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Erotic Ghost Story

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Hubby, the weather is nice today
Yeah, it's boring inside the house,
much better out here
I'm tired,
I want to go for a tour
The scenery is nice there
Good, I want to go there too
You've been too busy for an outing with me
It's a great chance today
You're so good to me, I'm lucky to have you
Why say this?
We're married, I should do this
You? Who are you?
Where can you go?
Holy Madam sends me to catch you back to heaven
Why catch my wife?
She's a rabbit raised by Holy Madam,
she fled here
received order to catch her back to heaven
My wife is human, how come she's a rabbit?
You get cheated by her beauty
I'll make her show her real shape and you will know
Run away, wife
Run away, wife, run
Run away
You must take good care of yourself
Run away
See you soon
Let me go
I will never take my hands off
Do you know I just want to beat you
but beating you is cruel
Let me go,
you've stirred up much trouble
What trouble have I stirred up?
You're nuts
Do you know...
as you let go that rabbit
you'll bring harm to earth
if she acts rashly
My wife is so kind
though she's not human,
she's a rabbit from heaven
so how can a rabbit bring harm to earth?
You're too stupid,
you will never understand
We, fairies in heaven,
are not allowed to come to earth easily
If we come on earth, we must go back to heaven soon
If we remain too long on earth
we'll be polluted by human's vice
then fairies will become elves
and will bring harm to earth,
you know?
Do you know, fairies become elves
and you have sex relation with her
that means she's been affected...
by human's emotion
and she'll become very horrible
What do you mean?
She'll become neither human nor elf
What will she become then?
A half human-elf
No way
My wife Yinyin...
will not become half human-elf
She likes life on earth
and she doesn't know all this
I try to bring her back...
to heaven for your good sake
Fairy Yeh, I was wrong
just because I didn't know all this
If I had known,
I wouldn't have stopped you
I would have told her
to listen to you
OK, it's fate that brings us here
I'll hand this mission to your finding the rabbit
You must redeem by fulfilling the mission,
you know?
How to redeem?
I've told you already
I can't stay on earth long,
I must report to heaven
I hand this mission to you;
you are to find the rabbit
My wife got scared by you,
where can I find her?
I have a way
Here is a bell, take it
Put it on your neck,
it'll lead you to find her
If you have news, remember to inform me
You want me to catch my wife?
Do you want her to be half human-elf?
I know, I'll explain everything to her
She will understand,
and go back to heaven
and when she has time,
she comes on earth to see me and repeat...
Say no more
Why don't you become a monk?
I give you a name: Monk Talkative,
I'll go now
Remember to find the rabbit
You two had better be good
You must go on earth secretly to find her,
you know?
Holy Madam, you want me for something?
Have you found rabbit yet?
Report Holy Madam, that rabbit is cunning
She stole her Magic-Rope,
so she managed to run away
How dare you come back to see me then?
I've made the arrangement,
I've sent someone to follow rabbit
she can't run away this time
I don't care,
I just want you to catch her back soon
If she dare to resist, kill her at once
Yes, Holy Madam
Holy Madam asked me to hand you this rabbit
You are to watch it closely and never let it run away
It's bad, Holy Madam is angry,
if Sister Yinyin gets caught
No way, I must inform Sister Yinyin
You're to flee to earth? It's a crime
I don't care, I just rescue Sister Yinyin
But the exit is guarded, how can we run away?
We must try anyway
I'll attract them,
you flee if there's a chance
You must be careful too
Good, I will
Uncle, wait
The rabbit is poor, it is injured,
why still kill it?
Go away, how can we catch it if we don't kill it?
Stop that, look
The rabbit is poor, will you please spare it?
Stop that murmur
Go away...
Don't be like this
I'm only asking you to spare it
OK, I'll buy it from you
OK, sell it to you for 1 tael
One tael of silver?
Isn't it too expensive for a rabbit?
Expensive? Go away then
Here is 1 tael of silver
The rabbit is yours now
Rabbit, don't be afraid
Yushu, you're back?
Yes, mom, I am back
Mom, is there medicine for bleeding?
