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Erik The Viking

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Have you done this sort|of thing before?
Me? Of course. I've been looting|and pillaging up and down the coast.
- Looting and pillaging, eh?|- Yes.
- What about the raping?|- Shut up.
Well, it's obvious you haven't|raped anyone in your life.
- Do you like women?|- What?
Of course I like women...|I love 'em.
You don't love me.
Mind you, I'm not saying I|couldn't get to like you.
As a matter of fact I actually|prefer it if there's some sort
of mutual feeling between two|people...
What? Rape?
No. Obviously then it would be|rape - then, would it?
Get it over with.
I don't suppose that you...|No. No.
I don't suppose you...
You do like me at all?
What d'you expect?
You come in here, burn|my village, kill my family
and try to rape me...
You don't like it, do you?
Well it just seems a little bit|crude, that's all.
What about all the killings|and lootings?
That's just as crude, isn't it?
- Well, you've got to do them.|- Why?
Why have you got to go around|killing and looting all the time?
To pay for the next expedition,|of course.
But that's a circular argument!
If the only reason for going on an|expedition is the killing and looting
and the only reason|for the killing and looting is
to pay for the next expedition,|they cancel each other out.
Stop talking as if|we were married!
Well you started it.
I just said I didn't feel like|raping you.
And I was just saying that rape|is no more pointless or crude
than all the killing and looting.
Aaagh! Rape!
Oh, thanks
He raped me standing up.
- You finished, then?|- I suppose so...
- Leave her alone!|- No!
Thanks for saving me from a fate|worse than death.
- I didn't mean to!|- Oh, that's all right then...
it's the thought...|that counts...
You told them I raped you - why?
I dunno... you looked so...|so vulnerable...
- Why should you care?|- Why... should you care?
Tell me your name?
Tell me... what is it?
If you ever thought of converting|my dear,
this would be an ideal opportunity...
- Not now!|- No, of course not...
- But, er - you might not get|another chance. - Go away!
Yes.. That's what I'll do, dear.|I'll pray for you.
Let her go!
- Why?|- Why should we let her go?
We haven't hit|a single braid yet!
- He hit my wife!|- That showed her.
What's the matter?
We're missing all the fun...
- What's it all about, grandpa?|- What?
We toil and labour, we loot and|pillage, rape and kill...and yet.
You talking piffle, son?
Where does it all get us, Grandpa?
Who have you been talking to?
I met this girl...
Huh! Women! It's always the women|that start the trouble.
- She got me thinking...|- So?
What'd you do to her?
I... I... killed her...
That's my boy!
Ah... Erik the Viking.
What can you want with me,|Erik the Viking?
I shouldn't have come.
Afraid they will make fun of you|for listening to an old woman's stories?
Young men are only interested|in fighting and killing.
But has it always been like that?|Since the beginning of time?
- What do you see, Erik?|- I see the world.
- Is it night or day, Erik?|- It is day, of course.
Is it summer or winter?
The winter has passed.|It is summer.
Have you ever seen the sun, Erik?
No, it's up beyond the clouds -|where it always is.
But have you ever seen it?
Think back.
I remember once as a child|I had a dream.
It was as if the whole sky|was blue...
It was blue, Erik... once.
The Old Stories tell of an age|that would come such as this -
when Fenrir the Wolf would|swallow the sun,
and a Great Winter would settle|the world.
It was to be an axe age,|a sword age, a storm age,
when brother would turn against|brother, and men would fight
each other until the world|was finally destroyed.
Then this is the Age of Ragnarok?
Wait, Freya!
Is there nothing men can do?
The Gods are asleep, Erik.
I will go and wake them up!
Tell me what I must do!
Far out in the midst|of the Western Ocean
there is a land, men call it|Hy-Brasil.
There you will find a horn|that is called Resounding.
You must take the Horn Resounding|and three times you must blow it.
The first note will take you to|Asgaard.
The second will awaken the Gods.
The third will bring you home.
But remember, once you are in|the spell of the Horn,
hatred will destroy you.
Will the dead ever return, Freya?
That I cannot tell you.
