need this guy?
Actually, for generations, the Jiangs...
...have preserved the dead with wax.
We can ask the zombie wrangler to wake up all of the waxed corpses.
Just imagine all of those bodies jumping all over the place.
The old man will be busy rounding them all up...
...that will be our chance to sneak into his house and look for the gold.
It's a perfect plan.
We'll ask him to show you.
I don't buy this crap!
They're already dead. Why bother them?
They died in foreign places and I have to help them.
I have to bring them back home to bury them tonight.
You are the zombie wrangler? Let's see how good you are.
Is that the best you can do?
Tell me...
...are you here to talk or to fight?
Sir, we are here for your help. We need you to awaken...
...all of the corpses in Jiang's house.
Here's the down payment. Please accept it.
Help you? It's no problem, I do it all the time.
You saw what I saw, but...
...she's mine to protect!
Let's put it this way, she'll be your sister-in-law.
We were just trying to watch out for you.
If anything happens, we're in it together.
Quiet down! If she hears us, it's all over for me!
I'm serious about her.
-She's Mrs. Jiang, not your girlfriend. -Right.
But they didn't sleep together. I still have a chance.
-Anyway, you'll help me out! -Is that right?
You all come with me.
What now?
They're all waxed bodies.
The compass doesn't show anything. They are all still dead.
You were spying on the young mistress while she was bathing.
-You shouldn't have done that. -It's a serious offense.
What, you can look and we can't?
According to our family rules, I must gouge your eyes out!
I looked with a pure heart...
...but he's just a dirty bastard!
-What's the difference? -You dirty bastard!
-Say that again? -I mean you!
-I thought you're bulletproof. -What if I am?
You're on your own.
-Are you okay? -You push too hard.
So you are the unbeatable one?
I thought you couldn't be defeated.
My turn!
We better burn all of these corpses.
Hold it!
We can't start a fire here. We might burn the house down.
-Let's move them out. -Right!
What now?
There may be other corpses, we have to burn them too!
-Let's double check. -With whom?
We'll pin down the old man and force him to tell us.
Just who are you guys? Are you here to try to rob me?
With your fighting skills, why are you pretending to be servants?
-We're after vampires. -He's right.
We suspect that all these corpses...
-...could turn into vampires, then-- -Ridiculous!
That's just a rumor... keep the bandits away.
Ever since we became rich...
...the family members never stopped fighting.
It led to the fall of our family.
Never mind, I won't punish you.
If you can help me get rid of my problems...
...l'll adopt one of you as my godson...
...and you can carry on the family line and inherit my fortune.
I know this should have been my duty...
...but I'll also let one of you marry my daughter-in-law.
Look no further. I'll do it.
I will restore your family's name.
Are you nuts?
What did he say to the old man?
Restore the glorious days.
-What's that noise? -What's that noise?
-Where's the compass? -Let's check it out.
They're here.
-Where are you going? -Let's move.
What's going on?
What's going on?
That's Jiang's house. Sasa's still there!
I've got to save her.
-What about us? -Let's get our tools.
-This is terrible! -Hei, help me!
-Where are you, Sasa? -I'm over here!
Move away!
-Are you hurt? -My foot.
Let me carry you.
I haven't adopted you yet! How dare you carry her!
Why are they moving? Stop them!
Someone is using magic to awaken them.
-Who are your enemies? -Enemy?
You are my enemy!
Get down!
-What was that? -A vampire!
We've been hunting him for months.
I started that rumor to protect this place.
It's not a rumor anymore. It's the vampire king.
What? The rumors are true?
Someone is controlling them, someone is calling them.
How many people know about your gold hidden in the storage room?
Who are you? How do you know about my hiding place?
I.... We....
I see. You and the other three are all after my money!
If I were, I wouldn't have come back to rescue her!
Liar! You just want her and my gold!
Not bad.
I understand, you're a decoy so your friends can steal my gold! Right?
If someone is plundering your gold right now, it's not my friends.
Go check it out!
What are you holding a rock for?
I was just trying to help.
Take me out of here. Please.
But, Master Jiang...?
You don't want me to be here forever, do you?
Of course not.
Let's go!
-Where are we going? -This is a powerful vampire.
We must keep going, maybe we'll get away.
He's behind us!
We seem to have lost him.
-You can let go now. -It's all right.
I feel better now.
You can open your eyes now.
Where are we?
This is where we found the vampire king.
We took a wrong turn!
This way!
He's there!
-Marry me if I survive. -I will.
Thank you, Sasa. Goodbye!
He can't see you if you're wet!
He's coming!
Run! Run!
Oh, no! The jacket's too short!
Stay in the water and you'll be safe!
