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Subtitles for Escape from Alcatraz.

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Escape from Alcatraz

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- We got to get back. - See ya, Matt.
Come through here.
Strip down.
Open up.
Welcome to Alcatraz.
Inside B and C! Count them!
- 25 on inside C, first tier. - 20 inside B, first tier.
- 23 on inside C, second tier. - 17 inside B, second tier.
Break out! Inside B and C.
Better button your collar, boy.
No forks.
Hey, no forks.
Do you see any?
Fresh fish, you want your pasta?
Hey, you want your pasta?
Do you see any?
I see pasta in my sleep.
I'm Litmus.
Like litmus paper.
When it's cold, my face gets blue.
When it's hot, my face gets red.
Inside C, move out.
Warden wants to see you.
- Name? - Morris.
That's funny.
This file says Frank Lee Morris.
If you disobey the rules of society, they send you to prison.
If you disobey the rules of prison, they send you to us.
Alcatraz is not like any other prison in the United States.
Here, every inmate is confined alone
to an individual cell.
Unlike my predecessors,
wardens Johnson and Blackwell,
l don't have good conduct programs.
I do not have inmate councils.
Inmates have no say in what they do.
They do as they're told.
You are not permitted
to have newspapers or magazines carrying news.
Knowledge of the outside world is what we tell you.
From this day on,
your world will be everything that happens in this building.
You will shave once a day.
You will shower twice a week.
You will cut your hair once a month.
Now, your privileges.
You can talk. You can work. Other institutions hand out work,
but here it's a privilege that you earn.
I promise you it's a privilege that you'll want.
Visitors - you're allowed two a month.
They cannot be former inmates of this or any other federal prison.
All names that you submit will be carefully checked by the FBI.
What names do you have in mind?
I can't think of any offhand.
Family members?
None. No family.
Alcatraz is a maximum security prison
with very few privileges.
We don't make good citizens,
but we make good prisoners.
Burglary, armed robbery,
grand larceny...
You've escaped from quite a few prisons, haven't you?
That's why you're here.
Alcatraz was built to keep all the rotten eggs in one basket.
I was specially chosen
to ensure that the stink from the basket does not escape.
Since l've been warden some have tried to escape.
Most have been recaptured. Those who haven't have been killed
or drowned in the bay.
No one has ever escaped from Alcatraz.
And no one ever will.
- You two go everywhere together? - Sure. Even to bed together.
When I wash, he washes.
That way we sleep nice-nice together. Capisce?
I'm Wolf.
Where did they transfer you from?
Nice town, Atlanta.
I never saw it.
I'm looking for a new punk.
Good luck.
You don't understand. I just found her.
Why don't you show her what you can do?
Morris, I need somebody in the library.
- Take him over there, will you? - Yes, captain. Move.
What you want, boy?
The bull sent me down here to work.
Can you read, boy?
As long as it's in the English language, boy.
You treat them all like Wolf?
Wolf wanted to get friendly. I didn't.
You'll take that caft to the cells.
Don't they let cons down here?
You see any chairs?
How come?
Because this is The Rock, man.
They don't want you doing anything here, but time...
Hard friggin' time.
Rock affects dudes differently.
It either brings out your strength,
or it breaks you.
What did it do for you?
What happens when you get out?
I won't.
10 years ago...
l was in this bar in Alabama
when two dudes started hassling me.
That was their first mistake.
They pulled knives. That was their second mistake.
They didn't know how to use them.
That was the last mistake they ever made.
I got two 99-year sentences back-to-back.
Seems like you could have pleaded self-defence.
The dudes were white, man,
just like you.
When I arrived they put me in one of those dark cells in D-block.
After a while, I went stir crazy.
Sliced my Achilles' tendon to get out.
You'll see why when you see D-block.
Tell me something, you through killing white guys?
- Why? - Well, I don't know.
I just figured l wouldn't turn my back on you.
What's your name, man?