What are you doing?
Thorfinn just said Sven's|grandfather died of old age.
- He must fight to the death.|- That's right! Sven must kill me.
Aren't you afraid of death,|Thorfinn Skull-Splitter?
Not death by the sword!
It means I shall drink in|Valhalla with the great warriors.
You don't believe in all that|Valhalla stuff, do you?
Go away.
Right. Fine.|Just checking.
And you, Sven, aren't you afraid|of crossing the Rainbow Bridge
- to Asgaard?|- I will join my grandfather there.
He's not in Valhalla!|He died of old age!
You liar!
Stop it!
There's only one way|to settle it. He must kill me!
- There is another way.|- Who gets killed?
- Nobody gets killed.|- Oh, well...
It'll be dangerous.|Maybe none of us will return.
Ah well, that's much more|sensible than just
Thorfinn getting killed.|Shall we all go and pack now?
What are you talking about, Erik?
What if we could find Bi-Frost|the Rainbow Bridge?
- Find the Rainbow Bridge?|- Find it... and cross it!
- Look! You can't find somewhere|that doesn't exist. - Shut up!
Only the dead reach Asgaard.
What's the matter?|Are you afraid to try?
- Of course we're not afraid|to try, but... - But what?
- But...|- What?
Nobody's ever crossed the|Rainbow Bridge to Asgaard.
- We'd be the first!|- You mean we'd be dead?
No! We'd be the first living men|to set foot in the Halls of the Gods.
But how?
I don't know.
but I'm not afraid to try.
- Well, I'm not afraid of anything.|- Neither am l.
Then you'll come?
Wish you were going too?
No you can't - too busy.
Ooh, that's a good one!
You could charge Halfdan|fifteen for that one.
Yes, it is good.|But I told him ten.
You could charge him|what you like.
You just can't make enough swords|and spears and knives and daggers
to satisfy the demand.
You could charge Halfdan twenty|and he'd pay it.
Oh, I couldn't do that!|The Blacksmith's Code says...
Yes, yes... of course....|the "Blacksmith's Code"...
If this is the Age of Ragnarok,|Keitel Blacksmith, it is good to us.
Can't make enough swords!|Can't make enough axe-heads!
But, Keitel, if Erik ever finds|the Horn Resounding...
if he ever crosses Bi-Frost,|the Rainbow Bridge...
if he ever wakens the gods..
They chase Fenrir the Wolf from|the sky...
The Age of Ragnarok ends...
The bottom falls out|of the sword business!
It's not just your livelihood|at stake but your son's,
and the livelihood of all|blacksmiths.
You can't let Erik do that.
- Got both axes?|- Yes, Mother.
- And something to sharpen|them with? - Yes, Mum.
And don't forget: never let|your enemy get behind you.
- And keep your sword greased.|- Yes, Mother.
Goodbye, Dad.
And don't forget to wash|- you know - ALL over.
No, Dad.
And if you have to kill somebody,|kill them! Don't stop to think about it.
I never do...
- It's a tradition.|- I know, Dad. Yout told me
I was a Berserk for King Harald|Fairhair...
You went berserk...
I went berserk in every battle|I ever fought for King Harald...
So did your father...
So did my father and his father|before him.
But it's a responsibility...
But it's a responsibility being|a Berserk.
I must only let the red rage...
You must only let the red rage|take hold of you
in the thick of battle.
I've heard it all the thousand|times!
No, no... you'll never make|a Berserk.
If you let it out now you'll have|nothing left for battle...
Besides... it's dangerous.
It's the end of|a family tradition.
You coming? You don't even|believe in Asgaard.
I thought I might do a|bit of business on the way.
You're wasting your time.
I've been in this dump for 16|years and I haven't made
a single convert all that time.
There was Thorbjorn Vifilsson's|wife. You converted her.
Thorbjorn Vifilsson's wife became|a Buddhist, not a Christian.
Same thing, isn't it?|No, it is not.
Well... we'll be off now...
You need to say a bit more|than that!
Oh... er... yes...
Don't be sad....
