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Subtitles for Escape From Hong Kong Island.

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Escape From Hong Kong Island

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Mr. Mak, morning
Take me to Grand Hyatt, then go to the firm yourself
Got it, Mr. Mak
A steady increase in street deception come up to 120 cases in one month
Big bro! Big bro!
Morning, have you had breakfast?
I've had it
Bro, your 627 (stock market no.) Is terrific
It rose from $1.7 to $3 in one week
Got a lot?
So-so. Thank you very much
Year-end Europe travel... on me
Cheung, you're a vile dog
Just to earn my bread
Bro, is there anything to do with 423?
What? You haven't earned enough of 627?
I can't buy a new car with just a few hundred grand
Share 50% of your deal with Sanco with me
You've gone too far
Gone too far?
If I haven't introduced you to the boss of Sanco
you can't eat even shit
Bro, I'll do whatever you said
The biggies'll buy stocks next week Buy it now
But it's over $2 now
Buy it now
Once the biggies collect the stocks, you can buy a plane
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Remember what you've promised me
No problem, OK
Bro, Grand Hyatt lunch
Hainan Chicken Rice. On me
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Sir... my wallet was stolen in the morning
I'm penniless
But I gotta cross the harbour
Could you lend me $20?
Mr. Mak, morning
Is this your signature?
In the property market slump of 1992, you're badly wounded
You've got no money to pay the staff
Who was willing to cut half of the pay to help you?
It's me, Raymond Mak
In the financial turmoil of 1997
you nearly lost your flat
Who grabbed the business for the firm?
Me again
In the frenzy over Internet stocks in 2000
who told you not to get involved
let you swallow up three firms in two years
and became the chairman of a listed company?
Once again, it's me
But did I pay you?
Your annual income is $2 million
Add up also the housing allowance and first class airfare
it's over $2 million!
You said I'm expensive after the listing?
Will you think of me when you make a killing?
You've failed me badly
I've failed you?
Coz you helped me a great deal
I took everything I could
My car is at your disposal
My chauffeur is at your disposal
I can only take taxi to the firm Forget about it
You made under table deals for the firm
You claimed 300% for a 200% deal
I turned a blind eye to it
From I to the cleaner in this firm
all fear you
The outsiders said... What...
They said you're the boss of this firm!
I never uttered a word
Kowloon What?
You know Bey Logan of Kaze Trading?
He was willing to pay me $2.5m plus bonus
But I turned him down Do you know why?
Coz You're fool!
Get lost!
Who'll take my seat when I've left?
David Yes
That wuss can take my seat?
He's got only tenth of my know-how
Right. He's got tenth of your pay only
Martin, shall we talk?
No, the directors signed it in the meeting yesterday
You'd better book a hotel room
The entertainment section'll
run your affair tomorrow
Your wife'll see you keep a TV starlet...
at the Leighton Hill
Guess what she'll do?
Fuck you...
Fuck you... Fuck you...
Fuck you... Fuck you...
Kaze Trading Co
May I speak to Mr. Bey Logan?
May I have your name?
Raymond Mak
Wait a moment, please
Morning Raymond
Hi, Bey, I've got good news for you
Nothing better than you join our family
I tell you what? You could use my room
You've got it
Listen, Raymond
I need you to be in my office by five o'clock to sign this contract
I have to catch a flight to New York
And I know my associate are considering
other candidates for this job
So don't be late
Otherwise I cannot guarantee you this job offer
Don't panic. See you in one hour
It's not a common phone book
It's the connections accumulated more than ten years
From now on, I'll contact the clients which you've contacted
to compete with you
It takes me half an hour to travel from HK island to Kowloon
After I've got there, I'll attack Tin's Trading Co. All the time
See who's the winner
Nothing... nothing left...
Not a soul cares...
You're typically Hong Kong
Sir, I wanna report a robbery
Robbery? Get your counter
I was robbed, sir!
Are you hurt? No
Get a counter
I'm in a rush. No counter, please
Get a counter then
Look. A counter waits for no man
The man in suit. Your turn
What's your name?
Raymond Mak
Which Raymond?
The Raymond of Raymond Wong
Which Raymond Wong?
A renowned Hong Kong filmmaker
I mean famous
He's a famous Hong Kong filmmaker, sir
Which Raymond?
How was it going?
After I had left the office, I went into an alley
A masked thief...
More details, please
Which street?
Which building?
Which alley?
I left my firm at no. 178 Gloucester Road
and then went through an alley of Jaffe Road
OK, it went like that, Mr. Mak?
