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Subtitles for Escape from Absolom.

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Escape from Absolom

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Company, by the right.
Eyes right.
Eyes front.
I said, eyes front.
You have come here because society has no use for you.
The prisons have given up hope of rehabilitating you.
This place will be your holding pen until your death, -
- because death is the only way out.
There is no chance of reprieve, no possibility of escape.
You are condemned.
Either accept it, or die.
I want to see prisoner 2675.
201 1 , Benghazi, Libya.
You marched up to your commanding officer and shot him.
You were convicted of first-degree, premeditated homicide.
You have since escaped from two maximum security prisons.
DNA scan reveaIs an aversion to authority -
- and a temperament prone to vioIent behaviour.
CongratuIations. You've found a home.
I run a muItinationaI business here.
I re-process human garbage from around the worId.
I'm good at it because I make aII the ruIes.
You wiII have no contact with the worId.
No visitors, no Ietters. You're dead.
But if you break any of my ruIes, you'II find a Iife after death.
A very painfuI Iife.
Have you anything to add?
Don't ever turn your back on me again.
Come on.
It's for you.
Come on. Quick, quick.
Don't eat it yet, they'II find out.
They know everything.
Our eIectricaI impuIses betray us. The ones in the brain.
They've got computers in the waIIs.
They know what we're thinking.
Don't think.
- They're coming for me. They know. - What?
- They're coming for me. - It's not you.
- They're coming to get me. - ReIax.
They want you to think that. They'II be back.
Where are they taking him?
- AbsoIom. - Where?
AbsoIom. The kiIIers are kings. Their teeth are Iike knives.
Human fIesh is tough. They fIy from the trees ...
Ssh, ssh.
Hoarding food is a major infraction.
You are given enough to survive. No more ...
... no Iess.
The punishment for this infraction:
Ten Iashes.
Prisoner 2675.
You wiII execute the punishment.
Nine more, pIease.
Pick it up.
In five seconds, he's dead.
You don't know me weII enough to doubt me.
Now pick it up.
One ...
Two ...
Three ...
Four ...
Five ...
Now, begin.
T1 is over AbsoIom. They request Ianding coordinates.
Drop him cIose to sector four.
- Prisoner 2675 has been deIivered. - Good.
Now put it back.
Isn't this beautifuI?
200 deIuxe rooms.
A heated pooI and a staff of caring professionaIs.
I'm sorry, I'm being rude.
I'm WaIter Marek, the manager. WeIcome to vacation paradise.
- I hope you take pIastic. - We take everything.
I've scheduIed a variety of stimuIating activities for you.
- ShuffIeboard? - Water sports.
These activities can be rigorous, so we're seIective about our cIienteIe.
We Iike to make sure they meet the physicaI demands.
To get your heart pounding, we thought:
Five minutes in the pooI with RaIph, our director of aquatic activities.
That's extraordinary.
It wasn't what we had in mind, but ...
I can use a man Iike you on my staff.
We appear to have an opening.
Think about it. DeIuxe rooms, free meaIs:
Anyone you can catch, kiII and eat.
- How's your heaIth pIan? - Average Iife expectancy is ...
Six months?
I've been here seven years.
- What if I say no? - That wouId be very disappointing.
If you've got to go, I won't stand in your way.
- I couId probabIy use the exercise. - I'II stay.
I'II stay.
If you promise to hire another Iifeguard.
You want it? You want it?
Get out of the way!
That was a very siIIy thing to do.
Let him go.
- Yes? - A message from the island.
Prisoner 2675 is alive. He's at the lnsiders' camp.
You don't ever go in there. Ever!
- How are you feeIing? - Okay.
- Do you want to sit down? - No.
- What's your name? - Robbins.
Mr Hawkins is our security chief.
I'm known as the Father here.
How did you escape the Outsiders?
- Why? - How did you get past the traps?
- What is this pIace? - A sanctuary, Mr Robbins.
Most of us came before the Outsiders got so strong.
You're the first to ever escape from Marek.
And you brought a very powerfuI weapon.
- What about that? - It's been appropriated.
How did you get it?
I was shot, beaten, haIf-drowned. I don't want an interrogation.
- It's not an interrogation. - Then you do the taIking.
We've created a new, civiIised society here.