Maybe untold dangers do lie ahead|of us, and some of you
may well be looking at the one|you love for the last time...
But don't grieve!
Even tough the Hordes of Muspel|tear us limb from limb or
the Fire Giants burn each and|every one of us to a cinder...
Even if we're swallowed by|the Dragon of the North Sea
or fall off the Edge of the World.|Don't cry.
No! Don't cry....
It's all fantasy, there's no|no Edge of the World,
- no Dragon of the North Sea.|- That's what you say.
- What's the matter with them?|- Just say something cheerful.
- My son! I don't want you to go!|- I don't want to go, either...
Oh gods! Please, everybody!|Keep calm!
It's not certain all of us are|going to die...
and in any case we may not die|hideous deaths...
We'd best be going.
Right. Farewell for the last time|may the gods prevent...
No, don't say anything else!
Wait, Erik!
You can't go without me.
Who will sharpen your swords|and mend your shields?
Not him too!
What's the matter now?
If Keitel Blacksmith goes|with you...
We'll have no one to do|the things he did for us.
Or sharpen our knives|and make our pans.
Well you have Keitel's assistant,|Loki, to do all that.
What's wrong? He's become quite|good at blacksmithing.
Yes... but...|He's so small and...
Oh, yes... we've got Loki.|That's true...
- Hey, you two! What's going on?|- I was sitting there.
Leif's sitting here.|I need a bit of luck.
- Look, I bagged it last week.|- It doesn't matter where you sit!
Yes it does! We could be|at sea for months.
Well, what difference does it|make where you're sitting?
I don't want to have to sit next|to Snorri all that time.
- Thank you very much indeed.|- Svet, sit back there.
Leif, you better sit here.|And Harald sit here.
- Trust me to get the missionary.|- What are you doing here?
- You might need a real Berserk.|- I am one, Dad!
We haven't got a spare place.
He can have my place.|I don't want to go anyway.
- Well, you are!|- He could have Bjorn's place.
- Bjorn's not coming.|- What's the matter with Bjorn?
Nothing... Halfdan the Black|chopped his hand off last night.
He was lucky.
Well, sit there.
You can't have Sven's father|sitting next to Sven.
They'll argue the whole time.
That's true. You'd better sit|behind Thorfinn.
And you sit there.|And you sit there.
Now you've got all the big ones|on one side.
All right.
Thangbrand sit where Ornulf is.|Ornulf sit where Ulf is.
Ulf sit where Thangbrand was.
Ragnar sit behind Thorfinn.|Thorfinn stay where you are.
- I wanted to sit next to Leif.|- Shut up.
Sven switch with Snorri.|Snorri sit behind Sven.
Keitel sit here. Harald there.|Leif there, Bjarni there.
Now you've got all the ones with|beards on one side
and all the moustaches|on the other.
- That doesn't matter.|- Erik! Wait!
Here, son.
Your father always made sure he|could rest his head at night.
I can't take that on a voyage!
It was your father's! It was the|pillow he took with him.
He said it once saved his life.
Thanks, mum.
What's your business?
I wish to speak to Halfdan|The Black.
- He's too busy.|- I have money. See!
Come along, Hecate.
Look, I'm not an unreasonable|man, Thord Andersson
but this is the second chance|that I've given you.
- But I'm a poor man, sir.|-Yes, but it's not just me, you see.
a lot of people depend on this|money.
I really can't give you a third|chance, I'm so sorry.
- Er, would you please behead|him, please? - Oh no!
Take all my sheep, all of them.
Oh, that's a good idea.|Take all his sheep.
If only they'd think ahead.|I really wish they would.
Ah the blacksmith's assistant|from Ravenfjord.
- Garrotte him, would you please.|- No, no.
- My lord, Halfdan the Black.|- You've brought me more sword?
I bring more than swords. I bring|a warning from my master.
A warning?
- Um... flay them both alive|would you? - No, it's a mistake.
Erik and the men of Ravensfjord|are setting off to cross
- the Western Ocean.|- Lucky things!
I could do with a holiday, I can|tell you.
All this financial work, you know...|The stress really gets you.