Mr. Mak, let me explain it
Many people are robbed at knifepoint in Wan Chai...
There are also many armed robberies
So, we set up a new taskforce...
to deal with such cases
So your case...
will be transferred to a senior officer
So you have to do the testimony again
You're kidding
I'm serious
May I speak to Mr. Bey Logan?
He's holding a meeting May I have your name?
I'm Raymond Mak
After the meeting, please tell him that I'll come later
OK Thank you
Damn, a bit cop!
Originally, the retired Commissioner'd
do your testimony
Now I'm gonna do it for you. OK?
Mr. Mak
Iced milk tea?
No, thank you
Mr. Mak
No, thank you. Sir, I'm in a rush
OK, Mr. Mak...
Fried rice?
I'm really in a rush, sir!
We began to provide customer
service in 1997
Any informant or culprit...
is entitled to our service
So we have to ask you anyway
OK. Thanks. I don't need it
I'm Mo Tak Fai. My number is PC 4927
I'm gonna do your testimony. OK?
Mr. Mak, what's your surname?
Mr. Mak, what's your given name?
The Raymond of Raymond Wong Raymond Mak
Identity Card number?
Sir, all your questions...
were asked by the other officer before
No. 1 Ho Man Tin Hill, Ho Man Tin
Flat 7, block D, 18th floor
No. 1 Ho Man Tin Hill...
It's a hill which is called No. 1 Ho Man Tin...
or just Ho Man Tin?
No. 1 Ho Man Tin Hill, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
I'm asking you the district
This hill is called No. 1 Ho Man Tin?
No. 1 Ho Man Tin Hill, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
You mean the hill is at Kowloon?
The number?
No. 1
No. 1. No. 1 Ho Man Tin Hill is the name of a building...
or it's at Ho Man Tin Hill?
Next to No. 2 Ho Man Tin Hill
Next to No. 2 Ho Man Tin Hill? Yes
Mr. Mak, anything else?
Is this your name card?
My colleague called at the number, but they said no such guy
I've resigned
OK, I was fired. So what?
You ran into the street after you'd been fired
You met a man in suit. He robbed you
Do you mean that?
I'm doomed. OK?
But according to our record
Mr. Mak, seven days ago in Tsim Sha Tsui
before the gateway of Christian Dior at Canton Road
You had a love conflict with
two middle-aged Chinese women
First, they're not middle-aged
They're beauties under 30
Second, that's not a love conflict
It's the misunderstanding
between my two girlfriends
Third, what does that case...
to do with this one, sir?
Maybe yes
Yes... Why don't you look into it?
We will
Sir, I'm really in a rush. Hurry up, please
Mr. Mak, this is your report record
It's not your identity card
Take this record to...
the Immigration Department nearby...
to report the loss of your card
You'll get a temporary identity card
You're free to go in and out Hong Kong Understand?
Bring it to me
I ask you "understand'?
Just tell me "understand" or "I don't understand"
I can't give you if you don't
Understand, understand
What do you understand? Just tell me
Sir, you've talked a lot
I can't repeat it wholly
Do the testimony again then
Help? Why did you shout "help"?
Call an ambulance? How's wrong with you?
Tell me
OK. Bastard, you've toyed with me for two hours
Buddy, this queue is for the identity card
Yes. Get the counter first
Then when?
Four o'clock
Four o'clock, really?
I can get across the harbour without the card
I've got over $1m on deposit
The bankers know me very well I can draw the money
Mr. Mak!
Manager Ho, I'm Mr. Mak Remember me?
I do
The Mr. Mak who always ignores me
May I help you?
Two bad I was robbed
I wanna draw some cash from my account
Read my identity card number on the report form
My account number is 36546548265
Be quick. I'm in a rush. I want $10 grand
OK, I'm so sorry...
Mr. Mak, this's the report form only
It's not your certificate of identity
You gotta go to the Immigration Department...
to collect your temporary identity card
I knew it already. There's a long queue
So... it's...
It's against the rule
Rule? You know me
You mean you can't make a decision?
Call your boss now
Mr. Mak, you're cool
You know what I wanna do
I call the main branch right now
The number is 24216543
Manager Lau
Hello, I'm Mr. Ho of Wan Chai branch
That's... Our valued client Mr. Mak...
Too bad he was robbed
He wanna draw some cash from his valued account
Even worse...
there's a long queue at the Immigration Department
He's got a report form only
So, I call in
Can we grant any privilege...
to our valued client?
Reply me after you've received this message, Please
OK. Thank you. Bye
Manager Lau is very busy
He'll reply to you right after his meeting
Wait for a moment, please
Mr. Mak, it's too bad that you're robbed
Are you hurt?