We're aIone on this isIand.
We have what other prisoners want: Freedom.
The chance to make a Iife.
You are a highIy resourcefuI man. Join us.
I'm not a joiner anymore. I just want to get off this isIand.
Take him to Dysart.
Severe oxidation of the firing moduIe.
Transducers require an overhauI.
CoiI, ejector rods, targeting ... AII compIeteIy shot.
The coiI can be insuIated with siIk.
Even fIax from a corn staIk.
And the ejector rods just need sanding.
- You know your weapons, Mr ... - Robbins. The new man.
- How did you get it? - I sIept with the owner.
- Did you hear that? - He's determined to escape.
Yes, of course.
You're on an isIand, Mr Robbins.
It's caIIed AbsoIom, situated 200 miIes from the mainIand.
There's no guards, no ceIIs.
We're on a peninsuIa. Beyond those trees is the ocean.
The jungIe side is heaviIy defended. You know why.
The Outsiders. We think there are about 600.
There are preciseIy 98 of us.
The isIand is watched by sateIIites with infra-red scanners.
Any escape wiII be detected.
There's a fIeet of heIicopters 50 miIes away.
They can be here in minutes.
- And you caII this freedom? - Under the circumstances.
We use the term IooseIy.
I'm sorry, but you're here for the rest of your Iife.
You can't go anywhere with that Ieg. You've time to think.
You either stay here and do your share, -
- or take your chances out there.
Your feet! Wipe your feet.
The average maIe foot has over 600 miIIion germs.
Wow! So we're taIking 1 .2 biIIion?
There's nothing funny about sinus infections, bronchitis or pink eye.
There's no antibiotics here, no peniciIIin.
A bad case of pink eye, and you're history.
Okay, I'II remember that.
- Who are you? - Tom King. I host the newcomers.
Everything you need is in that drawer.
I suggest an oraI hygiene programme. Trench mouth is rampant.
Wash your face before shaving. A "staph" infection couId kiII.
The Father sent over some saIve for your Ieg.
- Why do they caII him the Father? - That's what he is, to us.
It must be the dust.
- Why are you foIIowing me? - You frightened me.
- Why are you foIIowing me? - I was just ...
I heard you escaped from Marek. I wanted to meet the badass ...
- Don't. - Sure. Sorry.
Hey, I understand.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
- Just Ieave me aIone, okay? - AbsoIuteIy.
Wet Dreams!
That's what I caII this pIace. Wet Dreams.
I come here and think about home. Newark.
It's about 5,000 miIes that way.
I thought it was a sIum but now I'd kiss the gutters.
- Then start swimming. - I've got a probIem with sharks.
I've got the same thing with rats.
My friend, Mr Robbins. Don't touch him.
This is Stephano. Anything you need, he's got it.
I Iike the boots.
Sign them to me for merchandise. When you die, they're mine. Okay?
He does that with everyone.
What merchandise do you have?
I have two dozen potatoes, very few bruises.
I've five pairs of underwear. Size 44. "Fruit of the Loom".
Okay ... I've got 1 4 disposabIe razors.
They're pink, but who gives a shit, right?
Are you a baII pIayer?
I've got a first baseman's mitt. Are you a righty?
- I'm trying to do business! - I found some rubber.
I'm overwheImed. Here ...
Take my sack ...
Bring it up the cIiff, and quit bothering me.
I want this mitt.
Come back. I must have something you want!
Have you got a boat?
A boat ..?
I Iove those boots.
What are you doing? No one goes out at night.
- I don't take orders anymore. - We're aII Iifers here.
We have our own ruIes.
You couId have been an Outsider. You're Iucky I didn't kiII you.
You think I'm Iucky?
Count your bIessings.
You know what I want. Don't be shy with that.
This is my absoIute goddamn favourite.
- Good, ain't it? - Yeah, if you Iike road kiII.
It's not for everyone.
- Why were you sent here, Casey? - The Weinburger kidnapping.
You did that?
I was a gopher. Drove the car, went for coffee, fed the kids.
They were in a cIoset. I toId the boss there was no air.
But he had a miIIion doIIars on the brain.
I wouIdn't have hurt them. I had a brother and sister their age.
SuppIy drop.
- What? - SuppIy drop. For the Outsiders.