-Jump into the well! -Okay!
What now, master? There's no water here!
Get ready.
-Master, it's raining! -I know.
I'm sure it's in here.
This is the only place I've never been in.
I bet the old man must have hidden the gold here.
Why were you making us run around till now?
Will the old man be back soon?
Relax. We woke up all the corpses.
It will take him forever to round them up.
We'd better hurry before he comes back.
It's too late for you now.
You married your younger sister to my son for money!
That's right! This was my plan all along!
You can't use up all the money you have now.
Be reasonable. Don't try to hold on to what you don't need.
Why is it your business how I spend my money?
Because we are family now.
You knew where the gold is, but you still took me running around?!
Look out!
He wants us to fight so he could grab all the money.
Be careful.
We're both here to steal! Don't listen to him!
I'll be waiting for you outside.
Don't worry, I won't be able to run away from you.
It's easier to take it from him than from you.
I fulfilled two wishes today.
I got what I was owed for marrying my sister into your family...
...and I also defeated you. Which proves I'm a better fighter.
Look what's behind you.
I'm not falling for that old trick. Look what's behind you.
Look what's behind you.
Look what's behind you. I only believe in myself.
Why is she not awake yet? Will she be okay?
She is tired from running around all night.
Where are your partners?
They're getting ready for the vampire.
The vampire has been to many places. Many people are infected.
I followed him for months after we were separated.
Then I stopped here to look for you and the vampire at the same time.
But we never saw you. We've been looking for you for months.
-Who's she? -My wife.
We just got married.
While the vampire was chasing us, we--
Did you take advantage of her when she was vulnerable?
Do you feel the smoke?
-Could it be fog? -Fog doesn't smell.
She's burning.
This is not an ordinary wound.
This was inflicted by a vampire. She's been infected.
She'll turn into a vampire within seven days.
Maybe sooner. You better prepare for the worst.
Although we haven't known each other for long--
-But it's not hopeless. -Really?
She might be cured by powdered coffin wood.
Might be? But you were sure just now!
I said it's not hopeless, but that doesn't mean it is curable.
At least there is hope!
She's calling you.
Sasa, I'm over here.
Is there something wrong with my ears?
Why does my voice sound strange?
Really? I don't think so.
Master, do you think her voice is strange?
Start preparing the wood.
Your ears are okay.
Where is Sasa? Do she miss me?
Are you young Master Jiang? You sound so strange.
I've been dead for a while.
I can hardly speak. Come here quickly and help me.
Is that Master Tailor?
I was before. You've been dead.
That's right, it's been some time now.
What's happening? I thought the vampire myth was just a story...
...but this is all real.
They are real. We haven't known each other long...
...but I'm true to you.
Jiang's zombies have all been feeding.
Soon they'll turn into vampires.
But they can be destroyed if they're exposed to the sun.
-Master! -Master!
Stop crying.
I'm scared. Can we leave now?
Let me check.
Don't leave me.
Do you really want to marry me?
I gave you my word. I'll never lie to you.
What now?
It knows we're here. It knows we are coming after him.
Master, no response.
This thing has tasted my sword before. He's still afraid of it.
Let's go!
You can't come. Wait for me in a safe place in town.
No, I want to come with you.
It's too dangerous. Trust me, I will come back.
-But do me a favor before I leave. -What is it?
I want to hear you say that you'll wait for me.
I'll wait for you.
Don't worry, I will be back.
Don't touch the gold!
-Master, it's a wired net. -Be careful!
I don't care what you are here for...
...but this is where you're all going to die.
Mr. Jiang, it's better to rest in peace than to be one of the living dead.
There's no point in hanging on.
I want an heir for the Jiang family.
This is all about face. I need to preserve our family.
Your whole life's governed by face, isn't that miserable?
Dragon, you love gold, kill them all and you can have all the gold.
Okay, give me the gold...
...and you can have my sister... carry on your family legacy.
Spread out!
Get down!
It's been feeding on Master Jiang and Dragon.
It's now stronger than ever.
Master, the sword!
-Master. -I'll get the explosives!
Tie him up!
Wind! Thunder!
Rain! Lightning!
-Master! -Master!
This is a great honor, we made it!
Sasa and I are going back home. What are your plans?
The Jiang house is empty now. Ling and I plan to move in.
What about you, Wind?
I'm staying with them till I find a job.
Don't forget to write to us.
And you, Rain?
I have no plans. I'll follow them all.
Take care. Keep in touch.
-Thunder, remember.... -Be careful!
Be careful?
-Be careful of what? -They mean "Be happy"!
We must hurry through the forest before dark.
Don't worry! Everything is fine.
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