Someone say "Always prepare for the worst"
I've a friend... as bad as you
He's robbed too, but even worse...
He's injured at that time
Admitted to the hospital unfortunately
He's the breadwinner of the family
Luckily, he applied
our "Deposit Insurance Plan" recently
This plan helps him a lot, why?
Now he is in hospital, at the private ward
But still gets his salary at the ward
Don't you think it's a proper plan for you
I've got that plans for 3 times
Please call Manager Lau again
I'm really in a rush
Yes, I see
Still no reply, it's impossible
Main branch should answer faster, Let me try again
Don't worry, it's OK
Manager Lau
Manager Lau! How are you?
This is Mr. Ho of Wan Chai Branch
How is your son? Fine?
Let's have buffet with your family at the weekend
OK... And...
Reply me at once when you received this message
Thank you!
It's... Manager Lau is really busy
Such a busy man still holds the meeting
You know... we've got many funds
Our fund... must surprise you
The commercial return is up to 10%
10%. I'm no kidding
10%. Remember the interest rate is extremely low
Why don't you speculate on the stock market?
You can't put it this way
It's not the time to speculate
Why? Safety first
The stock market fluctuates a lot
Decrease follows increase Increase follows decrease
Increase and decrease... just like the tsunami is coming
It'll dampen your pants
But, don't worry
Our fund managers will keep a close eye on your...
But even the manager of your main branch...
asked me for the tips
Call that Manager Lau now
I'm really in a rush, Manager Ho
OK... I got it
You know we... should help each other
I haven't done my quota this month
Thank you...
It must have done now...
Ha... The meeting should be over
Manager Lau?
Manager Lau, I got you!
It's him. Listen yourself
His voice... It's him
Yes... You've got my message?
Yes... Our valued client needs our help badly
Yes, that's it...
OK. No problem. Yes...
OK... Got... got it
Yes. OK
Yes, that's it
OK... Thank you, bye
No problem?
Quick, I'm in a rush
OK. Don't worry
We'll process your application right now
You're not gonna draw the money for me?
For... Money...
Everything'll be OK with money
You know banks...
Banks must help the clients
You know, we...
The policy of the main branch... is set up by them...
Our policy is
to safeguard our valued clients
You mean you can't?
I can't
Tell me early if you can't!
Help me...
With my present relationship
and the flatterers around
I can't find an ass-licker to help me?
Please lend me the phone Wanna buy anything?
No Out!
Simon Loui
May I have your name?
Raymond Mak
He's in Mainland
In Mainland?
V&M Co
May I speak to Vincent Kook?
Who's calling?
Raymond Mak
Cheung, I'm Raymond
What's up, brother?
I'm glad to hear from you!
Alright. I'll be in your firm in two minutes, OK?
OK... I'll be waiting. No problem
Raymond Mak was fired
Martin fired him this morning
They swore at each other
All about 10 years... Jailed over five years
I'm your good friend, so I remind you
Don't lend him money
He'll run away with the money
You'll get nothing
OK... Got it. Thank you
May I speak to Mr. Pang Chi Cheung?
May I have your name?
I'm Mr. Mak
Mr. Pang's in the meeting But he's given me the word
Please be seated. Wait a moment
You're not in the meeting?
You're a vile dog...
No. You scum
Yes. I'm scum, vile dog and ass-licker
All learned from you. You're the guru
I'm the guru?
Hainan Chicken Rice of Grand Hyatt Hotel...
You don't want it anymore
Eat shit!
May, call the police!
Daniel Chan
The CEO of Tai Lee Hong
He picked on me in the mahjong game last week
I was mad and beat him up
Can't be with him
Robert Lee
The investment director of Ocean
Last time, he brought his fiancee to a business talk
I was drunk
and pinched his fiancee's boob
Can't be with him
Mary Mui
The PR director of T&L
She'd been my Spears
After the one night stand, I found her a hag
Then, I didn't reply to her anymore
Can't be with her
Mr. Mak
You again
You again?
On your beat, sir?
Taking a walk?
Hey, got your ID card yet?
I haven't got it
It's yours?
You threw rubbish
I didn't. I...
I wanna...
I wanna throw it into the bin
You wanna throw it into the bin. Right?