- How often do they come? - Twice a month.
Forget about jumping that chopper.
They pick a new spot each time. And who'd fIy it?
- Most of us can't even read. - I can.
- FIy a chopper? - No, read.
Mr Robbins, it's time I bought you a drink.
- KiIIian? Two shots of 1 2-day-oId. - Piss off!
Mr Robbins is new in town. Give us a IittIe taste.
Down the hatch.
Brain spasm. It took me years to get that effect.
- This stuff wiII kiII you. - What?
- You caII my Iife's work shit? - It's turpentine.
Bastard! I can whip your ass with onIy one arm, you know.
Anybody who can make nectar Iike this, I wouIdn't want to mess with.
We've got to go to the gate. Everyone must go to the gate.
- What's going on? - He feII asIeep at his post.
He was warned. It's the second time.
The ruIes are there to protect the community.
Any man who jeopardises the Iives of any or aII among us -
- commits a capitaI offence.
The penaIty is banishment.
You don't approve?
- Do you need my approvaI? - He broke the ruIes.
And he'II die because of the ruIes. Innocent peopIe aIways do.
They die for somebody eIse's ruIes.
We Iive under constant threat.
That man couId have cost us our Iives. We must do this to survive.
How Iong can you stay awake without somebody guarding you?
What's the probIem?
- Where's the food? - You'II get it when I say.
Tomorrow, if you behave.
We're sick of obeying you. Someone eIse shouId give the orders.
ReaIIy? Do you have anyone in mind?
What about the con who stoIe the gun and gave you a bath?
Maybe we shouId ask him.
That's not funny.
Now that's funny!
- They'II tear each other to pieces. - We'II make a raid.
That won't work anymore. We need the Iand, the food, everything.
- We'II need the other gangs. - Maybe there's another way.
Maybe we shouId just make it personaI.
Just me and Dad.
Merry Christmas! I made you a hat.
You don't have to wear it. It's a Christmas party, come on.
Excuse me.
Quiet pIease.
WiII you be quiet!
Mr Dysart ...
Here we go.
Thank you. A IoveIy tree.
You want to go caroIIing?
UncIe Stephano has a present for one and aII.
These IittIe suckers.
These morseIs of technoIogy washed up here, -
- and they're as good as the day they were made.
Let me demonstrate.
GentIemen ...
Come and get it!
Look ... For the Iong coId nights ahead.
I won't be needing it. But thank you.
Turn it down.
Another year has passed.
The first, for some. For others, just one more.
No path here is ever the same, but we aII share something -
- that cannot be taken away.
We have proved to ourseIves that we cannot be written off.
That our Iives mean something.
We are not animaIs, we are human beings.
That's our reprieve. That's our pardon.
That's our freedom.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Now l have a toast.
To aII our victims. May they rest in peace.
- So you're Ieaving us? - At daybreak.
- How far do you think you'II get? - I'II figure something out.
I don't have aII the answers, but here there's heIp.
You can have purpose. You can even have friends.
Most peopIe wouId caII that a Iife.
- I don't want a Iife with you. - What made you Iike this?
We're aII guiIty in someone's eyes, especiaIIy our own.
EventuaIIy, you'II have to forgive yourseIf, -
- or you won't survive.
Good Iuck, Mr Robbins.
- What's going on? - The Outsiders are going to attack.
Let's go, move it!
- What happened? - Somebody tipped him off.
It doesn't matter, stick with the pIan.
- Mr Robbins ... - What do you want, Casey?
- Can you stand with me on the waII? - Get out ... Get out!
- There was a signaI? - We have a spy in their camp.
Robbins ... Do you beIieve there's a God up there Iooking out for us?
There's something up there, but it's not God.
Sir, a strike force are at the viIIage perimeter.
What the heII are they waiting for?
It's started.
- Any thermaI activity? - Nothing that a sateIIite can see.
- You're sure? - It'II take more heat than that.
- Choppers on aIert, sir? - No. Let them fight it out.
Water! Water!
There you go, guys ...
Excuse me ...
Get him out of here.
I wish you a merry Christmas ...
... and a happy New Year.
It's been a Iong time, Dad.
You've done well for yourself. l'm very impressed.
Really nice place you have here.
Just a stone's throw from the ocean.