Frank. What's yours?
See you later.
- Your name? - Morris.
- Magazine or book? - Where's English?
What did they do, give a nigger a nigger of his own?
- Hi! I'm Bugsy. - Magazine or book?
Thanks. Hey, you're new.
Hey, wait, wait a minute.
I haven't seen a new guy in six months.
It's nice to talk. How are the Brooklyn Dodgers doing?
- Moved to LA two years ago. - No kidding?
Warden don't allow books in these cells.
How come?
Because there's no light in them.
Better deliver them books, Morris,
where they can be read.
What's the flower?
That's something inside me
they can't lock up with their bars and walls.
I'm Doc.
You ever paint?
- No. - Why not?
You scared of dying?
- I don't think so. - You better be.
You hurt Wolf. Wolf's going to hurt you.
Where you going, cracker?
Something special about those steps?
The higher you sit, the more status you got.
So we play king of the mountain,
except here we don't play for fun, man.
And you're king?
Now, I figure there's two reasons
why you didn't sit down on my step.
Either you're too scared,
or you just hate niggers.
Now, which is it, boy? You too scared?
I just hate niggers.
So no one's ever busted out.
No one's ever made it.
Everyone has looked for a way, but there ain't any.
See those hacks?
Most joints have one hack for every seven cons.
There's one hack for every three cons here.
You start shitting at night instead of in the morning,
they want to know why.
Let's say you're going to try it anyway.
First, you've got to get out of the cell.
Each bar has six hard smaller bars
set in a steel tube with extra steel poured in.
And there ain't no way to tunnel out, either.
This island is solid rock.
See that water?
It's over a mile swim to land.
The currents make it seem like 10.
And the water's so cold it will numb your arms in minutes.
Even if you are a good swimmer, you won't have time to make it.
There are 12 counts every day.
Sometimes I think that's all this shit hole is,
one long count.
We count the hours,
the bulls count us,
and the king bulls count the counts.
Inside! Everybody in!
I'm assigning you a permanent job.
The carpentry shop. It's a paying job.
- How much? - 15 cents an hour.
Well, I always knew crime would pay.
It's a job.
See you later.
I sleep lousy, but I sniff the glue.
It passes the nights.
Aren't you afraid they'll shake down your cell?
Then I go to the hole. It's worth the chance.
I guess anything you want bad enough is worth the chance.
Including busting out?
Hey, maybe there's a way out.
It's on top of your head.
Yeah. The ventilator shafts on top of our block.
How do you get on top of the block?
- Ask the bull for the key. - Thanks.
Hey, jive dude, where you going?
Summer's coming on. It's getting cooler.
Weather here is as crazy as The Rock. Maybe crazier.
Mark Twain wrote that the coldest winter he ever spent
was a summer in San Francisco. I can...
Wolf's coming at you.
- Is his hand cupped? - Yes.
- Which one? - His right.
Break off!
Drop it, Wolf!
Drop it, Wolf.
You like D-block, Wolf?
You better, because you're gonna rot there for a long time.
D-block, Morris.
Look, he came at me.
I said D-block.
When I get out, you're dead.
You'll be dead before you get out.
Warden don't like inmates fighting.
Don't like 'em stinking up their cells, either.
Lights out!
Go on back to your cell.
Welcome to Alcatraz.
- Hey, is anybody over there? - Yeah, me.
Come out in front and say hello.
How busy can you be in one of these closets?
Don't worry. I washed it.
How you doing, neighbour? I'm Charley Butts.
Smallest cell I ever been in.
- You'll get used to it. - I don't think so.
I don't like living alone here.
You'll get used to that, too.
Break out!
Yard time!
Button the collar.
Who's the new fish?
I got him next to me.
- What's your name? - Charley Butts.
Charley's butt?
Butts. Butts. Charley Butts.
You got a funny name, kid.
Yeah? What's your name?
Al Capone.
Thought you were dead.
Me? I got too much money. I'll never die.