Um... flay him alive, garrotte him|and then behead him.
No, I'm not Hildir Eysteinsson!|I'm Hjalti Skeggjason!
You've got the wrong man.
They seek to drive Fenrir the|Wolf from the sky
to waken the Gods and to bring|the Age of Ragnarok to an end.
End Ragnarok?|Who do they think they are?
- Er, just cut his hand off.|- Oh, Thank you my lord.
Thank you a million thanks|yous.
You can cut them both off|if you want. Thank you very much.
So why should you tell me|all this?
Because, my lord, my livelihood|depends on Ragnarok.
Like yours.
And of course if anything should|happen to your master
you would become blacksmith|of Ravensfjord.
Have a good look.
That's the last we'll see|of old Norway.
Goodbye home...|goodbye loved ones...
- goodbye lunch...|- Oh! Shut up.
- You know, my son, our lord said...|- Your lord.
Quite... my lord said:
"The Prayer of Faith shall have|the sick."
I hope the Dragon of North Sea|gets you and your lord.
Darkness and ignorance...
You all right?
No, I'm not.
You don't need to feel bad about|being sea-sick, you know.
How can you help feeling bad when|you're sea-sick?
I mean many of the greatest|sailors were pukers.
I know. I know.
Olaf Tryggvason used to throw up|on every single voyage.
The whole time. Non-stop.|Puke... puke... puke.
Look! I don't feel bad about it.|I just feel ill.
- He used to puke in his sleep.|- The bastard.
- It's Halfdan the Black!|- I know.
- No. No. No. Put it away.|Break out the oars! Move it!
We've only just started cooking|supper.
Do you suppose he wants|to stop us waking the Gods?
What do you think?
How could he know...|unless...
So are you going to run away|from him, Erik?
Row, Thorfinn Skull-Splitter.
And you, Keitel Blacksmith.
We can't keep this up!
Row, row, row, row.
And up!
The Gates of the World...
We have passed through the|Gates of the World.
No we are in the Unknown...
I never thought I should see|the sun again.
So that's what the sun|looks like!
Should the sun do that?
Excuse me. What are you|looking at?
Look out!
It's not the sun!
What is it?
It's the Dragon of the North Sea!
Ah! That's why I can't see it.
Some dragon! Ooh!
Look out!
Row! Row!
What's all the panic about?
The Dragon...
Children afraid of the dark.
- Slower. Nobody can row|at that speed. - Oh sorry.
Man overboard!
Slower! ln... Out...
We're being attacked!
No, no Sven...
We must kill!
It's no good going berserk|against a dragon!
Make your mind up.
Keep up the strike!
Stop it!
Row... row!
- What are you doing?|- It saved my father!
Row! Keep rowing!
His dad was the same.
Used to take forty winks|in the middle of a battle.
Just shut up!
Has anyone told him we've got|a dragon eating our boat?
Death to dragons!
Red mist!
Take a deep breath!
It's at time like this that you'll|this book most useful.
- I'll take that.|- Shut up and row you idiot!
Breathe in, you cod-brain!
Hold on tight!
Urgh! What's it been eating?
Get back!
Look out!
- Who was that?|- Leif the Lucky.
I can't hang on!
- Let me go, Sven.|- If you go... I go too...
Hang on!
First we're flying|now we're sinking!
Who are we fooling?|It's hopeless!
Let's sing something!
Anyone know any good|drowning songs?
Listen! Maybe we won't get|to Hy-Brasil!
Maybe we won't find the Horn|Resounding,
but at least we've tried and|at least we shall have died like men.
Like fish.
Erik's right!|We'll all meet in Valhalla.
I don't want to die!
Isn't there anybody who'd like to|be christened before we go down?
It can't do you any harm.
What do we have to do?
Nothing. I just immense you|in water...
Get lost!
Don't let me drown, Thorfinn!
Oh Odin! Not me, I'm too young.|Please not me.
Perhaps I'd rather drown.
Till we meet in Valhalla.
- How deep is the ocean?|- Very deep... usually.
Wait! Nobody kill anybody!
What is it?