Mind you, with the price of reaI estate, you are very Iucky.
I mean, this is a prime site.
I got to teII you, your security sucks.
Look at this! This is great.
I reaIIy get behind on my reading.
l never seem to have enough time.
I've aIways wanted to read this: "Basket Weaving. A Creative Choice."
Now I'm going to kiII you.
If I'd known you were here, I wouId have knocked.
Shit ...
- Are you aII right? - Yeah.
Thanks a Iot. I don't know what happened.
- I had him in my sights ... - It's okay.
They do this severaI times a year to steaI our food.
- He was coming for you. - Maybe Marek's Iosing patience.
If he ever gets organised, he'II bury you and this pIace.
That's our probIem, not yours, Mr Robbins. Isn't it?
He's miIitary trained.
Not just as a soIdier. Navy SEAL, SpeciaI Forces, take your pick.
Somebody taught him how to kiII.
The men we honour tonight fought braveIy and died for us.
And though they have given everything, -
- we must not pity them. Their pain is gone.
Now, at Iast, their souIs are free.
When we Iack the fruits of their Iabours, we wiII miss them.
- Why did they Iet this happen? - The warden wants us to fight.
- Why? - Because he can do as he pIeases.
You don't understand. This pIace is secret, it's private.
The authorities keep it cIassified. No one knows it exists.
If it Ieaked out, the pubIic wouIdn't aIIow it.
That's why they make sure no one escapes.
As my oId CathoIic mother used to say:
"AIas, for our sins we shaII pay."
- What sins is he paying for? - Ask him yourseIf.
He gave us our Iives back.
He was a surgeon. He stiII is a damn good one.
He had Iots of money and a young, beautifuI wife.
But she got bored and started sIeeping around.
That tore him up inside.
One day she died of an overdose.
He cIaimed it was suicide, but the jury didn't beIieve him.
They gave him Iife.
- Do you think he did it? - He's the onIy innocent man here.
You Iiar! AII this crap about a new society.
You've been pIanning to escape.
How much further, Mr Dysart?
It's 2,000 metres.
- Why don't they stop it? - It's a speciaI craft.
It can evade their sensors. It has a cooIing system.
- They can't see it? - We don't know yet.
There's a five-miIe surveiIIance circIe.
They haven't crossed it yet.
What have you got?
The warden's dry cIeaning. Main gate, open it up.
1 ,000 metres.
- 500 metres. - It's going to make it.
Warden. Message from the isIand. Code seven.
- It's out. - It's got to be!
Come on, move!
Are you aII right?
- Maybe the cooIing system faiIed. - That's buIIshit.
They were tipped off.
The warden's pIanted someone. That's why we're so cautious.
- You couId have been a spy. - You're in charge of security.
- What the heII do you mean? - They're gone.
- We can't do anything. - Who were they?
You don't know them. They were in the caves for months.
Good men.
- I want to be on the next boat. - Who do you think you are?
Those men worked hard for years. You ain't done shit.
He's right. You haven't earned it.
Not yet.
You don't waste time, do you, Dysart?
The components are made here and then assembIed in the cave.
Is this the one you'II be on?
No, Mr Robbins. I won't be Ieaving.
30 years ago, I used my taIents to make a very powerfuI bomb.
For money.
I didn't beIieve in the cause, I just wanted the money.
50 peopIe died.
Now I'm right where I beIong.
What's this?
We've been working on a power source.
Power source, my ass! This is a V8.
Yes, that's right. From an oId Chevy.
TheoreticaIIy, it can propeI a craft through the surveiIIance circIe.
- UnfortunateIy, it's useIess. - Why?
We're missing a vitaI component.
- It requires a device ... - A distributor.
Yes, a simpIe, ordinary, garden-variety distributor.
Found in any auto store in the worId.
The probIem is, Mr Robbins, we're not in the worId.
- I want to be on the next boat. - We've discussed that.
Your engine is missing something, right?
I've seen what you're Iooking for in Marek's camp.
- You'II trade that for a space? - AIong with Casey.
He doesn't beIong here.
You know there's aImost no chance of you returning aIive.
- That's my probIem. - There's something you shouId know.
- Those who escape get the word out. - And risk getting sent back?
We have a responsibiIity to bIow this pIace wide open.
The boat is the onIy way to get us aII off.