- You play poker? - Not much.
I just learned myself. We'll play tomorrow.
See you later, kid.
See you later, Al.
I don't believe l just met Al Capone.
I don't, either.
- I'm Doc. - Charley Butts.
How's the painting going, Doc?
The one of the warden? It's nearly finished.
- You painting the warden? - He's very inspiring.
Inside. Everybody in.
Yes, sir?
I want painting privileges taken away from Chester Dalton.
- Doc? - Cell 233.
What's the reason?
You're deputy warden. You think of one.
When do you want the suspension to begin?
It's not a suspension. It's an elimination.
- Right away. - Yes, sir.
Painting privileges have been removed.
I don't know.
Painting's all I have.
I'm sorry, Doc.
You OK, Doc?
I think there's something wrong with him.
I'd keep my eye on Doc. He seems pretty upset.
Cons are always upset about something.
Put your overalls on.
Mr Zimmerman, l'm making a new table.
I need a hatchet.
Bob, get Doc a hatchet.
Mr Zimmerman!
Can you come over here for a minute?
Get him out of here! Get him out!
Take him out of here! Get him out!
Get back to work.
Let's go! Move!
Everybody, back to work! Let's go!
Here. Put that in your report.
What were you doing back there, boy?
- How about a magazine? - Why not?
What do you want? Boy's Life?
I know some queens who fight over it every month.
Just give me what you got on top there.
I heard about Doc,
and I know why he did it.
Somebody took away his painting privileges.
The warden.
I hear there was an accident in one of the shops.
Accident? You mean Doc.
Yeah, someone didn't like what he was painting,
so someone won't let him paint.
Someone should have warned Doc to be careful what he paints.
I think you're absolutely right, sir.
There's always the possibility
that some asshole will be offended, isn't there?
We all have to be careful.
Back in line.
Hey, how's it going, Frank?
Well, well. If it isn't the Anglins.
What are you guys doing, just dropping by?
- Thought we'd pay you a visit. - Gonna stay long?
Not long. Only about 15 or 20 years.
Why The Rock?
We were leaving Atlanta when we encountered a minor problem.
- Such as? - They saw us.
Yeah, that do present problems.
They shipped us to Leavenworth.
But we didn't like their accommodations, either.
Warden said he knew just the place for us... Alcatraz.
Is it true no one's ever bust out of here?
- So they tell me. - Jesus.
Wonder what l'd be like after 15 years here.
You still reading that bible?
Yeah. It's opening up all kinds of new doors.
I turned 35 today. Some birthday.
- When's your birthday? - I don't know.
Jeez, what kind of childhood did you have?
I always wanted to see San Francisco. Never thought it'd be like this.
What'd you get sent to the rock for?
Couple of years ago I started stealing cars, for kicks mostly.
I'd sell the parts. Got sent to the state pen.
You end up in Alcatraz for that?
Not exactly. A bull there liked to push me around.
So when I got out, l went back, and stole his car.
Unfortunately, l drove it across the state line,
which made it a federal rap, and I was sent to the rock.
English! Visitor for you.
Butts, you got a visitor.
- Me? - Yeah, you.
Probably somebody wants their car back.
Hello, father.
Why didn't you say you were coming?
I was afraid you wouldn't let me.
It's just hard to see you like this.
Your mama's going to die.
Well, she's got a few months.
Can you call her?
We're not allowed to make phone calls.
You cannot discuss institution rules. Stick to your personal life.
This is my personal life! You getting a kick out of it?
I... love... you... Charley.
Hey, Frank.
If you try to get out, I want in.
- Must be Wednesday. - Why?
Mystery mounds.
We always have mystery mounds on Wednesday.
I can't taste it. I just eat it out of habit.
- What's the movie this weekend? - Some cowboy piece of shit.
Hey, at least they could show us a gangster movie.
I may have found a way out of here.
You looking at something?
This cell block's really getting old.