Yushu? Why? You're wounded?
I saw an injured rabbit on the way home
I find it poor so I take it home
Did you?
Let me feel it
Yushu, take that arrow out and
wash the wound
or else there'll be an infection
Lucky it's not fatal
Yushu, be careful
Take the arrow out slowly,
I'll get medicine
Do take care
I will
Rabbit, poor you, be good...
They injured you so hard,
but don't worry
My mother will cure you of it
Take the arrow out now
With some medicine, you'll feel fine soon
Yushu, here is the medicine
Come and help me
Yushu, you see to the dinner now
while I take care of the medicine
Yes, mom
Shit, I might have seen that painting
and have such dream
Where's Chunchun? Where has it gone?
Dead? How come?
It won't die easily
Chunchun... where are you? Come out
You are...
I'm Chunchun, the one you're looking for
I'm looking for my rabbit, Chunchun
No, the rabbit's name is Chunchun
I know, I am that Chunchun
Who are you?
How can you walk in? Where's my mom?
Let me tell you,
I'm the rabbit that you rescued yesterday
I am a rabbit raised by Holy Madam of heaven
I fled to earth in order to rescue my sister
Find it there
OK, let's go
It's a rabbit
then you rescued me and
gave me the name Chunchun
How come I can't recall all this?
Hubby, thanks so much
Stop that,
I can't figure all this out yet
I am so grateful to you all my life
What you said is unbelievable,
it makes me in a loss
If you don't believe, look
Look carefully
I mustn't see that...
I'm showing you the arrow wound on my back,
why panic?
Don't panic?
But you slept while holding me till dawn
You even made love with me
Is it true? It's not true, it's not true
Come and take a look
You're really Chunchun
Who are you talking to?
I'm only talking with the rabbit
Nuts, talking with a rabbit?
You think I'm nuts?
Why get up so early?
Why don't you sleep more?
You keep talking and
wake me up
It's you who woke me
you have prepared breakfast already?
Yushu, who prepared this breakfast?
Your cooking isn't this good
Aunt Luk next to us made it for us
Aunt Luk sent it to us?
Aunt Luk isn't that good cook
Her niece cooked it
Aunt Luk's niece hasn't returned yet
She's just returned from town
Aunt Luk's niece is a real nice girl
Maybe Aunt Luk will let her niece marry you
I think I'd better go and discuss with her
No need
How can we know the result without talking?
Sit down and finish breakfast
I'll go ask Aunt Luk and give you good news
Mom, don't go,
I've talked with Aunt Luk already
She promises to be match-maker
Does she? Why don't you let me know?
You make me so worried
I just don't want you to be worried
What did Aunt Luk tell you then?
Aunt Luk said she must talk with her first
How come?
I'd better go and ask them their decision
I can also chat with her niece
It's not good
Why not?
This will show our honesty to them
We'll soon be family member,
it's a deal
Aunt Chui
You are...
I'm Aunt Luk's niece, I'm called May
So you're May?
I'm just going over to see you
Aunt, you like the breakfast?
Yes, very delicious, I must thank you
I've made some turnip cake, try it
Good, May, come on
Miu, you're daring...
you dare flee to earth with May?
Holy Madam, May and I heard you...
send Fairy Yeh to kill Yinyin, so...
So what?
So we plan to inform Sister Yinyin about this
You want to find her on earth?
I've raised you up in vain
Dare you betray me just for her?
Holy Madam, Sister Yinyin is just playing,
please spare her
You beg me? Who are you to beg me?
Do you remember you're a criminal now?
Tell me...
where May has gone, if you want me to spare you
You can redeem
if we manage to catch her back
We're sisters, I will never betray them
You are sisters?
But you forget I raise you up
You raise us up to entertain yourself,
we have no freedom
You want to rebel? Freedom?
Who are you to talk freedom with me?
You lock us up in garden to entertain you
Have you thought of our feeling?
Want me to care about your feeling?
Send her to torture room
I must let you try heaven tortures
so that you will know what real feeling is
What are you doing?
Don't come near
I'll scream if you get near
It's useless even if you scream
I've been ordered to do this
Where can you run?