You've heard my deaI, no conditions. Take it or Ieave it.
- So you're going back to Marek's? - How the heII did you find out?
It's a smaII town.
You've got baIIs, I'II give you that.
But the smart money says Marek wiII be pIaying jacks with them.
No, you can't have my shoes.
Wait. I'm shocked that you think that's why I came.
You need those shoes. You'II be doing a Iot of running.
A tough guy Iike you wiII probabIy get back wounded and die here.
- You know what wiII happen? - No.
Everybody wiII be fighting over those shoes.
- It wiII disrupt the whoIe viIIage. - You want me to sign a contract?
- Just initiaI the page ... - Get out!
We'II make it a verbaI agreement.
- I'II find a witness. - Out!
I've charted the safest route. FoIIow the river to the faIIs.
Then Marek's camp is just east.
An exampIe of an oIder technoIogy.
Invented by Sergei MoIotov, Iong ago.
The originaI instructions are: Light it and throw it.
Great, thanks.
Good Iuck.
Mr Robbins!
- Casey ... - I want to come with you.
- PIease take me. - Casey, go home.
I can heIp you. I thought you were my friend!
Have you ever kiIIed anyone, Casey?
I'm going to have to kiII. No hesitation, no conscience.
After that, you're never the same.
- You're Iucky you can't do it. - You won't come back.
Casey. Who's the guy who went up against Marek and Iived?
- You did. - That's right.
And I'm going to do it again.
You're Iooking for a friend? I'm the best friend you ever had.
Now go back. Go.
Sorry to keep you waiting. I've been a IittIe preoccupied.
Now ... I think it's about time we patched up our differences.
If anyone disagrees with me, pIease raise your right hand.
If you've got one.
No? Good. Very good.
As you see, I've eIiminated the heads of state.
So from now on, we'II aII be nice and civiIised.
No more gangs, petty squabbIes or fighting.
I've been under a Iot of stress.
The reason for this is very simpIe:
I reaIIy want to be in charge.
My! You're just a boy.
A sweet, tender, adorabIe IittIe boy.
Tie him up.
And I don't want him bruised.
And sIowIy, very sIowIy, they cIimbed up to the top of the stairs.
Then the three bears found a boy sIeeping in their bed.
And they aII said, "Who can this be?"
The IittIe boy didn't answer, so the big daddy bear ...
... ripped his arm off.
You are so cute. You're far too young to be out here on your own.
Where are your other IittIe friends? WiII they come by?
Don't be shy, teII UncIe WaIter.
Fuck you.
Bonjour. Guten Tag.
Same game as before, my friend.
But this time with a IittIe twist. You'II Iove it.
First prize is a chance to Iive. Second prize ...
You reaIIy don't want to know.
Don't disappoint us. We've paid to see a show.
If you refuse to fight, it'II be boring, -
- and then I'II have to jump in and kiII you both.
Go on!
You have to kiII me. I'II never get out of here.
You can save them.
Do it!
No ...
I'm reaIIy trying to retain my faith in humanity, -
- but you are making it very difficuIt.
I weIcomed you, I treated you with respect.
I even offered you a position.
And what did you do? You made a horse's ass out of me!
I hate it when that happens.
What were you trying to do? Were you trying to kiII me?
You reaIIy thought you couId kiII me?
Shame about the boy.
But nothing goes to waste here.
I'II have a dinner party and share him with my friends.
You're going to die very, very badIy.
Marek's united aII the gangs for an attack.
You must warn them. I'II signaI when they march.
Why are you doing this?
Now, go!
One distributor. Make it work.
The Father feII iII soon after you Ieft.
- The men are worried. - Marek's going to attack.
We must fortify the barrier and the towers, and dig a moat.
What about some mantraps just outside the barrier?
We can fiII the moat with fueI. Mr KiIIian can provide it.
- I'II doubIe production right away. - And more weapons.
TeII your men we'II need aII the metaI we can find.
Mr Robbins?
We're outnumbered six to one. Marek's united aII the gangs.
If he wants this pIace, we can't stop him.
- If we stay here he'II kiII us aII. - What are you saying?
- We abandon the viIIage? - I'm just teIIing you the facts.
He wants us to give up aII that we've worked for for 1 3 years.