- It's the Dragon again!|- No.. no, it isn't.
- The sun! That's it!|- The sky's blue.
The sun!
- She's got no clothes on!|- It's disgusting.
Get her weapons.
She hasn't got any.
She must have a knife|or something...
What kind of place is this?
Maybe they've got weapons|we haven't even dreamed of...
- Let's hack her to pieces.|- No.
Well, what else do we do?
- How about making friends?|- "Friends"?
What's wrong with making friends?
You don't go through all the|hardships of an ocean voyage
- to make "friends".|- We can make "friends" at home...
- What did you say?|- I said welcome.
Well, of course.|We always welcome friends.
How d'you know we're "friends"?
Well, everyone is friends here|on Hy-Brasil.
Hy-Brasil?|ls this Hy-Brasil?
Well, of course.
Please! Please! What are those?
- What are what?|- Those things in your hands.
These? What are these?
They're swords.
Oh no! No! Put them down!|Please put them down!
What's the matter?
Please! You don't know|what you're doing!
- Make them put them down.|- Why?
- Yes, why?|- Why?
But surely you know?
- No.|- Know what?
Well, the wonderful blessing under|which we live here on Hy-Brasil!
No... we don't.
The Gods decreed that if ever|sword spills human blood
upon these shores, the whole|of Hy-Brasil would sink beneath
the waves.
That's terrible!
You mean if just one person gets|killed?
- This whole place would sink?|- Yes!
- You mean, you can't kill anybody?|- Right! lsn't it wonderful?
- But how d'you take revenge?|- How do you punish people?
How do you defend yourselves?
We don't have to. We're all terribly|nice to each other.
- All the time?|- Well, of course!
We have to be.
Being nice to each other is|what it's all about.
We're terribly nice to each other|We're friendly bold and free.
We never say anything nasty|'cause we dare not.
No sirreeeee!
Would you like us to sing to you?
Well, that's very kind of you,|but we're in a hurry and...
What's the matter? Don't you want|to hear our singing?
Well, yes of course, it's just...
You don't think our singing's|going to be good enough for you?
- Well, I'm sure it's lovely.|- But you don't want to hear it.
No, no, no. We'd love to hear it,|wouldn't we?
Well, you'll have to ask us|really nicely.
Er, well, we'd be terribly grateful|if you would sing for us.
- You're just saying that.|- Well, of course he is!
Of course we're not. We would|genuinely like to hear you sing.
- Really?|- Really.
And you're not just saying that|because you think we want you to?
Summon the musicians!|We'll do the one that goes...
But it's not the one|we're best at.
Couldn't we do the one that goes|"Tum-ti-tum-ti-tum-ti-tum"?
Not when we've got visitors.
Ah! The musicians!
Oh dear, I'm sure you're not|going to like this.
It's, it's just no good,|We are not a musical nation...
No, no, no it was, it was very...|...nice.
Now, I want you to be absolutely,|totally, genuinely honest with me.
Did you really, truly,|honestly like it?
They didn't like it.|Oh my God. I want to die!
Your Majesty, we come from|a world where there is no music.
Where Fenrir the Wolf covers|the sun.
A world where men live and die|by the axe and by the sword.
Well, how do you think I feel?
We must find the Horn Resounding!
Is it here on Hy-Brasil?
- I'll tell you what...|- Yes?
We'll do the one that goes|"Tum-tum-tum-tum-ti-tum-tum".
Perhaps you'll like that one|better.
Have you ever felt like this|about anyone else?
You mean got into bed with them?
No. Of course not, silly.
No, I mean felt like this about them?
You mean you have got into bed|with somebody else?
No, I mean have you ever felt|that for the first time in your life
you've met someone you really can|believe in with your whole heart?
Someone who's goals suddenly|seem to be your goals.
Those dreams become your dreams.
Have you ever been to bed|with anyone else?
Why do you go on about that?
You've felt like this before.
It, it was different.
What was she like?
Well, I didn't know her|very well...
But, but you loved her|all the same?
- We never went to bed together.|- Why do you go on about that?
You have been to bed with|somebody else, haven't you?