Life is easier of being a good boy
How is it?
Don't you want to play? Useless thing
How are you?
Where is he? Who is it?
It's me, Yushu
Come on
Hubby, what do you want me for?
I just want to ask you... why don't you leave?
I won't leave
before I have pay off to you
I've said I don't want that, you'd better go away
You don't like me
so you want me to leave?
You're not human,
it's useless for you to stay here
Though I'm not human,
I know I must pay back
Anyway I am injured,
if you don't let me stay, where can I go?
Hubby, have mercy and let me stay
I'll go find my sister when I have recovered
and I won't bother you anymore
OK, you may stay
until you have recovered
Thanks, Hubby
No thanks,
I must sleep now, you take a rest too
The bell rings
The elf must be fooling here
Bell, lead me to find her...
I must get rid of it
I didn't expect you really become a monk
You asked me to become monk
I can now rescue human being?
It's like this
Your wife stays on earth and resist heaven
she's also practicing Virgin Skills,
do you know?
When she practices Virgin Skills
she must suck men's semen and energy
You asked me to spare her,
now you must take responsibility
What shall we do?
I don't know what to do
Let me help you then
To relieve your crime,
let me teach you how to catch evils
Just so as I teach you
you can then catch evils
Thanks Fairy Yeh
I'll teach you, come on
Yes, Fairy Yeh
Miu, it's you?
How come you're here?
I fled down here
Where's May?
May? I haven't seen her
She has fled down on earth too?
Yes, we heard Holy Madam...
sent men to catch you
and if you won't go, they'll kill you
I will never go back
Me and May are worried about you
so we tried to come down to inform you
Miu, you're so good to me
But why aren't you with May now?
I got caught by Fairy Yeh
when we fled
so May came down first
I thought she had found you already
Miu, don't worry,
let's find May together
OK, let's go now
It's not the proper time,
we must hide up here first
and when the time comes...
we'll act accordingly
What shall we do?
It's good you're here,
we can practise Virgin Skills
if we practise together, we can shorten the time
and when that moment comes...
we... can be human being forever
We needn't suffer again in heaven
You really want to be human being?
What's wrong to be human being
One can be so free
...much better than being locked up in heaven garden
Sister, you're right,
what shall we do now?
Come with me
Let me teach you Virgin Skills
Come on, Miu
Look, what a pretty girl!
It's good
if she will let us paint her
No way
No way? She isn't pretty?
My chance comes at last
Just stand behind me and I'll persuade her
My lady
Why do you come here?
I fear you'll be hungry, so I bring you lunch
I always eat after doing business
Now you come and bring me lunch
how I can tell others if them see this?
Seeing you only have breakfast...
and no lunch,
I'm worried you'd be hungry
Don't bring me lunch,
I'm used to this already, let's go?
Come here
What is it?
Where did you find...
such a pretty girl?
Don't bullshit
I really don't know how to say
You needn't say
I didn't believe...
you are always so gentle and honest
but you're really smart at girls
I'll paint the portrait myself this time
OK... it's a deal
You paint for her? No way
No way?
No way? Give me back money at once
If you don't...
give them back the money today, I think...
We'll both be killed
Say no more,
either paint or pay back money
Do consider it yourself
Think it over,
it's your own life, your own life
I can't protect you, act smartly
May, I say...
Don't murmur,
if you paint, I can get the balance
if you don't paint, your limbs will be chopped off
First Stance of Virgin Skills
Internal energy at belly
Both hands use force
Collect energy
Now I will pass over...
my energy to you
I'll teach you the first stance
You must remember it
Breath deeply, slowly...
You will fell very, very comfortable
After practising
you'll feel comfortable
When can we finish practising?
Don't be eager,
practising takes me
When can I get out?
Practise hard, you can leave one day
I think with both of us,
we can surely defeat Fairy Yeh
Hubby, have fruits
May, what fruit is this?
It's called Love Fruit, very delicious, try it
Very good
This fruit is stimulating
You've worked hard,
so I picked some for you
You'll feel better after eating it
Let's start painting
Hubby, paint quickly
Hubby? Why? You don't feel good?