Mr. Mak
it's one fifty-five in Hong Kong
Sir, you work too hard
Here's No. 2 to 3 Tonnochy Road in Wan Chai
You just threw your...
dark blue telephone book as rubbish
You said you wanna throw it into a bin
But there's no bin
within eight metres
Clear enough, you lied
Give me a break
This bill is for you
It's your duty to keep Hong Kong clean
My duty is to book you. It's so simple
And I have to send you one more bill
It's for your home
No. 1 Ho Man Tin Hill Ho Man Tin. Right
You don't want it?
Mr. Mak, may I help you?
You remember me?
I remember you
Remember you subscribed to a video disc by...
Andrew Blake?
My colleague May got you another X-rated movie
You complained and made her lose her job
I met her in the street a few days ago She's mad
She couldn't help murmuring to herself
"I'm dead. No job
My folks're dead... "
May I help you?
I bought $2000 worth of coupon two days ago
I wanna... change it into cash
No way
I bought it by cash Just give me back $200-300
We know you used cash
to buy cash coupon
But the cash became cash coupon then
If the cash coupon can turn back to cash
what does the cash coupon for?
OK. Say you eat some food
It's digested into faeces
Can I change the faeces into food?
I bet you won't eat it
You've got no say Call your manager out
I'm the manager
Call the senior manager
But I'm the most senior manager on Hong Kong Island
For the staff who're senior to me, wait
Right. You get there at Tsim Sha Tsui
There're senior senior managers
I don't need you if I can go to Tsim Sha Tsui
I do need money
If you like...
No way
See. The coupon is not transferable
I'll be fired if I do so
Second, the fact is...
I don't need the coupons to hire the video discs
So, I couldn't care less
The same is for $10
I repeat. I couldn't care less
Kaze Trading Co
May I speak to Mr. Bey Logan?
Who's calling? Raymond Mak
He's still at the meeting
Please tell him that I'll be a bit late
I'll come for sure
Thank you... Bye
May I speak to Candy?
Hold it...
I... need your help
It's urgent
I'm going to have a meeting in Taiwan
Wait for me at Mingles Restaurant
if you're in urgent
I'm coming...
I'm pleased to see you
This function cannot go...
without a kingpin like you
Not bad
So-so. I learned from you
You're a good ass licker
I'm a new-comer. Nice to meet you
Bro, it's said that 627 begins to buy
When will they begin?
I don't know
You know
You're close to James these days
Is she Candy Lo, the vice president of Muller?
Got it Come back
How's it, bro?
They'll sell the stocks on Wednesday and buy on Monday
Thank bro!
Let me introduce
Candy Lo, the vice president of Muller
Raymond Mak, the COO of Tin's
You'll run into each other one day
What a good match!
Have fun. I have to take care of the guests
Miss, want some drink?
Want some drink?
Thank you
I guess right
You like to drink Dom Perignon
Last month, I've read your interview on GQ
You talked to the point
Everybody, welcome to the cocktail party
We're pleased today...
Cheung can talk on the stage...
all because of you
Everybody knows
You know what's everywhere?
It's very hot
The economics of Hong Kong will once again...
take off!
And the two giants Winston and Sanco
will operate in an astonishing rate
It is estimated that in 2005, as a foreign power
we will cover the whole US and European market
Lastly, on behalf of Winston and Sanco, I say...
thank you to Mr. Robinson
I hope every success in our business
Thank you!
What's the difference between a pig and a fox?
Five bottles of Dom Perignon
Your friend hasn't turned up yet
Lucy is seldom late
I'm sorry
Oh my god, Lucy! Hi, baby
Look so beautiful today Thank you
Oh, let me introduce
Lucy Liu, Raymond Mak
Hello Hi
So, how's your day, Lucy?
Ton of phone calls, ton of paperwork
Awful attorneys, awful men...
Same fucking thing, every fucking day
Please don't mind She always speaks like that
You'd better treat her like a guy
I'm hungry. Make an order
Oh my god!
Oh my god...
Mr. Robinson!
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Long time no see!
My dear, you haven't had dinner?
It's hot
Where did you go?
I've got a stomach-ache
I made a phone call
Oh my god, my god...
Oh my god...
Is it fun?
I'm a lawyer. I'll sue her
Jot down: The gateway of Dior, 12:05
Miss, calm down. What's up?
Oh my god...
What's the matter?
Oh my god, my god...
What's up?
She's my girlfriend
She's my girlfriend, too
They fought each other suddenly
So, I kept an eye on them
What's your surname?
What's your given name?
Hello, Mr. Mak
Why do you say sorry?
For being late...
Or for the bitch Lucy?
Sir, what would you like?
Give me a glass of water
OK. Wait a moment
OK, OK...
It's all my fault. I'm the one to blame
But I'm a man, Candy
A man is born with desire
Just like an animal...