- I've never loved anybody!|- I've never been to bed with anybody!
- Open up!|- It's my father.
I know you're in there.
Do you hear?
Oh no!|Halfdan!
I will walk right in|and surprise you.
Throw this over you.
- Well, where is he?|- Who Father?
Who? Who, whoever you've got|in here of course!
Well, there is no one father.
I smell one of those foreigners.|That's who it is, isn't it?
- He's the fifth one this week.|- Fifth?
All right, where is he?
There's no one here, father.|Look for yourself.
He wouldn't be a midget, Father!
Ah! So you admit there could be|someone here.
Ah, you're losing your temper!
Of course I'm not, my dear.|I'd never lose my temper.
Oh dear, more visitors!
Ah-ha, right!
Come on! Come out of there!|Come out like a man.
I know you're in there.
It's all in your own mind, father.
I sometimes think you've got some|of your mother's magic in you.
She'd blind me as easily|as the night, the day.
Oh, it's your fantasy.
But I'll catch you.|Like I caught her.
The Cloak lnvisible.|It was my mother's parting gift.
Fifth one this week!|Can I have my shirt back please?
Oh for goodness' sake!
And I thought you said it was|something special.
Oh, Erik, that's just what|I am trying to tell you, you are.
Five this week, how many|the week before?
- Oh! You're as bad as my father.|- And the week before that?
I just want to help you to get|to Asgaard.
- I mustn't let him land! - Who?|- Halfdan the Black.
I feel strange.
- What, sort of wobbly and excited?|- Sort of.
Oh, that's fear.
Thorfinn has another meaning|of fear.
Is it sort of like a sinking|feeling in your stomach?
That's it!
- But you're not even afraid of|death, Thorfinn! - I know, I know.
It's magic.
What magic?
I've heard stories of a magic|that strikes fear into the heart
so you cannot fight.
Yes... I can feel it.|I always feel like this!
All right. If they're using magic|we'll use magic of our own!
Why didn't you come up|by the stairs?
Just give me a hand.
I mean, you could have|killed yourself.
- Where's the Cloak lnvisible?|- Why?
I can't see it! Have you got|another man in here already?
It's in that chest.
There isn't another man.|Oh no, no.
- I'll bring it back. - No, Erik, you|don't understand. - No, it's you
Halfdan the Black has come to|kill and destroy.
We brought him here.|We must stop him.
- No, Erik, you don't realize....|- Goodbye, Aud.
- Thanks! - No, wait, Erik.|The Cloak lnvisible
it only seems|to work on my father!
And a sort of slightly|sick feeling?
That's right! And you keep|wanting to go to the toilet.
So Halfdan the Black's using|magic, is he?
Well, I have a magic|to match his!
- What is it?|- A magic dish cloth.
To the oars!
Row! Row!
Row! Row!
Erik!|What magic have you brought?
You'll see!
Open wide.
All right!
Here it is. Here is the magic|from the King's daughter!
- How did he do that then?|- Do what?
- Vanish.|- He hasn't.
- Where is he then?|- He's there!
Oh dear!|I've done it.
Oh! Scary, scary, don't we look mean?
You can't see me!|But I can see you!
What's the matter? Haven't you|seen anyone fight before?
- They're usually too scared of us.|- Kill him!
There that's a true Berserk.
Well I'm...|I'm just building up to it, Dad.
The fear's gone!
Now you see me...|Now you don't.
- Well, come on!|- I... I...
Hang the Blacksmith's Code!
I am the air! I am the wind!
Fight damn you, fight!
- Well go on, go berserk!|- Oh give us a chance, dad!
- What about you, why don't you go|berserk? - Got to keep my eye on him.
This is the life, eh?
Erik! Kill!
Thorniff! Look out!
Now row.|Row, you moron!
Thorfinn! You can't die!
I'm not frightened of anything.
You'll see my grandfather|in Valhalla.
No... he's not... not there.
Tell him I'm coming.
No! Wait, wait, Erik. Erik, wait.
Loki.|What are you doing here?