I feel very hot
What's on?
You have eaten too many Love Fruits
Have I?
No wonder,
you mustn't eat so many at one time
This Love Fruit is not only stimulating,
it's exciting as well
We usually eat one or two only
My body is burning,
something wants to explode from inside
Hubby, let me help you to bed
Very good painting indeed
She's really pretty
I must make it clear
I won't paint such portrait again
Just one painting and you charge me 2 tael?
Give me back if you don't want it
Don't move
Why not?
Why don't you paint on?
This makes big money
Man, listen to me
I guarantee you'll make money
Say no more
Bell rings, is the evil around here?
Bell rings,
how come it's two men?
Is he related to my wife?
No way
Nicely drawn
Say no more
How are you? I am Monk Talkative
Monk... Monk Talkative?
I'm not buying painting,
I just want to ask you something
Go away if you aren't buying
Who is this girl?
You're a horny monk?
Want to look? Pay money
You're totally misunderstanding
I find evil in the painting, so I want...
You're evil
You're wrong
I won't tell lies,
I can kill evils
Shut up, how come there're so many evils
You said you want to ask us something
What is it? How can we help?
I find some evils are showing here
One of you must be pastered by evils
so I come and see if I can help you out...
Damn you, you want me to beat you up?
OK... What are you doing?
Why did you say so?
I want to ask you
Have you met...
a rabbit here?
You nuts
I mean living together
Have we lived with a rabbit?
You nuts
You don't know, she's a rabbit
she can transform as a human
Even if you live with her,
you won't find she's a rabbit
I don't know what you're talking
I've found a girl in whorehouse last night
I wonder if that girl...
is the rabbit you mention
It's simple
I can just use this stagger
and get some blood from your finger
and stir this stagger in it
I can know if you're with that elf
How much?
A bowl
You said... how much?
A bowl
I want to beat you
Why get angry?
Just some blood...
won't take you long time
Go get your own blood
Have some grapes
Have a banana
Madam Chui
Who is it?
I am Aunt Pa
I am Aunt Ming
You're coming to see me?
we have something to ask you
What is it?
Sit down first
Where's Yushu?
He's gone to do business,
you want him for something?
Where's Yushu's cousin address in town?
Yushu's cousin? He has no cousin
Yushu has no cousin?
He said his cousin is here seeing you
We have no relatives in town,
how come?
Who's the girl in your home then?
You mean May?
May is Aunt Luk's niece
she'll soon be my daughter-in-law
She has promised to marry Yushu
What now?
When Aunt Luk is back, we'll hold the banquet
You needn't wait
Aunt Luk's niece got married in town,
she took Aunt Luk with her
No way
You can ask Aunt Ming
Right, all villagers here know this
But Yushu said May is Aunt Luk's niece
He shouldn't make mistake
Yushu said it's his cousin,
why now Aunt Luk's niece?
No reason
If May is not Aunt Luk's niece,
who is she then?
I just fear she's not human
Not human?
I saw that myself,
it was so horrible
Why is the bell ringing?
That painting must be...
something wrong
Is she the girl in the portrait?
Something must be wrong
Let me check it out
Here it is
Any elf who has human shape...
has blue palm
and the tail hidden behind,
hair hidden on the chest
Is she human or evil?
Isn't this bad?
Miss, hold it
What is it, Monk?
Miss, I am Monk Talkative,
I want some food
You want some food
Here is some bun,
take it, if you don't mind
How come her palm becomes blue?
Let me look at her tail
What are you doing?
Miss, since fate brings us together here
let me tell your future by your body
Monk, please respect me
Excuse me, you're too rude
Hold it, I want to see one more thing
What do you want?
I want to see your breast
You nuts
Won't let me see? Let me touch it then
Don't come near
You again?
Hey, someone molests women
So you're the girl in the portrait,
no wonder the bell rings
Damn you
You dirty monk,
you molest women openly?
Don't be misunderstood
Want me to beat you?
I just want to touch her beast to check
if she's an elf
Monk, I must beat you up
Take it easy, we can discuss...