The moist air corrodes the concrete. The salt is rusting the metal.
I took a nail clipper, and dug around the grille at the back of the cell.
I can dig that grille out,
and enlarge the hole into the utility corridor
to the top of the cell block and maybe onto the roof.
How will we hide the hole?
We tear the ads from magazines... no one will miss those...
make cardboard, paint grilles on that, and put it in the hole,
maybe partially obscure it with a towel or whatever.
I've ordered an accordion to put in front of my hole.
Suppose we make it. They'll know we're gone at the next count.
We'll leave at night, so they won't know till the morning.
We'll have to make some dummy heads,
make them out of plaster or cardboard or whatever.
Put them in the bunks, the guards won't know.
You work in the barbershop. You get the hair.
How do we cross the bay?
That's your job. You work in the clothing shop.
You're gonna steal some raincoats and some contact cement.
We'll make a life raft and some life preservers.
I read how to do it in Popular Mechanics.
They'll think we're going to Frisco.
Well, we won't. We'll go to Angel lsland instead.
What about me?
You'll stand guard while I dig. I'll stand guard while you dig.
You two trade off the same way.
What are our chances?
- I'm in. - Me, too.
I wanna go.
I'm gonna start digging. Keep an eye out.
If you see one, start whistling, huh?
How's it going?
Whoever named this place The Rock wasn't kidding.
Working with those nail clippers just doesn't have any grip.
Hey, guard.
Can I exchange this spoon? Looks like it's been in someone's ass.
And I want to work in the kitchen.
- Go ahead. - Thank you.
I'd like to join the kitchen detail.
Can you cook?
Can I swap this spoon for another?
Damn right I can cook.
I used to be a cook in this café. Everybody loved my meatballs.
Did you quit or get fired?
Neither. I robbed the café.
- Heard you had a visitor. - My daughter.
She's getting married.
He's white...
just like you.
- Want a magazine? - Yeah. What do you recommend?
Hey, English.
Is it possible to weld two pieces of metal together here in the cell?
For digging... or sticking?
It ain't easy, but I could show you.
Planning on going somewhere?
There hasn't been a day that l've been on this rock
that I didn't think of busting out.
If l'd known, l'd have slashed my throat instead of my tendon.
Hey, Litmus, can you get me a dime?
No problem. Cost you 10 desserts.
I need it tonight.
No problem. Cost you an extra five.
Get me a dime, l'll toss in 10 beetles for your mouse.
Hey, Frank, what's burning?
If you see one of those bulls coming, just start whistling.
Hey, Spoof, what's for breakfast?
I smell something burning.
I don't smell anything.
Hell, must be my imagination.
Working nights really gets to you after a while.
Try it from my side.
Keep an eye out. He may be back.
The grille's welded on two-hook anchors?
If I get a wedge I may be able to knock those anchors loose.
This might just be what l'm looking for.
But it won't get through the metal detector.
Yeah, I know.
Morris, hold it.
I made it for a clothes-peg.
Why the metal over the edge?
So the clothes would slide off easy.
I don't believe you.
I didn't try to hide it. Why would l try to take metal through a detector?
Because you're stupid.
Move it.
Open up 107.
Why did you order this stuff? You don't look like a painter.
You wouldn't know talent if it looked you in the face.
I'm looking you in the face and I don't see shit.
Hair. Your colour.
Paint. One of them's flesh-coloured.
What are you painting?
I don't know. The ocean maybe.
If you're using flesh-coloured paint, you better paint a portrait.
Morris go to sleep early tonight?
Yeah. Wasn't feeling well.
He must sleep pretty soundly. He hasn't moved.
Yeah, what's up?
I went up top last night.
I saw the ventilator shart to the roof, but I can't reach it.
I need a boost.
How are you all coming?
My dummy's ready.
The hole's done, but l'm just starting the dummy.
I ain't doing too good.
Tonight, John and I will go up.
You get those raincoats, might as well start hauling them up.