You're a son of a bitch!
OK. I'm a son of a bitch
I'm doomed today
I was fired at office and robbed at the street
I only wanna go to Kowloon So I want you to...
lend me some hundred dollars I'll repay you
By the way, why're you so unlucky?
You were fired by Martin in the morning
robbed in the street
Want the help from your friends?
They're either off duty or in Mainland
If they're not in Mainland, they must be sick
Even your yes man Cheung...
toyed with you
Why do you know?
Why don't I know?
All in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the outlying Islands
and South East Asia, Europe, America know
You know... why they didn't help you?
Coz they never treat you like friend
You know why they don't treat you like friend?
Coz you never treat them like man Son of a bitch!
You go too far
Not that far like you
Have you thought of my feelings?
I brought Lucy out
You dared make it with her in the toilet right away
You can make it with me, but not her
See her scratches on my face And here
She wrung my neck. See the bruises
Put on your polo neck clothes
It's not this year's fashion!
Gucci hasn't launched any
That's not the point
At the gateway of Dior. Man
Dior \ Gucci \ Prada \ LV
All saleswomen know me
Can I buy clothes there any more?
Oh my god...
Calm down Oh my god...
Calm down
Oh my god, my god...
Calm down. Candy!
Mr. Mak, Please do me a favour
Don't tell anyone I was your girl friend
It's typically women
How much is the lobster spaghetti?
Lobster salad?
Prawn toast?
$158 for the salad. Right?
Right, sir
Give me one
Which one?
Prawn toast. It's $58 only
OK. Please wait
You don't want it? Take it away
Check the bill, please
Genius Ho, the new sniper in the stock market
Very arrogant
Even Buffett also gets the news from him
We must lick his ass
Boss Ho!
Raymond! Long time no see...
I no longer work in Tin's
I know
Martin bit your head off this morning
Everybody knows it
But I'm working at Kaze now
Sure. We're always on your side
Don't worry
You're going to sell the stocks?
Yes. I'm going to sell the stocks
Tips me off later, please
I'm in a rush. I gotta go. Check the bill
No... on me
I had two cups of coffee
You've treated me to abalones and fins
On me
Thank you Not at all
Let's have a dinner later Remember to tip me off
Sir, $310, please
Who's... Mrs. Lam?
Mr. Ho said to pay the bill of Mr. And Mrs. Lam.
You said to pay the bill of Mr. Ho
That means you'll pay the bill of them
The total charge is $282
Plus the service charge. It's $310
I've got... $300 only
Your credit card?
I was robbed this morning I've got no card
You're lucky
We're going to celebrate
the second anniversary next week
It'll last for one week. It's called "second anniversary week"
Here're $10 cash coupons
Let you use them
Thank you
$300. Thank you
Please visit us again
I don't believe I'm that unlucky
I have to stay calm now
I don't need some hundred dollars to go to Kowloon
$20 will make it
In my firm,
I told off my secretary Joey the least
It'll be OK to borrow $20 from her
It's not a shame to do that
Who did your interview in Tin's?
Your salary after the graduation
from Hong Kong U is $4800
Who offered $5500 to hire you?
Who helped you when you were at a loss?
When you did something wrong
who told you off to clear your doubt?
Louder, please
All coz of you! Mr. Raymond Mak!
Please lend me $20
Don't lend him
Don't lend him
Don't lend him
Don't lend him
Don't lend him, please!
Mr. Mak, according to our security ordinance
any dismissed senior staff member
without the permission
is not allowed to enter the company within 30 days
May I use your phone? I don't have any
May I use your phone?
Go to hell!
Miss, may I use your phone?
I was robbed this morning Nothing left
I'll only use it for a while, OK?
Sir, he's a robber of handsets
I wear stilettos
He saw my stilettos and asked me for the handset
I've watched "Police Report" Cuff him, sir
Nanny, I only wanna use your phone
What does that to do with stilettos... or "Police Report"?
Mr. Mak, you again?
Officer Mo, you again?
Man, got your identity card?
I'll get it... tomorrow. OK?
There's a long queue
Have you tailed this nanny?
I haven't. I only wanna use her phone!
According to the 332nd of Hong Kong legislation
the 47th of Labour Ordinance
Intimidation or Harassment Ordinance 1 E
any one who follows and harasses another one...
and forces him/her to act involuntarily is against the law
The maximum penalty is imprisonment for 6 months
But you only wanna use the phone
I let you go
Nanny, it's a misunderstanding only Please go
Sir, you don't cuff him?