- I won't do it without a fight. - He's right.
Why fooI ourseIves? We've aIways been about survivaI.
Whatever it takes. It's the onIy way.
- Make preparations to Ieave. - What are you taIking about?
Do it!
Mr Robbins ...
Did Casey foIIow you?
What happened?
I'm sorry.
- Is the boat ready? - AImost.
- Finish it. - What for?
I've been here for 1 3 years. From the beginning.
I heIped buiId this pIace with my sweat and my heart, -
- and I've watched a Iot of good men die defending it.
And I saw, for the first time in my Iife, what a home couId be.
I can't just waIk out on it.
I can't just hand it over with nobody here to stop them.
Who said no one's going to be here?
- You said you were getting better. - That was a Iie.
I'm dying.
I have Hodgkin's disease. It's progressive.
Without proper treatment, IethaI.
PIease ...
- Does anyone eIse know? - They'II know soon enough.
But for now, you're the onIy one.
I have a month Ieft, maybe two.
But before I go, there's an important matter to be settIed.
- I want you to take my pIace. - What?
The men respect you. You're a naturaI Ieader.
- Then they don't stand a chance. - That's not my probIem.
It has to be you.
I didn't risk my Iife with Marek to stay here.
- I have to get off this isIand. - No one teIIs you what to do?
You were a soIdier. You must have fought for something.
Look ... I'II take care of Marek. For my own reasons.
- After that, I'm gone. - Why? You can't change your past.
That's easy for you to say, isn't it?
- You have no bIood on your hands. - What makes you so sure?
I know what they think.
It doesn't matter.
My wife's death was no suicide.
If you go, take my journaI. It teIIs the truth about this pIace.
Give it to someone who wiII save these peopIe.
Let's give it a try.
Mr Robbins?
Mr Robbins.
I Ied a heIicopter assauIt on a viIIage.
It was supposed to be the source of bio-weapons fire.
I shouId have known better.
I had a Iot of combat time, so I shouId have known.
It was too easy.
There was no radar, no air defence.
I kept teIIing him, but he ordered us in anyway.
And God heIp me, I aIways foIIowed orders.
I vaporised the pIace.
342 women and chiIdren.
And they covered it up.
We were Iosing the war. They needed a big body count.
So they gave me a medaI for the victory.
Even after I'd kiIIed him, no one wouId Iisten to me.
No one wanted to hear the truth.
And that's why I have to get back.
The reaI story is buried with those women and chiIdren.
I have to teII somebody what reaIIy happened.
Because I can't Iive with it aIone anymore.
So Iet the truth come out.
AII of it.
- Another raid? - No, a major attack.
- What about thermaI activity? - None so far.
Son of a bitch.
You want it? Come and get it.
- What's that? - The sensors are overIoaded.
Somebody wiII read that.
Get me a chopper and a fuIIy-armed riot pIatoon.
I've got him.
I don't envy you, going back to a destructive worId.
Six choppers standing by. ECD, 1 2 minutes.
I'm not waiting. TeII them to foIIow.
Tonight we'II bury the Father.
Tomorrow, we'II start rebuiIding the compound.
Tomorrow, we start aII over again.
Where is it?
Is this how you teII him what he wants to know?
- Why? - He promised to Iet me go.
- He promised me freedom. - I've got a promise for you.
You'II heIp with the next boat, or I'II kiII you!
- He's coming. - What?
The warden. He's coming straight away.
What are the coordinates?
Where wiII he Iand?
- King, where? - The Iower fieId, past the river.
That's no good. TeII him he needs new coordinates.
- Right? - Yes.
Sir? We have a transmission, code seven.
The Ianding zone has a probIem.
- What do you mean? - The Outsiders ...
They're retreating through that area.
Let's go, we don't have much time.
Listen, the Father ...
You taIked to him before ... What did he say?
He wanted me to go to the authorities.
And he toId me he wanted you to take his pIace.
I'II bIow this pIace wide open. You have my word on that.
Pick him up.
- The gunships are aImost here. - Pick him up!
Lift off. Goddamn it, Iift off!
One ... two ... three ...
- Four ... five. - PIease!
Come on.
We've got to go.
We've got to go!
No ...
- We'II wait here for the choppers. - No.
We can't stay here. We've got to hide.
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