Halfdan wanted to stop you|waking the Gods so I disguised
myself to sabotage their plans.
- To save you, Erik.|- But...
It, it was my master|Keitel's idea.
Wasn't it, Keitel?
Well l...
But... How is it that you can see me?
- You can all see me?|- What do you mean?
- Why shouldn't we see you?|- I'm wearing the Cloak lnvisible.
Oh, there you are.
You mean you could all see me|this whole time?
- Weren't we supposed to?|- Oh! I feel a little er...
- Erik, we are grateful to you and|to your men. - Yes, we are.
And there is only one way|we can repay you. Musicians!
We would love to hear you|sing again, but what we'd really
appreciate would be if you could|see your way to lending
not giving of course but just|lending us
well, to be quite blunt|the Horn Resounding.
It's yours.
Is that it? - Is there something|matter with it?
No, no it's just I didn't|expect it to be quite so big.
You do know how to play the horn,|do you?
You do know how to play the horn,|the horn, do you? - Yes, sir, yes.
Then I expect you'll be leaving|first thing in the morning, eh?
Keitel! Keitel Blacksmith!
Have you forgotten|why you came on this voyage?
Do you want Erik to|wake the Gods?
How can we stop him now?
Take this. And throw it from|the cliff heights.
They'll never be able to make the|Horn Resounding sound without it.
Why me? Why don't you do it?
Surely you haven't forgotten|the Blacksmith's Oath?
It's only me.
I was just going out|to water the dragon.
Clumsy idiot.
The Blacksmith's Code.
- Keitel!|- What?
- What are you doing, Keitel|Blacksmith? - Get away, Snorri.
- What have you got there?|- Get off!
Snorri, get away...
Oh Gods! What have we done?
Now, I know what some of you|must be thinking the day has come
we're all going down,|etc, etc.
But let's get away from the|fantasy and look at the facts.
We, er, do seem to be going down|quite fast, Your Majesty.
Not trying to contradict you,|of course.
Oh no, no, of course you're not,|citizen. But let's stick to the facts.
The threat of total destruction has|kept the peace here
in Hy-Brasil for|one thousand years.
So whatever else is happening,|you can rest assured,
Hy-Brasil is not sinking.
May I just make a point in support|of what King Arnulf's just said?
Oh, we, we'd be delighted,|wouldn't we?
Yes, we'd certainly like to hear|what one of us has got to say.
Save yourselves!|Hy-Brasil is sinking.
Ah, but you don't know our|safety precautions.
- It can't happen.|- But it is, look!
I've already appointed the|Chancellor as chairman of
a committee of inquiry into exactly|what is going on, and meantime
- I suggest we have a sing-song!|- Good idea!
I can't swim!
Let go!
Excuse me!
You hit him!
Well, that's what you're supposed|to do. Isn't it?
- You know, I think we're getting|better. - How can you tell?
- It's all right, it's not happening!|- Father, it is! - Get on board!
No thanks!
- Who do you think you are?|- Panic-mongers!
- Come on over here!|- Leave us alone!
Yeah. Leave 'em alone.
It's sinking!|Hy-Brasil is sinking!
Well, my dear, I think you'll|find it's all a question of what
you want to believe in and I happen|to have more experince of
these matters than you I think.
It's times like this my child,|when this book can...
We must blow the first note. The|note that will take us to Asgaard.
Over the Edge of the World.
We are going where only the dead|have been before.
Here, let me have a go.
Thor's blood! You're not using|the right technique.
No!|No, I'm doing it.
- Look, you're always telling me...|telling me... - Stop it!
Why can't you let me do|something for myself? Just the once?
Don't fight!
We're never going to get where we|want to go if you fight.
Um, don't blow it, you don't know|what might happen.
It has not spoken for|a thousand years.
You must bring it to life...|with a kiss.
- What are you doing?|- She wants to kill us!
She wants to take us over|the Edge of the World!
There is no Edge of the World.|There is no dragon... Right!
You do want to get to Asgaard,|don't you?
- How do we know this is the way?|- We blew the Horn Resounding.
She blew the Horn Resounding.
Don't you see, Erik!|She wants revenge!