You're lucky to run away
otherwise I'll beat you up
May, are you alright?
I'm fine
You're bringing lunch for Yushu again?
Thanks for casting that monk away, Ting
It's nothing, me and Yushu are buddies, right?
Thanks for caring me
I'll see to business, see you later
Let's go too
Sister, what is this? It's pretty
Miu, stop fooling
Let's rush to find May
Got it
Try your luck, I'm not cheating
Good taste
What are you buying?
What is this?
Dog-ignoring buns
Strange names, is it tasty?
Sure, just try one yourself
Pay now
What do you want?
Pay, as you have eaten my buns
What money?
If you won't pay, I'll have you arrested, pay
Leave me alone, what do you want?
This money is for you
Thanks, Miss...
Let's go, Miu, let's go
Sister, human being likes this stuff?
Yes, human being likes money
With money, you can do anything,
it's bad to have no money
So they're here
I just don't miss this chance
If I follow her
Last time I'd have found my wife
Shit, she runs away
Let me watch her closely
Madam Chui
Taoist Priest, it's here
You've invited Taoist Priest?
This is Taoist Priest Ho
Nice to meet you...
Taoist Priest,
please safe my only son
With me here,
you needn't fear anything
Take it easy,
let me take a look
Please go ahead
Sit down, Madam Chui
You're back so early?
Hubby feels unwell,
so we're back early
go for a rest if you don't feel well
No need, I am fine now
I'll see to cooking,
hubby, do as Aunt says, go for a rest
I'll ask you when dinner is ready
Mom, let's sit here
What is it?
Sit down first
I have one thing to ask you
Mom, is it about the wedding with May?
Aunt Luk hasn't come back yet
Forget it, nothing then...
I've told you not to act rashly
How come?
It's hot
Bell rings?
Has Fairy Yeh found May?
What is it, Sister?
Let's hide ourselves
Aunt, what soup do you like tonight?
Any soup will do
Aunt has something in her mind,
you know what?
I don't understand
Aunt suspects I am not human
Mom can't see, there's no way she'll find out
Must be the neighbours who stir up trouble,
amulets are everywhere
What shall we do?
Act naturally,
I'll figure it out
Yushu, what are you murmuring there?
I'm asking what Hubby likes for dinner
Right, anything will do
I'll see to cooking now
You have something?
Why is there no situation?
Yeah, will your amulets work?
Don't worry
What are you doing?
How is it?
What are you doing? You stir up trouble
Are you OK? May, did you get hurt?
Sister, what shall we do now?
It's fine
but it's bad just to hide up here
What if we take initiative?
But we haven't succeeded in Virgin Skills yet
Mui, we must bet,
now that we're in this situation
Hubby, how come you're here?
Are you alright?
I'm fine
It's the third time today, I'm used to it already
Sorry, I didn't mean that
Hubby, it's happy we can meet again
Long time no see, you've lost weight
You're still so gentle after all this time
Wife, you're still angry with me?
You still blame me?
Hubby, why are you dressed like this?
Since Fairy Yeh injured you,
in order to redeem...
I've become monk to help the world
Must be Fairy Yeh who asked you to,
I won't spare him
You're wrong, Fairy Yeh has his reason
it's your mistake as you fled to earth illegally
Hubby, it's not so easy to get down to earth
If it is,
we needn't have fled down here
What you?
Yes, and me too
You needn't care about me anymore?
I am Monk Talkative,
you are... ?
Hubby, you've found me already,
don't be monk anymore
Come on, this is my sister, Miu
Miss Miu
I'm Monk Talkative, nice to meet you
I'm like sister, I fled down to earth
You're wrong at that
You'd better go back to heaven and
apply to come down?
Hubby, it's hard to meet you again,
you want us to leave now
Yeah, earth is a funny place
You just don't know
The longer you're on earth,
the weaker a fairy you are
and soon you will become, not a human...
but a half human-elf
No way
You don't believe
I've checked tactics of catching elves
Look at your palms, they've turned blue already?
Look, I'm not scaring you
You too, go back to heaven first
then come back and join me
Sister, what shall we do?