I said it's a misunderstanding Please go
Even a phone got me into so much trouble
Kaze Trading Co
May I speak to Mr. Bey Logan?
Who's calling?
Raymond Mak
He's still at the meeting
Please tell him I'll be a bit late
But I will be there
OK. I'll tell him
Thank you...
Thank you
You're welcome
The duty of the police is to help the citizens
Lend me $20
I've done my duty. Bye
Don't bother the citizens
in Hong Kong Island anymore
It costs me only $2.2 to cross the harbour by ferry
I bet I can get some bucks
Five dollars!
My god!
Damn it!
Give sperm
Get $200
More sperm means more charity
Nurse, I'd like to take part in... the charitable activity
Mr. Leung, he wanna give sperm
Sir, you wanna give sperm?
Don't panic, wanna give sperm?
Louder, please. Wanna give sperm?
This way, please
Identity Card? Lost
Get it in three days Yes
Name? Raymond Mak
Age? 33
Got married? No
Are you sure? Absolutely
To ensure the quality of your semen,
I'd like to ask you
Are you a virgin?
I lost my cherry long ago
How long?
About 16, 17 years ago
You reached maturity so early
Have you ejaculated in these 3 days?
What if I have or I haven't?
Come again after 3 days if you have, otherwise, go ahead right now
No... I haven't
Have you taken shower this morning?
Did you clean your sex organ hard?
I did
How hard? As hard as I studied in school
Have you cleaned it with soap?
Is bath gel OK?
What's the brand?
Chanel No. 5
Any inherited disease? No
You sure? Doctor told me last time
Bring the health certificate here in 3 days
Blood type? O
Height and weight? 176 cm, 145 lbs
Have you taken your lunch?
Have or not... is it important?
Of course
Someone came to give sperm who didn't has his lunch
He's exhausted after ejaculation
Yes, I'm full
Mr. Mak, you're healthy Body check passed
Now you've got 10 minutes. Please...
ejaculate into this sterilized sperm container
Ejaculate this way?
Need a hand?
I mean to open the drawer and get the stuff only
There're many auxiliary instruments
including the Western and Japanese ones
The favourites're celebrities Take a look
Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell
We even got Sung Hi Lee
If you like menage a trois
we've got Twins, t.A.T.u. And 2R
If you want a gangbang...
Cookies, Mini-Cookies
or Morning Musume
I don't need it now, but...
Hurry. You've wasted two minutes
If you're here, can I...
Yes, sorry
Mr. Mak. Time's up. Have you come?
Wait one more minute
Mr. Mak, one minute's over
Half a minute, please
Mr. Mak. One minute's over Have you come?
Mr. Mak. I'm sorry
I'm so sorry, Mr. Mak We got a lot of clients today
Please visit us three days later We'll be waiting
A man over 30 is like that
Your turn
Most people pay their fare with "Octopus"
The driver only has eyes for the money box
If I hide my hand with the sleeve carefully...
and fake a tone, I can take the bus for free
I must make a right tone
Sir, the tone's wrong
See my ear's moving?
Awesome. It's moving
No fare?
Bro, let me in
Time's running up
A last person who will help me...
and won't sell me out is...
Nurse, I'm Mr. Mak
You should remember me
My mom lives at premium ward No. 9
What's wrong with your eyes? You've glared at me for long
Raymond, mom
Nurse, what's wrong with my mom?
You mom suffers serious senile dementia
What the hell?
I pay you 10 grand each month
You turned my mom into a senile patient?
Mr. Mak, nine months before
we found that your mom suffers from senile dementia
I've called you
But your secretary said
you were at the meeting or not in
You haven't seen your mom for nine months
So you don't know if your mom is alive or not
We contacted your sis, she said...
she hasn't seen you for six years
We then contacted your bro
He said he didn't have a little bro at all
Nurse, did my mom leave any small change?
Yes, but she seldom uses it
I deposited the money into your auto pay account
Did your secretary tell you?
Nurse, do you have any small change?
Son of a bitch! I've never seen anyone like you
You ask for money all the time
You want your mom, who's your mom?
Want some money? Beg for it
Don't be a man, you son of a bitch
Son of a bitch!
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme Application Form
Raymond, you... don't look very well
Are you OK?
You're off today?
I've got... a meeting today
My friends told me you're terrific
I think that you're terrific, too
They said the financial newspapers...
and men's magazines always run your story
You're terrific
Kate, remember her?
She's eight years old. See, she's so beautiful
He's Wilson. He's five now
Oh, you've never seen him before
Call uncle, uncle
Uncle Uncle
Good children
They're doing their homework
Yes. Have you seen mom these days?