- What are you talking about?|- Shut up!
She knows it was our fault!
I should have got rid of you|long ago!
Like you got rid of Snorri?
No! No! We are in the spell|of the Horn!
- Hatred will destroy us.|- That's right!
Hatred will destroy you.
He killed Snorri! He caused the|land of Hy-Brasil to sink!
- She knew!|- I didn't know!
Now she wants to take us over|the Edge of the World!
Well, how else do you think|we're going to get to Asgaard?
No! Don't look over the Edge!|Don't!
- Let me see!|- No. Don't look.
Do you believe I love you?|You don't have to love me.
- Just do you believe I love you?|- Yes, I do.
Then let go!
- I'm still seeing stars.|- We're all seeing stars.
No! I was hit on the head.
Wake up!
Bi-Frost... The Rainbow Bridge.
Wake up! Wake up!
Are, are we dead?
- Where?|- Up there, you fathead.
Look at it! It's real.
Hallucinations are real.
Blow the second note.
The second note.|The note to wake the Gods.
Erik! You've done what|you came to do!
Not quite.|I came to find my grandfather.
I came here to find someone.
I'm sorry. I really am.
There, you see?
It's solid! It's real.
Now do you believe us?
There's nothing there.
Ha, ha! You're having me on,|aren't you?
It's Valhalla. Where the warriors|slain in battle go.
It doesn't exist for him.
He hasn't got an ounce|of faith in him.
Oh good! It's Mr Wonderful!
I've come to take you back|to the land of the living.
- What a stupid idea.|- Why?
Well, what's the point of being|dead in the land of the living?
I'll ask the Gods to give you|life again!
Who is he talking to?
Have you ever tried asking|the Gods for anything?
- Odin!|- I'm busy.
He's busy.
Is that Odin?
You'll have to wait till|he's finished his game.
We come from the world|of Midgard.
Clear off.
No, wait, Thor.
- You have to help us.|- We don't have to help anybody.
Fenrir the Wolf covers the Sun, men|fight and kill each other all the time.
- This is ridiculous.|- Why should we care?
- Because you're the Gods.|- So?
So bring the Age of Ragnarok|to an end
and stop all this|fighting and bloodshed.
Erik the Viking, the things|you seek are not in our power.
We don't make men love each other.|Or hate each other.
But you're the Gods!
Look... Erik...
How can you tell?
I'll never forget him!
- The bastard!|- Dad!
- He drove me mad!|- Easy, Dad!
You'll never be a berserk if|you lose your temper.
- I hate you!|- Dad!
You won, Sven.
What right have you to try and stop|men fighting, Erik the Viking?
There is glory in battle.|Riches to be made and won.
Made by you, Loki!
By you, Keitel Blacksmith.
Don't you know, Erik, that's why|he went with you.
Ragnarok was good for his business.
It's not my business any more!
Fenrir the Wolf has gone, Erik.|But will men cease fighting each other?
That is not in our power.
I have one more request|before we return.
Return? You have set your foot|in the Halls of Asgaard, Erik.
- You cannot return.|- But it's all in your imagination.
Whatever it is.
You're the only one|who can do it. Please.
Oh, alright.
You mean we must stay here|forever?
Stay? This is Valhalla. This is|reserved for those slain-in-battle.
Yeah, we're the lucky ones!
Yeah, it's better than dying|of old age.
For you there is only|the Pit of Hell!
Son! My son!
- Get lost!|- Dad! Grandfather!
I tried to save you.
- Why should you care?|- I don't know! I just did!
- Erik!|- No. Let go, Snorri!
I've got you!
Listen! Listen! The third note!|.
I want to go home.
I don't believe it! It brought us|home!
- But who blew it!?|- Well, who cares, we're home!
- Mum! Dad!|- We're home!
Throw down your weapons|or we kill the children.
Get 'em back!
Well, now|we'll kill the children anyway.
Mind your heads!
Mum!|Hello, mum!
Look! Look!
You all right?
There is no Edge Of The World,|there is no... oh!
- Stupid idea.|- Pardon me.
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