Let's get back...
to the cave and discuss first
maybe Virgin Skills will help us solve this
We won't find Sister May?
Time's short, it's no use finding her
We'd better get back the Skills Book first
We know where she lives anyway,
we'll surely find her
Where are you going?
Come with me
Be careful, May, are you OK?
I'm fine, don't worry
These amulet can't hurt me
You'd better take this herbal tea
Why? This herbal tea tastes bad?
I think my identity has been revealed
maybe heaven has sent guards to arrest me
You don't want to be arrested back to heaven?
No, I just don't want to part with you
Hubby, I now know...
Holy Madam hasn't told a lie
Ioving someone is painful
May, I won't let you leave me
I want you to live by me forever
We must live happily together
Hubby, I want that too
But life cannot be expected
we can't just decide our own fate
I never expected Aunt will ask...
Taoist Priest to catch me
May, mom didn't mean it,
are you still angry?
No, but I have a feeling...
we'll part very soon
May, I know the incident today struck you much
But don't think so much, take a rest
Hubby, don't leave me
Let me hold you
Don't be like this,
I've said I won't leave you
Don't by silly
What is it?
Good news...
Good news?
Holy Madam, good news
Is it?
Really good news
Tell me the good news then,
hurry up
Holy Madam, is it comfortable?
Why are you suddenly so good to me?
You've made mistake and fear I'll punish you?
No, it's an enjoy to see you
I feel bad as I always have to find female for my dick?
or else...
I'll always be here seing you
I don't find you have dick
Holy Madam, I sure have dick
but it fears you,
so it's hiding itself up
It gets excited sometimes
If you stir it, it'll erect at once
It'll get horrible,
like a lion
It's easy,
kill it with a chopper and it's over
Then you can see me well
Holy Madam, no way for that
I need it to help me work
You're both mighty
You fail to find the three rabbits
so I've sent someone else to
Holy Madam,
I've already found where they live
Have you really?
Why didn't you tell me?
I was just going to
I'm just wondering
if what you promised me is still valid
So you always think of that?
OK, seeing you've worked so hard
you're to take men...
to catch the 3 rabbits
If you succeed, I won't let you down
Thanks, Holy Madam, I'll leave now
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
Where to?
Sister is waiting for us...
up the hill there
Let's hurry
How about mom?
We'll arrange once we find a safe place,
don't worry
How come not here yet?
How come so long?
What's wrong?
Why aren't they here?
Why are you so eager?
You really don't know?
Sister, there they come
Yes, it's May
Look, sister, they're waiting on the hill
Yes, it's May
Let's go down
Sister, long time no see
Who is he?
He's my husband
It's me
Who is he then?
He's my husband
Say no more
It's hard for us to reunite,
we must defeat Fairy Yeh this time
Let's go,
or else they'll be after us
Where shall we go?
I have a safe place, come with me
Hubby, come on
Hubby, have you missed me?
Sure I have
You really miss me?
I want to become fairy and fly up to heaven
You're prettier and prettier
Why are you taking a bell with you?
It's bad
You are... a member of them?
Don't go
Say no more,
Monk, catch them all up
Monk, which side are you of?
Which side shall I help?
How can I decide?
Which side shall I help?
Say no more, pull her here
Hubby, don't panic,
what do you want him for?
You needn't fear, with me here
I've succeeded in Virgin Skills,
I don't fear you
Let's go
Don't be afraid, let me handle
What shall we do?
What shall we do?
Who are you? Why stand before me?
You don't know me? I am Judge
What are you doing here?
I was order by Holy God to handle this
You like seing Holy Madam?
You shall see Holy Madam from now on
but first let me cut off your dick
Now even Judge is here,
I think we'll be killed
You three are rabbits,
come back to heaven now
Come on, move
Move now...
Holy Madam
Let's leave here
Shut up, fairies from heaven mustn't get married
and she's a rabbit in fact
You must behave yourselves from now on, got it?
You've made all this
Why become undercover?
We've both lost our wife
Sorry, learn how to catch evils with me,
and we'll start again
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