I've just seen her
Good boy
Big bro! Do you know big bro...
works at the "Good Place Fastfood" on the street corner?
Cool. He's a chef now
He's terrific He makes $8500 each month
We're happy for him
Sis, how're your days?
Fine! I'm fine, thank you
Look around. Though it's a small flat
I live happily. I have my name on it...
Coz I've been living here for years
See. I wash the veg there
I cook it at the side
There's a tiny TV set opposite
I wash and cook the veg the same time
It's cool. Many people envy me
This machine... this stitch machine
Don't be fooled by its size Let me tell you...
I can make six dollars with one batch
Batches and batches...
add up together. I've made a fortune
You know. Many people don't have jobs
But I gotta work overtime... no time for sleep...
So I've got pouched eyes
See, my pair of angels...
I'm too lucky
They're so beautiful... they study so hard
I do love them
You know, he...
read only newspaper all these years
At least he reads newspaper. Not bad
He can be with me all the time
The other guys always flirt with the chicks. He never
He sits there all day long
Anyway, don't worry about me
Go on your journey. A step further
Sis is lucky. See. I'm so lucky
Give me your phone number, OK?
I'll call you whenever I've made a soup
You may see me when you're around
Get out of here Someone's waiting for you
Get out...
Bastard! You're not my bro!
Out! Or I'll kick you out!
You're back? I'll whack you!
Out! Get out!
I'll whack you bastard!
Checkmate! You lose. $15
I lose again. You're someone
$15 for a game, uncle?
Yes, kiddo. Wanna join in? Take a seat
Kiddo, I let you play first
Checkmate! You lose
Quick. $15
Uncle, you're terrific
You're terrifying
Kiddo, $15! You're good runners
It's cold. It's made in Italy
Hold it
Kiddo, $15 more!
I've got nothing left. I mean it
Nothing? Nothing
Hunanese, whack him!
You think I'm blind
It's an image only
How come so many men in suits wanna steal my money?
You've got a nice suit. Why did you wanna steal my money?
I didn't wanna steal it
You lied. But...
I used to wear like you
I was a clerk
Sorry, I spat the gum onto your bowl
It doesn't matter You don't have to say sorry
Such thing...
I think I gotta thank you
You gum and my bowl're fated
That means it and I're fated
You and I're fated...
That means your money and my bowl're fated
Don't ask me for the money
Can't you see I'm penniless?
It doesn't matter
Those who look rich...
may be poor
His mom's rich. His dad may be poor
His dad's rich You may get a lot of money
Auntie's rich. Uncle may be poor
And, grand mom's rich...
Grand dad may be poor
It's hard to tell. Everything's fated
Being happy matters the most
What made you like that?
What made you like that?
Wish you good business
Thank you
Nanny, may I use your phone?
May I speak to Mr. Bey Logan?
Can I have your name?
Raymond Mak
He's finished his meeting. Please wait
Bey? Is it Bey?
Oh, thanks god!
I'm looking for you for a whole day, man
I've been waiting for you for a whole day too, Raymond
What happened to you?
Listen Bey. Now I'm stuck in the Hong Kong side
And I'm running out of money
OK, don't talk anymore
You get a taxi immediately to Kaze
My secretary will take care of the fare
Please, don't be late
I need to leave by 5
See you, thank you
Damn! The taxi drivers change shifts for duty at 4:30
Thank you
Your pectorals shock like earthquake
There's not enough room for three
Take the passenger seat
Thank you
What's up? Man
Ma'am, I'm in a rush to Kowloon
I got the cab before you
Rapist. He paws me!
He rapes me! Savage...
Get in...
I'm in Hong Kong? Pathetic
Benefactor, want some drink?
No, thank you
Are you pregnant?
Can you shock your pectorals?
Take me to New World Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui
Benefactor, you're in a Hong Kong Island cab
I won't take you to Kowloon
Master, Buddhist music? You must be a Buddhist
To save one man is better than to build a pagoda
I'm really in a rush. I beg for your mercy
Take me to Kowloon, OK?
Benefactor, you're in a Hong Kong cab
I'm listening to the album by Buddhist Association
The fifth of Human-based Sutra of Blessings
It's called "One Chant, One Heart"
This is a Hong Kong cab So I won't go to Kowloon
Master, you go like this
I can charge you of refusal of a fare
Go to the police station
Benefactor, this is a Hong Kong cab
Which police station in Hong Kong Island you wanna go to?
I found that you're hostile
Let me take you to Wan Chai...
the headquarters of Buddhist Association
to see our new head
Sakyamoney, OK?