I'll wear one back from the shop each day.
There's a different hack there in the afternoon.
He'll think I wore it to work.
- Can you get that contact cement? - I keep inventory.
Give me a boost.
The bars feel pretty solid.
There seems to be a metal hood riveted onto higher uprights.
We'll spread the bars with a pipe and knock the hood off.
There's an electrical outlet here.
Get a motor, a drill bit and a flashlight and we'd have it all.
Great. Where's the nearest hardware store?
Can you get me an extension cord and a drill bit from the shop?
If they find out, I go to the hole.
All right, but from now on, you put your desserts onto my tray.
Time's up. Back to the cells.
Damn it! Just when l thought we was doing good.
I can use this.
Are you crazy?
Hold it, Morris.
Want to look at one of those cases.
Try this one.
Let's open it up.
Stole this penlight from the Doc.
Give me a boost.
OK. Hand me the drill.
We're all through.
Hey, 50-millimetre guns.
I'm worried about the shakedowns.
My cardboard grille keeps slipping out.
Put some contact cement around the edges.
That should take care of it.
How's the raft and the life jackets coming?
I think they'll be done Tuesday.
Tuesday night, we go.
What's that for?
Just thinking about Doc.
Yeah. We planted those chrysanthemums 15 years ago.
They meant a lot to Doc. To me, too.
- I had a garden. - What'd you grow, weeds?
It's against regulations, Morris, and you know it.
Get the medic.
He won't need one.
Some men are destined never to leave Alcatraz...
Got those books that may help you.
See you later, man.
Goodbye... boy.
So long... boy.
Move, move, move.
Take a seat.
- Been playing this thing long? - Couple of months.
- You any good? - Terrible.
You'll get better.
Excuse me.
That's one of the benefits of Alcatraz.
Lots of time to practise.
Has Morris been doing anything unusual?
Sometimes he stays up late talking with Butts.
Split them up. Move Morris.
I'll have to get a cell ready and do the paperwork.
- Do you? - Yes, sir.
We could move him, say, Wednesday.
- Tuesday morning. - Yes, sir.
I missed you, Morris.
I missed you so much, l got a present for you.
I'll give it to you... later.
Get your ass back there.
He'll kill you, or you'll have to kill him.
Well, l'm not going to give him the chance.
Can you get the raft and life jackets ready by tonight?
All right.
We'll meet on top as soon as the lights are out.
- Wolf, you carrying? - Who, me?
Move out.
Where you going, Wolfie?
I'm just going for a walk.
Let's take that walk.
After six months in the hole,
Iooks like you could use some exercise.
I'll meet you up on top.
Let's go.
Yeah. You're going, too.
Butts, God damn it.
Can't risk tearing this gear, what's left of it.
Throw me the stuff when I get over.
Watch the barbed wire.
Get up, Morris. It's moving day.
I said, get up, Morris. Open up 109.
God damn it, Morris. I said get...
Jesus Christ.
Morning, Sergeant. What have you got?
Photos and a notebook of Clarence Anglin's.
Funny looking bag.
Must have been made from a raincoat.
- It appears that they drowned. - Why?
If that was important they wouldn't have lost it.
Maybe they lost it to look like they drowned.
Warden, I just got a message from the Director.
He wants you in Washington.
Do chrysanthemums grow on this island?
Not here on Angel lsland. Why?
I'm curious.
The tides were mild and the fog light last night.
If they left at lights out, they had a 91/2-hour head start.
I wonder if they made it.
They drowned.
Yes, sir.
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Eric Clapton - Live On Tour 2001
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Eskiya 1996
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Essex Boys
Est Quest
Estorvo 2000
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Ethernal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ett anstandigt liv (A Decent Life 1979)
Eu Tu Eles
Europa Europa 1990
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 1993
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Event Horizon
Ever After - A Cinderella Story (1998)
Everwood 01x01 - Pilot - Extended Version
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Everyday People 2004
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