So you won't go
May I get out?
OK... Benefactor...
The mirror's no tree The mirror's no frame
It's nothing. So it attracts no dust
OK... let me out, OK?
OK... Be careful
Be careful
You've toyed me for a whole day Enough?
You don't let me cross the harbour?
I cross it now!
I cross the harbour every day
Why it's so difficult today?
When I get there...
I'll turn over a new leaf!
Sir, don't kill yourself!
I'm not gonna kill myself... I just swim!
You can't swim here. Get ashore!
Why did you save me?
Mr. Mak, wanna kill yourself?
Officer Mo, you again?
I've never thought of that
Not to kill yourself? Why did you jump in
I just swim
I wanna swim to Kowloon Anything wrong?
Why did you save me? Why?
This navigation route's for the ships, not for the swimmers
Any one who dives, swims, surfs...
and makes a film here gotta apply for it!
Do you know if you jump in
the ships in the harbour will be distracted?
What if a nautical accident occurs?
What if someone hurts?
According to the Hong Kong Legislation Chapter 228
Section 4A (1), you're under arrest!
Anyone without the permission...
causes barrier or disruption in public
poses a danger to the life of anyone is liable to...
a fine of $5000 and to imprisonment for 3 months.
Got it?
Is there any accident? Any shipwreck?
Any one dies?
Don't shout to me
Shouting means you're against the law!
What law?
You've picked on me since this morning
Many thieves around are waiting for you, sir!
You tailed a good citizen like me...
I didn't pick on you!
It's our duty to nail and save you
Can't you do something else?
See my colleague!
He risked his life to save you You dare say that?
He nearly lost his life! He's got no folks?
He's got no girlfriend?
What should his folks do if he dies?
What should his girlfriend do? You can't make it up
Tell me!
Why did I break the law all day long?
I just wanna cross the harbour
That's it. You just wanna cross the harbour
You can't do such an easy job?
You were robbed this morning All your money gone
I told you to replace your identity card, you ignored me
Where're your friends?
Your folks?
Girlfriend? You got one
Where are they when you're in trouble?
I never treat them like man
I was arrogant
I was cocky
But I turned out to be a fool
I lost to the harbour
I lost to it
You didn't lose to the harbour
but yourself
I'll take you to the police station
Bro, get me a towel, please
Get me one more, thanks
Have you been to the market?
Buy ginger in market, an old one
Peel and slice it. Boil it with cola
Boil the whole can into half
Add two slices of lemon
Remember, boil it before you add the lemon
Don't boil the lemon with the cola It doesn't work
It's very kind of you, sir
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a picture
PC 4927. The station calling
4927. Sent
We cuffed a hundred men in a gang fight in Wan Chai
The custody room's crammed
Take any culprit to Tsim Sha Tsui
Congratulations. Mr. Mak
Cross the harbour!
Officer Mo, may I use your phone?
Kaze Trading Co
May I speak to Mr. Bey Logan?
Mr. Mak, he can't wait for you He's at the airport
He'll be back next week
Thank you
This way
Want some drink?
No, thank you
Wait a moment
Mr. Mak, see the man beside you
Do you know him?
I don't
Two hours before
a PC met him at Tsim Sha Tsui
He was fooling around
He asked him for his identity card but he didn't have any
We found a wallet with him Not his wallet
It's yours
He said he picked it
Could you recall it?
Was he the robber you met this morning
I only wanted $20. I'm not a robber
I just want $20 to go to Kowloon
Not him
I was fired this morning
When I ran into the street, I was robbed
Friends, colleagues...
and folks... not a soul cares about me
I'm so sorry
Morning, Maggie
Morning, Mr. Mak
Coffee, one sugar OK
Morning, everybody!
Mr. Mak, morning! Mr. Mak, morning!
Sis, Raymond
Raymond, how're you? How about your new job?
Sis, there's a vacancy of security guard in my new office
Pay is OK, and also the benefits
I think this job is suitable for him
Let me offer him an interview, OK?
Last time I saw the fried rice made by brother is very good
Let me lend him some money to open up a restaurant, OK?
Sis, I want to take mom back
and your family, and bro
We live together, OK?
You spent 10 hours...
in your 300 page project But you haven't finished it yet
Your mom spent 10 hours to have you
Why did she have such a fool?
Cross... the harbour?
No, only you do
Toilet... is it ahead?
I haven't crossed the harbour for a long time
Thank you
Sir, I was robbed this morning
My money was grabbed I'm in a rush to Kowloon
Could you lend me $20?
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